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If only we could find a cure

‘Science,’ They Said. Victor Davis Hanson — “Science is dying; superstition disguised as morality is returning. And we all will soon become poorer, angrier and more divided.”

In empirical fashion scientists advised us to examine evidence and data, and then by induction come to rational hypotheses. The enemies of “science” were politics, superstition, bias, and deduction. 

Yet we are now returning to our version of medieval alchemy and astrology in rejecting a millennium of the scientific method.  

Take the superstitions that now surround COVID-19. 


K–12: the Clutter is the Message. Bruce Deitrick Price — “Traditionally, education was focused on facts, information, details, content, learning, and knowledge, all of these hopefully leading to wisdom.  Now we’ve gone to the other extreme.”

Instapundit — “The real failure — and I’ve warned about it since the beginning — is that our “public health” establishment has been so obviously corrupt and politicized that people who would have trusted it a decade or two ago now don’t. And the reason they don’t is that it’s been so obviously corrupt and politicized as to be untrustworthy.”

FDA Panel Member on COVID Vaccines: ‘Heart Attacks Happen 71 Times More Often….’ Selwyn Duke — “Some of the above is “scientific”; much of it is anecdotal. Yet there’s far, far more evidence of the GTAs’ downsides than I’ve mentioned here”

While the Rally for January 6 prisoners was a bust, it still mattered a lot. Andrea Widburg — “this failed rally revealed that non-leftists in America are losing their First Amendment right to protest.” 

What If the FBI Threw an Insurrection and Nobody Came? Brian C. Joondeph — “Saturday, Sept. 18 was the date for the “J6 Rally,” organized by a political advocacy group called Look Ahead America.” … “as usual, Trump was right. The Daily Mail reported, “Protesters outnumbered by police…as just a handful of demonstrators turn up.” One of only a few arrests was a comical scene of Feds, dressed like Star Wars storm troopers arresting one of their own, an undercover cop.”

Bush and Milley Have Chosen Obama’s False History of America J.B. Shurk — “It has been the project of the political left for quite some time to convince Americans that there is nothing exceptional about their country.  To “fundamentally transform” a culture, you must first poison the roots of what has already been growing.” … “Killing American history is not just a matter of destroying our collective identity as Americans, but also the vehicle for undermining notions of personal freedom.”

If Only We Could Find A Cure For Trump Derangement Syndrome. James Bowman, [The Epoch Times] — “if all things Trump are bad and all things no-Trump are good, it’s still the case that a no-Trump thing that goes bad, like the Afghan debacle, can still be blamed on Trump, as President Joe Biden attempted to do. Some sufferers from the illness in California might even have believed him.”

Dirty Deeds Done Not Cheap. Clarice Feldman — “It was a diabolically engineered hoax. Clinton or her campaign (depending on your degree of naïveté) hired Perkins which hired GPS, who hired Steele, who made up scurrilous nonsense like the pee tape.”

So how did 15,000 Haitians suddenly find their way to Del Rio, Texas? Monica Showalter — “It’s natural to want to know how this formed? Why is it so big? Why did it end up at Del Rio, Texas, a town ill-equipped to accommodate them? How did these people fly or sail from faraway Haiti? Are more on the way?” … “What we have here is a broken border, and an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, brought on by Joe Biden’s failure of basic diplomacy.”

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When did the world become insane?

The Panic Pandemic. John Tierney — “Fearmongering from journalists, scientists, and politicians did more harm than the virus.” … “Instead of keeping calm and carrying on, the American elite flouted the norms of governance, journalism, academic freedom—and, worst of all, science.”

This experience should be a lesson in what not to do, and whom not to trust. Do not assume that the media’s version of a crisis resembles reality. Do not count on mainstream journalists and their favorite doomsayers to put risks in perspective. Do not expect those who follow “the science” to know what they’re talking about. Science is a process of discovery and debate, not a faith to profess or a dogma to live by. It provides a description of the world, not a prescription for public policy, and specialists in one discipline do not have the knowledge or perspective to guide society.

Medical insanity, as described by an MD. Matt Bettag — “When did the world become insane? What is the reason for it? Big Brother? Depopulation? Or people in love with control? I don’t know and it’s driving me nuts.”

The new McCarthyism. Roger Kimball — “Nancy and Chuck should preside over the new House and Senate American Activities Committee” … “Are you now or have you ever been a supporter of Donald Trump?” … “If you object that such a move would be unconstitutional and therefore against the law, expect to be met with pitying looks.”

More Jan. 6 creative writing at the New York Times. David Zukerman — “Lots of shoving and pushing by several hundred people, in less time than it takes to play a Major League Baseball game, and in which the demonstrators are not armed — not even wielding fire extinguishers — is hardly “an insurrection.”

The 2020 Election is Breaking the Legal Profession. Deion A. Kathawa — “Sanctioning lawyers who are fighting to uphold the country’s election process is a great way to scare away competent, qualified, and strong ones from taking charged cases.”

No Truth in Socialism: Why the ‘Crisis of Marxism’ Matters. L.K. Samuels — “Why do the Progressive Big Media, Democrats, elites, and Democratic Socialists feel duty-bound to create false realities?  Why must they silence, obstruct, or distort any truthful voice before it can ever be heard?  And why do they rush to judgment before the facts can be sorted out?  The answer is simple: socialists and collectivists have no other choice.  By hard experience, they learned over 100 years ago that their ideology is devoid of facts and reality.  They had to sacrifice truth in order to hide the inevitable failures of socialism.”

A theory about why Americans are meekly accepting reinstated COVID rules. Bookworm — “Americans once prided themselves on not bowing down to the government, unlike European sheeple. Now the reverse is true. What happened?”

The American people got the message: Unless they’re card-carrying socialists, Democrat party members, Biden supporters, or any other leftist true-believer, their government will destroy them for exercising their First Amendment rights. For most of them, meekly resuming their masks, torturing their children with masks, and even losing money as their businesses are shut down, is better than the specter of having the federal government quite literally destroy them. At least when they’re “honorably” bankrupted by the mandated lockdowns, they can get welfare.

Cultural Habits: Far More Than the Sum of Their Parts. Jocelynn Cordes — “For decades now, it has been fashionable to condemn, discredit, or deconstruct anything generally understood to be Western.”

Biden’s Blind Spot: “Our Constitutional Principles” Include State Rights Over Elections. Johnathan Turley — “While the president decries an “unprecedented attack on democracy,” the federalization of elections being pursued by Democrats actually would contravene what the Framers considered a core protection of democracy”

“I Do Solemnly Swear”: Biden Calls tor Extending the Eviction Moratorium Despite Being Unconstitutional. Johnathan Turley — “Frankly, given the overwhelmingly liberal makeup of law faculties, it is astonishing that most still told the President that an extension would be unconstitutional. Moreover, it is not difficult to find experts who are cavalier about the Constitution and willing to sign off on any effort to achieve desire political or social results.”

In California, Recalls are not Just for the Governor. John Green — “the state is in the midst of a genuine recallapalooza. The state has recall challenges underway for not just the governor, but also two district attorneys and over 48 assorted mayors, city councilmen, and school board members.”

Systemic Racism And Affirmative Action. John Hinderaker — “every major institution in the United States has engaged in “affirmative action,” which means discriminating in favor of blacks and, to a lesser extent, Hispanics, for the last 50 years. If any “systemic racism” has become embedded in our society, it is the racism of affirmative action. I would have thought that everyone knows this; certainly, anyone who has been active in the business or academic worlds in the last half-century is well aware of it.”

The ‘disinformation’ deception. David Harsanyi — “Protecting people from the scourge of “misinformation” has been the leading rationale for censorship since nearly the beginning of the republic.” … “The establishment Left, by which I mean those in charge of most institutions in society today, continues to normalize the idea that it is moral to suppress ideas to shield citizens, as if they were children, from dangerous speech.” … “What happens when anything conflicting with progressive “truth” can be labeled misinformation? Misinformation becomes “violence,” tantamount to “killing people,” as the president might say.”

Revisiting the Right to Bear Arms after Summer 2020 Rioting. David Bernstein — “the inability or unwillingness (often under standdown orders from politicians) of law enforcement to protect life and property during the summer 2020 riots and looting in cities across the country undermines the claim of opponents of the right to keep and bear arms that individual firearms ownership is obsolete given the existence of modern police forces.”

Stunning! New Floyd Case Exhibit Confirms Witness Coercion. John Dale Dunn — “On July 29, District Court Judge Peter Cahill, the presiding judge in the trials of the four Minneapolis police officers indicted for the death of George Floyd, ordered the release of an exhibit memorandum that reveals a miscarriage of justice and criminal coercion of a witness.”

Mike Rowe’s Awesome Response on Whether He Would Urge Americans to Get Vaccinated. Nick Arama — “Rowe started off by saying that he was vaccinated, but he wasn’t going to dispense medical advise to anyone else. Not only that but he regretted the PSAs that he did appear in early on” … “In other words, give us the facts, admit your mistakes, try on a bit of humility, and stop treating the unvaccinated like the enemy,” Rowe finished.

