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Puish the people, continued

Web sites. For instance APOD, the Astronomy Picture of the Day from NASA, cam up with a server not found error message. Techdirt says The Government Can’t Even Figure Out How To Shut Down Its Websites In A Reasonable Way.

“With the government shutdown, you have may have come across a variety of oddities involving various government agency websites that were completely taken offline. This seems strange. Yes, the government is shut down, but does that really mean they need to turn off their web servers as well, even the purely informational ones? I could see them just leaving them static without updating them, but to completely block them just seems… odd. Even odder is that not all websites are down and some, such as the FTC’s website appears to be fully up, including fully loading a page… only to then redirect you to a page that says it’s down.”

Add this one to the list of other ‘in your face’ attempts to convice the public about how awful the government shutdown must be.

Then take a look at the battle in progress at the WW II memorial that is spreading to other memorials. The effort to barricade these normally open 24×7 memorial sites is being taken by the government as if it is a critical security effort. That is being countered by growing protests over the ridiculousness of the effort. Those sites were not designed to restrict access at any time.

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Symbols to punish the people

It is reminiscent of the leftist protests where people want to be arrested. This time it is WW II vets over 80 years in age: World War II veterans make one more victory raid — push way into Mall memorial

“With funding stalled, fences went up on park service property across the Washington region early Tuesday — often in places where there have never been barricades before. That was the case at the National World War II Memorial.”

“The budget fight, though, was far from the minds of the veterans who flew in from Mississippi, Iowa and other states as part of “honor flights,” which bring the aging heroes to view the monument built to glorify their sacrifices.”

“These are places without doors or without gates. Yep — the Obama administration is going out of its way to erect barricades and have people manning them in order to keep people out,” said Rep. Doc Hastings, Washington Republican.”

As one pundit note, it gets bad enough that the government shuts down the public restrooms for the age 80+ crowd visiting Washington D.C. This effort to barricade open public monuments becomes transparent as offensive political games. It is a first and it certainly isn’t a money saving effort.

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