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Facts emerging. What’s that narrative, again?

Facts emerging on Jacob Blake shooting contradict the narrative that sparked riots. Thomas Lifson – “It is stunning how many recent riots over purported racial injustice have been based on phony stories.” The elephant in the room is black crime.

The pattern: in the Floyd case and others, early propaganda vs. later evidence. Neo – “It’s striking how often it happens.” … “But maybe, just maybe, more people have actually gotten fed up with propaganda and lies.”

Kyle Rittenhouse and The Law of the Pursuer. Civis Americanus – “A rodef (plural rodfim) is somebody who pursues somebody else with the objective of causing death or serious physical injury. Din rodef entitles the one pursued, or a bystander, to use reasonable force, up to and including deadly force, to stop the rodef from completing the intended violent crime.”

The Babylon Bee: Journalists Rush To Get Story Out Before It Can Be Ruined By The Facts

Rand Paul, BLM and DC’s street harassment laws. Amber Athey – “Trying to reason with a group that hates you and is motivated by fear and anger is useless” … “Another disturbing element of the Sen. Paul incident is the reaction from the media, which has been shockingly complicit in the violent protests rocking the country.”

Bated Breath for Barr’s Big Break. Erik Gregory and Todd Gregory – “It has been said that fortune favors the bold, and the progressive Democrats at the DOJ, and other federal agencies, have been oh, so bold in recent years, wielding their awesome powers of terror against the political opposition. If Barr’s “answer” to this vast progressive offensive is Kevin Clinesmith, then the progressive Democrats will have won the final victory. Conservatives had better begin thinking in terms of bending knee and tending sheep in servitude to the victorious progressive Democrats.”

I Can’t Stop This Feeling. Liel Leibovitz – “I watched the second night of the Republican National Convention the same way you fall in love or go bankrupt: gradually, but then suddenly stricken by a strange and somewhat inexplicable premonition.”

Get Ailes! Chris Buskirk – [Documentary review] “The Man in the Arena” tells the story of a man in full. Roger Ailes was energetic, ambitious, unorthodox, creative, brilliant, charming, disarming, and a bunch of other things that made all kinds of different people yell, at critical moments, “Get Ailes!”

Meet the Democrats’ Newest Strategist. Roger Kimball – “For Vicky Osterweil, “Looting represents a material way that riots and protests help the community.”

It’s in The Book. Peter Smith – “What can’t be left is the damage a growing lack of belief is having on the fabric of our civilisation. … Exactly how do you respond when rights become purely transactional, driven by a political agenda; when you have no authoritative, immutable, anchor to fall back on?”

“Biblical precepts are that moral code. Perhaps that is too categorical. It is better said in another way, I think. Which is that a society living within a Christian culture would have no truck with any of these so-called rights. None would have ever got to first base. And there is the clue.

They have got to first base and beyond because our Christian culture is crumbling and collapsing. Lies are supplanting truth. It is then not surprising that the fightback is feeble.

It seems that the Wuhan virus’s risks have been grossly exaggerated. Andrea Widburg – “Instead, as weeks have dragged into months, months dragged into the greater part of a year, and Democrat-run states have remained shut down, it’s become apparent that the main reason those states haven’t put the brakes on the Wuhan panic is that opportunistic people are using the panic for political purposes.” See also A look at the weekly CDC report on “COVID-19” deaths and what it really means by Leslie Eastman – “The real meaning of table 3 is that there is a very low chance of dying of COVID-19 without a co-morbidity, especially among young people.”

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Trump Devastates Democrats’ ‘Soul-Crushing Conformity’ and Savior-Complex in RNC Speech. Victoria Taft – “President Trump took full aim at rioters, lawless cities, and the Democrats’ savior-complex in his acceptance speech for the Republican presidential nomination on Thursday, the final night of the four-night convention.”

“CNN criticized the setting, the separation of the chairs, and even the audience, which included people not wearing masks, yet keeping socially distanced. The network and detractors took Trump to task for using the presidential workplace for a political event
NPR: Trump’s mentioning God is a dog whistle to ‘fearful’ white people

Here’s one example in which NPR seemed to take issue with the president. Note the hair-splitting and racial overtones.
The president expanded on the Democrats’ seeming embrace of the “anarchists and agitators” who enforce “speech codes and soul-crushing conformity.”
Democrat standard-bearer Joe Biden was out quickly with a reaction to the president’s speech, taking Trump to task for – wait for it – the rioting in the streets.

Trump’s Soaring and Stinging Substance – Sadly Subdued. Bob Maistros – It appears that the speech was too presidential and not sufficiently Trumpian for Maistros. Maistros seems yet to learn that one needs to be careful criticizing the production before it is done when DJT is the producer and director.

Trump goes scorched earth in RNC 2020 acceptance speech: Michael Goodwin – “Trump threw so many punches at his opponent that, had it been a real heavyweight boxing match, the referee would have stopped it in the middle rounds out of mercy.” … “The only question was whether the pounding was too brutal for those swing voters in the swing states the president is courting.”

Four More Years! John Hinderaker – “Trump’s acceptance speech was the one that mattered. It could, and should have been better.” … “In sum, I think President Trump got some benefit from the GOP convention. By all accounts, it outclassed the Democrats’ effort in style as well as substance. It will be interesting to see whether there is a bounce. If so, I expect it to be small.”

President Trump Offers a Choice Between Loving and Destroying America. Daniel Greenfield – “The “People’s President” gives Americans back their country. Will they take it?” … “President Trump and the array of speakers for the fourth night did not deny that we are a nation in crisis, instead they lit a torch to light the nation’s way out of the tyranny of terror and lies.”

5 Things to Know About Night 4 of the Republican National Convention: Trump’s Powerful Speech. Tyler O’Neil – “Alice Marie Johnson … A bereaved widow speaks against the BLM riots … Ben Carson channels Abraham Lincoln … Millennials for Trump … And the main event: Donald Trump”

Chaos Erupts In DC After GOP Convention; Rand Paul And Wife Chased Down Street By BLM Protesters. Tyler Durden – protesters? Really? Aggravated assault, vandalism, and such behavior is protesting?

Antifa’s ‘Riot Kitchen’ gets busted. Monica Showalter – “Who would have guessed that Antifa had its own soup kitchen to come to after working up an appetite after a hard day’s rioting?” … “Turns out the “Riot Kitchen,” — yes, it’s really called that — may have had some unusual cuisine on its menu:”

“Most likely, based on the report, the ‘vehicles’ described were the Riot Kitchen’s two vehicles, having raised lots of money (but not quite their goals) on GoFundMe, which is turning out to be quite a useful means of getting cash from anonymous and small fry donors, under the banner of “mental health support” with this pitch to the gullible and maybe not so gullible:
The project is a signal of the vast logistical network of these rioters, something that shows they’re organized, and as their aim is to support criminals, part of a conspiracy. An army marches on its stomach, as Napoleon once said, and Antifa itself is an army.

See below for more about GoFundMe’s rather peculiar ideas of appropriate project to fund.

The Michael Flynn Saga Reveals Democrats’ Near-Coup Use Of Federal Power. Margot Cleveland – “Obama administration holdovers and partisan career employees succeeded in causing the ouster of the new administration’s pick for national security advisor.” … “the criminal case is but half the scandal, and the mostly unexamined portion of the plot to force Flynn’s ouster from the Trump administration threatens a more lasting harm to our constitutional republic and the peaceful transition of power.”

Philly Got a Soros DA, Its Murder Rate is the 2nd Highest in the U.S. Daniel Greenfield – “Soros killed a lot more black people than the police.” … “Krasner has dropped two-thirds of felony cases, 37% of illegal gun cases, and 44% of drug cases, while 60% of shooting cases have ended in a dismissal.” See also Virginia Senate passes bill allowing assaulting a police officer to be a misdemeanor.

Lefty media and pols have fallen into a Kyle Rittenhouse trap. Thomas Lifson – “For reasons it did not explain but likely related to these labels, GoFundMe removed accounts set up to fund a legal defense for Rittenhouse” … It’s beginning to look like a Sandman part deux.

“Lin Wood, the superlawyer who has won settlements for Nick Sandmann, stepped up with an offer to defend Rittenhouse after GoFundMe denied hm the opportunity to raise money, and now there is a place where donations can be made. But Wood’s specialty is not criminal law, it is defamation cases, and the odds are good that he has ample scope for raising a lot of money for Rittenhouse.
The wheels of justice turn very slowly, so we will have to wait some time for verdicts in the criminal proceedings against Rittenhouse, if they continue to be pressed. But I expect Lin Wood already is gathering evidence for libel lawsuits over the hasty and ill-advised labeling of Rittenhouse as a white supremacist and white nationalist.

Coronavirus Contextualized, 20th edition: Exploring, through data, COVID-19 in Nevada and beyond. Megan Messerly – Obsessed with numbers? Try these:

“Statewide, there have been 2,218 COVID-19 cases reported for every 100,000 residents, meaning about 2.2 percent of the state’s population has tested positive for COVID-19.
The seven-day average daily test positivity rate was 15.8 percent on Thursday, down from a high point of 26.2 percent on Aug. 5,
The data show that the state hit a high point of deaths on Aug. 20, when the seven-day average of new deaths reported each day was 20.7. Since then, there have been some day-to-day fluctuations, however the number of new deaths reported each day have generally decreased, sitting at 14.3 as of Thursday.
As of Wednesday, the most recent day for which hospitalization data is available, there were 727 people hospitalized with COVID-19, down from a high point of 1,165 hospitalizations at the peak on July 31.

The population of the state is just over three million with 75% in Las Vegas. These numbers of around a thousand in this or that category are talking about 1 for every 3,000 people. At that rate, the odds of you being personally acquainted with someone in one of those categories is rather small.

Is The Coronavirus Crisis Finally Over? I & I Editorial Board – “overall weekly deaths, which have been inflated due to COVID-19 fatalities, have almost converged with the roughly horizontal line that shows the average expected number of deaths.” … “we’re upbeat, buoyed by the facts, and Leavitt’s experience- and knowledge-based observations. We hope policymakers will look at the data and find it as compelling as we do. We don’t need the “new normal” that many insist we learn to live with but a return to the normal we had before the pandemic frightened officials into panicked decisions.”

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Oh! The irony.

Last Week, then This Week …

The Stench of Mendacity at the Democratic Convention. Conrad Black – “The virtual gathering was an unintended profession of the total moral bankruptcy of the Democratic campaign. There were no positive suggestions, nothing but hatred of President Trump.” … “The opening two nights of the Democratic national convention this week produced the greatest deluge of monstrous political falsehoods in any two evenings of American television history.”

God? Who’s That? John Hinderaker – “Democratic delegates booed God, I believe, during both their 2012 and 2016 conventions. One might have thought that in 2020, with the Democratic convention being virtual, almost entirely scripted and pre-recorded, with no delegates actually present, such spontaneous anti-God demonstrations would no longer embarrass the party.”

The GOP’s ‘Great American Story’ will play well at the ballot box. Roger Kimball – “The Republicans kicked things off in a spirit of affirmation and hope.”

6 Quick Takeaways From Third Night Of Republican National Convention. Mollie Hemingway – “What’s different about this year’s Republican National Convention and the current Republican Party is that unlike all the previous years, everyone seems eager and ready to fight the slurs from the media and other Democrats.”

“Last night, Ari Fleischer commented on how new it was to see large groups of people praising Donald Trump. He said that conventions that repeat platitudes don’t move voters but ones that give people something new to reflect on do.

Because of the media being so hysterically anti-Trump and suppressing the news, this convention is the first time in about four years that non-leftist Americans have seen other Americans reflecting their positive views about Trump and the administration. It’s emboldening for Republican and Independent voters as they prepare for the fall campaign that will surely include many surprises.

Lib Media Ignores Biggest Convention Story: Trump’s Aggressive Outreach To Black Voters. I & I Editorial Board – “Does Team Trump know something that the press is also ignoring: Namely, that he has an opportunity to win black support that Biden desperately needs to win? … Well, consider the material that Biden has given Trump.” … “If Trump does manage to bring more black voters to his side, the press will act shocked and dumfounded. No one else should be.”

From DNC Irony to Parody. Victor Davis Hanson – “The point is not what Democrats say against Donald Trump, or the irony of their rhetoric, but the very fact that their opposition somehow exempts them from the absurdities of their own paradoxes.”

