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whither they go?

NeverTrump Makes a Left Turn By Julie Kelly – “Several of the writers, grown-ups who love their country more than they love proving they were right, managed to move on in life, staying true to their conservative principles while praising and criticizing the president as the occasion warranted.” But others did not and revealed their true colors.

“So, where do these NeverTrumpers go from here? There seems to be a gradual split in the ranks and a recognition that the most fervent among them have lost their senses. There is also no compelling strategy to “take back” the GOP with any policy platform or candidate development effort. With a history of poor political prognostication, Kristol is hell-bent on making sure the Republican Party pays the price for nominating and electing Trump, even if it means the other side, with its destructive agenda of progressive policies, wins. Kristol, Rubin, Stephens, are now de facto, if not actual, liberals. We should stop allowing them to get away with calling themselves anything but that; the media will rub them in our faces until we do.

Soon, however, the Virginia election will be a memory, these NeverTrumpers’ social-media fist-bumping will end, and they will still be left with a president they detest, an electorate they ridicule, and lost integrity they won’t be able to recover.

Primal Scream By Richard Fernandez – “An earlier generation could probably quote 1 John 1:8 “if we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us” to remind themselves of this. Alternatively they might cite James Madison.”

“Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help” was the usual warning. But somewhere along the line conventional wisdom discarded this injunction and media began to create the myth that there were special people to rule over us.

Not only does human frailty make the dictatorship of the party untenable, it makes even lesser forms of coercion such as virtue signalling and nudging ineffective.

Whatever happens now the progressives have lost decades of “gains” not to the alt-right, which is nothing special, but to the realization of their own human frailty. They will find equality intolerable.

Bill Clinton’s looming reckoning as a sexual predator By Thomas Lifson – “So far, there has not been much holding of Bill Clinton to account by progressives, despite the change in zeitgeist for sexual predation by the powerful.”

“But the inevitable is happening. At first a few progressives start mentally applying the post-Weinstein ethic to Bill Clinton. In the process, they eventually have to reflect on their own past and regret their support for him throughout Kenneth Starr’s revelations, impeachment, and beyond. But that will take a long time.

Rep. Charlie Dent: Taking the ‘fun’ out of ‘dysfunction‘ By Jerry Shenk – “In one of the whiniest, most amusing yet revealing accidental admissions ever, Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.) told Yahoo News, “You’ve got this administration that’s taken the fun out of dysfunction.”

“Rather than in Trump’s White House, dysfunction originated primarily from the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. It was the dysfunction, passivity, and arrogance of Dent and his congressional colleagues – their willingness to go along with, even enable eight years of Barack Obama’s dysfunctional, often extra-constitutional presidency – that created a political environment in which someone like Donald Trump could prevail.

Accusing the president of introducing dysfunction to Washington is a classic case of psychological projection. … To “psychological projection,” add “deflection” and “passive aggression.” By blaming the president rather than his own contributions to congressional dysfunction, Dent is attempting to distract Americans from the fact that Republican majorities in both chambers of Congress haven’t honored a single campaign promise made in 2010, 2014, and 2016 to voters who gave them majorities.

What Will Mitch McConnell Do About the Democrats’ Disgraceful Senate Blockade? By John Hinderaker – “In one agency after another, they are carrying obstructionism to unprecedented lengths.”

“Elections have consequences, right?

Not anymore they don’t. The Democrats take the position that President Trump is not entitled to exercise the powers of his office. Here, as in many other instances, the Senate minority is holding nominees hostage to its demand that Obama administration policies not be changed. Barack Obama gets to be president forever, apparently.

This obstructionism is unprecedented in American history. The question is, what are Mitch McConnell and the other alleged leaders of the Republican majority going to do about it?

Like many others, I have just about come to the conclusion that Congressional Republicans are worthless. Time is running out for McConnell and his colleagues to show us that our votes and our financial support for Republicans haven’t been wasted. And please: don’t lecture us on the hallowed traditions of the Senate. Those traditions have been blasted to smithereens by the Democrats. This is a war, Senator McConnell, and if you are not interested in fighting it, then we need to find someone who is.

The presumption of guilt by Paul Mirengoff – “Boot, it seems, wants the Republican Party to die for the “sin” of nominating Donald Trump. Only that wish provides a rational explanation for his call that the GOP “die” because of its response to allegations against Roy Moore.” See Mirengoff also on The allegations against Roy Moore – “The Washington Post’s story about Roy Moore persuades me that, when he was in his early 30s, he liked to date teenage girls. It does not persuade me that he engaged in inappropriate sexual touchings with the 14 year-old girl who claims he did.”

There is a significant imbalance between the allegations and the rhetoric assuming guilt. Aslo see neo-neocon on The Roy Moore sex allegations. But Reynolds and Driscoll says Roy Moore didn’t help himself in an interview with Sean Hannity – “This Roy Moore interview is an example of why defense attorneys tell our clients to STFU.” That’s for law but this is politics and silence enhances presumed guilt. So what is a candidate to do?

Roy Moore Gets the Herman Cain Treatment by Daniel John Sobieski – “It was déjà vu all over again.”

It doesn’t matter if the charges are false. Accusations make page one while the truth later winds up at the bottom of the classifieds. Cain’s candidacy was derailed after repeated and unproven sexual harassment allegations by former employees. But like Harry Reid’s tax lies about Mitt Romney, it worked. That is the goal of Judge Roy Moore’s accusers. Why raise the charges now after being silent for decades?

Trump accuser Jessica Leeds’ accusation was accepted as credible immediately. Smear first, prove later. Guilty until proven innocent. It worked with Romney and Cain, why not Judge Roy Moore? But the rush to believe the claims of Moore’s groping stand in contrast to the blind eye given to the claims of Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, and others, claims backed up by contemporaneous witness testimony and a victorious lawsuit by and with a cash settlement to Jones.

As Investor’s Business Daily editorialized in 2011, righteous indignation and claims of victimhood are a one-way street for the liberal grievance industry

Tell a Big Lie and Keep Repeating It by Norman Rogers – “Mother Nature is not cooperating with fake global warming science because the Earth has failed to warm for the last two decades.”

When a lie is backed by millions of government dollars, it is difficult for the truth to compete. The truth comes from scientists not corrupted by money, and from small organizations dependent on private donations. The truth is outgunned by government financed propaganda mills. The promoters of fake catastrophe depict themselves as disinterested idealists. The promoters of the truth are depicted as servants of evil industries, or as mentally disturbed crackpots.

If obvious, stupid lies, like the competitiveness of solar power, can gain popularity, how can more complicated lies be refuted?

It is much easier to make wild claims than it is to explain why these claims are fantasies or even to point out reasons for skepticism.