Vaccination Weaponization. Victor Davis Hanson — “The Biden Administration should look in the mirror before casting stones at others.”

Crazy Government Responses to COVID Part 1: Understanding Incentives. Coyote Blog — “When I argue with folks about the irrationality of certain COVID NPI mandates, eg masks and lockdowns, their ultimate argument when their backs are up against the wall is this:  the government and/or the “experts” would not have mandated these interventions if they did not make sense.  The purpose of this and several following posts is to explain exactly why  they might, or more particularly, why certain government mandates might make sense for government officials even when they make sense for no one else.”

Fake Science, Fear Porn, and the Fallout. Kevin McCullough — “Despite the fact that they claimed the previous administration refused to follow the science—and were proven wrong—they now find themselves in the odd position of desperately embracing solutions they actually campaigned against – HARD!”

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There are many ways to politicize everything.

Every Picture Tells A Story: Transparency In Science. Chuck Dinerstein – “It was clear that the EPA’s integrity staff wanted “politics” out of the process.”

“Why look back over just the last four years? The concerns of EPA’s scientists may have increased of late, but they go back, as the EPA demonstrated, at least a decade. When the Trump administration proposed its scientific transparency rules to possibly “look back” at the seemingly settled science of two decades ago, it was greeted as another attack on scientific objectivity. Those same voices now champion the new executive order.”

Dinerstein has to throw in his obligatory ‘everyone does it’ snides in noting the Leftist presumption in the new EO that its opposition is not only wrong but guilty. It is that presumption that is divisive and it is owned by the Democrats and no vague opinions about the previous President can smooth that out.

Words Matter—Or Not: The Biden Vocabulary of the Times. Victor Davis Hanson – It’s a glossary for modern times.

The Left Wants You To Believe The Bible Is White Supremacist So They Can Force Evolution Down Your Throat. Kylee Zempel – “It’s a no-holds-barred attack on Christianity to advance the opposing worldview, and if that means smearing as racist a — *checks notes* — time-tested historical account in which a divine Middle Eastern man is the central figure, so be it.” Concepts of evolution are being distorted to serve as fishbait to attack the Judeo-Christian heritage in the light of the new CRT dogma. The evangelical defense by Zempel comes up with macro versus micro evolution and Darwin selections to suit. This doesn’t help the ‘debate’ either.

The Left’s Critical Race Theory Is Ruining U.S. Public Education. I & I Editorial Board – “And why is this so important to the left? It thinks it owns your children. Don’t you remember? “It takes a village.” So it has a right to push hateful CRT and the wholly specious 1619 Project on gullible students.” … “Our kids and our nation are at stake. Nothing parents do for their kids will be more important than saving them from brainwashing by the America-hating leftists that now run our schools.”

Far-Left’s Anti-American Reaction To July 4th Proves They’ve Polarized Patriotism. Spencer Lindquist – “Celebrating America’s founding and our fight for independence shouldn’t be controversial, but the left’s reaction to July 4th proves that they’ve politicized patriotism.” … “That sitting congresswomen use their platforms to argue that America’s land is stolen and that our nation’s founding and very existence is morally illegitimate is not only disgraceful, it is a harrowing sign of immense national decline. Those who hate this country cannot be entrusted with the power to lead it.”

The Democrat Blame Game. Doris O’Brien – “Their trilogy of bullseyes is global warming (aka climate change), systemic racism, and Donald J. Trump. Every problem can be explained away by one of the above. Even if the accusations seem a bit over the top, Democrats remain unfazed.”

Alaskan Tribal Leader Helping Block ANWR Claims Nobility In Trampling On Rights Of Rival Alaskan Tribe. Tristan Justice – “Demientieff complained that those charging the tribe of exploiting leftist politics to deter rival tribes from drilling on lands hundreds of miles north was “making all of this up.” There is also the false narrative that “Our ancestors have honored and protected this land long before there was ever a US government,” Those ancestors pillaged and abused the land as they did not have the social structures or knowledge to ‘protect’ the land they occupied.

Black Like Them. Peter O’Brian – “the claim is that because the Aboriginal population is expanding year on year and this growth comes almost exclusively from well-educated, relatively well-off urban people, the Closing the Gap statistics are being distorted.”

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a war of attrition by any means available

They Are Never Going to Stop. Bonchie – “These people have convinced themselves that they are so righteous and their politics so pure that anyone who opposes them is not only evil but must be a criminal as well. It doesn’t matter that every single attempt to take down Trump legally has failed. They will simply move onto the next one. … and they won’t stop with Trump, for that matter.”

“Let’s recap for posterity’s sake. We’ve had the weaponization of the intelligence community against Trump and his family since he burst onto the national political scene. Then we had a multi-year special counsel investigation by Robert Mueller that wasted tens of millions of dollars to produce some process crimes against associates. After that, we got the SDNY investigating Trump, again finding nothing to charge him on. Lastly, for the past three years, we’ve had the state of New York in on the action, with their big find being some possible mistakes in tax filings that don’t implicate Trump.

The Court-Sanctioned Persecution Of Jack Phillips Shows How ‘Hate Crime’ Laws End Everyone’s Freedom Of Speech. Jonathan Lange – “The goal of lawfare against people like Phillips is to destroy free speech, not by winning discrete battles, but by winning a war of attrition.”

Supreme Court Refuses To Decide If Floral Artist Loses Her Religious Liberty At Shop Door. Jordan Davidson – “Washington state and the American Civil Liberties Union first sued florist Barronelle Stutzman of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, Washington in 2013 for refusing to design flower arrangements for a gay couple’s wedding because of her faith-based objections.”

Nikole Hannah-Jones’s Tenure Tantrum Shows How Identity Politics Mobilizes Victimhood For Power. Jeff Goldstein – “She’s neither a teacher nor a scholar: she’s a flavor of the month. … We are living under a tyranny of manufactured victimhood.” … “The U.S. is a propositional nation. As such, it will necessarily fail under the weight of government-sanctioned racism and tribalism.”

Did You Miss The Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff Labeling Trump Voters Enemies Of The State? John Lucas – “Gen. Mark Milley’s testimony can only be true if he counts as domestic enemies the thousands of Donald Trump supporters and conservatives who attended the president’s rally.” … “the most dangerous aspect of this testimony by the highest-ranking officer in the U.S. military was validating the use of military personnel and lethal military force against political opponents of the administration.”

Loudoun Mom Explains How She Discovered School-Sanctioned Racism During Lockdowns. Paulina Enck – “’I don’t need my children being taught how to feel. Parenting is teaching your child those things, and I don’t co-parent with the government.’” … “Swift and decisive backlash kept this proposal from passing, but this school culture persisted.”

Could Cosby Sue For Wrongful Conviction? Jonathan Turley – “The opinion (below) correctly found that the trial judge and prosecutors denied Cosby a fair trial and due process in 2018.”

Why did ‘Vogue’ call Dr. Jill Biden a ‘goddess in stilettos?’ Ruthie Blum – “Outlets don’t have to lie to cast aspersions on or present a figure in a less-than-flattering light. All they have to do is shift emphasis by highlighting one set of facts at the expense of another.” … “Israeli journalists know a thing or two about the click-bait value of stories about the wives of the country’s leaders.” … “Those observing the current Orwellian climate in the United States no longer gasp at each new move by “progressives” to control society’s collective mind, but some take occasional breaks from tearing their hair out to laugh at the more egregious examples.”

Did Biden Really Win California? John Smith – “The November 3, 2020, Presidential election data from California should set off alarm bells.” This one is for statistics nerds.

California Begs For More Electricity As Shift To Renewable Power Leaves State In The Dark. Tyler Durden – “Maybe it’s time to admit that the whole “green” energy push is one big farce”

“State energy officials asked the California Independent System Operator, which runs most of the grid, to contract for additional power capacity for July and August on concern it won’t be able to meet demand during the evening when solar production fades, according to a joint statement Thursday from grid, utility and energy agencies. They didn’t say how much more power is needed but one can guess it will be a lot.

Of course, there was a convenient scapegoat on which to blame the collective lack of competence: global warming.

it’s always someone else’s fault that you could not properly budget even a few months in advance after keeping millions of people in the dark last year when California again blamed… global warming. But if you know there is global warming, and you suffer one nightmare summer in the dark because of it, can’t you extrapolate at least a year into the future?

In California, the answer is no.

San Jose’s latest gun control proposal is the craziest one yet. Jazz Shaw – “Mayor Sam Liccardo and members of the City Council are poised to institute a policy to charge “fees” to legal gun owners to “compensate” taxpayers for the costs associated with gun violence.” … “It’s hard to even know where to begin when picking apart this nonsense.”

A New Case Gives the Supreme Court a Chance To Defend Gun Rights. John Stossel – “It’s likely that soon, almost all Americans will be legally able to carry guns.” … “Only when I started researching gun crime and studying the data did it become clear that most of my anti-gun assumptions were wrong.”

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Banana Republic Looming?