Democrats May Have Violated Civil Rights By Forcing Nursing Homes to Admit COVID-Positive Patients. Tyler O’Neil – “The DOJ’s Civil Rights Division is considering launching investigations under the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA), which protects the civil rights of persons in state-run nursing homes, among other institutions.”

The Democrats’ Latest Religious Test. Editorial of The New York Sun – “No sooner did President Trump air at the Republican convention Secretary of State Pompeo’s endorsement video recorded in Jerusalem than the Biden camp is unleashing a new objection — that the secretary is too religious to represent all of the American people. We kid you not. This has got to be the most desperate, offensive, and unconstitutional claim against a state secretary that the Democrats have ever aired.”

Lefties trying to get Tucker Carlson fired over Kenosha commentary. Thomas Lifson – “Ankle biting critics, jealous of his status as host of the eponymous top-rated cable news show, seized upon perfectly reasonable comments he made on Wednesday’s edition of his show and launched a campaign to boycott his advertisers” … “His critics distorted his message, falsely claiming he “justified murder” and was “inciting violence”

The Worst Part About Fake ‘Anti-Racism’ Is That It Forces Us To Live Lies. Katya Sedgwick – “America under the sway of the Black Lives Matter movement is reminding me of life in the Soviet Union: One’s entire existence is premised on something believed to be untrue.”

After Kenosha — Divided We Stand. Tom Luongo – “This is a war between radicalized lunatics bathed in unquenchable envy and self-pity and those who refuse to act like victims.”

“In 2016 we tried to tell them, peacefully, enough was enough. We elected Donald Trump, of all people, to be our standard bearer. We did it the way we were taught was the right way, through the ballot box.
The animals I see on the streets under the auspice of what the media calls ‘peaceful protests’ beating people to within inches of their lives for the crime of being white and defending their property have no humanity.

Cornered murder suspect kills himself; mob accuses police of killing him and sets off looting downtown Minneapolis. Thomas Lifson – “Last night offered a warp speed example of mob violence triggered by utterly bogus charges of police misbehavior resulting in the sack of the premier shopping district of a major American city.” … “These were not people stealing out of desperation, these were violent thugs who wanted nice stuff but were unwilling to work and earn and pay for it themselves. Any excuse will do.”

Waking the Sleeping Giant. H.P. Smith – “In recent weeks, not only have we seen some very large holes punched in the narrative of what happened to George Floyd, but we’ve also seen the very thin veil come off, as the “peaceful protests” by Black Lives Matter and Antifa rapidly devolved into perhaps the worst string of violent riots the country has ever seen.”

“What is new is something we’re starting to see happen around the country more and more (but not if you’re watching most of the mainstream media, because they will not show it). We are finally starting to see a pushback by John Q. Public; and I believe we’ll see more as the weeks and months go by.

In Kenosha, The Seeds of Civil War. Scott McKay – “Antifa rioters reap a bitter harvest in a once-placid Wisconsin town.”

“I think the genie is out of the bottle. I think Kenosha showed us a glimpse of it. And I think unless the political class in states like Wisconsin, Oregon, Washington, New York, Minnesota, and elsewhere finally wakes up, the sad fact is it could well require thousands or even millions of Kyle Rittenhouses to put out the fires raging along Lake Michigan and elsewhere.

Chefs’ Awards Cancelled Because Winners are the Wrong Race. Daniel Greenfield – “That’s a little snippet from a New York Times story on the cancellation of the James Beard awards for chefs because the black nominees never made it to the finals.” … “This is the real racism.”

Why Are Medical Authorities Playing Games With COVID Treatments? Deborah Hutchins – “We can no longer avoid questions about the elevation of Remdesivir and suppression of hydroxychloroquine.” … “In trenchant terms, Raoult calls out the journal for publishing studies with such egregious flaws that the practices would not pass muster at his teaching hospital in Marseille.” … “When will we witness unblemished science, probing journalism, and a true commitment to the common good? Alas, Dr. Raoult, they abuse our patience indeed.”

When Panic is Mistaken for Policy. Augusto Zimmermann – “By taking an “at war” approach to fighting COVID-19 – the widespread shutdowns and isolation of the entire population – rather than a “surgical strike” approach focusing on the truly vulnerable, Dr Katz believes that “we have set ourselves on the path of “uncontained viral contagion and monumental collateral damage” to our society and economy.” … “The level of delusional thinking is truly astonishing, although it certainly reveals the authoritarian mindset of politicians who expect extreme obedience and unquestioning submission from the Australian people.”

Nevada continues to encourage close contacts of people with COVID-19 to get tested, despite new federal guidelines. Megan Messerly – “ whether or not they have symptoms” … the testing is being used as a primary tool of the propaganda campaign supporting tyrannical government edicts.

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The natives are getting restless; the war drums are thundering

While Claiming To Champion Justice, Democrats Are Letting American Cities Burn. Nathanael Blake – “Regardless of whether Biden or Trump wins in November, we will all be stuck with the Democrats’ choice to let our cities burn.”

“The leaders of the Democratic Party think they are destroying America in order to save it. Our nation’s urban revival, of which New York City was the preeminent example, was one of the great successes of the last few decades. Now this achievement is in danger as the costliest civil unrest in American history drags on, enabled by the deliberate fecklessness of Democratic leaders.
Amid the destruction, the national media repeat the words “mostly peaceful” to the point of absurdity, using protests as moral cover for vandalism, arson, looting, assault, and even murder. Democratic leaders have followed suit.

Seattle rioters tried to seal a precinct door with concrete before starting a fire outside. John Sexton – “for pure evil intent this is really something.”

Sisolak rejects Cegavske’s request for ‘ballot harvesting’ regulations, says it echoes ‘voter suppression rhetoric’. Riley Snyder – “while also criticizing Cegavske for attempting to “politicize” the emergency regulation process.” This is how the Left does it: deny, attack, impugn, smear …

A Bulldog Nation Divided. John Leonard – “Usually the Bulldog Nation doesn’t lose our collective mind until we’ve suffered our first loss of the season… but when that happens, we typically go for complete insanity.”

“Last night unexpectedly became chaotic because Herschel Walker, unanimously considered by Dawg fans to be the greatest player in Georgia history and believed by many to have been the greatest running back in the history of college football, spoke about his long friendship with the president at the Republican National Convention in order to defend President Donald Trump against unfair and untrue allegations of racism.
my point to the forum members was abundantly clear — we don’t bash the legend even if we might not like his politics. Personally, I thought it was a terrific speech, but I was disappointed to read all the hateful tweets and comments coming from liberals triggered by Walker’s show of support for Donald Trump, especially those directed toward his son on Twitter, even though that particular social media venue is a cesspool and it should not be unexpected that “Uncle Tom” began trending along with his name.

I Didn’t Vote for Tyranny. Did You? James Allan – “never in my wildest dreams did I think that I was voting for what amounts to the most socialist (as in big government, big spending, public sector thrives while private sector withers) government in Australia’s history.”

“Or look at the individual US states. Those with Republican governors were far, far less heavy-handed and intrusive than those with a Democratic Governor. What have these looser lockdowns by Republican governors delivered – in South Dakota absolutely no new laws at all, not even Sweden’s ban on large gatherings? Well, fewer deaths. You see deaths are 67 percent higher in Democrat States than in Republican ones, and the deaths per million of population are 41 percent higher in Democrat States.

How Do We Save People from the Tyranny of Lockdown? Katie Hopkins – “The specific things we can all do.” … “Our reaction to this virus has been far more aggressive and deadlier than the virus itself.” … “for those bold enough, we need to challenge this infernal lockdown wherever it manifests. Not in small arguments or petty confrontations with those who are powerless. But at its heart, where the power lies. Governors, Senators, Congressmen and those paid to represent you. Make them feel the reality of what you forced to endure.”

It can happen here. In fact, it is happening here. Paul Mirengoff – “The authoritarian left isn’t content just to block speech it disagrees with. It also wants to force people into making leftist utterances and gestures.” … “It will take considerable planning and courage to counter leftist authoritarianism.”

8 Quick Takeaways From The Second Night Of The Republican National Convention. Mollie Hemingway – “It’s not just that the Republican convention is going well, but that the Democratic counter-programming of riots and mobs couldn’t be worse for Democrats.”

The Republican National Convention’s Night Two Was An Antidote To Media Lies. David Marcus – “The second night of the Republican National Convention showed America the truth about Donald Trump’s first four years.”

“On the heels of a widely praised first night that showed contrast not only politically but stylistically to the Democrats’ Zoom convention of last week, night two of the Republican National Convention featured the theme “Land of Opportunity.” The second night of a convention is a tricky business. It doesn’t have the excitement of opening night, or the clear stars, the vice president and president on nights three and four. Both conventions chose to make the wife of the ticket topper the final speaker on night two.

Both sides are eager to call the other’s convention dark, gloomy, and angry, so the opportunity theme was meant to blunt such an inevitable attack. In this respect it succeeded, especially the first lady’s gracious remarks. The line-up was full of economic-focused folks, not so much culture warriors, and the clear goal of the evening was to say we did it before and we can do it again about jobs and economic growth.
The bottom line is that the Republican National Convention is exposing three years of lies from the corporate media. It is devastating, it is true, and it is glorious.

See also Nick Sandmann speaks at RNC and CNN analyst (and former Clinton press secretary) takes the bait by Thomas Lifson; If you want to see media malice in a single article… by Andrea Widburg – “Trump is right. Our mainstream media outlets are not about the news. They’re not even about being honestly partisan. They are, instead, blatantly dishonest Democrat party propaganda outlets.”

The Stunning Gullibility Of ‘Republicans For Biden’. I & I Editorial Board – “Trump Derangement Syndrome is spreading faster than COVID-19.” See also The Republican Convention Is Proof: The Party of Bush, McCain and Romney Is Dead by Robert Spencer.

Biden National Outdoor Mask Mandate Isn’t Just Unconstitutional, It’s Anti-Science. Tristan Justice – “Let’s institute a mask mandate nationwide starting immediately, and we will save lives.” … “According to researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the United Kingdom in a paper released Thursday examining several metrics of social distancing, being outside presents almost no risk of contracting the novel Wuhan coronavirus on its own.” It does indicate some reduced risk when masks or worn – that raises the question about accommodating other evidence.

Five COVID-19 Charts Democrats Can’t Let You Know About. I & I Editorial Board – “Fact checkers somehow missed Biden’s flagrant abuse of statistics.” … “But the number of infections and deaths is meaningless out of context. What matters is how many have died per capita, how many who’ve been infected have succumbed to the disease and where the trends are right now.” … “So share these charts far and wide.” See also Monica Showalter.

From ‘Angry Penguins’ to an Unquestioned ‘Emu’. Tony Thomas – “The three guides’ underlying goal is to recruit child soldiers in the culture wars.” It’s the same deceit used to bash Western Culture elsewhere.

How Science is Revolutionizing the World of Dog Training. Winston Ross – “I was about a month into raising a new border collie puppy, Alsea, when I came to an embarrassing realization: my dog had yet to meet a Black person.” Sorry, this piece isn’t about science. Pavlov and his ilk are tossed aside to bash misperceptions of culture (and behavioral conditioning). It’s the straw man logical fallacy.

FAIL: Despite Media Alarm, Back-to-Back Gulf Hurricanes Have Happened Before. Anthony Watts – “Typical alarmist, confusing weather with climate for an agenda. … Dunning, CNN, and Medina are wrong, and badly so. All they had to do is look at the historical records of hurricanes to know this has happened before, and it is nothing new.”

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particularly rich: hypocrisy, deceit … all the usual

Is There Any Limit To What We’ll Do To ‘Stop Coronavirus’? Bob Anderson – “Until recently — March 2020, to be exact — we could rely on the Constitution and Bill of Rights to constrain government’s control of our lives, but with the arrival of one virus, our legal rights seem to have been deemed irrelevant, completely subordinated to the arbitrary whims of politicians. Apparently, they can do anything now, as long as they proclaim it in the name of “safety.””

The Stunning Gullibility Of ‘Republicans For Biden’. I & I Editorial Board – “Their gullibility and naivete are a wonder to behold.” … “Flake calling Trump not a conservative is particularly rich, given that Trump has done more to advance the conservative agenda – on economics, foreign policy, social issues – than any president, including Ronald Reagan.” … “One of the worst features of the “Republicans for Biden” contingent, however, is the fact that they are excusing the Democrats’ behavior over the past four years.”

