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Why the deceit and deception – for thee or for me?

Rush Limbaugh: The Original Cancel Culture Target [WSJ paywall, see Instapundit]. “Limbaugh was also “patient zero” of today’s cancel culture, with dozens of efforts to kill his program for one ginned-up controversy after another. They all failed, and the inside story of how he handled the efforts to discredit him is a useful lesson for today.”

Cancelling Australian History. Keith Windschuttle – “This statement was part of a feature story in the Australian on February 13 in which Frank Furedi compared the leftist demonstrations against Australia Day on January 26 to other recent radical protests in Britain and the United States.”

Not a Rose Garland. Clarice Feldman – “That Garland adopted Black Lives Matter’s lie that the January 6 melee was a “white supremacist coup” is not only a testament to his partisanship and weak character, but, as Horowitz observes, a sign of “how pervasive this racist ideology has become in shaping the Democrat Party drive to destroy our constitutional Republic”.

Propaganda Crash: World Economic Forum Tweets “Lockdowns Improving Cities”, Then Deletes Admitting It Was Wrong. Tyler Durden – “social media was in a full blown frenzy over the WEF’s admission that covid lockdowns are just peak propaganda – one which has the complicit participation of all Silicon Valley tech giants – and sparked en even louder response from an outraged non-Davos audience.”

After the Leftist Reign of Terror, the Deluge. Robert Morton – “look to the last phases of the French Revolution. The Reign of Terror, in which the radical Jacobins took over control of France, has a direct analogy to the present situation in the federal government.”

You’ll never believe what made Bill Maher’s audience clap. Andrea Widburg – “One of the hot-button issues was the schools’ efforts to normalize transgenderism, a form of body dysphoria that’s recognized as a mental illness when the subject is anorexia, not sex.”

“Kelly dropped a line that should be at the forefront of every single parent’s brain as he or she fights the school’s efforts to coopt American children: “If he’s going to be activated, Doug [Kelly’s husband] and I should do it.” It’s up to the parents, not the schools, to set values for the children – but of course, that’s not how leftists see it.
Over the years, Maher’s audiences have always been trained seals, reliably clapping at every hard left, anti-George Bush, anti-Trump, pro-Obama statement the host utters. But this time, he said that the BLM rap pushing Critical Race Theory (“CRT”) on American society is dangerous insanity – and the audience clapped.

When evil or crazy people — that would be the BLM, CRT crowd – take the bit in their mouths, there is no stopping the extremes to which they’ll go. Perhaps the reaction from Maher’s audience is telling us that the American people are finally ready to rein them in.

How Politics is Making Power Failures the Norm. H. Sterling Burnett – “as political considerations have increasingly trumped basic physics and engineering, electrical power failures have become more common in the past couple of decades in the United States. The decline in the reliability of the electric power system has coincided with the increasing incorporation of intermittent wind and solar power into electric power networks.”

“Despite these examples, federal, state, and local politicians are angling to make a bad situation worse, calling for ever greater reliance on electric power even as they undermine the reliability of the power grid.
Weather, like wind and solar power, is fickle. Because of that, no large-scale power system should ever rely on wind and solar power for a substantial percentage of its electric power supply. Nor should politicians force people to forgo the use of gasoline and diesel-powered cars and trucks or appliances powered by natural gas. As Texas showed recently, and California demonstrates every summer, to do so is to court catastrophic, potentially life-threatening failure.

The farcical climate ‘fact-checkers’ who don’t check facts – ‘Misrepresentation & deception have become the tool-in-trade’. Climate Depot – “an organisation called Climate Feedback attempted what it claimed was a factcheck of an article James Delingpole had written about a report we at the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) had published a few days earlier.” … “The Climate Feedback article didn’t garner much attention, but it’s interesting to look at it because it is reveals the tactics that are used to try to discredit anyone who criticises the official ‘narrative of doom’. These tactics are now widely used in other fields too, so the story has relevance beyond the world of climate and energy. ”

US ‘Mysteriously’ Sees Lowest Flu Season On Record During COVID Pandemic. Tyler Durden – “According to the CDC, the cumulative positive influenza test rate from late September into the week of December 19th was just 0.2%, compared to 8.7% from a year before.” … “While the great 2020 disappearing flu passes largely under the mass media’s radar, media-proliferated mass deception and power of repetition get most people to believe that what’s harmful to health and well-being is beneficial.”

Is This Why “New COVID Cases” Are Crashing?. Tyler Durden – “Cases. Deaths. Hospitalisations. They’re all going down, sharply, and have been for weeks, especially in the US and UK.” … “Pundits across the media world have made suggestions – from vaccines to lockdowns – but there’s only one that makes any real sense.” … “In short, logic would suggest we’re not in fact seeing a “decline in Covid cases” or a “decrease in Covid deaths” at all.”

Opinion: Stop worrying about extremely unlikely COVID-19 risks. Faye Flam – “People still wrongly fear that passing others on the street is a big danger because scientists, press lump all risks together” … “Throughout the pandemic, there’s been a tendency to play up unlikely risks, and not to talk enough about uncertainty and probabilities.” … “Scientists and journalists may feel magnifying small risks is erring on the side of caution. But if freaking people out about small things is distracting from the risks that have led to most of the 500,000 deaths, then perhaps true caution would instead dictate erring as little as possible.”

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Intellectual Humility and Anxious Arithmetic

We Have Lost an American Genius. Victor Davis Hanson – “Limbaugh was hated by the left because he was deadly effective in fighting them, and he was feared at times by the Republican establishment — because he could also be deadly effective in fighting it.” … “Limbaugh’s canon was never to talk down to or insult the base.”

“Limbaugh’s was a quintessential American success story. It is impossible to imagine any other country producing either him or his career. We are mourning for Rush, but also for ourselves. We are going to miss him and need him more, not less, each day that he is now silent.

NV Energy newsletter: Could what happened in Texas happen here? [this is rationalizing socialism and an example of how false narratives become propaganda to excuse lack of performance. Consider these assertions from the newsletter:]

“record freezing temperatures across Texas had residents turning up the heat while, at the same time, a large portion of the state’s energy generation went offline. With the generation offline and demand high, Texas experienced rolling blackouts and extended power outages that left millions of its residents in the dark and cold for days.
Texas is a deregulated state, where most power companies rely on purchased energy from the electric markets to meet customer power needs. This exposes customers to the risks of energy not being available and to the extreme price fluctuations that can occur in energy markets. In the case of Texas, the majority of these market power plants were not prepared for the extreme cold weather and were unable to operate due to frozen equipment and difficulty accessing natural gas resources. In addition, Texas does not have transmission lines that connect to other electric generation resources outside of the state. This left deregulated energy providers with no power supply to meet customer needs, and left customers in the dark and cold in their time of greatest need.

A deregulated electric model, similar to the one in Texas, was proposed in Nevada in 2018 and was soundly rejected by Nevadans statewide. Nevada continues to benefit from the long-term planning and stability brought by a regulated electric grid.
We are already seeing action on advancing Nevada’s energy plans. In December of 2020, the PUCN approved three new large-scale solar plus energy storage projects. These are the latest of 12 such solar energy developments we’ve brought forward since 2018 that, when complete, will provide enough energy to power more than half a million Nevada homes at once.

For a more balanced view, bring California into this and consider it’s rolling blackouts during the ‘normal conditions’ summer. It had to reach across Nevada to obtain its power needs due to the closing of Nevada coal plants. Also note the presumption that regulation means better “long-term planning and stability.” The problem with ‘regulated’ is that the people making the decisions have no stake in the game. The very unusual conditions in the south and also in the northwest, are being used for propaganda as can be seen by the model being promoted – California – being conveniently ignored.

Big Business Sides With Leftists In Pushing Highly Destructive ‘Equality Act’. Emily Jashinsky – “The left’s historic skepticism of corporate power has morphed into a demand for more of it.” … “The Equality Act, passed by the House on Thursday, is a deeply radical bill that would put women in danger, erode free speech and religious rights, and destroy Title IX gains for girls’ sports.” … “Republicans and Democrats should not be intimidated by the far-left’s false advertising of the bill as a commonsense measure to protect oppressed and vulnerable members of the public.”

“More importantly, however, it’s evidence of an elite effort to wield corporate power over working people in the interest of an extreme cultural agenda. The Equality Act is a plaything of the elites that will disempower working people, and lawmakers should not be intimidated into believing the legislation is anything else.

America’s elections must never be for sale. Phill Kline – “An extensive investigative report by The Amistad Project reveals private monies funneled to the urban core in key swing states created a two-tier election system, with government spending millions to turnout likely Democrat voters while geographic areas containing Republican voters received little or no assistance as in-person polling places were shut down due to COVID emergency orders.”

More on Officer Sicknick’s death. Neo – “Please let that sink in: apparently the family has not been told the results of any autopsy.”

Vox Peddles Fake News That Dolly Parton Has A ‘Dark Side’ For Rejecting The Progressive-Or-Bigot Binary. Tristan Justice – “The piece, deceitfully headlined “How Dolly Parton became a secular American saint,” calls into question whether Parton can authentically love a country struggling with divisions in which she refuses to participate.” Conform or we will smear!

Emoting and Oprahfying, Jill Biden leaves out a few details about her divorce. Monica Showalter – “Jill Biden is racking up a pretty impressive record as a hypocrite.”

Intellectual Humility vs. Passionate Certainty. Declan Mansfield – “If you can’t imagine a question, then nothing can confuse you.”

“I learned a simple, all things being equal, method to determine whether something was true or false. It didn’t matter what people said or what people believed, the important thing was how they arrived at their conclusions, which meant that a lot of shallow opinions could be summarily ignored. … People deserved respect but their illogical opinions did not. If someone relied on mumbo jumbo, bad history, faith, culture, ideology, feelings, or their ‘lived experience’, then, they were, again, all things being equal, probably talking nonsense.
The extraordinarily important question: ‘how could this terrible thing happen?’, posed in relation to the worst crime in history, the Holocaust, has been answered by how many good, but largely apolitical, people reacted to Trump’s presidency.
The problem, though, for anyone who knows Aristotle is that all putative virtues have a dark side. For every paragon of virtue, a devil has to exist, and monsters are being conjured from the imaginations of people who are too naive to understand that the demon they abhor lives within themselves. We’re in for a long and dreadful ride.

