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Harry Reid

Patterico’s Pontifications posts Harry Reid’s Letter To James Comey with a few comments to place it in context and to qualify it.

As recently as last month, Reid gloated about the false accusation he made against Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential campaign. This in spite of evidence showing that Reid was outright lying. But to a corrupt bastard like Harry Reid, proof means nothing. Only winning. And he has certainly shown that there is no line he will not cross in order to do just that.

Of course there are numerous examples which demonstrate Reid’s dishonesty and seared conscience, so it’s no surprise that in a desperate move, he fired off a letter to James Comey today accusing him of violating the Hatch Act:

And during an interview with Brett Baier, Gowdy offered this: “Thank God he’s leaving, is my initial reaction. My second reaction is: I did not know Mormons used drugs. And anyone who is capable of sending out that press release has to be under the influence of something.”

anything to win … isn’t that why Clinton is in this predicament to start with?

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That rug is getting awfully lumpy

Trying to sweep things under the rug can make things look OK for a while but then it makes the rug lumpy so it is hard to walk on and some of that stuff swept under the rug starts to fester and smell. After 30 years, this seems to be happening in the Clinton Camp.

Thomas Lifson says The presidential race has changed because The Awful Truth about the Clintons is sinking in. “Here is the logical chain of four shocks that I think a big enough (10%?) share of Democrats have pondered

For one of those dirt piles under the rug, see the FBI Release 100 Clinton Investigation Pages: “Quid Pro Quo”, “Shadow Government”, and More…. “Much of this will not be covered by MSM because it exposes an aspect of Hillary Clinton that is well beyond self-serving. In addition to including the full pdf below – we’ve pulled out some important pages via screen grab to pay particular attention to

Then there’s VDH on The Clintons as Farce — :Should we laugh or cry at the latest developments in a madcap campaign?”

Hillary Clinton was resting, running out the clock, sitting on a supposed large lead, and hoping that the election was sooner than later. Now after the latest Weiner disclosures, she is crisscrossing the country, terrified of collapsing polls, and wishing that she had three more weeks rather than just one. With the Clintons, farce is the desert to scandal: the profiteering Clinton Foundation as a humanitarian treasure; Hillary the former corporate attorney as child and little-guy crusader; Bill Clinton, both sexual predator and feminist hero.

Yet no one thought discredited deviant Anthony Weiner could much harm Hillary—except of course “conspiratorial” Donald Trump. He warned months ago that Clinton aide Huma Abedin might have been passing on classified materials to her dissolute husband. Because Weiner couldn’t repress his electronic libido with young girls, he ended up on the FBI’s radar—and by extension his smartphones, tablets, computers, and by further extension supposedly his estranged wife’s confidential communications.

Should we laugh or cry when Barack Obama’s Department of Justice warns about mixing politics with the Weiner investigation, after Attorney General Loretta Lynch had stealthily met on the tarmac with Bill Clinton while her office was supposedly investigating his spouse?

Thomas Lifson has another item on the Blockbuster report on internal FBI conflict over investigating Clinton machine. “Devlin Barrett of the Wall Street Journal has apparently mined many sources at the FBI, DoJ, and other “people familiar with the matter,” and put together a remarkable piece that is providing a lot of new information.”

There is a lot of controversy being genned up that Comey should have kept quiet about FBI investigations to avoid tainting the election. The problem is, as usual, that it’s happened before. Consider Weinberg when the ‘apologies’ didn’t come until after the election. There is a conflict between proper legal niceties in criminal investigations and the need of the public to know about their choices in an election. The investigation wouldn’t be an election problem if the partisans had not nominated someone with such a known and threatening scandal issue. As with Nixon, what wasn’t known before the election raised a crisis later and the Watergate scandals don’t hold a candle to what is being revealed now about the Clinton scandals.

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That basket of deplorables has more to it that you might think

Betsy Gorisch pins down the underlying issue as Trump Fights. The action is one thing but it is what is behind the action that is the important concept. The standard advice in the Establishment on the Right has been to ignore the slights, the insults, and the personally destructive campaigns of the left. That Establishment advice has implications.

So Trump understands explicitly that there is virtue in fighting back, and implicitly that people are longing for someone who will do so — someone like him — even though they may not quite pinpoint it that way. I think he is onto something serious with that one, and I will tell you why.

What that establishment does not seem to understand, though, is the extent to which people see these attacks on both the officials they elected and their policies as comprising attacks on the people themselves.

So Trump is not responding to attacks by ignoring them in favor of continuing a theatrical script other people, people on the professional production crew, hand him. He is fighting back, and against specifics. And contrary to the standard political approach, he is not pretending to fight for his supporters. Instead, and as his supporters understand, he is fighting with them — because they have all been, and continue to be, targets. … The battle plan itself is destructive — because the people themselves are its target. The increasing, and increasingly energized, numbers of Trump’s supporters understand this, both implicitly and explicitly.