Media Ignore Facts, Science To Blame Trump For COVID-19 Deaths. Anna Lynn and James Agresti – “By misusing anecdotes and stripping data of vital context, these media figures have woven a narrative that is at stark odds with reality. As documented below with credible primary sources, the hard facts show that:” Note also the smears and derision that go along with the hyperbolic allegations in the examples used.

HCQ All Over Again: WaPo Trashes Blood Plasma COVID-19 Treatment After Trump Announces Breakthrough. Matt Margolis – “Gee, I wonder why they suddenly had a change of heart.”

“Is this really how it’s going to go every time? The media and the Democratic Party demonized hydroxychloroquine immediately after Trump suggested it could be a gamechanger. Countries that are widely using the drug have lower death rates from COVID-19 than those that aren’t. The left’s fear campaign has cost likely thousands of lives but they don’t care because the worse the United States’ death count looks the better chances there are that Trump won’t get reelected.

Will convalescent plasma meet the same fate as hydroxychloroquine? Is the media that desperate to get rid of Trump they’ll scare the public away from treatments that could save their lives?

Coronavirus in one state (90). Scott Johnson – “One reporter also asked a disparaging question about the FDA emergency use authorization for convalescent blood plasma at about 30:00. Ehresmann gave a good response, but nothing quite as informative as the Power Line reader and internist who wrote us yesterday:”

CNN Unprecedentedly Interrupts President’s Convention Speech to Attack Him. Daniel Greenfield – “and begin a rambling defense of the Democrats under the guise of a ‘fact check’. If the media wants to conduct its editorializing and call them fact checks, the time to do that is after a presidential speech, not during it.”

Democrats and NeverTrump carpetbaggers lie about Trump’s acceptance speech. Andrea Widburg – “When you read the reasoning, you can see that CNN, accidentally or intentionally, confused “objective” facts with “subjective” opinions to justify saying that Trump stated “outright lies.” … The only lie is CNN’s when it explicitly accused Trump of falsehoods. … What the despicable Lincoln Project did, though, was even worse than CNN’s behavior:” … “Trump’s speech was vintage Trump: funny, boastful, a little disorganized, powerful, and filled with love for his country. No wonder the haters were willing to do anything possible to keep people from hearing it.”

Hollywood Celebs Melt Down Over Republican National Convention: ‘Is Anyone Else Throwing Up Right Now?’ David Ng – “Bette Midler, who live tweeted the RNC’s first night, falsely claimed that “Trump delivered zero,” omitting the president’s accomplishments in trade, jobs, immigration, the Middle East, and the border wall.” … “Actors Alec Baldwin, Dave Bautista and Mia Farrow mocked Mark and Patty McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who used firearms to defend their home against Black Lives Matter protestors.” … “Trump nemesis Kathy Griffin mocked the president for inviting former hostages to speak during the convention.” It is rich.

More Random Thoughts When Not Out Protesting. Larry Elder – “Facts to a leftist are like daylight to a vampire.”

“Democrats and the media call Trump a fascist/Nazi/tyrant/Russian asset/mentally unfit/grifter/sexist/racist/xenophobic/homophobic/anti-Semitic/stupid/congenital liar/sex predator/hate monger/illegitimately elected. How dare respected constitutional law professor John Eastman merely ask about the legal status of Harris’ parents at the time of her birth?

Trump accepted his nomination with a rousing speech. Andrea Widburg – “From the start, Trump was on fire. He opened by dropping a hint that, in the Russia Hoax investigation, we should expect more revelations and possibly more indictments.”

“Pivoting to campaign mode, Trump told the audience that a successful country is a unified country.
Trump did not forget the “China virus.” He pointed out that we’ve learned a great deal about the “invisible enemy.” Additionally, Trump said his administration had saved millions of lives with his speedy border closure and a government and business partnership the likes of which hasn’t been seen since World War II.
There’s no doubt that Trump is worried about the Democrat party’s machinations.
Trump rounded out his speech with a laundry list of his accomplishments.

A ragecat GOP convention with a fierce message of ‘fight’. Monica Showalter – “The GOP is getting angry. … But it was a positive anger, one that explicitly targeted the left and all its lies, all its incredible miasmas of power. Several speakers explicitly denounced socialism.” … “First, there were the myth-busters. … Also notable were the COVID first responders … There were also the ringers of tocsin bells,” … “Yes there was uplift in these speeches, but I liked the fighting quality best, the ragecat feeling of it. This is a GOP that intends to fight.”

The RNC Speech From Parkland Shooting Victim’s Father Was Just Stunning. Jazz Shaw – “His daughter Meadow was one of the students killed during the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida in 2018. ”

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Get on with my life? With all that FUD mongering, hate and bile in the wind?

The Significance of the Israel-UAE Peace. Joseph Puder – “The new paradigm in the Middle East. … Perhaps the most significant factors in the Israel-UAE peace are political, strategic, and psychological.”

“Unlike previous peace treaties Israel concluded with Egypt and Jordan, the impending peace treaty between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), engineered by President Donald Trump, will be a warm peace. It won’t be just peace between the two governments that leaves the people of the two nations apart and hostile. This peace treaty will involve the Israeli and Emirati communities in trade, tourism, economic development, medical cooperation, intelligence sharing, sport exchanges, and cultural and religious activities. Israeli businesspeople are already operating in the UAE, and their Emirati counterparts have visited Israeli technology centers and Jerusalem. Both Emiratis and Israelis are awaiting with eager anticipation to have direct flights from Tel Aviv to Dubai. Thousands of Israelis are ready to visit the wonders of Dubai, the world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa), the luxurious Burj al Arab hotel, the Palm Islands, the Dubai mall, and of course the upcoming Dubai Expo 2020. Emiratis are eager to visit the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, the biblical antiquities, and the Hermon ski slopes. Israeli athletes have already been admitted to sport events in the UAE. Emirati athletes will also compete in Israeli sports events.

Waiting for John Kerry or someone like him. Scott Johnson – “Triggered by Kerry’s speech at the Democratic National Convention last week, David Harsanyi reviews the excruciating history in  “History Keeps Proving John Kerry Wrong.” Analyze this:”

Skepticism about the Bannon Indictment. Benjamin Wetmore – “During the Stockman trial, I saw the federal prosecutor’s tactics up close. … a close reading of the [Bannon] indictment shows that the politicization of the DOJ by elements of the radical left has been its own long-running fraud.”

“In a non-politicized judiciary, the question would be whether any donors made their donation relying on that statement, which almost assuredly they did not. The statement is not “material” and the “reliance” by the donor is likely near-zero. But again, from the example of Steve Stockman, the two donors involved in that case both said they didn’t care how the money was spent, didn’t check in on it, and wouldn’t have anyway because the amounts were so small. In political trials the facts don’t matter, and Bannon, as with Stockman, will suffer from a media avalanche of criticism swaying the jury and judge to push him into prison.
The defense against these ongoing persecution prosecutions is an informed skeptical public reading between the lines.
Steve Bannon may be guilty, or he may be innocent of the charges. He may also be innocent or guilty of other unindicted conduct. But no one should think that innocence will save him from conviction or prison

A Potential Landslide Agenda. Scott McKay – “An optimistic President Trump touting a positive platform.” … “Fighting for You!” “President Trump’s boundless optimism and certainty in America’s greatness is reflected in his second-term goals and stands in stark contrast to the gloomy vision of America projected by Joe Biden and Democrats.”

“What’s noticeable about it is that Trump’s agenda isn’t really all that ideological. It’s more like a performance agenda, which talks about things people on the center-right would like to see.
There isn’t a lot in here that looks like a political risk. It’s all typical Trump stuff, and it would be reasonable to call it more populist than conservative. But what it does is to reestablish Trump as an agent of change, something the public wants out of its president, without making him a wild-eyed radical.

America’s leading white supremacist announces his surprise endorsement. Andrea Widburg – “To fully appreciate what should be one of the biggest stories in the presidential campaign, there are two things you need to know: (1) who Richard Spencer is and (2) what the “fine people hoax” is.”

The remodeled White House rose garden drives Democrats mad. Andrea Widburg – “Part of being insane, apparently, means being clueless about the flowers that bloom in the spring:” … “What’s sad about the above craziness emanating from the Democrat end of the spectrum is that these two women sound almost sane compared to some other screams of outrage.”

Plasma Treatment Evokes Political Response. John Hinderaker – “I don’t know whether Trump’s belief that regulators are deliberately dragging their feet for political reasons is correct or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Trump Derangement Syndrome is present in the medical bureaucracy, as everywhere else in Washington. I doubt that a vaccine will have been tested long enough to be approved for general use by the beginning of November, but we can be sure that if such a vaccine is approved by then, it will be greeted with the same howls of politically-motivated dismay that we saw following yesterday’s announcement.”

“Get On With Your Lives!” – Oxford Professor Says “People Have Become Overly Frightened” Of COVID-19. Tyler Durden – “Even though BoJo’s system of localized COVID-19 measures seems to be working, the unrelenting hysteria peddled by the British press has left millions of Britons traumatized. … as the death rate has declined, it’s notable that cases and deaths have continued to decline even as society has opened up. … It’s all just one more reason to support the Swedish approach. ”

The Thin Veneer Of American Civilization… Has Been Blown Away. Victor Davis Hanson [via to ZeroHedge] – “once beautiful New York City is in danger of becoming the nation’s aneurysm. That is, after the “recovery,” it and other blue cities may be seen as permanent weak veins and arteries prone to sudden fatal hemorrhaging that could implode at any moment, and thus may become metaphorically tied off, as the country reroutes around them.” … “Once upon a time, trying to torch a federal courthouse would earn years in prison. And simply taking over a large chunk of a downtown to re-create Lord of the Flies was unthinkable. Not now…”

“I wager that the NBA, the NFL, and perhaps even major-league baseball will soon have a come-to-Jesus moment. Either they will continue with the kneeling, the left-wing sloganeering, the mock-heroic logos, and the finger-pointing at their audiences, and thus slowly grow shriller and more irrelevant as Americans refuse to subsidize insults to their persons and country — or they will quietly return to the pre-Kaepernick world (as the NFL, for example, had in 2019) when politics was seen as bad business in a business, for-profit sport.

If the virus, lockdown, recession, and street violence have taught us anything, it’s that Americans don’t need LeBron James offering another pro-Chinese banality, another Kaepernick ad that hails his “courage,” or another appeasing quarterback fresh out of a North-Korean-like reeducation camp, apologizing for his now incorrect honoring of the flag.
The advantage of a Princeton or Stanford degree is now exposed not as proof of a superior education, but simply the purchase of a cattle brand to separate one’s future career from the herd — not much different from having Michael Jordan’s name on an otherwise pedestrian pair of tennis shoes.
The Sixties generation is going out as it came in: gross, loud, and cowardly, destroying the very institutions for others that it so selfishly consumed for its own benefit.

If we wish to know why America’s veneer of civilization was so thin, and this year so easily scraped away, revealing barbarism beneath, look to a generation’s architects in the university, the media, sports, corporations, and politics who long ago seeded their cultural IEDs and are now giddy they are at last going off, though terrified that the ensuing blasts are reverberating ever closer to home.

The Bill Comes Due for Renewable Energy. Alan Moran – “In addition to the direct regulatory cost as estimated by the AEMC, the average household annually pays for: government subsidies … Consequential increases to wholesale prices … Additional costs, about $70, for transmission and the Snowy2 scheme, which are being introduced to offset some of the unreliability … Further administrative costs”… Australia is not alone. The president of NV Energy sent out an email blast concerning requests for cutbacks in the heat of summer and bragging about installing significant infrastructure to support ‘green’ energy initiatives.

That Dirty Green Energy. I & I Editorial Board – “Those solar panels so precious to the you-must-conform greenshirts are a particularly nasty environmental menace. … Left out of the often mistaken, never in doubt assertions of renewables’ unalloyed goodness is the fact that the hardware used is hardly renewable. It wears out and needs to be replaced. Then what?”

Solar panels are starting to die. What will we do with the megatons of toxic trash? Maddie Stone – “They are also complex pieces of technology that become big, bulky sheets of electronic waste at the end of their lives — and right now, most of the world doesn’t have a plan for dealing with that.”


