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Persistence is being pushed to absurdity

Throwing a Molotov cocktail into a police vehicle might get you disbarred and a year in jail but showing up at the capitol building at the wrong time will get you beat up, assaulted with grenades and other weapons, subject to a massive manhunt, and sentenced to years in a gulag. January 6 Was the Worst Incident of Police Brutality Since Civil Rights Era (Julie Kelly, American Greatness) — “a growing body of evidence suggests neither stupidity nor incompetence can justify what now appears to be the worst incident of police brutality against political protesters since the civil rights era.” — “This is fraud and it’s also probably the ultimate case of resistance journalism.”

On the TDS front we have an example of a broad brush covering over reason and reality. It’s another Leftist attempt to overturn custom with abuse  that is likely to come back to bite them. California Would Disbar Ted Cruz And 18 AGs If It Could (Margot Cleveland, Federalist) — “This is what happens when state bars use disciplinary proceedings to conduct lawfare against political opponents.” … “it is count two of the disciplinary complaint, charging Eastman with “seeking to mislead a court,” that exposes the California State Bar as a kangaroo court.” — “To date, the bars have limited themselves to targeting just a few attorneys working for Trump, … But there is no limiting principle to prevent the bars in other states from pursuing any politician with a law license who happens to represent the wrong person. – That is an extremely dangerous precedent … if Cruz and the attorneys general impugned by the California State Bar speak out, the corrupt press may not have any choice but to report on the ridiculous theories underlying the disciplinary attacks on Eastman.”

Right think, especially Christian think, must really rankle some folks. Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips Loses Appeal Over Transgender Transition Celebration Cake (William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection) — “It’s never really over in the culture war, is it? Perhaps on a second trip to the U.S. Supreme Court we will finally get a ruling on the merits of whether anti-discrimination laws can be used to compel speech with which the speaker disagrees on religious grounds.”

Another example is heaping restrictive laws on top of restrictive laws with wild abandon. Get Ready For Democrats’ Cynical, Useless, Gun-Control Push (David Harsanyi, Federalist) — “After the twin mass shootings in California last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom (flanked by armed guards) told CBS News that it was long past time to institute more gun-control laws … What he didn’t mention was that California … has passed not only every law Senate Democrats are proposing in Washington, but a slew of others.”

The Twitter exposure is showing the depth and the conformity of the depravity in the propaganda effort. Twitter Files #15: Twitter knew Hamilton 68, a media source for Russian online activity, was ‘bulls**t’ (John Sexton, HotAir) — “Roth wrote the accounts were “neither strongly Russian nor strongly bots.” Instead the whole thing was just a set up for making wild allegations … So a bunch of Twitter accounts by people in the US, many of them Trump fans, were depicted as “Russia-tied information warfare” based on nothing at all. It wasn’t just media outlets who were promoting Hamilton 68. Elected Democrats were doing so as well including Richard Blumenthal and Adam Schiff.”

This continual testing of limits and boundaries, the prying into the cracks and crevices of cultural common sense, are calls for a defense. This invokes costs and efforts many would rather avoid but are forced to confront as their life choices are taken from them. Calls for arms are surfacing. Reasoned calls from those who have been assaulted. Battling the Leftist Education Playbook (Colleen Ann Ruggieri, American Thinker) — “parents all over the country find ourselves battling Critical Race Theory and transgender bathroom policies that we didn’t even know existed. Parental ignorance is no excuse. Public education has taken a dangerous turn. Parents hoping to take back their schools must start by studying the leftist school playbook.” — 

To take back our schools, we have created our own playbook. We’re reading and questioning every school policy and demanding answers. We’re speaking with dedicated teachers inside the system who disagree with what’s happening. We’re working to elect new board members, filing records requests, and seeking legal counsel to defend students’ rights. We’re communicating with lawmakers and asking for legislation to combat extreme left-wing agendas and to support school choice. We urge grandparents and community members to join us in what could be one of our last battles to save for our children, our values, and our country.

Join the fight. The 1/6 prisoners are not collateral damage. Lawyers, scientists, pundits, and others who do not toe the right line and pray to idols of the Left are not targets. The media should be for discourse and not propaganda. Schools should be for education and not indoctrination. The current affairs may be why some cite 2 Thessalonians 2 reading “Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle.”

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Target identification. Goal driven approach. Know Where to Focus.

Denier is diversion. Conspiracy Fact: Something Was Seriously Wrong With the 2020 Election (Tom Gilson, The Stream) — “Was it stolen? I don’t know. Is there room to wonder about it? Absolutely yes. Is there something seriously wrong about the lack of any serious investigation? Definitely. There’s corruption going on so plainly and out in the open, you can ask your brother-in-law across the table to pull it up on his cell phone, and he’ll have the proof right there in his own hands. – You must aim for the right objective in this discussion, though.” — “Remember: You don’t need to prove the election was stolen. You only need to show them there’s something wrong with anyone who doesn’t see the problems. Or doesn’t think it matters. Or doesn’t care.”

  1. If they call you an “election-denier,” show them it’s an empty label, a self-serving rhetorical trick.
  2. If they say it was crazy to question the election in the first place, you can show it was more sensible than not questioning.
  3. You can show that the whole business of telling “election-deniers” to shut up is corrupt and a threat to democracy.

It seems the grandmothers have an outsized role in the 1/6 outrage. Ashli Babbitt murdered, mother arrested, U.S. now a police state (Eric Utter, American Thinker) — “Witthoeft was part of a small group peacefully protesting Ashli’s death while walking down the side of a street. Police claim they were blocking traffic.” — “This is beyond disgusting, beyond repulsive, beyond sickening. It is sheer in-your-face evil, the state bludgeoning those it rules over because it can—and desires to intimidate anyone thinking of disobeying it in the future. Killing a petite, unarmed, female veteran? That’s okay if she was a Trump supporter and you are protecting the establishment. Guilty of “wrong-think?” Then you must pay the price.”




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Stepping out a 7th floor window to meet reality?

That “threat to Democracy” meme is misdirection – i.e. gaslighting. Start with Truth and the Foundations of a Free Republic (Paul E. Scates, American Thinker) this is about the philosophy of relativism — “if relativism is true, then based on its own principle it can be dismissed as merely “relative truth,” and is therefore meaningless.  If, however, it’s posited as an absolute truth that applies to all things, people, time and places… then it’s an absolute truth, and gives the lie to the idea that truth is relative!” — “Before political correctness infected all modes of communication, we’d have said that people who hold to such a view are simply crazy.” — “Why is it important to acknowledge that objective truth exists?  Because in this life there are real-world consequences to being wrong.  You may believe that gravity is not “your truth,” but step out of a seventh-floor window and you’ll quickly learn how wrong your belief was!” — 

Then there are examples. George Santos and the political lies of others (David Kahn, American Thinker) — “like the rest of the main stream media, the Times doesn’t cover the promotion of lies that it and the rest of the main stream media have participated in for the last six years” — “Those lies had the support of the Democrat party, the mainstream media, the intelligence services including the FBI, and the big tech companies. And those lies were not used to elect a single congressman but to elect a president and to try to drive an elected president from office.” — “The Democrat Party tells us that it has been focused on “threats to our democracy.” But democracy requires free and fair elections. And you can’t have a free and fair election when the mainstream media, one of the two principal parties, the tech giants, and the intelligence services conspire to suppress the truth and to win elections by fraud.” — There’s not only making a lie but also how it is promulgated and upheld. Buried News: Obama muscled Zuckerberg to censor Trump — and made an example of him (Monica Showalter, – American Thinker) — “Has Barack Obama gone from ex-president to Democrat party crime boss?”