Has the Military Lost Middle America? Victor Davis Hanson – “The military is not yet a revolutionary people’s army overseen by commissars. But it is getting there.”

Why The Pennsylvania Supreme Court Was Right To Toss Bill Cosby’s Tainted Conviction. Margot Cleveland – “While Bill Cosby may have walked out of prison a free man yesterday, the courts saw to it that he endured two criminal trials and spent years in prison during his appeals.”

Giuliani’s Suspension: Questionable Statements, But Not by Him. John O’Connor – “upon closer examination of the ruling by the New York appellate court, we see clearly questionable statements — not by Giuliani, but about him.”

“What was bizarre about this ruling, especially to any experienced lawyer, is that Giuliani was suspended before it was even determined preliminarily that an investigation of him should be opened. The court disqualified Giuliani on an emergency ad hoc basis, implicating Trump’s Sixth Amendment right to counsel and Giuliani’s First Amendment right to free speech. The court’s ruling also does not find problematic the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, requiring a due process hearing before any deprivation of a right, privilege, or property interest.

Ironically, a close examination of this extremely unfair opinion reveals it to be very much like a court ruling to be expected from a less developed, authoritarian country, and it lends strength, not weakness, to questions about our last election.

Is the Supreme Court gaslighting us? John Green – “Trying to gaslight everyone now is asking us to ignore 50 years of bad behavior.”

“The reality is that the court is in trouble. It is no longer trusted to be unbiased. The justices are belatedly learning that a referee who isn’t faithful to the rules also lacks the authority to control the game — as that authority is granted by the players. The justices find themselves in a predicament that was created by themselves and their predecessors.

Literal interpretation of the Constitution would have been easy and noncontroversial. It’s the philosophy that originalist justices subscribe to. Had we stayed out of the world of penumbras and emanations, most rulings would have been unanimous. After all, the document says what it says.

The court’s caseload would be substantially lighter. Everybody can read the Constitution and would know in advance how the court would be likely to rule on any given subject. Their rulings would be predictable, and hence noncontroversial. It wouldn’t matter if a justice’s leanings are conservative or liberal. The Constitution says what it says. If it needs to change, it’s someone else’s job to change it.

The Drug Whose Name Must Not Be Uttered. Peter O’Brien – “Doctors advocating the use of Ivermectin, and those conducting clinical trials (none of which are detailed in either government website), are not suggesting that people should self-medicate, that they should binge on the stuff or that they should take versions designed for horses.” … “And now the big question: How many people died (or will die) that need not have, due to this politicised, mercenary and cavalier approach to public health? And who will pay?”

Robocalls are out of control. But that could all change today. Marguerite Reardon – “Today is the deadline for voice providers to implement the Stir/Shaken tech designed to curb the flood of annoying and costly robocalls.

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Hubris calling

Lockdowns, Unpunished Crime, And Climate Hysteria: The Roots Of Our Three Biggest Disasters. Christopher Bedford – “In the end, we didn’t crush the virus, but we did crush a lot of ordinary people.” … “Following lockdowns, “excess mortality increases.” … people, businesses, and communities were destroyed because some public health “experts” were dead-certain this was needed to save lives. The predictable irony is they weren’t saving lives at all — just making you miserable and poorer in return for nothing.” … “Why did we fail? The answer is a vice the ancient Greeks understood well: Hubris.”

MI Rep Daire Rendon (R): “I am in receipt of evidence reflecting systemic election fraud in MI that occurred in the November 2020 election”. Patty McMurray – “Last week, the MI Senate Oversight Committee Chair Ed McBroom and MI Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, who have both admitted they would consider a forensic audit in their state if Arizona finds meaningful evidence of voter fraud in their forensic audit, released a report stating that they could find no evidence of “widespread or systemic fraud” in Michigan’s November election.”

Jill Biden’s Vogue Cover Proves The Magazine Prioritizes Politics Over Fashion. Evita Duffy – “After four years of shunning the most fashionable first lady in American history, and a literal super model, Vogue Magazine is putting Jill Biden on the cover.” … “As America looks dully at Jill’s ensemble one could probably pick out in the grandma section at Target, we are reminded of overlooked former model and First Lady Melania Trump. Melania’s poise, beauty, and taste are incomparable to any first lady in recent memory.” – pictures to see!

Vogue declares Jill Biden ‘a goddess’ and puts her on their cover as the epitome of style. Monica Showalter – “It goes to show that its whole schtick is politics, not fashion. After all, the big fashion bible for the world’s stylish somehow managed to overlook the nation’s truly stylish first lady, Melania Trump, a former super-model, who not only was quite beautiful, but age-appropriate and elegant in her four years as first lady. To claim that Jill Biden somehow tops her as a fashion icon is laughable.”

Our ‘Woke’ Pentagon Leaders Are Weakening America’s Defense. I & I Editorial Board – “Milley’s responses to the legitimate concerns by members of Congress over his defense of the extreme left course he has charted for the military have been both disingenuous and historically ignorant.”

“Dead on. If our next war is fought not by patriotic Americans who love their county, but by angry people with deep racial grievances and guilty social justice warriors who think they live in an unjust dystopia, our nation and the world will be in big trouble. And don’t kid yourself. So will you.

“Panic Porn Dressed Up As Science” – Exposing The Truth About The Delta Variant. Tyler Durden– “Equity futures are in the red Wednesday morning as Dr. Anthony Fauci’s warnings about the supposedly “dire threat” posed by the Delta variant continue to be dramatically amplified by the American media.” … “Delta is literally the flu with a CFR identical to it. This is exactly what every respiratory pandemic has done through history: morphed into more transmissible and less virulent form that forces the other mutations out since you get that one. Nothing about masks, lockdowns, or experimental shots did this.”

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Indoctrination and dissing who brung ya’ to the dance

How I Got Classified as an Anti-Government Domestic Extremist. Max Morton – “ When the United States says you are the most dangerous threat it faces, your life is about to change for the worse. The Biden Administration has just told conservative Americans they are that threat.” … “Notwithstanding the troubling legal aspects, the assessment also lacked evidence to back up its broad assertions that America’s greatest threat comes from domestic extremists.”

Understanding White Rage. Don Surber – “readers are very kind to me. They point out typos and send me news items. They share their experiences with me. Usually, I keep it to myself but every now and then, circumstances warrant my sharing the story with all my readers.”

New Anti-Gun Argument: Jesus Hates Guns and if You Own One, You Don’t Love Jesus. Streiff – “As a Catholic, I don’t follow the doings of Protestants in any great detail. But Christianity Today gives the appearance of going the route laid out by David Burge, aka Iowahawk, years ago” … “The Catechism of the Catholic Church states in very strong terms that protecting others from harm is part of the Golden Rule. That extends to the use of deadly force if there is no other way.”

“No matter how you come down on guns, we should be able to agree that murder is wrong, that self-defense is a right, that defending the helpless is an obligation, and that gun regulation is a secular policy argument and not theology.

A Teachers’ Guide to Miseducating the Young. Tony Thomas – “If your child knows all about climate armageddon but has no clue how to use an apostrophe, thank a teacher.” … “The indoctrination was poorly vetted by a 20-person academic panel.”

“Broadcaster Alan Jones has pointed out that schools have successfully lobbied for air conditioning, which should be the first to go if the book’s authors are serious about reducing schools’ electricity. Kids can also walk, bike or use public transport for school. Hooray.

America-hater Gwen Berry shows her disrespect for U.S. flag at Olympic trials. Monica Showalter – “Despite the statements from Olympics officials in Japan, that political demonstrators will be punished, the Colin Kaepernick crowd among the Olympic contenders here have gotten busy”

“Why the heck is this creature permitted to compete at all for the U.S., given her seething hate for the country that gave her all those opportunities to develop her talent? Can you say ‘height of ingratitude’? Can you imagine what some competitor athlete from, say, Kenya or Malawi might be thinking? Some other flag for this person with all those problems with America might be more appropriate.

As Dinesh d’Souza noted, this is very bad for the Olympics in general

Putting Climate Models On Trial. I & I Editorial Board – “Bad news for the New Green Dealers, good news for reason and science, which is obviously never settled. The findings should force researchers to reevaluate, because … ”

“Somewhere we read a comment that said, and we liberally paraphrase, the alarmists are rushing policymakers into doing something, anything about warming before it becomes universally obvious that nothing needs to be done. That’s exactly why the models need to be put in the dock.

Social Media Censorship: Scientist Corrects Anti-GMO Silliness, Facebook Threatens To Ban Him. Cameron English – “Facebook has proven itself incapable of reliably preventing the spread of “misinformation.” If we needed more evidence, the company recently threatened to “restrict” the account of a prominent researcher for talking about science.” … “companies like Facebook are crippled by partisanship and double standards.”

Shocker: Lisbon court rules that only 0.9% of ‘verified cases’ attributed to COVID in Portugal actually died of it. Thomas Lifson – “The campaign to scare the world into adopting unprecedented abridgments of civil liberties to fight a purported pandemic that threatened unthinkable levels of casualties had a lot of help from the officials charged with counting the death toll.”