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Whiplash – need a neck brace for the mind?

Usurping Or Preserving Private Property? Gary M. Galles – “Cato’s Letters reflected Locke’s ideas of natural rights, and were, in turn, reflected in America’s founding. As we will vote just days from the tricentennial of the first installment, their commitment to the conjoined twins of liberty and private property merits serious reconsideration today. We should remember that someone who would undermine the rights of individuals to their property cannot defend, much less expand, our common liberty.”

One Word Was Mysteriously Absent From The Democrats’ Convention. I & I Editorial Board – “Democrats spent almost the entire past four years arguing that Trump was an illegitimate president because Russia interfered with the election. They spent every waking minute trying to drive him out of office for supposedly enlisting Ukraine to help with his reelection. … And now their big complaint is that he’s been dissing the U.S. Postal Service?”

“if impeachment was never that serious — which Democrats have admitted by omission — why should anyone take seriously the arguments they are making for Trump’s defeat in November?
News keeps piling up that Trump is absolutely right to warn that the universal mail-in voting schemes being pushed by Democrats will be an unmitigated disaster.
Take a look at death rates by state and you will immediately notice that they are magnitudes higher in states run by Democrats than those run by Republicans. How is Trump to blame for this exactly?
Now, having contributed significantly to the hatred and division, Democrats say the only way to restore calm is to put them in power. It’s political extortion. Doesn’t that sound like a high crime and/or misdemeanor?

Count Some of the Votes! John Hinderaker – “Democrats will do whatever it takes to win, and are shameless about shifting from one theory to another. … Such hypocrisy is all in a day’s work if you are a Democrat.”

A Sort-of Goodbye to Germany? Victor Davis Hanson – “Six years ago, all NATO members pledged to spend 2 percent of their GDP on defense. Yet only eight of 29 so far have kept their word. … Merkel’s reneging on her 2014 pledge helps explain why less wealthy and influential NATO members also see no reason to meet their obligations.”

According to its founders, NATO was created for three reasons: to keep the always aggressive Russians “out” of Europe, to keep the often isolationist Americans “in” to help protect it, and to keep the supposedly restless Germans “down” in order to avoid a replay of their invasions that ignited both world wars.

John Kerry’s just mad that Trump’s foreign policy is working far better than his. David Harsanyi – “It took approximately 20 seconds for former Secretary of State John Kerry to drop the first flagrant lie in his Democratic National Convention speech, when he claimed that the Obama administration’s so-called Iran deal had “eliminated the threat of an Iran with a nuclear weapon.” It didn’t get any better from there.”

Public health recommendations for the next pandemic, made in 2006. neo – “Cooler heads did not prevail, fear has been heightened, most of the suggestions in this article have not been followed, and we have moved towards catastrophe.”

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A lie told often enough with vigor …

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy Testifies Before Congress. Tyler Durden – “Below is the prepared opening remarks by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy”

Biden Repeats Charlottesville Lie in Dishonest and Divisive DNC Acceptance Speech. Debra Heine – “Biden never misses an opportunity to fulminate against the torch-carrying neo-nazis and their bulging veins, but besides lying about President Trump’s “very fine people” comment, he also grossly mischaracterized the events of that day to suggest that the violent antifa and BLM counter-protesters were—well—very fine people.” … “Following Biden’s speech, Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, suggested on Twitter that Biden had disqualified himself by telling “the most divisive lie in American history.” But then … FNC’s Wallace: Biden Speech ‘Enormously Effective’ — He ‘Blew a Big Hole’ in Trump Attacks by Pam Key – doesn’t look like integrity matters to Wallace.

Hatred, Prejudice and Rage. John Hinderaker – “That phrase is President Trump’s, and it sums up today’s Democratic Party very well.”

Greenland’s Melting Ice Sheet: Nothing To Worry About. I & I Editorial Board – “he’s more worried about panic caused by sensational reports than climate “tipping points.” … Another salient point missed by the media is that Greenland was warmer in the 1930s than it is today. Why didn’t the ice sheet reach a “point of no return” then but has now when it’s cooler? It was also warmer, according to Climate Depot, 11,000 years ago than in the present.” … “Science doesn’t lock onto a single perspective or theory, claim the issue is settled, and never move from it. But zealotry does. That’s why the global warming religion and its religionists are so dangerous.

A lightning barrage puts the western U.S. on fire. Charles Rotter – “And then there was the most unusual and extreme “lightning barrage” with over 10,000 lightning strokes in 72 hr. Keep in mind this is usually the dry season in California. Let me show you the lightning in 24 h chunks.”

Sweden’s Lead Epidemiologist: Wearing Face Masks Is “Very Dangerous”. Tyler Durden – “because it gives a false sense of security but does not effectively stem the spread of the virus.”

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ground-shaking news: why is it not being widely reported?

What Corporate Media Won’t Tell You About Trump’s Historic Middle East Peace Deal. Helen Raleigh – “Israel’s Abraham Accord agreement with the United Arab Emirates marks a substantial achievement for the mission of peace and stability in the Middle East.”

“Despite the historic nature of this agreement, the Abraham Accord hasn’t received the kind of coverage it deserves. While there are numerous explanations for this — none of them satisfactory or justified — the lack of attention is most likely due to the reluctance of the corporate media to give President Trump, his senior adviser and son-in-law Jarred Kushner, and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu any credit for advancing peace in the Middle East.

Why Is The Media Suppressing Information About Hydroxychloroquine’s Effectiveness Against COVID? Steven Hatfill – “There are now 53 studies that show positive results of hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 infections. So, why is the media still spreading misinformation?”

“There are 14 global studies that show neutral or negative results — and 10 of them were of patients in very late stages of COVID-19, where no antiviral drug can be expected to have much effect. Of the remaining four studies, two come from the same University of Minnesota author. The other two are from the faulty Brazil paper, which should be retracted, and the fake Lancet paper, which was.
This is ground-shaking news. Why is it not being widely reported? Why is the American media trying to run the U.S. pandemic response with misinformation?

Bait-&-Switch: How They’ve Changed The COVID Conversation. Tyler Durden – “The governments have got their foot in the door, and they have no intention of moving it.” … “And everywhere the language is changing. “The New Normal” was about beating Covid19, but now it’s about “covid19 and future pandemics”, or the “other colossal challenges facing humanity”….which can mean literally anything they want it to mean.” … “It used to be about “deaths”, now it’s about “cases”. It used to be about coronavirus, next time it will be about something else.”

More Evidence That Shutdowns Are Useless. John Hinderaker – “The data suggest that lockdowns have not prevented any deaths from covid-19. At best, lockdowns have deferred death for a short time, but they cannot possibly be continued for the long term.”

Ignorance About Covid-19 Risk Is ‘Nothing Short of Stunning,’ Research Report Says; Huge Age Variance. Mark Glennon – “The report blames the ignorance on two major culprits: the quality of information and the extreme politicization of the COVID-19 debate”

How The Replication Crisis Undermines Government By Bureaucracy. Lewis M. Andrews – “Perhaps the best indicator of how the experimental irreproducibility crisis threatens secular progressivism is how lopsided the political response to solving it has been.”

“For decades, critics of secular progressivism have been skeptical of the many billions Congress and state legislatures annually spend on university research, especially in the social sciences. What leftists like to tout as a valuable investment in better understanding and improving the human condition is increasingly seen by others as a cleverly camouflaged marketing effort to justify bigger and more intrusive bureaucracy.
Ever since Ioannidis’s paper, it has become painfully clear that even many of the most influential experiments in sociology, political science, social psychology, economics, climate science, anthropology, education, and medicine cannot be duplicated. Studies supposedly confirming the leftist belief that discriminatory behavior stems from unconscious stereotyping, for example, turn out to be based on highly unreliable methodology.
The leftist social media response to these suggestions has been almost hysterical, labeling them everything from misogynistic to white supremacist to fronts for climate change denialism.

Latest Marriage Data Suggests Dark Future For America If Things Don’t Change Fast. Tim Goeglein and Craig Osten – “The future of our nation is at risk if we don’t take action to reverse the damage that has been done to marriage, family, and parenting in 21st-century America.” … “Perhaps the most important document to come out of the U.S. Senate this year was released last month, and while a report on President Donald Trump’s tax returns, another COVID-19 relief package, or infrastructure legislation likely would have gotten major media attention, this important document flew under the radar.”

Democrats Killed Cannon Hinnant and George Floyd. Daniel Greenfield – “The media is trying to keep a lid on the biggest scandal in a generation.” … “The body of a junkie ex-con who had robbed a pregnant woman at gunpoint was placed in a golden coffin on a horse-drawn hearse while a nation whose cities were burning watched.” … “After twenty years of hard work and success, too many people forgot what made us safe.”

Steve Bannon Arrested And Charged With Fraud By Federal Prosecutors In New York. Tyler Durden – “While these charges are the culmination of a separate investigation from the one that was leaked to the WSJ yesterday (and which we mentioned above), it’s seems to be part of the same wave of charges and aspersions being cast upon the former White House chief strategist.” Political prosecution? New York, ‘nuff said.

Good news: Feds have arrested more than 1,000 in Operation Legend. Paul Mirengoff – “Note this passage in the ABC News report by Alexander Mallin: … I’m not sure why evidence should be expected when someone lists things that “might” be the cause of a recent increase in serious crime. What would count as evidence at this early stage of the surge? Completed questionnaires from criminals?”

Why is the ‘anti-vaxxer’ movement growing during a worldwide pandemic? David Crow and Kiran Stacey – “Concern in the US that Donald Trump will rush to approve a vaccine before the election is playing into wider safety fears.” It’s the next fake conspiracy after the USPS brouhaha and yet another, like stealing mailboxes, that is completely outside of the President’s pervue. The ongoing irrational and fake media bashing is destroying credibility in elections, government, and civil order by feeding fear and doubt.

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Phony is all you have?

The Dems’ Phony Election Mail ‘Crisis’ Is Over, But The Real One Remains. I & I Editorial Board – “the postal service has been plagued with delays for years. Back in 2015, a USPS inspector general issued an alert about a “substantial increase in delayed mail.” … “Blaming Trump for routine delays in the mail and spinning up grand Russia-gate style conspiracies was politically expedient. It offered a new line of attack for Democrats, and gave them a reason to contest the results should he win in November.”

Nevada attorney general joins lawsuit against Trump administration over postal service changes ahead of election. Riley Snyder – “Ford, a Democrat, announced Nevada’s participation in the lawsuit on Tuesday afternoon after national reports emerged that a group of more than 20 Democratic attorneys general across the country were mounting legal challenges to proposed changes to mail delivery.” It’s micromanaging and blocking fixes to age old problems just for political hay. Then there’s the special law promoting ballot harvesting in Nevada: “Nevada lawmakers approved a bill in the most recent special legislative session earlier this month allowing for all active registered voters in the state to automatically receive a mailed ballot. That suggests that the brouhaha over updating and managing the USPS is simply a diversion from a planned attempt at ballot fraud and election discrediting.

This New York Diner’s Response to Snitches and the Overzealous Health Department Will Make Your Day. Megan Fox – “The culture of snitching to ruin people’s lives and businesses is despicable and it’s commendable that A.J.’s Family Diner has the guts to call it out.”

DNC Panelist Lays Out the Party’s Plan: ‘We All Want’ the ‘Destruction’ of Capitalism. Alex Parker – “Is it believable that someone would drive to the store, buy markers and poster board, go home and make signs, sit in traffic for an hour, and spend all day yelling words of which they never paused to discover the meaning?”

On Tuesday night at the DNC America was treated to a two-hour marathon of misleading claims, outright lies and hypocrisy. Justin Haskins – unlike the ‘Trump Lies’ crowd, this one provides another list of description and explanation. Notice the absence of axiomatic presumption, hyperbole, and exaggeration.

“Their election strategy for 2020 is simple: Say and do anything possible to beat Donald Trump, regardless of how dishonest they must be to accomplish their goal.

Only time will tell if their plan will be successful.

Democrats are against Trump — but what are they for? Michael Goodwin – “what are they promising voters if they gain the White House? I honestly don’t know.” … “the messages of the first two nights have been long on pain and grievance and short on hope and faith.”

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Get the story straight. Please?