Next comes indicative behaviors. Ex-GOP Lawmaker Says House Investigations of FBI, CIA Will ‘Shred the Integrity of the Federal Govt’ (Mike Miller, RedState) — “The federal government under Joe Biden and Democrat control has already shredded itself, Mr. Jolly, including Attorney General Merrick Garland’s, Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Internal Revenue Service. – Next time, let’s do the U.S. military.” — Democrats’ latest attack on Trump is a giant nothingburger (Brad Polumbo, Washington Examiner) — “House Democrats just set a precedent that will surely come back to haunt them.” — “It’s ironic, too, because the members of Congress complaining about Trump using tax loopholes are responsible for the tax code.” — “Democrats broke precedent to release Trump’s taxes and came up with nothing except a few revelations that undercut their arguments. – And now Republicans are already talking about using this power to go after Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s tax returns.” 

There’s more on the 1/6 outrage and the election front that fits this narrative. Tucker destroys the Democrats’ January 6 narrative (Andrea Widburg, American Thinker) — “if you need more evidence about how the narrative is being perverted, a new media reporter named Tayler Hansen tells about what really happened on that day because he was there—and standing next to Ashli Babbit when she was murdered.” — “Tucker’s pointed monologue focuses on the lies that Democrats have been telling about January 6 since January 6 itself. He even acknowledges what many of us have been thinking: The speed with which the media and political class coalesced around the insurrection narrative suggests that the narrative may have been in place before January 6.” — “Unlike conservatives, who are all over the place, the left always stays on message. And in this case, the Borg-like collectivist message”

This brings up another telling behavior. Kevin McCarthy wins the speakership after 15 rounds of voting (Rajan Laad, American Thinker) You need to scroll down the pessimists and the humorists to find this: — “The only group that has a total consensus is a flock of sheep.  Human beings, even identical twins, have a diversity of opinions on any given issue.  This is real diversity. – The diversity on the Democrat side, which they love to boast about, is superficial.  It is based on race, sexuality, and ethnicity, which are related to genes, but when it comes to opinions on key issues, they have a total consensus.- There are strict rules in this echo chamber, and even the slightest hint of dissent is severely punished.” — “Despite being called Democrats, the party operates like a totalitarian state, and this is what they intend to implement across America.” — Consequences are beginning to be seen. The Long Fight for the House Speakership (Clarice Feldman, American Thinker) — “One of the most interesting of the reported concessions is the long-deserved disciplining of the sociopathic liar, Congressman Adam Schiff” — “it’s time there were some consequences imposed for such outrageous conduct, and the battle for the speakership seems to have resulted in a promise to do the maximum in the speaker’s power to impose sanctions for such behavior.” —  

What’s happening? If You Live In a Western Democracy, This is How You Have Been Disenfranchised. (Elizabeth Nickson, substack) — “You could see it operating yesterday. The once hopeful, now useless Dan Crenshaw, used it against his own party, “terrorists”, “seditionists”. It’s so basic as to be nauseating, insulting to your intelligence.” — “They all use the process I am about to describe. Invented in some behaviourist hell-hole at a multinational and consecrated by Klaus and Justin and all the evil little Ivy League demons in government, it is used against their bosses, their employers, the people.” — “America’s relative freedom, small government, responsible citizenry and self-determination led to unending wealth and creativity. – Which, while we were indulging, was being stolen.” — “I illustrate these steps with excerpts from a SCOTUS case before the court now, regarding the theft of the 2020 election “

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A lack of concern, Letting it happen, Oh, My!

Elections continue to fester. The Left is after Lake now that a judge has ruled against her. It seems incontrovertible proof of very closely interpreted law with prior precedents is needed to pursue election fraud. So now the Left wants fines and other money and also the law licenses of any lawyer with wrong views of the case. Jay Valentine says — “This week, leftists and RINOs admitted, under oath, that they changed the print settings, on election morning, so Republican votes would not be tabulated, on the one day most Republicans vote — and the Maricopa County judge said “…it wasn’t intentional.” — and wonders about The End of Free Elections? — “We cannot stop election commissions from changing print settings, but we can keep them mostly honest on election rolls by reconciling one government database with another and forcing the government to make them match — constantly.” — There is an effort, The Fractal Team, is reconciling government databases and pursuing corrections on a county by county basis.

What’s driving the effort to clean up voter rolls? Harvesting Low-Effort Votes Is Working Great For Democrats, So They’re Going For More (Victoria Marshall, Conservative Review) — “Republicans must be wary of Democratic efforts to fortify elections in 2023 and beyond. … Republicans must realize election integrity is not a seasonal push nor a battle isolated to 2020. Rather, they must be on offense for years to come.” — It is this never ending push on many fronts that created Biden’s Unopposed Imposition of Stalinism (Ed Brodow, American Thinker) — “None of this is happening by accident. … “The average American is fed up with being browbeaten by a bunch of crazy left-wing radicals,” said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Fed up is one thing, doing something about it is another.” — “Biden is able to get away with this outrage because millions of American voters are pathetically uninformed. In our world, critical thinking is not a treasured commodity. If we taught people to distinguish fact from fiction, Biden couldn’t get away with his lies and deception. … What disturbs me the most about Biden’s Stalinist policies is that our citizens have become unwitting collaborators. … This lack of concern is a message to the Biden gang that they can continue to demonstrate contempt for voters without consequence.”



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Those who do and those who bloviate – have you been had?

In the ‘who do you hero?’ values expose there is Victor Davis Hanson providing a comparison and contrast lesson about Two Antithetical Billionaires. — “He had learned early on that loud leftist talk, big promises of philanthropy, and huge cash infusions to the media and leftist candidates – all under the veneer of “effective altruism” – ensured de facto immunity for his Ponzi schemes from both bad press and government investigation. … In contrast, consider how the Left now despises Elon Musk as much as it once worshiped Sam Bankman-Fried.”

“How sad that the Left despises a man who built real things against the odds and took risks to champion free speech. And how predictable it worshiped a leftist fraud who bilked a million investors and ruined the lives of thousands.

“The hatred of the accomplished Musk and the worship of the hollow man Bankman-Fried are sad commentaries on how liberalism has descended into progressivism and ultimately into Stalinism.

