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An army of envious dwarves

Our Upside-Down Postelection World. Victor Davis Hanson – “After Nov. 3, the meaning of some words and concepts abruptly changed. Have you noticed how new realities have replaced old ones? … Just consider everything said to be bad by the “Animal Farm” media before Nov. 3 as now good. And remember that everything said to be good two months ago is now actually bad.”

Anti-Trump Conservatives – An Army of Envious Dwarfs. Don Feder – “Their problem isn’t philosophical, but psychological.” … “even after four years, and everything he’s done for America, a hard core of leaders and intellectuals remains stridently anti-Trump.”


We Can’t Get Back To Normal If People Think Spreading COVID Equals Murder. Georgi Boorman – “Normalcy doesn’t proceed naturally from the moral universe we’ve generated over the past several months. We much change our minds to change our circumstances.”

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The must read for the status of the election

The Mushrooming of the 2020 US Election. Quadrant Online – “publishes our own and full transcript of Trump’s 14-minute address.” … “It exposes the disgraceful alliance of the media (including The Australian’s US correspondent, let alone the ABC), the media-technology giants and the Democrat Party to suppress pro-Trump news, up to and including censoring the President himself.”

“If this egregious fraud is not fully investigated and addressed the 2020 election will be forever regarded as illegitimate and the most corrupt election in history of our country. Americans must be able have complete faith and confidence in our elections. The fate of our democracy depends on it. Now is the time for the American people to raise their voices and demand this injustice be immediately corrected.

Our elections must first be fair, they must be honest and they they must be 100 per cent free of fraud. We won this election by a magnificent landslide and the people of the US know it. All over, they are demonstrating, they are angry, they are fearful. We cannot allow a completely fraudulent election to stand. Thank you, God bless you and God bless America.

The War on Trump and the End of the Right to a Lawyer. Daniel Greenfield – “The basic trajectory of the Left. … 1. Turn a legal right into an entitlement … 2. Make the entitlement dependent on a political test rather than an objective service”

Overcoming the Court’s Abdication in Texas v. Pennsylvania. William J. Olson and Patrick M. McSweeney – “In refusing to hear Texas v. Pennsylvania, the U.S. Supreme Court abdicated its constitutional duty … However, even in its Order dismissing the case, the Supreme Court identified how another challenge could be brought successfully — by a different plaintiff.”

The Limits of Those Reviews of Masks For All and What We Do Know. Hilda Bastian – “Major recent reviews relevant to non-healthcare worker mask-wearing ended up with different results for 5 main reasons related to their design and conduct:” This one is plagued by the issues it identifies. It confuses bacterial and viral contagion, is ambiguous in its conclusions, and dances around the conflicts it notes between studies and real world experience.

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Why Do We Continue to Follow the Nonsensical?

Yes, It Was a Stolen Election. John Perazzo – “What follows is a compilation of vital facts that will demonstrate, to anyone interested in following the truth wherever it may lead, that the 2020 presidential election was indeed rife with fraud, and that Joe Biden, if he should in fact be sworn into office next month, will be an illegitimate president from the very start.”

in the comments: Allston → dwayne robertson – “It appears that they took the Carter/Baker report and used it in the same way we’d speak of Orwell’s 1984 – not as a warning but an instruction manual.”

Good news, bad news…the left can’t discern the difference. Patricia McCarthy – “Again, one has only to watch a few minutes of CNN or MSNBC to observe their foaming-at-the-mouth hysteria at this bit of truth.” … “Are they embarrassed by the ignoble tactics they employed to that end? Not at all. It is what they do, it is who they are.”

WHO Deletes Naturally Acquired Immunity from Its Website. Jeffrey Tucker – “Maybe you have some sense that something fishy is going on? Same. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.” … “now I have another piece of evidence to add to the mile-high pile of fishy mess.”

The Thanksgiving Surge Never Happened, But That Won’t Stop Them From Banning Christmas. Daniel Greenfield – “The public health experts are never wrong. Just ask a public health expert.”

“Week after week went by and the headlines slowly changed from, “Potential COVID-19 surge following Thanksgiving could cause ‘humanitarian crisis,’” to “Post-Thanksgiving COVID-19 surge expected to show in data this week” to “Doctors say post-Thanksgiving surge could still be coming” to “Coronavirus surge feared after Thanksgiving has not appeared”.

Why Do We Continue to Follow Nonsensical COVID Rules? David Solway – “The only demonstrable result of government-imposed COVID-19 lockdowns has been the destruction of national economies, the crippling of domestic and cultural life, the suffering and death of multitudes due to untreated prior medical conditions, and the drastic rise in suicide rates.”

The Geek in Pictures: MP on the Loose Edition. Steven Hayward – “roundup of notable charts and graphs that are worth the proverbial 1,000-word picture. ”

1619 and All That. Salvatore Babones – “the aristocratic Jamestown colony of the Virginia Company, founded in 1607 and focused on cash crops, was only one of three early settlements of what would become the United States. The second was New Amsterdam, founded as a trading colony in 1614, with the first permanent settlement on Manhattan island established in 1624. … The third major settlement of what was to become the United States began as an accident. The 101 settlers and fifty or so crew of the Mayflower left the port of Plymouth in Devon on September 16, 1620, bound for the Virginia colony.”

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Follow the money – nonprofit advocacy and corruption edition

How Zuckerbucks Funded Biden. Matthew Vadum – “Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife helped buy the presidency for the increasingly frail and feeble former Vice President Joe Biden by improperly influencing election officials as they strategically flooded left-wing activist groups with more than $400 million during the 2020 election cycle.” … “Phill Kline, director of the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, a public interest law firm focused on religious freedom, wrote in a new report.” This is about the political corruption of non-profit organizations. It’s another report from citizens because the government is not doing its job.

The Biggest Political Blunder in American History. Steve McCann – “If courts and state legislatures award Joe Biden the presidency, the anti-Trump cabal, driven by a four-year single-minded obsession to defeat President Trump, will have committed the greatest political blunder in American history — the unabashed and overt theft of the 2020 presidential election.”

They Don’t Have Trump to Kick Around Anymore. Conrad Black – “Because they ignored or were ambiguous about many subjects in order to focus exclusively on slinging mud at the president, the Democrats are going to have to sort out a good many policy conundra.”

Sean Spicer Interviews Rudy Giuliani on Latest Developments and Legal Election Processes, Two Groups Have Distinct Approaches. Sundance – and the propaganda machine is playing it for all its worth.

New Study Shows Mask Mandates Had Zero Effect in Florida or Nationwide, But the Lie Continues. Scott Morefield – “Obviously, no amount of evidence, data, trends, facts, studies, or science will ever convince most ‘public health officials’ that masks aren’t doing squat to stop the spread of COVID-19.”

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Brain Atrophy Disease and the year of the Big Fraud

‘Profit’ Is Not A Four-Letter Word. Andrew I. Fillat and Henry I. Miller – “identifying a previously undescribed and destructive outbreak of what we term Brain Atrophy Disease (BAD), an invasive condition that impairs the ability to reason. We would note the involvement of the optic nerve, blinding the victim to anything he or she does not want to see. The cause is unknown, but a history of indoctrination and ideological absolutism appear to be contributing factors to its progression.”

2020: The Year of the Big Fraud. Clarice Feldman – “This was a year in which a number of frauds were exposed: Election fraud, media fraud, and public health fraud, among them. Their exposure has stirred outrage and as the year ends, no relief seems in sight.” … “None of this evidence has been rejected by any court; all have refused to consider it citing a variety of jurisdictional hurdles.”

Appeals Court Rejects Lawsuit Seeking Stronger Signature-Matching In Georgia Senate Runoffs. Authored by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times – “A district court found the plaintiffs lacked standing,” … the justice system beclowns itself. Again. Who has standing in an election if it isn’t the voter invested in the outcome?