Stolen Mailboxes? Don’t Fall for Dems’ Latest Conspiracy Theory. Liz Harrington – “Democrats and the media are meddling in our elections again. But this is getting absurd.” … “Never mind every major Postal Service union has endorsed Biden” … “it can’t be a vast conspiracy theory without Hillary Clinton’s projection. “Nothing stops the mail,” the Chardonnay enthusiast tweeted. Except when USPS partnered with unions to allow mail carriers to take time off to try to get Clinton elected, in “systematic violation” of the law.” … “The truth never stops them whipping up a mob.”

Special Prosecutor Finds ‘Substantial Abuses Of Discretion’ In Jussie Smollett Case. John Sexton – “That’s the bottom line but the details are interesting.”

“The report notes that the Office of Special Prosecutor has no authority to find that an attorney has violated professional ethics, so Webb can’t do anything about this himself but he’s clearly waving a flag that maybe this conduct is worthy of some additional action by the “Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission.”

Chris Christie Absolutely Savages John Kasich After ABC Tries to Play Up ‘Republican’ Biden Endorsements. Bonchie – “In the same hour you had John Kasich proclaim that Joe Biden wouldn’t govern as a left-winger, Bernie Sanders took the stage and presented Biden as a puppet for his revolution. There was no congruent message except the orange man being bad” … “On the issue of trust, Christie really laid into Kasich” … “All these “Republicans” who endorsed Biden are just being used, to the extent that they were ever really Republicans.” – Useful tools for the Left to be discarded when convenient?

Trump and Carson have their say on AFFH. Paul Mirengoff – “he fact that Westchester County was never found guilty of housing discrimination, and indeed that such discrimination was never even alleged, shows that AFFH wasn’t about ending housing discrimination. As Stanley Kurtz says, “AFFH was — and remains — a massive social-engineering plan designed to tell Americans where and how to live.” … “Democrats have responded to the revocation of AFFH not by engaging on substance, but by alleging that the decision by Trump and his distinguished African-American HUD Secretary is racist. Fortunately, this mindless claim hasn’t deterred the president.”

Michelle Obama goes low on the first night of the virtual DNC. Karol Markowicz – “She didn’t, for some reason, mention Tamir Rice, Michael Brown or Eric Garner, all of whom died during her husband’s administration. And when Michelle mentioned how ‘children are torn from their families and thrown into cages’, she failed to note that those cages were built and used during her husband’s terms.”

The politicization of hydroxychloroquine. Neo – “I rarely if ever saw a single MSM article mention that little detail. It was not only frustrating, it was infuriating to see the important omission and watch the eager and nearly-gleeful MSM and Democrats push the story that people given the drug were being tremendously harmed by it. I saw this sort of thing happen over and over and over again: studies that used the wrong dose, or the wrong drug, or who gave it at the wrong time, to the wrong population, and every one was reported on with omissions about those facts by those who wanted to discredit the drug.”

Trumpism—A Look Backward and Forward to November. Victor Davis Hanson – “Between the abyss and what goes on in Portland and the Magnificent Mile, there is for the moment nothing else but Trump standing in the breach.”

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Is the third act commencing? Gullibility uncovered and resolved?

Panic. Delusion. FUD Mongering. It’s all on display and in your face.

Covid Confusion Is Largely Intentional. John Hinderaker – “It has taken a concerted effort by our governments, aided and abetted by the press, to sow misinformation about COVID. Examples could be multiplied endlessly. For the moment let’s describe three.”

“Following the news on a daily basis, it is hard to escape the conclusion that governments at all levels, along with more or less the entire journalism industry, are intentionally trying to convey an inflated impression of the impact of the Wuhan virus. Further, there is a growing body of empirical evidence, both nationally and internationally, that strongly suggests the cataclysmic shutdowns that have been imposed by governments both here and abroad have been more or less useless. Our governments have made mistakes that have resulted in the devastation of many millions of lives, and our reporters and editors want to keep that fact quiet. This isn’t surprising, of course: we all know what side they are on.

New York Times Manipulates FBI Lawyer’s Guilty Plea To Hide Real Spygate News. Mollie Hemingway – “Because they were co-conspirators in the hoax, too many in the corporate media are serving as obstacles to holding the FBI and other powerful government agencies accountable for their actions.” She has the catalog: “Mild Headline With Ludicrous Spin” … “Downplays Robert Mueller Ties” … “Assertions Without Evidence” … “Still Peddling Russia Claims” … “Evidence Of Broader Conspiracy” … “Factual But Not Truthful” … “More Anonymous Sourcing” … “Anonymous Leaks Good, Accountable Public Statements Bad” … “We Never Cared About Collusion” … “Downplaying FISA Abuse” … “Good-Faith Document Tampering” … “Hiding The Dossier”

“A New York Times reporter who won a Pulitzer Prize for his role perpetrating the Russia collusion hoax was tasked with framing the news that a former top FBI lawyer was to plead guilty to deliberately fabricating evidence against a Donald Trump campaign affiliate targeted in the Russia probe. The resulting article is a case study in how to write propaganda.

About Kevin Clinesmith. John Hinderaker – “Schiff’s corruption is almost impossible for a normal person to comprehend.” The FISA fraud goes deep. Here’s a review of the latest developments in context.

7 Big Stories Corporate Media Is Ignoring Because The Truth Might Help Trump. Margot Cleveland – “Due to corporate media’s hatred of Donald Trump, Americans are sorely uninformed about news stories that, under any other presidency, would deservedly flood coverage.” – Spygate, Mid East peace, Iran, China, Virus, Elections, Riots,

It Was Obama, Not Trump, Who Failed The Constitution. Horace Cooper – “In “Defender in Chief,” Yoo carefully explains the seriousness of the Trump administration in pursuing its objectives lawfully and also simultaneously reveals how so many of his critics colored outside Constitutional lines.”

“John Yoo’s latest book reveals that Trump is a bold and vigorous force in Washington, and even more an agent of support for his office just as our founders planned. While the left continually challenges his position as president and his person as a threat to our Constitutional order, the reality Yoo reveals is quite different.

In “Defender in Chief,” Yoo gives the reader a robust defense of Trump’s commitment to the American experiment. That our president has an unalloyed love of our country is clear. Now we see with numerous examples that Trump has been able to accomplish his policy goals while staying within the lines of Article II because he’s the defender in chief.

FACT CHECK: Speaker Pelosi Letter About Social Security Makes 9 False Claims. Daniel Greenfield – “The Democrat Speaker’s letter contains numerous false statements even in its first sentence.” Eamples: “America is a Republic, not a Democracy.” … “The Postal Service is not “enshrined” in the Constitution.” … “The Postal Service does not deliver Social Security checks.” … “Pelosi does not state what “devastating effects” can be seen.” … “The election isn’t being sabotaged.” … “Voters remain enfranchised.” … “The Postal Service was dysfunctional long before President Trump took office.” … “delays can hold up mail for a day or two” … “Neither lives nor livelihoods are under threat” – compare and contrast a list like this to those who assert that Trump lies in nature of supposed lie, the definition and sourcing for the allegation, and the support offered.

“Speaker Pelosi is claiming that voting in person is too dangerous, and then urging Democrat officials to hold unnecessary in-person press events at a Post Office, which unnecessarily risks spreading the virus for a publicity stunt.

6 Myths About U.S. Postal Service And The Election Debunked. Jordan Davidson – “it can be hard to discern from corporate media coverage what is actually happening. Many different networks have accused President Trump of disrupting USPS operations for political gain, even going so far as to claim he wants to “rewrite history” in a “crusade” against postal services.” Here is the reality: “USPS Is Not Required By The Constitution” … “USPS Was Created to Be a Financially Independent and Sustainable Agency” … “Postmaster General Louis DeJoy Was Not Simply Appointed For His Republican Ties” … “USPS Will Not Cease Operations Before the Election” … “Voter Fraud Through Mail-In Ballots Is Very Real” … “No, Trump Isn’t Stealing Your City’s Blue Mail Boxes”

“The conspiracy gained traction with many notable figures including Joe Biden, Taylor Swift, and members of Congress, with many tweeting about the issue on Twitter.

A reality-based look at Trump and the post office. Byron York – “The news is filled with reports of President Trump’s “assault” on the U.S. Postal Service.” … “Some of the accusations have grown so frantic that they resemble the frenzy of a couple of years ago over the allegation, from many of the same people, that Trump had conspired with Russia to fix the 2016 election. Now, it’s the Postal Service. But what, actually, is going on? Here is a brief look at some of the issues involved.”

Mail-in Voting Is Only Democrats’ Latest Election-Stealing Strategy. Bob Anderson – “This November, election integrity is on the ballot as well. If the final tally is close, is there any doubt which way the final votes will land?”

“Give them credit, Democrats are a tenacious bunch. They never give up. They understand that the game isn’t truly over when it’s “over.” Taking Vince Lombardi’s famous quote a step further, they’ve adopted the mantra, “We didn’t lose the game, we just added more time.”
Make no mistake: Democrats will employ any tactic to ensure the survival of their plan.

The New Racism. David Horowitz – “And its totalitarian agenda.” … “The intellectual level and factual basis of both these highly praised books are so low as to be bewildering.”

“The success of these books (and a rash of others like the Oprah-sponsored trash – Caste, which compares America’s treatment of black to Hitler’s treatment of Jews) is explicable only in terms of the anti-American anti-white hysteria that has swept the constituencies of the political left including its high culture since the 2016 election. This hysteria has led to preposterous claims like this Kendi statement: “Racist ideas have defined our society since its beginning and can feel so natural and obvious as to be banal, but antiracist ideas remain difficult to comprehend, in part because they go against the flow of this country’s history.”
How far is Kendi ready to take this? As far as he needs to.
Kendi’s book would not be worth noticing if it were not for the fact that his view of race and the rationale for repression is now the view of the left generally and therefore of the culture that envelops us. All that is required is the election of a political leader who has drunk this Kool Aid – someone “ woke” like Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, and the prosecutions will begin.

The Ritual Masking of America. Fay Voshell – “To contain outbreaks of plagues, physical or mental, authoritarian governments create labyrinths of regulations and laws in order to safeguard the “health” of their domains.”

“During the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, as repressive regimes seized vast areas of the world, their leaders established severe regimens formerly characteristic of the deeply religious. The habits of strict religious orders were simply retrofitted to suit secular regimes. Practices rejected as useless superstitions, such as fasting, prayer and sacramental rituals were replaced with equally severe routines. Rigorous calisthenics performed in fresh air, natural foods, and detailed public sanitation measures imitated and replaced former spiritual rituals meant to deal with the health of the soul. Socialist, fascist and communist societies saw a transference to the material realm what had once been characteristic of the spiritual realm. It was considered better to preserve the body and lose the soul.
It’s fairly clear by now that the vast majority of Americans have been made leprous outcasts even while still living within their own society.

Joe Biden’s Mask Mandate Is Only The Beginning. I & I Editorial Board – “Never mind that such a federal mandate is likely unconstitutional, this is just one of a multitude of areas where Biden, and his running mate Kamala Harris, want to impose the federal government on even the most mundane of actions by Americans.” … “as a reader service, we’ve gathered up a sampling of things they say they want to either ban or mandate should they gain access to the White House.”

Why The Price Of Face Masking Is Not As Small As It Seems. Laura Baxter – “According to my governor’s order, the mask requirement is based on ‘the unanimous recommendation of the public health experts,’ but who are these experts, and are they really unanimous?”

“There are no solutions, only trade-offs,” Thomas Sowell famously said. When government takes action, even if that action is desperately needed, we still give something up. In the case of the Wuhan virus — with the endless mask mandates, social restrictions, and shutdowns it has ushered in — that something is our precious freedom.

Czechs have moved on: 70-77% disapprove of the partial reintroduction of face masks from Sept 1st. Lubos Motl – “Between mid March and mid April, the Covid fear was genuine – even in my Czech homeland. It was spread not only among the journalists and the ordinary people but among some (but not a majority of) physicians, too.”

“That’s why I consider the Covid comments by our PM BabiÅ¡ in Harvard International Review fair. Many people including sensible ones indicated fear, the government acted fast, and introduced one of the most strict and most rigorously enforced lockdowns in the world. If a shutdown has ever had a chance to make sense, it must have been very short and intense (like the fuel in a rocket that is burned as quickly as possible to kick it to the orbit). A long-term partial suppression of everything has never made any sense whatsoever (just like the wasting of fuel for keeping a rocket 100 meters above the ground).

