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Big Lessons From The Rapid Development Of COVID Vaccines. Dr. Michelle McMurry-Heath – “fears are understandable, but ultimately unwarranted. Biopharmaceutical researchers can deliver a safe and effective vaccine faster than ever because of intense industry collaboration and decades of private-sector innovation.”

Biden’s Banana Republic. I & I Editorial Board – “The Democrats and allied activists are itching to shut down speech they don’t agree with, but do it under the cover of preserving and honoring “truth.” … Maybe they’re engrossed only with their version of the truth – their own fantasies and efforts to indoctrinate an entire population.” … “A country and a culture are in trouble when those in authority allow only one voice to be heard, when they decide what is acceptable speech and what isn’t, when the controversial and the unpopular are treated as crimes to be punished.”

Ideological Horror. – “While the genre of the striking new film Dear Comrades! would seem obvious (a political drama), it can also be described as a horror film.” … “The amount of paranoia and repression taking place is incredible. The party members consider the general populace as both childlike and a serious threat.” … “The film dramatizes the emotional and personal costs that millions paid for their belief in communism. … that reality hit not when a geopolitical theory or economic system was debunked, but because those with a conscience admitted that they heard the screams.”

They escaped totalitarianism twice, only to see it again in America. Matt Rowe – “Let me tell you about my wife’s family, formerly oppressed immigrants who came to this country legally, and love the USA as only formerly oppressed immigrants could.”

FBI criminal complaint on Capitol incursion used Photoshopped 4-chan hoax picture as evidence. Thomas Lifson – “Just when you thought the FBI couldn’t fall any further, the Bureau utterly, hilariously, and luridly beclowns itself.”

What we don’t know about the Capitol riot. Byron York – “The storming of the Capitol by pro-Trump rioters was four weeks ago. In that time, it has become perhaps the most important factor in our politics, and particularly in the upcoming impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. But there are a lot of basic facts that we do not know about the riot. It is not clear when we will learn them.”

Democrat Lawyers Claim Voting Machines Stole Election for House Republican. Daniel Greenfield – “NY-22 is a demonstration of what a long and grueling process a forensic examination of the votes in one House race looks like. – It’s also been an extended class in Democrat election hypocrisy.”

“Democrats are obviously allowed to make such arguments without being accused of incitement, sedition, or being deplatformed. But that’s always the case. We have two sets of rules. Those two sets of rules are becoming more obvious than ever and that’s leading to a profound distrust in the system. If the pundits who keep talking about reality really want to zero in on the origin of conspiracy theories, they might start with their own double standards.

Mike Lindell Releases Explosive Documentary on the 2020 Election – “ABSOLUTE PROOF” Film Includes Testimony and Interviews from Experts on Historic Fraud in 2020 Election. Joe Hoft – “This effort was a culmination of the work of many individuals who wanted to expose the fraud in the 2020 election for President of the United States.”

Election Fraud? Many Conspiracies Arise from a Rational Foundation. Jocelynn Cordes – “Lorenzo Valla and he was born in 1407. His claim was that a certain document the papacy used to justify its temporal powers over the Western portion of Christendom was a forgery. It was allegedly composed in the 4th century by the Emperor Constantine himself, but Valla showed that it actually had to have been forged centuries later.”

“But that’s not what interests me about Valla’s critique, for he doesn’t begin his attack with these technical points, and while they’re definitive, there’s something else that demands attention. When I first considered writing an essay on Valla I thought the most important thing was to point out (for the benefit of our college-educated illiterati) that conspiracies to commit fraud aren’t new. If young people received an actual education, this case of a Renaissance humanist exposing a massive fraud concocted centuries earlier would be tucked away somewhere in their minds to be recalled whenever they heard contemptuous dismissals of “conspiracy theorists.” They might even consider the possibility that, as Paul Joseph Watson has pointed out, “. . . conspiracy theories are just inconvenient truths that the political establishment wants to remain hidden.”

But then right before our very eyes this extraordinary election fraud took place, and it was in the reaction of fraud deniers to this epochal event that my attention was forcibly shifted to the specific way in which Valla approached his thesis.

Time Publishes an Astonishing Story About a ‘Cabal’ and ‘Shadow Campaign’ That Helped Biden Win. Stacey Lennox – “The recounting of the story in Time is longer than a chapter in many novels. Time says additional details will be provided in a series of articles over the next several days. This article is an introduction.”

