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It’s our behavior

The Wall Between Civilization And Our Innate Savagery Is Weakening. Nathanael Blake — “Despite being surrounded by material abundance and wondrous gadgetry, human depravity still finds a way. … Civilization is difficult.” … “To mourn the demise of the Aztecs’s bloodthirsty gods is to take sides against the indigenous people sacrificed to those gods.

COVID-19 Surges Are Due More To Virus Than Our Behavior. Chuck Dinerstein — ““The GENI index continued to increase even when social interventions were instituted—providing evidence that multiple components of transmission are at play” – scrambling like made to try to rationalize desires despite the evidence?

‘The Science’ Isn’t Settled, Only the Spin. Robert Murray — “What is it about “climate change” that makes it so different to everything else? It divides families, friendships and political parties, it has brought media and campus self-censorship and classroom propaganda. Minds close over, spooked. To question any aspect is the eighth deadly sin. “Deniers” are sub-human.”

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Powerful confusion and misdirection

When The Powerful Say Truth Is A Lie And Lies Are The Truth, No One Will Stand Up For America But You. Christopher Bedford — “In an age when Americans have grown used to casually shrugging away their freedoms at the whim of TV pundits, this kind of propaganda is seriously dangerous.” … “Reasonable people can disagree on if they think the Democrats or Republicans are right or wrong in their different initiatives, but the stark difference between these two top news headlines is glaring — and not too long ago would have been deeply embarrassing to any serious news editor.”

Department of Justice Is Investigating the Lead Prosecutor for the Capitol Riots and the Fix Is In. streiff — “I’d like to think that Sherwin would suffer some kind of repercussions for overtly attempting to deprive American citizens of the right to a fair trial just to angle for a bigger and better job in the Department of Justice. But the one thing we’ve learned over the past four years is that Justice takes care of its own. When you have a lawyer forge a document used to deceive a court so electronic surveillance could be carried out against a presidential candidate, his campaign, his transition team, and his administration get probation, you know that Sherwin is in no danger whatsoever of any punishment.”

First battlefront drawn in Georgia in epic fight over future of American elections. John Solomon — “Is ID requirement a voter suppression tactic or a responsible security measure? Georgia is ground zero for settling debate, future of American elections.” … “Remarkably, the concept of voter ID that was widely embraced just 16 years ago by a bipartisan election commission chaired by former President Jimmy Carter has now become the leading symbol of what Democrats allege are Repoublican voter suppression tactics”

Biden Unhinged: Calls Attempts To Stop Election Fraud ‘Sick’ And ‘Un-American’. I & I Editorial Board — “So what is it that states are trying to do? First, it’s worth clearing up a few things Biden rattled off.”

A general overview of Biden’s first press conference. Andrea Widburg — “From the very first moment of Biden’s first press conference, one could tell that the days of Trump press conferences were gone. … Gotcha questions, lectures, fights, interruptions, blatant disrespect — not from Trump, but from the media. It was they who created a sense of chaos and divisiveness, not Trump. It was very different this time.”

Getting the facts right on Operation Warp Speed. Paul Roderick Gregory — “judged by its own benchmarks — regulatory approval and vaccinations by the end of 2020 and the accelerated delivery of 300 million doses — OWS is a rare private-public partnership that has met its performance benchmarks.”

A Wilderness of Lies. The Z Man — “no one living in Russia accepted what was told to them through state media as the truth. It could be true but was most likely false. The game was to figure out what the lies meant. Instead of poring over photos in the newspapers, citizens relied on their personal networks to provide a narrative that explained what they could see happening around them. There was public truth and private truth. — This is something Americans are learning.”

The Mask Nonsense Doesn’t Stop, Even From Unexpected Sources. Kevin Roche — fisking Mirengoff at Powerline.

Follow The ‘Science,’ They Said. Victor Davis Hanson — “As a general rule, the next time an official, a politician, or an expert lectures us on the “science,” make sure that he is not projecting his own unscientific biases onto others.” … “Science” is used to denigrate a perceived enemy of the people, and ignored to enhance a guardian of the flock.”

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Bought and paid for

Big Media Show Why You Can’t Trust Them To Report Fairly On Biden’s Immigration Fiasco. I & I Editorial Board — “Once again, photos show “kids in cages.” But this time, the Big Media are mostly silent, or making excuses, as are the Democrats who helped create this inhumane mess.” … “The left-media have again disgraced themselves in not truthfully reporting on an issue vital to our nation. Sadly, these days the media print lies like the Fed prints money. It’s up to all of us to hold them accountable.”

So the FBI knew all about the Colorado shooter … Monica Showalter — “While they were out there busy looking for ‘white supremacists’ this admitted refugee from Syria was making plans to kill –

And he’s not the first.” … “the politicization of the bureau seems to be going hand in hand with the increased money and personnel being larded onto the bureau.” … “The prevalence of spray-shooters ought to leave the FBI no time for political persecutions that benefit only Democrats. They need focus now on real threats and be on the hot seat if they don’t.”

Once again, Democrats are capitalizing on death to grab your guns. Andrea Widburg — “The Democrats, whipped into a frenzy by shootings in Atlanta and Boulder, are once again coming for the Second Amendment.”

“the racism behind the Democrats’ anti-gun pushes is always shocking. Every single day in Democrat-run cities inner city, youths – usually Black or Hispanic – shoot at and often succeed in killing each other or, worse, innocent bystanders. These killings never lead to serious calls for gun control. Inner-city people are fungible if they keep voting Democrat.

There are many more arguments to be made against the Democrats’ desperation to disarm you, but these arguments are a start. Donate to a gun rights organization and call your senators and House representatives. If the camel gets its nose through the tent on the current initiatives, you can be guaranteed that the whole camel will follow soon and your guns will go.

H.R. 1 is Emblematic of the Crisis of American Democracy. Conrad Black — “There is no possibility that properly apprised of the contents of H.R. 1, the American people would approve of it.” … “There is no evidence at all after 60 days of the new administration, of any disposition to collaborate with moderate Republicans in a centrist response to the many policy challenges the administration faces.”

“So swift has the crisis of American democracy arisen that even those who clearly see the threats to it from these initiatives of the Democrats can scarcely believe their senses that such an assault could occur in a country that has had a legitimate claim to be the principal democracy in the world, either alone or along with Great Britain, for all of its history.

Election ‘Safety’ Grants May Have Swung Arizona to Biden, Report Finds. Fred Lucas — “Money from the founder of Facebook touted as being for safe elections during the pandemic may have affected the outcome of the presidential race”

‘Who Are These Outsiders?’ Big Tech $$$$ – Zuck Bucks – Paid Government Election Offices to Become Turnout Machines for Biden in 2020 Election. Victoria Taft — “Joe Biden boasted last fall from his basement that he had the best “voter fraud organization” in the country. We thought it was one of his typical malapropisms, but it turns out, he may not have been kidding around.”

The Climate Headline The Legacy Media Wouldn’t Dare Write. I & I Editorial Board — “because he was an Obama appointee, the press simply ignores him. – Steve Koonin, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology- and CalTech-educated physicist, said last week that “discussions of existential threat, climate crisis, climate disaster are really at odds with what the official science says in reports that are issued by the U.N. and the U.S. government.” Shouldn’t the press have picked up on this?”

“It’s no small thing for a learned and highly credentialed physicist, particularly one who served the president who said “no challenge poses a greater threat to our future and future generations than a changing climate,” to beat back a political plot line. Yet the media have chosen to pretend Koonin never spoke and will continue to sow fear. None dare point out they’re part of a conspiracy to mislead.

Science in an Age of Fear. Chet Richards — “Far too many people believe that science is some mysterious entity which speaks in oracles and delivers miraculous new toys for people to marvel at and play with.”

“The tyranny of fear is being used to impose real political tyranny. We must resist the fear. We must not be afraid to say what we really think. In so doing we are very likely to discover we have unexpected allies. Never forget that intellectual freedom is the shield protecting all our freedoms.

Studies Find That Masks Work. Paul Mirengoff — See the comments to find out just how far Mirengoff is going to find comfort in his beliefs.

Do We Need Mask Mandates? Connor Harris — “The science suggests that more states should consider rescinding them.” This stands as a counter example to Mirengoff’s study in intellectual integrity both in its arguments and in its citations.

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Military junta? Election and Health fraud? Evidence providing dissonance.

Who Is Our Military’s Enemy? Victor Davis Hanson — “Leftist administrations see the military foremost as a tool for accelerating their own progressive domestic changes.”

What’s Going on With U.S. Military and Democrat Politicization of The Institution. Sundance — “Considering the specific examples over the past few years, I would argue the Democrats are positioning for use of the military in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act -or- by an expressed act of congress.”