Governors Can’t Use Coronavirus To Indefinitely Declare A State Of Emergency. Molly McCann – “In a national panic, Americans permitted executives to take power—to declare states of emergency and to implement lockdowns—and now those executives won’t give that power back.” … “Unhappily, our system today is not functioning as designed.”

“If you examine any of the lockdown or mandatory masking orders, you will largely see a relatively formulaic approach. First, the edict will recite the facts that support the claim there is an ongoing catastrophe, then it will list the legal authority, and finally the resulting mandates.
The current widespread and indefinite “emergency rule” is doing violence to our system of self-government and to the separation of powers—which is the real defense that preserves our rights. It is high time to end the tyranny of the executives.

As new academic year nears, Nevada colleges are grappling with massive changes to federal sexual misconduct rules amid pandemic. Jacob Solis – massive changes? Implementing due process and individual rights is a massive change for Nevada colleges? “Across the country, higher education institutions decried the timing.” Just like the USPS brouhaha? Just when is the timing correct to repair a festering issue?

“In short, the changes make a host of key adjustments to due process rules used in the investigation of sexual harassment or other misconduct at publicly-funded universities. Most notable among the changes is a new requirement that investigations include a live hearing complete with cross-examination, as well as adjudication of the matter by an “adviser.”
a number of other lawsuits looking to halt the rules appeared to have stalled.
‘Title IX changed’ … and so everybody’s up in arms, and that’s what has people’s attention. And I think even at that meeting at the Board of Regents meeting, I think it was missed by many that hey, that’s not the end of the story.”

The Most Revealing Poll Of All: Gun Sales. Tyler Durden – “The left has yet to realize the obvious, that criminals do not obey laws of any kind, least of all gun laws.” … “Like Hitler, Stalin and Mao, seizing the firearms of the citizenry is the first step toward despotism.”

“no Democrat has spoken out against Antifa or Black Lives Matter, or the catastrophic damage they have wrought upon those communities, apparently in the mistaken belief that a majority of Americans are sympathetic to the specious causes of the vandals. The massive increase in gun sales would seem to belie that tenet.
Will a majority of Americans choose to be disarmed like the Germans under Hitler, the Russians under Stalin and the Chinese under Mao or will they vote to preserve their constitutional right to bear arms? The astronomical surge in gun ownership these past months tells us that no, they will not vote to lose their Second Amendment right. Self-defense is a human right.

It’s the third act in a three part play according to Thomas Lifson.

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This year, it’s overt and disgusting. Polluting elections

Trump Versus Pavlov: A Social Experiment. Tyler Durden – “the fact remains that Donald Trump has been the first US president to be under continued investigation for the entire 4 years of his first term, and for about a year before it as well. And that should be a cause for alarm for anyone who cares even a little bit about the American political system”

“Seeing -and projecting- the world in black and white is a tempting proposal for anyone afraid of being confused; it should, however, never be an excuse for the media to not present its viewers and readers with a full color palette. But we can see every single day how that went. Black and white it is. And in that environment, too claustrophobic to be put in a box, I might as well paint the picture as I see it. Yes, in color.
You may dislike a presidential candidate, perhaps even intensely so, but that should never make you lose sight of the integrity, if not the sacredness, of the election process, of the political system, of the institutions, of the Constitution, and certainly not of the Office of the President of the United States. Because once you do that, you open the door for everyone to do the same in the future. And no, you can’t blame that on the candidate you don’t like, you do it.
if you don’t respect the process, you are lost, the system is lost, and there’s no telling when you’ll see it back, if ever.
You have these two sides in society who appear further apart than even Moses could have hoped to bring back together again, you have the media who thrive on widening that divide even further, it’s a scary picture.

And in the meantime, while everyone’s busy blaming each other, who’s going to take care of the country?

His Pavlov is about the media. The bell is public response to Trump bashing. His concerns are valid but dances around the differences in behavior even while describing and bemoaning the behavior problems. He uses for an example a case of one side trying to enforce the system as divisive. That is on a par with praising the ‘defund the police’ idea as equally divisive as promoting social and civil order.

Swalwell says Trump should face ‘Crimes Commission’ after leaving office. Caitlin McFall – “The Democrat’s proposal follows a recent statement by the president in opposition to mail-in voting.” Only one side of the divide is attempting to criminalize differences of opinion.

Barack Obama is meddling in the upcoming election. Andrea Widburg – “The United States Post Office is a mess. … Nevertheless, Democrats are insisting that, come November, all voting in America must be done via the U.S. Mail … Donald Trump, looking at this mess, decided to do what he’s done for decades: Install new management to make a business better. … In our politicized age, this was going to be a hot potato under any circumstances. Still, Obama, who should be staying out of things, turned it into a nuclear potato by accusing Trump of deliberately sabotaging the election”

“Put simply, Russia couldn’t have done a better job at interfering with a presidential election than Obama has done. Four years ago, his interference was covert and illegal. This year, it’s overt and disgusting.

Media Unleashes Fake News Avalanche After Trump Requests Florida Mail-In Ballot. Stacey Matthews – “Following multiple claims that mail-in voting was unsafe and vulnerable to fraud, Trump changed his mind about the practice last week,” the AP claimed.

“You have to read another six paragraphs and then scroll down below a large news video on the topic to find out the Trump’s issue is not vote-by-mail, but rather the process of states mass mailing ballots to voters they have listed on their voter rolls regardless of whether or not the person has requested the ballot:
This is “gotcha” journalism at it’s worst. There is no “despite” or “in spite of” or anything of the sort at play with Trump’s request of a mail-in ballot, in spite of how the media has framed both the request and his position on vote-by-mail.

There is no inconsistency at all between someone saying they think mail-in voting where ballots are mass-mailed to everyone is ripe for fraud, and then turning around and requesting a ballot be mailed to them. None at all.

The Claims About Pres. Trump And The Postal Service Are Preparations for Democrats To Deny Election Results And Have Congress Select The Next President. Shipwreckedcrew – “There are significant factions of the Democrat party coalition that will stop at almost nothing to deny Pres. Trump a second term regardless of the outcome of the election. ” … “The Democrats learned in 2018 — mainly in California – that changing the mechanics of the election process can produce significant benefits to Democrat candidates.”

Joe and Kamala’s Fact-Mangling Debut. Tim Graham – “The energetic promoters of “independent fact-checkers” — who want “real-time” fact-checking of President Donald Trump — couldn’t muster any effort to evaluate this thunderclap of leftist rhetoric echoing in a nearly empty high school gym. Let’s list a few fact-mangling whoppers.”

Crushing the Barbarians Inside the Gates. Scott S. Powell – “The second reason that America’s survival is at greater risk today than it was in prior tumultuous times like the 1960s is that there are far more leftists in local, city, state, and national government than ever before.” … “The survival of the American republic requires not only a reasonably informed electorate, but also one that appreciates the relative merit of the nation’s heritage.”

There’s a Mountain of Evidence That Hydroxychloroquine Is an Effective Treatment for COVID-19. Matt Margolis – “I’m convinced that if a rabid leftist was dying of thirst and President Trump offered him water, he’d refuse to drink it.”

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Little items aggrandized, big ones minimized

Lose the nasty words, Mr. President — it does you no good. Post Editorial Board – “President Trump continues to be his own worst enemy: On Thursday, he stooped to calling presumptive vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris a “mad woman.” This is “mean and nasty” ?? Look at what is coming from Soros or Goldberg or Will about Trump as a referent. The Post does itself no good pushing this ‘nasty word President’ meme in light of the context. There is also the fact that the label Trump used might be accurate, at least in a colloquial sense. It is not as dishonest nor as personal as many of the ‘nasty words’ going his way. Harping on Trump is not doing the Post and its ilk any good. It is succumbing to the modern plague of moral preening and hubris.

Rules: Razor (via Instapundit) – “What you can call Trump” vs “What you cannot call Harris”

The Slimiest Character In American Politics? John Hinderaker – “Joe Biden has been in the public eye for close to 50 years. His record over that time is dismal, but for some reason he has usually gotten a pass.” … “As Joe Biden enters the last of his twilight years, it is important to remember that he has long been a voice of hatred and a peddler of division, and remains so today.” What is offered as an example is a bit easier to see as “mean and nasty” compared to what the Post offers to rationalize its view.

Susan Rice: Trump ‘Sends Troops into the Streets of Our Cities to Attack Peaceful Protesters’. Pam Key – another example for the ‘mean and nasty’ scale.

COUP PORN: Resistance sees military removing Trump from office. “The speculation might have been less fevered had anyone actually noted how Trump has behaved in office. For example, what has Trump, as president, done when a judge tells him to stop doing something? He stops doing it.” … “Trump has done what judges tell him to do. No, he doesn’t deserve a medal for simply respecting the rule of law. But his conduct in office suggests he will not defy the legally certified result of an election.”

Trump Again Proves He Cares More for Israel Than Most American Jews – “In time-honored mainstream media fashion, the Associated Press does its best to downplay President Trump’s brokering a mutual recognition pact between Israel and the United Arab Emirates by calling it a “rare diplomatic win.” … (Hello, AP, have you missed that Trump is the first president in decades to negotiate successfully with Communist China, by far our most significant adversary?)”

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The assault on specified rights – and the response

Churches Aren’t Avoiding Death By Keeping Their Doors Closed. They’re Ensuring It. Kylee Zempel – “Now after months of spiritual suicide, some churches are finally changing their posture, submitting to divine rather than government authority, for the latter has detached itself from the people’s consent through elected legislatures as governors indefinitely and in some cases illegally extend emergency powers.”

NY Attorney General’s Lawsuit Scares These NRA Members Much More Than NRA Spending. Madeline Osburn – “Keane said the NY AG’s investigation is clearly a political hit, and not just against the Second Amendement but a threat to the First Amendment, based on “the fact that [James] is seeking to dissolve the organization rather than to just address the financial allegations.”

“NRA members and gun owners alike know this is bigger than private jets and expensive dinners. With an election on the horizon, they see this conveniently-timed lawsuit for exactly what it is: a direct attack on the institutional voice they choose to protect their Constitutional rights.

Inside California Democrats’ Hard Work To Deny The Poor, Middle Class, And Minorities An Education. Christopher Bedford – ‘If people want to talk about systemic racism and the marginalization of minorities,’ a single mother in California told The Federalist, ‘this is it.’

Landscape of rubble persists as Minneapolis demands taxes in exchange for permits. Jeffrey Meitrodt – “City officials say their hands are tied, pointing to a state law that prohibits the removal of any structures or standing timber until all of the taxes assessed against the building have been fully paid.”

Elected Officials Need To Quell Riots Or There’ll Be Bloody Street Justice. I & I Editorial Board – “if those elected officials don’t soon take back the streets from the criminals, everyday Americans might soon do the job for them.”

“As unpleasant as things appear to be now, they will only grow worse if elected officials continue to pretend the violence and destruction is part of 2020’s “summer of love.” Street justice will be meted out summarily by Americans weary of riotous mobs destroying, swarming and assaulting innocents, illegally (and menacingly) blocking streets and sidewalks, wrecking public and private property, and, in some cases, killing. It will be a regrettable chapter in our history.
When law enforcement won’t or can’t do the job, then it falls to others. We can almost guarantee that when civilians impose sentences on the rioters, the outlaws will be treated much more brutally than if the police were keeping the peace. It won’t be pretty but it will be effective.

Wow: Chicago neighborhood ejects BLM protesters at police station. Ed Morrissey – “If BLM and their associates have any complaints after Englewood, they should rethink their agenda. The people we pay to keep order, protect our civil rights, and discourage mob actions are the very people BLM and their affiliates want to abolish.”

Everyone Needs Help During COVID – Except The Solar Power Industry. Charles Sauer – “Among all the COVID-19 media content I’ve seen this year, there was one interview I related to above the rest. It was a doctor saying that he could help people with COVID, but he couldn’t cure ignorance.”

“With and without a pandemic, the free market should be left to make the decision. But, in a pandemic it is even more important that our resources are focused on the most vulnerable in society and the economy. A good tax credit, for any industry, wouldn’t accomplish this. A terrible one like this doesn’t have a prayer. It’s just pure ignorance.