The Anxious Arithmetic of COVID Alarmism. Peter Smith – “How deadly is COVID in cutting lifespans? Reported deaths from COVID are untrustworthy and provide a poor guide to resolving this question. It is more instructive to focus on total deaths. Has the number of deaths jumped significantly during the period since COVID emerged?” … “So far as I’m aware, since vaccines were invented, this is the first time that whole populations will be coerced into being jabbed in circumstances where it appears that over ninety-nine percent of people who contract the virus are at no material risk of death or of needing intensive care.”

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Let it be, he said. Really?

How Baby Boomers Ushered In Our Narcissistic Age. Michael Morris – “Helen Andrews’ book, ‘Boomers: The Men and Women Who Promised Freedom and Delivered Disaster,’ offers a penetrating and damning look at a generation that put America on a path to ruin.” … “Through Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor, Andrews paints a portrait of how the courts essentially weaponized law against the longstanding institutions of America.” … “Andrews offers a compelling book that will help readers identify these excesses and, Lord willing, maybe provide an opportunity for correction.”

‘Blessings Of Liberty’: How ‘The Equality Act’ Viciously Attacks Christians, Freedom, Society, Sex, And You. Christopher Bedford – “According to the Equality Act, religious nurses, doctors, and hospitals unwilling to kill an unborn child or perform a sex-change surgery could be legally discriminating.”

“It’s all made possible by massively expanding the government’s definition of bigotry, as well as the definition of public gathering places to include any place that “provides exhibition, entertainment, recreation, exercise, amusement, public gathering or public display.” When you add the above to “any establishment that provides a good, service, or program,” you’ve put nearly the entirety of American civic life under the thumb of radical activists.
Under the Equality Act, after all, American law is a tool to attack our rights of conscience, our religious freedom, our businesses, our schools, our families, our neighbors, our priests, and our churches. How dare anyone expect to use the law to defend against it?

While the act is nearly certain to pass the Democratic House of Representatives, its fate in the Senate is less assured. Americans must pay close attention. Our society depends on it.

The Democrats’ ‘Woke’ Equality Act: Another Awful Idea That Would Radically Change America. I & I Editorial Board – “The just-passed Equality Act no doubt sounds wonderful to many. Who, after all, can disagree with a bill to “prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation”? But it’s a wretched bill, one that would have many terrible consequences.” … “like a bad meal, the Equality Act is likely to come up again.” … “Anyone, anywhere, who dissents from the most radical redefinition of gender and the family in history can be sued, harassed and made a pariah, with little recourse.” … “This is a straight-up violation of the First Amendment, which protects both speech and religious belief: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

Remember These Names: Three House Republicans Join Dems in Voting to Gut Religious Freedom. Tyler O’Neil – “the “Equality” Act explicitly carves out an exemption from the right of religious freedom — an exemption that only applies to claims of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.” … “Tragically, many Americans actually believe that opposition to LGBT orthodoxy ipso facto constitutes a form of “hate.” … “Opposing the Equality Act isn’t just about preventing a horrific public policy but also about combatting the horrific cancel culture that would demonize dissent on these issues.”

The Proposal for a ‘Commission’ to Investigate the January Protests Isn’t About Seeking Out Any ‘Truths’ or Accountability. Shipwreckedcrew – “The narrative of what the history of January 6 will be is set – now the Democrats need to get started creating history by writing it down.”

“The goal of Pelosi and the Democrats is transparent. They want a Democrat-controlled Commission to create an enduring government “report,” to be adopted by the Democrats while they control both Houses of Congress. The sole purpose of this report will be to equate their political opponents — conservatives who supported Pres. Trump and his MAGA agenda — with the kinds of foreign terrorists who killed thousands by flying passenger planes full of innocent people into buildings on 9/11.

Liberal intolerance as an established religion. Mark Wauck – “a common philosophical outlook regarding human nature and the place of man in reality–is sorely and quite obviously lacking. That much is clear from the concerted liberal assault on key provisions of the Constitution, which is now attacked as enshrining White Supremacy, rather than regarded as empowering all citizens to a full life of citizenship.” … “A few examples of where we are at this moment follow.”

In Final Days, Trump Gave Up On Releasing Russiagate Files, Nunes Prober Says. Aaron Maté – “The House Intelligence Committee’s Kash Patel said senior intelligence officials ‘continuously impeded’ their release – usually by slow-walking their reviews of the material.”

“The media vitriol unnerved Patel, who had previously served as a national security official in the Obama-era Justice Department and Pentagon – a tenure that exceeds his time working under Trump. Patel says that ensuring public disclosure of critical information in such a consequential national security investigation motivated him to take the job in the first place.

If nobody’s home, who called out the Syria airstrike? Monica Showalter – “Seven weeks into his presidency, senile Joe Biden surprised many by calling in a Syria airstrike. … Which was puzzling, given that there seemed to be no immediate threat. And that’s just for starters.”

Estimates: George Floyd Riots To Cost 66 Times More Than Capitol Damage. Tristan Justice – “Capitol Architect J. Brett Blandon told lawmakers Wednesday damage from January’s Capitol riots will likely cost $30 million to cover adequate mental health services, art repairs, and enhanced security.” – mental health services? – “the price tag will go even higher if the new fence expanding the Capitol’s perimeter borders gaslighting the public is kept past March.”

The Imaginary Menace Behind Everything Wrong In America. Paul Bradford – “This white supremacist bogeyman will continue to be seen as America’s primary threat and the one responsible for all manners of misdeeds.” … “You would think that Klansmen are roaming American streets and terrorizing ordinary citizens on a daily basis. You have to worry about a skinhead gang beating you to a bloody pulp every time you go to the supermarket. That’s how this problem is portrayed.”

“Antifa will continue to wreak havoc throughout the country and bodies will pile up from our skyrocketing murder rate. But these will be ignored by the current administration and its allies. They’re too busy looking for white supremacists under the bed.

Biden’s COVID relief bill is chock full of anti-white reverse racism. Betsy McCaughey – “Polls show most Americans support the federal COVID-19 relief bill. But if they knew what’s in it, they might feel differently. The bill is an affront to the American ideal of equal treatment under law — and a slap in the face for people who want everyone helped fairly.”

California Collapsing . Martin Sieff [Strategic Culture Foundation at zerohedge] – “California now fulfills Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s nightmare vision in his prophetic masterpiece “The Possessed” as to what unlimited liberalism must inevitably create – if not stopped in its tracks and rolled back.”

In Report Affirming Nearly No Transmission In Schools, CDC Slips In Shocking Data About Asymptomatic Spread. Georgi Boorman – “If the contagiousness of people without symptoms does not drive the spread of SARS-COV-2, then restrictions like lockdowns and mask mandates on the general public don’t make sense.” … “It’s time solid data from real-world transmission studies, not models, be used to support the basis for the onerous restrictions put on Americans over the past 11 months and continued to this day.”

God, I Hope This Ends Soon, But in the Meantime… Kevin Roche – “One big thing I have re-learned and had reinforced during the epidemic is most experts are idiots. They rest on their laurels, they don’t keep up, they resist innovative thinking and they love the spotlight. They are the last people I trust.” … “So here is what I believe we know, but test it with your own thinking.”

Analysis: Nevada’s $13 billion plan to build solar farms. Norman Rogers – But ‘the plan is useless & will accomplish absolutely nothing beyond rewarding the governor’s political supporters’ … “Nevada governor Sisolak doesn’t follow science; it follows him.”

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Can We Reform a FBI that Behaves Like a Gestapo? Larry Johnson – “The final straw for many in the bureau is the dishonest response to the January 6 swarm at the U.S. Capitol.”

“While the FBI leadership is doing everything in their power to paint honest, law-abiding Trump supporters as nascent terrorists eager to impose Ku Klux Klan rule across the nation, the frontline agents who are doing the interviews of “persons” of interest are coming up with nothing from the Trump folks. No evidence of planning, coordinating or executing violence.

What some are finding is that Antifa people–more than several dozen–were paid to go to Washington, DC and incite violence. But there is an unanswered question–will this evidence see the light of day? If Christopher Wray, the FBI Director, has his way it will be buried and kept from the public. He will give it the Hunter Biden laptop treatment.
I never imagined the day would come where I would be serious about comparing the FBI to the GESTAPO. But that day has come. We already have clear evidence of their criminal conduct in the cases of General Michael Flynn, Carter Page, George Papadopolous and Roger Stone. Now we learn that the FBI, without a court order, is seizing the phone records of private citizens and members of Congress without a court order. It is an organization out of control and must be reined-in.

Democrat Voters Overwhelmingly Believe “Trump Supporters” Are The #1 Problem In The Country. Clayton Keirns – “Not police brutality, gun violence, healthcare, student debt, or 7 of the other items they were asked about. – Trump supporters. – Look below at this shocking chart:”

Why Do the Election’s Defenders Require My Agreement? Michael Anton – “The purpose of voting today is to give a democratic veneer to an undemocratic regime—not to give the people a say in the direction of their government.” … “Sullivan seemed genuinely troubled by my lack of belief. Hence his constant hectoring of me to “agree” or “concede” or “admit.” It bothers him that I do not believe, as if somehow the legitimacy of the regime itself rests on my belief or is threatened by my unbelief. ”

We are not the party of Liz Cheney. Don Surber – “Liz Cheney signaled her virtue in a speech at the Reagan Institute. She used the storming of Her Castle on January 6 as an excuse to label all supporters of President Donald John Trump as white supremacists.”

“White supremacy is the bogey man in Washington. It is as imaginary as global warming. But like global warming, it serves the purpose of giving more power to the powerful Merrick Garland, the attorney general in waiting, vowed to prosecute Trump supporters as domestic terrorists.

Liz Cheney Must Explain Why She Thinks The GOP Is A White Supremacist Party. David Marcus – “Cheney has defamed tens of millions of Republicans as white supremacists. I want to see her evidence.”

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A chilling transgression, It’s a melee.

After Burst Pipes Flooded Texas Homes, Many Are Blessed With Free Repairs: ‘Texas Takes Care Of Texas’. Jordan Davidson – “It’s a lot of work but we’re trying our best,” plumber Will Arausa said. … “Despite her unfortunate circumstances, Cedillo has also experienced the generosity and care of her fellow Texans as she works to return to normal.”

The Government Censors Are Here. I & I Editorial Board – “Congressional Democrats are demanding to know what communications giants such as Comcast and AT&T are going to do about “the spread of dangerous misinformation.” … “The hearing was called to focus on “disinformation and extremism in the media.” In practice it’s a stage for peacock strutting, spin, and projection (a diversionary tactic Democrats are well-practiced in) with the ultimate goal of gaining full control of the flow of information.”