How would you prove you’re getting robbed? Robert Arvay – a fable for modern times.

Blue Dress Proof. Melissa Mackenzie – “What it takes to get the media to believe a Democrat did wrong.” … “It’s not enough to have a witness and a victim. It’s not enough to have a computer, a cache of validated emails, thousands of affadavits signed under the threat of perjury. There must be actual DNA, videotaped evidence. If the bad guy is a Democrat, there must be Blue Dress Proof.”

The Left Redefines Resistance as ‘Sedition’. David Catron – “Remember when dissent was patriotic?”

A Betrayal of American Freedom. Roger Kimball – “It is a mournful, and usually sanguinary, alternative that awaits those who barter freedom for the simulacrum of normality.”

COVID-19 Study of Almost Ten Million Finds No Evidence of Asymptomatic Spread, Media Quiet. Sundance – “In essence, the larger question being asked is: can people without coronavirus symptoms spread the COVID-19 virus? This question is at the heart of all current COVID mitigation efforts. If there is no asymptomatic spread then what is all of this mask wearing nonsense and shut-down mandates all about?”

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reason, rationality and proportionality. Where art thou?

You Can’t Sue Over Election Fraud Before, During or After the Election. Daniel Greenfield – “When should you file a lawsuit over an election? If you’re a Democrat, the answer is at any time. But if you’re a Republican the answer is never.”

What’s happening in Minnesota bodes ill for Democrats. Andrea Widburg – “I can’t help it. Whenever I hear a Democrat intone “science” to justify the current Marxist social or economic project the Democrats are pushing, I think of the mad doctor in Thomas Dolby’s classic video for the hit song “She Blinded Me With Science” … “In Walz’s case, “science” holds that working mothers must go to jail, and killers must hit the streets.”

2020: The Year We Lost The Plot. Rob Slane – “not only do we have our imaginary conspiracy loon’s mad ravings come true, but those same people who have accepted it look upon those of us who have been pointing out the madness of it all as if we were those who had taken leave of our senses.” … “To cut to the chase, we have gone and thrown out reason, rationality and proportionality this year.” … “In the real world, the only thing that got controlled this year was not a virus, but people.”

Bad Science Isn’t a Victimless Crime. Peter Ridd – “Every major industry in north-eastern Australia is affected by legislation designed to “save the Reef ”; the costs run into billions of dollars.” … “Every major aspect of farm activity is now tightly controlled by bureaucrats.”

“The GBR should be treated with respect; no significant damage to the Reef is tolerable. But, if the GBR is actually in good shape, then it means the focus of worry, and attention, should move to something else instead. Something that is a genuine problem. Something that must be fixed. Humans seem to have only a finite capacity for care, compassion, and concern. If we are worrying more about the GBR, we will likely be worrying less for the fate of the Borneo rainforest or some other natural treasure.

The U.S. Media Are Suppressing the Truth about Hydroxychloroquine. C. Boyden Gray – “Developments overseas have been totally ignored by the American press. And yet, since Election Day, the media have hewed to the “HCQ Bad” narrative.” … “the narrative is false. First, there is strong evidence that hydroxychloroquine is helpful in treating COVID-19 when administered early in the disease”

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Fact checks and picayunity

This Series Of Fact-Checks On America’s Mission To Defeat COVID Exposes Media Hatred. Christopher Bedford – “Fact checks on the United States’ COVID vaccine timeline expose how outlets like NBC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post are willing to attack American aspirations to score political points.”

“Today, we see an alliance between corporate media and corporate tech titans to squelch debate, silence conservatives, and literally censor regular Americans, dissenting scientists, newspaper competitors, and even the president of the United States.
More to the point, the above three articles aren’t even checks on facts — they’re checks on hopeful goals, they’re checks on our national aspirations in the face of immense challenges, they’re checks on what the corporate media and their expert friends think America is capable of achieving.
Sadly, they might have won on this front, but fortunately, they were caught. And unless Americans see real, substantive, and unlikely change, half of us will never trust them again.

Protect Election Integrity – Censor Anyone Who Questions the Election. Daniel Greenfield – “The threat to election integrity is coming from inside the system.”

“A huge tech monopoly closely tied to the Democrats, which was sued by the Trump administration over its illegal abuses, censoring critics of the Democrat election fraud is protecting and supporting something alright, but that thing is very definitely not integrity.”
“Election integrity, like fact checking, is one of those curious terms whose meaning was ‘Orwellianized’ in the last decade.”
Protecting the integrity of the election means clean voter rolls, voter IDs, and elections that take place under predetermined rules put into place by state legislatures. It does not mean telling critics that pointing out the lack of integrity in the election is a threat to election integrity.

ELECTION INTERFERENCE: Twitter Changes Rules Back to What They Were Before Election Now That they Manipulated Election Results. Jim Hoft – “The rules served their purpose. They were able to list any criticism of the fraudulent election as “disputed” or “fake news.”

California Clearly Violated Election Law—Votes are Invalid. Daniel Bobinski – “California’s laws clearly state that certain instructions need to appear on its presidential election ballots. Those instructions did not appear on California’s ballots.” … “If California’s and Pennsylvania’s votes are not challenged and denied, we are no longer a nation governed by laws, but a nation ruled by tyrants who disregard the law.”

Sidney Powell Reports Supreme Court Rejected Arizona and Wisconsin Cases, Gives Georgia and Michigan Until Jan 14th to Respond. Sundance

White House Senior Advisor Peter Navarro Releases Independent Report on 2020 Election. Sundance

Dr. Ayyadurai’s Wins Key Victory in Election Fraud Case. Larry Johnson – “He could not find a lawyer to take his case so he was left to fight alone. He filed Pro Se”

Who’s Attacking Democratic Process? R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. – “The Washington Post points a finger, and three more point back at them.”

Is the whole government in on this fraudulent election? Robert Arvay – “Any informed person, with a modicum of sense, can see that the presidential election results, at best, are not to be trusted and at worst are rampantly fraudulent. Yet it seems that court after court, and investigative agencies one after the other, are turning a blind eye.” … “They have been, all along, part of the fraud. No matter how unlikely that seems, it is the only answer remaining.”

The Audacity Of This Man Trump. E.P. Unum – “how dare Donald Trump turn out to be one of the best presidents the united states of America has ever had in spite of his personal flaws which he never tried to hide with the result that his honesty caused the left liberals to hate him”

AMA Lied – How Many Died?. Brian C. Joondeph, M.D. – “How many COVID deaths could have been prevented if doctors, using their professional and clinical judgement, could have prescribed HCQ without fear of ostracization or loss of their jobs?” … “The AMA played footloose with science and the truth. Some may call that lying and all for political purposes.”

The Wuhan Virus and Hospitalizations. Trevor Thomas – “If anyone should have known what was really on the horizon when it came to the Wuhan virus, it should have been those in the healthcare industry who had a financial stake in the matter. Nevertheless, whether out of political pressure or misguided science, almost every hospital in the U.S. went along with the Wuhan virus fearmongering.”

Peter Ridd’s Heretical Manifesto. David Mason-Jones – “Science as a body of human endeavour must be open to critics, comfortable with expressions of doubt and capable of withstanding challenge.” … “I found Peter Ridd’s book about the Great Barrier Reef, and the poor state of quality control in science, to be both refreshing and complimentary.” … “I will cite Tim Flannery’s latest book in a compare-and-contrast exercise.” It is a screed versus a manifesto.

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Evidence. Reality. Will Truth eventually get out?

Florida Is Open, New York Is Closed, And The Latter Has More COVID Deaths. Christopher Bedford – “Despite larger populations, currently freer peoples, and a media narrative that screams otherwise, there are far, far fewer deaths in Texas and in Florida than in New York.”