Media’s Entire Georgia Narrative Is Fraudulent, Not Just The Fabricated Trump Quotes. Mollie Hemingway — “The fake quotes, bad as they were, are just one of many ways the media have done a horrible job of covering election disputes in the state.”

Most 2020 Nevada election integrity cases resolved without finding of fraud; recent Republican document drop under review. Riley Snyder, Michelle Rindels — This an example of media malpractice. The individual on the hot seat is proclaiming innocence and the logical fallacy assuming all are as many is on display. What is missing is reliable evidence for conclusions of denial that do not give those with complaints anything upon which to find fairness in the consideration of what they have seen.

DHS Officials Warned Biden Transition Team About Revoking Trump Border Policies, Former Top Adviser Says. Ivan Pentchoukov — “The Biden administration is facing a surge of illegal border crossings on pace to be the highest in two decades. The influx coincided with Biden taking office and swiftly revoking more than a dozen key Trump immigration measures.”

Mask Mandates Do Not Save Lives. Spike Hampson — “at this stage, what we need to know is whether the widespread use of masks is measurably reducing the risk of death from the disease. To continue requiring the use of masks makes sense only if there is compelling data that death rates are lower for people who wear masks than it is for people who do not.”

“The impotence of mask mandates is particularly sobering since they usually proceed in lockstep with the other mandated actions intended to control the virus: hand-washing, social distancing, and lockdowns. Since all four control tactics are chasing the same goal (stop the spread of the virus), these data revealing the ineffectiveness of masks may suggest that the other three control tactics are less effective than hoped.

One Of The Lockdowns’ Greatest Casualties Could Be Science. Martin Kulldorff and Jay Bhattacharya — “Politicians, journalists, and scientists have transferred the disease burden onto the working class. They’ve also dangerously undermined scientific inquiry.” … “On the science, vigorous and hard scientific debate should be encouraged, but smearing, slander, politicization, and conspiracy theories that insinuate guilt by association must be combatted and never tolerated.” … “We tell the story here of five prominent scientists who have faced the modern-day inquisition.”

We Are All Immigrants? Not Exactly. Katharine A. Russell — “As with so many modern ideas, this one is founded on a canard. We all are most emphatically not immigrants.” … “many if not most of us are here due to nationhood and statehood initiatives born of our unique, federal approach to governance.”

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You’ve been had. Again and again.

Courts Repeatedly Refused To Consider Trump’s Election Claims On The Merits. Bob Anderson — “The losing side needed to know that a fair shake was given, and that justice prevailed, even if it wasn’t the outcome they wanted. That did not happen after Nov. 3.”

“The election is over. There has been an inauguration. So why did ABC’s George Stephanopoulos feel the need to berate a U.S. senator and his audience with the demand, “Can’t you just say the words: This election was not stolen?” Why must he shout, “There were 86 challenges filed by President Trump and his allies in court. All were dismissed!”

Perhaps, the answer lies in the details of those cases, as much in how they were adjudicated as in the final rulings.

In reality, there were 28 unique cases filed across the six contested states by President Trump or others on his behalf.

we can recognize that many of the cases produced no useful information relative to election integrity.

At times, judges resorted to Clintonian wordsmithing to relieve a word of its recognized meaning.

The one thing many voters seem to have learned through the legal chaos is that it’s easier to commit election violations than to stop them. So the electorate remains divided—even after “86 election cases.”

Why Election Integrity Matters. Vince Coyner — “Specifically, the Founder’s Constitution worked because – by design – it was insulated from men’s passions.” … “Today, America sits and watches as Democrats essentially send the Constitution through the shredder.”

How Are Popular Uprisings Triggered? Mark Wauck — “The way I read that, YOU–you Trump voters–are the “deeper sickness”. Gurri wants to cure YOU, but for now he’ll settle with addressing the symptoms–meaning, Trump–and get to YOU later.” … “the Dems and their Corporate proxies are doubling down on their “delusional, ham fisted, authoritarian” tactics.”

Biden’s scary, boring, and bizarre address to the nation. Andrea Widburg — “On Thursday night, a masked Biden tottered down a long, empty hall to a podium. He then gave the most bizarre presidential address in American history.”

If This Week You Learned Biden is ‘Hopeful’ And Tucker Carlson Is Evil, Congratulations, You’ve Been Lied To. Christopher Bedford — “”

“If you hadn’t watched the president’s prime-time address, you might think it was something — anything — other than the most depressing, defeated, and resigned speech since President Jimmy Carter held the office. You might think he hadn’t devoted his third sentence to a baseless attack on his predecessor, and the entire rest of his address to death, sadness, loneliness, and despair. You might think he hadn’t literally threatened the American people, warning, “We may have to reinstate restrictions to get back on track, please, we don’t want to do that again.”

Rather, to read The Washington Post homepage’s featured commentary on the address, you’d think “Much of that speech was about hope.”

If you’re wondering why you didn’t see any of this, don’t worry: It didn’t happen. But more and more, we all have to take a step back, throw some water on our faces, and look around in disbelief at the state of our corporate media.

The Blatant Fraud Behind The New $1.9 Tril ‘COVID Relief’ Law. I & I Editorial Board — “With the COVID-19 relief bill now signed into law, it can’t be any clearer that Americans have had the wool pulled over their eyes on what this really was all about.”

Biden Fires Eeoc General Counsel For Protecting Religious Rights. Paul Mirengoff — “What, then, is there to dislike about Gustafson? The only thing I can think of is her vigorous opposition to discrimination based on religion in the workplace which, in the context of one piece of EEOC litigation, has displeased LGBT activists.”

Criticizing Public Figures, Including Influential Journalists, is Not Harassment or Abuse. Glenn Greenwald — “As social media empowers uncredentialed people to be heard, society’s most powerful actors seek to cast themselves as victims and delegitimize all critiques.”

Department of Defense Prints a Disturbing, Unprofessional Attack on Tucker Carlson, Proving How Politicized They’ve Become. Nick Arama — “Tucker Carlson earned the ire of some on the left for saying something truly radical: that maybe pregnant women should be involved in a combat zone/be fighting wars. … He spoke about how, while China is building up their Navy to be reportedly bigger than ours, Joe Biden’s focus was…maternity flight suits and updating requirements for hair styles.”

The Real COVID Nursing Home Scandal Is Why Cuomo And Other Democrats Did It. Willis L. Krumholz and Robert Delahunty — “What’s worse than using political and legal authority to cause the agonizing deaths of a large number of elderly? Doing that as a cynical favor to monied corporate donors.”

Did The Shutdowns Save Lives? A Year Later, Statistical Analysis Suggests Not. Chuck DeVore — “There is no evidence shutdowns did anything but deepen the economic suffering, increase suicides, and prevent lifesaving medical tests and treatments.”

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Inconsistencies showing?

How Mark Zuckerberg’s Election Money Helped An Out-Of-State Democrat Get His Hands On Wisconsin’s 2020 Vote. M.D. Kittle – “Erick Kaardal said Zuckerberg’s election security funding came with conditions that bound the city to give these left-leaning actors power they could not legally take.”

CDC Misrepresented Scientific Research To Keep Schools Closed At Kids’ Expense. Tristan Justice – “CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said in February the new guidelines were based in part on pressure from Democrats and teachers’ unions, which have resisted a return to in-person instruction across the country.”

Masks Are Just Part of the Socialists’ Uniform. J.B. Shurk – “The Centers for Disease Control released another study showing no statistically significant decrease in “daily case” or “death growth” rates from COVID-19 in areas with mask mandates.”

Biden Broke The Border, Now He Owns The Crisis. I & I Editorial Board – “Yet Biden won’t explain why the surge is happening, much less take responsibility for it. He won’t even admit there’s a problem.” … “This issue isn’t how will Biden “deal with” the surge of illegal border crossers. The issue is whether anyone will force Biden to take responsibility for causing it in the first place.”

Biden’s FAA Forcing Air Traffic Controllers to Wear Masks While Speaking to Pilots, Causing Serious Read-Back Errors. Debra Heine – “The whistleblower noted that communication issues have always been a concern, but the mask mandate has made the problem much worse.”

Leftists’ inconsistencies are catching up with them. Andrea Widburg – “During the four years of Trump’s presidency, the leftists were free to go crazy with their theories because they never had to put them to the test” … “Now that Democrats control the entire federal government, though, and can set policies, leftists are discovering that many of their most beloved theories cannot coexist. The inevitable clashes will create opportunities for conservatives.”

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The first problem with mandating kindness

Forcing People To Wear Masks Isn’t Kind, It’s Selfish. Auguste Meyrat – “Pro-maskers need to see that, for the other side, this supposed symbol of ‘charity’ and ‘solidarity’ has become the exact opposite.” … “it’s not enough to review the declining number of hospitalizations or the negligible differences masks seem to make to explain how this could justify lifting the mandate. It’s time to refute the symbol.”