As the Italian philosopher Wilfredo Pareto pointed out, people form their opinions based on passion. Resort to logic and data is basically window dressing to support their previously adopted opinions. That’s why it is so difficult to make ideological conversions by means of logical argument.

Who Pays For “Green” Energy? By John Hinderaker – “These days, there is considerable obfuscation about the true costs of “green” energy–basically, wind and solar.”

“Politicians, regulators and sometimes utilities assert that wind and solar are efficient–that they actually are price-competitive with reliable energy sources like coal and natural gas. If you know anything about energy, you know this is an absurd claim. If it were true, we could do away with all subsidies for wind and solar, but no “green” energy advocate would dream of allowing that.

“Green” energy is, in my opinion, a scandal. Steve Hayward authored a great report on the subject for Center of the American Experiment (“Energy Policy in Minnesota: the High Cost of Failure”), which you can read here.

Heart of darkness: the baby killers by neo-neocon – “What state of mind allows a person to purposely target babies for killing, up close and personal?”

“What to do with a person like the Texas shooter before he goes on his rampage? There are two problems, of course. The first is that we cannot predict who will do this; we can only say who is more likely than others to do it. And the second is that until someone actually acts, we cannot detain that person preventively because that would be depriving them of liberty without cause.

But there is something so “other” about psychopaths’ makeup, so Bad-Seedish, that it remains hard to see them as people like other people with the same choices as other people.

I suppose that’s the nature of evil.

it’s in the nature of us all

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Smear campaigns and the politics of personal destruction

The Washington Post published a long article on Roy Moore alleging inappropriate relationships with four teenage girls more than 35 years ago. That has raised a firestorm of outrage that should stimulate skepticism. There a number of factors that suggest this is a political hit job and not responsible reporting. First is the proximity to an election. Second is the political affiliation of the accused. Third is the age of the allegations. Fourth is the distortions and misleading in the reporting.

Scott Johnson calls it the Moore Miasma. He falls into the same bias as he does with Trump: “Moore’s response as quoted by the Post does not itself appear to be true. I draw an inference against Moore from the apparent falsity of his response.” The question is exactly what falsity he is citing. Alleging “fake news”? or “desperate political attack”? It appears that Johnson is jumping to conclusions of guilt in much the same way that many just assume the girl is absolutely beyond any question. You’d think the recent experience at Rolling Stone regarding the Title IX campus rape allegations might make an impact.

It is worthy of note that the allegations are rather wimpy with exposure perhaps being the most serious. It comes to an titillating story of high school dating behavior with some implications about a ‘dirty old man’ being a 32 year old single guy. The most serious allegation appears to be that of exposure.

Some have noted that three of the “teenage girls” were not under age and that leads to questions about their role in the story. This has the patina of a logical fallacy in attempting to gain credibility by association and pattern. The fact is that there is only one of the alleged interactions that might be considered improper and that runs into a Mom thinking about “good husband material.” For context see 17 Older Celebrities Who Actually Dated Teenagers.

Another item of interest is the WaPo reporting which goes into exquisite detail and length which is rather out of place for a 40 year old story. This is a means of elevating an incident with proper perspective.

The major concern about such incidents is described in the WaPo article and it is the matter of a victim saying nothing. to anyone. including Mom. That needs to be addressed but it is a matter of proper parenting first and foremost.

Saving up incidents to use 40 years later in a political smear campaign to destroy a person’s career and public image is arguably just as serious an offense, morally if not legally, as the alleged offenses. There is a problem here and it involves integrity and responsibility and motive. The problem should not be set aside for political convenience. 


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The public psyche seems askew

Intel chiefs’ botched Russia findings raise questions of motive By Dan Boylan and Guy Taylor – “It was a watershed moment: the CIA, National Security Agency and FBI challenging the legitimacy of a U.S. presidential victory.”

The conclusions in the Jan. 6 document were sharp, but the findings unraveled 10 months later, raising questions about the basis for the evidence and the motives of the Obama appointees leading the nation’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

FBI leaning on debunked Trump dossier in questioning Carter Page By Rowan Scarborough – “Former Trump aide decries discredited file.”

The dossier was funded by the Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign. They paid the private intelligence firm Fusion GPS, which hired British ex-spy Christopher Steele, to investigate and produce it. He wrote the dossier based on paid sources inside the Kremlin. The coordination prompted conservatives to charge that it was the Democrats who actually colluded with the Russians to influence the election.

Mr. Page, who lived and worked in Moscow in the 2000s as a Merrill Lynch banker, is one of Mr. Steele’s main targets in the dossier.

Troy Has Fallen. Don’t Let Helen Trick You. by Robert Oscar Lopez – “If you want to get away with anything, you need only one skill: distraction.”

“It isn’t the wickedness that staggers the mind, since most people understand the existence and reality of evil. It is the evasion of justice. Especially in institutions such as entertainment, politics, and law, which are constantly under the public gaze, it strains credulity that nobody would have seen something going wrong.

Sexual predation, like vandalism, is a timeless problem that rarely gets solved through regulation and punishment. On the other hand, like the police state of Nazi Germany, the larger disinformation apparatus chronicled by Attkisson’s Smear is a timely problem, something specific, urgent, and crucial for a free society’s capacity to remain free. And unlike sexual harassment and vandalism, the structure exposed by The Smear can be overturned if people steer clear of distraction.

it becomes undeniable that accountability matters, that a j’accuse against vague societal forces is often far less curative than a good old-fashioned whooping in the town square to show arrogant bullies they can’t treat people like dirt.

We know from Euripides what the likely tactics of distraction will be. We have no excuse. It’s time to blow the lid off all of the corruption and make America great again, for real.

Trump channels Ronald Reagan in speech to South Korea’s National Assembly by Karen Townsend – “The message is peace through strength.”

The speech was widely applauded across the political spectrum. He clearly stated that while America doesn’t want another war, we will be prepared and ready to respond, if necessary.

This president meets foreign leaders as an equal. Trump didn’t bow to the Emperor of Japan. He doesn’t apologize for America’s history in other countries. As the tensions escalate between North Korea and America, it is good to know we have a president who will not settle for drawing red lines only to ignore them when those lines are crossed.

That Maine Medicaid expansion isn’t happening just yet by Jazz Shaw – “the voters of Maine had overwhelmingly supported a referendum aimed at expanding Medicaid.”

At the time, I pointed out some of the pitfalls awaiting them down the road, but it seemed there was little to be done at this point. But it turns out that Governor Paul LePage (who vetoed five previous attempts at this) still had one more card to play. He’s not going to buck the will of the voters entirely, but he’s also dumping the problem into the lap of the legislature, telling them to figure out how to pay for all of this “free healthcare” without bankrupting the state.