As if that isn’t stark enough, Civis Americanus wonders How can the Anti-Defamation League bash Trump while promoting Al Sharpton? — “The ADL’s “concern” does not, however, seem to extend to its own association with the prominent racist and anti-Semite Al Sharpton.” — What he notes is the TDS cancer that throws out any realistic reference in order to impugn and diminish their target. See Hinderaker for an example of this hubris at Powerline. You’d think that, with Trump’s record, folks might stop to think before condemning as does Andrea Widburg wondering Is there a brilliant ulterior motive behind Trump’s baseball card fundraiser? — “A reader, however, emailed me a different suggestion: Trump may have devised a way to circumvent the requirement that a campaign must identify all donors, which can be dangerous for Trump supporters.”

Robert Arvay shows how insidious this phenomena is in Spacing out: NASA shows leftist bias against Trump, Musk. — “Sadly, we have all gotten too accustomed to the fact that the bureaucracy is left-leaning at best, and oftentimes worse than that.  Such is apparently the case with NASA, and the shame of it is that the screeds that NASA publishes are gratuitous.  They not only do nothing to advance NASA’s programs, but also undermine confidence in its political independence.” — “NASA is doing what the article said it fears from Elon Musk: being distracted by political considerations.”

The history lesson for the day is from Jack Bovee who alleges that Creative Historical Interpretations Are Not History. — “The dominating narrative in American schools and the popular culture today is that slavery began in America in 1619.  Unfortunately, there is about as much truth in that scenario as there was in the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” media crusade in August 2014.” — “In the first half of the seventeenth century, more White Europeans were seized and taken to Africa than Black Africans seized and taken to America.” — “This has been the toll of the false historical narrative. Literally, the survival of our nation is at stake. – How do we correct the problem? Simple.  We demand a return to the honest teaching of American history.” —

This slavery business seems to be a jealousy and envy problem by one group trying to use it as a badge of prestige having trouble competing with another group whose victimization and slavery is even established in the Bible. And yes, TDS gets fed here, too.





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So many cults, how to choose?

An awareness of the cultism is growing. The Climate Alarmists Are Deeply Disturbed People – Issues & Insights — “rather than admit their errors, they point to natural events as evidence that they’re not wrong and keep warning us that the end is near. – There must be something wrong with them.” … “We’re not saying the climate alarmists are insane. But we feel it is our duty to point out that they do say the same things over and over and expect that this time they’ll get it right.”

Tyler Cowen plucked out a list of observations to get From the comments, on CDC reform. — “selection bias – overrun with academics — monocultural — incestuous — activists are running rampant — Doing your job well is boring” — an endemic problem inherent in social behavior. 



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Constitutional destruction via invisibility.

While Hinderaker et al are blinded by bias, Sarah Hoyt at Instapundit joins Don Surber on the latest anti-Trump hoax. — “What he’s saying is that we are PAST the rules, regulations and articles of the Constitution. Which we knew didn’t we? This was a color revolution, which means a revolution that uses the country’s rules and regulations against the country to install a usurping entity under the cover of law.” — “Trump is — as he always does — trying to get people to talk about things. He’s not calling for war or revolution. He never did.” Another take is by David Zukerman: President Trump is the hero of many a Capra film. — “In every one of these wonderful, populist movies, the hero finds himself targeted for destruction by a villainous character representing the establishment … Moral of the Capra quartet: the MAGA-kind must ignore the villainous demonizing from the foes of populism, be aware of the media’s censorship, and remain steadfast in support of the Capraesque MAGA leaders.”

 Victor Davis Hanson wonders How Corrupt is a Corrupt Media? — “the public cannot trust that the news it hears or reads is either accurate or true.” — Suppression – Fantasy – Chronological Manipulation – Asymmetry – Unethical Behavior – defined with examples to explain why — “there is no media. It has ceased to exist, and the public plods on by assuming as true whatever the Pravda-like news outlets suppress and as false whatever they cover.”

Then there’s the 65 project. The Left is Using Lawfare Including Threats of Prosecution to Ignore Massive Voter Disenfranchisement. Rachel Alexander says “The 65 Project is all over conservative election attorneys in Arizona. I’m the former Maricopa County Elections attorney, and it’s like a who’s who list of my colleagues in Arizona.”

“Unfortunately, the left has convinced people that witness testimony no longer counts as “evidence” in election fraud cases, laughing at patriots when anxiety-prone judges find an easy technicality to throw out a case. Witness testimony alone has been used to send people to the death penalty, but the left has overturned jurisprudence here in an unprecedented trampling of our justice system. The left is also threatening to prosecute rural county supervisors who fight back.

Not only election fraud: What Do You Do When BLM Attacks You in Your Car? — “she’s prepared to go to trial rather than accept a light sentence of six days of community service and her license suspended for a year. … One would have to be nervous as a mouse cornered by the house cat to know that his future and his life hangs in the hands of any jury these days, given the political climate.” — “Make no mistake: it was the protesters who created this dangerous situation and then cried foul when they came up on the short end of things, with several of their members injured. … Self-defense is still a very real and righteous legal defense in America — or at least it used to be.  Everyone will have to make his own choices, if and when the time comes.  Just don’t let the Marxist-Maoists make you a victim.”

The corruption and malfeasance from government ‘persuasion’ is front and center in the Twitter brouhaha. Andrew C. McCarthy explains How the FBI’s nod, wink got social media to censor The Post’s Hunter Biden reporting. — “Stop looking for a smoking gun. That’s not how this game works. … I can explain the apparent disconnect. It is not necessary for FBI officials to issue specific warnings to convey the message that a story should be killed.” … “That’s how this game is played. The players know exactly what they’re doing. They say enough to endorse the lie but leave themselves room to deny that they did so. They think we’re idiots.”

The ‘research’ fraud isn’t only on COVID inoculations and masking, climate change, or ‘renewable’ energy, it’s showing as a general purpose useful tool. Eddie Scarry: Twitter Hate Is Rising, Claims Group That Says So And That’s That. — “It would be easy to laugh in the faces of the ADL people but it’s not a joke. Putting out these junk studies has real consequences.” Baseless allegations, hyperbolic exaggeration, statistical sleight of hand, appeal to authority and other logical fallacies – maybe there’s good reason to think the audience is all idiots.


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Who owns history?

The attempt to rewrite history has a favorite target with Thanksgiving. ¡No Pasarán!: Is Thanksgiving a “Myth ” or a “Problematic Holiday”? What Nobody Tells You About Indians and Other Native Americans does a takedown. — “Do the calamities also include the theft of the lands of the Apaches? Does the genocide, real or alleged, of the Native Americans also concern the extermination of the Huron tribe (Huronia)? … From Roman times, at least, it has been a reasonable rule (no, not a white/European rule; an entirely common-sense rule) that you cannot claim land as your own unless you devote a minimum of time inhabiting it and tending to it.” — Context and the ‘whole truth’ conflict with the modern fantasies that seem to predominant.

Nevada is going full woke from legalized ballot harvesting to anyone vote any way any time any how. The last ‘election’ approved more confusion and potential for misrepresenting the will of the people. The Flaws of Ranked Choice – Brendan Patrick Purdy provides the theory lesson for the occasion. Concepts define include Majority, Condorcet,  Pareto efficiency or Monotonicity, Independence from Irrelevant Alternatives (IIA), Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem, — ranked choice voting sounds so simple and nice but with many social endeavors, the devil is in the details and the complexity too often gets swept under the rug. It can be very hard to learn from history and experience.