“this is where we are in an America no previous generation would recognize. And the downward spiral is accelerating. Unless our decline is turned around hard and soon, it won’t be long before we’re burning books, because we’re already symbolically burning anyone who dares express a view that dissents from the Democrat-media narrative.

‘A chilling transgression’ of free speech: FCC commissioner slams 2 House Dems asking cable companies if they plan to keep conservative outlets. Douglas Braff – “In his denouncement of the letter, Carr also said that, “Debate on matters of public interest should be robust, uninhibited, and wide open. More speech is better than less.” He continued, saying, “Yet the concerted effort by Democrats to drive political dissent from the public square represents a marked departure from these First Amendment norms.”

Democrats Move To Silence Non-Liberal Speech. John Hinderaker – “the Democrats see what could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and are pressing forward with their most radical agenda since they seceded in 1861.” … “I have been following politics closely for more than five decades, and the Democratic Party’s war on freedom of speech is the most sinister thing I have witnessed in that time. What is truly chilling is how few Democrats are willing to stand up for freedom.”

Expansion of domestic terrorism laws profoundly threatens democracy. Sara Carter – “It’s sad but true that the rhetoric since Jan. 6, from lawmakers is dangerous to how Americans perceive one-another, as well as civil liberties. It is in my opinion a mission creep to a surveillance society born out of fear and one in which American democracy is threatened.”

We’re all ten steppers now. Mark Wauck – “since 2007 Wolf has been pushing her idea of the threat to American democracy, embodied in her Ten Step program by which democracies are transformed into totalitarian states. She sees these Ten Steps being implemented here in America” … “Wolf’s main point at this juncture is that the Covid casedemic is being used in line with Step Ten of her schema, the final step to full on totalitarianism.”

Tucker Carlson’s plan to end systemic racism and income inequality in America. Andrea Widburg – “It’s time, he said, for America’s elite educational institutions (the Ivy Leagues and other high-ranking colleges and universities) to stop promoting generational affluence. They need to jettison their rich student body and, in the future, admit only disadvantaged students.”

Is the Biden Administration Stumbling Into War? Victor Davis Hanson – “Nothing is more dangerous than stronger powers, even inadvertently, sending signals that are interpreted as weakness by weaker powers.”


How Does the West Factor in Africa’s Problems? Michael Curtis – “Though this state of affairs may resemble politics in Washington, D.C., it actually applies to Uganda, where the presidential and legislative election took place on January 14, 2021.” … “After the independence of African countries from colonial rule, democracy did not flourish, and rulers came to power through coups or as warlords or as charismatic personalities.” … “The positive and negative aspects of colonialism in Africa remain controversial. The crucial problem remains. Why did democracy not flourish after independence?”

Senate Hearing On The Capitol Riot Exonerated Trump. David Marcus – “Tuesday’s testimony made perfectly clear that Donald Trump did not incite the Capitol riot.”

“In January, then-President Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives in mere hours — no witnesses, no testimony, no evidence. It was a needless knee-jerk reaction meant mainly to embarrass and punish the outgoing president. Likewise, the trial in the Senate, which took less than a week, offered no substantial evidence tying Trump to the actions of the rioters. By that time, Trump was already out of office, so why was the trial rushed? Why did it lack any real substance? We found out why on Tuesday.

The answer, of course, is that Trump did not in any way, shape, or form incite the riot. The reason the Democrats offered no evidence that he did is that there is no evidence that he did.
The bottom line is that in the impeachment and trial of Trump, facts took a backseat.

Capitol Police Witnesses Struggle to Explain How Rioters Breached the Capitol on January 6. Tyler O’Neil – “The law enforcement officers claimed that they had been prepared to face a potentially violent protest, but they said the rioters caught them off guard.” … “The law-enforcement officials referred to the riot as a “military-style attack,” but the DOJ has not charged any specific rioter with gun possession in the U.S. Capitol.”

“Americans should absolutely abhor and condemn the Capitol riot, but conservatives should beware of the Democrats’ rhetoric on this. Democrats appear to be laying the groundwork for a domestic “War on Terror” based on the idea that conservatives, Republicans, and those who supported Donald Trump pose a domestic terror threat to the country.

I Saw Provocateurs At The Capitol Riot On Jan. 6. J. Michael Waller – “The deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol bore the markings of an organized operation planned well in advance of the Jan. 6 joint session of Congress.” … “The biggest takeaway from the testimony was a miscommunication among Capitol Hill police that left an intelligence report suggesting violence was being planned against the seat of government ignored.”

Everything is Fake in Utopia. Bode Lang – “When Democrats gain power through fraud, everything that follows becomes fake as well.” … “Ever since January 6th, social media became platforms to rant about “insurrection,” “sedition,” “treason,” and “domestic terrorists,” by nearly every blue checkmark. Whenever a prominent Republican like Ted Cruz tweets, the replies are dominated by leftists reciting these lines right on cue, still pretending to be haunted by the event.” … “Hypocrisy is only bothersome to people interested in truth, but the left has different rules.”

COVID-19 Status Update, February 2021. Fred Lipfert and Sheldon Lipsky – “It is always problematic to predict the future based on a few months’ data. Still, should this maximum infection rate continue through 2021, the probability of infection during the year could exceed 30%.”

Explaining My Position on Covid-19 and the Restrictions. Don Boudreaux – “In my latest column for AIER I offer some of the reasons why I believe that the public’s fear of Covid-19 is far in excess of what the facts warrant.”

In Report Affirming Nearly No Transmission In Schools, CDC Slips In Shocking Data About Asymptomatic Spread. Georgi Boorman – “If the contagiousness of people without symptoms does not drive the spread of SARS-COV-2, then restrictions like lockdowns and mask mandates on the general public don’t make sense.”

Even NPR Admits Florida Is A Success And California A Failure. The Committee to Unleash Prosperity – Greg Allen: “In late fall, we saw this horrible surge that grew even worse after Thanksgiving. …. this sustained, horrible surge of infections, the worst in the nation, for many weeks after the second lockdown was ordered. And the fact is, California’s deaths per capita numbers, which, you know, officials have used throughout the pandemic to defend these very tough restrictions, are in many cases either the same or worse than many states that have been far less restrictive.”

The Blue States Are Now the Beggar States. Stephen Moore – “there is almost no evidence that lockdowns, business closures, stay-at-home orders and other strategies have reduced the infection rates or death rates from the virus.” … “Fifty states experimented with responses to the virus, and the verdict is in: The big blue states got crushed.” … “The “progressives” in these states voted for higher taxes, more regulations, high energy prices and economic lockdowns. That’s democracy in action.”

Democrats starting to panic over a reckoning at the polls for blue-state bungling of COVID. Thomas Lifson – “the economic and social price paid by residents of states with lockdown hard-line Democrat governors like Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, New York, and California is starting to look way too high.”

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A life lived not by lies?

Rush Limbaugh – A Life Lived Not by Lies. Kevin Grieve – “Why was Limbaugh so popular? Why did he have millions of listeners and followers? Was it his voice? Was it his gold microphone? In its simplest terms, Limbaugh told the truth. Unlike today’s left-wing, celebrity, media darlings, he lived his life not by lies. … He told the truth and exposed the lies of the Left.”

Supreme Court Denial Of 2020 Election Cases Invites ‘Erosion Of Voter Confidence’. Margot Cleveland – “The Supreme Court’s abdication of its authority to answer important constitutional questions threatens even more chaotic federal elections.”

Unbelievable, SCOTUS Refuses to Hear PA Election Challenge AFTER Previously Granting Injunction. Sundance – “The supreme court has taken a knee… let me explain why it is so evident:” … “In essence the Roberts Court is saying they will allow any/all methods and manipulations of election law within states, and only look to the state outcome. This is very troublesome.”

SCOTUS plays Catch 22 with challenges to Pennsylvania election. Thomas Lifson – “The Supreme Court has signaled that anything goes when it comes to jiggering election rules in favor of the Democrats.”

With Supreme Court’s Non-Decision, Citizens Must Reform Electoral System [epoch times caveat]. Michael Walsh – “Buildings can be rebuilt. Troops can and ought to be called home, especially when they are dying for nothing. But the Constitution, once shredded, is not so easily repaired.”

Nevada seeks dismissal of Laxalt election lawsuit that claims noncitizens infiltrated state voter rolls. Sean Golonka – “Zunino wrote that  counties, not the state, that maintain voter rolls, meaning the responsibility to remove noncitizens from the lists falls to the county clerks.” … “Democratic leaders have expressed interest in making the broad distribution of mail-in ballots standard, even in non-emergency times, in order to ease participation in elections.”

Nick Trutanich on election integrity, unemployment fraud and what’s next after two years as U.S. attorney. Michelle Rindels – “Trutanich was one of 56 Trump-nominated and Senate-confirmed Department of Justice officials who were asked to resign by the incoming Biden administration.”

How Your Washington News Gets Distorted By Media Priorities. Andrew Malcolm – “it’s up to conscientious and savvy news consumers themselves to become more calculating and judicious in selecting their news sources and their individual reports, allowing for these known slants.”

Did Biden Pick Garland As AG To Wreak Revenge On Trump, GOP? I & I Editorial Board – “Over at Instapundit, Ed Driscoll even put up a “Merrick Garland Watch,” a headline list of comments by Garland that should be of concern to all Americans:”

Biden Kicks Texas To The Curb – Denies Statewide Major Disaster Declaration Request. Karen Townsend – “Abbott asked for a declaration that covered the entire state because the winter storm knocked out power and heat throughout the state, as well as leaving millions of Texans without water. … Texas has 254 counties. Biden approved only 77 counties for disaster relief. … No real reason was given for the snub from the White House or from FEMA.” … “The leftists in power are taking the opportunity to virtue signal Texans for not succumbing to the extreme measures presented in the Green New Deal.”

Fantastical Energy. Clarice Feldman – “Instead of real solutions, we see political leaders like Chuck Schumer blather on: “It’s long past time for our Senate to take a leading role in combatting the existential threat of our time: climate.”

We will crush you. Mark Wauck – “all the forces at the regime’s command are being marshalled to solidify power and control. Most chillingly, perhaps, is How the Biden Administration is Politicizing the Military.” … “Are conservatives, much less Republicans, ready for this battle? I don’t see it.”

Nikki Haley just got burned, playing the old establishment Republican game. Jonathon Moseley – “Haley is doing things correctly the way they used to be done. You posture for the media, distance yourself from any controversy, then later patch it up after the storm blows past. You cynically abandon your friends, hoping that the alligators will eat you last. Then you have a summit meeting and cut deals behind closed doors.”