People saw what happened to the previous president, the one who did not respond to libel and slander, and how a malicious and false history of both the president and the military and the country has taken hold as truth. The left is not just attacking their political opponents, they are attacking everyone in that “basket of deplorables” as well. People can turn the other cheek only up to a point and they will always be seeking leaders who step forward to defend them against such assault and bullying. Gorisch is right about being “onto something serious” and many in the Establishment don’t seem to appreciate just how serious it really is.

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It won’t go away, it won’t disappear – Corruption and conspiracy evidence

Thomas Lifson found an An essential guide to the Wikileaks revelations on Hillary. “This website is not owned by or affiliated with WikiLeaks. It was made entirely for free by an American citizen who is sick of government corruption and the lack of accountability and justice in our country.”

Clarice Feldman tipped me off to what looks like a great resource, a website that organizers the vast flood of data from Wikileaks and other sources such as the FBI documents,  and focuses on the crucial issues. It is an anonymous piece of work, and the site is titled

Unquestionably, the site seems to make all the worst assumptions. As an honest prosecutor investigating public corruption ought to do while uncovering evidence and testing out those assumptions.

I have yet to explore it in depth, but what I have seen so far indictes that this is a valuable organizer of the Wikileaks data, and I hope it is updated continually.

This is the ‘polite’ side of the reaction to the exposed corruption. Those denying, defending, or trying to conceal the evidence and its plain conclusions will find that it won’t go away, it won’t disappear. It will make an impact and it will gather force. Compare and contrast to the many baseless conspiracy theories, the 9-11 truthers, for instance, where the pot simmers but does not boil because the evidence just isn’t there. As this website shows, the evidence for Clinton corruption and conspiracy is there and that existence will feed the flames to bring the simmer to a boil. 

BTW, The Oregon Bundy jury said “not guilty.” So the Feds arrested the attorney. Meanwhile the South Dakota Pipeline protest is turning violent. Yes it’s related. And the flames are being fed.

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Influence peddling

Instapundit posts a note

The Clintons don’t produce any desirable consumer products, or perform any traditionally useful services like accounting or dry cleaning. They have built no factories, dug no mines, nor worked any farms. They hold no patents and have developed no real estate. They are not medical doctors of rare skill. They haven’t starred in any hit movies or sung any popular songs. They have (allegedly) written and sold some books, but not the kind of bestsellers that get turned into TV shows and make real money.

And yet they have grown rich “beyond the dreams of avarice” since Bill left office nearly 16 years ago, and even richer since Hillary entered international politics just eight years ago.


By peddling influence — an activity which generates great wealth only in a corrupt and overly bureaucratic society.

That’s the swamp that needs to be drained, and it runs much deeper and wider than most anyone realizes.

This cites Clinton Foundation’s Fundraisers Pressed Donors to Steer Business to Former President by James V. Grimaldi and Anupreeta Das at the The Wall Street Journal.

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They’ve literally pathologized masculinity

Women now comprise 60% of college graduates and are trouncing boys across all measures of academic performance, save one–SAT scores where the boys beat the girls by a significant margin in math and slightly in reading.

The response to this disparity, of course, is to label boy’s superior SAT scores to, you guessed it, gender biased testing that favors boys.

It cannot be the case that boys are better at something. Boys are never better at anything.

Our schools are stuffed full of left-wing, female educators who largely despise boys and see their very nature as a problem to be corrected. They’ve beaten them down, broken their spirits and stuffed them full of Ritalin to shut them up. Is it news to you that 20% of 14 year old boys have been diagnosed with ADHD?

He’s mad – ain’t going to take it anymore. War on Women? The Real War is on our Boys [Warden]. Think he is alone? See if you can find anything on the web about the Free Range Kids movement.

UPDATE: This shows up in the Trump campaign. Warden talks about his work with his wife regarding his sons. A male feminist ponders how you could possibly like Trump if you know any women is looking at the gender split on Trump support and wondering why women can still have any man in their life.

So today the proponents of such snake oil have a new chew toy to play with and the women in your life may need a moment alone for a word with you. Even if they never noticed your inherent misogyny before, should you mention that you’re considering voting for Donald Trump, the depth and breadth of your subconscious hatred of women will have been exposed. Hopefully you’ve got a comfortable couch to sleep on after you return from the Hillary Clinton reeducation camps.

Perhaps it is time for some introspection about the split being between those who put gender over issues?

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Blind eye

Take a look at the Bundy protests. Consider the case of a sheriff sentenced to 6 months for contempt of court because he refused to stand down in enforcing established law. Now take a look at the South Dakota Pipeline protests. Obama steers clear as North Dakota pipeline protests veer out of control.

Having lent support to the North Dakota pipeline protesters, the Obama administration is stiff-arming requests for more federal assistance as the situation on the ground at the massive encampment grows increasingly volatile.

The conflict shows signs of intensifying. Protesters set up tipis and tents Sunday in the path of the pipeline about two miles from the Cannon Ball River, declaring it “unceded territory affirmed in the 1851 Treaty of Ft. Laramie as sovereign land under the control of the Oceti Sakowin.”