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Reality is bubbling out from under the rug

Raucous overflow rally crowd greets Trump in Ohio as he looks great and savages Biden’s record. Andrea Widburg – “Technically speaking, Donald Trump is a loser. After all, it’s Biden who’s occupying the Oval Office. But let’s not get entangled in technicalities. Forty-one percent of Americans believe that Trump actually won the election and that Biden’s ascension was the result of fraud, with over half of Republicans holding that belief. And as Biden has managed, remarkably swiftly, to destroy the border, the economy, the military, education, and more, worried patriots are redoubling their support for Trump.” … “What’s apparent is that Trump wants to see America and Americans win. And if his Ohio rally is an indication, that’s what Americans still want too.”

Here’s what New York’s AG and Manhattan’s DA seem to have come up with so far… neo – “The left will not be giving up their Ahab-like pursuit of that great orange whale, Donald Trump, any time soon.”

Politics by other means? Giuliani suspension should worry all lawyers. Jonathan Turley – “the fluid standard applied in Giuliani’s case raises serious concerns over how and when such suspensions will be imposed against lawyers in public controversies. Indeed, the Giuliani standard would seem to implicate a wide array of attorneys who straddle the line of legal and political advocacy. … The 33-page opinion is damning and embarrassing” – Turley shows his bias in failing to note blatant false allegations in the suspension and in following the‘establishment of a case’ narrative.

“The New York court brushes over the free speech implications of its ruling with a conclusory statement that Giuliani knowingly misrepresented facts, even though it did not afford him a hearing on that or other questions.

It is not enough to declare “Don’t be like Giuliani.” What is missing in this opinion is a clear standard for when the failure to establish a case — as Giuliani failed to do with his election fraud claims — is a disbarring offense.

The concern in this case is that we are seeing a weaponization of bar investigations after a wide (and well-funded) campaign to harass Republican lawyers, their firms and their clients after the 2020 election. And it has worked

A.U.D.I.T. of Elections: Is the Dam Breaking? Stu Cvrk – “Election-related revelations continue apace, and suspicions about what actually transpired last November continue to grow” … “Democrats continue to fiddle while Rome burns, ignoring the mounting evidence of election fraud perpetrated by their own operatives.”

How Economist Thomas Sowell’s Warning About Combating Racial Disparities Came True. Jason Riley – “It is awkward to stand on the sidelines and criticize people who are suffering for their ideals, and yet the question must be asked, ‘What is this going to do?’

Sarah Hoyt at Instapundit – “What became very clear to me is that whenever civilized (in this case defined as post-tribal) humans collide with tribal humans, tribal humans lose. They use the techniques that work in between tribes, imagining that their adversaries are also a tribe”

Happy Birthday, Global Warming: Climate Change At 33. Rupert Darwell [] – “The tendency to catastrophism was present at the outset of global warming. … Although catastrophism gave climate change emotive power, the most consistent feature of climate change is the failure of predictions of catastrophe to materialize.”

“The most important features of the 1992 climate convention are its ground plan, carving the world in two, with the developed North listed in Annex I, and the doctrine of “common but differentiated responsibilities” (the first principle listed in the convention and arguably its governing one).

Nuclear power is a Promethean crime of humanity stealing the deepest secrets of nature to release unlimited quantities of energy, in the eyes of environmentalists—a crime far worse than global warming.

The growth of wind and solar generation is not a market-driven phenomenon of a superior technology displacing an obsolete one. It’s what happens when governments heavily subsidize zero-marginal cost output, flooding wholesale markets with unwanted electricity when there’s too much sun and wind and risking power failures when there’s too little.

So far, the grip of environmentalism on Western policymakers lulls them into the belief that global warming operates in a strategic vacuum, insulated from the factors that constitute geopolitical weight and ambition. It is in that sense that climate change constitutes an existential threat to the West.

Ivermectin: Can a Drug Be “Right-Wing”? Matt Taibbi via [TK News] – “Hospitals fought hard, hiring expensive law firms, at times going to extraordinary lengths to refuse treatment even with dying patients who’d exhausted all other options.” … “The drug has become a test case for a controversy that’s long been building in health care, about how much input patients should have in their own treatment.”

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What are your standards of reference?

This Biden Guy Doesn’t Seem Very Presidential. Stephen Kruiser – “We heard the word “presidential” thrown around a lot after Donald Trump took office in 2017. His detractors felt that he wasn’t embodying the presidential vibe, whatever that means. After eight years of Barack Obama’s mom jeans-clad malignant narcissism, the concept had gotten a little muddled. … Whatever “presidential” is supposed to be, the Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media repeatedly assured us that Trump wasn’t it. … Perhaps the most reiterated of the Biden campaign selling points was that he was going to bring dignity back to the office of president. Make things more, you know, presidential.”

“Behavior that was a threat to the First Amendment last year at this time is now a ray of sunshine in a dark world. And presumably dignified and presidential.

These people are all clinically insane.

The Left’s Logic-Defying Race Rhetoric Is Making Normal People’s Heads Spin. John Murawski – “These apparent contradictions can cause confusion, frustration and moral whiplash in a swiftly changing society where many people fear that one wayward move can result in a public flogging or a pink slip.” … “The paradoxes come in a variety of iterations, from moral imperatives to abstract propositions.” … “Others see the self-cancelling propositions in more sinister terms: as moral double-binds and Orwellian doublespeak deliberately designed to deceive, entrap and neutralize political opponents.” … “That left Murray with only one possible conclusion: “Their desire is not to heal but to divide, not to placate but to inflame, not to dampen but to burn.”

Biden’s Creeping Police State. I & I Editorial Board – “The Bidenites are clear who they’re targeting, and it isn’t BLM or Antifa” … “This isn’t just boilerplate. Biden is turning the Department of Justice, FBI and CIA into politicized arms of the state, with huge resources to go after those the White House doesn’t like.”

Trained observer noted ‘agents provocateur’ during Capitol riot amid new report govt. operatives may have been involved. Jon Dougherty – “Reports Tuesday suggesting that elements of the national security and federal law enforcement establishment may have been involved in planning and fomenting the Jan 6 riot sound shockingly similar to observations made a week after the incident by a trained analyst who’s an expert in “propaganda, political warfare, psychological warfare, and subversion.”

The FBI’s role in the Jan. 6 Capitol fracas is absolutely disgusting. J.B. Shurk – “I think we can dispense with the overly protective pleasantries at this point. The FBI is a goon squad of un-American thugs who have taken the worst elements of East Germany’s Stasi police state and Cosa Nostra’s organized crime and turned them into a blueprint for exercising and keeping illegitimate power over their enemies.” … “Just as the FBI has subverted justice in order to “get Trump,” it has gone out of its way to provide the Democratic Party and all its “intersectional” tribes general immunity.”

Jack Phillips to appeal Colorado judge’s decision over gender transition cake. Evie Fordham – “Phillips won a case before the Supreme Court in 2018” … “Waggoner said the case “represents a disturbing trend: the weaponization of our justice system to ruin those with whom the activists disagree.”

“Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, denounced Jones’ decision Wednesday. “This is religious persecution. Naked & unabashed,” Cruz wrote on Twitter. “And it is lawless disregard of binding Supreme Court precedent.”

persistence despite any lessons of experience. Try, try, again and again. This is what society is up against. It doesn’t help is SCOTUS bypasses its responsibilities by avoiding decisions because the injured party lacks standing – but that is another case.

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“Fake but Accurate” is the next level of rationalization

Hate Crimes Against Catholics Are Multiplying (But Politicians And Media Don’t Want To Talk About It). Christopher Bedford – “When churches are desecrated, when believers are humiliated, when WaPo came after a local D.C. priest for tending his flock during lockdowns, politicians lick their fingers, put them in the air, and keep quiet.” … “there are real hate crimes that take place in America, and the best way to tell they’re real is that the press isn’t talking about them — or isn’t talking about them honestly.”

“The term “hate crime” gets used too often these days. More often enough than not, if you hear the term “hate crime” you can rightly assume it’s an attention-seeking fraud by the loudest “victim” in the room, be they a student at Harvard or an actor in Hollywood.

Also from the Federalist: Corporate Media Smears Inspector General After He Debunks Their Bogus Trump Narrative by Jordan Davidson – Axing Critical Race Theory Allows For Teaching Honest History About The Tulsa Violence 100 Years Ago by Mary Grabar – Science Is On The Side Of Those Resisting Transgender Ideology In Schools by Glenn T. Stanton – New Watchdog Report Shatters The Left’s ‘Photo Op’ Lie About Trump Clearing Rioters In Lafayette Park. by Shawn Fleetwood.

Media Caught In Yet Another Massive Anti-Trump Lie; Will Election Fraud Be Next? I & I Editorial Board – “we finally know the truth. Trump was right. The media were lying. And anyone who trusted the news accounts was a fool.”

Flashback: DC Mayor Honored At DNC For Riot Response. New Reports Reveal She, Not Trump, Teargassed Protesters. Mollie Hemingway – “For more than a year, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser allowed President Donald Trump to take the blame for what her police forces had done.”