“What is described in the entire story has nothing to do with democracy or the consent of the governed. Instead, it represents a bargain between unions, corporations, activist groups, and the political elite. It is a precursor to the triumvirate of unions, big business, and the government becoming more evident every day. Put another way, the political elite, the very wealthy, the bureaucracy, and those willing to subsidize struck a bargain.

TIME Claims a Secret Cabal Manipulated the 2020 Election to Stop Trump, and People Have Questions. Bonchie – “This seems like the sort of thing you don’t say out loud but, like a serial killer, many in politics are just too absorbed in their own egos to not try to take credit for their deeds.” … “none of this is especially groundbreaking to those who have been paying attention. … Yet, the hypocrisy is still a bit much.”

Why The Time Election Narrative Is Good News. Mark Wauck – “The true giveaway is the lie about “changing” rules and laws.” … “Trump’s attorneys are directly addressing the falsehood that the Time article attempts to propagate–that rules and laws were “changed”. No they weren’t changed, say Trump’s lawyers–laws can only be changed by state legislatures. Acting in deliberate contravention of the election laws is, quite precisely, election fraud.”

Why are Democrats so scared of Donald Trump when they just defeated him? Glenn H. Reynolds – “In a nation returning to “normalcy,” does Congress cower behind armed troops and 12-foot fences? Does a party securely in control try to enlist tech firms and media to snuff out voices of opposition?” … “The Democrats aren’t acting like a party secure in its position; they’re acting nervous and insecure and lashing out at any perceived threat.”

“A normal, secure, sensible Congress would be moving to make sure voting is trustworthy, installing safeguards to reassure those with doubts. But we don’t have a normal, secure, sensible Congress. That’s too bad for everybody.

The Left Is Calling the Capitol Riot An ‘Insurrection’ and a ‘Coup Attempt’ for a Reason. Scott Morefield – “What they are doing is methodically intentional, and the reason is crystal clear. They want to paint a dark, ominous picture of the American political landscape, one that firmly places anyone who questioned the 2020 election or even supported former President Donald Trump as not just political adversaries, but enemies and even outlaws who want to overthrow a democratically elected government.” … “If they can paint the right as insurrectionists and coup plotters, they can then justify any method to stop and/or punish the insurrection and coup plotting.”

Clarity In Trump’s Wake [via zerohedge]. Angelo Codevilla [at] – “The United States of America is now a classic oligarchy. The clarity that it has brought to our situation by recognizing this fact is its only virtue…” – “Russians and East Germans under Communists Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker in the 1970s lived under less ruling class pressure than do today’s Americans. And their rulers were smart enough not to insult them, their country, or their race.” There is need for care in the bias in this essay as Codevilla succumbs to the TDS narrative (without evidence) in parts. He does hit the China virus, election 2020, the cancel culture, and other tools of the oligarchies at play.

“Machiavelli’s lesson is that the clarity of situations such as he mentions, and such as is conservative America’s following the 2020 election, is itself valuable. Clarity makes illusions of compromise untenable and points to self-reliant action as the only reasonable path. The people might or might not be, as he wrote, “all ready and disposed to follow the flag if only someone were to pick it up.” But surely, someone picking up the flag is the only alternative to servitude.

So much. So heavy. It’s just beginning to get hot.

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Can we put the banana republic ideas in cages, too?

While Selflessly Donating His $400,000 Annual Salary Over Four Years to Various Charities – President Trump Lost $2 Billion in Wealth Saving the Country. Joe Hoft – “President Trump went through four years of hell to save the country from the insane policies of the Obama Administration. He lost a billion dollars doing it.”

House Impeachment Brief Against Trump Threatens Freedom of Speech of All Americans: Dershowitz. Tom Ozimek – “The brief filed by the House managers advocating the conviction and disqualification of citizen Donald Trump contains a frontal attack on freedom of speech for all Americans,” Dershowitz wrote. “It states categorically that ‘the First Amendment does not apply at all to impeachment proceedings,’ despite the express language of that amendment prohibiting Congress from making any law, or presumably taking any other action, that abridges ‘the freedom of speech.’”