Negotiating with demonstrators has also been difficult because the tribe appears to have lost control of the protest. A group of about 200 to 300 activists is driving the lawbreaking, while the protest’s leadership is split among different camps, according to law enforcement.

Rob Port, a North Dakota conservative radio talk show host who runs the Say Anything blog, warned that more federal involvement could come back to haunt the community.

“If the feds get involved, I hope it is to stand up for property rights and the rule of law, which have been trampled by the protesters,” Mr. Port said. “I’m afraid if they get involved, it will be to take up the cause of the tribe and protesters against state law enforcement, which would only further inflame this situation.”

In this case, the Indian tribe is being used by leftist activists and rioters. They lend an aura built by propaganda from the left of the peaceful native nobility such as also drives the contempt for Columbus Day. “For those living and working in Morton County, North Dakota, however, waiting for the administration to research a project already approved by state and federal regulators comes at a cost.” The citizens don’t seem to matter much to the federal government and that may be stimulating some bite. Perhaps the government’s blind eye will turn into a black eye. If not now, eventually. Think Venezuela. Then again, that might be depressing as former middle class citizens digging in the garbage for food is still not enough for people like that football quarterback to rethink their holding the heroes of the Venezuela and Cuba revolutions up on a pedestal. Yes it is happening here, the blind eye. 

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Where do the get that idea? The sad state of education.

Douglas Ernst reports: George W. Bush viewed by one-third of millennials as bigger killer than Stalin: Poll — “Vladimir Lenin viewed favorably by 25 percent of youth.” They’ve been told things by people they believe, things that make a farce out of history. Why? Who? What for?

An annual report released by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation found that one-third of millennials think former President George W. Bush is responsible for more killings than Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.
The body count of Stalin’s victims before and after World War II is estimated by scholars to be anywhere between 20 million to 60 million people, but roughly 33 percent of young Americans still seem to think Mr. Bush’s time in the White House was deadlier.

“Ronald Reagan said that ‘freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction,’ ” said Mr. Edwards, a distinguished fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. “It is the solemn obligation of this generation to educate the rising generation about the manifold victims and crimes of the deadliest ism of the last 100 years — communism.”

It is rather amazing that so many would believe something that even a cursory inspection of world history would refute. The survey also says something about how effective the partisan propaganda campaign to destroy GWB has been. Not only are the facts are wrong, the integrity is missing. That is, no questions acceptance. Gullible? 

But then, the Smithsonian Institution is in trouble for its cozy-ing up to Cuba [The Hill]. Their magazine had a hagiography about the Cuban revolution (not available right now due to technical troubles, it says). All sorts of wonderful words about Castro and Che and the ‘struggle’ but only inference about the result many years on as they struggled to find and get to the ‘holy’ sites of the revolution. Now they want to conduct tours …

what’s with these people? 

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How can you fix government?

Charles Murray has written a book: Author, “By the People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission” [Amazon link]. He describes his ideas in a talk at Hillsdale College on YouTube. First up he points out that the government no longer adheres to its original principles and there is no realistic way to bring it back into line. He cites SCOTUS decisions, for instance, that have become accepted and account for such a major part of the government’s budget and the voters expectations that trying to reverse them would create too much upheaval.

So what do you do? He thinks he has a plan. Take an hour and attend the Conservative Civil Disobedience?” – Charles Murray talk on YouTube! (or buy the book – or both)

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The sea is frothing – some of the commentary this morning

quite a steaming pile in circulation this morning. Take a look:

Donald Trump’s Moral Fervor By James Lewis

At a time when the “news” media betray their own hyped up values of objectivity and fairness, I am beginning to hear a growing voice of moral outrage in America – and it’s actually expressed in clear words, day after day, by the Republican nominee for president of the United States. That would be Donald Trump.

That last sentence is bound to set any lost and lonely lefty loony screaming with hysterical laughter, but hyenas are what they are. From the hyena’s point of view, Republicans are just another meat.

‘People are sick of politics’: how the US election left Reno divided and silenced — “The Nevada city is in a crucial district in the key swing state – yet the polarizing presidential race has forced residents to stop talking about who they’ll vote for”

But this year – though Washoe County is as important and hotly contested as ever – is different. This year, there are no presidential election lawn signs anywhere.

People don’t want their neighbors to know who they’re voting for, for fear of the kind of conflict that led Sanguinetti to ban the topic of politics from his establishment entirely, residents say.

Andrew Malcom says There are way too many coincidences in assaults on Trump —

A few things you’re unlikely to read elsewhere: Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy – and Americans’ ability to choose their next leader – is being destroyed by a sequence of events way too well orchestrated to be coincidental.

Let’s see, which story do you think would draw maximum interest – combing through thousands of pages of stolen documents revealing an unpopular, untrustworthy Democrat proving why she’s unpopular and untrusted. Or obnoxious TV celebrity accused with perfect timing of sliding his hand up women’s skirts, just as he had boasted on tape?