Keystone Jobs A Welcome Alternative To Pink-Slip Economy. David Williams – “When private industry and unions find common ground, people should pay attention.” … “Unfortunately, some in Washington want to ignore this progress and axe this massive project that will create thousands of jobs.” Again, let the free market make the decision and avoid governmental overreach.

Harassing Energy: The Latest in Climate Litigation (EID’s Allison nails it). Rbradley – “It’s been a whirlwind few years for supporters of the climate litigation campaign, who have spent untold millions of dollars and don’t have much to show for it. Multiple strategies have been employed with each running into trouble.”

Soros Reveals How He’s Invested Amid “Fed Liquidity Bubble”; Says Trump “Very Dangerous”. Tyler Durden – as is often the case with severe cases of TDS there is a lot of hyperbole and exaggeration but nothing offered to figure out where the fear behind it comes from.

What is George Will’s Problem? Gene Comiskey – “Will compares the fascist leaders to Donald Trump, describing them as strongarm bullies without intellectual weight or nuanced arguments.” Again, hyperbole and exaggeration abound sans any support …

“It is interesting that in his recitation of the history of fascism, Mr. Will fails to see the obvious: that the historical circumstances that shaped it and the ideological theories which Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and others believed in, apply not to Donald Trump and his followers but to the very people who are trying to defeat the President and lead this country down a destructive path of rigid intellectual, economic, and social control.
Will writes of ‘Trumpism’ as “an entertainment genre based on contempt for its bellowing audiences.” And there you have it: a classic example of projection.
George Will is so blinded by hatred or elitism or delusions of ideological superiority that he cannot see the real dangers facing this country.
While mobs rule the streets, George Will is safely ensconced in his ivory tower, warm and cozy in his blanket of self-righteousness and moral superiority. Perhaps Will should remember the truism that the mob always eats its own.

NV Governor Punishes Casino for Hosting Worship Service. Liberty Counsel – “Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak fined the Las Vegas Ahern Hotel for hosting a worship service for an “Evangelicals for Trump” group inside a casino ballroom because it violated his unconstitutional 50-person gathering limit on houses of worship.” But did it violate the rules on Casino activity?

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A thin veneer being tested

Australia, How Have You Let it Come to This? Augusto Zimmermann – this is how it happens.

CRB: Millenarian mobs. Scott Johnson – “our descent into mobocracy may be the most notable development of 2020.” … “Professor Codevilla brings a scholarly historical perspective that deepens the concerns of common sense.” … “History teaches that the names of the evils—of the supposedly oppressed and their oppressors, as well as their grievances—are interchangeable and irrelevant.”

The Thin Veneer of American Civilization. – “At the present increasing rate of police defunding, homeless encampments, the emptying of jails and prisons, the green-lighting of rioting and vandalism, the flight of the wealthy, the revolutionary change to Skype/Zoom tele-working, and the exodus of upper-middle-class liberal families to safe houses in the New York and New England countryside, once beautiful New York City is in danger of becoming the nation’s aneurysm.” [full column on NR]

Facebook Wrongly Labels I&I Headline As ‘False’. I & I Editorial Board – “We’ve always been dubious about self-appointed fact-checkers, who are able to mask their own biases by pretending to be objective arbiters of the truth. Our experience is a good example of why.” Yes, it is happening here.

Chauvin, Lane, Kueng, and Thao: The George Floyd Fall Guys. George Parry – “The four policemen charged in George Floyd’s death acted entirely according to the training and guidance provided them by the Minneapolis Police Department.” Yet another incident falsely portrayed to provide propaganda promoting division, rioting, and civil disorder. There has been a string of them and yet, even after exposure, they still are effective in their purpose.

Who or What Exactly Is Running Against Trump? Victor Davis Hanson – “The inner-Biden at 77 is turning out to be an unabashed bigot in the age of “cancel culture” and thought crimes that has apparently declared him immune from the opprobrium reserved for any such speech.”

Liberal Double Standards at Work. Steven Hayward – “The situational ethics of liberals is seldom more vividly displayed than in this pair of Tweets from Shaun King, the faux-black commentator on CNN:”

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Tyranny and totalitarianism right here in River City

Governors Can’t Use Coronavirus To Indefinitely Declare A State Of Emergency. Molly McCann – “In a national panic, Americans permitted executives to take power—to declare states of emergency and to implement lockdowns—and now those executives won’t give that power back.”

“At the federal level, there are three separate, co-equal branches of government that must operate together for our representative republic to function properly, and this balance of power is mirrored at the state level. Unhappily, our system today is not functioning as designed.
In a moment of national panic, Americans permitted their state and local executives to take power—to declare states of emergency and to implement lockdowns—and now those executives won’t give that power back.
Most state statutes automatically terminate emergency authority after a 30- or 60-day period, unless specifically extended by the governor. This highlights that emergencies are assumed to be of short duration. Our current quandary is that governors are using COVID as an excuse to extend their authority indefinitely.

From “Corona-Totalitarianism” To The Invasion Of The “New Normals”. Tyler Durden – “People’s minds are being taken over by a much more destructive and less otherworldly force… a force that transforms them overnight into aggressively paranoid, order-following, propaganda-parroting totalitarians.” … “That is what totalitarianism is, this desire to establish complete control over everything and everyone, every thought, emotion, and human interaction.”

Obliged to Bow Before the Altar of Incompetence. Peter Smith – “Executive actions should not be capricious and arbitrary. What does that mean?” … “government actions should make sense; are fit for purpose.” … “It is a malady of our age that government is thought to be wise; and, most of all, responsible for keeping us ‘safe’.”

“Here and around the world we are witnessing the tendency of governments to overreach and restrict personal freedoms when the opportunity is presented and when not under close critical scrutiny. Perhaps, sovereign citizens are not so idiosyncratic in such circumstances.

How Forced Isolation Makes Huge Power Grabs Possible. Stella Morabito – “Today’s wannabe social controllers are clearly using the virus as a sort of obedience school where we can be conditioned through isolation to conform to their demands.”

“No matter what you think of Trump or his tweets, we should all meditate on the power of that sort of immunity from social pressures. We should find ways to develop it in ourselves. Because if tyrants had less ability to instill social isolation, they’d be less able to induce the fears that allow them to control people’s lives.

Bernard Goldberg: “I’m no fan of Donald Trump. And that’s putting it mildly. I don’t like his chronic dishonesty. I don’t like narcissism. I don’t like his nastiness and his silly name-calling. I detest his need to constantly cause chaos, … There’s nothing about this man’s character that I like.” This is of the milder class, believe it or not, and deserves a bit of consideration. First to note is that it is judgmental opinion of perceived character and not an objective observation of behavior. Second is that it depends upon gross exaggeration and distortion in perception absent any referent. Dishonesty is labeled for a difference of opinion. Nastiness? Like parading around in hats portraying genitalia? Need (!) to cause chaos in a political struggle where his opponents do not accept election results? What Goldberg likes and dislikes are his personal issue but at least you’d think he’d be more honest about the basis. Self awareness can be difficult to achieve.

Big Ten Waffles After Public Outcry Including Trump Tweet: Might Not Cancel Season After All. Tyler Durden – “an avalanche of pushback and public outry, from some players, coaches, and even the president of the United States, left the decision anything but final.”

Why Democrats Have Started To Cave On Reopening Schools. Joy Pullmann – “Democrats are their own worst enemy. The problem is, the rest of us are so often their collateral damage.” It’s a learning experience, especially for the victims.

Fairfax Public Schools Tell Parents To Stop Educating Their Kids While School Is Banned. Elle Reynolds – “While warning parents against at-home tutoring because everyone can’t afford it, Fairfax County also won’t let students come to school in person.”

Global Lockdowns Set To Plunge 100 Million Into Extreme Poverty. Tyler Durden – “warns a new report by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.” … “The report appears to pin the blame on COVID-19 itself for the economic impact, yet the actual culprit is discovered to be the “restrictions” put in place by governments in response to the pandemic.”

Sweden’s Success Is Kryptonite For Lockdown And Mask Advocates. Tyler Durden – “Sweden shows us that a rational, evidence-based approach to the pandemic is now thriving.” … “In Sweden, there’s no mandatory masks, no mandatory lockdown, no vaccine, and most importantly, no problem.”

How Fauci’s Stubborness Costs Lives. Daniel John Sobieski – “Fauci is in love with clinical studies, which are fine to determine effectiveness and risk of vaccines, but pale in comparison to the results of actual use.” … “If we used HCQ the way the rest of the world does, tens of thousands of lives could be saved.”


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Dissonance on so many fronts

The Mainstream Media Has Betrayed Its Constitutional Privilege. Stephen Kruiser – “Sit back and wonder for a moment how any on-air CNN personality could ask with a straight face if any anti-Trump media happened to be out there. It’s so preposterous that you almost want to pity the person asking because he or she is obviously mentally impaired.”

Deep Inside, Rioters Are Angry That They Never Learned Anything But Lies. Stella Morabito – “I suspect many members of today’s street mobs have a secret in common: At some deep level, they know they are awash in ignorance of core knowledge. Claiming to be “woke” is cover for the ignorance educrats have systematically instilled in them..”

“Our educational institutions have committed intellectual grand theft. They have withheld critical knowledge from students and replaced it with the poison of identity politics and political correctness. This makes it difficult for students to express independent thoughts, or even to think them. Where does that leave the victims who have been forcibly injected with this ignorance?

They can’t really articulate what has been stolen from them, but they seem to sense the loss deeply.
The desire for real cultural knowledge is innate because it’s tied into the need to connect with our common humanity as well as to “know thyself.”
The desire for real cultural knowledge is innate because it’s tied into the need to connect with our common humanity as well as to “know thyself.”

What Happened When Another Country Inflamed Racial Hatred Based On A Year Like 1619. Willis J. Warner – “Hannah-Jones’ eagerness to be credited with inspiring looting, arson, and multiple homicides might seem surprising. Considering the 1619 Project, it is not.”

“Defining one’s cultural identity with a centuries-old year of disaster is odd but not unprecedented. It happened in Yugoslavia a generation ago. The year of celebration was 1389, and its advocate was Serbia’s Slobodan Milošević.
Milošević’s combination of inflaming centuries-old grievances and inciting mob rule should sound familiar. American journalists and politicians have been doing it this summer, and the specific years of emphasis are illuminating.
America in 2020, like Yugoslavia in the 1980s, is multiethnic. Contrary to Hannah-Jones’ declaration, inciting riots by stoking past tensions, and using misinformation to do so, is not “an honor.” The Milošević model of inflaming ancient hatreds and inciting mob rule is leading us down a dark path.

The Alarming Progress of the Hate America Left. David Horowitz – “How they have invaded American minds.” … “this fight is not only far from over, it is just beginning.”

“The problem with the libel begins with the date. In 1619, the founding of America was 168 years in the future and the Virginia Colony to which 20 Africans had been shipped was English not American, and in fact outlawed slavery. The 20 Africans who arrived in Jamestown were like most of the mainly white labor force not slaves but indentured servants which meant they would be free in 5 to 7 years depending on their contracts. Like every black slave shipped to the North American continent over the next 200 years, their servitude was created by black Africans, who sold them at auctions in Ghana and Benin. It was Thomas Jefferson, and white America, who created a nation that proclaimed in its birth certificate the God-given right of all people – regardless of race – to liberty.

This truth is a mortal threat to the left’s plan to demonize America as a “white supremacist” nation and generate enough hate to destroy its democracy.
… [on another slander]
The United States Constitution specifically mentions American Indians three times. … The idea that tribes have an inherent right to govern themselves is at the foundation of their constitutional status – the power is not delegated by congressional acts.” Hardly a prescription for genocide. Indians today have the rights of American citizens. They can live in America or on 56.2 million acres held in trust by the United States for various Indian tribes and individuals. The federal government provides $20 billion a year in funding to help the tribes.

When Gundy invokes the left’s “400 years of slavery,” or “slavery and oppression” he is merely repeating the racist slander that all whites think alike.
When compared to other countries – Communist China first among them – America’s record on human rights is remarkable, admirable, and has been an inspiration to the rest of the world.

More evidence that Americans are fighting back. Andrea Widburg – “The latest resurgence of the American spirit took place in Fort Collins, Colorado.”

George Floyd: The Big Lie. Jim Goad – “Remember when anti-police “activists” demanded that police wear bodycams? I’m starting to think it backfired on them. In nearly all cases, it shows that cops put up with far more crap in five minutes than most of us could handle in a lifetime.” Exposing another lie in a long string of similar propaganda promoting violent upheaval.