The first problem with mandating kindness, as St. Thomas Aquinas notes, is that enforcing such a rule creates more problems than it solves. It generates acrimony between neighbors, places a greater burden on law enforcement, and stigmatizes people who simply don’t believe in the mandate. Few people would argue that people are happier and feel safer now. Rather, it’s the opposite: people are less social, more paranoid, and generally despondent.

The second problem with mandating kindness, particularly with using the mask as a symbol, is that symbols aren’t reality. … confusing the symbol with reality is a common problem with any social awareness campaign, and COVID-19 is no exception.

The Futility of the Great Lockdown Melodrama. Peter Murphy – “In most cases the increase that occurred was never more than a moderate fraction of the less than one per cent of the population that every year dies from all causes.” … “In short there is no evidence of systemic government efficacy in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.” … “In spite of all the melodrama that exuded from the political and media classes in 2020, the most effective prophylactic in dealing with the coronavirus was not government but a normally-functioning society.”

“Part of the problem is the contemporary idea of truth. When post-modern philosophies began to spread widely after the 1970s, a lot of people started to say that we were living in a post-truth age. On the contrary, if anything our age is far too preoccupied with “the truth” in the form of correctness. Being “correct” has its value. If I do a calculation, I want it to be correct. But correctness is also often juvenile. It functions like the eight-year-old child stamping and shouting, “I am right, I am right”. Throughout 2020, a crescendo of people shouting “I am right, I am right” descended on the world. Malicious tags were applied to anyone who dared to disagree with them. Truth in the petulant form of “correctness” offered certainty in the face of anxiety. It was an emotional anaesthetic and soporific. But this hardly rose to the level of Popperian science.

We tend today to think of scepticism as “asking critical questions”. But historically it was more than that. The intellectual sceptic was someone who could weigh competing considerations. It involved a balancing of pros and cons. Scepticism doesn’t mean nay-saying. It means: have you thought about this countervailing factor? Are you sure that all the good you claim is being achieved is not cancelled out (or worse) by the ancillary effects of your measures? Have you thought about seeking a multifaceted optimal series of measures rather than pursuing a single maximal set of methods? In short, is the harm obviated by the measure you plan outweighed by the harm caused by your measure?

The Smug Arrogance Of The ‘Science’ Crowd. I & I Editorial Board – “Science” is never invoked by the political left to illuminate, educate, or guide. It’s used to terminate discussion, to shut down debate.”

C.S. Lewis said “those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” It’s just as true that those who are persuaded of their own righteousness will subjugate us without a moment’s hesitancy.

Climate and COVID: The Erosion of Common Intelligence and Common Sense. David Solway – “Climate delirium has been with us for a generation and more and has been discussed and analyzed in innumerable articles and books. The authentic literature on the subject has long been discoverable by any sentient person. What is comparatively new on the psychogenic scene is Covid Derangement Syndrome.” … “A population in the throes of panic is easily cowed and manipulated.”

Why It’s Ignorant And Racist To Pretend U.S. Lands Still Belong To Native Tribes. Casey Chalk – “Like most new racial history exercises, land acknowledgments are less about a true reflection of the past than grievance politics aThe first problem with mandating kindnessThe first problem with mandating kindnessnd superficial gestures.” … “Honoring any American Indian tribe as the “original” inhabitants of some geographic area is both disingenuous and ahistorical, given any such people had almost certainly displaced another.”

Such land acknowledgments are built upon a broader, polemical historical narrative in which violent, imperialist Europeans arrived on American shores and brutally exterminated or displaced peaceful American Indian tribes that maintained a symbiotic relationship with nature.

This, too, has no relationship to historical reality. Human sacrifice, cannibalism, torture, and slavery were ubiquitous across native peoples, from the Aztecs, who sacrificed hundreds of thousands of captured peoples, to even the Algonquins and Iroquois. Indeed, we know of these cultural traits in part because they were practiced against early European explorers and missionaries.

The problem isn’t just historical inaccuracy, but a simplistic, ideologically driven victim narrative that presents an incomplete — and genuinelThe first problem with mandating kindnessy incoherent — conception of American Indians.

this program fosters new forms of prejudice and racism by presenting Western civilization as somehow singularly or incomparably wicked.

What matters far more than adjudicating who are the true native peoples of this or that geographic area is to recognize that it is collectively ours as American citizens, regardless of skin color or ethnic heritage. That is a narrative our Founding Fathers fought to fashion, and it’s one worth keeping.

Biden’s Open Border Policies May Not Work Out After All. Jazz Shaw – “The current situation is being described as a crisis, even by some Democrats and Biden supporters and there doesn’t seem to be any plan in place to deal with the surging numbers.” Also note the media behavior observations.

Ballots in Arizona County Found Shredded in Dumpster, Days Before Senate Audit. Jay Greenberg – “Discovery emerges in Maricopa County, Arizona before 2020 election audit starts.” A headline elsewhere says the person who reported this was arrested.

Swalwell Sues. John Hinderaker – “The Democrats intend to ride the mini-riot at the Capitol on January 6 for all it is worth. One aspect of their strategy is lawsuits by people like Eric Swalwell.” … “Swalwell’s complaint is weirdly pseudo-religious, referring repeatedly to “sacraments” and the “sacredness” of the U.S. Capitol.”

Nevertrumpers Back Radical DOJ Nominee. Paul Mirengoff – “There are two types of NeverTrumpers. The first type hates Trump, but that hatred doesn’t cause them to abandon long-held conservative principles. The second type’s hatred of Trump leads them to shift positions on matters of policy.” … “it’s odd, and probably unprecedented, to launch an ad campaign for such a nominee. And it’s disingenuous to claim that this particular nominee is a bridge builder and that conservative opposition to her confirmation is just “playing politics.”

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all too effective in their theatrics

Class Warfare. Mark Wauck – “That’s the reality of America, as Glenn Harlan Reynolds describes it today” … “Who is this woke upperclass that so ruthlessly seeks to suppress the unwoke? It’s the “gentry”, as defined by ideology”

“the necessary condition for overcoming this organized Evil of the New World Order is our own reeducation in the philosophy of the real world of the God created order of human nature. Tolerance cannot extend to Anthony Kennedy’s so called right of all to define for themselves “the sweet mystery of life”. That way lies social collapse and chaos.

Dumbest ‘insurrection theatre’ stunt of the week. Thomas Lifson – “The relentless campaign to demonize supporters of President Trump entered the realm of self-parody” … “This bogus warning was entirely the product of human intentions, not the result of impersonal natural forces. And it amounted to the worst sort of propaganda, intended to demonize a group based on lies, by fanning the flames of panic.” … “Ninety percent plus of the population will never see the broader picture. The propagandists control what most people see, and are all too effective in their theatrics.”

Dems Claim Republicans Helped the Capitol Rioters. Now the Feds Are Taking a Look. Tyler O’Neil – “Federal officials have arrested and charged about 300 people, and the investigation is shifting to focus on the people who allegedly conspired and planned the riot.” … “Democrats have attempted to weaponize the Capitol riot against Republicans in various ways.” … “The far-left smear factory the Southern Poverty Law Center has urged Congress to “discipline, censure, or expel” the 147 senators and representatives who “supported the insurrection.”

“Democrats are overplaying their hands in 2021 and Americans are paying attention. While it would be heinous for any member of Congress to support or abet the invasion of the U.S. Capitol, it seems highly unlikely any lawmaker actually did so.

What does the left think would be the danger in leaving Trump’s CPAC speech on YouTube? Neo – “I can think of a number of things”

“The left has been banning and canceling people for quite some time, but a more blatant and extreme form of institutional (and corporate) censorship began – as far as I can recall – with the blocking of the Hunter Biden laptop story and of anyone who tried to post it or refused to pretend it didn’t exist. That was a watershed as far as I’m concerned.

A Photographer Snapped Photos From Trump And Biden Press Secretary’s Helpful Notes – Matches The Description Of A Conservative Manager vs A “Creative” Liberal. “Now in Biden’s era when Jen Psaki is a White House Press Secretary the same photographer snapped a photo of Psaki’s helpful notes. The question remains, who hires someone with this level of organizational skill to be the White House, press secretary?” … “Kayleigh McEnany had her notebook squared away in a presentable manner! Psaki just looks like she came out of an 8th-grade biology class.”

Science, Politics, and COVID: Will Truth Prevail? Scott W. Atlas – “The COVID pandemic … has exposed profound issues in America that threaten the principles of freedom and order that we Americans often take for granted.”