Biden’s Banana Republic. I & I Editorial Board – “Odd, isn’t it, that the same people who claim to be so interested in truth and reality today for four years couldn’t stop talking about how the Russians put Donald Trump in the White House? Maybe they’re engrossed only with their version of the truth – their own fantasies and efforts to indoctrinate an entire population.”

“A country and a culture are in trouble when those in authority allow only one voice to be heard, when they decide what is acceptable speech and what isn’t, when the controversial and the unpopular are treated as crimes to be punished. Biden hasn’t bitten – yet – on a reality czar or ministry of truth. But under his administration, this country is shaping up as a banana republic. Think about:

Biden brings back kids in cages. Monica Showalter – “How’s this for buried news?” … “now the cages are back, now that Biden has dismantled President Trump’s humane ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy”

North Carolina’s lt. governor shows how to fight back against a corrupt media. Andrea Widburg – “To get a sense of the man, I recommend that you take the four minutes to watch his defense of the Second Amendment in the face of the Greensboro city council’s plan to ban gun shows from coming to the city. It’s epic:”

Science Betrayed. Shepard Barbash – “The propaganda infecting K–12 science curricula, especially on the environment, won’t go away.” … “to anatomize the decades of distortion in environmental education is a sideshow to an older, bigger problem: the refusal or inability of teachers to adopt scientifically proven methods to teach anything. Compared with medicine or engineering, teaching remains a backward field, dominated by myths and misconceptions.” … “When the scientists whom teachers depend on are not scientists but advocates, we can expect teachers to become advocates as well.”

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witnessing the greatest assault on free speech and expression, and due process, in the last 70 years.

Be Very Afraid. Mark Wauck – “So says, in effect, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). They want you to be very afraid of your fellow Americans, any number of whom DHS suspects may be domestic terrorists. Even though DHS admits that “DHS does not have any information to indicate a specific, credible plot.”

Trump Eviscerates Democrats’ Impeachment Charges. Tyler O’Neil – “Trump asks the Senate to “dismiss Article I: Incitement of Insurrection against him as moot, and thus in violation of the Constitution, because the Senate lacks jurisdiction to remove from office a man who does not hold office. In the alternative, the 45th President respectfully requests the Senate acquit him on the merits of the allegations raised in the article of impeachment.”

A data maven says fraud affected the election outcome. Andrea Widburg – “Immediately after the election, data maven Matthew Braynard began to determine how many fake ballots were cast in the disputed states. He now says he has absolute proof that Biden’s victory in Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin came through election fraud.”

2020 Presidential Election Lawsuits — the Facts. Stu Cvrk – “It’s beyond exasperating to keep hearing the cacophony of chicanery about the 2020 Presidential election-related lawsuits.” … “a team of independent volunteer (unpaid) scientists and engineers recently put together a List of Lawsuits involving the 2020 Presidential election. In it we identified the issues at stake, how each case was treated by the courts, what evidence was objectively analyzed, who won and lost, etc.” … “Our view is that the public needs to be much better educated regarding the election integrity issue — and having a more accurate understanding of the lawsuit component is a key part of that.”

Why Are Americans Naive About Evil? Eric Metaxas – “Growing up as their son in the Sixties and Seventies, I heard innumerable stories of their experiences, never doubting that there was real evil in the world — or that its political form existed in the soul-crushing ideology of Marxist communism.” … “As Solzhenitsyn prophesied, we in this great country have naively drifted along, now for decades accepting increased government control over our lives and even believing the seductive lie that “socialism” can somehow be a good thing.”

Trip to Vietnam Reconfirmed My Hatred of Communism. Dennis Prager – “The more I came to admire the Vietnamese people — their intelligence, love of life, dignity and hard work — the more rage I felt toward the communists who brought them (and, of course, us Americans) so much suffering in the second half of the 20th century.”

The ‘Big Lie’ And Big Liars. Derek Hunter – “the Big Lies are flying from the left, from their mouths and through the megaphone of journalists.”

How Socialism Wiped Out Venezuela’s Spectacular Oil Wealth. Andrés Figueredo Thomson – “Venezuela has the world’s largest proven oil reserves. It’s out of gasoline.”