There are two faces to this particular coin… the practical and the political. … on the political side, this is a cagey move by LePage. He’s already made his case against this sort of financial albatross in the past, but now that the reality of the expansion is on the horizon he’s set forth a group of milestones which he and his supporters will be able to point to in the future. If the legislators want to jack up taxes, dip into the state’s budget surplus or reduce services, there will be angst among the voters and LePage has put a firewall between himself and any electoral blowback.

In this way, the people wind up getting what they asked for, but LePage and the Republicans in Maine can basically sit back, break out the popcorn and watch what happens. It’s democracy in action, which is fitting since this passion play is somewhat reminiscent of a famous quote from H.L. Mencken. “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

Monkey Business At The CBO? By Paul Mirengoff – “something funny is going on with the CBO’s assessment of the impact of repealing Obamacare’s individual mandate.”

When Obamacare repeal was proposed, the CBO estimated that ending the individual mandate would result in a massive loss of coverage.

Now, though, some Republicans seek to take advantage of the CBO’s coverage loss estimates. They propose repealing the Obamacare mandate as part of the tax reform legislation. And based on the CBO’s estimates, they claim that this repeal would produce a savings of several hundred billion dollars.

now that Republicans are relying on the CBO estimates, the CBO wants to change [T]hem.

But this doesn’t mean the CBO isn’t tilting the playing field. It has signaled that the savings number the Republicans are citing — which corresponds to the one the Democrats flogged during the Obamacare debate — isn’t reliable. Just as Republicans argued during the Obamacare debate.

Even without a significantly lower new number, that’s a bombshell.

Brain-dead green nut jobs attack Kathleen Hartnett White by Luboš Motl – “Donald Trump has nominated Kathleen Hartnett White, an experienced Texan female politician focusing on the environment, as the boss of the White House Council on Environmental Quality.”

Oh, you haven’t killed climate skeptics in gas chambers, dear “environmentalists”, for months. This “Lassitude” claims to have earned “several degrees” – if true, it proves that the general education system is completely broken in California and total morons like “Lassitude” are getting degrees for parroting hostile, Nazi-style political slogans and/or for her non-convex reproductive organs.

Needless to say, it’s not just dirty green organizations and brain-dead trolls on Twitter who participated in the witch hunt against Ms White. NPR – led by Mr Michael Oreskes, a brother of the notorious lying alarmist bitch Ms Naomi Oreskes, who is now accused of sexual harassment – has behaved very differently than how an impartial public ratio station should behave.

Ms White may be confirmed or not, or someone else who is sensible may be confirmed. But the hostility by these brainwashed and brain-dead communist attack dogs, the likes of Lassitude, Mr Whitehouse, Mr Buchele, and millions of others, will not go away for years. Sane people should have fought against the expansion of this toxic garbage – the climate alarmist propaganda – already decades ago. Now this filth is here and it will do its best to make the life harder for everyone who knows the basic things and who is honest. It will be around and it will poison the lives of all the honest people up to the moment when we realize that we really don’t deserve it, don’t like, and need to use much more effective weapons against the likes of Mr Buchele.

There’s something ugly on in the public psyche.

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Mocking, ridicule, distortions – all the usual behaviors of false witness and hate

Mocking prayer after the massacre By Tammy Bruce – “Liberals, worshipping at the altar of big government, thrive on bureaucracy and more gun control.”

We learn a lot about ourselves and others in the midst of a crisis. Hollywood and liberals had no problem revealing themselves for what they are (again) in the aftermath of the horror of the Texas church massacre. Liberals, these worshippers of failed big government, decided to condemn people of faith by mocking those who prayed on a day when 26 Christians were murdered.

But it was more than mocking prayer. The insistence that prayer is useless implies God does not exist, and only government can make the difference. Some of the more venal comments make this implication clear.

The irony of the reaction by liberals to maniacs who use guns is to call on their God of Government for more gun control.

This is not the only time that liberal expectations of big government failed.

Despite the efforts of some, we will not defined by the few individual maniacs who are psychopathic mass murderers. We will be defined by the prayerful and the decent. The truth is, America is populated with millions of Steven Willefords, Johnnie Langendorffs and Jeanne Assams, people quietly living their lives only to emerge as heroes when coming to the aid of friends and strangers alike. What does that say about us? Everything.

Are Liberals Making a Case for Mandatory Church Attendance? By John Hinderaker – “a meme has sprung up on the Left: ridiculing those who say their thoughts and prayers are with the dead and wounded and their families.”

Two assumptions underlie the Left’s attack on those who pray for victims of crime. The first is that prayer is a useless superstition. The second is that everyone knows how to stop mass murder–ban guns!–but politicians are too cowardly to do it. Liberals perhaps don’t understand that most Americans believe prayer is, in fact, powerful, while probably an equal number think that adding more layers of gun regulation would be ineffective.

This divide defines today’s Left and Right as well as any: the Left believes in government gun regulation with a blind faith regardless of evidence, while many on the Right think the evidence of experience supports the belief that prayer can do good.

Every time a liberal says the government should ban guns, we should respond: rather, the government should require every American to attend church or synagogue once a week. It would be no less unconstitutional, and much more effective.

Media once again caught lying on Donald Trump by Cheryl K. Chumley – “The media, once again, have been caught in a web of deceit, trying hard via creative editing to showcase President Trump poorly on the international stage.”

The media is biased — and it’s an anti-Republican, anti-Trump, pro-Democrat, pro-leftist bias that prevails.

This fish-feeding frenzy is about as anti-Trump low as you can go, though. Truly, the press has tipped its White House-hating hand on this one.

NBC Reporter Tries To Use Texas Shooting To Embarrass Trump In South Korea, Fails Miserably by Ryan Saavedra – “I wonder if you would consider extreme vetting for people trying to buy a gun.” going lower than anyone could imagine, it seems.

Study: CNN’s Failure to Cover Democrat’s Corruption Trial By Mike Ciandella – “But even CNN’s lack of coverage isn’t as bad as the broadcast networks.”

After 62 days of testimony, closing arguments and now jury deliberations, CNN has only managed to devote a paltry 36 minutes out of their 24/7 news broadcast to the corruption trial of sitting Democratic Senator Bob Menendez.

The Democrats’ dossier By Warren L. Dean Jr. – “Thinking they were crafty, Hillary and crew deluded themselves Democrats have elevated delusion to an art form.”

First, the dossier is espionage, not research. … Second, the dossier is the height of hypocrisy. … Third, the Clinton campaign lied about it. … Fourth, the dossier threatened national security. … Fifth, the dossier is an intelligence failure.