None of this addresses the truth of these charges. Clinton has often said female victims of sexual predators should be believed by default. Unless it seems they’re accusing her husband. She attacked them.

Malcom cites quite a laundry list to support his thesis. He doesn’t mention how the Wikileaks guy is reported this morning to have lost his internet access, though.

National Review says “No, the election isn’t rigged” — “denying reality doesn’t help.” But there is reason to wonder who it is that is denying reality.

As a factual matter, this is, of course, bunk. The electoral process, from bottom to top, is managed by citizens and governed by a dense body of election law. Vote-counting is heavily scrutinized by party officials and independent monitors, and irregularities are subject to legal challenge. The voting equipment used is tested prior to Election Day and carefully monitored before, during, and after. None of this is to say that voter fraud does not exist, or that errors don’t occasionally affect vote totals. But to “rig” an election at the national scale would require logistical know-how seen only in Hollywood capers. To think that the same Clinton campaign that had trouble putting away Bernie Sanders has now arranged to steal an election on a continental scale defies logic — to put it mildly.

As for the media, there is no doubt that the press hates Donald Trump with a passion, and it shows. Unfortunately, media bias is a persistent feature of our system.

Rather typical of the hubris of true believers. They cite an example that refutes their claim and make wild assertions as if they were axiomatic. A NYC election commissioner is caught on tape accepting massive voter fraud, there have been numerous cases of voter fraud in the news recently, political ads often cite Soros or the Koch Brothers, … Consider “bunk” and “to put it mildly” as indicators of just how far NR has gone in losing its perspective. Perhaps it should put more effort into understanding why what it cites might lead to the complaints it condemns.

Daniel Greenfield takes on the sieve of national security secrets in Truth is the nuclear weapon of the new cold war — “Exposing the underbelly of the American Kremlin.” He points out that it isn’t defense and trade secrets that bother the current administration but rather the expose’ of political party secrets.

But suddenly it wasn’t our defense secrets that were being spilled. It was the Democratic Party’s dirty dealings. And all the outrage and anger that had lain slumbering while our national defense secrets were being plundered by the enemy was suddenly roused to a boiling pitch.

Obama has gone to the featherbed mattresses. This means war.

Reports claim that the CIA is “is contemplating an unprecedented cyber covert action against Russia in retaliation for alleged Russian interference in the American presidential election”.

The right time to launch such an “action” would have been after Snowden or after the theft of top national security secrets by China. The OPM database hack should have merited such a response. Instead the corrupt left-wing elites running this country only respond to threats to their political power.

The CIA wasn’t allowed to strike back when its operatives were endangered. But humiliating Hillary Clinton and John Podesta must not be allowed. National security is disposable. Dem security isn’t.

That is what the Hillary Clinton email scandal was really about. The emails are a symptom. The real issue is that our leaders fear sunlight more than vampires. They cannot and will not stand the light. And so foreign dictators can trade transparency blows with them. Truth has become the political nuclear weapon. In the new Cold War, it’s not about how many cities you can destroy, but how much of the corrupt regime you can expose.

The sea is frothing, the storm clouds inspire fear, Yet it seems like that freighter that headed off to the Caribbean from Florida a while back despite a hurricane forecast. It was found later at the bottom of the sea. 

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“we already have re-education camps in America, and they are called the public schools”

Stephen Moore lets loose at the Times. Yes, I still support Donald Trump. “‘All we want from government is less of it’“.

What I don’t get about the prominent Republican defectors who have declared they are now for Hillary, is why they get this weird high off being praised by the leftists in the media. Is it really that important to them to be back on the invite list for the next Press Club Dinner? Yes I am offended by many of Mr. Trump’s actions and words. Who isn’t? But who isn’t offended and frightened more by every word uttered and action taken by Hillary Clinton? I’d vote for my pet frog over Hillary Clinton, but alas, he’s not running.

Even if you believe that Clinton and Trump are louts, why vote for the lout who will raise taxes, put three more Sodamayers on the Supreme Court, cripple our energy industry, double down on Obamacare, support partial birth abortion, and worship at the green altar of climate change? Why not vote for the lout who will do the opposite?

What is most troubling to me than the rapid-fire assaults on Mr. Trump — many of which, alas, he brought upon himself — is the denigration of his voters.

When I first met with Donald Trump many months ago, the first thing I told him was: Donald, I don’t know if I love you, but I sure love your voters. I don’t always agree with them — on issues like immigration and trade. But what I’ve come to discover is that it is the Trump movement, more so than Donald Trump himself, that is an existential threat to the establishment elites on the right and left. They are the front-line victims of government in Washington run amok. One Trump voter said it well to me at a recent rally in Colorado Springs: “All we want from government is less of it.”

Win or lose on November 8, we are not going away.