It’s Time For Conservatives To Take On Big Tech Tyrants. Here’s How. Rachel Bovard – “it is a sincere effort by Big Tech and woke corporations to punish, de-platform, delegitimize, marginalize, and silence the millions of Americans who hold viewpoints and beliefs that differ from the alliance of corporate media, the establishment Democratic party, and the lords of Silicon Valley.”

“The stated pretext of banning content and actors who “incite violence” is a laughable and transparently fake excuse from platforms where violent threats and content circulate daily. … Images of child sexual abuse circulate daily, but the platforms fight efforts to make them more responsible for it, laying the blame on law enforcement.

Moreover, the definition of what incites violence is left helpfully vague enough to cover whatever these companies happen disagree with.

This is hegemonic, corporate power, exercised at a scale that renders it capable of de-platforming ordinary Americans from consequential avenues of public life and commerce.

At one time, the left would have been concerned about the government and business acting in concern to silence dissent. Now, because it favors them, they cheer it.

There is legitimate frustration in the GOP base that their lawmakers – in the Senate, in particular – wasted four years chest-thumping and peacocking at hearings while taking no substantive action on the Senate floor.

the time for persuasion has ended, and the time to align around concrete policy solutions is here. The threat of ideological corporate monopoly or oligopoly power is a real and present danger, and left unaddressed it will relegate conservatives, libertarians, and anyone with a right-leaning persuasion to a second-class citizenry unable to access the infrastructure of commerce, speech, and community engagement.

The way we move forward will determine if we are a people beholden to the true ideals of republican government and free commerce, or if we have so corrupted the idea of freedom that we are happily willing to sacrifice the full expression of our liberties to a fundamentally undemocratic state of corporatism.

‘I Banish You!’ Glenn Ellmers – “What William Shakespeare can teach us about the Trump impeachment trial.” … “take a page from Coriolanus—Shakespeare’s riveting play about envy, honor, and the decline of popular government.” … “It may be possible for a while to pretend that passion can replace virtue, and that ideology can replace truth—but this can’t last. Even Washington, D.C. cannot defeat the nature of reality.”

American Exceptionalism. Mark Wauck – “Ask yourself this–why would we expect kids to behave differently when they’ve been exposed to the truth that life in America is one hoax after another? They see that cheating, system rigging, is what allows bad people to “get ahead.” At the most basic level, they see that their teachers–role models all!–are cheating the system, too–which means that the system was set up to enable cheating. And the kids have no strong convictions to fall back on”

It’s time to take seriously teachers’ refusal to teach. Andrea Widburg – “What’s being taught through the BLM curriculum is the whole panoply of hard-left thought, which substitutes illusory restorative justice for the rule of law, makes race (something over which people have no control) the single most important thing about the individual, pushes kids into becoming political activists, and — most disturbingly — advances the transgender myth.”

“This is not education; it’s indoctrination, and the teachers’ cowardice in the face of the Wuhan virus is the perfect opportunity to bring an end to this madness. Public schools have gotten too big and too political. If Democrats could use the Wuhan virus to upend America, conservatives should be able to use it to strike down a toxic system that employs too many people more interested in advocacy than in education.

Why Are Progressives So Illiberal? Victor Davis Hanson – “Progressives adopted identity politics and rejected class considerations because solidarity with elite minorities excuses them from concern for, or experience with, the middle classes of all races.”

America’s Frontline Doctors on the COVID vaccines. H.P. Smith –

“It’s interesting that the same “scientific” and media communities that rebranded HCQ — a drug with decades of history of safe and widespread use — as unsafe during mid-2020 is now aggressively pushing the distribution of vaccines with very little testing data of any kind and, by definition, zero data regarding any possible long-term complications. I ask why?

I don’t know about you, but I am not someone who takes everyone at their word, especially these days. I have a scientific educational background that taught me to involve the scientific method as part of my critical thinking. I am much more likely to listen to a group of respected practicing physicians brave enough to risk their careers in order to advocate caution in taking an experimental “vaccine” than I am to take the word of politicians, media talking heads, or the liability-immune pharmaceutical companies poised to make billions from its distribution.

Some Covid Links. Cafe Hayek – The tyranny tightens; Julius Ruechel exposes the immorality of Covid-19 lockdowns; Mark Ellse exposes appallingly misleading reporting on Covid; and more.

