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Fake and immaginary

It’s a sad situation at the Washington Times and their war on their readers as they continue to build their paywall and install nuisance barriers. Earlier, when voluntary payment was requested, a payment was tendered. That made no difference as an adblocker detector was installed to nag anyone using one. Now, it appears, they demand ‘subscription’ if you don’t like non-standards compliant ads. There are websites that have figured this out but others are stuck in old paradigms. Modern distribution media require new ways of thinking and new behaviors for business activities that depend upon them. The Washington Times has a long road to hoe it seems.

The Nunes Memo and the Death of American Journalism by Robert W. Merry – “Remember when reporters spent their time digging for answers rather than advancing their favored political narratives?” It’s a dissection of a case offered by the Left’s propaganda machine.

“The Journal adds, “You don’t have to be a civil libertarian to be shocked by the details.”

Savage clearly isn’t shocked. But he shouldn’t be, at least not outwardly—not in his reporting on the document. His job is to be dispassionate. On the other hand, neither should he reveal his own stark bias through deft selections on what precisely he wishes to annotate and how he wishes to do so.

Charlie Savage is not alone. The country’s liberal establishment has joined ranks in dismissing the memo. It has attacked its veracity, portraying it as a conscious effort to mislead the American people on FBI and Justice Department efforts to get a surveillance order on a U.S. citizen connected to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. This intense spin was on full display even before the memo was released, and then reached full flower afterward.

Republicans and those ‘attacks’ on the FBI by Byron York – “The news is filled with reports that Republicans in Washington are “attacking” the FBI over the Trump-Russia investigation.”

“But have Republicans really been attacking the FBI? The bureau is a big organization — about 35,000 people. It does many different things. A more accurate way to describe what Republicans are doing is that they are condemning the FBI leadership’s handling of two of the most heavily politicized investigations in years — the Trump-Russia probe and the Hillary Clinton email investigation. All that proves is that when law enforcement wades into politics, it becomes the target of sometimes intense political criticism.

That is an entirely different thing from attacking the FBI as an institution or attacking the role it plays in government.

Adam Schiff’s conspiracy about Russia and America’s Second Amendment is as ridiculous as it gets by Samantha Chang – “This time, Schiff made a series of startling claims, the most bizarre of which is that Russians are secretly promoting the Second Amendment to subliminally influence Americans to kill each other.”

Why is LNG coming 4,500 miles to Boston from the Russian Arctic when the US is the world’s No. 1 natural gas producer? It’s what happens when special interests block necessary infrastructure.

5 Pieces of Overrated Prepper Advice by Noah – “when I hear certain pieces of prepper advice, again and again, I can’t help but question it. In no particular order, here are 5 pieces of overrated prepper advice that drive me crazy.” People are too often gullible.

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The trial has just started. Opening statements now. Evidence next.

Parents of slain Pizza Hut robber angry that victim used a gun against him By Thomas Lifson – “Self-defense is regarded as a right deriving from natural law. But that offers no justification to the parents of Michael Grace, Jr. of Charlotte, NC, who was shot to death while attempting to rob a Pizza Hut.”

“I am sorry, but robbing someone requires at least the threat of violence. If one asks for money without threatening violence, it is called “begging.” I don’t think it ought to be a capital crime, but the risks inherent in threatening violence belong on the sholders of the perpetrator.
I may be an extremist, but it seems to me that if one decides to commit a crime, the victims should have more rights than the perpetrator, especially the right to defend themselves from the presumption of violence that accompanies a robbery, home invasion, or other property crime.

Explosion over the Washington Swamp By Gary Gindler – “Everything that is described there has long been widely discussed in America. But none of the participants in these discussions have ever had any evidence. Now this evidence, gathered during the closed sessions of the Intelligence Committee, has become public.”

“In other words, the Obama administration used a dossier concocted by Russian agents to legitimize its surveillance of their political opposition.
Corruption in the highest echelons of power of the Obama administration is now no secret to anyone.
But the Washington swamp miscalculated. The publication of the memo removes the veil only over one episode of the war that U.S. intelligence agencies are waging against the sitting president. Soon, other memos will follow, including the expected report of the Inspector General about power abuses at the FBI.

The Watergate scandal lasted more than two years, while this Obamagate outrage is a little more than a year. The explosion of the memo over the Washington swamp is only the first blast. It’s not going to be a long wait for more bombshell revelations in this matter.