It looks like there is some learning going on in response to the Left. Those ‘re-education camps’ where the vast majority of professors and teachers are pushing propaganda of the left have grown in power and influence over the last fifty years. The continual assault on rights and freedoms shows all the persistence of terrorists at work. The response to opposition has been ugly and dishonest. The question is just how far the left can go before it is reigned in and held to account. Venezuela, Cuba, and the U.S.S.R. all provide examples of what happens when good men stand by. It may be that some have decided it is time to stand up in the U.S. before it gets that far. 

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Venezuela. It’s happening here.

What happens when justice is corrupted by politics? This is a concern in even the U.S. courts. It can be seen in the number of split decisions where the split is easily predictable as an outcome of known political leanings of the judges. John Sexton describes how this is done in a report on how the Venezuelan supreme court rules President Maduro can approve his own budget.

Venezuela’s slide toward dictatorship continued this week when the country’s Supreme Court, which was stacked with socialist party loyalists, ruled the nation’s congress no longer had a say in the budget process.

The Venezuelan opposition took control of the National Assembly during elections last December. In response, President Maduro’s loyalists stacked the court with judges loyal to him who have been undoing every reform effort made by the National Assembly ever since. Meanwhile, the country’s economy continues to deteriorate with the nation’s inflation rate the highest in the world this year.

Meanwhile, the only hope for stopping this downward spiral is a recall referendum that President Maduro and his cronies have done everything they can to stop.

Stopping the spiral is becoming a concern in the U.S. The feckless Congress, due in part to solid partisanship by Democrats, has not been able to hold the Executive branch accountable.  Venezuela shows how it happens and the results that can occur. Just how far it will go and how it will be resolved remains to be seen. Trump is one result of the people’s frustration and an attempt to stop the corruption and lawlessness before extra-governmental procedures become the default.

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Political suicide bombers

As Rush points out, this happens in just about every election: last minute shaky allegations often going back decades intended to destroy the Democrat’s opposition. Ace points out that this requires knee-jerk judgments.

Objections to the others are mostly about timing. Why wait until just before a political election to lodge these claims?

Now it is true that one accuser can put the courage into another to come forward. However, it’s also true that when people are doing a hit, they attempt to stampede public opinion by not giving the target time to rebut the charges. Charges like this take a while to work out — we’d have to check the aggrieved women’s claims and details against the record (was Trump flying commercial in 1995, for example).

The stampede-of-charges seems specifically designed to not permit that sort of informed, rational investigation.

NeverTrumpers are childlike in their utter unwillingess to treat a binary choice in an election as a binary choice: this is a comparison between two deeply flawed people, not a straight question about whether one of them meets your minimum threshold of acceptability.

Even assuming the charges against Trump are true, you don’t keep a victimizer of women out of the White House by agitating for Hillary; no, you just reward another victimizer of women.

But meanwhile, this man, despised by the Republican establishment (the actual power center of the party), the media, and the Democrat party, not to mention the federal bureaucracy which is now almost wholly captured by the Democrat Party, is up against a woman has already corrupted the DoJ and FBI with the full approval of the Democrat party and media and the winking indulgence of the Republican Establishment, which cheers a Republican loss as part of their internal palace purge power-play.

These are suicide bombers, people the Democrats are willing to sacrifice to achieve their desired ends. How sacrifice? They get their few minutes of fame and then, either after the election when their allegations matter no more or after a proper inspection shows the allegations were false – but then the Democrats tend to be like Muslim terrorists in that they make heroes of suicide bombers despite what they have done.

On the other hand, sometimes allegations stick. That is why the Clinton sex scandals are still on the table. The current candidate’s record in those scandals is well known and appears to have substance. Contrast this to Reid’s allegations about tax returns and Mitt Romney (and now Trump). You’d think these tactics would start to have an impact as known history of dishonesty. Maybe they have. The worry is that the gullible seem invested in their status.

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Views from a Czech Academic

LuboÅ¡ Motl is a theoretical physicist in string theory whose blog byline is “supersymetric world from a conservative viewpoint.” He has two posts on the U.S. presidential campaign with ideas worth considering: Does Hillary’s victory guarantee a nuclear war? – “It’s unlikely but similar, weaker statements are probably true.” and Liberal media’s usage of dirt is self-evidently manipulative – “Rational people know what this bias means for their evaluation of the data.”

Criticisms of Donald Trump are usually ill-defined insults, slurs, or accusations, or ad hominem attacks focused on things that don’t matter. Even though he is no “clearcut conservative”, Trump has personified the targets of many weird far left-wing conspiracy theories. For example, a part of the left-wing ideological psychopaths known as the climate alarmists have turned Trump into the man who will single-handedly destroy the Earth by making it fry through global warming.

We’re facing lots of fearmongering – I have always thought that an overwhelming majority of the fearmongering that surrounds us is just silly – but we’re facing it on both sides of the presidential campaign.
As a sensitive guy, I don’t really like the “restroom talk” in the mysteriously released 2005 tape of Donald Trump and Billy Bush.

At the same moment, the content of the tape didn’t surprise me at all. He’s owned strip clubs and lots of other things. His talk is straight. He’s been undoubtedly interested in the physical beauty of women. I would guess that this is how some people familiar with him must know him. And the main point he makes is simply true.