“Republican voters have been fed up with inside-the-Beltway games for years. The norms of politics are exactly what the conservative base is hopping mad about. And this is by no means just about Haley. It’s about a whole school of thought affecting thousands of Republican elites at the federal and state level. It’s about the consultant class teaching candidates that this is how it’s done.

Republican voters want leaders who lead, not hide under their desks playing “duck and cover.” They want Republican politicians to decisively challenge and defeat leftist lies, not run for the tall grass. Year after year, we watch easily answered lies from the left spread as truth because the Republican establishment has no stomach for robust debate.

Masks Today, Masks Tomorrow, Masks Forever! John Hinderaker – “A friend who is a superb doctor sent along this communication from Fairview/University of Minnesota Health Services: … From an experienced medical facility, I expect better” … “You think you will easily get out from under the boots of the self-proclaimed dictators? Think again. It is going to be a fight.”

Unmasking the Medical Experts. Brian C.Joondeph – “Masks have become an unwelcome staple of American life with no end in sight. Mask recommendations change faster and more frequently than the weather. How did we get here?” … “Which raises the age-old question about COVID: Was it ever about the virus?”

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The pile under the rug isn’t getting smaller

‘Cancel Trump’ Culture Is Toxic, Juvenile, and Dangerous. Stephen Kruiser – “On Friday I highlighted a specific incident that sought to cancel President Trump even in death. Today we’ll look at the pathological mental deterioration behind that, as well as some more petty and ignorant manifestations of this metastasizing Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

“The Democrats are in control of the federal government right now and they have no clear vision for the United States of America other than hating Donald Trump. That would be myopic and stupid in the best of times. With the pandemic still upon us and the economy in dire need of a comeback, it’s a recipe for long-term disaster.

And they don’t care. The tantrum is the priority and it shows no signs of letting up.

In Wake Of His Death, Media Smears Rush Limbaugh For ‘AIDS Update’ He Repeatedly Apologized For. Chad Felix Greene – “It seems that rather than attempt to hold Rush Limbaugh eternally accountable for his sins, this one in particular, what should matter most is the context and his apology.” … “One of the remarkable truths about those who hold a visceral hatred of Rush Limbaugh is the high likelihood they have never listened to his show or read any of his books. ” … “Leftwing activists often lecture us on the importance of personal growth and redemption, yet they stubbornly feel entitled to withhold forgiveness when it politically suits them.”

“It seems that rather than attempt to hold him eternally accountable for his sins, this one in particular, what should matter most is the context and the consequence. Limbaugh engaged in his typical blunt and bombastic style to comment on how the gay movement chose to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in its early years. Once he realized he was unfairly harming innocent people he never meant to insult or mock, he stopped, apologized, and donated money to help end the HIV/AIDS crisis. That is what should be remembered.

Language, Crime and Trial by Headline. Peter Smith – “We do know that Trump had evidence for his claim. And to say he didn’t have proof is rather like saying my black eye is not proof that I was punched in the face. But it is evidence, numbskulls.”

Court Docs Show Facebook Played Much Bigger Part In Capitol Riot Than Parler, Yet No Consequences. Rachel Bovard – “If any single platform can be fingered as the favorite of the rioters, it appears to be Facebook. Yet Facebook remains unmolested by app stores and untargeted by opportunistic politicians.” … “Arbiters of Truth Push More Fake News” … “And that is because this issue is not really about content moderation policies. It’s about narrative control.”

“Big Tech can shut down your speech, but also your ability to make money in America. They can ban you from the public square, as well as from the avenues and infrastructure of capitalism.

Looks like SCOTUS has abandoned the Constitution as “moot” in regard to elections.They set it aside as irrelevant before the election. The message is that the Law does not matter.

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The Narrative. Good and Hard.

Once Upon A Presidency – From Populist To Dissident [via zerohedge]. Joshua Hochschild at – “In a healthy democracy, populist skepticism could lead to bipartisan reform efforts to restore confidence in election procedures. But the powers that be do not even acknowledge the legitimacy of any skepticism.”

“This isn’t how you envisioned any political drama, much less your own role in one. In the story you imagined, skepticism and populism are not partisan issues, and protest and argument are messy but welcome. These are a regime’s natural mechanisms for improvement. But what happens when they are not accepted and addressed, when instead they are slandered and suppressed? That is not the story you imagined. And you aren’t sure where that kind of story can end.

Obamacare was the turning point for the American left. Neo – “It was a major transformative program passed by a narrow and partisan vote. Previously all such big legislation had bilateral support … the left learned that, with the help of a compliant press, they could get away with it.”

Covid: Good News, Bad News. Mark Wauck – “Here’s the chart in which he presents that 77% drop in “cases” in the last six weeks” … “It’s the non-scientific reasons that bring us to the bad news.”

Biden and the Big COVID Lie. Neo – “The first point – an obvious one – is that there is no serious effort by the press to call Biden on anything he does or says.”

“That message is reinforced by the MSM, Democrat politicians, academicians, people in the arts, and often a vast circle of friends and acquaintances (especially in blue states and cities). No one should underestimate the difficulty of thinking differently, or how hard it is to start doubting the story at this late date. Against the almost overwhelming force of the narrative, what potency do a few new facts have to change a person’s mind? It can happen, of course, but it’s not that common and it’s not that easy.

Fantastical Energy. Clarice Feldman – “Energy issues are boring to many people, full of the sort of things the current wizards of academia and the press consider “white privilege” and “patriarchal” thinking — you know, the kind of thing in which correct answers matter more than subjective feelings.”

Why would Texas have prepared for record cold and snow if they listened to the media and other global warming fanatics the last forty years? Jack Hellner – “Since 1980 Americans have heard that the Earth was warming rapidly, that the South would not have winters anymore and we would see “the end of snow.” … “Let’s Review 50 Years Of Dire Climate Forecasts And What Actually Happened” … “So when will reporters do their job instead of repeating what they are told?”

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Bad Faith

Failed Impeachment Saga Was An Embarrassment For Democrats. Tristan Justice – “The Democrats’ second impeachment case was so weak, it featured fabricated evidence to secure a conviction that still never came.”

“her words rang cheap as she declared a man with seven days left in office to be a “clear and present danger,” and they rang even cheaper when considering Americans had heard the endless hyperbolic rhetoric before.”

McConnell’s Bitter Turtle Soup. J.B. Shurk – “Senate Republicans’ refusal to unanimously stand up for the free speech of a sitting president is inexcusable — especially during a time when Big Tech is engaging in an unprecedented campaign of censorship against ordinary Americans and Democrats are openly advocating for the criminalization of viewpoints with which they disagree.”

Left-Wing Facebook ‘Fact-Checker’ Censors The Federalist For Highlighting Texas Power Failures. Jordan Davidson – “Lead Stories did not respond to The Federalist’s questions about why they censored an article and then tried to refute it by promoting their own article’s narrative without even acknowledging the researched and sourced claims asserted in Isaac’s story.”

PolitiFact Is Ticked That We Fact-Checked Their False Fact-Check Of Our Fact-Check Of Their Fact-Check.  Tristan Justice – “PolitiFact has still not published a fact-check of Harris’s erroneous assertion the Biden White House has been forced to start “from scratch” with vaccine distribution.”

The Media Coverage of Ted Cruz Is Bad-Faith Garbage, and There’s a Reason for It. Bonchie – “Of course, Cupp, CNN, and the rest of the media couldn’t be bothered to spend even a fraction of this much outrage on Andrew Cuomo, whose nursing home scandal is actually a big deal.”

The Decline Of The West: American Education Surrenders To “Equity” [via zerohedge]. Philip Giraldi, The Strategic Culture Foundation – “It will be difficult or even impossible to go back to a system where learning is actually a discipline that requires hard work and dedication” … “this transformation is taking place all over the United States with the encouragement of federal, state and local governments”

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Who was that?

John Rich shares secret story of Rush Limbaugh as floodgates open on Doctor of Democracy’s true character. Vivek Saxena – “His critics in the Democrat Party and the Democrat-aligned media would disagree, of course, but they never knew actually knew the man. They only knew the “evil” caricature of him that they’d invented in their creative minds. Those who actually knew Limbaugh, on the other hand, have had nothing but positive stories to share about how he’d treated them and others.”

Dems’ Trump Derangement Syndrome Hits Pathetic New Low. Stephen Kruiser – “This is beyond spiteful. This is a sustained level of hate that is pathological. The karmic register can’t look favorable for these people.”

Who were the January 6th rioters? Neo – “It appears from the study and the articles that everyone in that building, even if only arrested for trespassing, is assumed to have been intent on violence and trying to overthrow the government. The entire set of conclusions – these insurrectionists were just regular Trump supporters, so be afraid, be very afraid – is based on that idea. But the study doesn’t demonstrate it. It doesn’t even deal with it; it merely assumes it.”

The Failure Of The Texas Power Grid Is Worse Than You Think. John Daniel Davidson – “A rare winter storm has put ordinary Texans in danger — and exposed the corrupt and parasitic nature of the energy industry in oil-rich Texas.” … “Some Democrats, seeing a political opportunity in Texas’ misfortune, have been quick to answer, and assign blame.” … “as Jason Isaac of the Texas Public Policy Foundation explains in our pages today, the main problem with the Texas power grid isn’t that renewables failed or that fossil fuels failed. It’s that the grid itself has been made unstable by state and federal subsidies that distort the energy market and prevent the buildup of reliable power generation.”

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egregores. Rush Limbaugh, am I insane? Fake News Fisking

Rush Limbaugh: Death Of A Giant. I & I Editorial Board – “His witty, often acerbic commentary had been a daily anchor to reality for many Americans, tired of the mainstream media’s lies, bias and prevarications.” … “perhaps our best tribute of all to Limbaugh would be to make sure that flame never goes out.”

The Indispensable Man. Mark Steyn – Rush Limbaugh, 1951-2021 – “I owe Rush the biggest break of my career in America, and I owe him even more for sticking with me after the CRTV breach of contract when certain extremely prominent figures on the American right were bombarding him with multiple texts and emails to fire me from the guest-host’s slot. It would have been the easiest thing in the world for him to have gone along with that. But he didn’t. And that’s the only reason I’m still around today.”

The First Step Towards Righting America Is Refusing To Believe The Left About Anything. Jesse Kelly – “My point here is not the lies. The left lies. All communists do. Lying is simply part and parcel part of the ideology. My point is that we are in very serious trouble right now in the United States of America.”