“A Senate report on the policing failures on the day of the riot at the U.S. Capitol specifically cited public pushback against military and federal law enforcement’s role in quelling riots in summer 2020. The Army had previously noted the “considerable scrutiny” it had received for flying medical evacuation helicopters near crowds of protesters.

Another issue that led to policing and security delays and failures, according to the Senate report, was a letter orchestrated by former House Conference Chair Liz Cheney, a Republican congresswoman from Wyoming.

Former Trump aide Stephen Miller wrote, “Now that the IG report has thoroughly debunked the Lafayette Lie, one must ask: how many riots subsequently spiraled out of control elsewhere because local authorities embraced the Left’s Lafayette narrative—and did not deploy the rapid initial force necessary to assert control?”

It’s a sobering but important question to answer about the dangerous propaganda spewed by the corrupt press and other Democrats after billions of dollars in destruction, dozens of killings, a ripping of the fabric of society, and a general breakdown of law and order.

The Media Didn’t ‘Get It Wrong’ On Lafayette Park, They Lied To America — And They’re Still Lying. Christopher Bedford – “On June 1, 2020 and afterward, corporate media didn’t simply get it wrong, they flagrantly and shamelessly lied to Americans in order to hurt the president.”

Watch: Fox Host Wallace Attempts To Shift Blame To Trump Over Wuhan Lab-Leak. Steve Watson [via Summit News] – “During an interview with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Fox News host Chris Wallace attempted to excuse the inaction of the Biden administration over the Wuhan lab leak by suggesting Trump and Pompeo did nothing for a year.”

‘Touch The Ballots, Go To Jail’: AZ Lawmaker Warns Biden AG As Audit Showdown Brews. Tyler Durden – “An Arizona state Senator has warned US Attorney General Merrick Garland that he’ll ‘spend time in prison’ if he interferes with the 2020 post-election audit, after Garland announced on Friday that the Justice Department will look into whether any federal laws were broken – and claimed the state was employing ‘abnormal’ methods.”

Election Fraud is an Issue that Will Not Go Away. Jeff Lukens – “There are many reasons to doubt the 2020 election results. No question, strange things were happening on Election Night.”

Why It’s Impossible To Teach History Only Using ‘The Facts’. Casey Chalk – “What teachers choose to cover (or not cover) during their limited classroom time will reveal what biases and agendas that educator has on American history.”

“There are at least two problems here. The first is simply that much of the history offered by the 1619 Project and similar critical race theory initiatives is simply wrong. The second is that what teachers choose to cover with their limited time with students will reveal what biases and agendas that educator has related to history.

What is really going on is not replacing error with truth, but foregrounding some data (typically the experience of persons of color or other “marginalized groups”) at the expense of others (typically of many white Americans).

America Has An Existential Civics Education Crisis That More ‘Civics Education’ Will Only Make Worse. Joy Pullmann – “This entire fight is over whether Americans will live under the original Constitution or its bastardized enemy. The civics curriculum battle is key to who will win that war, and the left has the upper hand.”

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Control techniques

COVID, Learned Helplessness, And Control. Tyler Durden [Via] – “In the post-vaccination era, why don’t people remove their masks? Learned helplessness, employed as a control tool.”

“Within moments of COVID’s arrival in the national conscience, officials like California’s Gavin Newsom, and New York’s power bottom twins Andrew Cuomo and Bill De Blasio raced to assume dictatorial emergency powers. …

They were aided in manufacturing learned helplessness by the most sophisticated propaganda operation ever created. Already engorged with the coin of three years of fake news, the legacy media saw the value of a new crisis toward their two real goals: make as much money as possible garnering clicks, and defeating Donald Trump.

Americans are not comfortable accepting their lives being manipulated at this level, the way for example many Russians assume it to be so.

We no longer need to ask what is happening. The real question is always why.

The bizarre British connection behind America’s biggest hoaxes. Andrea Widburg – “It’s becoming increasingly clear that America’s bureaucracies engaged in a cover-up about COVID’s origins. What’s also become clear is the fact that one of the main players in the entire COVID scandal is a British man, Peter Daszak. And I realized something when I thought about Daszak’s involvement: Beginning more than 20 years ago, the British have taken lead roles in three leftist lies that have been used to remake America: Climate change, the Russia hoax and, now, COVID’s development and its subsequent cover-up.”

HOT TAKES: The Left Takes out Its Hatred for the Second Amendment on Judge Benitez. Becca Lower – “This is about more than just one ruling in California and one judge. My colleague Nick Arama wrote about the Senate hearing just over a week ago, in which Texas Sen. Ted Cruz got Biden ATF nominee David Chipman to admit what the Left tries to keep hidden in plain sight: they want to take our guns — no doubt about it.”

Why was Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘even bigger deal’ offer to Fauci redacted from the FOIA emails just released? Thomas Lifson – “All of these redactions are done under code (b) (6), which, according to the Department of Justice, are allowed to prevent “Unwarranted invasions of personal privacy.” – Given the fact that the offer was shared with multiple federal bureaucrats, up to and including those in the White House, how personal and pruvate could the “even bigger deal” offer be?”

Facebook Bans Trump For Two Years. John Hinderaker – “Facebook’s suspension was based on two posts that President Trump did on January 6. Both called for peace.” … “The debate over election integrity continues, but the idea that claims of voter fraud are “unfounded” is ridiculous.” … “So Facebook’s treatment of President Trump needs to be seen in the context of a great deal of corruption and of enormous economic interests that, to your detriment, will be protected by the “Biden administration.”

Huge rally in Michigan for the most unexpected cause. Bill Weckesser – “Methinks the giant has been roused. These are the folks who make the country run — from business owners to workers to retirees, men, women, a vast cross-section of Americans who’ve never before been active in politics. No wonder the leadership of both parties is scared. Who could have imagined such a rally? What political leader would dare invite thousands to pay $20 per person to meet outdoors on a hot June Saturday, at an out-of-the-way location, hundreds of miles from a major city to rally for an audit of an election? – And yet they came.”

Donald Trump: The Great American. Ted Noel – “Congress gives us clear contrasts. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell and many others are small characters with outsized power. They all operate for personal benefit rather than serving America.” … “Love him, or hate him, Donald Trump is a great man. He spent his fortune to run, and once elected, he devoted his energies to serving us. Yes, he is a deeply flawed man. But he is a servant, and that is the essence of greatness.”

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Drunk with power and blind as a drunk, too

Democrats Want to Destroy Democracy to Save It. Kurt Schlichter – “They adore any narrative that provides them the kind of fake boogeyman – like climate change or systemic racism – that they love to battle. They get to pretend they are courageous knights by slaying toothless dragons, like the Great Insurrection that never seems to come. Never have so many thought themselves so brave for risking so little”

Chuck Grassley Blasts DOJ For Politicized Prosecutions Of U.S. Capitol Rioters After Year Of Violent Riots. Maggie Hroncich – “urging Attorney General Merrick Garland to “treat all forms of domestic extremism equally.”

Our Government Is Evolving into Something Horrifying. K.S. Guardiola – “Today’s Democratic Party, aligned with certain associated power elites, is actively fighting a second American Revolution dedicated to overturning our original one, with the objective of imposing a Marxism-style political order upon our country.”

‘Dark Emu’, the Fix Is In. Peter O’Brien – “it would suggest a decision was made to correct only the most glaring, albeit trivial, error while allowing the rest of Pascoe’s fabrications to stand.” Much like the state of Washington adopting critical race theory to indoctrinate school children …

Never Let a Plague Go To Waste. Victor Davis Hanson – “Most of our familiar reset left-wingers—the Clintons, the Obamas, Gavin Newsom—long ago became multimillionaires by monetizing their political careers through lucrative insider networking.” … “a cynic might conclude they didn’t go full reset until as good capitalists they first got filthy rich—allowing them not to live like, think like—or listen to—the rest of us.”

Looks Like Trump Was Right About Fauci After All. I & I Editorial Board – “Anyone notice that nobody is calling Reschenthaler, or the growing chorus of Fauci critics, “unbelievably idiotic” now?” The TDS contingent tends to use hyperbole in their judgments and opinions about their target. It is a tell. See, for instance, Newsweek: “A specter is haunting America, a great revolt that threatens to dwarf the noxious rebellion led by Trump.” noxious? Rebellion?

The Frenzy Surrounding the Trump-Reinstatement Claim Shows No Lessons Have Been Learned. Bonchie – “My problem here is not so much that someone would report something via anonymous sourcing, but rather that we are going to pretend that this circular game of quoting off-the-record sources actually constitutes a story as having been “confirmed.”

Is Fauci a fall guy? Thomas Lifson – “Sundance of The Last Refuge[i] looks into something that also puzzled me: why were multiple FOIA requests for the emails of Dr. Anthony Fauci all released at the same time, and why now?”

‘Woke’ medicine is coming to a hospital near you. Andrea Widburg – “Woke people, drunk with power and the urge to avenge wrongs that predate their births, quickly form mobs that surround and destroy anyone who offends them. The only way to end them is to out-mob them – and every American institution had better act quickly or soon America will look like China at the height of its bloody Cultural Revolution.”