“First, I have been shocked at the unprecedented exertion of power by the government since last March—issuing unilateral decrees, ordering the closure of businesses, churches, and schools, restricting personal movement, mandating behavior, and suspending indefinitely basic freedoms. Second, I was and remain stunned—almost frightened—at the acquiescence of the American people to such destructive, arbitrary, and wholly unscientific rules, restrictions, and mandates.

The pandemic also brought to the forefront things we have known existed and have tolerated for years: media bias, the decline of academic freedom on campuses, the heavy hand of Big Tech, and—now more obviously than ever—the politicization of science. Ultimately, the freedom of Americans to seek and state what they believe to be the truth is at risk.

I also fear that the idea of science as a search for truth—a search utilizing the empirical scientific method—has been seriously damaged.

He describes his own experience as the target of the woke cancel hoard as example.

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A life lived not by lies?

Rush Limbaugh – A Life Lived Not by Lies. Kevin Grieve – “Why was Limbaugh so popular? Why did he have millions of listeners and followers? Was it his voice? Was it his gold microphone? In its simplest terms, Limbaugh told the truth. Unlike today’s left-wing, celebrity, media darlings, he lived his life not by lies. … He told the truth and exposed the lies of the Left.”

Supreme Court Denial Of 2020 Election Cases Invites ‘Erosion Of Voter Confidence’. Margot Cleveland – “The Supreme Court’s abdication of its authority to answer important constitutional questions threatens even more chaotic federal elections.”

Unbelievable, SCOTUS Refuses to Hear PA Election Challenge AFTER Previously Granting Injunction. Sundance – “The supreme court has taken a knee… let me explain why it is so evident:” … “In essence the Roberts Court is saying they will allow any/all methods and manipulations of election law within states, and only look to the state outcome. This is very troublesome.”

SCOTUS plays Catch 22 with challenges to Pennsylvania election. Thomas Lifson – “The Supreme Court has signaled that anything goes when it comes to jiggering election rules in favor of the Democrats.”

With Supreme Court’s Non-Decision, Citizens Must Reform Electoral System [epoch times caveat]. Michael Walsh – “Buildings can be rebuilt. Troops can and ought to be called home, especially when they are dying for nothing. But the Constitution, once shredded, is not so easily repaired.”

Nevada seeks dismissal of Laxalt election lawsuit that claims noncitizens infiltrated state voter rolls. Sean Golonka – “Zunino wrote that  counties, not the state, that maintain voter rolls, meaning the responsibility to remove noncitizens from the lists falls to the county clerks.” … “Democratic leaders have expressed interest in making the broad distribution of mail-in ballots standard, even in non-emergency times, in order to ease participation in elections.”

Nick Trutanich on election integrity, unemployment fraud and what’s next after two years as U.S. attorney. Michelle Rindels – “Trutanich was one of 56 Trump-nominated and Senate-confirmed Department of Justice officials who were asked to resign by the incoming Biden administration.”

How Your Washington News Gets Distorted By Media Priorities. Andrew Malcolm – “it’s up to conscientious and savvy news consumers themselves to become more calculating and judicious in selecting their news sources and their individual reports, allowing for these known slants.”

Did Biden Pick Garland As AG To Wreak Revenge On Trump, GOP? I & I Editorial Board – “Over at Instapundit, Ed Driscoll even put up a “Merrick Garland Watch,” a headline list of comments by Garland that should be of concern to all Americans:”

Biden Kicks Texas To The Curb – Denies Statewide Major Disaster Declaration Request. Karen Townsend – “Abbott asked for a declaration that covered the entire state because the winter storm knocked out power and heat throughout the state, as well as leaving millions of Texans without water. … Texas has 254 counties. Biden approved only 77 counties for disaster relief. … No real reason was given for the snub from the White House or from FEMA.” … “The leftists in power are taking the opportunity to virtue signal Texans for not succumbing to the extreme measures presented in the Green New Deal.”

Fantastical Energy. Clarice Feldman – “Instead of real solutions, we see political leaders like Chuck Schumer blather on: “It’s long past time for our Senate to take a leading role in combatting the existential threat of our time: climate.”

We will crush you. Mark Wauck – “all the forces at the regime’s command are being marshalled to solidify power and control. Most chillingly, perhaps, is How the Biden Administration is Politicizing the Military.” … “Are conservatives, much less Republicans, ready for this battle? I don’t see it.”

Nikki Haley just got burned, playing the old establishment Republican game. Jonathon Moseley – “Haley is doing things correctly the way they used to be done. You posture for the media, distance yourself from any controversy, then later patch it up after the storm blows past. You cynically abandon your friends, hoping that the alligators will eat you last. Then you have a summit meeting and cut deals behind closed doors.”

“Republican voters have been fed up with inside-the-Beltway games for years. The norms of politics are exactly what the conservative base is hopping mad about. And this is by no means just about Haley. It’s about a whole school of thought affecting thousands of Republican elites at the federal and state level. It’s about the consultant class teaching candidates that this is how it’s done.

Republican voters want leaders who lead, not hide under their desks playing “duck and cover.” They want Republican politicians to decisively challenge and defeat leftist lies, not run for the tall grass. Year after year, we watch easily answered lies from the left spread as truth because the Republican establishment has no stomach for robust debate.

Masks Today, Masks Tomorrow, Masks Forever! John Hinderaker – “A friend who is a superb doctor sent along this communication from Fairview/University of Minnesota Health Services: … From an experienced medical facility, I expect better” … “You think you will easily get out from under the boots of the self-proclaimed dictators? Think again. It is going to be a fight.”

Unmasking the Medical Experts. Brian C.Joondeph – “Masks have become an unwelcome staple of American life with no end in sight. Mask recommendations change faster and more frequently than the weather. How did we get here?” … “Which raises the age-old question about COVID: Was it ever about the virus?”

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What a bunch of snakes

Rush Limbaugh is no more. His wife describes the loss this morning on his show. Rest in peace, Rush.

Lies About Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick Ominously Foreshadow Democrats’ ‘Truth Commission’. Joy Pullmann – “It is plain to anyone with eyes to see that in this nation justice is not being equally applied. If people don’t think this is a problem, they are part of it.” … “We can expect that the lies and coverups that already have occurred related to his death will be magnified across every other fact related to these events.”

“Kamala Harris’s support for obvious injustice is not by any means an anomaly. It is openly supported by all her party’s prominent leaders, including those in media. Their appetite for using this violence to smear and destroy nonviolent political opponents and the rights and legal procedures that protect all of us — such as our freedoms of association and speech — can only be described as hellish.

Our nation clearly has a massive problem with equal justice under the law. It is a problem that many of our political leaders refuse to see and indeed seem deeply invested in making much, much worse.

This situation is deeply dangerous and utterly untenable. It is an open provocation to further violence. Every single American should utterly refuse to get into this mental cattle car.

Unbelievable. Mark Wauck – “What a bunch of snakes Trump was surrounded with! The scope of the plot against the President is simply mind boggling.” citing Jon Solomon: FBI’s desperate pretext to keep spying on Carter Page.

“This is just so far beyond outrageous. Not just for what it says about the FBI–that goes without saying. Rather, it’s the scope of the plot against the President and the extent to which the coup plotters were willing to trash every aspect of the rule of law that we as Americans should hold dear.

“Where The Hell Are We?” – Biden’s CNN Townhall Disaster Ignored By Mainstream Media. Tyler Durden – “In his first such public appearance since the campaign, President Biden joined CNN’s Anderson Cooper on stage last night in Milwaukee in a town-hall-style discussion. It did not go well” … “during the car crash exchange, Biden claimed that former military and former police officers are fueling the “growth of white supremacy,” while claiming President Trump refused to condemn it”

California’s Multibillionaires Intend to Conquer the World. Edward Ring – “To understand what the establishment (of which Joe Biden is a mere figurehead) has in mind for America, we must first understand the Golden State.”

“There is a populist movement around the world that ordinary Americans are joining. It transcends race and in many respects transcends ideology. It has two predominant features. The first is the desire for nations to retain their sovereignty and cultures, and determine their own fates. The other, equally significant, is a growing faith and respect for the power of the individual, and the power of human creativity, to successfully address the challenges we all face without war, and without succumbing to the tyranny of oligarchs—whether they’re living in California or Beijing.

Ultra-Woke Indoctrination In Government Schools Is Closer Than Most Realize. Mark Wauck – “Stanley Kurtz has a lengthy article about what so far looks like will become law in Illinois–Ultra-Woke Illinois Mandates Are Top Threat to U.S. Education. Here’s how he sets up his detailed analysis:”

The closing of the American mind. Daniel Davies – “They hoped that removing classical “Western” works from their curriculum would attract more students. That decision accentuates a trend that has been underway in American colleges, too: eliminating courses that many students claim glorify Western imperialism, capitalism, and chauvinism. The students, and often faculty, demand that colleges take down portraits and statues as well.”