Perhaps a mathematically superior voting method like Pairwise Comparison could win out, but until all states, territories, and districts of the United States of America are able to count all of the votes within a few hours of the polls closing like Florida, we should stick with first-past-the-post.

The 2022 election is beginning to show the lumps in the rug. Joe Fried: Surprised by the Midterm Election Results? Take a Look at the Data. — “I believe that there are only three likely explanations for the unexpected results: late campaign surges, polling error, or aggressive ballot-harvesting.” … “Some Republicans say that the GOP needs to start large-scale harvesting operations, to compete with Democrats. I hope they do not do it because it is a dirty, dishonest practice that should not be tolerated. It is a real “attack on democracy.”

The warp in reality and its dangers is described by David Zukerman: Supreme Court smacks Trump. — “This is to suggest that the justices decided not merely “against Trump,” but for oppressive, unlimited government. … these Deep State blows are no coincidence.”

An argument that has become significant with the technology capabilities making it cheaper to copy, transmit, and store information not only gets into the Musk Twitter brouhaha but also into property rights. That is why Danny Chadwick says You Should Still Buy Blu-Rays and DVDs, Here’s Why. — “You Don’t Own Digital Content, Even if You “Buy” It” — Al Williams picks up on this with a problem encountered by those who don’t even own the equipment they ‘buy’ as it, too, is intellectual property belonging to someone else. How To Repair? The Death Of Schematics. This is another one that seems to simple but isn’t. Look at how libraries are handling digital content, for example. Even when you have the media in hand in your personal library, it can become obsolescent – even printed books can need special expertise to read (Beowolf, anyone?). 


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Rights and commandments about false witness and killing

Were they even thinking?

 Vermont’s Constitution enshrines ‘right’ to kill babies by Eric Utter — “We do not have the “right” to decide to have unprotected intercourse resulting in a baby in a womb…only to kill that baby for our convenience.” — By a ratio of 3:1 Vermont voters set aside the new life’s right to it’s life in favor of the convenience of the mother except when the state figures it has what it thinks is a “compelling” interest in the matter. Shouldn’t that compelling interest be something like the God given natural right to life itself? Many voters seem to think not. 

VDH says it’s the The Same Old, Same Old Deja Vu and he is talking about the latest TDS episode. — “We know the script that will follow because we suffered through it for 22 months and spent $40 million for it under Robert Mueller’s special counsel team. … Yet one thing that will be different this time around is that the Biden administration is in power. Garland remains an unapologetic, embittered partisan. He is fresh off siccing a now-weaponized FBI on school kids’ parents and various MAGA enemies of the state.” — and one thing leads to and from another: — “Sudden ballot “drops” will start pouring in during the wee hours. … “Get out the vote” left-wing, electronically fueled projects … There will be new, even richer virtue-signaling billionaires … wounded by nearly four years of inflation … Unemployment and stagflation will still be termed “transitory.” Growth will continue to be slow but dubbed “steady.” High gas and energy prices will be near permanent but “coming down.” A wide-open border will still be termed “secure.” Talk of historic crime rates will still be “racist.” … President Joe Biden will still shake imaginary hands, talk of passing legislation through the Congress that he bypassed with executive orders, and still claim gas was $5 a gallon when he entered office. Fact-checkers will ignore all that mythology and still obsess over Republican “lies.” … The left-wing nexus will still warn of back-alley abortions that threaten millions of women … more pre-election October surprises … more post-election, November surprises” — all this is known yet it doesn’t seem to sink in that the voters are being had.

This is why Dr. Jha can be so blatant as John Hinderaker describes More Misinformation From the Feds. — “Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford was a co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration, and has proved to be right regarding just about everything relating to covid. But being prematurely right is dangerous.” But Dr. Jha is not alone. The Lancet bows down to the COVID cult, too. H.P. Smith describes a paper where the conclusions are at odds with the data presented. — “Despite their very clear findings, in the “interpretations” section of the paper they pay tribute to the vaccine narrative … They directly contradict themselves and ignore the findings from a decent attempt at actual science” … “Even after all we’ve learned and all we’ve been through, those who were wrong at nearly every turn simply cannot stop furthering the lies.”

Then take a look at the 2022 election fallout in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Alaska. That’s this visible part. What is happening in Nevada is still the beach ball being held under water (as Bongino has it).

Why? How to explain this? 


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Free the martyrs, reveal the truth

The Frontpage Editors bring up “Left’s increasingly brazen miscarriages of justice” demanding to Free Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips. “What’s really going on is an attempt to cover up what Engelbrecht and Phillips have discovered.” But they aren’t the only ones uncovering Chia access to American elections data. The LA DA has a related case on this topic. sundance reports BREAKING: Catherine Englebrecht and Gregg Phillips Released from Imprisonment by Order of Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. This leads to John Hinderaker take on a Congressional report: Can the FBI Be Saved? — “The report is 50 pages long, but it also includes an appendix of approximately 1,000 pages consisting of letters Judiciary Committee members have written to DOJ and the FBI, requesting information that, I take it, has rarely if ever been forthcoming. The report’s contents will not be surprising to anyone who has been paying attention.” Leaks and doxing when they serve. Recalcitrance and evasion when that serves. The truth of the matter is struggling to be free.

Rajan Laad says Media propagandists become more brazen as the midterms approach. This is about Democrat and Media selective informing to maintain a narrative using the Paul Pelosi attack and then proceeding to comments by Obama, Clinton, and other examples. As Murder Rates Rise, The Left Lies And The FBI Denies – Issues & Insights takes up another gaslighting with creative statistical interpretations to place culpability for crime on Republicans. Victor Davis Hanson provides background with The Pathetic Democratic Pantheon.

The problem with the ossified Democratic Pantheon is that they are of no use to the Left in the midterms because it is their own radical ideology over the past two years that was finally enacted and wrecked the country. And all the shrieks about abortion, semi-fascists, and democracy dying cannot put back together what they shattered.

Besides the Party and the Media, there is academia.Crickets: Illinois Professor Publishes Racist Attacks Against Herschel Walker With No Outcry from the Faculty or Media – JONATHAN TURLEY. Extreme racism but “The lack of any protest or statement at the university is another example of how such controversies are handled when they involve faculty on the left as opposed to right” … “The response explains the sense of fear and intimidation for some faculty in speaking out on campuses. There is a general view that a conservative or dissenting faculty member will be given little quarter or protection in any controversy.” But what happens when reality bites? The Unforgivable Request for Shamnesty – Issues & Insights. Emily Oster’s Atlantic mea culpa is still reverberating. — “Amnesty is pretending something never happened – this episode in our history must never be forgotten if we are to preserve our nation.” There are others on this line. Pandra Selivanov says Declaring a pandemic amnesty would be like forgiving the Holocaust.

You may have seen recent headlines trying to build a Trump v DeSantis conflict and reinforce a Trump denigration meme. If you look, it appears empty. Trump did not insult Ron DeSantis, it was merely a joke by Rajan Laad provides some perspective. 





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Sophistry? Let’s pretend it didn’t happen.