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Bulveristic. Riveted on the backs of the American people.

Guilt for January 6 Belongs With Those Most Eager to Condemn It. Conrad Black — “George Will, Peggy Noonan, and other estimable friends bear a heavy responsibility in the disaster that has now been riveted on the backs of the American people and the world.” … “Those who generally approved of Trump’s policies but couldn’t bear him now have to wear the odium of having helped elect Biden, as well as the cold terror that Trump will be back.” … “Smashing hijacked civilian airliners into large and famous buildings is a more egregious and sanguinary act of war than was the attack on Pearl Harbor—or the events of January 6.”


COVID and the lab leak theory: the correction of the correction of the correction of the… neo — “The MSM is regularly mendacious in a way that’s sly enough that if you’re not reading carefully you might miss it. That’s the goal, of course – to make readers miss it – and it’s been remarkably successful so far.”

Fauci Emails Show NIH/NIAID Director Had No Checks or Balances on His Power Grab Over Our Nation, Fueled By Media Worship and Idolatry. Sundance — “The man making decisions that would disrupt and perhaps destroy the lives of every single American tells the scientist sounding the alarm about China his explanation is too long to read.”

How The Media’s COVID Lies Weaken America. Christopher Bedford — “What happens when the next big disease rolls around? And what if it’s one that’s actually as deadly as people thought COVID might be? Who can people trust?” … “It was darkly funny at first how neither corporate media nor their Democrat friends could agree with a single thing President Donald Trump said, no matter how plausible — or even obvious — it was.”

“In the eyes of our reporting class, every single thing President Trump said — or did — had to be wrong. It started out entertaining and predictable, but could also be troubling, depressing, and enraging, as when reporters played blind to murderous race riots, claiming they were entirely peaceful, or when they refused to admit that the border is a human-smuggling and human-victimizing operation entirely run by foreign criminal cartels. That kind of reporting hurts people badly, and does no service to the causes these reporters hope to champion.

But when COVID-19 came to our shores, their obsession with taking the opposite side of President Donald Trump became very dangerous to our entire country — and is the final crack in their long-fracturing and now-collapsed role as a check on good governance.

If You Don’t Think Mask Rules Threaten Freedom, Watch This Grandma Arrested For Not Masking. Max Ledoux — “’When you say, ‘Just wear the mask,’ you clearly have no understanding of early childhood development,’ Kate Bossi told CBS Boston after her arrest.”

When Will Elites in Democrat Cities Finally Put Down The Mask? Gabe Kaminsky — “To those residing in metropolitan riot-torn areas, a plastic blue covering with earloops has cemented itself as a symbol of political virtue.” … “Now, look at scientific data. Are they sane?” … “the left is discontent and cannot let go of the pandemic. They crave it.” … “the woke pandemic mob is only pledging allegiance to foolish symbolic representation. It shows clear mental disorder.”

Keep the Cash, Give Us Answers. Roger Franklin — “plunged into a state of livid distraction by the clown-show stars of Victoria’s ongoing COVID circus. They’ve been lying again, doling out the whoppers and ‘look, over there!’ distractions all week”

Stop Waving Away Critical Race Theory Critiques With Claims They’re Solely Based On Fear. Casey Chalk — “The arguments made by conservatives skeptical of critical race theory need to be addressed and met on their actual merits.”

“The Washington Post’s Christine Emba claims conservative opposition to critical race theory has less to do with intellectual concerns and more to do with emotivism and fear. She accuses conservatives of “disguising” their “discomfort with racial reconsideration as an intellectual critique,” asserting conservative skepticism of critical race theory reflects a “psychological defense, not a rational one.” The irony, however, is that Emba’s argument relies on a textbook logical fallacy.

That fallacy is the ad hominem, and more specifically “bulverism,” a term coined by C.S. Lewis. … it’s a speculative examination of the psychological condition of one’s intellectual sparring partner, rather than a rational consideration of his or her actual position.

Five Ways Ayn Rand’s 1957 Novel Predicted Our Present Condition. Adam Mill — “Rand’s vision had flaws. But history has vindicated her dire warnings about politicized corporate-government partnerships oppressing freedom.” … “Central planning of an economy always leads to corruption, inefficiency, and oppression. The historical examples are abundant and consistent”

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not mad, but simply “done with it”?

Our Garbage Media Strikes Again. Steven Hayward — “CBS News is out today with a story about those cruel, heartless Republican governors who are cutting off the supplemental unemployment benefits … This story follows a familiar template: find some sympathetic individual who is adversely effected by the decision”

For The Children, Times Style. Scott Johnson — “It’s a one-sided article that obscured whether Hamas was an information source, which deaths were caused by ‘friendly fire,’ and why Israel used force at all.”

Bowser’s DC Metro Police, Not Trump, Deployed Tear Gas Against Rioters Near White House Last June. Margot Cleveland — “a lawsuit brought by Black Lives Matter and individual demonstrators.” They were after Trump but the MPD was their real problem.

“The MPD’s admission explains the divide between on-the-ground reporting of the use of tear gas and denials by the federal government of the use of tear gas to clear Lafayette Park: The evidence to date supports the federal government’s claims that it did not deploy CS tear gas on June 1, 2021, and that CS tear gas was not used to clear Lafayette Park. Traditionally, the media have delineated between pepper spray, regularly carried by civilians, often women, to protect themselves from potential predators. and tear gas, although some claim that pepper spray is tear gas.

Questions remain, however, concerning why it took a year for the district to reveal its use of tear gas, especially in light of the conflicting reporting, and the attempts to hold the Trump administration responsible for the decision.

Trump Taps Newt Gingrich to Come Up With a New Spin on an Old Idea That Worked. Stacey Lennox — “the author of the Contract with America, a document that gave congressional Republicans and candidates the message discipline to make their case to the American people.”

Optimism, Inc.: The Exhilaration of Being Ostracized. Victor Davis Hanson — “has at least one of the following things happened to you?” …

Redefining The Core Mission Of Public Health. Susan Goldhaber — “A recent survey found that fewer than 40% of Americans trust their federal public health agencies. Could “mission creep” into issues such as climate change, gun violence, and racism rather than a focus on traditional public health issues be a cause? Did mission creep impact our response to the COVID-19 pandemic?”

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It’s not just the asininity, it’s the pettiness, too

Nevada Democrats Push To Make ‘Emergency’ 2020 Election Changes Permanent. Tristan Justice — “Nevada Democrats are ramming through legislation to make last year’s chaotic “emergency” voting procedures permanent.” … “Former Nevada Lt. Gov. Mark Hutchison said the potential changes threaten to undermine already battered faith in the state’s elections”

AUDIT of Elections Update: A Week’s Worth of Bombshells. Stu Cvrk — “Reports of election irregularities and audits and agitated Democrats and their lickspittle media are breaking out all over.” – Arizona – Georgia – Michigan – Nevada – New Hampshire – Pennsylvania –

“Nevada sneaked into the election integrity news with this excellent summary report of post-election goings-on between the Nevada state GOP and Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske (R) who has consistently claimed that, despite 8 binders of evidence and 122,918 Election Violation Reports, there is no widespread evidence of fraud during the 2020 election. The Nevada Republican Party censured her back in April

Republicans Keep Making Completely Unforced Errors So The Media Will Like Them. Christopher Bedford — “Leadership isn’t imposed from speeches by people who had power and failed to exercise it prudently, and no one wants to hear from Paul Ryan.” … “it’s past time to stop playing games. With our children, our military, and our freedom on the line, serious leaders must play for keeps.”

The Media Aggressively ‘Others’ Trump Voters. David Catron — “Tens of millions have been declared unfit to participate in the democratic process.” … “While the Democrats continue to pursue an endless lawfare campaign against former President Trump, their confederates in the corporate media are calling for the excommunication of Republicans from American politics.”

“In Georgia, GOP Rep. Jody Hice (GA-10) will run for secretary of state against incumbent Brad Raffensperger. In Nevada, former GOP Assemblyman Jim Marchant will run for secretary of state against incumbent Barbara Cegavske. In Arizona, State Rep. Mark Finchem (AZ-11) will run for secretary of state against Democrat Katie Hobbs if she runs for reelection. In Michigan, Kristina Karamo, who vociferously challenged last year’s presidential results in the Wolverine State, will run for secretary of state against controversial Democratic incumbent Jocelyn Benson.

None of the challenged incumbents can credibly claim to be competent or even honest. So their GOP challengers must be misrepresented as somehow dangerous. … As to Trump voters, they must be written off as delusional members of a personality cult composed of racist, homophobic, sexists with an inclination toward violence. They must be “othered” and banished from the public square.