The media coverage has spent more time on the ‘rebuttal’ than on the contents of the memo. The Democrats and their Propaganda Machine are showing the same sense of values as those parents of the Pizza Hut robber.

Yay! Our team won! Let’s destroy stuff! By Thomas Lifson – “Fans of the Philadelphia Eagles were going to riot no matter what the outcome of the game.”

“The Philly Police had greased light poles with hydraulic fluid this time, having failed to deter fans from climbing them two weeks ago after their home town heroes won the National Conference championship using mere Crisco. It is unclear how many were deterred from climbing the poles, but enough fans managed to climb of the canopy of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel to collapse it.
congratulations to Philadelphia for finally winning a Super Bowl. Now, can we clean up the damage and stop harming strangers?

CBD: Another Charming Leftist Whose Words Pull Back The Curtain On Their Monstrous Political Philosophy – “Make no mistake, these people want us gone”

“Any study of the rise of totalitarianism will find that in its early stages street violence and intimidation were vital tools. We see intimidation every day, and street violence has recently become a popular response to conservative thought.

But America is different, of that I am sure. I simply cannot believe that a Leftist insurrection will be met with fear and surrender.

Paging Carter Page by Scott Johnson – “Our former FBI agent reader writes to take issue with Byron York’s assertion that the FBI wiretapped Carter Page in 2013. He says it’s much worse than that and that this is almost certainly what happened”

“Bear in mind, the FBI can’t get a FISA warrant on a US Person just for talking to Russians. They have to show probable cause that the US Person is engaged in “clandestine intelligence activity” (i.e., real “spy stuff”) on behalf of the Russians. That’s not something that can ordinarily be established by a phone conversation or two since, by the very nature of the thing, “clandestine intelligence activity” is kept … clandestine.

Color me skeptical in the extreme that anything of the sort was presented to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. So I’d say there’s probable cause to believe that we haven’t heard the last of this, and it’s not going to get better.

The Democrat’s response memo is running the process. Others are planned. Hold on to your shorts.

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It’s a propaganda machine under false colors

In regards to the FISA summary memo, those who think it flawed only have to offer up the evidence upon which they base their conclusion. Instead, the allegation is ad hominem assault. Rep. Adam Schiff: Nunes memo ‘political hit job’ on FBI by Tom Howell Jr illustrates this. There is also some effort to nitpick for flaws to exaggerate into total denunciation. In doing so, the defense ignores the major issue of improper government surveillance compounded by using the authority and weight of government agencies to go after political opponents.

This is Madness – The Media are Just as Complicit In The DOJ Corruption and FISA Abuse by sundance – “We shared a discussion thread a few weeks ago about how the media are enmeshed within the entire story of the DOJ and FBI corruption.”

“The media engagements with the parties swirling around the Clinton-Steele Dossier and DOJ corruption are so pervasive they cannot currently report on the story without exposing their own duplicity.
As more evidence surfaces the relationship between journalists, Fusion-GPS, Chris Steele and the media’s DOJ/FBI sources begins blending together. The FBI was using media reports, which were based on Fusion-GPS pitches, to bolster its investigative documents to the FISA court
The problem is not just corruption with the U.S. Justice System, the DOJ and the FBI; the problem is corruption within the media.

Journalism is Dead by Derek Hunter – “This week we saw a perfect example of how corrupt journalism has become. There was an opportunity to report the news and journalists and their fellow travelers in the pundit class balked.”

“The lying by Democrats in the lead up to the memo’s release wasn’t surprising, nor was the complicity of journalists in spreading that lie. What was is how there was virtually no curiosity or interest in the memo and its contents in the days leading to its release from the people whose job it is supposed to be to convey information to the public. All journalists did was attempt to taint it’s release so as to foster disinterest in it in their audience when they could finally see it.

The ‘Constitutional Crisis’ the Fourth Estate Birthed by Clarice Feldman – “As the “Russian Collusion” story disintegrates, it takes with it any reason to rely on the Fourth Estate, which in large part assisted in Obama administration wrongdoing.”

“It has proven to be a handmaiden of those who concocted a big lie to bring down a political opponent. … This time, it’s not only Haman — the FBI and DOJ officials involved in lying to the FISC and unmasking what they learned — but their hangers-on in the press that are trapped as well.
How serious was the misuse of the FISA procedure? So serious, to my mind, that Congress must interrogate the judges involved and find out how the Court allowed itself to be so misled. Perhaps the law needs to be revised.