“We no longer have the option of riding the initial news cycle and accepting it at face value. Our failure to hold the line and speak hard truths has made the left’s job of cementing a lie in the minds of the people infinitely easier. From now on, when the next major event arises, let us resolve to set the narrative ourselves instead of being consumed by it.

Nick Sandmann Documentary ‘Rush To Judgment’ Chronicles Disturbing Covington Catholic Media Smear. Gabe Kaminsky – “A new film does a deep-dive into the 2019 Covington Catholic event that was a media creation, and it’s worth your time.”

The New York Times’ Brazenly False ‘Fact Check’ About Trump’s Impeachment Trial. James D. Agresti – a fisking.

The False and Exaggerated Claims Still Being Spread About the Capitol Riot. Glenn Greenwald – “Insisting on factual accuracy does not make one an apologist for the protesters. False reporting is never justified, especially to inflate threat and fear levels.”

Should a ‘9/11-style’ Commission Investigate the Capitol Riot? Byron York – “what is striking is that, even as Pelosi calls for an investigation, a number of government agencies are stonewalling the public on some of the most basic information about the events of Jan. 6.”

“Finally, one last word on the description of the still-unformed commission. It is universally referred to as a “9/11-style” commission. Pelosi undoubtedly likes that because it helps cement in the public’s mind an equivalence between the riot and the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history. In both, Democrats say terrorists attacked America. But be reasonable. There is simply no comparison in scale, motivation or anything else between Sept. 11 and Jan. 6.


Howard Root: A Letter To My Prosecutors. Scott Johnson – “Howard tells the story of his case in the riveting memoir Cardiac Arrest … With the fifth anniversary of his acquittal coming up, Howard has sent off a letter to the prosecutors in his case: Walter L. “Bud” Paulissen, Christina Playton, and Timothy Finley. Howard has authorized us to share it with Power Line readers. Here it is.”

Our Descent Into Collective Madness. Victor Davis Hanson – “the height of our collective madness is the current cancel culture. Its subtexts are “unearned white privilege” and “white supremacy.” … “The common denominator with all these absurdities? An ungracious and neurotic elite whose judgment is bankrupt and whose privilege is paid for by those who don’t have it.”

I Am Insane. Don Boudreaux – “The following conclusion is now firmly set in (what remains of) my mind: If humanity’s reaction to Covid-19 is sane and rational, then sometime in the past 11 months I’ve lost my mind and I am now certifiably insane. If, instead, I remain reasonably in touch with reality and rationality, and am not completely insane, then most of my fellow human beings are utterly bonkers-mad.”

They murdered him for not wearing a mask. – “The greatest evils are always committed in the name of the greatest good.” … “the murderer and his accomplices were possessed by egregores.” … “perverse ideas eat human souls, then wear their skins — like meat costumes — in order to act, to spread, and to prevail.”

Faith over fear. Jeffrey I. Barke – “adults across this country have caused a lot of unnecessary harm to their children during the pandemic. We have taught them to be afraid; we have indicated that they should not question authority; we have shown them how to be obedient to the government. We have suggested to them that any sacrifice in the name of community health is acceptable. We have even modeled a path forward — the easiest way to get along is to go along, to shut up and obey.” … “The excessive caution is not just a matter of “better safe than sorry,” as some would have it. It is both wrong and abusive to force masks on our children and our communities in the name of good intentions.

I am not one to talk about my religious beliefs, but if there were ever a time that America needs a spiritual revival, it would be now. We will not be rescued from our current malaise by any politician or statesman. No magic bullet is coming along to put everything back to the way it was. Our only path forward now, it seems to me, is through faith over fear and a return to our Jewish and Christian roots — roots that brought us our Declaration of Independence proclaiming clearly that we are endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights — rights that come not from the government.

This Basic Math Shows How Wind Energy Failures Contributed To Texas’s Deadly Power Loss. Daniel Turner – “We can learn from what happened in Texas if we have a serious and necessary conversation about renewable energy. But will we?”

Texas Windpower: Will Negative Pricing Blow Out the Lights? (PTC vs. reliable new capacity). Josiah Neeley – (This post, originally published at MasterResource in November 2012, is reposted verbatim for its relevancy now) “Texas need not abandon wholesale competition and move toward a capacity market. But this will be difficult to avoid as long as the PTC is in place. Congress should allow the PTC to expire; if not, we may see the end Texas’ world-class energy-only electricity market.”


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What a bunch of snakes

Rush Limbaugh is no more. His wife describes the loss this morning on his show. Rest in peace, Rush.

Lies About Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick Ominously Foreshadow Democrats’ ‘Truth Commission’. Joy Pullmann – “It is plain to anyone with eyes to see that in this nation justice is not being equally applied. If people don’t think this is a problem, they are part of it.” … “We can expect that the lies and coverups that already have occurred related to his death will be magnified across every other fact related to these events.”

“Kamala Harris’s support for obvious injustice is not by any means an anomaly. It is openly supported by all her party’s prominent leaders, including those in media. Their appetite for using this violence to smear and destroy nonviolent political opponents and the rights and legal procedures that protect all of us — such as our freedoms of association and speech — can only be described as hellish.

Our nation clearly has a massive problem with equal justice under the law. It is a problem that many of our political leaders refuse to see and indeed seem deeply invested in making much, much worse.
This situation is deeply dangerous and utterly untenable. It is an open provocation to further violence. Every single American should utterly refuse to get into this mental cattle car.

Unbelievable. Mark Wauck – “What a bunch of snakes Trump was surrounded with! The scope of the plot against the President is simply mind boggling.” citing Jon Solomon: FBI’s desperate pretext to keep spying on Carter Page.

“This is just so far beyond outrageous. Not just for what it says about the FBI–that goes without saying. Rather, it’s the scope of the plot against the President and the extent to which the coup plotters were willing to trash every aspect of the rule of law that we as Americans should hold dear.

“Where The Hell Are We?” – Biden’s CNN Townhall Disaster Ignored By Mainstream Media. Tyler Durden – “In his first such public appearance since the campaign, President Biden joined CNN’s Anderson Cooper on stage last night in Milwaukee in a town-hall-style discussion. It did not go well” … “during the car crash exchange, Biden claimed that former military and former police officers are fueling the “growth of white supremacy,” while claiming President Trump refused to condemn it”

California’s Multibillionaires Intend to Conquer the World. Edward Ring – “To understand what the establishment (of which Joe Biden is a mere figurehead) has in mind for America, we must first understand the Golden State.”

“There is a populist movement around the world that ordinary Americans are joining. It transcends race and in many respects transcends ideology. It has two predominant features. The first is the desire for nations to retain their sovereignty and cultures, and determine their own fates. The other, equally significant, is a growing faith and respect for the power of the individual, and the power of human creativity, to successfully address the challenges we all face without war, and without succumbing to the tyranny of oligarchs—whether they’re living in California or Beijing.

Ultra-Woke Indoctrination In Government Schools Is Closer Than Most Realize. Mark Wauck – “Stanley Kurtz has a lengthy article about what so far looks like will become law in Illinois–Ultra-Woke Illinois Mandates Are Top Threat to U.S. Education. Here’s how he sets up his detailed analysis:”

The closing of the American mind. Daniel Davies – “They hoped that removing classical “Western” works from their curriculum would attract more students. That decision accentuates a trend that has been underway in American colleges, too: eliminating courses that many students claim glorify Western imperialism, capitalism, and chauvinism. The students, and often faculty, demand that colleges take down portraits and statues as well.”

Environmentalists Want Renewable Energy, But Not Power Lines. Alex Berezow – “The only thing that most environmental groups like the NRDC and Sierra Club do is complain, file lawsuits, and block things. They’re never part of any solution.”

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Questions. Skepticism. Squashed.

What Were They Thinking? Christopher Chantrill – “What are they thinking when all the Democrats can be whipped into voting as one?” … “It’s really amazing how easy it is to take Marx’s Communist Manifesto and rework it into a Deplorables Manifesto.”

Devin Nunes Blasts Dems For Presenting False Evidence To Senate For Impeachment. Gabe Kaminsky – “For the most part, most Americans did not see how badly the Democrats from the House were destroyed in the Senate — about how they doctored evidence, how they falsified evidence. … This was presented to the U.S. Senate. This is not normal behavior in the course of the history of the United States of America. But it’s become the norm over the last five years, as we’ve seen gone from a Russia hoax, to a fake impeachment.”

Cutting Through the Nonsense of the Great Capitol Trespass. Peter D’Abrosca – “Nothing that has happened since January 6 has lowered the temperature inside the pressure cooker of American politics.” … “January 6 was not an insurrection. It was not a coup. It was not sedition. It was not another 9/11. It was not like the Rwandan Genocide, as CNN’s Anderson Cooper recently suggested. – It was trespassing. – Save your crocodile tears.”


Brit Hume says GOP should ‘move away from Trump without alienating supporters’, but reality bites. Jon Dougherty – “Hume then noted that both Trump and President Joe Biden drew record numbers of voters as he speculated that some Americans who cast ballots for Biden may swing back to the GOP if the 2024 nominee is someone other than “the highly controversial” former president.” This assumes that ‘ Biden drew record numbers of voters’ which Time magazine refutes and that voters share the ‘inside Washington’ disdain for DJT. Paul Mirengoff makes a similar mistake when he asserts This Impeachment Was Not A Witch Hunt as a conclusion based on his distaste for DJT. There are many false or questionable assumptions about the 2020 election driving conclusions that need questioning and skepticism.

The Frozen Wastes of the Warmist Mind. Tony Thomas – “there was already plenty of verbal whining, as if each talker wanted to outdo the others on the perils of global warming in the Antarctic. I cocked an ear briefly but then tuned out, as every speaker was talking nonsense.”

What Does ‘The Science’ Say? It’s Getting Harder To Tell. Steven Zhou – “We must be wary when we hear ‘the science says…,’ as we too often only take facts on faith if they support the policies of our preferred political party.” … “Too often, however, fact-checking stops as soon as someone cites a study published in an academic journal with a fancy-sounding name. What people don’t realize is that data conflicts all the time, and everyone — yes, even well-credentialed academics — makes mistakes.”

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Pandemonium here and there

Post-impeachment, NYT retracts story about Officer Sicknick killed by Trumpster with fire extinguisher. Monica Showalter – “fresh after the slapdash, failed second impeachment of President Trump, the New York Times has withdrawn the rawest element of its story” … “Here’s how bad that New York Times retraction was, as reported by Red State”

Biden lies about Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick’s death. Andrea Widburg – “Trump was a boaster, a puffer, and an exaggerator, but he was always straight about the essentials. Biden, on the other hand, is a stone-cold liar.”