Like most other people, he behaves differently in different situations. Everyone behaves in some “potentially embarrassing ways” in some contexts.

When it comes to non-fatal but embarrassing things such as Trump’s “restroom dialogue”, what actually matters to a rational voter is a good estimate of the character of the candidate including the error margin; and including the adjustments that have to be made due to easy-to-see systematic biases and manipulation in the media.

Because the stories make it spectacularly clear that the anti-Trump dirt is being spread by the media (and manipulated social networks) about 300 times more aggressively than the anti-Hillary dirt etc., a rational voter must conclude that Trump is about 300 times purer than what you would deduce from the impressions conveyed by the media. And hundreds of millions of Americans are applying an adjustment like that.

The people who don’t are gullible simpletons. The anti-Trump activists and most “progressives” in general may imagine that all of the American (or another Western country’s) citizenry is – and should be – composed of this kind of gullible simpletons. But believe me, it ain’t so. So when you’re lying and using double standards in all your articles and TV shows, most Americans know that it says much more about you than about those whom you try to hurt.

Some can observe objectively and cite and describe. Others will notice but not be quite up to being able to describe tactics. We can hope that the voters aren’t an ‘irredeemable basket of deplorables’ or “gullible simpletons” or whatever but sometimes that hope seems far fetched.

But then, how did Venezuela get to where it is now?

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Racism! (or something else?)

Walter Williams mentions a suit filed last month against the state of Michigan, claiming a legal right to literacy based on the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

The departments of Education and Justice have launched a campaign against disproportionate minority discipline rates, which show up in virtually every school district with significant numbers of black and Hispanic students. The possibility that students’ behavior, not educators’ racism, drives those rates lies outside the Obama administration’s conceptual universe. Black people ought to heed the sentiments of Aaron Benner, a black teacher in a St. Paul, Minnesota, school who abhors the idea of different behavioral standards for black students. He says: “They’re trying to pull one over on us. Black folks are drinking the Kool-Aid; this ‘let-them-clown’ philosophy could have been devised by the KKK.” Personally, I can’t think of a more racist argument than one that holds that disruptive, rude behavior and foul language are a part of black culture.

Here’s my prediction: If the Michigan lawsuit is successful, it will line the pockets of Detroit’s teaching establishment and do absolutely nothing for black academic achievement.

Rationalizing destructive behavior and then going after the victims for relief used to be ridiculed. Now, it seems, it is an honored and socially accepted tactic.

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Bundy v DAPL

There have been protests about the federal government and its position on land use. The Bundy episodes in Nevada and Oregon present the classic ‘rancher versus the feds’ contest and the government was not shy in trying to assert its ‘rights’. Now there is a contrast and comparison. It is the Dakota Access Pipeline or DAPL. Valerie Richardson reports how Obama backs activists as N.D. pipeline protest spirals out of control.

The Obama administration has come under fire for aligning itself with activists fighting a North Dakota pipeline project even as the protest at the 2-month-old encampment spirals out of control.

An extreme faction within the enclave of 1,500 to 2,500 protesters camping out near the Dakota Access pipeline, or DAPL, is terrorizing the rural community with threats, vandalism and theft, as well as forcing road closures and school lockdowns, according to law enforcement.

“While some would like to say this was a protest, this was not a protest. This was a riot,” Sheriff Laney said at a press conference. “When you have that many people engaged in that kind of behavior, inciting others to break the law, cheering on others as they break the law, refusing to leave when they’re asked to leave, that’s not a protest.”

This week, Standing Rock Sioux Chairman David Archambault II called on the Obama administration to intervene to stop the project, almost all of which lies on private land but would run about a half-mile from the reservation at its nearest point.

Officials in law enforcement said the uptick in violence appears to stem from a group of 200 to 300 out-of-state arrivals, described by Mr. Keller as “professional agitators,” who have infiltrated the camps near Cannon Ball, North Dakota.
Arrest records show that about 85 percent of the 123 people arrested during the two-month span live outside North Dakota.

So far, however, the Obama administration has not provided assistance to law enforcement, although sheriffs in Wisconsin, Wyoming and elsewhere have responded to the emergency request for help by loaning deputies to supplement Morton County’s 34-member force.
The cost of the additional law enforcement runs about $100,000 per week, which is real money in a rural county of roughly 31,000, Mr. Keller said.

It’s the rent-a-mob, again, “terrorizing the rural community with threats, vandalism and theft.”  Also note how they have isolated a rural community and put pressure on the capabilities of that community to handle the load. A third point to compare and contrast is the purpose of the effort. It is not a ‘leave me alone’ thing as with Bundy but rather an effort to derail a commercial effort that seeks to provide necessary energy to a market, necessary for safety and well-being. 

There’s more. It’s telling. And it’s frightening. Venezuela, anyone?

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The Pentagon Papers: remember that case?

Andrew P. Napolitano asks Can the media reveal stolen truths? – “The Supreme Court has confirmed that the First Amendment says yes.”