There is a ‘that’ to any ‘this’ and Dee Chadwell has examples in The Cart Before the Horse. “you can’t have freedom without law.  Not only that, but you can’t have law without punishment” … “rights without responsibilities … prosperity without production … comfort without the use of fossil fuels … food without farmers and we can’t have farmers without fuel … schools without discipline and without expectations … medicine without compassion … science without integrity … the benefits of trust, but we don’t much like truth … goodness without God, without Jesus Christ.” 

Brown University econ professor Emily Oster’s mea culpa in the Atlantic has been noticed in the Nuremberg trials sort of way. el gato malo calls it emily oster’s no good, really bad, terrible idea. — “when we were in the dark about covid” is not a useful excuse for bad behavior.” Neo weighs in with Emily “Litella” Oster in The Atlantic: let’s have a COVID amnesty. — “the reaction was overdone might be more inclined to forgive and forget except for one thing: naysayers to the lockdowns and all the rest, as well as the unvaccinated, were demonized unmercifully by the left.” Tyler Durden calls out “You Murderous Hypocrites”: Outrage Ensues After The Atlantic Suggests ‘Amnesty’ For Pandemic Authoritarians. — “It was not a simple matter of overreaction, there was collusion to remove all counter-information … Perhaps the mainstream media is suddenly realizing that they may have to face some payback for their covid zealotry?  “We didn’t know! We were just following orders!”  It all sounds rather familiar.” Sundance: Leftist Professor Writing for Atlantic Magazine Wants to Let Bygones be Bygones and Accept a “Pandemic Amnesty” – Sorry, Not Happening. — “For two years they shoved their intolerant fingers in our faces, destroyed lives and livelihoods, made ridiculous demands in order to sustain their own fear, threatened our children, destroyed the economy, used COVID as an excuse to destroy families and steal an election, attempted to force us to kneel at the altar of their mask wearing and never-ending vaccine crap, took our jobs if we refused their mandates… and we’re just supposed to what, forgive them?”

This has roots in a whole treasure chest of deceit and dishonesty. Michael Senger describes the action in Lockdowns: The Great Gaslighting | ZeroHedge. — “in order to see that reality is starting to dawn on the mainstream left, one must read between the lines of how their narrative on the response to Covid has evolved over the past two years.” … “The collective denial of these horrors, and the refusal of media, financial, and political elites to report on them, amounts to nothing less than the greatest act of gaslighting that we’ve seen in modern times.” There is a lot of denial. Richard McDonough describes The Democrats’ ‘election denier’ sophistry. — “one need only determine whether one is prevented, perhaps by using deceptive language and time-worn sophistical tricks, from even being permitted to discuss it. If they won’t let you discuss it then it was likely stolen.” George Shuster  has Election fraud deniers at the Wall Street Journal. — “committing serial cognitive dissonance.”

John Green says You’d Better Be Prepared for the Perfect Transportation Storm. “This is what a man-made storm convergence looks like.” This particular apocalyptic has specific concerns to worry about.  


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past is prologue

wisdom seems missing – “The future will honor those who are wise enough to avoid the mistakes made 100 years ago.  But those who fail by repeating these same mistakes will leave sordid and dishonorable legacies.” — Theodore Thomas: Madness Redux – American Thinker

propaganda served insidious and disingenuous – “For the left, though, it’s different when a Republican does it.” … “The modern leftist media is unconstrained by traditional rules of reporting. Rather than reporting the facts and letting readers draw their conclusions, modern reporters offer conclusions and then throw in random, often unrelated or meaningless facts.” — Andrea Widburg: The American media and the art of grotesque misrepresentations – American Thinker — “In the world of modern journalism, the best we can do is encourage people to turn off the TV and remove these outlets from their browser’s bookmarks.”

reparations? to whom? – “The supply line of history rarely lies. … it is time for a “conversation” — as the left likes to put it — about paying reparations to the descendants of people who fought and died to help free enslaved people.” — A.J. Rice: Those African Kings Owe Me – American Thinker

myth mongering – “We keep hearing from the environmentalist crowd that hurricanes are getting more powerful and more deadly thanks to man’s greenhouse gas emissions. So why aren’t we seeing the catastrophic loss of life that Biden expected?” — : Biden Was Wildly Wrong About Ian’s Death Toll — Here’s Why It Matters – Issues & Insights — “nothing is more clear from the natural disaster record than that prosperity – and the ability it provides to better withstand whatever comes – is how you save lives.”

from the front line – sundance– : Hurricane Ian Recovery Update and Hurricane Ian Recovery Update Day 2 – The Last Refuge

count the ways – “The Democrats have tried to politicize Hurricane Ian” — John Hinderaker: On Hurricane Ian | Power Line

how do they gain office? – “The ideology that underpins their agenda is antagonistic to the traditional conception of criminal justice and, if taken to its logical conclusion, demands its destruction,” — Petr Svab via The Epoch Times: Progressive ‘De-Prosecutors’ Disrupt Criminal Justice System, Experts Say | ZeroHedge

alumni unite! – “individuality based on color of skin takes precedence over forming a common bond across the unit.  This is a complete reversal of the military’s traditional values.” … “This is a national security crisis on many levels.  For one, the military is replacing the type of people who believe in service and country with those who don’t.  That won’t end well.” — Fletch Daniels: Air Force Academy Woes Highlight Collapse of Military Values Under Diversity Mania – American Thinker

If the military is to succeed going forward, it needs to return to the values that made it great.  And that will not happen as long as Democrats hold power.  If and when Republicans are back in power, they need to do a lot more than outlaw critical race theory.  They need to dismantle the diversity and inclusion infrastructure in the military.  No more toxic diversity commissars or indoctrination sessions.  Until that happens, the problem cannot be fixed, and the military will continue to face a values crisis that impacts recruiting and readiness at every level.

it’s fear talking – “For the left, including the Democrat party and the media, fascism is more of the same name calling that in recent years was “racism” or any of the many “phobias” used, in Alinsky fashion” — Brian C. Joondeph: Mamma Mia MAGA – American Thinker — “Simply calling one’s political opponents names like ‘fascist’ is projection, attributing one’s own feelings or deficiencies to others.”

double justice – “This is the tale of two laptops, one tale definitely damaging to the Democrats, one potentially so. What they have in common is that the FBI did its damnedest to bury both.” — Jack Cashill: The Seth Rich Case: The FBI’s Other Laptop Scandal – American Thinker

“if the history and culture of Virginia can be rewritten, the rest of the country will be easier to take down.” — Scott S. Powell and Ann McLean: The Front Line Of The Battle To Save America Is Virginia

C.K. Chesterton reminds us that “the disadvantage of men not knowing the past is that they do not know the present.” Virginia’s political leaders and philanthropists need to wake up. The hour is late, and it is time to get out of denial that so much of what is happening is playing into the hands of our enemies, who want to strip us of our virtuous heritage so that they may subdue America without firing a shot.

see what you can do :A Refreshing Transformation From Sheriff Lombardo to Candidate for Nevada Governor – RedState if you can get around the blockade, this is a refreshing look at Nevada candidates.