Environmentalists Want Renewable Energy, But Not Power Lines. Alex Berezow – “The only thing that most environmental groups like the NRDC and Sierra Club do is complain, file lawsuits, and block things. They’re never part of any solution.”

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Questions. Skepticism. Squashed.

What Were They Thinking? Christopher Chantrill – “What are they thinking when all the Democrats can be whipped into voting as one?” … “It’s really amazing how easy it is to take Marx’s Communist Manifesto and rework it into a Deplorables Manifesto.”

Devin Nunes Blasts Dems For Presenting False Evidence To Senate For Impeachment. Gabe Kaminsky – “For the most part, most Americans did not see how badly the Democrats from the House were destroyed in the Senate — about how they doctored evidence, how they falsified evidence. … This was presented to the U.S. Senate. This is not normal behavior in the course of the history of the United States of America. But it’s become the norm over the last five years, as we’ve seen gone from a Russia hoax, to a fake impeachment.”

Cutting Through the Nonsense of the Great Capitol Trespass. Peter D’Abrosca – “Nothing that has happened since January 6 has lowered the temperature inside the pressure cooker of American politics.” … “January 6 was not an insurrection. It was not a coup. It was not sedition. It was not another 9/11. It was not like the Rwandan Genocide, as CNN’s Anderson Cooper recently suggested. – It was trespassing. – Save your crocodile tears.”


Brit Hume says GOP should ‘move away from Trump without alienating supporters’, but reality bites. Jon Dougherty – “Hume then noted that both Trump and President Joe Biden drew record numbers of voters as he speculated that some Americans who cast ballots for Biden may swing back to the GOP if the 2024 nominee is someone other than “the highly controversial” former president.” This assumes that ‘ Biden drew record numbers of voters’ which Time magazine refutes and that voters share the ‘inside Washington’ disdain for DJT. Paul Mirengoff makes a similar mistake when he asserts This Impeachment Was Not A Witch Hunt as a conclusion based on his distaste for DJT. There are many false or questionable assumptions about the 2020 election driving conclusions that need questioning and skepticism.

The Frozen Wastes of the Warmist Mind. Tony Thomas – “there was already plenty of verbal whining, as if each talker wanted to outdo the others on the perils of global warming in the Antarctic. I cocked an ear briefly but then tuned out, as every speaker was talking nonsense.”

What Does ‘The Science’ Say? It’s Getting Harder To Tell. Steven Zhou – “We must be wary when we hear ‘the science says…,’ as we too often only take facts on faith if they support the policies of our preferred political party.” … “Too often, however, fact-checking stops as soon as someone cites a study published in an academic journal with a fancy-sounding name. What people don’t realize is that data conflicts all the time, and everyone — yes, even well-credentialed academics — makes mistakes.”

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A National Disgrace. Just who is insane here?

Impeaching the Voters. Editorial of The New York Sun – “Just to mark the point, it’s not our intention here to assert that Mr. Trump is innocent. It’s only to mark the part of due process that requires that the burden rest entirely on the House. It is asking the Senate to bar a former president from public life until the end of his days. The fact is that the Democrats are scared of a Trump comeback, and the House made no secret of it.”

Briefly Noted: The National Disgrace Of Our Politics. Mark Wauck – “This new low in our political theater has been exacerbated by the introduction of a military occupation of our capital city into the mix of outrages to the body politic, along with the attempt to turn the the latest liberal boogey man–no less than the former president and the 75 million people who voted for him–into non-persons.” … “I would like to note two articles that strike the proper note or chord.”

It Sure Looks Like the House Impeachment Team Doctored Evidence. Bonchie – “The allegation stems from a tweet by Jennifer Lynn Lawrence which was used by Democrats to allege she was calling for an insurrection.”

Bad week for Democrats of all stripes. Monica Showalter – “What could be the meaning of this string of collapses for the Democrats with all of this bad news for them rolling out?” … “The bottom line about election 2020 is that it was won by fraud. And from fraud a lot of problems that would naturally go away simply come back bigger.”

After a slow start, Trump’s attorneys had a barn-burning impeachment closing. Andrea Widburg – “”

“He opened by pointing out that Democrats improperly sat on footage of events in the Capitol to blindside Trump’s defense team and deny him due process. From there, he moved to the fact that the Democrat House impeachment managers outright lied about their alleged evidence, whether it was faked tweets or manipulated video. As part of this lambasting the Democrats for dishonesty, Schoen played for them Trump’s entire statement about events in Charlottesville, which the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) twisted into the disgraceful, defamatory “fine people” hoax.

Schoen demonstrated that Democrats have lusted after impeachment since Trump’s inauguration. The next thing he showed is that Democrats actively promoted violence in the street and have frequently and openly expressed their desire to commit actual violence against Trump, his supporters, and America itself. Moreover, to the extent Trump used the word “fight,” he did so in a purely political sense, which is something that Democrats have done repeatedly over the years:

Trump Defense Team Just Destroyed One of the Most Persistent of Democrat Lies. Nick Arama – “one of the other things that the defense did was call out one of the House Democrats’ lies, a lie that Democrats have continued now for years, a lie that Joe Biden said was part of the very reason he ran. That was the “very fine people” lie.”

Hitler as a Military Strategist. Michael Evans – “The greatest victory of the German army,” the Israeli historian Omer Bartov wryly noted in 1991, “was won on the field of politics, where it managed to return from the most murderous military action in German history all but unscathed.”

Maximum Pain for Net-Zero Gain. Michael Green – “The new Net Zero Jobs report from the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) highlights the industries and electorates most at risk of job losses by the 2050 target year, making visible the tensions within and between the major parties on climate policy.”

Am I a Guinea Pig in an Evil Scientist’s Experiment? Don Boudreaux – “Some unseen scientist, likely evil, is studying what happens to human beings if a relatively small number of us experience reality in a completely different manner from how the majority of humanity experiences the same reality.” … “Is the unseen experimenter testing to see if, as a result of this powerful hallucinogen, I and my fellow guinea pigs will go insane?”

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Abraham Lincoln’s 212th birthday. Pro Re Nata

Decades Before The Civil War, Lincoln Saw An Approaching Storm. Every American Should Read His Warning. Christopher Bedford – “Beyond their brutality, the young lawyer feared these mobs for the lawlessness they embodied — and the idle familiarity with which his fellow Americans seemed to accept these incidents.”

While the 1830s mobs “hang gamblers, or burn murders,” he cautioned, tomorrow’s mobs would hang and burn the innocent — “and thus it goes on, step by step, till all the walls erected for the defense of the persons and property of individuals, are trodden down, and disregarded.”

Yet today at The Washington Post, New York Times, and at the top of our government, the privileged and ignorant children of our country tell Americans our experiment is tainted, our Revolution was for evil, our Civil War was not enough. They demand reparations through re-education, racist quotas, kneeling subservience, and crude offerings of money. Neither the honored dead of the Revolution nor the lives of 300,000 Yankee boys lying stiff in Southern dust will appease them — they want more than the blood of our countrymen.

Did A Shadowy Anti-Trump ‘Cabal’ Help Sway 2020 Election Outcome? I & I Editorial Board – “it’s a shocking indictment of the cynicism and manipulation that the Democrats and their friends brought to bear on the 2020 presidential race.”

“The message is one of fear: Don’t disagree with us, or you’ll be deplatformed from social media or, worse, lose your job or an influential position. The Chamber of Commerce, unions and the “cabal” of others who took part in this effort politicized themselves, in effect serving as arms of the Democratic Party. Next time someone calls election fraud a “myth,” remind them of this.

Democrats Present ‘Doctored’ Video of Capitol Riot During Trump Impeachment Trial. Matt Margolis – “the video presented by the Democrats was not a straight video of Trump’s speech, but rather a collage of selectively edited clips of Trump’s speech mixed with select clips of video from the assault on the Capitol.” i.e. propaganda as a basis for a significant governance proceeding.

Democrats Caught Using Fake ‘Evidence’ At Impeachment Trial [via zerohedge]. Steve Watson via Summit News – “Cicilline then charged that Trump asked Tuberville to “make further objections” to Biden’s election vote count, while Senator Lee “stood by.” … It soon emerged that then entire claim was bullshit, when Senator Lee confirmed it never happened.” … “Earlier in the hearing, Rep. Eric Swalwell used a photoshopped tweet in an attempt to add extra weight to a post Trump re-tweeted about supporters ‘fighting’ for the country.”