Moreover, the high court ruled, it matters not how the documents came into the possession of the media. The thief can always be prosecuted, as Mr. Ellsberg was, but not the media to which the thief delivers what he has stolen. In Mr. Ellsberg’s case, the charges against him were eventually dismissed because of FBI misconduct in pursuit of him — misconduct that infamously involved breaking in to his psychiatrist’s office looking for dirt on him.

The USOC is saying that the ends justify the means only at the risk of the path between them. There are issues and complications and complexity in these waters. The Snowdon case was one of espionage. The Clinton case one of avoiding FOIA that prompted a theft that illustrated why there was concern about state secrets. The Trump case was a theft of private papers, tax return information, that was sought only to serve prurient interests.

What is comes down to is the demands of the market. As long as there is a demand for goods, somebody will find a way to deliver. In current times, the costs of delivery are low and the demand might only be a niche market but it is a strong one. That means: watch out for your shorts as you don’t know who is going to be trying to prowl around inside them!

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Commentary summary Oct 12, 2016

Why are the NFL Ratings Down? Jim Weber has some ideas: “The League’s greed has finally caught up to it.” What’s notable in Weber’s analysis is that he makes it clear that it is not a simple problem but on with many facets covering tangible and intangible assets.

There’s been an endless amount of hand-wringing and finger pointing about the NFL’s 11% dip in TV ratings thus far this fall.

It’s Colin Kaepernick’s fault. No, it’s because of the presidential election. Wait, maybe it’s live streaming. Or the Olympics. Or the progressive sports media. Or the lack of brand-name quarterbacks. Or Deflategate. Or CTE. Or Ray Rice.

While some or all of these have obviously had an effect on viewership, no one wants to address the elephant in the room: The NFL’s on-field product just isn’t very good right now — and the root of the problem is the league’s never-ending greed.

Watching from home isn’t much better. Thanks to endless commercials, games take forever. There’s no better way to kill momentum in a game than to follow up a touchdown with a touchback sandwiched between two commercial breaks, providing a gap of almost 10 minutes in real time between real game action.

Through all this, NFL owners still have the gall to wonder, “What’s wrong with our viewers?”

James Clark says In Combat, There Isn’t Always A Choice Between Right And Wrong. The concept is that of “moral injury” but, as might be expected in these times, it isn’t the injury seen by civilians and children engaging in warfare but rather the impact on soldiers who have to deal with it. This applies to the police as well as seen in the case of the Chicago copy who got beaten because she was hesitant to draw a weapon to protect herself due to all the BLM baloney. The crime and domestic violence as an indication of succumbs to a focus on what happens to those who are there to handle it.

Rudolph’s story, featured in an upcoming book by journalist David Wood, “What Have We Done: The Moral Injury Of America’s Longest Wars,” is just one staggering example of countless moral paradoxes and pitfalls faced by those we sent off to war.

David Blankehorn describes Clinton’s Alinsky Problem—And Ours One community organizer provides some insight about Clinton, Alinsky, polarization, and political ideologies. He does suffer a bit in the ‘now it’s all Republicans fault’ syndrome, though.

in every conflict, Alinsky teaches, you need a villain, an archenemy, who you view as personally embodying all that is evil and unjust. In 1971 Alinsky summed it up this way: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it….One acts decisively only in the conviction that all the angels are on one side and all the devils on the other.”

But here we must understand a crucial complexity. In the view of this argument’s proponents, while the actual line of descent is clearly discernible—Marx and Lenin begat Alinsky, who begat Obama and Clinton—the behavior of the players, especially on the American side, has been duplicitous and conspiratorial, intended to mislead. In short, Alinsky and his current-day heirs are not just socialists, they are secret socialists.

This isn’t just about political divides at home, consider what is going on right now with Russia.

Ed Stetzer reports on Evangelical Views of the 2016 Election: Norman Geisler on Why He’s Supporting Trump and not Changing His Mind — “Trump supporter answers common Evangelical objections.”

Two weeks ago, Dr. Norman Geisler offered his endorsement of Donald Trump as part of a series of endorsements of major and minor party candidates. I also asked the major party endorsers to come back and answer questions and respond to objections often surfaced by Evangelicals.

Some of Dr. Geisler’s get to the heart of common sense:

  • This question seems to suppose that it is wrong to change your view, even when you are wrong.
  • Whether we like it or not, when we vote for president we are not voting for Pastor-in-Chief. Rather, we are voting for Commander-in-Chief. The qualifications for the two jobs are different.
  • All the candidates engage in offensive activities, some more than others. Most evangelicals would not vote for any of them to be pastor of their church. But we are not voting for a pastor but for a politician. Many evangelicals envision an ideal candidate who is superior to the ones we have. The problem is that we do not have the choice to vote for this ideal candidate but only for the real ones that are on the ticket.

There is a lot to think about!

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Really now, what part of life do you not understand?