The Supreme Court has explained that a conspiracy to defraud the United States includes interference with or obstruction of the lawful functions of government by deceit, craft or trickery, or dishonest means. If Mrs. Clinton’s commissioning of the dossier does not meet that test, it is hard to imagine what does.

Russian Lawyer Who Connived Meeting With Trump Jr. Met With Fusion Gps Co-Founder Before And After Meeting by Ace – “As a friend kept telling me, and as I’ve only recently agreed: this was an op from start to finish.”

Donald Trump hate is a cult by Howie Carr – “New moonbat religion eschews facts.”

Since about 11:30 a.m. on Nov. 8, 2016, these smug, sanctimonious know-it-alls — Hillary, Madonna, Harvey Weinstein et al. — have been so utterly over the top in their behavior that they’ve almost become a cult, maybe even a religion.

There’s an old saying — If you don’t believe in something, you’ll fall for anything. That sums up the Church of TDS.

In short order, the TDS acolytes have created their own belief system, complete with bizarre rituals, far beyond the stupid pink hats and daily un-friending of anyone of Facebook who dares say something nice about the person they call “Trumpski” or “Drumpf.”

Like all zealots they hold certain beliefs that are somewhat antithetical, shall we say, to the facts. Like, Russian collusion.

Will Trump’s Greatest Triumphs Be in Foreign Policy? by Roger L Simon – “On the foreign front, however, Trump is succeeding as no American president has in years.”

Watching the normally Trump-phobic talking heads at CNN bend themselves into pretzels to say something bad about our president’s foreign policy address in South Korea Wednesday (our Tuesday), you knew POTUS had to have scored a home run in front of that country’s National Assembly.

In fact, if you had viewed the event live on television yourself, as I did here in Los Angeles, you would have known that already because Trump’s speech was superb — at once as tough and determined toward the North Korean dictator as it was complimentary toward the miraculous achievements of the South. You also got a good short history of the Korean Peninsula since the 1950s into the bargain. Kudos to speechwriters Stephen Miller and Michael Anton and whoever else might be involved.

This is more than most American presidents dare to take on — and so far Trump has been doing it with considerable aplomb. With few exceptions, our media gives him little credit for this. They are so invested in Trump’s failure that even if he were to single-handedly get North Korea to denuclearize they would do their best not to acknowledge it, quickly switching attention to the latest poll, which no doubt will show Trump less popular than Jack the Ripper.

Three black UCLA sports celebrities were arrested for shoplifting in China and reports are that the TDS Propaganda Machine will attempt to put this at center stage for the POTUS China visit.

Maine just jumped on the Medicaid expansion bandwagon by Jazz Shaw – “So… “free” healthcare is popular. Who doesn’t like free stuff, right?”

What opponents of the move failed to drive home to the voters is the fact that nothing the government gives out is actually free and the more we overload the Medicaid rolls, the more it drags down the entire health care system. Jim Demint summarized these problems at Heritage a few years ago, not that anyone seemed to be paying attention.

At the same time, proponents of “Medicaid for All” fail to note that the payments to doctors and hospitals are so out of whack with current market prices that fewer doctors are accepting new Medicaid patients. This drives up the burden and wait times for the remaining facilities who will take them.

Unfortunately, that’s a hard message to sell to the public when opponents are simply screaming, “free health care for all my friends!” Maine has now chosen to join this grand experiment and the only lesson which may sink in for them won’t come for a few years as the helth care system stabilizes under this new formula.

Free Health Care! Free Energy! Free Future Utopia! This sort of thing still sells and that condemns public education. Maine, New Jersey, and Virginia have all gone for fantasy and dreams – and hate. Paul Mirengoff says [about Va] “With hindsight we can say that this was a race between two uninspiring candidates who needed, somehow, to inspire support. Northam inspired support because of raw hatred for President Trump. Gillespie tried to inspire it by taking a hard line on immigration (sanctuary cities) and crime. Apparently, to no avail.”

Whatever doesn’t kill Trump only makes him stronger by Victor Davis Hanson – “Why does Trump, who suffers poor approval ratings, seem to always land on his feet while his critics do not?”

Three reasons come to mind. … 1) Trump is at home in bare-knuckle brawling; his opponents are often not. … 2) The hysterical hatred of Trump blinds his critics to empiricism and disinterested inquiry … 3) Trump has some solid achievements.

California, the Rhetoric of Illegal Immigration, and the Perils of Ignoring Thucydides’s Warning by Victor Davis Hanson – “The fight over illegal immigration plays out by altering words and their meanings.”

Anytime an idea or political agenda cannot achieve majority political support, its sponsors turn to euphemisms and linguistic gymnastics.

The historian Thucydides warned us 2,400 years ago during the horrific civil war on Corcyra how “words had to change their meanings” to mask the ill intent of particular unpopular political agendas.

In sum the apparent agenda is to keep the border open when the vast majority wishes it closed to illegal immigration. That disconnect requires that language makes the necessary adjustments so that migrants and Dreamers, not illegal aliens, just wandered or were mysteriously brought en masse into America without real borders, certainly not illegally and certainly not at the expense of legal applicants from dozens of foreign countries who wait for years for legal permission to enter the United States.

Quotation of the day on what explains the idiocy of the liberal elite by Mark Perry – “The elite are supposed to be educated. So why are they so silly?” One answer is in

“a January 2017 article (“What Explains the Idiocy of the Liberal Elite? It’s Their Education?“) in the UK Spectator by journalist and author James Bartholomew

There is a clue. That word ‘educated’. What does ‘educated’ mean today? It doesn’t mean they know a lot about the world. It means they have been injected with the views and assumptions of their teachers. They have been taught by people who themselves have little experience of the real world. They have been indoctrinated with certain ideas. Here are some key ones.

MP: I found that article when researching the question of why some liberal friends of mine so strongly oppose Brexit. I think it’s at least partly because they trust governments over markets, and also because it’s another issue that illustrates this reality that I’ll start calling Perry’s Principle: Liberals don’t value people as much as they value power over people (e.g., teachers’ unions).

Educated is too often knowing things but not their context, value, or importance. 

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Evil is subtle, a vapor in the mist.

Thoughts About Mass Murder by John Hinderaker – “the root cause of murder isn’t firearms or cars. It is evil.” The concept of evil is not clear to those who distance themselves from Christ and that distance is a clear and growing concern on many fronts.

“So, is there a solution to the problem of mass shootings? No, just as there is no solution to the problem of vehicle attacks. But some things can be done, as illustrated by the Sutherland Springs slaughter. I have two concrete suggestions.

First, more people should carry firearms.

Second, we could train people to respond more effectively to mass shooting incidents.