Trump acquitted. Neo – “But the US Congress has covered itself with shame, as far as I’m concerned.” … “The case for voting “guilty” was tremendously weak, but that was no impediment to every single Democrat senator casting such a vote. I guess that’s an example of the Democrat way of unity and healing.”

The ‘Insurrection Hallucination’ and How We Got There. Clarice Feldman – “It’s no secret the media has lots of ways to gaslight you. One of those is failing to report significant happenings. Another is booking and quoting people whose views they want to advance because they target those they dislike. Yet another is spreading outright lies, … This week, despite their best efforts, a lot of those lies and liars have been unmasked.”

Yes, Acquittal Is Vindication. Roger Kimball – “The pandemonium at the Capitol was not the cause but merely the pretext for the unprecedented second impeachment by the U.S. Congress of a single individual.”

“I think that an acquittal is a vindication. I know that there are some intermittently conservative organs that disagree. They believe, or at least they say, that Trump’s acquittal does not mean he was vindicated. The proposition that Donald Trump is in the wrong is an analytic truth for them. Like the proposition “all bachelors are unmarried,” they regard it as a necessary truth. It is something inarguable.
There is, as I have noted elsewhere, a lot that we do not know about the fracas at the Capitol on January 6. One of the reasons for our ignorance is the highly inaccurate accounts of the event.
The lies form a distorting web through which it is difficult to discern the reality of what actually happened.

The Morning Briefing: Post-Apocalypse GOP 2021—Graham’s In, McConnell’s Out. Stephen Kruiser – “Let me begin with the second thing first: “They did this because they had been fed wild falsehoods by the most powerful man on Earth — because he was angry he’d lost an election.” With one sentence, the man formerly known as “Cocaine Mitch” has signaled that he’s decided to throw every devoted Trump supporter who still has questions about the myriad irregularities in last year’s election under the bus.” … “the highest-ranking Republican in the United States Senate told almost 75 million members of his own party to go straight to hell.”

McConnell’s Impeachment Ploy Was Not Statesmanship, But An Attack On The Base — And Republicans Must Remember It Well. Christopher Bedford – “Friday’s floor speech was no quick tantrum: It was the last stupid moments of the minority leader’s plan to purge the GOP of Donald Trump.”

“I think his speech is an outlier regarding how Republicans feel about this, “Graham said Sunday. “…The process they used to impeach this president was an affront to the rule of law… The trial record was a complete joke, hearsay upon hearsay, and… if you use this model I don’t know how [Vice President] Kamala Harris doesn’t get impeached if Republicans take back the House because she actually bailed out rioters and one of the rioters went back to the streets and broke somebody’s head open. So we’ve opened Pandora’s Box here and I’m sad for the country.”

The ‘Sound And Fury’ Of Trump’s Impeachment Trial Signifies Something Sinister For America. John Daniel Davidson – “Trump isn’t really on trial here, everyone who voted for him is.”

Graham’s Gambit on Witnesses — the GOP Has Better Trial Lawyers in the Senate Than Do the Democrats. Shipwreckedcrew – “The best defense in a trial before a jury is to attack the case that the prosecution doesn’t make.” … “That sets in the jurors’ minds the idea that I know more about how the investigation should have been handled than the investigators do, and that the investigators took shortcuts and ignored evidence. It’s not necessarily evidence of “innocence”, just the fact of ignoring evidence calls into question the completeness of what they did and their competence doing so.”

Trump Acquittal Shows Congress Is Not Exempt from the Constitution. Joel B. Pollak – “Lead manager Rep. Raskin (D-MD) said that because this was not a criminal trial, the legal requirements for “incitement” did not apply, the right to due process did not apply, and even the cherished First Amendment did not apply. In effect, Raskin argued, Congress was exempt from following constitutional principles.” … “Last year, House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) made the same argument.” … “it is encouraging that Democrats’ efforts to trample the Constitution, while claiming to defend it, failed both times they tried.”

The Wages of Trump Hatred. Victor Davis Hanson – “Hating Donald Trump in the hater’s eyes makes one moral. But in the real world, such pathological fixations usually result in abject immorality and moral decline.”

“Over the last five years, the pathology of Trump Derangement Syndrome has been widely described. It was more than a chronic disease and was often characterized by an array of rapidly advancing symptoms of deterioration in reasoning, emotional stability, and personal ethics.

Yet Another Big Lie Behind Biden’s $1.9 Trillion COVID Bill. I & I Editorial Board – “states across the country are reporting huge surpluses, thanks not only to previous federal COVID handouts (which totaled more than $400 billion) but because tax revenues are surging as the economy rapidly rebounds.”

New Hampshire Department of Justice Refuses to Investigate the Largest Voting Machine Counting Error in State History. Jim Hoft – The 3 a.m. van video has been dismissed as ‘normal business’ at an election counting center. Hoft provides more questions about another situation the requires yet more inventive dismissal and denial efforts.

Exposing Fact-Checker “Mistruths” on 2020 Election Lawsuits. Stu Cvrk – “fact-checking” has nothing to do with checking the facts, but rather is a tactic to discredit material that effectively undermines the Democrat-media narrative” … “Snopes is not alone in their leftwing bias. The same bias applies to the “fact-checkers” at Politifact, Facebook, Twitter, Washington Post, and other media-connected checkers and supposed ombudsmen. All are supposedly affiliated with the Poynter Institute for Media Studies’ International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), but they routinely and blatantly violate the number 1 principle of ICFN: a commitment to nonpartisanship and fairness. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

“The Democrat-media complex have been hard at work tamping down any outbreaks of truth about what transpired during the 2020 election. Leftwing fact-checkers are an important part of that full-court press and are purveyors of agit-prop. The AP article that fact-checked the Droz team’s 2020 election lawsuits spreadsheet is misleading at best and willful misdirection at worst. It can be ignored.

Why Math Is Racist. John Hinderaker – “This is actually a claim that is being made often these days: the sciences in general, and math in particular, are racist. The latest comes from Oregon:”

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A National Disgrace. Just who is insane here?

Impeaching the Voters. Editorial of The New York Sun – “Just to mark the point, it’s not our intention here to assert that Mr. Trump is innocent. It’s only to mark the part of due process that requires that the burden rest entirely on the House. It is asking the Senate to bar a former president from public life until the end of his days. The fact is that the Democrats are scared of a Trump comeback, and the House made no secret of it.”

Briefly Noted: The National Disgrace Of Our Politics. Mark Wauck – “This new low in our political theater has been exacerbated by the introduction of a military occupation of our capital city into the mix of outrages to the body politic, along with the attempt to turn the the latest liberal boogey man–no less than the former president and the 75 million people who voted for him–into non-persons.” … “I would like to note two articles that strike the proper note or chord.”

It Sure Looks Like the House Impeachment Team Doctored Evidence. Bonchie – “The allegation stems from a tweet by Jennifer Lynn Lawrence which was used by Democrats to allege she was calling for an insurrection.”

Bad week for Democrats of all stripes. Monica Showalter – “What could be the meaning of this string of collapses for the Democrats with all of this bad news for them rolling out?” … “The bottom line about election 2020 is that it was won by fraud. And from fraud a lot of problems that would naturally go away simply come back bigger.”

After a slow start, Trump’s attorneys had a barn-burning impeachment closing. Andrea Widburg – “”

“He opened by pointing out that Democrats improperly sat on footage of events in the Capitol to blindside Trump’s defense team and deny him due process. From there, he moved to the fact that the Democrat House impeachment managers outright lied about their alleged evidence, whether it was faked tweets or manipulated video. As part of this lambasting the Democrats for dishonesty, Schoen played for them Trump’s entire statement about events in Charlottesville, which the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) twisted into the disgraceful, defamatory “fine people” hoax.

Schoen demonstrated that Democrats have lusted after impeachment since Trump’s inauguration. The next thing he showed is that Democrats actively promoted violence in the street and have frequently and openly expressed their desire to commit actual violence against Trump, his supporters, and America itself. Moreover, to the extent Trump used the word “fight,” he did so in a purely political sense, which is something that Democrats have done repeatedly over the years:

Trump Defense Team Just Destroyed One of the Most Persistent of Democrat Lies. Nick Arama – “one of the other things that the defense did was call out one of the House Democrats’ lies, a lie that Democrats have continued now for years, a lie that Joe Biden said was part of the very reason he ran. That was the “very fine people” lie.”

Hitler as a Military Strategist. Michael Evans – “The greatest victory of the German army,” the Israeli historian Omer Bartov wryly noted in 1991, “was won on the field of politics, where it managed to return from the most murderous military action in German history all but unscathed.”

Maximum Pain for Net-Zero Gain. Michael Green – “The new Net Zero Jobs report from the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) highlights the industries and electorates most at risk of job losses by the 2050 target year, making visible the tensions within and between the major parties on climate policy.”

Am I a Guinea Pig in an Evil Scientist’s Experiment? Don Boudreaux – “Some unseen scientist, likely evil, is studying what happens to human beings if a relatively small number of us experience reality in a completely different manner from how the majority of humanity experiences the same reality.” … “Is the unseen experimenter testing to see if, as a result of this powerful hallucinogen, I and my fellow guinea pigs will go insane?”

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Abraham Lincoln’s 212th birthday. Pro Re Nata

Decades Before The Civil War, Lincoln Saw An Approaching Storm. Every American Should Read His Warning. Christopher Bedford – “Beyond their brutality, the young lawyer feared these mobs for the lawlessness they embodied — and the idle familiarity with which his fellow Americans seemed to accept these incidents.”

While the 1830s mobs “hang gamblers, or burn murders,” he cautioned, tomorrow’s mobs would hang and burn the innocent — “and thus it goes on, step by step, till all the walls erected for the defense of the persons and property of individuals, are trodden down, and disregarded.”
Yet today at The Washington Post, New York Times, and at the top of our government, the privileged and ignorant children of our country tell Americans our experiment is tainted, our Revolution was for evil, our Civil War was not enough. They demand reparations through re-education, racist quotas, kneeling subservience, and crude offerings of money. Neither the honored dead of the Revolution nor the lives of 300,000 Yankee boys lying stiff in Southern dust will appease them — they want more than the blood of our countrymen.

Did A Shadowy Anti-Trump ‘Cabal’ Help Sway 2020 Election Outcome? I & I Editorial Board – “it’s a shocking indictment of the cynicism and manipulation that the Democrats and their friends brought to bear on the 2020 presidential race.”