More On The Roberts’ Strategy–If That’s What It Is. Mark Wauck — “I make the argument that it wasn’t the SCOTUS’ responsibility to save the GOP. Because let’s face it–Trump did what he could to win reelection. The election was sabotaged not just by the Dems but by the GOP. We’ve seen that in state after state, during the post election squabbling. We’re at the point now that the GOPers who sabotaged Trump–governors, legislators, AGs, SecStates–are now scrambling to fix their standing with the voters. Because they now realize that their strategy failed. They thought voters would be duped by the fraud, and accept a false loss by Trump. Instead, voters realize that the fix was in.”

You Won’t Believe How Activists Pushed Loudoun County Schools Into Critical Race Theory. Ian Prior — “Documents show activists forced Loudoun County Public Schools into a critical race theory rabbit hole because they used a critical race theory exercise about the Underground Railroad.” … “The story of how this all happened seems relatively straightforward, but it is in fact a complicated story of gaslighting, big money contracts, and unfairly throwing teachers under the bus.”

How Telling The Truth On Campus Gets You Persecuted. Casey Chalk — “Canadian free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd’s book, ‘Diversity & Exclusion: Confronting the Campus Free Speech Crisis,’ tells the Orwellian story of how colleges abandoned teaching truth in favor of conformity.” … “It’s not just the asininity of the academy, but its pettiness.”

“State governments, which possess the power to influence public academic institutions, need to take more interest in what is happening in state universities and apply the necessary pressure to stop these worrying trends, which evince not only an intellectual suicide but a socio-cultural one. Our leaders must demonstrate the courage to curb what is killing us. What we need are politicians who demonstrate the kind of courage displayed by Lindsay Shepherd.

On Covid, A “Strange New Respect” For Tom Cotton, But Not Enough. Paul Mirengoff — “Kessler’s timeline shows that the leak theory was always credible. What’s changed is that the theory now can be deemed very likely true.” … “Keep these damning excerpts in mind the next time someone tries to settle an argument by insisting that we “follow the science.” Or by citing the World Health Organization.”

Facebook: People Will Now Be Allowed To Discuss Whether Covid-19 Originated In Wuhan Lab. Jonathan Turley — “There was a time when such a headline would only appear on The Onion, but it is true.” … “This censorship craze is not just limited to the lab story or to Facebook.”

“In all of these exchanges, the underlying portrayal of the public is the same: they are unwitting dupes who must be protected from harmful thoughts or influences. It is safer for them to have these members and these companies determine what they can hear or discuss.

It is a familiar pattern as speech controls become insatiable and expansive. We would never tolerate a company like Verizon intervening in telephone conversations to correct or cut off arguments. However, Facebook now regularly censors views and is running a glitzy television campaign to get people to love the company for its paternalistic limits on what they can see and discuss.

The Case for Mandatory Masking Gets Obliterated by a New Study. Bonchie — “The game that has been played up to this point in regards to “studies” surrounding mask-wearing has been to cherry-pick data” … “masking has become a religious cult for many on the left” … “What the government has done in regards to masking should serve as a warning that everything is politicized and that no one, not even a life-long bureaucrat, should be trusted to follow the facts wherever they lead.”

What Homelessness And Climate Change Have In Common. Steven Hayward — “Never mind the science; go ahead and concede catastrophe—in fact, the worse the climate problem, the more frivolous and corrupt the whole climate/green energy racket becomes. Just like the homelessness problem. The only real “compassion” is for the bank accounts of the elite “caring” class.”

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No obstruction by Barr, just by the media. Will it last?

Will the 2020 Madness Last? Victor Davis Hanson — “As Americans sober up, will they reject the frenzy that took the country over the cliff during the most unhinged year in American history?” … “But Americans will wonder whether what Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the hard Left wrought last year will last when the nation is no longer gripped by 2020 madness.”

On Election Fraud, The Media Are Repeating Their Wuhan Lab Fiasco. I & I Editorial Board — “This revelation of media malpractice, by the way, comes shortly after the press got caught peddling a bogus story that Russia was paying bounties to Taliban who killed U.S. soldiers, and widespread reporting that Capitol Building “rioters” killed Officer Brian Sicknick during the melee.” … “as with the lab leak story, the narrative being peddled by the press just happens to fit into their political bias.”

Newly Released OLC Memo Shows Staff Lawyers Found No Basis For Obstruction Charges In Mueller Report, Jonathan Turley — “Critics had sought the memo as the “smoking gun” to show how former Attorney General Bill Barr scuttled any obstruction charges against Donald Trump. Instead, the memo showed the opposite.”

An Excellent Diagram on Mask Function. Kevin Roche — “If you want to understand why masks may not work to slow transmission, look at this diagram.”

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Many calls to action

5 Ways Parents Are Responsible For Public Education’s Failures. Jenni White — “Lots of parents today wonder how they’ve graduated children they don’t know and who don’t have their values. Don’t be them.”

1. Parents Believe It’s Someone Else’s Job to Educate Their Kids
2. Parents Have Abandoned Their Authority on School Boards
3. Parents Make Excuses for Their Kids and Administrators Allow It
4. Parents Wait Until It’s Too Late Before Acting
5. Parents Have Allowed Administrators to Usurp Their Power

Bottom line: the education of your child or children is your job. Even if you feel intimidated by the system, there are ways to make it work for you, or to solve your family’s needs when the system won’t. You have to take the time and effort to become the education activist your child needs you to be.

Misplaced Contrition: The Psychological Origin of White Guilt. Vasko Kohlmayer — “Whatever faults the Unites States may have, it is certainly not a racist society, which is something that should be obvious to anyone with the eyes to see” … “By pleading guilty to the fake sin of racism – a most grievous sin these days – they try to evade looking at their real moral failings and thus avoid the unpalatable truth of our fallen human existence.”

If There’s Nothing to Hide, Why Are Democrats Freaking Out about the Arizona Audit? J.B. Shurk — “Compare the highly professional audit taking place in Arizona to the orchestrated chaos of the presidential election.” … “At every step of the way, America’s institutions utterly failed to safeguard the security of the 2020 election”

More Than 120 Retired Flag Officers Call On Americans To ‘Save America, Our Constitutional Republic, And Hold Those Currently In Office Accountable’. Tristan Justice — “The retired flag officers blasted the Democrats’ assault on election integrity, pursuit of open borders, rampant Silicon Valley censorship, re-engagement with the Iran nuclear deal, dismissal of energy independence highlighted through the elimination of the Keystone Pipeline, weaponization of the military to gaslight the public of right-wing threats, excuses for left-wing anarchists in city streets, and the recent confusion over nuclear code procedures at the White House.”

Former police chief: If we lose the rule of law, we are going to lose America – and we’re just about there. Pat Droney — “The rule of law in this country is all that differentiates us from third-world countries. When nobody is subject to being accountable for breaking the law—be it Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs in Portland, subway slashers in New York City, or Hillary Rodham Clinton—we have truly lost our country.”

Tuning Out Wokeism. Victor Davis Hanson — “The current madness is the stuff of history as we watch it predictably unfold, until—and if—a few, a “happy few,” finally say to the mob, “no mas.”

“What is saving the country, for now, is not the third of Americans who have bachelor’s degrees, given the university has become a woke deductive, anti-empirical, anti-Enlightenment institution. For now, the more practical two-thirds of the population who did not graduate, and either never experienced the academic mind or got out quickly after they did, are our rear guard at Thermopylae. I concede, with the sadness of a former believer in higher education, that an entire institution has failed its pledge to the Enlightenment and we are back 2,700 years to Hesiod’s warning that with material progress comes moral regress.

Grandpa Knew Best. Clarice Feldman — “My grandpa once told me, ”All my grandchildren were born smart. The longer they go to school, the dumber they get.” I thought he was teasing, but now that I’m his age, I see his point”

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What’s wrong with this picture?

What You Need To Know About The Big Gun Rights Case The Supreme Court Just Took. Margot Cleveland — “The case, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Corlett, represents the first time in more than a decade that the high court will hear a Second Amendment case.”

Lawyer For Ashli Babbitt’s Family Says They Will Seek $10 Million From US Capitol Police In Lawsuit. Katabella Roberts [via The Epoch Times] — “A rookie police officer would not have shot this woman,” Roberts told the news outlet. “If she committed any crime by going through the window and into the Speaker’s Lobby, it would have been trespassing. Some misdemeanor crime. All a rookie cop would have done is arrest her.”

Also, at Gateway Pundit: “The city of Washington has reached a $1.6 million settlement in two lawsuits that included allegations of arrests without cause and excessive force on protestors ”

Update On The Domestic War On “Terror”. Mark Wauck — “the last three months have done nothing to induce the American public to accept a fraudulent election.” … “Morton recognizes the current Dem and Deep State rhetoric for what it is: gaslighting, and a likely attempt to intimidate: … sees lessons in our foreign GWOT ventures that should give the Elite pause to reconsider the wind that they’re sowing. He argues that the whirlwind they will reap will be directed at them by people whom they have backed into a corner. He’s talking about normal Americans:”

Dead Wrong: Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. Mark Powell — “statistics were stopping Aboriginal women reporting their abusers. Ms Marin is quoted in The Australian as saying: “The fear is that once they’re in that system that there will be poor mistreatment, and that there will be possibly a death in custody.”