There is no ultimate solution to the problem of evil, which has been with us forever. But specifically with regard to mass shooting incidents, there are concrete steps that could be taken to limit their lethality.

Cruz: Democrats Filibustered Legislation That Would Have Resulted in Texas Church Shooter Being in Prison by Ian Hanchett – “Cruz said, “[T]his should have been stopped beforehand.”

Under federal law, it was illegal for this individual to purchase a firearm. He had a conviction for a crime that’s punishable by more than a year in prison, and he had a conviction for multiple domestic violence crimes. Both of those, it’s already ineligible. But, several things happened: Number one, the air force — the Obama administration didn’t report those convictions to the [NICS] database. That’s an endemic problem. It’s a problem with the federal government. It’s a problem with the states. And so, when he went in to buy the guns, they ran the background check, and they didn’t find it because it wasn’t in the database. But I’ll tell you we could have prevented this. In 2013, in the wake of Sandy Hook, I joined with Chuck Grassley, we introduced legislation that was called the Grassley-Cruz legislation. And it was aggressive legislation targeting felons and violent criminals to stop them from getting guns.”

Also on Breitbart is Keith Olbermann: President Trump a ‘Pig’ for Invoking God Instead of Gun Control by AWR Hawkins – It’s the Republicans who the Godless use as stand-ins when it comes to evil.

Good Guy With a Gun May Have Saved Lots of Lives in Texas Church by Marta Hernandez – “despite the left’s continued attempts to laugh off assertions that good guys with guns do make a difference, the facts speak for themselves.”

Postcard from St Thomas by Sean – “I always wear Red-Cross attire when traveling on assignment. It often greases the skids at check-in, and also tends to ensure I will not get bumped or have my luggage whisked away.” Here is a volunteer’s perspective on the recovery operations after a hurricane disaster.

NCIS Newington on HamRadioNow at Southgate Amateur Radio News – “What we found in a quick scan was the usual butchering of radio procedure, along with a nice pat on the back. We missed a lot, and were promptly told about it in comments and email.” This is the reality of STEM as it is being portrayed by the Left’s Propaganda Machine.

Besides ‘handles’ and wacky call signs, one of the hams apparently had serious paranoid delusions, and we were all pretty much tossed under the anti-social bus. So we went back and picked out three sets of clips. … Gary and John are used to ham radio being inaccurately depicted in the general media, but Gary thinks this time we’re seeing some actual damage.

STEM is the acronym for science,, and mathematics with is all the rage in the education arena for the solution to everyone’s ills. That goes back to the Robert Frost quote noted a few posts below.

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Awareness creeping in – but only sometimes

The leftist next door by Paul Mirengoff – “As more information becomes available, we learn that Rene Boucher, the man who assaulted and seriously injured Rand Paul, is (as John suggested) a rabidly anti-Trump leftist.” … “Add up the Antifa rioting, the campus shout-downs, and the two sets of assaults on congressional Republicans, and I say we already have a serious problem.”

Cost Benefits of Switching to Solar: A State-by-State Guide by Andy Bowen – “The ITC is a 30% federal tax credit for residential and commercial solar systems. It’s a dollar-for-dollar reduction in income taxes that would otherwise be paid to the federal government.” Bowen provides an example of what happens when you ‘drink the Kool-Aid’, swallowed the propaganda hook, line, and sinker and have left the planet.

The advantages of solar power and other renewable energy sources are colossal, and arguably necessary for our survival. On solar, the electric grid becomes more efficient and resilient to natural disasters (including hail) and disruptions — not to mention scalable to the 1.3 billion people on our planet living without electricity. On solar, power becomes cleaner, moving us that much closer toward the net zero goal advocated by climate researchers. But the benefits don’t stop there.

colossal” and “necessary for our survival” ? How on earth did man survive before the invention of solid state electronics? What are the implications of taking 30% of your expenses from other persons by the force of government to support your fantasies? What happens to a society that is not rational about its use of money and denies the reality of the actual costs, all of the costs, of its decisions (consider: the zoo animals are under threat of starvation and predation in Venezuela reported this morning)

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The fall from grace: so many once so proud

Left can have Bushitler by Don Surber –

Reagan put America first. Trump puts America first. The Bushes? Well, they were better than Dukakis, Gore, or Kerry.

The two President Bushes now seek approval from people who not just disdain them, but who will dance on their graves when they die.

The Bush men can forgive those who call them Bushitler, but not Trump whose sin is he won the presidency as a Republican. No, they wanted to be “The Last Republicans” — honorably sinking with the party while the band played “Nearer My God To Thee.”

Instead, we have President Trump, a man who fights back when called Hitler.

Make America Great Again is as vulgar today as it was in 1980 when Reagan’s slogan was “Let’s Make America Great Again.”

In Latin, vulgar means of the people.

Considering the way the elitists have governed the past 30 years or so, it is time for the people to lead the way.

Another from Don Surber: 20 who feuded with Trump — and lost. “Feuding with Donald Trump is a bad idea. Too many people have wound up worse for the feud, the latest being Alec Baldwin.” A full score of cases is provided for example.

It’s not what President Trump does to them. It’s just that karma kneecaps so many of them.

Oh, not everyone winds up worse, I suppose. But enough do that a wise man would ask, why risk it?

Notice the pattern is hating Trump in public, and being a cretin in private.

Instapundit cites Camille Paglia – “In an abject failure of leadership that may be one of the most disgraceful episodes in the history of the modern Democratic party, Chuck Schumer, who had risen to become the Senate Democratic leader after the retirement of Harry Reid, asserted absolutely no moral authority as the party spun out of control in a nationwide orgy of rage and spite.” – and Matthew Continetti – “it is actually the Democratic Party that has been most disrupted by the realignment of American politics along class lines.”

Reynolds also notes Shelby Steele On The Exhaustion Of American Liberalism – “Today’s liberalism is an anachronism” and Dereliction Of Duty about another Trump victim – “We’re left to conclude, then, that the Colonel did, in fact, want to send the president a message. If that’s so, it’s a disgrace. It’s unlikely to be the last display of disgraceful conduct from those who have the misfortune of finding themselves in proximity to Bowe Bergdahl.”

New York Times’ coverage of Mueller is peak liberal bias by Michael Goodwin – “It sees its liberal politics not as a point of view, but as received wisdom that cannot be legitimately disputed.”

In the Times’ view, there are only two reasons to question Mueller’s credibility: insanity or treason.

The animating impulse for the assault is obvious — the Times is locked into its mission of destroying President Trump, and, like Hillary Clinton, still cannot accept Trump’s election as legitimate.

the paper, following a bad habit it developed during Barack Obama’s presidency, is not content with advocating its positions. Behaving like a party propaganda outlet, it takes a coercive approach to anyone with a different view. Objections are demonized as heretical.