“The funny thing with COVID, though, is unlike global warming doom science — always 3-12 years away and “too complex” to explain when it inevitably doesn’t happen — COVID doom predictions are checkable in just a few weeks. And COVID doom didn’t happen.
Florida’s freedom isn’t some new and dangerous experiment, by the way — the Sunshine State has been open for nearly three months. Yet in New York this past weekend, Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered indoor dining shut down again.
as with global warming science, COVID science has become a political weapon for the left. While their allies escape judgment no matter their sins, political opponents from President Donald Trump to Dr. Scott Atlas, and governors from Florida’s Ron DeSantis to Texas’s Gov. Greg Abbott to South Dakota’s Kristi Noem, are the targets of vicious media attacks on themselves, their states, and their families. Just Friday, a New York Times psychiatrist demanded that doctors who question masks efficacy lose their licenses.

Essential Facts About COVID-19. James D. Agresti – “C-19 has killed about one out of every 1,145 Americans, whereas one out of every 116 Americans die every year. … 7.7 times average annual fatalities from the flu.” … “Initial media reports of a 2–3% mortality rate for COVID-19 are inflated, and the actual figure may be closer to that of the flu, which has averaged about 0.15% over the past nine years in the United States.”

“There are, however, mortal dangers in overreacting because measures to limit the spread of C-19 have tangible impacts that can cost multitudes of lives. Numerous facts have shown that lockdowns, panic, and other responses to the pandemic have done just that. A small sampling of these include the following:

Covid Madness. Manfred Horst – “Perhaps we should consider it a privilege to live one of the absurdest and grotesquest episodes of recent world history. … Perhaps we should consider it a privilege to witness how easily scientific and democratic control mechanisms can be overwhelmed by a global panic disorder.”

This Is Not America. I & I Editorial Board – “Just a single quick scan through the blogs and aggregators of the Internet makes us wonder who and where we are as a nation:”

Mitch, Mitt And Never-Trumpers Have It All Wrong: Trump Should Fight On, Not ‘Move On’. I & I Editorial Board – “no matter what the Electoral College said on Monday, if massive fraud is in evidence in the states, the election results cannot stand. And there’s plenty of evidence of that tumbling out by the day.” … “If all this maneuvering seems futile, it isn’t. The Democrats have a long tradition of election shenanigans.” … “the time to fight is now, not later. This isn’t just about fixed elections or even about Trump. It’s about the future of our republic. If we lose that, we’ve lost everything.”

Protect Election Integrity – Censor Anyone Who Questions the Election. Daniel Greenfield – “The threat to election integrity is coming from inside the system.”

“Election integrity, like fact checking, is one of those curious terms whose meaning was ‘Orwellianized’ in the last decade. Fact checking used to mean media organizations checking their facts before they published a story. Now the media has mostly done away with internal fact checking and uses fact checking to describe its efforts to censor conservative media.

Election integrity traditionally meant verifying the integrity of the process, but is now being used to mean silencing anyone who questions the integrity of the election. In both cases a term that meant protecting the integrity of an internal process has been turned inside out to mean covering up for the corruption of the internal process by censoring its outside critics.

That’s the new integrity.
One basic difference between free and unfree societies is that free societies have internal checks and balances, while unfree societies only have external ones. A free society assures the integrity of its elections and its facts by keeping its facts and elections open to examination, while an unfree society protects its processes against outside criticism by threatening its critics.

Interesting nuggets from the Antrim Dominion machine forensic analysis. Andrea Widburg – “The first inkling Americans had that there was something going on with voting machines came when Antrim County, Michigan admitted that its computer had a “glitch” and gave 6,000 Trump votes to Biden.” … “The topline summary is that the Dominion machines in Antrim County were set up to send almost 70% of votes to “adjudication.” This meant that, instead of the voting machine simply tabulating the votes, the ballots were subjected to a non-transparent process, with no auditable trail.”

“Biden may have gotten the Electoral College nod on Monday, but if his votes came through fraud, that nod is meaningless. He’s not our president.

They Stole It Fair And Square. Steven Hayward – “my observations on the matter which lead to my conclusion about why, and, more importantly, how to move on from here. In rank order of provocation:”

Where things stand at this hour. William A. Jacobson – “The judicial option for fighting the election has come to a close, now comes the time to organize.” … “legal and political battles were fought strategically by Democrats over the several months leading up to the election. Democrats organized for a mail-in election, Republicans didn’t. Republicans were out-organized, out-hustled, and out-lawyered.”

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This is how you make the Constitution a suicide pact.

The Federalist is arguing the case. Thomas Berry says The Supreme Court Was Right: Texas Didn’t Have Standing. Adam Carrington says The Right Should Be Relieved SCOTUS Rejected Judicial Activism In Texas v. Pennsylvania. Margot Cleveland says The Supreme Court’s Rejection Of Texas’s Election Lawsuit Failed The Constitution. It’s a matter of how you look at it. Cleveland describes this:

“The justices were correct that Texas lacks an “judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections,” but it was the framing of the issue that made the answer self-evident: The court’s abbreviated decision failed to address Texas’s true complaint—that Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia violated the Equal Protection, Due Process, and Elector’s Clauses of the Constitution, and in doing so harmed Texas as a state.
But by failing to mention Texas’s constitutional claims, and by not providing any reasoning for its decision—omissions likely needed for the court to maintain its near-unanimous agreement—the Supreme Court created the appearance that it does not care about constitutional violations.

This Is Not America. I & I Editorial Board – “Just a single quick scan through the blogs and aggregators of the Internet makes us wonder who and where we are as a nation:”

Lost Innocence? Bruce Bawer – “Let’s not misread the moment.”

Hail Joe Biden, Commander in Cheat. Geoffrey Luck – “Instead of reporting that President Trump was challenging the outcome as a result of fraud, then following the steps he intended to take to substantiate his claim, reporters and commentators all rushed to delegitimise him by inserting “unproven”, “unsubstantiated” or “without evidence” into every article.” … “A team of seven analysts from ASOG spent eight hours on December 6 examining the voting machines.”

Something historic happened with America’s electors on Monday. Andrea Widburg – “To prepare for these possibilities — either judicial courage or such overwhelming fraud that the election cannot stand — seven states did something unusual and courageous. Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico all selected two slates of electors:”

A Culturally Inappropriate Understanding. Alistair Crooks – “In order to understand why failure is the only option, it is only necessary to look at the decision-making processes of traditional Aborigines.” This one is about police presence in a tribal, but really clan, context.

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The gaslighting tells you its propaganda, not news

Nobody’s trying to ‘overturn’ the election. We’re CORRECTING fraudulent results. Carl Durrek – “What happens when you combine gaslighting with begging the question? You get the ludicrous framing by Democrats and mainstream media that somehow President Trump and his allies are trying to “overturn” an election that is righteously being challenged.”

Frauds: The Election, Media, Congressional Dems, and the FBI. Clarice Feldman – “The second most significant matter, in my view, was the clear gaslighting the media and former intelligence officials carried out on the Hunter Biden story, hiding the fact that he’s been under criminal investigation since 2018 for bribery, tax evasion, and money laundering from, among other sources, China.”

Is America still a democratic republic? Roger Kimball – “The Texas decision is not the end of the world for Donald Trump’s legal team” … “Among the many reasons that it is difficult to keep a democratic republic going is the constant pressure to transform one party into the party of the regime.”

Media Elites Now Openly Confirm They Don’t Believe In Objectivity. Jenna Stocker – “When mainstream media journalists abandon objectivity to push personal ideological agendas, truth is slowly killed off by the collateral damage.” … “this does nothing to hold the powerful accountable. It only leaves truth as collateral damage, dying out in the hellscape of No Man’s Land.”