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utter depravity knowing no bounds

vying for a false arrest charge – “The notion these migrants were tricked into traveling to Massachusetts is the height of leftist contempt for people they claim to champion.” — John Daniel Davidson: Sorry, There’s No ‘Smoking Gun’ In Martha’s Vineyard

are you an MVE? – “So, it has come to this: cherishing the freedoms bequeathed to us via the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the very documents meant to protect us from tyrannical government, is now seen by our government as a likely indication that one is a “domestic terrorist.” Talk about coming full circle!” — Eric Utter: The depths of the Bureau’s depravity apparently knows no bounds – American Thinker — bequeathed? a God given ‘natural right? other than that … 

the lack of strong history and civics instruction is an existential crisis” – “invited public testimony to South Dakota’s Board of Education Standards on September 19, 2022” — Joy Pullmann: South Dakota Could Pass America’s Best History Curriculum 

The people and institutions who have for decades failed to educate their fellow citizens to assume the rights and duties of American citizenship have disqualified themselves from having any say in what children should learn. It’s time to replace their failures with instruction that has a track record of success and ends the use of public education as a political weapon against constitutional self-government.

what you are up against – “that rare megalomaniac who not only believes he’s a god but revels in behaving like one.” — Janet Levy: George Soros: The Man Behind The Curtain – American Thinker — “Palumbo’s painstakingly researched book also traces Soros’shand in the media, including journalism schools – which is why they push his pet issues and put out “fact checks” to deny his infamous past. Thus, he can shape narratives and target those who don’t match his global vision.”

lay down and die isn’t Christian – “The story of Czech international hero Jan Žižka is a true treat for film buffs and casual moviegoers.” … “The title change from “Warrior of God” to “Medieval” for American audiences was obviously done to avoid an association with schlocky Christian dramas, but it says a lot about the present state of our country’s approach to the art of film.” —  Justin McClinton: ‘Medieval’ Is A Christian Action Epic You Didn’t Know You Needed — “Ambitious is the first word that comes to mind in imagining a Christian action movie, but Jákl delivers. The movie treads in the same waters as Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ,” but this time the violence inflicted upon Jesus is done to the people he died for.”


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Is your trust misplaced, too?

misplaced trust and disloyal – “Barr’s opinion rests on the assumed veracity of leaks, spin, and misleading narratives.” — Margot Cleveland: Has Bill Barr Forgotten All About Deep-State Deceit?

catalog of sins – “Barr became an ineffective ally, which is often worse than being a sworn enemy.  The enemy is doing what is expected by acting against you.  But real betrayal occurs when an ally turns into a bystander.  Nobody expected Barr to be partisan; he just had to do his job.” — Rajan Laad: Bill Barr reveals his true colors…again – American Thinker also “what Trump really did wrong was allowing a manifestly biased government process to take place.  He should have trusted the American people with information showing that the federal government is corrupt, possibly irredeemably so.  That he trusted a corrupt government to have an honest outcome reveals the dangerous naïveté that guided Trump during his first term.” — Andrea Widburg: Remember that classifying documents usually protects the government, not you

Truth leaks through the barricade – “Cannon highlighted several significant facts over the course of her 24-page order that further call into question the DOJ’s targeting of Trump. Here are the seven top-line takeaways:” — Margot Cleveland: 7 Bombshells From Special Master Order Following Trump Raid

You’ve been had – “Climate alarmists and equity fanatics must be confronted. If they are sincere, they must be shown how they’ve been lied to. If they are opportunists, they must be held accountable. … if the people pushing this extreme agenda are not stopped cold—and soon—they will destroy our civilization.” —  Edward Ring: The Two Most Destructive Frauds in History › American Greatness

bio 101 – “36% of White, college-educated Democrat women think men can get pregnant.  I’ve written before about how leftism damages women.  It makes them extremely angry and neurotic.  It also, apparently, cuts them off from reality.  Sadly, these same women are a force to be reckoned with politically.  They may be loopy, but they’ve got political power.” — Andrea Widburg: Almost 25% of Democrats think men can get pregnant – American Thinker — “Transgenderism is political.  It’s the politics of hatred (because I defy you to find me a so-called transgender “woman” who doesn’t hate and wish to erase real women), mind control, the breakdown of the family, and the weaponization of neurosis, genuine mental illness, and extreme narcissism.  Given the misogyny behind it, it’s ironic that leftist women support it most fervently, but they’re sadly comfortable with the other aspects of this highly destructive political movement.”

lifting the pillow to let the victim breathe – “Critics always maintain that Project Veritas is a group of sneaky grifters, engaging in deceptive smears, “gotcha” tactics, and selective editing to carry out character assassination.  Yet anyone listening to Boland’s words could tell it wasn’t Veritas destroying his character; it was Jeremy Boland.” — Ray McCoy: Project Veritas triumphs despite federal repression – American Thinker — “Our news cycle is a perfect illustration of how once-daring media institutions are now more dedicated to squashing important journalism than encouraging it. … The stakes of this high-profile legal fight are part of a larger battle, one between those dedicated to revealing the truth, no matter how ugly, and the ones who think Americans are better off oblivious to it.”

collateral damage – “Whether in Europe, the Indian subcontinent, or Africa, we are getting graphic evidence that the entire green agenda is deadly.” — Andrea Widburg: Is the tide turning in Holland? – American Thinker

resource economics – “Professor Simon Michaux, who doesn’t take issue with global warming hype, explains one of several reasons why this is true: the mineral requirements of a wind- and solar-based energy system can’t possibly be met.” — John Hinderaker: The “Green Revolution” Is Impossible | Power Line — “The bottom line is that no transition from fossil fuels to “green” energy sources is under way, nor will it occur, ever. The green dream is not just a folly but a fraud.” see also “As Visual Capitalist’s Carmen Ang and David Cole-Hailton shows in the graphic below, made by the European Chemical Society (EuChemS), of these 90 different elements, which ones are in abundance and which ones are in serious threat as of 2021.” — : The Periodic Table Of Endangered Elements | ZeroHedge 


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Torture, harassment, deprivation – a deluge

Constitution? – “If the FBI can so easily obtain the right to raid Trump’s home, what is left to protect you, your home, or your privacy?” … “For the warrant to withstand constitutional scrutiny, the redacted portions have a lot of work to do to articulate a very dark and sinister set of facts describing how Trump took top secrets of the United States that he did not declassify and that he did so with the intent to harm the United States or profit on the sensitive information” — Brett L. Tolman and Julie Warren: FBI’s Trump Raid Should Concern Everyone, Including His Critics

walls closing in – “Our country is far from healthy today, but a collective laugh at the FBI’s joke of an affidavit is a long-needed step in the right direction.” — Christopher Bedford: The Short Life (And Fast Death) Of The FBI’s Mar-A-Lago Play

Chapter and Verse – “It must have been extremely frustrating for a sitting president to know there was nothing to the claims yet be constantly bombarded by media and political people in Washington DC who held a vested interest in maintaining them.” — sundance: President Trump Tried to Work Within the System and Sunday Talks, Out From the Shadows, The Primary Architect of The Trump Targeting Operation Surfaces on ABC News – The Last Refuge — “McCord is the architect, the actual person putting lawfare strategy into lawfare ink and action, for the Trump targeting operations.”