Winners and losers from the House memo detailing FBI surveillance abuses by Washington Times Staff – “Despite complaints Mr. Nunes memo reveal classified investigative FISA techniques, it’s not necessarily a bad thing when the American public gets a look into the inner workings of powerful government entities.”

Answering 3 key questions about the House memo by Byron York – “amid all the name-calling, there have been three serious and substantial questions raised about the memo that deserve a closer look:” It’s a good rundown on the Schiff assertions and reports in the propaganda machine that stem from anonymous tipsters. What is also worthy of note is York’s observation about what Republicans expected as that implies they have a plan to deal with it.

“It’s fair to say that much of the media reaction to the House Intelligence Committee “FISA abuse” memo has been a mixture of scorn and ridicule. Many commentators have called the memo wrong, worthless, or worse.

House Republicans expected as much, from the usual suspects.
So those are some of the objections and questions raised about the House memo. Though repeated loudly and often, they don’t have much merit, and the memo’s key assertion — that the unverified, oppo-research dossier played an essential role in securing a warrant to wiretap Carter Page — appears sound.

The Overwhelming Odds a FISA Warrant Would Have Been Issued on Page Even Without the Dossier By Rick Moran – “more than 35,000 FISA warrants have been issued. Only 12 requests to the Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Court (FISC) have been denied.”

“That makes the odds pretty good that a request from the FBI for a FISA warrant to spy on former Trump volunteer Carter Page would have been granted regardless of the anti-Trump bias in the bureau and the questionable provenance of the Steele Dossier.
Carter Page was not a meth dealer nor was this an ordinary criminal case. This was the FBI requesting permission to spy on the political campaign of a candidate from a political party in opposition to the party of the president sitting in the White House.

It doesn’t get any more consequential than that.

You would think, then, that because the stakes were much higher for the FISA court to issue a warrant, the evidence bar would be set higher as well. Apparently not. The FISA judge appeared inclined to issue a warrant whether the evidence in the Steele Dossier was corroborated or not.
The key here is that despite the fact that Page was already the subject of a FISA warrant, issued in 2014 before he volunteered for the Trump campaign, the request to spy on his activities while with the Trump campaign meant that Trump’s aides and staff would also have their conversations recorded. That is an intolerable turn of events unless there’s solid evidence that there were people working for Trump who were traitors to the United States. Only something as serious as evidence of treason would justify this kind of spying on American citizens.

And Mueller, the FBI, and the DoJ have bupkis.

FISA Court Judge James Boasberg Rules Comey Memos Will Remain Secret by Sundance – “The media are pointing out that a Federal District Court Judge, has ruled against the release of the memos former FBI Director James Comey wrote to himself while acting head of the FBI. However, one little thing they fail to notice”

The deadly ignorance on the road to Rome by Wesley Pruden – “now there’s a carefully cultivated tolerance for the intolerant, and anyone clever enough to come up with a mindless slogan for the simple-minded can market anything.”

“And not just the simple-minded. The intellectual class, so called, is particularly vulnerable to the self-righteous piety of slogans.
The latest crime of the century, for which there is no defense and the evildoers are entitled to nothing more than public punishment at the end of a sea grass rope, is something called “nationalism.”

Elizabeth Warren bellows rallying cry at activist event: ‘We march in pink pussy hats!’ By Douglas Ernst – This reminds me of recent PBS documentaries on disease and evolution that noted that chimpanzee female genitals are external and swell to indicate to males they are ready for mating. It is interesting to note that modern feminists are in evolutionary regression and have to construct artifacts to parade around just like the chimpanzees.

I am proud of the FBI by Don Surber – “As your resident Trump-ologist, I had to decipher this tweet from Friday”

“Trump is disciplined. And patient. And thick skinned. The key to Trump-ology is to realize what most people think about him is a media facade he built.

It serves his purpose to be misunderstood. His success is built in part upon it.