When Journalism started to die. Alicia Colon – “it is the only military conflict that we walked away from. Yet the truth is that we never lost a major battle in Vietnam, even Barack Obama admitted that fact. We lost the war over here, thanks to the fake news spread here by the most trusted man in America, Walter Cronkite.” … “The mainstream media is now doing its best to omit the fact that the 2020 election was stolen and that Donald Trump won reelection in a landslide. They still think we’re dumb.”

This Washington Post ‘Fact-Check’ Of Trump’s Election Integrity Claim Is A Ragbag Of Lies. Andrew Pollack – “I suppose it’s the prerogative of opinion writers to twist the facts to advance their narratives, but that’s not what fact-checkers are supposed to do.” … “It never ceases to amaze and appall how these pretend nonpartisans can take entirely true statements that threaten the mainstream media’s narrative and twist them so far as to make them appear false.” Diagnosis and dissection illustrates how it’s done.

The Washington Post throws a mindless fit. Paul Mirengoff – “We all knew that heads would explode at the Washington Post if President Trump won reelection. But who knew that, with Joe Biden about to be declared the winner, heads at the Post would explode anyway?” … “ if Democrats wanted the results of this election to have wider public acceptance, they shouldn’t have insisted on voting procedures that removed traditional safeguards against fraud. But the Democrats (like any political party, I assume) were more interested in obtaining power by winning the election than they were in having their opponents widely accept their win.” It’s this last item in the ‘both sides are the same’ narrative that stimulated heat noted by Scott Johnson also at Powerlineblog.

‘Collusion’ vs. Collusion. Victor Davis Hanson – “One can lie about “collusion” with impunity. But to speak the truth about collusion is to be smeared as “xenophobic,” “racist,” and “nativist.” … “The farce infected the media. It discredited the Democratic Party. And it warped the popular culture between 2015 and 2020. … “Collusion” destroyed what was left of respect for the Washington FBI, the CIA, and the liberal news media.”

As leftists double down on lockdowns, are we being played? Andrea Widburg – “I’m a pandemic skeptic. I know that the Wuhan virus is real and dangerous for some people. Still, I cannot get excited about a disease with an average 99% survival rate.”

The Serbian Connection. Joseph Hippolito – “To Biden, Soros, the CIA – and electoral fraud.” … “A number of mistakes and malwares were added to the software,” Nogo wrote, “and additional manipulation were (sic) done over the internet, from (a) Serbian IP address.” … “Today Serbia. Tomorrow the United States? Or has it already happened?”

Stability or Justice: A False Choice. J. Robert Smith – “Perhaps like me, your blood boiled when you read the response filed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to the “Emergency Application for Injunctive Relief filed by Congressman Mike Kelly and other Plaintiffs.”

The Supreme Court’s Rejection Of Texas’s Election Lawsuit Failed The Constitution. Margot Cleveland – “It is hard to believe the justices put the constitutional question above their desire to avoid appearing to meddle in the 2020 election.” … “There might be a satisfactory answer, but Americans have yet to hear it. And that was wrong, both for the court and the country.”

Supreme Court of Kangaroos. Matthew Vadum – “Compromised by the Left, can we ever trust the high court again?” … “If Chief Justice John Roberts, a make-believe conservative, was the guardian of the Supreme Court as an institution that he thinks he is, he should have embraced the age-old legal saying that justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done.” … “ Every American now has to wonder if justice was uppermost in the minds of the court’s members when they nixed Texas v. Pennsylvania.”

See-Nothing, Do-Nothing Judiciary Unleashes Dred Scott 2020. Bob Maistros – “the burgeoning legal body count is no indicator of legal incompetence, flight of fancy nor quixotic stubbornness. Rather, it’s a measure of the American judiciary’s historic failure at all levels to protect the integrity of the electoral process, defend the Constitution, and ultimately, perhaps, preserve the union.”

“It would have been little skin off various courts’ backs to allow suits to advance, facilitating discovery and deposition of officials involved in suspicious activity and potentially, even disproving charges of fraud, thereby instilling greater confidence in the result one way or another.

Instead, the Supreme Court’s two punts this week unleash Dred Scott 2020 (without the racial overtones). Like the original, they will inflame tensions and potentially, create further momentum toward America’s sundering.

And make no mistake, that momentum is growing.

Graham Eats Humble Pie With Hot Inflation For Dessert. Phoenix Capital Research – “I predicted President Trump would win a second term in the courts. I was wrong. The end.”

“There are sworn affidavits from thousands of poll workers swearing to witnessing fraud. There are vote audits that have turned up fraud. There is statistical analysis that shows fraud. There is historical precedent concerning how key counties and states determine election outcomes that show fraud.

And yet the courts have all either refused to accept any of this evidence… OR refused to even listen to the cases. It’s pretty incredible when you consider just how many ridiculous lawsuits and court cases are heard at all levels of the judiciary, even the Supreme Court.

The Honor of the Legal Profession. James V. DeLong – “if process values are systematically ignored, then all hell can break loose. … My professors, who had seen the rise of the great totalitarian states, the consequent World War II, and the tensions of the Cold War, were very aware of the dangers. They regarded reverence for process values as fundamental to the honor of the legal professional.”

“LDAD is not the only entity that wants to suppress efforts to get to the truth of the allegations about the election, and one could easily compile a long list of calls for the professional disgrace of any lawyer who questions the election. Any professor at any leading law school expressing sympathy for Trump’s position, however qualified, could be a career-ender.

And all the while, other appalling behavior by goes unnoticed. Threats of economic harm and personal violence force lawyers for Trump to withdraw. Witnesses to vote fraud are doxxed and blacklisted; state legislators are intimidated. Lawyers are involved in all of this behavior, without censure by the establishment.

The legal establishment does not seem to grasp the long term consequences of its failure to uphold the profession’s honor and integrity by supporting process values.

Republicans Pushing Themselves Off the Cliff. Brian C. Joondeph – “Where are the Republicans through this travesty? A few like Rep Jim Jordan or Senator Ted Cruz are making noise, but the rest are looking at their feet, hoping to not be called on to comment on the election, willfully ignoring the imminent demise of their political party.”

The Judge’s Opinion In Michael Flynn’s Case Was So Bad It Should Be Vacated. Margot Cleveland – “Michael Flynn and the Department of Justice should not allow Judge Emmet Sullivan’s final irrational and unhinged act of judicial defiance to go unanswered.”

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Will the next to act stand up?

“Republican senator Ben Sasse hails Supreme Court for ‘closing the book on the nonsense’ and slams Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories” (Daily Mail) the headline illustrates the problem: the issue is prejudged and slimed by those suffering TDS (e.g. Democrats, Propaganda Pundits) or fear of what might happen if they get involved (e.g. much of the judiciary). As noted in a column cited yesterday, it’s gaslighting and the use of a false premise.

Another tactic (from Instapundit) “ZOMBIE INITIATIVE: An initiative repealing Washington State’s prohibition on preferential treatment based on race or sex was defeated in 2019. But they’re already gearing up to launch another one.” … “Never give up, never surrender” (Galaxy Quest)

Supreme Court shoots down Texas lawsuit, but it isn’t over yet. CQ Livingston – “This decision has dramatic implications for the presidential election, but unless President Trump concedes, there are still plenty of options available.” … “the best scenario is that this case bought other lawsuits more time to get in front of the Supreme Court without having to worry about the December 14 deadline for selecting electors”

More from glenn reynolds: “a couple of comments from friends on facebook about last night’s supreme court opinion”

SCOTUS refuses Texas lawsuit for lack of standing. neo – “even issuing no ruling on the legal questions raised in a case, and refusing to give relief – not hearing this case, for example – has consequences. It’s a form of decision. But it’s a passive type of decision that allows people to tell themselves they’re not responsible for what happens. They may indeed be fooling themselves. But passivity can be attractive when faced with something very tough. And this is very tough, because no matter what the Court does, half the country is going to be very very angry indeed.”