And speaking of hydroxychloroquine… neo – “Months ago I searched for clinical trials – which are usually considered the gold standard research on such things – and found a few but they all used a protocol for the drug that didn’t fit the recommendations of those who felt it to be useful.” … “One thing I do know is that the early politicization of this drug was extremely counterproductive to finding out the truth.”

Resist the Hysteria and Tyranny. Don Boudreaux – “In late 1973 and early 1974 Henry decried the biased and uninformed reporting on the fuel shortages that then plagued America, and he called on people to resist the demands for the strict government controls that were then said by many in elite circles to be necessary to best deal with these shortages.”

How to Deprogram Us. Victor Davis Hanson – “Why not borrow the current Chinese “social credit system”? … “This needed deprogramming of the American mind would not take all that much more work or money. … In just the last few weeks, we have proven that we already are halfway there.”

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A reference is needed to weigh evidence

Why Democrats Will Never Stop Talking About ‘Insurrection’. Jonathan S. Tobin – “The false narrative branding the GOP as the party of sedition will, if it succeeds, be a 21st century ‘bloody shirt’ that will determine the future of American politics.” … “As their choice of language, the broad scope of their accusations, and the measures beyond impeachment that they are considering as a response indicate, Democrats have more ambitious goals than further shaming or disqualifying Trump from a future presidential run. The rhetorical inflation of a dangerous riot by a mob to a full-blown “insurrection” is more than political hyperbole.” … “The riot provided Trump’s opponents something that could justify the hysterical rhetoric they had been employing for four years.”

for a reference: Chuck Schumer Used Violent Rhetoric To Sic A Mob On Two Supreme Court Justices. Mollie Hemingway – “If Trump was to be impeached for asking followers to “peacefully and patriotically” make their voices heard by members of Congress on Jan. 6, what to do with Democrats’ more incendiary rhetoric and actions, he [Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.] wondered.” … “And how to take seriously a Senate that never held Kavanaugh’s false accusers to account, never censured the now-majority leader for issuing violent threats while a court case was being heard, and never held Democrats accountable for assisting the mobs who attempted to shut down their proceedings?”

When a Far-Left, Female-Led Domestic Terrorism Group Bombed the U.S. Capitol. Lloyd Billingsley – “Forgotten in the wake of January 6.” … “For those who weren’t around or may have forgotten, here’s what went down on the evening of November 7, 1983.”

Yellen Gets Ethics Waiver To Lead Regulator Meeting On Gamestop Insanity After Taking $810K From Citadel. Tyler Durden – “It’s old rats on a new ship.”

After Weeks of Delays the Detroit TCF Center Turns Over Security Camera Footage of 3:30 AM Biden Ballot Dump to Gateway Pundit. Jim Hoft – “The American media today would make Pravda blush.”

Why is science so polarizing? Blame the way we talk about it. Kate Yoder – “when the evidence doesn’t fit into people’s preconceived notions of how the world works, they find ways to challenge or dismiss evidence that contradicts their beliefs. Evidence just bounces right off them.” Good points but another essay loaded with bias, presumption, and projection. It is an example of its own thesis. The concept of intellectual integrity is missing.


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Outpouring of vicious hate and determination to crush all opposition

It Was The Supreme Court’s Liberals Who Established Protests Are Not ‘Sedition’. Hadley Arkes – “The ever-praised ‘demonstration’ has always contained in its inner logic the premise—and the threat—that force rules.”

Adam Kinzinger Shouldn’t Be Proud His Family Disowned Him, He Should Be Ashamed. John Daniel Davidson – “Politics sometimes does strange and sad things to people, especially to elected officials in Washington. Sometimes it makes them forget who they are—or become someone else entirely.” … “According to Kinzinger’s warped political principles, throwing your family under the bus to get plaudits from the corporate press is somehow patriotic.”

“Someone—maybe one of his family members—should pull Kinzinger aside and explain to him that the devil’s ultimate and oldest trick is the one from the Garden, when he sowed doubt about whether God really meant what he had clearly said. That trick is rampant in American culture and politics today. (That’s how, for example, America gets a “Catholic” president who unabashedly champions things the Catholic Church has always taught are moral evils, like abortion. God didn’t really mean what he said, you see…)

politicians like Kinzinger and Cheney have little interest in Trump’s sort of GOP. They prefer platitudes about hope and opportunity, content to plead with an ascendant cultural left that hates them and their faith, that will grind them to dust—that is, right after giving them a five-minute spot with Chuck Todd to denigrate their own family.