His straw man is a diversion and his logic turns the concept of evidence on its head, making it required before an investigation can start.

The editorial page was even more venomous, calling criticism of the special counsel “crazy talk.”

The zeal to protect Mueller from any criticism raises the question of why the Times cares so much. With the mainstream media in lockstep with its jihad against Trump, why bother to smear a handful of skeptics?

Robert Frost on progressive education 100 years ago by neo-neocon –

Two things in progressive education provoked Frost’s particular rage—their abandonment of the ancient Greek and Roman classics and their attempts to apply the scientific method to teaching. The latter separated form or technique from genuine content…

Frost experienced a sort of fractal of what was to develop into our current university woes, and recognized at once what the dangers were and what the denouement was likely to be.

The “Climate Science Special Report” is Highly Deceptive by Leslie Eastman – “Yes, the report really is “special”!”

The following muck from The Washington Post is a great example of the elite media spinning a narrative that is demonstrably false in scientific terms but that fits their politically-motivated agenda:

I will simply point out that the Climate Science Special Report, released by 13 federal agencies on Friday, is the product of Obama-era eco-activists who remain entrenched at those various agencies. No swamp has been harder to drain since Julius Caesar tried to get rid of the Pontine Marshes.

Furthermore, this news was released on Friday. Not only was it a Friday, but it was the day that President Trump was beginning a historic, 10-day trip to Asia.

In The Wall Street Journal, Koonin says the report “misleads by omission.”

Science, too, suffers a fall from grace.

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Very difficult to understand.

Marxism: The Key To Health? by John Hinderaker – “The Lancet is a once-respected medical journal that has been taken over by leftists, in a sad illustration of O’Sullivan’s Law.”

Free societies produce prosperous, healthy citizens. Socialist societies produce a huge underclass of impoverished, undernourished and maltreated subjects, living under the boots of a small overclass of well-fed sociopaths. Horton’s suggestion that Marxism is positively associated with human health is, to put it as politely as possible, a lie.

Among U.S. millennials, socialism beats capitalism by Luboš Motl – “YouGov and Victim-of-Communism-Memorial-Foundation have surveyed over 2,000 millennials. 45% would prefer a “socialist country” while only 42% would prefer a capitalist country.”

The poll shows lots of other troubling things, ignorance about most things – over 60% have never heard of Maduro, for example – but it’s far from the first one of its kind (see similar results from February 2016, for example) and the U.S. is far from the only country spoiled by this mental disease selectively targeting the youth.

There are lots of things that should be said and questions that should be asked. First, where does it come from? Is it a spontaneous trend that this young generation has invented by itself?

I only know an extremely tiny number of intelligent youth that have realized that all this stuff is a pile of lies, propaganda for their stupid contemporaries. And I know no millennials who have broken the mouth of outrageous liars such as the global warming alarmists so that the latter wouldn’t talk again – and that’s exactly what should be happening everywhere if at least some of the millennials had the intelligence, decency, as well as the balls.

So no, it’s not their own conclusion. They have been indoctrinated. They have become a herd of stupid sheep.

will this trend really lead to the end of capitalism, democracy, and individual freedoms, as America’s electorate will be drifting in the direction with this pro-socialist, anti-freedom majority? I still hope it won’t. 

LEAK: Google Employees Defend Discrimination Against Conservatives by Allum Bokhari – “conservative Googlers who voice concerns about political bias are often belittled and ignored by fellow employees.”

Glen Reynolds cites Michael Barone: Keep Calm And Carry On – “Trump’s insult-laden style and constant tweeting strikes many people (including me) as repugnant” but “Trump’s actions, in contrast to many of his words, strike me as comparable to other presidents.” There is dissonance here, the kind that needs deep introspection.

The nonstop freakoutrage about Trump was intended to “denormalize” him, but it’s had the effect of denormalizing his opposition, which would be a lot more effective if it behaved normally.

Instead, they wear the badge of ‘he is repugnant’ with honor and show an utter contempt that they even acknowledge is out of place and irresponsible.

When scientists sue scientists by Jonathan H. Adler – “What is unusual, however, is for a scientific researcher to file a lawsuit against another researcher.”

The idea that academic researchers should turn to court when their work is criticized or contradicted by other researchers is a pernicious one, challenging the sort of robust inquiry upon which scientific research and the discovery of knowledge require. It is absolutely essential that researchers are free to posit hypotheses and subject others’ hypotheses to critique. This inevitably entails not just questioning other researchers’ confusions, but also pointing out potential errors and mistakes. Of course it’s true that strong critiques of one’s academic work may have an effect on one’s academic reputation but that does with the territory. The same goes for making erroneous allegations against other researchers. If the fear of such reputational harms is compounded by the threat of litigation, academic inquiry will be chilled as researchers become more reluctant to point out the problems in each others’ work.

It’s all argument. No debate allowed.

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Flogging a dead horse

you know. The one they wanted to ride into town in a grand parade. And it’s really getting rather smelly.

Dossier wielded by Democrats shows only Clinton campaign collusion with Russians by Rowan Scarborough – “For over a year, the Hillary Clinton campaign, other Democrats and liberal pundits have pummeled President Trump and his men with one main weapon: a dossier.”

Written by former British spy Christopher Steele, who was paid by opposition research firm Fusion GPS, which received the money from the Clinton campaign, the 35 pages of memos became the Democrats’ vehicle to promote supposed Trump-Russia collusion in the presidential election.

The irony: Virtually all of Mr. Steele’s sources are Russian, meaning Democrats have been indirectly colluding with Moscow disinformation to bash the Trump team for purportedly doing the same thing.

Since the dossier’s first memo hit town in June 2016, none of its core collusion charges has been proved.

That did not stop the Clinton campaign from attacking Mr. Trump. Neither has it stopped congressional Democrats, especially members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, from reading the dossier’s sensational charges into the Congressional Record and on the network news. Based on the dossier, they publicly accused people of felonies while knowing the document remained unverified.

A small country fights a big war against Russian hybrid warfare By L. Todd Wood – “In the U.S. we are witnessing firsthand the new hybrid warfare of the 21st century — cyberattacks, disinformation, financial shenanigans, social media manipulation and corruption — a combination of weapons for which the West has yet to find an effective defense.” The Moldova story describes the war and how it can be fought.

On “The Vietnam War” by Charles Hill – “Burns-Novick’s erasure of the Cold War is the hinge in the next phase in their story. The Cold War was a mirage—decolonization was the reality, and the United States, deluded, had it all backward.”