Giuliani Says Trump Team ‘Not Finished’ After Supreme Court Defeat. Pam Key – “Giuliani said, “The case wasn’t rejected on the merits, the case was rejected on standing.”

How Trump Can Win: SCOTUS, State Supreme Courts, Legislatures, And The 12th Amendment. Jack Hadfield.

WHAT NOW? The Fight for Our Freedom Continues Despite SCOTUS Ruling on Texas. Joe Hoft – “There are still court cases in nearly every state of concern. Below is our understanding of open cases as of Friday night:”

We Don’t Need SCOTUS to Win. James Arlandson – “The Texas suit, later joined by other states, against Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia, was a nice try, but it was always a long shot. Of course SCOTUS would be reluctant to grab so much power by ordering state legislatures to seat the right electors. Why? Because the power is already in the hands of the legislatures to do this.”

Biden: Lie About Defunding Until After January 5! John Hinderaker – “Biden urges his audience to lie low in talking about the police until the Georgia Senate elections have been decided on January 5” … “Biden’s caution may not be surprising, but his explicit tying of the deception to January 5 would be big news if a Republican did it” … “But don’t worry, Biden says–once the Georgia elections are over, we can come out of the closet:”

Today’s California Energy Embarrassment. Steven Hayward – “In one sentence, today’s brief essentially says, “Without lots of natural gas-fired power, California is screwed.” Of course that’s not the actual language—these are government analysts were talking about. But it’s not hard to read between the lines. Let’s start with the chart:” And a report for the Nevada Governor is looking to eliminate 70% of Nevada’s energy for ‘climate justice.’ That’s cheap natural gas from fracking sacrificed at the alter of ideological paganism.

“Question: What will happen to natural gas “peaking” demand after California closes its last nuclear power plant in a couple years, and supposedly replaces it with wind and solar power? Good times for natural gas I suspect. And the promises of carbon-free electricity by 2035 or 2050 will go poof faster than an Eric Swalwell emission on MSNBC.

The numbers just don’t add up … sounds like a recent election,

Cuomo’s New Ban On Indoor Dining In NYC Is Abject Madness. David Marcus – “On Friday, the governor released that data. It does not show that restaurants are a major driver; it shows they accounted for 1.4 percent of spread. And yet, in a move that defies even the basic tenets of common sense, Emperor Cuomo is closing down indoor dining anyway.” … “This decision is insane. It is also cruel and arbitrary.”

Jupiter and Saturn are converging for a rare “Great Conjunction” on the day of the winter solstice – December 21st. Paul Dorian – “These two planets are actually converging for an even closer encounter in terms of their appearance to us here on Earth – the likes of which haven’t been seen in many, many centuries.”

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Compradors and dismissals

How Judges And Democrats Colluded To Force DACA On Americans Even Though It’s Illegal. John Daniel Davidson – “As long as Democratic presidents are allowed to create immigration law by fiat, congressional Democrats will never reform our broken immigration system.”

The District of Corruption Has Overplayed Its Hand. J.B. Shurk – “This is just an observation (because I’m not looking forward to gulag life), but I think the only thing keeping Trump voters from burning the whole corrupt system down right now is that nobody knows whom or what to attack.”

China’s leaders understand all too well from their historical eperience how to control America : use compradors. Thomas Lifson – “It is now time for Americans to understand how the Chinese themselves see their American domestic allies, including politicians like Eric Swalwell and Hunter Biden’s father (already dancing to the tune of his masters): contemptible but useful pawns to be used to weaken and ultimately subdue their primary rival.”

stand with Texas: ‘The Big One’ Gets Bigger: 15 Michigan Legislators Join Texas Election Lawsuit by Tyler O’Neil; Pennsylvania House of Representatives Join Texas in Their Lawsuit Against Key Swing States by Collin Rugg; then there’s the President and 106 GOP members of the House.

The Texas Election Challenge and Its Discontents. David Catron – “SCOTUS will anger a lot of people either way, so why not just follow the law?”

For the Sake of Democracy. Tim Kowal – “the media are silent. More than silent: they are censorious, even to the point of threatening lawyers for engaging in protected petitioning activity (my, but there is a lot of casual destruction of livelihoods this year). I find the silence and the silencing probative. Probative of what, exactly, I cannot say. But silence testifies against the censor.” … “Someone is going to have to come up with an explanation how we can accept election results that are so contrary to common sense.”

Judge dismisses prosecutor from McCloskeys case. Jim Salter – ”citing two campaign fundraising emails around the time she filed felony gun charges against the couple in July.”

Flynn’s case finally ends — but not before Judge Sullivan flogs a corpse. Jonathan Turley — “It did not matter that this case has been effectively dead for months. The judge issued an opinion that seemed intent on clearing his reputation by trashing what reputation remains for Flynn. Such a decision ordinarily would outrage civil libertarians. But principles of judicial restraint seem suspended when dealing with anyone associated with Trump.”

What is the Real Source of Native American Poverty? Jason D. Hill – “Protracted tribalism, which is a form of crude racial/ethnic or national collectivism, is atavistic and primordial. It is static and outside the evolutionary laws of history that steer towards progress. As racial preservationists, Native Americans have yet to enter modernity and are, therefore, still outside the historical process.”

What’s In a Name Change? Part 2. John Hinderaker – “Since then, the idea that the Sioux massacres represent a dark chapter not in Sioux history, but in American and Minnesota history, has become pretty much universal. Ignorance of the past is dangerous.”

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Hydroxy effect and the time for talking

6 Things To Know About Texas’s Supreme Court Petition Over 2020’s Messed-Up Election. Margot Cleveland – “Texas argues that the case ‘presents constitutional questions of immense national consequences,’ namely that the 2020 election suffered from serious constitutional irregularities.” … “These three counts, and the detailed facts Texas alleges, make clear that Texas’s beef is not with the states’ election laws, but with the states’ violation of their own election laws, in contravention of the U.S. Constitution.”

A Summary of the Texas Election Lawsuit. Robert Madsen – “Texas claims that the violations of election law in these states created an environment where ballot fraud was enabled and likely to occur. The lawsuit lists the violations of law in each of the defendant states and provides evidence of fraud (the number of ballots handled unconstitutionally) in each of the states sufficient to change the outcome of the ballot counts.”

Who Will Be the Fraud Deniers? Jay Valentine – “These are just anomalies. They happen in every election.” … “Well folks, anomalies cease to be anomalies when they all go in one direction.”

How to Deal with an Angry Wokester. Phil Shannon – “What follows are ten practical, road-tested conversational tools to help besieged members of the Great Unwoked handle social interaction with the AWL” – definitions of terms and descriptions of behavior.

Radical Son, Then and Now. John Hinderaker – “Radical Son was written as a witness to the dark undercurrents of American politics and to their enduring power in the nation’s life.” A second edition is out. Here is the new preface.

The Time for Talking with the Left is Long, Long Past. Selwyn Duke – “People who cannot be reasoned with can only be fought.” … “So what does this mean from a practical standpoint? How should we proceed?”

Will Biden Give in to the Hydroxy Effect? Victor Davis Hanson – “hydroxychloroquine has prompted furious partisan debate over its possible usefulness. Why? … Probably because Donald Trump endorsed its usage months ago.” … “This Hydroxy Effect — hysterical disavowal of anything Trump has endorsed — is dangerous to the country at large.”

Rep. Dan Crenshaw rips into Pelosi for her moral corruption and hypocrisy. Andrea Widburg – “That’s OK now because we have a new president. A president who recognizes that we need to depend on science…” … “we now have a full admission. She said the quiet part out loud. This was never about what was best for the American people, never about honest policy disagreement. It was about preventing President Trump from getting any credit; it was about politics.” … “What’s worse, Speaker Pelosi does all of this while people in her home state suffer from unscientific, unconstitutional lockdowns the Democrat leaders in California are forcing upon their citizens.”