“The message is one of fear: Don’t disagree with us, or you’ll be deplatformed from social media or, worse, lose your job or an influential position. The Chamber of Commerce, unions and the “cabal” of others who took part in this effort politicized themselves, in effect serving as arms of the Democratic Party. Next time someone calls election fraud a “myth,” remind them of this.

Democrats Present ‘Doctored’ Video of Capitol Riot During Trump Impeachment Trial. Matt Margolis – “the video presented by the Democrats was not a straight video of Trump’s speech, but rather a collage of selectively edited clips of Trump’s speech mixed with select clips of video from the assault on the Capitol.” i.e. propaganda as a basis for a significant governance proceeding.

Democrats Caught Using Fake ‘Evidence’ At Impeachment Trial [via zerohedge]. Steve Watson via Summit News – “Cicilline then charged that Trump asked Tuberville to “make further objections” to Biden’s election vote count, while Senator Lee “stood by.” … It soon emerged that then entire claim was bullshit, when Senator Lee confirmed it never happened.” … “Earlier in the hearing, Rep. Eric Swalwell used a photoshopped tweet in an attempt to add extra weight to a post Trump re-tweeted about supporters ‘fighting’ for the country.”

‘People Died. It’s Tragic. But the How and Why Really Matter. A Lot.’: Matt Walsh Takes Apart ‘Deadly Riot’ Narrative. Mike Miller – “So of the five deaths linked to the riot,” Walsh tweeted, “only one — Babbit [sic] — can be conclusively considered a death caused by violence during the riot. As important, “the violence in this case was done by a cop.”

What we still don’t know about the Capitol riot. Tucker Carlson – “Where was the necessary security? How did the riot start? How did Officer Brian Sicknick die?”

Impeachment Betrays Democrat Distrust of Voters. David Catron – “Attorney Castor posed that question 40 minutes into his opening remarks on Tuesday: “Why is the majority of the House of Representatives afraid of the American people?” … “The Democrats simply don’t trust the electorate to make the “right choice” if Trump is on the ballot.”

American Police State: No Questions Allowed. J.B. Shurk – “When does a free state become a police state? Is it when government declares itself “essential” but religious worship “selfish”? Or when making a living becomes a crime? Or when free speech rights are afforded only to those who say “correct” things? Or maybe when tens of millions of Americans find themselves unexpectedly labeled as “domestic terrorists” by the military-media complex overnight?” … “The most dangerous thing to any police state is a person capable of thinking clearly.”

Months before a company lobbied the Legislature to create its own county, it purchased faraway water rights that could fuel future growth. Daniel Rothberg – “Near the edge of the Black Rock Desert, where thousands of visitors travel to the Burning Man Festival each fall, irrigation systems stand idle on a fallow field in February.”

Double-Mask Mania. The Committee to Unleash Prosperity – “The Centers for Disease Control finally recognized that the masks it’s had everyone wearing for the better part of a year are largely ineffective because aerosols easily go around the top and sides.” … “The “double-masking” fad is now arriving at a time when infections are down 58% nationally in the last month and many states have already vaccinated over 50% of seniors.”

As Things Stand with COVID. Jeffrey I. Barke – “we have reached a point where it is almost impossible to differentiate medical truth from medical fiction, health information from health misinformation.”

“Pro Re Nata — As Things Stand now — we need more, not less, debate and information from physicians so that the public, as well as patients, can make better informed decisions about the care of our citizens in this age of COVID-19.

The American Flight from Freedom and Mental Health. E. Jeffrey Ludwig – “This book is a call for a return to reason, common sense, decency, Jewish and Christian values, mental health, and truly liberal ideals based on ideas from many of the greatest thinkers from Plato to the present. The morbid turn of our society toward collective schizophrenia and mind control is made with no punches pulled.”

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Follow the facts or follow the pied piper?

Thomas Sowell’s Politically Incorrect Legacy Is Built On ‘Following Facts Where They Lead’. The Federalist Staff – “the Wall Street Journal’s Jason Riley joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss his new documentary and book highlighting the life of economist, social theorist, and acclaimed intellectual Thomas Sowell and how his work affects American culture today.”

Dr. Sowell explains why the madness is succeeding. M. Dowling – “Dr. Sowell can’t believe things have gotten this bad. He could never have dreamed it would happen. Many of you probably agree.”

The World Goes On While America Sleeps. Victor Davis Hanson – “While we are busy devouring each other, China is smiling that once-feared American running-dog capitalists have become laughable Keystone Cops.” … “For the first time in memory, one party now removes committee members of the other.” … “the asymmetrical tit-for-tat continues.” … “few of our leaders are much worried about the existential crises left unaddressed by their obsessions with the ghost of Trump.”

“Our allies like democratic France warn America that it is cannibalizing itself—and becoming dangerous to others. Our enemies like the totalitarian Chinese are delighted with our suicidal wokeness.

Now That Elections Are Over Why Is Media Still Clinging To The Russiagate Scandal. valuewalk – “Even those of us who never were devotees of Seinfeld can recall some of the better lines from the comedian named Jerry. I always liked his bit on China’s continued resistance to the rise of the fork & knife more than a thousand years ago”

Reckless Rhetoric Is A Reckless Standard For An Impeachment Trial [via zerohedge]. Jonathan Turley – “The House managers may be playing into that very danger by selecting some managers who have been criticized in the past for their own over-heated political rhetoric.” … “The search for moral clarity will be lost if Americans cannot distinguish between the behavior of the accused and that of his jury.”

Democrats Present ‘Doctored’ Video of Capitol Riot During Trump Impeachment Trial. Matt Margolis – “the video presented by the Democrats was not a straight video of Trump’s speech, but rather a collage of selectively edited clips of Trump’s speech mixed with select clips of video from the assault on the Capitol.” … “Not once did the video they presented show President Trump telling his supporters to “peacefully and patriotically” make their votes heard.”

We’ve had the Reichstag fire – what’s next? Neo – “These developments are just another reminder that, brilliant as the Constitution is and brilliant as the men who devised it were, a constitution cannot rein in a people who have lost their virtue and who support a party that believes the ends justify the means. And the Founders knew that they could not protect us indefinitely from that.”

Donald Trump Is Now Under Criminal Investigation in Georgia. Bonchie – “This involves his phone call with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. … Go ahead and guess which county is pushing this.” … “Anyone that has listened to the phone call in question knows the list of charges above is an absolute joke.” Remember the Ukraine call?

What Happened to Officer Brian Sicknick? Julie Kelly – “No one should discount the idea that Democrats and the news media would intentionally promote a totally fabricated story to destroy Donald Trump and vilify his supporters.” … “Even though only one death—the shooting of Ashli Babbitt by a still-unidentified police officer—is provable by video evidence, the other fatalities nonetheless are accepted as an article of faith to stoke public outrage about what happened that day.”

The Strange House Democrat Impeachment Claim of an “Armed” Crowd. Daniel Greenfield – “These two references to an “armed crowd” are strange because no one has been accused of opening fire at the Capitol Riot. Even the worst actors seem to have resorted to using the usual rioter tools, sprays, poles, shields, and assorted objects that were weaponized, but were not weapons.” … “What are House Democrats talking about? As usual, no one seems to know or care. Not even them.”

Media Keeps Fear Alive. The Committee to Unleash Prosperity – “CNN, NYT, Wash Post are filled with daily blasts of dread about the new wave of the virus that will infect us all. Expect four to six more months of lockdowns, masks, school closures we are told.”

“Here’s the latest data: From their peaks about a month ago, cases are down 56%; positive percentage is down 51%; hospital census is down 35%; ICU census is down 28%; deaths are down 16%. Every region of the country is falling in every metric now, and sharply.

I Was Fine With Wearing A Mask Until Government Demanded I Wear Two. Tristan Justice – “There is no small portion of the population that now that just wants the government to tell them exactly what to do, the same government that shut down their neighbor’s businesses declaring their lives’ work non-essential.”

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Striking works of doublespeak

Time Magazine Gushingly Profiles The Successful ‘Conspiracy’ To Rig The 2020 Election. Joy Pullmann – “Time magazine’s article intones the ‘Trump is crazy’ mantra over his claims of a ‘rigged’ election while telling anyone who reads it how powerful people conspired to rig the 2020 election.” … “It’s really hard to tell if the article is just a gloating bat flip, a horrifying attempt to radicalize more people among Democrats’ political opposition, or evidence the left believes Americans are so deadened under Democrat control they will not react to such public revelations of conspiracies to betray American self-governance.” … “The article is above all a striking work of doublespeak.”

No, the 2020 election wasn’t stolen — but yes, it was underhandedly tilted Jonathan S. Tobin – “That means the challenge facing the country is not what to do about Trump’s sore-loser tantrum, which resulted in a disgraceful riot (swollen into an “insurrection” by Democrats and media keen to discredit all Republicans). The real problem is whether Americans are prepared to let the same forces that tilted the 2020 election in Biden’s favor get away with it again.” The use of the word “tantrum” is false witness that illustrates Tobin’s excessive bias. What he avoids completely is that the Time article is only part of the story and is not of a nature to describe negatives like criminal activity. That doesn’t mean that that activity did not exist.

Beating Democrat Electoral Corruption. J.R. Dunn – “Since Nov. 3rd, one particular line has been repeated almost to the point of becoming a meme: “There will never be another honest election in this country.”

Hiding Biden: How Democrats And Media Crafted The First Impeachment To Help Defeat Trump In 2020. Mark Hemingway – “A news blackout may have helped propel Biden to victory, but questions regarding the Bidens have not gone away.” … “As the Senate takes up a second impeachment of Trump, Republican objections to the Democrats’ handling of the first go-round loom large. The record of those proceedings shows that they were conducted in a highly unusual manner. In retrospect, it seems clear that they were designed not just to target Trump — but to protect Biden.”

Dems’ Sham Trump Impeachment: An Unconstitutional Abuse Of Power. I & I Editorial Board – “This entire farce is an unconstitutional act, which has the sole purpose of silencing a political opponent and the more than 74 million who actively supported him in the last election.”

“Most people won’t recognize the dangerous precedent this sets. Nothing could stop a future Congress in the hands of a permanent Democratic majority from setting up political kangaroo courts for their political enemies. Nothing.
The fake impeachment isn’t about justice, but about violating a citizen’s right to liberty and free speech.
A new Gallup Poll shows that 52% of Americans support Trump’s conviction by the Senate. If there’s a greater indictment of the woeful state of Americans’ knowledge of the Constitution and the rights it protects, we don’t know what it is.