Why Trump Should Press His Case On Voter Fraud. David Marcus – “Donald Trump can win his Senate trial on the merits, not just a technicality, and he should.” The problem is that the merits of the case have had no relevance in this particular proceeding.

“Too many Republicans are being shamed now into not making a very important argument about election security. It would be the most Trump thing in the world to show up at the Senate and fight the fight they refuse to. And again, Trump’s bar would be low. We have been assured there was no fraud, no major problems in mail-in voting. Just a handful of examples would put the lie to that.

Insider Account Shows How Trump’s Legal Team Bungled Legal Challenges to Voter Fraud. Shane Trejo – “Giuliani dropped the ball.” … “This is why so many Republicans want the issue of election fraud to disappear. The incompetence and sabotage that have occurred within the GOP is nothing short of astounding, and even Trump’s loyal supporters (and Trump himself) are forced to bear the burden of failing so abysmally to challenge such obvious fraud.”

Leftists are trying to destroy Trump’s new attorneys. Andrea Widburg – “Trump is entitled to be represented by the attorney of his choice — a right inherent in every American called upon to face a judicial body in America. The Democrat party, however, no longer recognizes that right for Trump or anyone associated with him.”

“For his part, Trump, like all defendants who know themselves to be innocent, wants to make his case in court. Getting dismissed on procedural grounds leaves a cloud over his head. He understands that this is the last chance to get facts about election fraud before the American people. The Democrats are memory-holing the facts and saying any challenge to the election is seditious. It’s now or never.

Do you know how you can tell that they’re good at what they do and have the potential to be effective? Democrats have gone after them, trying to destroy them personally and professionally in a way never seen in America.

Trump Lawyer: Impeachment Is “Political Weaponization” Of A Constitutional Process [ via zerohedge]. Janita Kan via The Epoch Times – “This is a very, very dangerous road to take with respect to the First Amendment, putting at risk any passionate political speaker,” Schoen said.

Systemic Contingencies – They All Knew – Lessons From Spygate About Severity of DC Corruption. Sundance – “it becomes an exercise in intellectual honesty to see the bigger picture.” … “some were active participants, and some -out of fear- just sat silent to the cover-up operation. That reality is why the FISA court did not react to Kevin Clinesmith aggressively. Everyone knew…”

The Real Constitutional Crisis is Upon Us. John Green – “I submit that threats to our Constitution have been approaching for generations. Either through dereliction or malicious intent (willful violation of their oaths), the Supreme Court justices have failed to interdict the approaching threats when it would have been relatively easy. Now we’ve reached a point where the Constitution is becoming irrelevant, and it’s not clear that the Supreme Court has any interest in defending it.”

The ‘After Trump’ Era Begins. Victor Davis Hanson – “Expect the media and government to suddenly resent any mention of pushback against a sitting president.”

A Statement from the Heart of Passivity. Antony Carr – “As sovereign individuals we have agency, but with agency comes personal responsibility. By adopting a group approach, personal responsibility can be avoided and politically correct faux virtue-signalling used to cover the real aim – the pursuit of power.” … “Progress requires bad practices to be replaced by good, not justified as part of a culture frozen in aspic.”

A Tsunami Of Hate [via Hinderaker at Powerline]. “Our friend David Horowitz makes the case that our present political crisis is not the result of polarized views on policy, but rather is caused by the Left’s outpouring of vicious hate and determination to crush all opposition.”

Civic Virtues as Moral Facts. Daniel J. Mahoney – “Recovering the other half of the American Founding.”

Why We Must Unmask. Jason Fertig – “A society that stays in and muzzles up until the government says it’s safe to come out is not as free as we thought it was. Smiles matter.” … “The narrative needs to change or we will start to see more fascism akin to the Parler debacle because those in power think that there will be very little civil disobedience.”

Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World [Full Video]. – traces Sowell’s journey from humble beginnings to the Hoover Institution, becoming one of this era’s greatest economists, political philosophers, and prolific authors. Hosted by Jason Riley, a member of “The Wall Street Journal”

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