Yes, Trump Can Pardon Himself But He Should Not Do So. Jonathan Turley – “It seems the subject of Donald Trump, like necessity, is the mother of invention, at least when it comes to legal analysis”

The Puzzle of the Pope. Christopher Akehurst – “Catholics need a pope who can use the undoubted pastoral gifts Francis has (one being that the first instinct of most people, believers or not, is to like him) to fortify them to endure the slings and arrows of worldly despisal and to remind them of the eternal truths of their faith, not add to their confusion and disorientation. And the world needs a pope who will preach those truths to it, not try to gain its attention by parroting back to it ideological clichés of its own invention.”

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The three monkeys in robes this time.

The Texas lawsuit in the Supreme Court is huge. Andrea Widburg – “partisan judges are issuing what I will politely call “garbage” decisions. Judges are refusing to consider the evidence, with only one Nevada court attempting to do so. Instead, they make variations of the argument that, if courts were to consider Trump’s claims, they would run the risk of “disenfranchising” Biden voters. … That is a singularly dishonest argument.”

How to Steal an Entire Country. Donald Finley – “In the end, it comes down to this: what does it mean to have right versus wrong, corrupt versus honest, truth versus lies, fair versus stolen all work out backwards?” … “There are many evils, but today the foremost evil we must address is the Democrat party’s corruption of our national election. We all know what happened, and what the right thing is. We need to fix it. Now. The details and the prison terms can be figured out later.”

In the Flynn case, Sullivan’s last sally. Scott Johnson – “The outrage perpetrated on General Michael Flynn should live in infamy along with the Dreyfus affair. The Flynn outrage revealed the rotten core of the Obama administration and the multidimensional corruption of our most trusted institutions.” … “Sullivan’s determination that the case was moot should have ended the matter, but something is seriously wrong with Judge Sullivan.”

Georgia And Michigan Federal Courts Dismiss Sidney Powell Election Lawsuits. William A. Jacobson – “In each case the dismissal was based on jurisdiction and pleading standards, but the judges issued dramatic made-for-media declarations such as “The People have spoken” (Michigan) and “They want this court to substitute its judgment for the 2.5 million voters who voted for Biden” (Georgia).”

“This problem highlights the overarching problem that the courts want challengers to come into court with all the evidence buttoned-up, but much of the evidence is in the hands of the states, not the plaintiffs. In a normal lawsuit there would be discovery and evidence gathering. But on the quick timeline of the presidential election process, courts are not going to permit it.

California’s Energy Fantasies. Steven Hayward – “Both Arizona and Utah still have a fair bit of coal-fired electricity, and as electrons are fungible in the power grid, it is fair to conclude that California’a boast of being “low-emission” in its electricity system is partially fraudulent.”

The three wise monkeys? see Oxford — “originated in Japan, where they have been known since the 16th century; statues of them are set at crossroads in honour of Koshin, the God of Roads, whose attendants they are.”

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If law does not rule, what does?

The Scars of 2020. Victor Davis Hanson – “The summer of COVID-19, quarantines, riot and arson, and an absence of confidence in the sanctity of voting ended with deep wounds on the body politic—wounds we will bear from now on.” … “The common denominator with all of the above? There is no longer the rule of law as we once knew it.”


Texas Sues Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania And Wisconsin At US Supreme Court Over Election. Tyler Durden – “The state of Texas filed a lawsuit at the US Supreme Court against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin on the grounds that various changes to their voting rules or procedures – either through the courts or via executive actions – violated the Electors Clause of the Constitution because they did not go through the legislatures.” PA says “laches” and ‘nothing to see here’ so SCOTUS should dismiss.

GOP State Legislatures: Cowardice Under Fire. David Catron – “Republican lawmakers in the battleground states surrender without a fight.”

“Despite the mendacious claims of the legacy “news” media, there is clear evidence that egregious violence was done to election laws in at least five states during the recent presidential contest. Sworn testimony from dozens of eyewitnesses, well-documented breaches of statutory ballot counting protocol, and damning security camera videos have been presented to legislators in these states. Republican lawmakers in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin have the constitutional power and the moral duty to rectify the resultant fraudulent outcomes. The only obstacle to reestablishing voter sovereignty in these five states is the inaction of the spineless GOP majorities that control their legislatures.

Judge who tossed Michigan case a stereotypical activist judge. Andrea Widburg – “Contrary to what naïve people believe, most progressive judges are not dedicated to applying the law impartially in the search for justice. They are partisan hacks who decide in advance which side should win and then retrofit legal principles to make their decisions appear valid. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the paradigm of the modern judge.” …

“I want to focus on Parker’s second ground for dismissing the case without even acknowledging the evidence, which is that she was not going to disenfranchise Biden voters. Think about that, for a moment.
Parker either doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to understand that, one way or another, voters are going to get disenfranchised. Instead, what she is saying is it’s okay to disenfranchise Trump voters by refusing to address multiple, dramatic and credible fraud claims, but it’s not okay to disenfranchise Biden voters even if their victory was manifestly achieved through fraud.

This judicial idiocy isn’t limited to Parker or even to Democrat judges. U.S. District Court Judge Matthew W. Brann, in Pennsylvania, a Republican whom Obama nominated, said the same thing.

Tremendously compelling testimony from the Michigan hearings. Neo – “I don’t usually post so many videos, because they take time to watch and many people don’t have patience with them. But I’ve been posting more of them lately because sometimes there seems to be no substitute This one is extraordinary, and I think it’s emblematic of so much of the testimony given in the state hearings on the claims of fraud and/or incredible incompetence during the counting of votes in this 2020 election.”

An Oregon teacher’s viral, obscene rant against lockdown protesters. Andrea Widburg – “I’ve written before, haven’t I, about the fact that we’ve raised an obscene, self-loathing, non-rational generation of young white women?”

“One doesn’t need a lot of statistics to understand that young, white, college-educated women who get teaching certificates suffer from all the problems I harp about seeing in other young, white college-educated women: They’ve been taught to be anti-rational, hyper-neurotic, openly emotional, and extremely narcissistic. For example:

No Politician Is More Popular or Unpopular Than Trump. Conrad Black – “It remains a mystery as Donald Trump apparently enters his last 10 weeks as president, why 95 percent of the national political media detest him to the point of regularly inventing false and malicious news stories about him, though it presumably has something to do with his contempt for them and their failure to prevent his election.” … “On its face, it all seems too implausible to believe.”

“The last laugh could be Trump’s. But even if it isn’t, his achievements in becoming president and as president vastly exceed those of his generally very unimpressive enemies, now celebrating their fleeting moment of brutish triumph.

The Greater Good. Tim Kowal – “Father, what does the greater good mean?” A fable with a lesson … 

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Two running compendiums but ‘nothing to see here, move along’

Is America In A Civil Disobedience Mood? I & I Editorial Board – “Every COVID-19 death is tragic for that victim and his or her family and friends. But the death of liberty is catastrophic for all but the few who make the rules that restrict our freedom. Entire populations, not just a small portion, are lost when liberty dies. The effects linger for generations.”

A Running Compendium of Fraud Charges in Election 2020. The Editors, RealClearInvestigations – “Many allegations advanced by the president, his surrogates and supporters have been challenged and some have been dismissed by courts or debunked. … Still, in numerous instances, media fact checkers have not been diligent.” … “Below is a running, selective collection of hyperlinked articles detailing charges of ballot irregularities or electronic fraud being made in various states, especially key battlegrounds such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania.”

Election Fraud, Political Corruption, and its Consequences. Clarice Feldman – “It’s not new, but the scope of it is breathtaking. The Heritage Foundation has compiled an election fraud database, sampling the many proven instances of election fraud, which you are welcome to review. I cannot dispute their conclusion”

No, The Georgia Vote-Counting Video Was Not ‘Debunked.’ Not Even Close. Mollie Hemingway – “A Big Tech-backed ‘fact’ ‘checking’ outfit claimed to debunk explosive evidence for Republicans’ claims of significant election problems in Georgia. It didn’t.” The lies and denial are blatant and in your face and insistent. This is the core problem.