Democrats’ Back-Up Plan: Let’s Do Something Unconstitutional Too. Ed Morrissey – “So, to be clear, Cohen knows it’s unconstitutional, but Trump Trump Trump! We must restore the norms by burning them all down first! Congress has an important role in keeping presidents in check, but Congress is bound by the same document as presidents. Democrats who want to get revenge on Trump this badly should consider whether they’re becoming their own nightmare.”

Global Warming Alarmists Keep Letting Their Masks Slip, Reveal Their True Motivations. I & I Editorial Board – “This happened most recently when a Massachusetts official said “we have to break” the will of the average person to cut greenhouse gas emissions.” … “They hope to push through their agenda behind a wall of deception that is fueled by much of the media, activist researchers, unelected officeholders, and probably every Democrat in this country and their leftist counterparts in the rest of the West.”

“We hope the West, if not the world, soon sees the alarmists for what they are: Charlatans and hacks who cover up their pursuit of political and personal agendas with an ornamental layer of environmentalism. It’s no overstatement to say they pose a danger to us all.

CDC Estimates 83 Million U.S. COVID Infections. This Has Major Implications. Alex Berezow – “It’s vital that we learn not to repeat the same mistakes, including the social and economic ones, not just the epidemiological ones.” Lessons: “1) The lockdowns didn’t work as intended.” … “2) The huge number of cases isn’t because most infections are asymptomatic.” … “3) We are much closer to herd immunity than we thought.”

BUSTED: CDC Inflated COVID Numbers, Accused of Violating Federal Law. Patrick Howley – “Government Manipulation Revealed” … “CDC illegally inflated the COVID fatality number by at least 1,600 percent as the 2020 presidential election played out, according to a study published by the Public Health Initiative of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge.”

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Animal farm farce: Gronk this if you can.

When Education Becomes (Literal) Indoctrination. Jazz Shaw – “This evolution of groupthink has been going on for quite some time now, but for the most part, it’s been an unofficial policy. But as columnist George Will points out in his latest essay, even that trend has begun to change.” … “The people of Illinois have the power to change course, but only if they are willing to face up to the current reality and stop electing the same crazed people year after year. If they refuse to do that, then they have unfortunately brought this sort of thing upon themselves.”

The 3 Worst Things About That Terrible Jeep Super Bowl Ad. Mollie Hemingway – “How could a major corporation not see how propagandistic it comes off to suggest that when Republicans win a national election, that’s divisive, but when Democrats win one, that’s unifying?”

Modus Or Media Operandi? CNN Runs Statement Of Anonymous “Senior Aide” Who Said Trump Loved Watching The Riot [via zerohedge]. Jonathan Turley – “The same pattern emerged in the first Trump trial. It is being described as the “smoking gun” evidence needed to secure conviction.”

Michele Bachmann rips ‘absolutely sick’ media coverage on riots, reveals she was locked in Capitol for 5 hours. Frieda Powers – “Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib joined other Democrats, led by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, crying over the incident despite admitting she was not at the Capitol that day. Ocasio-Cortez had also shared a social media video in which she claimed she thought she was going to die when what turned out to be a Capitol Police Officer banged on her office door.”

Journalists, friends, history, and farce. Neo – “I have noticed a somewhat related phenomenon in my own life since January 6 and the intensification of the labeling of everyone on the right as evil conspiratorial insurrectionists.”

The House impeachment brief endangers freedom of speech. Alan Dershowitz – “Impeachment is not, as the House managers claim, “fundamentally an employment action.” It is an interference with democracy that can result in a small number of elected officials removing an elected president and denying the public the right to vote for him in a future election. To fail to understand this difference is to fail to understand the Constitution.”

A fascinating historical analogy for this faux impeachment. Mark Wauck – “we come to the historical analogy that Don Surber pointed out this morning. The full discussion is found in an article at Taki’s Magazine–“By What Lawful Authority?” The historical analogy is to the trial of King Charles I at the hands of an insurrectionary Parliament that was governed by fanatics who saw themselves as a law unto themselves.” … “For an historical analogy closer to our own time, I recommend Daniel Greefield’s provocative article: The Reichstag Fire of the Democrats.”

The Supreme Court Decision Vacating California’s Church Attendance Regulations Is Not a Victory and Should Terrify Us. Streiff – “The only correct answer here is that there is no “public health” exception to the First Amendment. There is certainly no circumstance in which First Amendment rights, particularly the Freedom of Religion, are regulated by a cadre of leftwing Karenwaffen operating under the guise of science.” … “What should terrify us is that only three justices thought the Freedom of Religion was of sufficient import to merit legal protection.”

Today’s Animal Farm. Neo – citing Victor David Hanson: “The point of the 1960s, again we were taught, was to tear down the rules, the traditions and customs, the hierarchies of the old guys.”

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Breathtaking deceit and dishonesty. Crickets.

But first: A Message From Rush Limbaugh to President Donald J Trump presented by Sundance.

What We Are Doing To Our Young People Is A Crime. John Hinderaker – “I listened in on a zoom parents’ mtg with a MN (DFL) senator tonight.” … “However bad/sad/depressing I thought it would be, it was worse”

Defining bigotry down? Jake Tapper and Chris Hayes Lose Their Minds ‘Inciting’ Against GOP and Reveal Next Step to Control the Narrative. Nick Arama – “This guy and his network have done everything they could to undermine the duly-elected president of the United States for the past four years with crazy conspiracy theories long debunked.”

Who’s Crazy? John Hinderaker – “Democrats are busily trying to portray Republicans as crazy extremists and conspiracy theorists.” … “But where do we look for maximum craziness?” … “There was a time when making such reckless, extreme, and–to say the least!–unsupported claims about one’s political opponents would have been considered far out of bounds by pretty much everyone. No longer. When is the last time you have seen a Democratic politician–any politician–denounce even the most hateful and potentially violence-producing rhetoric from a fellow Democrat?”

Instapundit: Look, guys, any honest person who knew math knows. I know the left and the right who hates Trump loves to lie to themselves that “everyone hates Trump.”

‘Time’ Returns to the Scene of the Crime. Tony Thomas – “Here’s another example of Time‘s spinning . See if you can spot the inconsistent logic:” … “what Time omits is the last piece in the jigsaw – how the mail-in votes were tampered with. Maybe when the players start boasting about that aspect of coup, we will learn from Time what went on.”

Time Magazine Uses Interesting Word to Explain How 2020 Election Was Pretty Much Rigged. Matt Vespa – “the piece said this wasn’t a rigged election, it was merely “fortified.” … it does give Trump some validation in the sense of the anointing aura that engulfed the nation, especially its news media. As ballots were still being counted, this was permeating the media coverage.” … “ou have to love the linguistic gymnastics here.”

Left Admits Election 2020 Was “Fortified” The Democrat Way. Nina Bookout – “hey believe that they will never ever be challenged again. We need to prove them wrong. We have to and we MUST fight for our Republic. Our future depends on it.”

The Art of the Steal. Rick Fuentes – “For the entire country, the legitimacy of the past presidential election remains an open wound that will not soon heal.” … “On November 3, we went to bed in America. On November 4, we woke up in Venezuela.”

PolitiFact Warps Reality About Left-Wing Activist Inciting Capitol Riot. Anna Lynn and James Agresti – “video footage indisputably proves that Sullivan encouraged people to storm and vandalize the Capitol.” … “In contrast to PolitiFact’s claim that Sullivan’s calls to “storm” and “burn” down the Capitol don’t constitute incitement, PolitiFact has not fact-checked any of the hundreds of Congressional Democrats who declare in their impeachment resolution that President Trump incited the riot.” … “PolitiFact also uses a dishonest debating technique called a “straw man.”

Why Has Trump Not Been Charged With Criminal Incitement? [via zerohedge] Jonathan Turley – “Donald Trump may be the most convicted man never charged in America.” … “What was touted by many experts as a slam-dunk criminal charge has now joined a long list of alleged crimes that once were nightly cable-news sensations.” … “The disconnect between legal analysis and legal reality matters little in today’s media.”

“There is no crime of incitement for legal analysts who exaggerate or oversimplify criminal provisions; the public can be whipped into a frenzy with claims of easy prosecutions or slam-dunk charges. Many people are addicted to rage and these claims, even if illusory, feed that addiction. It is all entertainment until someone actually tries to bring a prosecution — and that is when reality sets in.

What to Expect from Trump’s Upcoming Impeachment Trial. Jonathon Moseley – “You will be watching something like playing the Super Bowl in five minutes, with the best of players slipping and falling all over each other. No one can elegantly mash a two- to four-week trial into only a couple of half-days, while the Senate also conducts other business in the morning. compression will harm Trump’s due process.”

ICYMI: Palm Beach Town Attorney Sides With Trump; Says He And Melania Can Live At Mar-a-Lago. Chris Donaldson – “The vengeful resistance appears to have suffered another setback as efforts to run former President Donald J. Trump out of Mar-a-Lago have come up far short of their objective.” … “You do have to give the Trump haters one thing: they are persistent in their obsession and Trump’s helipad at the property is the next target”

Supreme Court Enjoins Some California Restrictions On Worship. Paul Mirengoff – “A “science-based policy” that somehow eluded “scientists” in every other state.” … “There’s not a lot that I’m looking forward to in the public sphere during the next few years. But I am looking forward to more shrill, hypocritical dissents from Judge Kagan.”

Why are the Democrats Acting So Guilty? John Green – “The reason allegations of a “stolen election” linger is that there are mountains of irregularities that have not been addressed.”

Debasing the Constitution: Why Chief Justice Roberts is Not Presiding over Trump’s Impeachment Trial. William Levin – “Schumer is a different story. His statement is the reasons people despise the oiliness of politicians, saying just enough to sound reasonable, for unwarranted ends.” … “Justice Roberts is not presiding in the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump because he has no constitutional authority to preside. It is not a choice.”

A Made-For-TV Impeachment Trial. David Catron – “The facts and Constitution favor Trump, so the Democrats will rely on melodrama.”

The Thirty Tyrants. Lee Smith – “The deal that the American elite chose to make with China has a precedent in the history of Athens and Sparta.”

America Is Rocketing toward the Health Care Precipice. Keith Jackson – “It has had to focus its priority away from the doctor-patient relationship and more toward appeasing ever-expanding federal and bureaucratic control. Doctors and patients are pawns caught in a game of power.”

Should COVID Vaccines Be Mandatory? Alex Berezow – “There are five criteria to consider before deciding if a vaccine should be mandatory. So far, COVID vaccines only satisfy two of them, which is why they should not be mandatory.” This is about ‘mandatory, not advisable, and barely touches on the age issues.

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