Many older Americans are living a desperate, nomadic life by Richard Eisenberg – “They live in RVs and drive from one low-wage job to another. … Nomads need a voice, but at the same time, it’s extremely unlikely that they’ll organize for better working conditions because they’re vulnerable and always on the move.” This is a book review that goes down hill from the negative associations of words in the title. It describes desperate people who hocked their house to the hilt and lost it when the housing bubble burst. They lost their retirement funds when they sold out during the market crash. They deserve to be coddled by government and corporations because of their poor judgment and social security just isn’t enough. The other side of the story is out there from YouTube channels where retirees like this are earning extra income doing videos about their lifestyle to the Coyote Blog about running facilities that cater to these folks both as customers and volunteers and employees.

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The Upside Down

Un-Candid in Camera by Mark Steyn – “the questions it raises about state corruption in an age of round-the-clock technological surveillance are far more profound.”

“the dossier is not “evidence” but a mere simulacrum of evidence – a stage prop to lay before the FISA court judge to get him to sign off on Trump surveillance.
In order to pull that off, the fact that the dossier is garbage from a paid partisan could not be disclosed to the judge.
Mr Page has committed no crime and been charged with none, but is routinely spoken of in the press as if he has been.
But the FBI didn’t care what it did to Carter Page – because he was necessary to get them to Trump.
The DoJ/FBI did not “inform the tribunal of all material facts” but misled the judge, seriously, on fundamental matters necessary to “enable the tribunal to make an informed decision”. They misled him/her as to the nature of the document, its provenance, its credibility, the motivations of its author, and his financial ties to the Clinton camp.
In the middle of all this is an American citizen who was put under 24/7 surveillance by the panopticon state because it enabled the ruling party to eavesdrop on its political opponent.

Was It Worth It? By Richard Fernandez – “former Attorney General and Obama stalwart Eric Holder warned it would damage American intelligence capabilities. … When the memo was actually released it superficially had nothing to do with cloak and dagger and much more to do with domestic politics.”

“If any intelligence assets were compromised, they were placed at risk by the dossier itself.
It should be hard for any American of whatever persuasion to exult in the FBI’s weakness on full display. A very important agency, on which the safety of the U.S. and the world significantly depends, has been shown at the very minimum to be vulnerable to bad judgment. Confirmation bias alters what is perceived as a threat.
Bias is dangerous because the feds need to look in places even when they’re not sure they’ll find anything. They have to play hunches even when they suspect a tip was tainted. They even need to be allowed to make mistakes if, in the main, they get it right. But they must always be honest about the uncertainty in their investigation not only with the judge but most of all to themselves because that’s all that stands between human justice and abuse.
Ironically, Eric Holder was right about the memorandum being damaging to U.S. intelligence capabilities — but not in the obvious way. The Nunes memo hurt the intelligence community not because it revealed any secret codes, hideouts or agent names. It damaged intel because it showed what fools they were.

The Ticking Memo by Victor Davis Hanson – “The House Intelligence Committee memo is pretty simple. It should not have been classified and thus far withheld from the public. In fact, far more information now needs to be released.”

“Despite the outcry, as Chairman Devin Nunes clarified, the memo can easily be in the near future supported or refuted by adducing official documents. In other words, the memo makes a series of transparent statements and leaves it up to the criminal-justice system and the public to ascertain subsequent criminal liability. It is likely that the basic accuracy of the document will not be questioned, but rather opponents, some of them mentioned in the memo, will either ask why the resulting embarrassing information needed to be aired or insist that there are only minor possible crimes in the events it narrates, or both. Remember, officials from the FBI supposedly read the memo before its release to ensure that there were not factual errors or misrepresentations.
If all this is not a scandal — then the following protocols are now considered permissible in American electoral practice and constitutional jurisprudence: An incumbent administration can freely use the FBI and the DOJ to favor one side in a presidential election, by buying its opposition research against the other candidate, using its own prestige to authenticate such a third-party oppositional dossier, and then using it to obtain court-ordered wiretaps on American citizens employed by a candidate’s campaign — and do so by deliberately misleading the court about the origins and authors of the dossier that was used to obtain the warrants.
The current internal efforts in the middle of a campaign to weaponize the FBI and DOJ are something new.
Many of the those with possible criminal exposure have already either been fired (Comey, McCabe), reassigned (Page, Strzok, Ohr), or are considered sacrosanct (Obama, Loretta Lynch, etc.). Rod Rosenstein’s fate is, for now, largely a political matter, and only later a legal one.

Democrats melt down over Nunes memo and enter the Upside Down by John Kass – “Democrats are furious and say the memo is incomplete, full of lies and half-truths, and they’re busy telling their followers not to read the memo, while heaping hate on one of the authors, House Intelligence Committee chairman U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes.”