Is The President Our Daddy Who’s Supposed To Keep Us Healthy? I & I Editorial Board – “Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, much to the delight of the Democratic press, maligned President Donald Trump last week over the coronavirus pandemic, calling his leadership “a great human tragedy.” Are we alone continually puzzled as to why the head of the federal government is being held responsible for sickness and death from a natural cause?”

“There’s No Science Claim On This” – O’Leary Lashes Out At State Lockdowns As CNBC’s Sorkin Does Damage Control. Tyler Durden – “we’d really enjoy hearing Sorkin explain “the science” of how Big Box stores are “completely different” from restaurants and churches. … The only problem with that utter falsehood is that most of California has been wearing masks outside for months… as have numerous other states with mask mandates… and it’s not helping!”

“As we near a year of lockdowns and sheltering in place, the long-term effects of pandemic policy on the economy are becoming clearer. Almost every piece of legislation ostensibly designed to curb the spread of the coronavirus and protect workers has wreaked devastation on small businesses—while benefiting the largest corporations. Roughly 100,000 small businesses have permanently closed due to COVID-19, while big-box retailers, tech giants, and pharmaceutical manufacturers have seen record profits.
Despite the fact that these policies are explicitly harmful to small businesses, they can be justified on the basis of “public health” and thereby shielded from criticism.

For The First Time, A US State Will Require Disclosure Of PCR ‘Cycle Threshold’ Data In COVID Tests. Tyler Durden – “Numerous epidemiological experts have argued that cycle thresholds are an important metric by which patients, the public, and policymakers can make more informed decisions about how infectious and/or sick an individual with a positive COVID-19 test might be.” … “We hope, for the sake of Americans’ livelihoods it is Option 3 [pro-science] and the ‘casedemic’ will collapse on itself and allow we, the people to go back to some sense of normality.”

Nevada climate strategy outlines framework to phase out natural gas, electrify transportation. Daniel Rothberg – “what scientists say is an imperative for governments across the country to prevent the worst effects of a warming world — skyrocketing heat, extreme wildfires, limited water supplies.” … “the state established a framework that looked at each recommendation using four metrics: a policy’s potential for decreasing emissions, climate justice considerations, economic implications and the legal feasibility of implementing a policy.” and you think the pandemic panic as irrational? Climate Justice?

“The report said “a potential first step in a phased transition from gas would be to allow consumers the choice between gas and electric on existing buildings but require all-electric in new construction.
At the same time, the action needed to address climate change can also disproportionately affect marginalized communities, often least responsible for creating the problem.

Climate justice activists in Nevada are concerned with both issues. They said the report was a starting point, but they hope to see more direct climate justice policies in the future.

Move away from what supplies 70% of the current energy load to something that is inherently less efficient for heating and comes from sources yet to be identified? Fantasy with numbers is the first issue to address for those who want to divorce from carbon based fuels.

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It’s about that basement and building an infrastructure

Democrats Had a Plan for Georgia, Republicans Didn’t. Daniel Greenfield – “There’s a huge difference between spending money on ad buys and consultants, and spending it to change the structural environment of the election.” This is taking to heart the communist mantra that it is not who votes but rather who counts the vote that is important.

Democrats’ defense of Georgia election fraud video doesn’t hold water. Andrea Widburg – “While the “fact check” gave room to Democrat operatives to cover their derrieres, the counter-narrative was ludicrous. Additionally, new evidence about vote spikes and two of the vote counters behaving suspiciously gave even more credence to Republicans’ take on the surveillance video.”

“The facts remain clear: Poll observers testified they were deliberately cleared out, at which point workers, including two who had behaved suspiciously earlier, scanned ballots like crazy, with that scanning coinciding with an impossibly huge spike in counts that favored Joe Biden. No wonder Governor Kemp suddenly called for a signature audit. Even he knew no one would believe the purported facts “explaining” the video.

Sadly, despite all this evidence of illegal conduct, Fulton County still certified its results. That’s what happens when the fox is the one charged with certifying the henhouse.

See also neo: Suitcase-gate in Fulton County

I’m a Legislator in Pennsylvania, and I’m Suing the Governor for Election Fraud. Frank Ryan – “Moreover, many of my colleagues and I have petitioned the Congress of the United States to select Pennsylvania’s electors for the 2020 general election.”

“Actions by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and secretary of state in the 2020 general election were so fraught with inconsistencies, documented irregularities, and improprieties (see filing below) that the election results for the office of president of the United States cannot be determined.
Because the mail-in process was so fatally flawed, the results cannot be audited, which may have been the governor’s objective when he acted unilaterally to replace voting machines last year and demanded certain election reforms.

In any business or organization, internal controls are designed to deter wrongdoing. Likewise, elections require reasonable controls to ensure that the results accurately reflect the will of the voters. The system of controls over voting in Pennsylvania’s 2020 General Election were so deficient as to render the results of the mail-in ballot process incapable of being relied upon.

The Second COVID Wave Was Avoidable. James Stansbury – “these exceptionally powerful WEF progressives may believe that their cause is so essential that nothing would be off-limits to achieve a Biden victory and continuation of the worldwide chaos.”

“So far, the data confirm that there are real concerns. However, a greater question is whether most of the total COVID-19 deaths and damage from lockdowns could have been avoided. Evidence has existed from the start that an inexpensive drug was available that could have tamed the beast. However, this drug’s off-label use for COVID-19 has been discouraged in the U.S. and most Western nations. Perhaps its early mention by President Trump inspired the leftist MSM to create the negative propaganda. However, this may not explain its ban by most Western nations.

Many reputable doctors went on record supporting its use, but so far, they have succeeded only in risking their careers and getting censored.

The Republicans depended upon the Constitution and the Law as their foundation. The Democrats built their own to suit their immediate needs and desires. The battle is about whether this new build is acceptable. It does appear that helf the country thinks so.

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Blinded by Self-Righteousness

The Woke Housewives of Silicon Valley. Daniel Greenfield – “The Woke Housewives of Silicon Valley, whether or not they actually live there, have amassed enormous wealth with little responsibility or understanding of how the people they hurt live.” … “the one constant of the Woke Housewives of Silicon Valley is that they use their massive wealth to wreck other places,” … “Wokeness is a movement of white women who lack any sense of meaning or purpose.” … “Unlike real religion, wokeness permits the lefty super-rich to evade a moral reckoning with their sins, using the rest of the country as scapegoats”

Seven Identifiers for those Blinded by Self-Righteousness. Josh Laxton – “Self-righteousness pervades individuals, families, and organizations, so we must learn how to recognize it.” … “Self-righteousness is more than a trait—it is a state, a condition, or a way of life. It refers to those who are holier-than-thou, pharisaic, or sanctimonious.”

Denigrating Hoover. Victor Davis Hanson – “Matt Larson … alleges that we at Hoover are purportedly “more interested in making money and promoting right-wing politics than in doing actual academic research.” Hanson replies to an ad hominem argument so typical of the Left. “These are serious writs against our institution and yet mostly leveled without substantiation.” … “Are we to laugh or cry at that puerile tirade?” Compare and contrast modes of argument.

25 former D.C. Bar presidents can be wrong. Paul Mirengoff – “In this Washington Post op-ed, 25 former D.C. Bar presidents attack the lawyers who are presenting claims that voter fraud deprived Donald Trump of a substantial number of votes in key states. They contend that these lawyers are undermining democracy. … The claim would be laughable if it did not reveal that so many high-profile lawyers have a distorted view of democracy.” It is this sort of corruption of a bar association and a major media outlet illustrate that is so very frightening. “There is no need for a whiny Washington Post op-ed that asserts without evidence that all voter fraud claims being pursued are frivolous.” The logical fallacy here is the appeal to authority. 