‘People Died. It’s Tragic. But the How and Why Really Matter. A Lot.’: Matt Walsh Takes Apart ‘Deadly Riot’ Narrative. Mike Miller – “So of the five deaths linked to the riot,” Walsh tweeted, “only one — Babbit [sic] — can be conclusively considered a death caused by violence during the riot. As important, “the violence in this case was done by a cop.”

What we still don’t know about the Capitol riot. Tucker Carlson – “Where was the necessary security? How did the riot start? How did Officer Brian Sicknick die?”

Impeachment Betrays Democrat Distrust of Voters. David Catron – “Attorney Castor posed that question 40 minutes into his opening remarks on Tuesday: “Why is the majority of the House of Representatives afraid of the American people?” … “The Democrats simply don’t trust the electorate to make the “right choice” if Trump is on the ballot.”

American Police State: No Questions Allowed. J.B. Shurk – “When does a free state become a police state? Is it when government declares itself “essential” but religious worship “selfish”? Or when making a living becomes a crime? Or when free speech rights are afforded only to those who say “correct” things? Or maybe when tens of millions of Americans find themselves unexpectedly labeled as “domestic terrorists” by the military-media complex overnight?” … “The most dangerous thing to any police state is a person capable of thinking clearly.”

Months before a company lobbied the Legislature to create its own county, it purchased faraway water rights that could fuel future growth. Daniel Rothberg – “Near the edge of the Black Rock Desert, where thousands of visitors travel to the Burning Man Festival each fall, irrigation systems stand idle on a fallow field in February.”

Double-Mask Mania. The Committee to Unleash Prosperity – “The Centers for Disease Control finally recognized that the masks it’s had everyone wearing for the better part of a year are largely ineffective because aerosols easily go around the top and sides.” … “The “double-masking” fad is now arriving at a time when infections are down 58% nationally in the last month and many states have already vaccinated over 50% of seniors.”

As Things Stand with COVID. Jeffrey I. Barke – “we have reached a point where it is almost impossible to differentiate medical truth from medical fiction, health information from health misinformation.”

“Pro Re Nata — As Things Stand now — we need more, not less, debate and information from physicians so that the public, as well as patients, can make better informed decisions about the care of our citizens in this age of COVID-19.

The American Flight from Freedom and Mental Health. E. Jeffrey Ludwig – “This book is a call for a return to reason, common sense, decency, Jewish and Christian values, mental health, and truly liberal ideals based on ideas from many of the greatest thinkers from Plato to the present. The morbid turn of our society toward collective schizophrenia and mind control is made with no punches pulled.”

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Striking works of doublespeak

Time Magazine Gushingly Profiles The Successful ‘Conspiracy’ To Rig The 2020 Election. Joy Pullmann – “Time magazine’s article intones the ‘Trump is crazy’ mantra over his claims of a ‘rigged’ election while telling anyone who reads it how powerful people conspired to rig the 2020 election.” … “It’s really hard to tell if the article is just a gloating bat flip, a horrifying attempt to radicalize more people among Democrats’ political opposition, or evidence the left believes Americans are so deadened under Democrat control they will not react to such public revelations of conspiracies to betray American self-governance.” … “The article is above all a striking work of doublespeak.”

No, the 2020 election wasn’t stolen — but yes, it was underhandedly tilted Jonathan S. Tobin – “That means the challenge facing the country is not what to do about Trump’s sore-loser tantrum, which resulted in a disgraceful riot (swollen into an “insurrection” by Democrats and media keen to discredit all Republicans). The real problem is whether Americans are prepared to let the same forces that tilted the 2020 election in Biden’s favor get away with it again.” The use of the word “tantrum” is false witness that illustrates Tobin’s excessive bias. What he avoids completely is that the Time article is only part of the story and is not of a nature to describe negatives like criminal activity. That doesn’t mean that that activity did not exist.

Beating Democrat Electoral Corruption. J.R. Dunn – “Since Nov. 3rd, one particular line has been repeated almost to the point of becoming a meme: “There will never be another honest election in this country.”

Hiding Biden: How Democrats And Media Crafted The First Impeachment To Help Defeat Trump In 2020. Mark Hemingway – “A news blackout may have helped propel Biden to victory, but questions regarding the Bidens have not gone away.” … “As the Senate takes up a second impeachment of Trump, Republican objections to the Democrats’ handling of the first go-round loom large. The record of those proceedings shows that they were conducted in a highly unusual manner. In retrospect, it seems clear that they were designed not just to target Trump — but to protect Biden.”

Dems’ Sham Trump Impeachment: An Unconstitutional Abuse Of Power. I & I Editorial Board – “This entire farce is an unconstitutional act, which has the sole purpose of silencing a political opponent and the more than 74 million who actively supported him in the last election.”

“Most people won’t recognize the dangerous precedent this sets. Nothing could stop a future Congress in the hands of a permanent Democratic majority from setting up political kangaroo courts for their political enemies. Nothing.

The fake impeachment isn’t about justice, but about violating a citizen’s right to liberty and free speech.

A new Gallup Poll shows that 52% of Americans support Trump’s conviction by the Senate. If there’s a greater indictment of the woeful state of Americans’ knowledge of the Constitution and the rights it protects, we don’t know what it is.

Democrats’ Back-Up Plan: Let’s Do Something Unconstitutional Too. Ed Morrissey – “So, to be clear, Cohen knows it’s unconstitutional, but Trump Trump Trump! We must restore the norms by burning them all down first! Congress has an important role in keeping presidents in check, but Congress is bound by the same document as presidents. Democrats who want to get revenge on Trump this badly should consider whether they’re becoming their own nightmare.”

Global Warming Alarmists Keep Letting Their Masks Slip, Reveal Their True Motivations. I & I Editorial Board – “This happened most recently when a Massachusetts official said “we have to break” the will of the average person to cut greenhouse gas emissions.” … “They hope to push through their agenda behind a wall of deception that is fueled by much of the media, activist researchers, unelected officeholders, and probably every Democrat in this country and their leftist counterparts in the rest of the West.”

“We hope the West, if not the world, soon sees the alarmists for what they are: Charlatans and hacks who cover up their pursuit of political and personal agendas with an ornamental layer of environmentalism. It’s no overstatement to say they pose a danger to us all.

CDC Estimates 83 Million U.S. COVID Infections. This Has Major Implications. Alex Berezow – “It’s vital that we learn not to repeat the same mistakes, including the social and economic ones, not just the epidemiological ones.” Lessons: “1) The lockdowns didn’t work as intended.” … “2) The huge number of cases isn’t because most infections are asymptomatic.” … “3) We are much closer to herd immunity than we thought.”

BUSTED: CDC Inflated COVID Numbers, Accused of Violating Federal Law. Patrick Howley – “Government Manipulation Revealed” … “CDC illegally inflated the COVID fatality number by at least 1,600 percent as the 2020 presidential election played out, according to a study published by the Public Health Initiative of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge.”

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Breathtaking deceit and dishonesty. Crickets.

But first: A Message From Rush Limbaugh to President Donald J Trump presented by Sundance.

What We Are Doing To Our Young People Is A Crime. John Hinderaker – “I listened in on a zoom parents’ mtg with a MN (DFL) senator tonight.” … “However bad/sad/depressing I thought it would be, it was worse”

Defining bigotry down? Jake Tapper and Chris Hayes Lose Their Minds ‘Inciting’ Against GOP and Reveal Next Step to Control the Narrative. Nick Arama – “This guy and his network have done everything they could to undermine the duly-elected president of the United States for the past four years with crazy conspiracy theories long debunked.”

Who’s Crazy? John Hinderaker – “Democrats are busily trying to portray Republicans as crazy extremists and conspiracy theorists.” … “But where do we look for maximum craziness?” … “There was a time when making such reckless, extreme, and–to say the least!–unsupported claims about one’s political opponents would have been considered far out of bounds by pretty much everyone. No longer. When is the last time you have seen a Democratic politician–any politician–denounce even the most hateful and potentially violence-producing rhetoric from a fellow Democrat?”

Instapundit: Look, guys, any honest person who knew math knows. I know the left and the right who hates Trump loves to lie to themselves that “everyone hates Trump.”

‘Time’ Returns to the Scene of the Crime. Tony Thomas – “Here’s another example of Time‘s spinning . See if you can spot the inconsistent logic:” … “what Time omits is the last piece in the jigsaw – how the mail-in votes were tampered with. Maybe when the players start boasting about that aspect of coup, we will learn from Time what went on.”

Time Magazine Uses Interesting Word to Explain How 2020 Election Was Pretty Much Rigged. Matt Vespa – “the piece said this wasn’t a rigged election, it was merely “fortified.” … it does give Trump some validation in the sense of the anointing aura that engulfed the nation, especially its news media. As ballots were still being counted, this was permeating the media coverage.” … “ou have to love the linguistic gymnastics here.”