Biden Deserves Zero Credit For Booming Economy, COVID Gains. I & I Editorial Board — “If Biden had any decency, he’d be thanking Donald Trump for his good fortune, and ours.”

The Lies Of Joe Biden. Paul Mirengoff — “Last night, Joe Biden lied about a range of issues. NRO identifies three of Biden’s deceptions.”

Rudy Giuliani responds to FBI search warrant raid and goes on the offensive. Thomas Lifson — “The highly publicized early-morning raid on the apartment and office of Rudy Giuliani, the personal lawyer of the 45th president of the United States, was an outrage.”

CDC Data Shows Flu Deaths Stayed Constant in 2020, Except There Were No Flu Cases. Parker Beauregard — “In the past few weeks, there has been a surge of mainstream media reporting on the absence of a flu season. Outlets like USA Today, Newsweek, and The New York Times count as just a few names within the left-wing media cabal publishing identical stories. If they are reporting something, it can almost be certain that the reportage is untrue. Therefore, what is the real truth regarding flu statistics?” … “The disconnect between flu cases and flu deaths exposes just one more collapse of trust for the medical community.”

“The real kicker is that it is nearly impossible to think that a flu season just didn’t happen or that it didn’t kill anyone. If that were true, it would be the first time in recorded history where there was no flu and no death from flu. What makes more sense: That there was no flu season or that the flu season was simply reimagined to fit political narratives? There is no joy in answering that question, as it erodes trust not only in the medical establishment, but in our ruling establishment writ large

Fauci Was Right, Facemasks Don’t Prevent Spread of COVID-19. The Heartland Institute — “The study cites several more randomized control trials that concur with the fact that facemasks do not prevent transmission of COVID-19. — Yet, that is only half the story. — The study also concludes that facemasks actually cause adverse health effects.”

anomalies write large, they do.

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a streak of venality rules the day

Gullibility: Its Dangers And Uses. Mark Wouk — “The biggest advantage the Dems have is a base of low information, highly suggestible voters: The Gullibles. This is a category that cuts a wide swath across the general population. The Gullibles are people who are disposed to replace the hard work of analyzing facts with the relatively easy and self-satisfying ego trip of imposing an ideological narrative upon reality.”

Agitators Get Dirty To Push Institutional Racism In Texas’s No. 1 School District. Joy Pullmann — “Such viciousness reveals the lack of good arguments for the critical race perspective and that parents’ refusal to endorse racism has put agitators on the defensive.”

How the Left Turned Chauvin Into a Racist Killer. Jack Cashill — “They needed a cause as epic as the damage — and they needed a villain.” … BUT “How exactly did a city with a liberal mayor and a black police chief in a state with a liberal governor and a black liberal attorney general breed a crew of racist killers, three of whom are non-white?”

Black cop: the heart of the matter is lies. neo — “All these cases involve a false narrative of police racism, from Trayvon Martin to Rayshard Brooks to George Floyd, causing tension and a divide between law-enforcement and the community.” … “I would add that they involve not only a false narrative of police racism but also a false narrative of police brutality.”

Jen Psaki Gaslights Profusely After Being Asked About the FBI Raiding Rudy Giuliani. Bonchie — “This supposedly has to do with Giuliani’s efforts to expose corruption in Ukraine, including by members of the Biden family. Like with past Trump associates, it appears the DOJ is looking to selectively enforce FARA regulations by claiming that Giuliani was an unregistered foreign agent.”

America Is In The Hands Of Its Most Foolish Rather Than Its Finest. I & I Editorial Board — “Maybe he was virtue-signaling, as well as hoping to keep the fear running hot. Either way, it was an embarrassment.” … “While incompetent, this administration and its lackeys also have a streak of venality.”

“Asserting that “the dominant ideology of the modern West is an ideology of suicide,” as Roger Kimball, president and publisher of Encounter Books, does, is not an exercise in exaggeration. From progressive city halls and blue legislatures and Democratic governors’ mansions, to the U.S. House and the White House itself, the worst possible people are holding the levers of government, and it’s a death-grip of self-destruction.

Some of us said after the 2012 election we won’t get fooled again. The evidence that too many were has been evident throughout every news cycle since Jan. 20

‘Worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War!’ Can Biden really be this dumb? Patricia McCarthy — “While the entire speech was banal, this was the most egregious spoken line. That an American president would utter such an unspeakable lie is the measure of this man.”

Eeyore’s Cabinet: Where Does it All End? Victor Davis Hanson — “what we are witnessing is unapologetic nihilism. We are engaged in a suicidal impulse to delight in primaeval tribalism, to destroy the entire concept of merit—and to erect in its place a Sovietized system largely overseen by middle-aged, privileged white people and minority elites, who as bureaucrats, lawyers, politicians, media functionaries, and academics dream up these apartheid systems, apply them to less well-off others, and then traverse around the very consequences of their own ideologies.”

Eeyore’s Cabinet: 1984 Came and Nobody Cared. Victor Davis Hanson — ”No free society can long survive in such a climate of untruth when its media is an Orwellian ministry of truth, and the entire population is nursed on mendacity. We are now suffering through “Hunter’s laptop” psychodrama.”

The New Antiracism Is the Old Racism. Victor Davis Hanson — “The benchmarks of the Black Lives Matter and affiliated woke movements are overt racism, systemic untruth, and the hypocritical privilege of their elite architects.” … “No movement can exist for long when it is based on utter untruth.”

The Australian Academy of Drama Queens. Tony Thomas — “The Academy report of last March opens and closes with scary pics of fire-blackened bushland. It’s a vanity project, with the authors citing their own works multiple times,” … “the Academy has given itself a free card to exaggerate and scaremonger:”

Ever Deeper And Deeper Into “Climate” Fantasy. Francis Menton — “It never ceases to amaze me how the very mention of the word “climate” causes people to lose all touch with their rational faculties. And of course I’m not talking here just about the ordinary man on the street, but also, indeed especially, about our elected leaders and government functionaries.”

Defounding America. Myron Magnet — “On the erosion of American freedoms.” (long essay)

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overload overboard

How Activism In Everything Has Transformed National Life Into A Pantomime. Casey Chalk — “Political leaders, corporate executives, and everyday citizens need to call these activist causes what they are: distractions unworthy of our attention.” … “Ultimately, much of the normalization of activist culture — including among our elites and elite institutions — is simply appeasement and playacting.”

America Is In The Hands Of Its Most Foolish Rather Than Its Finest. I & I Editorial Board — “This plan is just like your kid putting on a cape, insisting he can soar through the air like Superman, and jumping off the roof … it’s never gonna fly, and someone’s gonna get hurt bad.” … “While incompetent, this administration and its lackeys also have a streak of venality.” … “Some of us said after the 2012 election we won’t get fooled again. The evidence that too many were has been evident throughout every news cycle since Jan. 20”

Caught helping Stacey Abrams hide encouragement for Georgia losing the All-Star Game, USA Today’s publisher Gannett apologizes. Thomas Lifson — “caught red-handed engaging in Orwellian rewriting of history” … “The bigger issue is why a major mass media organization would allow a politician to retroactively hide evidence that would harm her politically. The media are not supposed to engage in revision of history to protect favored politicians and political parties.”

Critical Race Theory Haled Into Court. Paul Mirengoff — “CRT has produced a war on standards — standards like grades, test scores, rules of school conduct, criminal laws — that are supported by common sense and vast experience, and that wouldn’t be questioned if Blacks were meeting them to the same degree as Whites and Asian-Americans. That war is destructive. America can’t be a great country if it discards important, time-tested standards. I doubt it can even be a well-functioning society.”

The Democratic Party is Now America’s Extremist Party. J. Robert Smith — “Millions of Americans know. Daily, others are coming to grips with the reality. But fear pervades the nation, so many people stay quiet. They stay quiet hoping destruction isn’t visited upon them.”

“Time to end the fear. Here’s the ugly fact that must be confronted: The Democratic Party is now an extremist organ waging a fierce cold civil war to seize power and eviscerate America as founded and upend and erase its exceptional culture.

The party is saturated with Marxist sensibilities, ideas, and motivations. Marxism is alien and hostile. It’s fundamentally anti-American. Its worldview, strategies, and tactics are furnished in an endless stream by radical leftist academics, who have dominated our colleges and universities for decades now.

Judicial Watch: Documents Show CA State Officials Coordinated with Big Tech to Censor Americans’ Election Posts. “These new documents suggest a conspiracy against the First Amendment rights of Americans by the California Secretary of State, the Biden campaign operation, and Big Tech,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “These documents blow up the big lie that Big Tech censorship is ‘private’ – as the documents show collusion between a whole group of government officials in multiple states to suppress speech about election controversies.”

CDC Punishes ‘Superstar’ Scientist For COVID Vaccine Recommendation The CDC Followed 4 Days Later. Joy Pullmann — “Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Martin Kulldorff invented key parts of the U.S. vaccine safety system. But the CDC doesn’t want his expertise on COVID vaccines. Why? Looks like politics.”

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