“Democrats, the FBI and the Justice Department argued that the memo should not be made public, because it endangered national security. But after reading it, those claims appear to be nonsense.

Asked about the political hate coming his way, Nunes said, “It’s actually quite enjoyable. You know you’re over the target when you’re being attacked.”
before the left pulls out one more strand of hair in anger, or makes one more banshee scream of outrage on cable news or in social media over “the memo,” I’d like them to at least have the decency to consider the following

Thank God That Trump Won by Ben Stein – “And three cheers for Devin Nunes.”

“Now we are starting to get a look at a conspiracy so immense it can scarcely be believed. The media, the Democrat National Committee, a genuinely brain dead FISA judge, and now the media over and over again are shown to be working night and day to destroy the constitutional system of government.
Three cheers for Devin Nunes. And a special prosecutor now, if you please, to go after the people behind the phony dossier and Mr. Steele and the FISA warrant. These are real crimes. Real subversion of the justice system. What Nixon did was a high school boy’s snatching hubcaps by comparison. Will the media ever be held accountable?

Of course not. Not one person has ever been charged or prosecuted for the tens of millions of deaths under Stalin. The left takes care of its own. The right has a conscience. Big difference. But maybe we have a fighter this time.
When Madame Mao was finally arrested and tried for treason after the Cultural Revolution fizzled out, she screamed at her judges, “Mao needed a dog to bite his enemies. I was his attack dog.” Now, the CBC and the DNC/MSM clique need an attack dog squadron to chew up order and kindness. They need an SA to terrify the reasonable opposition. There they were, scowling in their dashikis in the House of Representatives. And they have their own slogan. Not Sieg Heil. But, “You’re a racist.” And now, by a great stroke of good fortune, the decent people of America have our own attack/defense dog. He even has his own plane. This will not be the walkover that Cory Booker is looking for.

Jamie Gorelick Knew What Team She Was On by Jack Cashill – The roots of the current scandal go back a ways. Here’s a rundown from 20 years ago.

WATERGATE X1000: What The MSM Is Hoping YOU Ignore About FISA MEMO Is More Than Dangerous, It’s TERRIFYING by Lucian Wintrich – “This is blatant and rampant government corruption and it all points to the Left, it spells out to the American public what many in right-leaning media have been saying for two years now.”

Comey Unhinged — for Good Reason by J. Marsolo – “The Memo confirms that the political origins of the Steele Dossier, that it was bought and paid for by Hillary and the DNC, were not disclosed to the FISA court.”

“The disclosure of these facts explains the hysterical reaction of the Dems and Comey.
Comey did not specifically deny any of the conclusions and facts in the Memo. He did not say what facts, if any, are “dishonest.”
Comey is correct that the Memo may have destroyed the relationship with the FISA Court because now the Court knows it was misled by the Obama FBI and Obama DOJ.

Comey is also correct that the Memo has “wrecked” the Intelligence Committee because now it is confirmed that the Democrats on the committee knew that the FISA warrants were based on the discredited Steele Dossier, but the Democrats kept lying that Trump “colluded” with Russia to divert attention. The only thing “wrecked” is whatever credibility Adam Schiff and the Dems had.

WSJ, NYT, WaPo: Actually, the DoJ did tell the FISA court about Steele’s political connections by Ed Morrissey – “The Wall Street Journal got the first significant leak, with an anonymous source telling the paper that the main thrust of Nunes’ memo — that the Department of Justice hid Christopher Steele’s political connections — was false.” Illegal leaks versus testimony on record is being used to cast doubt and spread innuendo. The phenomena emphasizes that the memo must only be one step in many to release classified documents and provide further transparency. But then, look at who is trying to prevent such transparency … (also note that folks like Allahpundit are working overtime on this one to diminish and demean in their own ways)

Democrats turned a hero into a horror story by Andrea Peyser – “Trump Derangement Syndrome has reached a disturbing new low.” It’s just what they do and an example of where hate takes you.

“Within hours, the hard left got hold of the inspirational story and mangled it into a cautionary tale about Republican misogyny, mistreatment of the poor and a handmaid forced to reproduce against her will, human roadkill in the evil war on drugs. No mention was made of innocent children maimed by drugs and parental neglect. It was dizzying.