The Media’s Coverage of Sturgis Rally Seems Different Than Recent Large Gatherings. Bronson Stocking – “when a large gathering doesn’t fit into the media’s list of liberal-approved activities, the press castigates participants for venturing outside during the pandemic.”

Fox News Dominates Prime Time. John Hinderaker – “The average live Fox News viewership in those hours outstripped cable rivals like CNN, MSNBC and ESPN, as well as the broadcast networks ABC, CBS and NBC, according to Nielsen.” … “it is extraordinary that Fox News’s most popular shows are the most-watched on all of television in prime time.” This indicates a hunger for resolving dissonance.

When a Viral Fear Mutates. Peter O’Brien – “In Australia we have seen the economy put on life support, despite the fact that we still only have 278 deaths and a total of 20,698 cases.” … “The intent of this emerging narrative – citing various studies of doubtful provenance in a technique eerily similar to the demonization of hydroxychloroquine … is to provide cover for pusillanimous politicians and alarmist scientists to justify their past misjudgements on the basis that the virus is much worse than we thought” … “The problem is that it is all so speculative, … These studies are small in scale, anecdotal rather than rigorous and much too early to have any kind of predictive value.”

Lockdowns Never Again: Sweden Was Right, and We Were Wrong. William Sullivan – As Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, an ER doctor at a hospital in Stockholm, writes on his blog, “COVID is over in Sweden. People have gone back to their normal lives and barely anyone is getting infected anymore.” … “Basically, Sweden did the exact opposite of what most Americans tragically still believe are the necessary requirements to reach the outcome that Sweden has achieved.”

Now Racism Is A “Public Health Crisis” In Nevada, Justifying Executive Action. Jazz Shaw – “The real question, which we’ll get to in a moment, is what he does with this newly declared state of emergency.” … “When the executives cut the legislatures out of the lawmaking loop, the fox is guarding the henhouse. And sadly, too many of them will take advantage of it.”

Trump Heroically Defies a Lawless Supreme Court. Matthew Vadum – “The court’s ruling on young illegals is an abomination that must not stand.” … “as Hamilton noted in Federalist #78, the courts ‘must ultimately depend upon the aid of the executive arm for the efficacy of its judgments.’ Thus, Trump declining to actively use his powers to violate immigration laws duly passed by Congress is not defying the courts; it’s following the law being defied by the judiciary.”

“Like so many Supreme Court decisions nowadays, the court opinion is a pseudo-legal essay brimming with lawyerly codswallop, an after-the-fact rationalization written to justify a preordained result. The goal was not to do justice but to frustrate Donald Trump.

The court, under pressure from the illegal-alien left, invented an elaborate excuse to keep the program in place, reasoning in effect that because the decision to rescind DACA affects many people and would disrupt the lives that these illegal aliens have unlawfully been living in the U.S., the cancelation of the program needed to be stopped.

California Water Efficiency Standards: Peter Gleick vs. Trump. Wayne Lusvardi – “Gleick sees such humorous comments by Trump about water conservation policies as “not funny” and “nonsense”. However, as will be explained below, Gleick employs virtue signaling”

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Mask Mouth versus do no harm

COVID and the Death of Common Sense. John Hinderaker – “Why are so many panicked over the Wuhan flu, a relatively minor disease? Of course, COVID can be deadly, like virtually all diseases, but if you are 25 or under it is less lethal than an average seasonal flu, and it is overwhelmingly the very elderly and infirm who are at risk. So why the hysteria?”

World’s Top Epidemiologists – Masks Don’t Work! John Miltimore – “Despite a global stampede of mask-wearing, data show that 80-90 percent of people in Finland and Holland say they “never” wear masks when they go out, a sharp contrast to the 80-90 percent of people in Spain and Italy who say they “always” wear masks when they go out.”

“The problem with mask mandates is that public health officials are not merely recommending a precaution that may or may not be effective.

They are using force to make people submit to a state order that could ultimately make individuals or entire populations sicker, according to world-leading public health officials.

That is not just a violation of the Effectiveness Principle. It’s a violation of a basic personal freedom.

Mask advocates might mean well, but they overlook a basic reality: humans spontaneously alter behavior during pandemics. Scientific evidence shows that American workplaces and consumers changed the patterns of their travel before lockdown orders were issued.

‘Mask mouth’: Dentists coin new term for smelly side effect of wearing a mask. Melkorka Licea – “The new oral hygiene issue — caused by, you guessed it, wearing a mask all the time to prevent the spread of the coronavirus — is leading to all kinds of dental disasters like decaying teeth, receding gum lines and seriously sour breath.”

Debunking The Myth That Lockdowns Stop Pandemics. Stacey Rudin – “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention pandemic planning documents state non-pharmaceutical interventions such as social distancing are ineffective once a disease infects 1% of a region’s population. Literature on this subject is unanimous worldwide.” … “Publicly available data shows no causal relationship between government orders and COVID-19 mortality outcomes.”

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Political behavior and the defense of social identity – wretched and rotten rhetoric

Lessons in the Decline of Democracy From the Ruined Roman Republic. Jason Daley – “Historian Edward Watts argues that violent rhetoric and disregard for political norms was the beginning of Rome’s end.” … “Above all else, the Roman Republic teaches the citizens of its modern descendants the incredible dangers that come along with condoning political obstruction and courting political violence,”

How The Political Behavior Of Black And Jewish Americans Became Their Cultural Identity. Michael Weingrad – “Jewish and black voters have proven to be astonishingly reliable supporters of the Democratic Party, even when it conflicts with their interests. Three new books offer some insights into why.”

“I also find it challenging to see rational choice as an obvious explanation for anyone’s political behavior these days. Certainly, politics has taken on for many Americans the force of an identity, a tribal affiliation, in some cases even a kind of religion with accompanying ritual practices.
“An identity as deeply political as that of mainstream American Jewry is not going to change its political behavior without becoming unrecognizable to itself, and certainly not without having new frameworks of meaning and behavior to replace the older ones.
They also express a concern worth attending to, that “if whites’ level of racialized social constraint both within and outside the South reaches anything approximating that of blacks, greater polarization and heightened racial conflict in America will take hold more broadly.” I disagree this is the polarization we are seeing in the Trump era, and would argue that, if anything, Trump is functioning as a scrambler of the politics of racialized social constraint, which becomes a concern for Democrats and white elites more broadly. But time will tell.

Meanwhile, they end by imagining the plight of a black conservative in the voting booth this November. He considers casting his vote for a Republican and then possibly having to admit doing so to his friends and family. Given the “social rewards of conformity,” they write, “supporting the Democratic candidate is almost certainly the least costly option.”

The fate of American democracy may ride on that “almost.”

An Age of Wretched and Rotten Rhetoric. Tristan Heiner – “Politics becomes wretched when the ideas in circulation turn bad, and ideas degenerate when the rhetoric is rotten. The words are everything.”

“diplomacy and measured words are muddied corpses being squelched into the trenches by the boots of dogged partisanship and zero-sum tactics. … The biggest casualty in this squalor is, of course, the truth and measured solutions to real problems.

When people have a greater interest in scoring points against one another, compared to getting to the core of a real issue, the whole charade becomes the embodiment of the unproductive.
There is no mechanism that achieves those ends of muffling and muzzling civil discourse more perniciously and effectively than political correctness.

Fake news about Portland from the Washington Post. Paul Mirengoff – “Clearly, the Washington Post’s attempt to link rioting in Portland to the Trump administration’s efforts to protect federal property was fake news. Just like so much else that appears in this relentlessly leftist organ these days.”

NY Tries To ‘Dissolve’ The NRA: Far Left’s War Against The Constitution Never Ends. I & I Editorial Board – “Whenever the far left loses a debate, it doesn’t sharpen its arguments or seek compromise. Instead, it criminalizes those with whom it disagrees.” … “New York’s Democratic and radically anti-Trump Attorney General Letitia James’ move to “dissolve” the NRA comes after a phony “fraud” investigation that was launched as an intimidation tactic.” … “To the left, the truth doesn’t matter.”

The NRA’s Fight in New York Is For All Americans. Editorial of The New York Sun – “The thing to keep in mind during the legal war launched today between New York State and the National Rifle Association is that the Second Amendment does not exist in New York City and state. It has been blocked at every level by state and local authorities.” … “The more astonishing suit is not the one Ms. James filed against the NRA but the one the NRA filed against her.”

Nevada Sent More Than 200K Mail-In Primary Ballots to Wrong Addresses. Joe Schoffstall – “One-sixth of Clark County mail-in ballots were sent to outdated or undeliverable addresses”

“Nevada’s voter rolls aren’t maintained to the standard required for an all-mail experience like Oregon or Washington,” Churchwell said. “The Nevada governor is foolish to think he can replicate his regional neighbors’ years of development and practices with mail voting in a matter of months with a weekend emergency bill.”

Smart Women Don’t Send Nudes To Strangers, And Other Tales Of The Sexual Revolution. Casey Chalk – “The pornographication of America’s culture prevents victims from thinking clearly. Sadly, behavior once labeled bizarre or self-destructive is now common.”

“Obviously, Cooper is an odious criminal who should be punished. But such deviants have always existed in the nether regions of our society. Before the internet, they frequented the seedy parts of town near pornography shops and “adult” cinemas; they would walk around in trench coats and flash innocent folks passing by. Now, thanks to the anonymity of technology, they are more capable of fabricating identities.

Another bizarre and concerning thing about this episode is how the Post presents Cooper’s victims as ordinary, intelligent, and “professional.” It says something about our culture that heterosexual women — with boyfriends, no less — who get involved with female strangers on dating apps are labeled “ordinary.” It says something about our culture that women who send nude media of themselves to strangers — in at least one case, the day after the online “relationship” began — are supposedly “intelligent.”

It also appears our culture is so saturated in pornography that activities once considered rare, immoral, obscene, and stupid are now condoned, if not celebrated.

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day For American Patients. Gerard Scimeca – “the newest order pushes for an international price index (IPI) pricing in Medicare Part B, called “favored nation status.” The name could not be more of a misnomer, either, as “favored nation” implies the lowest price cap among a mix of foreign countries in regard to particular drugs. And the lower the cap, the worse the ripple effects back up the supply chain and for patients in the long run.”

“In essence, the federal government will take the average price for certain drugs from a combination of foreign countries — all with partly or wholly socialized healthcare systems — and leverage Medicare’s status as the largest purchaser in the market to force companies to sell medicines and other treatments at or below that average threshold. But this is not as simple as it sounds, nor is it beneficial in making life better for patients.
We have seen price controls tried time and again both abroad and in our current halls of power.
To make matters worse, this proposal has received stiff opposition from Canadian officials, too, who would need to raise their own domestic prices to ensure their government-controlled drug supply was not exhausted in a matter of months,

The Canadian situation illustrates that this is an international relationship problem as well as a personal cost problem. The price cap situation is due to other countries, such as Canada, controlling their prices. They can do this because the U.S. allows companies to make up the lost income in U.S. pricing. The distinction here is how the drug cost in the U.S. is to be determined. The mechanism outlined – same price here as there – is a market driven approach and not a socialist approach. The arguments presented presume that the U.S. will set prices the same way the “partly or wholly socialized healthcare systems” do.

An Effective COVID Treatment the Media Continues to Besmirch. Steven Hatfill – “On Friday, July 31, in a column ostensibly dealing with health care “misinformation,” Washington Post media critic Margaret Sullivan opened by lambasting “fringe doctors spouting dangerous falsehoods about hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 wonder cure.” … “Actually, it was Sullivan who was spouting dangerous falsehoods about this drug”

Bad medicine: Fauci’s HCQ Waterloo. Monica Showalter – “it’s about time this idol topples, based on this summary about Fauci’s startlingly bad medicine and bad medical policy on COVID, which has in fact cost thousands of lives. And yes, he is very specifically to blame.”

President Trump Just Called Out Two of the Media’s Most Dangerous Lies About COVID-19. Michael Thau – “Monday was a milestone in the battle against the media’s despicable, 5-month, unrelenting campaign of COVID-19 gaslighting.” … “The most important task we face is recovering our senses.”

Video: A Leftist Asked Him: ‘When Was America Great?’ – “His answer is stunning.” It is. Watch the video.

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