Examining the Evidence for Democrats’ ‘No Evidence of Voter Fraud’ Claim. Jon N. Hall – “Whenever some self-appointed “expert” makes a claim of there being “no evidence” for something, insist that he produce the evidence for his claims. Ask him: what evidence do you have that there is “no evidence”?”

The Dems Had No Choice But to Rig the Election. Ayad Rahim – “This time they were ready — because there was too much at stake.”


Stacey Abrams’s ‘New Georgia Project’ seems to have some problems with voter fraud. Monica Showalter – “What’s disgusting is that Abrams bills herself as Ms. Clean. Actually, she could be even ethically dirtier than even the average machine Democrat.” … “It’s pretty ironic that a group that could paint itself so sensitive to electoral fairness could really be a front for stealing lost elections.”

Does a surveillance video prove Georgia election fraud? Andrea Widburg – “The planners missed two details. First, they forgot to make sure the government’s documents supported the “burst pipe” narrative. … Second, they forgot that the State Farm Arena, where the counting took place, has surveillance cameras all over.” … “it is to be hoped that every intelligent American who is not a partisan media hack – i.e., members of the public, politicians, and judges alike — understands that we’re seeing something better than a smoking gun. In those surveillance videos, we’re actually watching in real time the gun being used to commit the biggest crime in American history.”

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There was that HCQ web site noted yesterday to compile meta-analysis of HCQ effectiveness on covid. There is also an election problems collection at Based Media. “We, at BASEDMedia, are an all-volunteer organization made up of patriots who are committed to exposing to the world the wide-spread voter fraud and election interference that occurred in the U.S. 2020 general election.”

President Trump National Address on The Election: “The Most Important Speech I Ever Made” – Full Video and Transcript… Sundance – where the President summarizes the situation with many examples.

Voter Group in Georgia Has Identified More than 50,000 Illegal Votes – Enough Votes to Move Georgia to Trump Column. Joe Hoft – “One of many volunteer groups, a Georgia-based voter data analytics firm says it has found that about 40,000 illegal votes were cast in Georgia in the November 3 general election. … people who moved from one county to another more than 30 days before the election and voted in their old county, which is illegal according to Georgia law. … The same group also found over 10,000 individuals who voted in the 2020 election who no longer live in the state, which is also illegal”

The Michigan Hearing illustrates just what the perpetrators think of witnesses. See “I Can’t Get a Job Any More Because Democrats Like to Ruin Your Life!” – GOP Witness GOES OFF at Michigan Hearing (VIDEO) and WATCH: Michigan Witness Shuts Down Unhinged Democrat After Being Accused Of Lying.

Masks Are Another Way To Control Society Through Isolation. Stella Morabito – “Mask scolds have been monomaniacal about this virus as if there is no other way to die. What they don’t seem to understand is that this is no way to live.”

Walter E. Williams 1936-2020. Thomas Sowell – “He was my best friend for half a century. There was no one I trusted more or whose integrity I respected more. Since he was younger than me, I chose him to be my literary executor, to take control of my books after I was gone. … But his death is a reminder that no one really has anything to say about such things.” … “We may not see his like again. And that is our loss.”

see also Don Boudreaux who has a list of remembrance links and several posts. “Walter, my dear, dear friend and long-time colleague: Do rest in well-deserved peace. We who are left behind will be inspired by your words and your unexcelled example to carry on the good fight. “In Liberty” – as you signed so many of your letters and autographs.”

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David Horowitz: Where We Are, And What We Face. John Hinderaker – “David Horowitz writes that today’s Left is the same as yesterday’s Left: irredeemably destructive and dishonest. Hating America and working toward its demise is the Left’s pole star. This piece is special to Power Line.”

Media Elites, Not Trump Supporters, Are Disconnected From Reality. John Daniel Davidson – “But here’s the thing. Everything these media elites say about Trump supporters can more properly be said about media elites themselves.” And what they are saying is not pretty.

DoJ Investigates Possible Scheme to Bribe Trump for a Pardon. Patterico – it’s like a brainstorming session trying to envision a nefarious plot. If they didn’t keep floating the fantasies as realities and keep getting shot down, they might get more traction outside of their toadies camp. It’s time to learn the fable about the boy who kept crying “wolf”. Another example from Slate: Trump Is Pondering Preemptively Pardoning His Kids Before Leaving Office.

The Media Stole the 2020 Election Before a Single Vote Was Cast. Don Feder – “They did it over the course of four years by creating a caricature of Donald Trump and convincing voters that to save the country and the planet, his defeat was imperative.”

“They persuaded millions of voters that the president who had turned the economy into a job-creating engine, made us energy independent, secured the borders, transformed an activist judiciary, and returned sanity to American foreign policy, was a monster — a racist megalomaniac, an enemy of the environment, a bungling foreign-policy loner, and an anti-science know-nothing.

Evidence supports Sidney Powell’s claim about global election fraud. Andrea Widburg – “A retired military analyst testified in Arizona that the U.S. has captured the information that was sent overseas. Also, a November 25 declaration from an active-duty military analyst was made public today, which says that, within five days of the election, the analyst was able to connect, which is Dominion’s proprietary URL, to Belgrade, Iran, China — and Barack Obama.”

Crime and Punishment on Campus. Luke Powell – “Have I learned anything? Chiefly that what passes for truth and historical fact on campus is a selective and malleable thing.”

Why Our Universities Have Failed. Victor Davis Hanson – “Something went wrong with the rapidly expanding university in the 1960s, and the new 21st century, high-tech, globalized campus has made the mess it inherited dangerous.”

COVID-19 Lockdowns: Liberty and Science. Ammodotcom – “First, the goalposts moved. … Second, there was an intensification of the authoritarian measures.”

“We should add that a third thing didn’t so much “happen” but was discovered: As it turns out unless you are old (over the age of 65), morbidly obese or suffer from a complicating disorder (such as diabetes or asthma), COVID-19 was little more than a bad cold or the flu.
The generous or naive might say that the COVID-19 health measures are misguided attempts to protect the population. A more hard-nosed or cynical person likely thinks that these measures are a deliberate attempt to enact totalitarian measures leveraging public panic.
there is mounting evidence that government intervention has, surprise of surprises, actually made things worse.

Masks Are As Much A Religious Symbol As A Health Precaution. Joe Allen – “If these makeshift masks are nothing more than terror management for germaphobes, what’s the point?”

“While Facebook and other organizations insist the mask science is settled in its favor, the truth is that at the very least the scientific record is mixed. While neurotic co-workers and draconian baristas command you to obey the state and trust the science, real scientific evidence suggests shaking magic bone-rattles at the sky would provide the same protection.
The credulous “trust the science” crowd is annoying for many reasons, but nothing’s worse than their blind faith in authority.
Most of the folks you see masked at the grocery store, just trudging along as they would any other day, fall into the second category. They’d wear a red Bozo nose and a sequined leotard if it meant they wouldn’t get hassled.
If I choose to visit Rome, I do as the Romans do. The problem is that Rome moved its border to my doorstep, and if Pennsylvania’s ghoulish health secretary is any indication, the centurions are itching to step inside and start barking orders.

Our Overlords Are Using The ‘Big Lie Technique’ To Convince Us Masks Work. Scott Morefield – “Not a soul could have possibly predicted this eight months ago when established science laughed at the idea that a piece of cloth over people’s faces would somehow abate the spread of a highly contagious respiratory virus.”

A response to the propaganda is a website devoted to analysis of HCQ.

4 Life Lessons I Learned Caring For The Elderly That You Need To Read Now. Zeppy Cheng – “Even as sickness and death confronts us at every headline, with Christmas around the corner, there’s no better time to cherish what gives life meaning.”

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