The Upside Down: heroes become villains, villains become heroes, what was good is now bad, the head spins.

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Change takes time

The Tet Offensive Revisited: Media’s Big Lie by Arthur Herman – “Josef Goebbels called it the Big Lie, the deliberate misrepresentation of facts and reality in order to achieve a political objective.”

“It’s been part and parcel of the New World Disorder we’ve lived under for the past century, ever since Vladimir Lenin first used a Big Lie to disguise his seizure of power from Russia’s post-czar provisional government in November 1917, by telling the Russian people he was preventing a coup not perpetrating one.

America’s first major encounter with the Big Lie, with all its disastrous consequences, started 50 years ago today, when the American mainstream media — CBS and the other networks, plus the New York Times and the Washington Post — decided to turn the major Communist Tet offensive against U.S. forces and South Vietnam on January 30, 1968, into an American defeat, rather than what it actually was: a major American victory.

We’ve all lived in the disorder and chaos that campaign set in motion ever since.
So while many in mainstream news outlets wring their hands today about a widespread lack of trust in media, it’s important on this 50th anniversary to remember the part they played in squandering it.

The real question is why. Why does this propaganda get created? Why do its proponents create it and adhere to its fantasies as truth to such a degree as they do? Why does the audience take the propaganda at face value and incorporate its falsehoods into their world view in so gullible a fashion?

Why Trump’s FBI head Christopher Wray urged withholding the Nunes memo By Thomas Lifson – “maybe the story is a little more complex, and maybe President Trump has his reasons for continuing to express confidence in the man he chose to reform a powerful agency that appears to have been hijacked at the top executive level.”

“For starters, the resignation threat appears to be fake news (again!).
My guess (it is only a guess because I have no contact with him) is that Wray understands the enormity of the task he faces, and is taking a slow and deliberate approach to it. He is in many ways like a new CEO recruited to turn around a large corporation, but without the ability to lay off people, close or sell poorly performing divisions, and cumbersome civil service protections constraining his ability to discipline his troops. He has barely 3 months in office at this point
There are many hazzards for the insufficiently wary change agent.

“Tip of The Iceberg” – The Pending Intelligence Memo is The Beginning, Not The End by sundance – “it is worthwhile remembering this is the beginning of exposing the corruption within the DOJ not the end.”

“For several years the U.S. justice department has maintained an attitude of non-accountability within its ranks. The Obama years elevated that attitude and provided multiple examples of a DOJ gone rogue.

A complicit media enables that attitude by engineering a false narrative the U.S. Justice Department was/is an independent fourth branch of government; unaccountable to congress and entirely separate from the executive branch.

The House Intelligence Memo is simply using the example of currently known FISA abuse to open the door and show the U.S. electorate how corrupt this unaccountable institution has become. Behind that door are very uncomfortable realities for all of those who constructed the weaponized agency; and also those who have benefited from it.

The Associated Press Stokes Racial Division, Smears Trump by John Hinderaker – “The Associated Press wages a daily battle against the Trump administration on behalf of the Democratic Party. Its bias is manifest and unconcealed,”

“It is an article about Trump’s State of the Union speech, but it doesn’t quote a single word from the speech. You can tell from the title that the president said something about unity, but the AP doesn’t tell you what it was.
Is that what “many people of color” think? I have no idea; the AP story quotes no one except a series of Democratic Party race activists.
How on God’s green Earth do hailing the lowest black unemployment rate in history and opposing gang violence by illegal immigrants constitute a “throwback to mean-spirited race baiting of the past”? As so often happens when reading Associated Press stories, one can only wonder: are these people crazy?
This is the kind of small-minded malice that now characterizes the Associated Press.
I’m beginning to think you have to fail a test to become an AP reporter. It is more trouble than it is worth to untangle the ignorance on display here, but: 1) Trump has talked about criminal illegal immigrants, not immigrants; 2) the criminals Trump has referred to are, in fact, criminals, like MS-13 gang members; and 3) sanctuary cities are ILLEGAL and it is the president’s duty under Article II of the Constitution to “target” them.

I am so old, I can remember when the AP was a respected news service. Those days are long gone.

The Media’s Free Pass for Bitter Democrats by L. Brent Bozell III Tim Graham – “Read that again: African-Americans can’t relate to the national anthem or record-low African-American unemployment, only to Africa.”