Stanford jail experiment in reality – “For the first time in U.S. history, the political party in power is hunting down and jailing members of the opposition party for political dissidence, and . . . torturing them in jail … the same evil that manifested itself in Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, and Nero’s Rome … This cruel disregard for basic human rights is all part of the regime’s effort to dehumanize the January 6ers” — Debra Heine: Lawyer: January 6 Clients Are Being Tortured › American Greatness

paranoid police – “Incidents involving “swatting” — i.e., someone making a false 911 call to a police agency claiming that a violent crime is in progress at a specific location, with the caller’s intent being to cause the police to respond to that address to disrupt, annoy, or kill the inhabitant of that location — are increasing” — Stephen Lamkin: One way to stop policemen from mistakenly killing innocent people – American Thinker

the damage done – “Today the deluded rulers of the Western world are gifting us and future generations with plagues of Green Elephants — useless, expensive, protected green rubbish.” — Viv Forbes: The plague of Green Elephants – American Thinker — “These disastrous Green adventures are driven by the UN billionaires’ club and promoted endlessly by government media, education bureaucracies, and vocal vested interests. – This plague of Green Elephants will destroy our industries, our farms and our access to cheap reliable fuels and electricity.”


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say, do, and results in conflict

context as a propaganda (and legal) tool – “saying that its warning to Facebook was of a general nature and did not include a call to action” — Tom Ozimek of The Epoch Times: FBI Responds To Zuckerberg Claim It Helped Suppress Hunter Biden Laptop Story | ZeroHedge

dissonance – “The war between blue and red and mass versus elite is really grounded in the reality that those who feel they were the deserved winners of globalization and who are the sole enlightened on matters of social, economic, political, and military policy have no record of recent success, but a long litany of utter failure” — Victor Davis Hanson: How middle class now view their rulers with rightly earned disdain — “The masses increasingly view the elites’ money, their ZIP codes, their degrees and certificates, and their titles not just with indifference, but with the disdain they now have earned on their own merits. — And that pushback has made millions of our worst and stupidest quite mad.”


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The swamp is a third world entity

Who’s hiding the evidence? – “Documents were ordered released Jan. 19, 2021 but never made public because DOJ raised last minute privacy concerns” —  John Solomon: Judicial Watch sues DOJ to release Trump-declassified ‘smoking gun’ documents from Russia probe | Just The News

It’s gone nuclear – “Update (2053ET): Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) came out with a blistering response to the Monday FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, reportedly in connection with materials Trump brought with him after leaving office.” — Tyler Durden: Donald Trump Announces Mar-A-Lago “Raided, Under Siege, And Occupied” By The FBI | ZeroHedge

The American Thinker is all over the FBI raid – Patricia McCarthy: The complete Sovietization of the Democrat party — Andrea Widburg: Republicans, after a shocked silence, speak out against the Mar-a-Lago raid — Dex Bahr: Raid on President Trump’s Florida home a wake-up call —  Olivia Murray: ‘Everything dear to the American character’ —  Olivia Murray: A weaponized FBI raids Mar-a-Lago in search of a crime —  Andrea Widburg: Marc Elias boasts about the real motive behind the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid — Rajan Laad: What if Donald Trump had never joined politics? – American Thinker

A List – “every day in every way our lefty friends are force-feeding us lies like farmers force feeding ducks and geese in their cages for the foie gras.” — Christopher Chantrill: When Rulers’ Lies Come in Battalions – American Thinker — “Ask yourself another question: when does a regime absolutely forbid anyone to have ideas that conflict with the regime’s ideas? Answer: when the regime is completely out of ideas and can’t face the fact that the opposition has ideas, good ideas, actual ideas that might work.”

Prognosticating – “The ongoing persecution of Trump is likely to spectacularly backfire on the Left. It is unlikely that a raid will cow the man who has weathered many scandals and accusations.” — tippinsights Editorial Board: FBI Raid On Trump Will Make Him A Martyr

Tea Leaves – “After news of the raid broke and leaks about its purpose began circulating yesterday evening, speculation about an attempt to disqualify Trump started circulating on social media.” — Ed Morrissey: Too good to check: Is the DoJ trying to disqualify Trump for 2024? – HotAir

good for the goose good for the gander? – “Although the cost of busing an illegal is likely much less than the cost to Texas of caring for the migrant and protecting the community from those who commit additional crimes, a non-profit should be set up to raise and provide funds for additional buses not only to D.C. and New York, but to any place that has declared itself a “sanctuary” jurisdiction.” — Michael Nadler: A simple plan: Free Bus Ride to Sanctuary – American Thinker

what’s that definition of insanity? – “it should be said that by passing massive subsidies for wind and solar power, the U.S. has decided to emulate Germany’s energiewende (“energy revolution”) policy that it adopted 20 years ago. It has been a total bust. … it is worth noting an early indication of how this will all end from inside our own borders, specifically California, which was an early adopter of the German model.” — Steven Hayward: In Re: The Climate Bill (Part 1) | Power Line

“” — : 

“” — : 

“” — : 

“” — : 

“” — : 


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weasel, lawfare, and hate driven drivel

Political warfare of the ugly sort – “A key indicator of the strategy from within the J6/DOJ effort surfaced when the quasi-constitutional “committee” sent a subpoena to former President Trump legal counsel Pat Cipollone, then leaked the subpoena, then leaked the testimony, then shaped, edited and broadcast the testimony during their prime-time broadcast” — sundance: Coordination Between J6 Committee and Politically Motivated DOJ is Intended to Break Attorney-Client Firewalls in Trump Targeting Effort – The Last Refuge

priorities – “The FBI director knows a lot about issues that matter to the Biden regime and the media. But he isn’t so savvy when it comes to issues that matter to Americans.” — Julie Kelly : The Evasive Mr. Wray › American Greatness — “Mounting scandals and public safety threats endanger the country, not merely the reputation of the FBI.”

blowback – “Political consultants applauded Liz Cheney for her brilliant move of tapping one of the most hated politicians in history to help boost her political chances.” — Babylon Bee: ‘Never Has America Faced A Greater Threat Than Donald Trump,’ Says Guy Who Started Two Wars And Shot A Dude In The Face – there are many other reactions to the Cheney ‘hail mary’ reveal such as at Legal Insurrection.