Having just led the Allies through a brutal world war to defeat the Third Reich in Europe and Imperial Japan in Asia, the United States suddenly awakened to the advance of Communism—a violent ideology designed for world domination—on several continents. By the early 1950s, the American hope to “contain” the Communist advance had been powerfully tested in Germany, Korea, and China. In each case the Communist side had militarily pushed into a nation divided between the Communist “East” and the American-backed “West,” and in each case the United States had to act to maintain the divided line and defend the doctrine of containment. When the Soviets moved to take full control of four-power-occupied Berlin in 1948, the United States responded with the“Berlin Airlift. When the Korean War was launched by the Communist North’s invasion across the 38th parallel in an attempt to conquer the South, a U.S.-led coalition restored the partition of the country. When Mao’s Communist forces took mainland China, the Nationalist Republic of China, backed by the United States, held on to Taiwan.

Vietnam would be the next divided nation challenge—one that no American president could turn away from.

At the same time, there emerged a younger generation—most notably of reporters led by David Halberstram, Malcolm Browne, and Neil Sheehan, who saw the truth and dared to publish it. They would reveal that all American history up to and including the Vietnam war had been in the service of a racist, violent, oppressive, and greedy system. This would become the central ethos of the Sixties and it would displace the ethos that came before it, that of the greatest generation, which included people like JFK and his colleagues in the White House who had served in WWII. The Sixties produced the founding generation of a wholly transformed America—and this was the truly greatest generation in Burns’ and Novick’s telling.

In addition to ignoring the Cold War, the Burns-Novick story says nothing about that time’s international phenomenon of cultural revolutions in which America was embedded and which may be traced to the “Rebel Without a Cause” 1950s and enshrined in Jack Kerouac’s On the Road that, on its first page, denounced marriage, home, education, occupation, and loyalty to God, country, and society because “everything was dead.”

The American anti-Vietnam War movement cannot be fully understood absent this context, but the series makes only glancing references to the youth movement

The film is thus a contender in what the poet Wallace Stevens noted as an American search for a “supreme fiction.”

In Vietnam as the fighting reached its climax, Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker said, “No one who died for freedom ever died in vain.” Kerry’s words are featured in the series; Bunker’s are not. The film’s motto is: “There is no single truth in war.” That’s a true statement, but one to which the series does not adhere.

Thoughts from the ammo line by Scott Johnson – “Ammo Grrrll is here to lend a helping hand understanding the AMERICAN MUSLIM RESPONSE TO TERRORISM.”

Green Weenie of the Year: Mark Jacobson by Steven Hayward – “Jacobson is the charlatan who says that the United States can supply 100 percent of its energy needs by the year 2050 with wind and solar power, along with some pumped hydro storage.”

We noted here back in June that Jacobson’s flim-flam was dealt a hammer blow from a review in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by 21 highly respected academic energy experts that passed through extra layers of editorial and peer review because of Jacobson’s pre-emptive complaints. The review made clear that Jacobson’s work is unserious.

Rather than rebut his critics and bolster his own thesis with revised modeling or better founded assumptions, Jacobson has decided instead to sue his critics for $10 million

Nothing says “I have confidence in my work” more than a lawsuit against your critics.

Mathematics Is Not ‘White’ by Rick Swenson – “The other day, I read how a math education professor claims that the traditional math curriculum is “white.”

Here in my new teaching adventure in China, I don’t encounter this P.C. nonsense. Concerned parents approach me at conferences and other social occasions and first inquire what their child might do to improve. They don’t point an accusing finger at me, or at my math test questions, and they certainly don’t claim that the subject is racist. Indeed, in my long experience teaching international students, Chinese students are often the most determined and aggressive to succeed. Where other students might devote 20 minutes to homework and give up when the going gets tough, these Chinese kids will not give up until it is all done. Too clever by half, when stumped, they seek out older students for help.

If we want to repair the many damages inflicted on the USA during the past generation, one place to start is math education. Mathematics is a human devotion and cares not about any of the popular identity grievances.

Nevada initiative to ban sanctuary cities would improve public safety by Victor Joecks – “Some Nevada Democrats are so radical on immigration they’ve made violent crime prevention a partisan issue.” It’s called Californication.

The Left’s Long Goodbye by J.R. Dunn –

The American left is beginning to look like nothing other than a defeated army in its last weeks in the field – the Army of Northern Virginia in 1865, the German Imperial Army in 1918, or Hitler’s Wehrmacht in 1945. These armies, once considered invincible, were in the end frozen in posture of total defeat. They could scarcely make a single move. Everything they did led to another defeat. They were doomed, they knew it, and they had no way out.

This leads us to ask – as we have asked a thousand times before – why is it so hard for conservatives to accept victory?

Many conservatives are already aiding the left in their bitter eagerness to bring down Donald Trump. How long before they start rescuing the left from the quicksand of its own making?

This is scarcely acceptable. One thing overlooked in the histories of the 20th century is how the “capitalist” West (to use their term) consistently rescued the Soviets from collapse.

What, exactly, is “loyal” about an opposition that has worked hand in glove with every enemy of the United States since the 1950s – the Soviets, the Viet Cong, Castro, the Sandinistas, the Jihadis? The actions of the American left led directly to the deaths of millions in the wake of the Vietnam War in the 1970s, to hundreds of thousands today in the Mideast following the kindergarten machinations of the Clinton-Power-Rice-Obama cabal. At the other end of the spectrum we have the hundreds dead along our own border thanks to the demented Fast and Furious operation.

Where does it end? What, exactly, is worth salvaging here? If the left does survive in this country with the aid of American conservatives, how will it be justified, as the number of deaths inevitably increases with the new technologies and methods of the coming millennium?

It’s flogging a dead horse wondering why the horse isn’t pulling your cart anywhere. Why is the reality invisible?

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Success, Trust, Culture, Inane, Abuse

Twitter Testifies on 2016 Analysis: Clinton Used Twitter More But Trump Much More Effective… by sundance – “Additionally, Twitter legal counsel admits to hiding up to 48% of negative Clinton twitter content.” This is related to the disgust for Trump’s tweets as effectiveness stimulates envy and resentment amongst those who don’t share his goals.

Essentially Twitter legal counsel is admitting here, through twisted analytic hindsight obfuscation, they censor Twitter based on their internal opinion of the content within trending hashtags.

Hilariously, the page #11 testimony also shows that Hillary Clinton used Twitter twice as much as Donald Trump – yet had half as much engagement (re-tweets).

Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the swamp By Robert Arvay –

Years later, I am finding the same childlike reaction expressed by the juror in myself with regard to the massive and pervasive corruption in Washington, D.C. that is slowly being revealed in the Uranium One scandal, and in the Mueller probe aimed at destroying the presidency of Donald Trump. There is no Santa Claus, no honesty in government.