“Even before President Trump gave his first State of the Union, the left was complaining that he was going to look “presidential.” It still can’t accept that he is president and gets to give presidential speeches. But Trump took that opportunity and fully exploited it.
An objective press would have reported the above as objective analysis because what we just wrote is indisputable, except to those who would defend bitter radicals filled with such hatred.

So when the speech was over, what happened? Nobody in the media focused on the Democrats’ refusal to stand or clap, their puckered mouths and their walkouts. All the “divisive” demerits were handed out to Trump.
NBC also proclaimed that the “fact-checkers” would crawl all over Trump’s speech, but maybe they should check Todd’s facts. Since when is the fact that some immigrants commit crimes “mythical”?

Even almost 24 hours later, ABC merely repeated Democratic statements and refused to question Democrat behavior.
The public saw a side of Donald Trump it heartily liked. It saw the Democrats in Washington for what they are. It saw the media as an extension of that party.

That’s three home runs for Donald Trump in one night.

the show is just getting started. Change takes its time.

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SOTU sinks in

The state of a rare presidential union by Suzanne Fields – “A president and a first lady, a husband and a wife, a father and a mother, a man and a woman reflect different kinds of power, purpose and propensity.” There is something very special here.

Melania Trump puts Frank Sinatra’s defiant croon in the present tense, “I’ll do it my way.” Feminists ought to love her. No one thinks of Melania as an appendage of her man. No one sees her trapped in the role of “wife of,” that notorious Washington “title” that once circumscribed the lives of women married to powerful men in the nation’s capital.

She’s so independent that she won’t even take advantage of the easy “gender” appropriation that qualifies any woman, qualified by experience or attainment or not, to sound off as an authority on women’s issues. Wearing a pink pussy bow on a blouse is not an authentic feminist statement, nor is her white pantsuit a credential of suffragette. Her strength lies in her dignified deportment and her thoughtful silence. One cartoonist jokes that Melania’s power lies in her gorgeous cheekbones and the ultimate trophy husband.

The first lady got it right when she was asked by a college student whether she would have married Donald Trump if he weren’t rich and powerful. “If I weren’t beautiful,” she shot back, “do you think he would be with me?”

The state of President Trump By Cal Thomas –

“The speech was well-crafted, delivered in a mostly low-key manner and timed perfectly to link themes with flesh-and-blood guests in the balcony. It didn’t hurt that first lady Melania Trump looked stunning in an all-white suit and caused jaws to drop as she descended the balcony stairs to her seat.
The president was optimistic and forward-looking, while Mr. Kennedy was mostly negative and looked backward. Advantage Trump. If he maintains the discipline he demonstrated Monday, Mr. Trump’s approval ratings and his chances of getting some of his agenda passed in Congress may quickly improve.

Trump surge traps Dems in ‘resistance’ By Seth McLaughlin – “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was an island unto herself on Tuesday, sticking out sorely as she stood and clapped for President Trump’s call to respect the national anthem.”

“Democrats saw a different speech. They emerged to accuse the president of racism for highlighting black families whose teens were slain by MS-13 gang members.

“From his racist, demonizing comments on immigrants to the complete lack of any mention in relation to securing our democracy from the Russian government, the speech wasn’t new, it wasn’t good and it won’t change any fundamental dynamics of our nation moving forward,” said Rep. Joseph Crowley of New York, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus.

Democrats said whatever the president’s calls for unity, the burden is on him to move toward them on immigration, infrastructure spending and other big issues.
Kevin Sheridan, a Republican Party strategist, said Democrats’ reaction showed a party trapped by its distaste for anything having to do with Mr. Trump.

“They loathe this man; we get it,” Mr. Sheridan said. “It is just what else do they have to offer voters? That is it? That is not a positive and optimistic agenda. They are just running on Trump hatred, and it manifests itself in everything they say or do, including in Nancy Pelosi’s scowling face.”

He said Democrats could end up as their own worst enemies.

Blinded by their hatred of Trump, Dems reveal they’re not rooting for America By Larry O’Connor – “If there’s one thing President Donald Trump excels at as a politician it’s his uncanny knack to draw his opponents onto a high-profile, national stage where they reveal their ugliest traits for the world to see.”

“Again and again, those who oppose him are sidetracked and distracted by their own rage and frustration against a man they truly believe is not worthy of the position he has attained. He gets his opponents to reveal that rage and their hatred for Trump the man and in so doing, they reveal the worst in themselves.