Left Admits Election 2020 Was “Fortified” The Democrat Way. Nina Bookout – “hey believe that they will never ever be challenged again. We need to prove them wrong. We have to and we MUST fight for our Republic. Our future depends on it.”

The Art of the Steal. Rick Fuentes – “For the entire country, the legitimacy of the past presidential election remains an open wound that will not soon heal.” … “On November 3, we went to bed in America. On November 4, we woke up in Venezuela.”

PolitiFact Warps Reality About Left-Wing Activist Inciting Capitol Riot. Anna Lynn and James Agresti – “video footage indisputably proves that Sullivan encouraged people to storm and vandalize the Capitol.” … “In contrast to PolitiFact’s claim that Sullivan’s calls to “storm” and “burn” down the Capitol don’t constitute incitement, PolitiFact has not fact-checked any of the hundreds of Congressional Democrats who declare in their impeachment resolution that President Trump incited the riot.” … “PolitiFact also uses a dishonest debating technique called a “straw man.”

Why Has Trump Not Been Charged With Criminal Incitement? [via zerohedge] Jonathan Turley – “Donald Trump may be the most convicted man never charged in America.” … “What was touted by many experts as a slam-dunk criminal charge has now joined a long list of alleged crimes that once were nightly cable-news sensations.” … “The disconnect between legal analysis and legal reality matters little in today’s media.”

“There is no crime of incitement for legal analysts who exaggerate or oversimplify criminal provisions; the public can be whipped into a frenzy with claims of easy prosecutions or slam-dunk charges. Many people are addicted to rage and these claims, even if illusory, feed that addiction. It is all entertainment until someone actually tries to bring a prosecution — and that is when reality sets in.

What to Expect from Trump’s Upcoming Impeachment Trial. Jonathon Moseley – “You will be watching something like playing the Super Bowl in five minutes, with the best of players slipping and falling all over each other. No one can elegantly mash a two- to four-week trial into only a couple of half-days, while the Senate also conducts other business in the morning. compression will harm Trump’s due process.”

ICYMI: Palm Beach Town Attorney Sides With Trump; Says He And Melania Can Live At Mar-a-Lago. Chris Donaldson – “The vengeful resistance appears to have suffered another setback as efforts to run former President Donald J. Trump out of Mar-a-Lago have come up far short of their objective.” … “You do have to give the Trump haters one thing: they are persistent in their obsession and Trump’s helipad at the property is the next target”

Supreme Court Enjoins Some California Restrictions On Worship. Paul Mirengoff – “A “science-based policy” that somehow eluded “scientists” in every other state.” … “There’s not a lot that I’m looking forward to in the public sphere during the next few years. But I am looking forward to more shrill, hypocritical dissents from Judge Kagan.”

Why are the Democrats Acting So Guilty? John Green – “The reason allegations of a “stolen election” linger is that there are mountains of irregularities that have not been addressed.”

Debasing the Constitution: Why Chief Justice Roberts is Not Presiding over Trump’s Impeachment Trial. William Levin – “Schumer is a different story. His statement is the reasons people despise the oiliness of politicians, saying just enough to sound reasonable, for unwarranted ends.” … “Justice Roberts is not presiding in the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump because he has no constitutional authority to preside. It is not a choice.”

A Made-For-TV Impeachment Trial. David Catron – “The facts and Constitution favor Trump, so the Democrats will rely on melodrama.”

The Thirty Tyrants. Lee Smith – “The deal that the American elite chose to make with China has a precedent in the history of Athens and Sparta.”

America Is Rocketing toward the Health Care Precipice. Keith Jackson – “It has had to focus its priority away from the doctor-patient relationship and more toward appeasing ever-expanding federal and bureaucratic control. Doctors and patients are pawns caught in a game of power.”

Should COVID Vaccines Be Mandatory? Alex Berezow – “There are five criteria to consider before deciding if a vaccine should be mandatory. So far, COVID vaccines only satisfy two of them, which is why they should not be mandatory.” This is about ‘mandatory, not advisable, and barely touches on the age issues.

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Big Lessons From The Rapid Development Of COVID Vaccines. Dr. Michelle McMurry-Heath – “fears are understandable, but ultimately unwarranted. Biopharmaceutical researchers can deliver a safe and effective vaccine faster than ever because of intense industry collaboration and decades of private-sector innovation.”

Biden’s Banana Republic. I & I Editorial Board – “The Democrats and allied activists are itching to shut down speech they don’t agree with, but do it under the cover of preserving and honoring “truth.” … Maybe they’re engrossed only with their version of the truth – their own fantasies and efforts to indoctrinate an entire population.” … “A country and a culture are in trouble when those in authority allow only one voice to be heard, when they decide what is acceptable speech and what isn’t, when the controversial and the unpopular are treated as crimes to be punished.”

Ideological Horror. – “While the genre of the striking new film Dear Comrades! would seem obvious (a political drama), it can also be described as a horror film.” … “The amount of paranoia and repression taking place is incredible. The party members consider the general populace as both childlike and a serious threat.” … “The film dramatizes the emotional and personal costs that millions paid for their belief in communism. … that reality hit not when a geopolitical theory or economic system was debunked, but because those with a conscience admitted that they heard the screams.”

They escaped totalitarianism twice, only to see it again in America. Matt Rowe – “Let me tell you about my wife’s family, formerly oppressed immigrants who came to this country legally, and love the USA as only formerly oppressed immigrants could.”

FBI criminal complaint on Capitol incursion used Photoshopped 4-chan hoax picture as evidence. Thomas Lifson – “Just when you thought the FBI couldn’t fall any further, the Bureau utterly, hilariously, and luridly beclowns itself.”

What we don’t know about the Capitol riot. Byron York – “The storming of the Capitol by pro-Trump rioters was four weeks ago. In that time, it has become perhaps the most important factor in our politics, and particularly in the upcoming impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. But there are a lot of basic facts that we do not know about the riot. It is not clear when we will learn them.”

Democrat Lawyers Claim Voting Machines Stole Election for House Republican. Daniel Greenfield – “NY-22 is a demonstration of what a long and grueling process a forensic examination of the votes in one House race looks like. – It’s also been an extended class in Democrat election hypocrisy.”

“Democrats are obviously allowed to make such arguments without being accused of incitement, sedition, or being deplatformed. But that’s always the case. We have two sets of rules. Those two sets of rules are becoming more obvious than ever and that’s leading to a profound distrust in the system. If the pundits who keep talking about reality really want to zero in on the origin of conspiracy theories, they might start with their own double standards.

Mike Lindell Releases Explosive Documentary on the 2020 Election – “ABSOLUTE PROOF” Film Includes Testimony and Interviews from Experts on Historic Fraud in 2020 Election. Joe Hoft – “This effort was a culmination of the work of many individuals who wanted to expose the fraud in the 2020 election for President of the United States.”

Election Fraud? Many Conspiracies Arise from a Rational Foundation. Jocelynn Cordes – “Lorenzo Valla and he was born in 1407. His claim was that a certain document the papacy used to justify its temporal powers over the Western portion of Christendom was a forgery. It was allegedly composed in the 4th century by the Emperor Constantine himself, but Valla showed that it actually had to have been forged centuries later.”

“But that’s not what interests me about Valla’s critique, for he doesn’t begin his attack with these technical points, and while they’re definitive, there’s something else that demands attention. When I first considered writing an essay on Valla I thought the most important thing was to point out (for the benefit of our college-educated illiterati) that conspiracies to commit fraud aren’t new. If young people received an actual education, this case of a Renaissance humanist exposing a massive fraud concocted centuries earlier would be tucked away somewhere in their minds to be recalled whenever they heard contemptuous dismissals of “conspiracy theorists.” They might even consider the possibility that, as Paul Joseph Watson has pointed out, “. . . conspiracy theories are just inconvenient truths that the political establishment wants to remain hidden.”

But then right before our very eyes this extraordinary election fraud took place, and it was in the reaction of fraud deniers to this epochal event that my attention was forcibly shifted to the specific way in which Valla approached his thesis.

Time Publishes an Astonishing Story About a ‘Cabal’ and ‘Shadow Campaign’ That Helped Biden Win. Stacey Lennox – “The recounting of the story in Time is longer than a chapter in many novels. Time says additional details will be provided in a series of articles over the next several days. This article is an introduction.”

“What is described in the entire story has nothing to do with democracy or the consent of the governed. Instead, it represents a bargain between unions, corporations, activist groups, and the political elite. It is a precursor to the triumvirate of unions, big business, and the government becoming more evident every day. Put another way, the political elite, the very wealthy, the bureaucracy, and those willing to subsidize struck a bargain.