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What’s real, anyway? and why would it make any difference?

dealing with difficult people – “This is probably the best reason to approach these contentious issues as a happy warrior.  You have to think that pro-freedom patriot personalities are having a good time in ultimately destroying an ideology that can’t be the least bit honest about it’s true nature” — D. Parker: Why don’t we just destroy the left with laughter? – American Thinker

the narrative starts here – “How you call something shapes the meaning in your mind and manipulates your point of view” — Clarice Feldman: Naming Things – American Thinker — “In countless ways, the Left and its front — the Biden Administration — play mind games with us. Don’t go along with this; it’s mind-numbing and only leads to stupid, often dangerous policies”

book review – “And now they’re everywhere, from the school board in rural Texas to the White House Situation Room in charge of our national security.  They’re destroying our entertainment, our educational system, our economy, our military, canceling comedians and polluting movies and attacking America directly at its foundation” — Blaine L. Pardoe: The Woking Dead: A vogue virus and how to stop it – American Thinker — “The Woking Dead will make you shake your fist, laugh, and above all see how to truly make America great — and keep it great — by crushing the woke zombie hordes”

knows no bounds – “Even our Founding Fathers could not have foreseen the political hackery on display in Fulton County, a motion filed late Friday in a Georgia federal court by Sen. Lindsey Graham’s legal team makes clear.” — Margot Cleveland: Georgia Dem DA’s Political Hackery Would Have Framers Spinning — “Democrats may not care now, and they may never care about the Constitution, but they would be wise to worry about payback”

who’s your hero? – “his departure (even if temporary) is a great loss to students, the law school and free speech” … “combines a legendary career with one of the most inspiring life stories in the history of the court. Whatever the reason for his cessation in teaching, he deserves our thanks. – He also deserved better. He deserved greater public support from individual faculty members. He deserved greater understanding from students. He deserved an equally vocal counter-campaign in support of free speech and a diversity of viewpoints at the university” — Justice Thomas’ Withdrawal Exposes The Growing “Unavailability” of Diverse Opinions in Higher Education – JONATHAN TURLEY — “This is why many choose to remain silent as the mob pursues their colleagues. For those tagged as dissenters, the atmosphere is perfectly Robespierrean”

flagrant — “If Democratic lawmakers had to comply with federal truth-in-advertising laws, they’d all be up on charges … If the law won’t charge Democrats with engaging in flagrant false advertising, voters will have to punish them by kicking anyone who voted for this “Inflation Lie Act” out of office” — The ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Is A Lie, Pure And Simple – Issues & Insights

book review (by a target) “The focus is Brett Kavanaugh’s elevation to the Supreme Court in 2018. Dissent is full of errors, and I make an appearance early on” — Mark Judge: Weak Dissent. Another Lazy, Dumb, and Error-Packed Book About Me in High School – The Stream

Graphs and charts and numbers – oh, my!“At its core, the human body is a symphony of chemical reactions” — Doomberg: New England is an Energy Crisis Waiting to Happen

A list — “As we swelter in the dog days of summer, even crotchety ol’ Grandpa Silas is starting to wonder if there might be something to this “climate change” thing after all” — Climate Change Is Real. Here Are 10 Undeniable Proofs | Babylon Bee — “Was your mind changed? We hope so. Now give the government hundreds of billions of dollars to solve this problem, as they’ve done such a great job with everything else”

classic Feynman still relevant “called out scholars who believe in things they don’t understand” — Don Surber: The cargo cult of climate change


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What’s with this Trump obsession?

“Why has the Left in America been in this unhealthy non-stop state of hyperventilation since Trump came down the escalator in 2015?” —  Richard McDonough, The Distinction between Hyperventilation and Actual Evidence – American Thinker — “The establishment, including elites on both sides of the aisle, does not want change. Unlike the American people, they are all doing very well with things as they are—hence the need to circumvent democracy with yet another hoax and prevent the voters from being allowed to choose Trump again in 2024.”

“What had been a slow and long march through the institutions these last hundred years has taken on such urgency today that the communists have scurried out of their usual hiding places in the shadows to prance around before us in broad daylight!” —  J.B. Shurk, The Globalist Effort to ‘Get Trump’ Is Backfiring…Bigly! – American Thinker — “For years, concerned Americans have been warning others about the poisonous onslaught of government tyranny enveloping the nation, and too many warnings fell on deaf ears.  In their zeal to “get” Trump and squeeze his voters into submission, though, the globalists’ treachery is backfiring”

“The Left and the Swamp of both parties hate Trump with the heat of a thousand suns because they feel the sting of the voters’ rejection from 2016” —  Jonathon Moseley, Some Lessons from January 6 Committee Finale – American Thinker

“Nothing strikes terror into Leftist hearts like the idea that God exists or that there will be another Trump presidency” —  M.B. Mathews, The terror of a Trump presidency – American Thinker

“As Luis Cornelio writes at, there is something unarguably wrong with our Justice Department. It is a shame that it is allowing itself to be used by the partisan hacks of the J6 Committee, despite the committee’s extensive record of violating basic principles of judicial processes.” —  , Tulsi Gabbard Exposes DoJ Hypocrisy Over Bannon Contempt Conviction | ZeroHedge

“the judiciary committees of these legislative bodies, must hold hearings on the politicization by the Democrats of the judicial process — for the purpose of making certain that the constitutional travesty of the “January 6” show trials (for enhancing their “drama” according to the New York Times T.V. reporter) never again threatens to undermine our governmental institutions” —  David Zukerman, Was Bannon found guilty because jury and judge feared a mob reaction if he were acquitted? – American Thinker

“The skeptical philosopher David Hume is one of the giants not just of the Enlightenment, but of the whole history of philosophy. But that was not enough to save him from being canceled in his native Scotland” —  John Hinderaker, Canceling David Hume | Power Line — “outside of a few select fields like engineering and medicine, it is hard to make a case that “higher education” confers a net benefit on society. As long as the current nonsense continues, donors to universities should seriously consider whether their money would do more good, or less harm, elsewhere”

“This is all to “save the planet,” of course. The current world population is around 8 billion. And while the Georgia Guidestones may be nothing but dust now, it’s reasonable to believe that it states a target world population that sits very well with the World Economic Fund and its acolytes around the world: Fewer than 500 million people. The rest of us are extraneous and would be better as natural fertilizer than as living, breathing CO2 polluters” —  Andrea Widburg, Ireland joins Canada and the Netherlands in contributing to world famine – American Thinker

“You and I pay more in electricity rates and taxes, while the Communist Chinese and a handful of Americans and Europeans make out like bandits.” —  John Hinderaker, More Evidence of the Pointlessness of Wind and Solar

ambulance chasers update — “Gillam, Bush and Ryerson established two conclusions early on. They first asserted that glyphosate exposure has driven increases in serious diseases, and, second, that chemical companies and regulators have suppressed research that vindicates this conclusion. Both claims are patently false.” — Cameron English. Science-Free Webinar: Carey Gillam’s Latest Glyphosate Hysteria, Debunked

“Earth’s climate history is written in the rocks.  Anyone who cares to read that record will see that recurring Ice Ages, not global warming, pose the greatest threat to life on Earth” —  Viv Forbes, What Greens don’t get about volcanoes, oceans, and weather – American Thinker — “Someone should ask the new Green Government of Australia, “If emissions of CO2 are the problem, why have we banned emissions-free nuclear power?”

“This crisis attacks science at its root: if an experiment cannot be replicated, it’s failed the most basic definition of science” —  Andrea Widburg, Tucker Carlson targets up a serious, dangerous crisis in American science – American Thinker — “If you want another example of corrupt science, don’t forget the failed computer models, failed predictions, failed replication, and entirely successful floods of money that have entirely corrupted any credible studies in the climate science arena.”


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