And he did it again last night, in what was probably the highest profile moment of his presidency, his first State of the Union Address.
The Democrats were so blinded by their hatred for Trump the person, they found themselves not just booing and mocking his policy proposals, but also the objectively positive conditions Americans are enjoying after the president’s first year in office.
When “Church, family, police, military and the national anthem” are nationalist tropes that you and your party are lining up against, you’ve aligned yourself on the far-left fringe of America.

Of course, we know that Reid, Pelosi, Schumer and the Congressional Black Caucus have always been there on the anti-church, anti-military, anti-family, anti-police fringe. But last night, thanks to their blind hatred for President Trump, they let the whole country know where they stand.

Democrats still in the mood for a brawl By Jennifer Harper – “The resistance, the struggle, the fight: They are the mantras of choice for the Democratic Party, which is still centering its strategies on pushback and aggression.”

““The character of our country — and the state of our union — isn’t determined by our president. It’s determined by our people. Now more than ever, we’re in this fight all the way,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren tweeted to her 2 million followers after the speech ended.

“Listening to Trump’s State of the Union tonight is making our blood boil,” proclaimed the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “If you feel the same anger, here’s the best way to fight back: Donate to help Democrats win back the Senate majority.”

Not to be outdone, Sen. Bernard Sanders offered a 20-minute rebuttal to Mr. Trump’s speech, and yes, he called the president a bully and declared that the “beginning of a political revolution” had begun. Mr. Sanders is also in combat mode.
President Trump’s State of the Union address drew more than 40 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. Over a fourth of those viewers chose to watch on Fox News, which drew a record-breaking 11.5 million people to its coverage. That audience liked what they saw during the 80-minute speech, according to a CBS News poll of 1,200 viewers who watched it.

It found that 81 percent felt that Mr. Trump was trying to unite the nation, while three-fourths approved of the speech itself and hoped Mr. Trump would continue to “reach out” to political rivals. Another 72 percent approved of Mr. Trump’s proposals and 65 percent “felt proud” during the night. The majority — 54 percent — said Mr. Trump’s policies would “help them.”

Do Dems have a bigger SOTU response problem? By Ed Morrissey – “Perhaps, but it’s not the reaction issue that minority parties usually have after State of the Union speeches.”

“Trump delivered on decorum and turned in a presidential effort. Democrats went out immediately afterward and sounded like petty ankle-biters. That’s the response issue that will damage Democrats most, and further separate them from the voters they need to take back the House and the presidency.

Trump Restores the ‘We’ By Roger Kimball – “In The Meaning of Conservatism and several other books, the English philosopher Roger Scruton argues for the importance of the first-person plural—the “We” that binds us together as a community, a people, a nation.”

“Trump’s speech was full of memorable lines: the “new American moment,” “Americans are Dreamers, too,” “complacency and concessions only invite aggression and provocation.” But perhaps the most memorable line, playing off the president’s campaign slogan, came at the end: “It is the people who are making America great again.”

Any dispassionate observer has to acknowledge that over the last year Donald Trump has given a series of great speeches. I use the word “great” advisedly. His speech in Riyadh about naming and battling Islamic terrorism; in Warsaw about supporting the core values of Western civilization; national security speeches emphasizing the ideal of peace through strength. Those were speeches for the history books. And on top of all those was Tuesday night’s speech at the Capitol. Its theme? Putting aside the partisan passions that divide us in order to go forward as a people united in the goal of making a better America.

Washington set to explode when FISA memo released today By Rick Moran – “An administration official told Reuters that the FISA memo detailing abuses by the Justice Department and the FBI would be released today.”

“If the abuses of power by the FBI and DoJ are as serious as the GOP has hinted, the intelligence and other documents that the memo is based on must be released. Given the stakes involved – the safety of our constitutional republic – the classified nature of the documentation should be set aside for the good of the country.

If even half of what the GOP is saying about the FBI is true, it represents one of the gravest crisis in our history. A small cabal of career law enforcement bureaucrats didn’t like the way that the election for president turned out and consciously decided to take steps to rectify what they see as a mistake. Worse, they manipulated the intelligence agencies and the Justice Department to further their cause.

If those are the facts.

The is much wailing and gnashing of teeth at the FBI and the DOJ and Democrats. The need for transparency used to be a major point for the Left but now?

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