What was demonstrated by the Ruby Ridge and Waco events is that government is like fire: necessary in its place and dangerous when it breaches its containment.

Until recently, I had always been convinced that however corrupt the government is, at least there are honesty and integrity in the upper reaches of law enforcement. My faith had been tested, but not shattered, when what I considered to be a few rogue officers went berserk and slaughtered the aforementioned innocent Americans in an abuse of power.

Now I understand that the problem is vastly worse than my worst fears had ever led me to believe. We are faced not with a few renegade cops, but with ensconced corruption almost beyond imagining.

it will take more than torches and pitchforks to unseat them from their thrones. It will take something that not even the most skilled of them can understand – principled and courageous citizens. We will win, but it will be painful and difficult, with many a setback along the way. We will be called upon to sacrifice. The Tree of Liberty demands it.

“Anti-gentrification” or plain old vandalism? By Jazz Shaw –

It’s one of those situations where you can’t eat your cake and have it too. And this is precisely why these “anti-gentrification” campaigns are so self-defeating. You’re not preserving anyone’s culture. You’re leaving them stagnant in poverty.

Senate Republicans threaten key rule change over Dem confirmation obstruction by Ed Morrissey –

After months of grumbling over the slow process of confirming presidential appointees, and even after a change on “blue slips” for judicial nominees, Senate Republicans want significant rule changes to get Donald Trump’s appointees into office. They have finally — finally — come around to the lengthy debate requirement that promises to delay most of these appointments well into the next decade

The proposed change would cut debate time on the final floor vote for each confirmation from 30 hours to eight.

This rule change would actually be less disruptive than the others initiated by Harry Reid and McConnell over the last few years.

Schumer started this cycle years ago by blocking George W. Bush’s judicial nominees, with Harry Reid’s gleeful participation.

There are many forms of abuse and they usually have consequences. The Democrats look to be slow learners.

Rep. Gutierrez introducing articles of impeachment over Pelosi’s objections by John Sexton –

Democrats want to be perceived as running on a touchy-feely “Love Trumps Hate” platform but the reality is that their base hates Trump with a white-hot passion and still wants vengeance for the 2016 loss (Bernie’s loss and Hillary’s loss, depending on who you ask). That’s why “the resistance” has been pushing obstructionism and confrontation. They aren’t interested in governing, they’re interested in a pound of flesh.

So I’m going to say something here I’ve rarely said: Pelosi is right. The smart move now is to tone down the outrage and present Democrats as a serious party that can govern. They could fail in that but the effort probably won’t backfire.

But that’s not as emotionally satisfying as going for the throat. That disgusting Latino Victory ad, i.e. the one showing a truck trying to run down minority children, is what the base wants. Lots of folks on the far left defended that ad but it backfired within a day.

Associating people with violent racists is not a way to expand the party’s appeal or demonstrate seriousness. Similarly, trying to smear Trump with unproven collusion allegations may appeal to the base but it’s not going to win over moderates, at least some of whom Democrats need to win elections.

The ABA’s unfair attack on judicial nominee Steve Grasz by Paul Mirengoff – “Grasz has the backing of both Senator Fischer and Senator Sasse, who slammed the ABA. I doubt Grasz would have that backing if he were not qualified.”

The ABA’s rating amused me because it questioned “whether Mr. Grasz would be able to detach himself from his deeply held social agenda and political loyalty to be able to judge objectively, with compassion and without bias.” Remove the word “compassion” and you have described a great many Obama district court and appellate nominees.

To the ABA, however, if you slavishly take left-wing positions, you aren’t judging with bias. Rather, you are being mainstream — and, of course, compassionate. Never mind that it’s not the role of judges to adjudicate with compassion. The ABA’s invocation of that word gives away its bias.

This is just one example of an expression of bias that can be seen in many opinions and headlines. They serve as clues and indicators for the astute reader to use in determining the quality of the information provided.

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Neutrality? Russians? Insurance costs?

Helping the internet escape the economics-free zone By Daniel Schneider – “Broadband headway requires an end to the left’s net neutrality rules.”

Net neutrality is the principle that big internet companies should not be allowed to block, throttle or discriminate against any content. Contrary to the narrative of the hysterical left, net neutrality is not particularly controversial — though it’s an open question whether federal laws are needed to enforce a prohibition that market pressures in the broadband marketplace have already rendered irrelevant. The big broadband providers have already fully embraced neutrality as a core business practice, and pointed out they’d start hemorrhaging customers if they ever went back on that commitment.

But in the waning months of the Obama Administration, such common-sense market-based arguments rarely held sway.

Faced with this growing mountain of evidence that the Title II utility rules are a disaster, current FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has led the effort to correct this mistake. Unlike his predecessor, Mr. Pai has demonstrated a willingness to listen to economists — and common sense. And faced with an FCC chairman they can’t bully, the radical left and their bought-and-paid-for “non-partisan” allies have instead resorted to hysteria.

Their tactics are despicable and their claims are beyond absurd.

Innovation, investment and freedom of expression in the online ecosystem only became endangered by Barack Obama’s Title II takeover of the internet. The internet will only be stronger once Mr. Pai ends these investment-killing utility rules once and for all.

Thousands protested Trump last November in rally organized by Russia by John Sexton – “Last November, a few days after the election, thousands of people gathered for a rally in New York to protest Donald Trump.”

It turns out those were also Russia’s streets. The Hill reports that this particular protest was organized on Facebook by a Russian group calling itself BlackMattersUS, which many people mistakenly assumed was some kind of Black Lives Matter offshoot

This may have been the most popular event organized by the group but it was not the only such rally.

Buzzfeed has more on the RBC story here. As the near-panic about Russian influence over the election continues, it’s worth recognizing that a significant aspect of that effort was telling people on the left what they wanted to hear and encouraging them to act accordingly.

It’s mind numbed robots deja vu

Obamacare has quadrupled Nevada insurance premiums in 4 years By Victor Joecks – “Finding out exactly how much Obamacare has increased your insurance costs might send you into cardiac arrest.”

Remember when then-President Barack Obama promised the Affordable Care Act would “cut the cost of a typical family’s premium by up to $2,500 a year”? Right now families would settle for their premiums not increasing by $2,500 a year.

But that’s not the worst of it.

Obamacare hasn’t turned health insurance premiums into a mortgage payment. It’s turned health insurance premiums into two mortgage payments.

If you buy on the exchange, Obamacare does offer subsidies — which you’re paying for — for some people. But not everyone qualifies.

The Free Lunch will come back to bite … eventually.

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