I wish Joe Heck and his ilk understood humanity as well as people like Bruce Thornton.

Welcome to another debate on everything except the issues. Consider the reporting on Trump’s comments, which is the mother of all dog-bites-man-stories. I don’t know what cocoon you have to come from not to know that every single day millions of men––and women–– of all ages, races, and sexual persuasions exchange vulgar, crude banter about sex. And you’d have to be particularly dumb, or duplicitous, to be shocked that a New Yorker with a flamboyant and braggadocios personality who is involved in casinos, reality television, construction, and beauty pageants probably would do so on a regular basis. Or, if not dumb, then a partisan hack indulging in rank hypocrisy in order to gain political advantage. Welcome to another episode of America’s political hypocrisy and sexual schizophrenia.

But once again, the Democrats and their Republican fifth column think words are more important than reality.

Thornton thinks Conservatives should know better than to so quickly validate a dishonest narrative that benefits the other side.

There’s something else, though, going on––some Republicans’ bad habit of accepting identity-politics narratives about race or women, and then preemptively cringing to prove that they are not benighted racists or sexists deserving of political and social shaming. That is, the same gutlessness in the face of political correctness that in part fueled Trump’s improbable rise to become the Republican candidate for president.

Our larger public culture is equally schizophrenic. We have easy access to porn, a fashion industry that dresses even pre-teens like prostitutes, television shows and movies filled with casual sex, and an obsession with sexual beauty that drives a whole industry of surgical enhancement. Yet at the same time, we rigorously police our language and jokes for infractions of “sexual harassment,” which is what any woman at any time for any reason believes creates a “hostile and intimidating workplace,” in the words of the law. And we have redefined “sexual assault” to include bad decisions one would think a confident, strong, adult woman would see as a learning experience and try to avoid. Instead we infantilize women in terms Queen Victoria would find reassuring.

But conservatives should know better and not jump so quickly to validate a dishonest narrative that benefits the other side. True conservatism knows the traditional wisdom that talk is cheap, and that actions speak louder than words. And true conservatism recognizes that freedom is the highest secular good, but that there is no true freedom without acceptance of the consequences of one’s actions. This latest Trump episode illustrates how clearly our sexual schizophrenia marks the decline of conservatism and the dominance of progressivism in our culture and politics.

The ‘debate’ did get to issues, at least any time Trump could get a word about issues in edgewise. The underlying issue is why base human nature gets the stage while the ‘issues’ do not. This is not a condemnation of the campaigns but rather of the media and, more especially, the market the media serves. The people get what they ask for and that is the worry. Why are voters so outraged at locker room talk but not so much about the death of diplomats, a country in dire debt, a world in turmoil, and other ‘issues’? Why is corruption and lawlessness accepted while vulgarity condemned? What is going on here?

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The noble savage (a.k.a. Indigenous People) versus the reality of human nature

The narrative that purports to justify the replacement of Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day goes something like this. Before the arrival of European colonists, the indigenous peoples of the Americas lived peacefully in idyllic harmony with nature. Christopher Columbus was not an intrepid explorer who opened up new vistas but a vicious slave trader who initiated the genocidal murder of native peoples by rapacious Europeans.

David Deming takes on this myth in Why We Celebrate Columbus Day.

Before the era of European colonization, the indigenous peoples of the Americas existed quite literally in the Stone Age. Their level of technological development lagged Europeans by thousands of years. With the single exception of Mayan ideographs, American Indians did not possess a written language. There is some evidence of Pre-Columbian smelting in South and Central America, but metallurgy among North American tribes was confined to working native metals. Not only was the effectively wheel unknown in the Americas, Indians lacked even horses. Their only mode of transportation was walking.

The indigenous peoples of the Americas were not peaceful. Indigenous lives were “nasty, brutish, and short.” Archaeologists such as Steven LeBlanc believe that conflict between Indian tribes was endemic and intense. Warfare was usually conducted with the genocidal aim of complete annihilation. The homicide rate in Pre-Columbian America is estimated to have been about a hundred times higher than in the present day U.S. About one-third of adult males died in warfare. In the healthiest communities, life expectancy at birth was probably no more than thirty-five years.

Pre-Columbian America was not a pristine wilderness and indigenous peoples did not live in ecological harmony with nature. On the contrary, native Americans profoundly altered the landscape by burning forests, despoiling wildlife and vegetation, and constructing earthworks, roads, and settlements. Their exploitation of nature was often destructive. Mayan civilization collapsed around AD 900 due to soil erosion and unsustainable agricultural practices.

There’s more. Basically what is comes to is that the reverence for the Indigenous People as an attempt to impugn Western Culture. The reality is that many of the unbridled ugliness of human nature, as illustrated by the Indigenous People of the Americas, was tamed by Western Culture and its evangelism of the message of Christ. This taming is anathema to many who now loathe what they deny and have never experienced.  Why? Do they really want to go back to a society where slavery, torture, tribal warfare, cannibalism, starvation, disease, and death were common every day experiences? Why do they want to celebrate these things?

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