TIME Claims a Secret Cabal Manipulated the 2020 Election to Stop Trump, and People Have Questions. Bonchie – “This seems like the sort of thing you don’t say out loud but, like a serial killer, many in politics are just too absorbed in their own egos to not try to take credit for their deeds.” … “none of this is especially groundbreaking to those who have been paying attention. … Yet, the hypocrisy is still a bit much.”

Why The Time Election Narrative Is Good News. Mark Wauck – “The true giveaway is the lie about “changing” rules and laws.” … “Trump’s attorneys are directly addressing the falsehood that the Time article attempts to propagate–that rules and laws were “changed”. No they weren’t changed, say Trump’s lawyers–laws can only be changed by state legislatures. Acting in deliberate contravention of the election laws is, quite precisely, election fraud.”

Why are Democrats so scared of Donald Trump when they just defeated him? Glenn H. Reynolds – “In a nation returning to “normalcy,” does Congress cower behind armed troops and 12-foot fences? Does a party securely in control try to enlist tech firms and media to snuff out voices of opposition?” … “The Democrats aren’t acting like a party secure in its position; they’re acting nervous and insecure and lashing out at any perceived threat.”

“A normal, secure, sensible Congress would be moving to make sure voting is trustworthy, installing safeguards to reassure those with doubts. But we don’t have a normal, secure, sensible Congress. That’s too bad for everybody.

The Left Is Calling the Capitol Riot An ‘Insurrection’ and a ‘Coup Attempt’ for a Reason. Scott Morefield – “What they are doing is methodically intentional, and the reason is crystal clear. They want to paint a dark, ominous picture of the American political landscape, one that firmly places anyone who questioned the 2020 election or even supported former President Donald Trump as not just political adversaries, but enemies and even outlaws who want to overthrow a democratically elected government.” … “If they can paint the right as insurrectionists and coup plotters, they can then justify any method to stop and/or punish the insurrection and coup plotting.”

Clarity In Trump’s Wake [via zerohedge]. Angelo Codevilla [at] – “The United States of America is now a classic oligarchy. The clarity that it has brought to our situation by recognizing this fact is its only virtue…” – “Russians and East Germans under Communists Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker in the 1970s lived under less ruling class pressure than do today’s Americans. And their rulers were smart enough not to insult them, their country, or their race.” There is need for care in the bias in this essay as Codevilla succumbs to the TDS narrative (without evidence) in parts. He does hit the China virus, election 2020, the cancel culture, and other tools of the oligarchies at play.

“Machiavelli’s lesson is that the clarity of situations such as he mentions, and such as is conservative America’s following the 2020 election, is itself valuable. Clarity makes illusions of compromise untenable and points to self-reliant action as the only reasonable path. The people might or might not be, as he wrote, “all ready and disposed to follow the flag if only someone were to pick it up.” But surely, someone picking up the flag is the only alternative to servitude.

So much. So heavy. It’s just beginning to get hot.

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Can we put the banana republic ideas in cages, too?

While Selflessly Donating His $400,000 Annual Salary Over Four Years to Various Charities – President Trump Lost $2 Billion in Wealth Saving the Country. Joe Hoft – “President Trump went through four years of hell to save the country from the insane policies of the Obama Administration. He lost a billion dollars doing it.”

House Impeachment Brief Against Trump Threatens Freedom of Speech of All Americans: Dershowitz. Tom Ozimek – “The brief filed by the House managers advocating the conviction and disqualification of citizen Donald Trump contains a frontal attack on freedom of speech for all Americans,” Dershowitz wrote. “It states categorically that ‘the First Amendment does not apply at all to impeachment proceedings,’ despite the express language of that amendment prohibiting Congress from making any law, or presumably taking any other action, that abridges ‘the freedom of speech.’”

Biden’s Banana Republic. I & I Editorial Board – “Odd, isn’t it, that the same people who claim to be so interested in truth and reality today for four years couldn’t stop talking about how the Russians put Donald Trump in the White House? Maybe they’re engrossed only with their version of the truth – their own fantasies and efforts to indoctrinate an entire population.”

“A country and a culture are in trouble when those in authority allow only one voice to be heard, when they decide what is acceptable speech and what isn’t, when the controversial and the unpopular are treated as crimes to be punished. Biden hasn’t bitten – yet – on a reality czar or ministry of truth. But under his administration, this country is shaping up as a banana republic. Think about:

Biden brings back kids in cages. Monica Showalter – “How’s this for buried news?” … “now the cages are back, now that Biden has dismantled President Trump’s humane ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy”

North Carolina’s lt. governor shows how to fight back against a corrupt media. Andrea Widburg – “To get a sense of the man, I recommend that you take the four minutes to watch his defense of the Second Amendment in the face of the Greensboro city council’s plan to ban gun shows from coming to the city. It’s epic:”

Science Betrayed. Shepard Barbash – “The propaganda infecting K–12 science curricula, especially on the environment, won’t go away.” … “to anatomize the decades of distortion in environmental education is a sideshow to an older, bigger problem: the refusal or inability of teachers to adopt scientifically proven methods to teach anything. Compared with medicine or engineering, teaching remains a backward field, dominated by myths and misconceptions.” … “When the scientists whom teachers depend on are not scientists but advocates, we can expect teachers to become advocates as well.”

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A reference is needed to weigh evidence

Why Democrats Will Never Stop Talking About ‘Insurrection’. Jonathan S. Tobin – “The false narrative branding the GOP as the party of sedition will, if it succeeds, be a 21st century ‘bloody shirt’ that will determine the future of American politics.” … “As their choice of language, the broad scope of their accusations, and the measures beyond impeachment that they are considering as a response indicate, Democrats have more ambitious goals than further shaming or disqualifying Trump from a future presidential run. The rhetorical inflation of a dangerous riot by a mob to a full-blown “insurrection” is more than political hyperbole.” … “The riot provided Trump’s opponents something that could justify the hysterical rhetoric they had been employing for four years.”

for a reference: Chuck Schumer Used Violent Rhetoric To Sic A Mob On Two Supreme Court Justices. Mollie Hemingway – “If Trump was to be impeached for asking followers to “peacefully and patriotically” make their voices heard by members of Congress on Jan. 6, what to do with Democrats’ more incendiary rhetoric and actions, he [Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.] wondered.” … “And how to take seriously a Senate that never held Kavanaugh’s false accusers to account, never censured the now-majority leader for issuing violent threats while a court case was being heard, and never held Democrats accountable for assisting the mobs who attempted to shut down their proceedings?”

When a Far-Left, Female-Led Domestic Terrorism Group Bombed the U.S. Capitol. Lloyd Billingsley – “Forgotten in the wake of January 6.” … “For those who weren’t around or may have forgotten, here’s what went down on the evening of November 7, 1983.”

Yellen Gets Ethics Waiver To Lead Regulator Meeting On Gamestop Insanity After Taking $810K From Citadel. Tyler Durden – “It’s old rats on a new ship.”

After Weeks of Delays the Detroit TCF Center Turns Over Security Camera Footage of 3:30 AM Biden Ballot Dump to Gateway Pundit. Jim Hoft – “The American media today would make Pravda blush.”

Why is science so polarizing? Blame the way we talk about it. Kate Yoder – “when the evidence doesn’t fit into people’s preconceived notions of how the world works, they find ways to challenge or dismiss evidence that contradicts their beliefs. Evidence just bounces right off them.” Good points but another essay loaded with bias, presumption, and projection. It is an example of its own thesis. The concept of intellectual integrity is missing.


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How Donald J. Trump Accidentally Revived ‘Objective Truth’. Glenn T. Stanton – “At the very least, Donald J. Trump served to convince the left that objective truth does indeed exist and it does make unbending claims on all of us.” … “As “fact-checking” became the secular press’s new religious duty to the world in the Age of Trump, we are all objectivists now — and of the very fundamentalist flavor.”

Yet Another Trump Impeachment? Sorry, But This One Too Is A Sham. I & I Editorial Board – “No, that’s not a mere assertion or our opinion. It’s based on the only document we know that guides how impeachments should take place. It’s called the Constitution.”

Trump’s Reckless ‘Stolen Election’ Talk Is The Reason He Should Be Impeached. Kyle Sammin – “The Constitution allows for speech that makes conspiracy-mongering legal, but we must demand more from our presidents than minimal compliance with the law.” There are so many false presumptions in this piece. Here are a few:

  • “Conservatives who wish to honor and safeguard our laws and traditions should not instantly dismiss the events of the past few months, including Trump’s role in stirring up conspiracy theorists and rioters at the Capitol.” Conspiracy? No, there were facts on the ground and testimony to deal with.
  • “Conservatives who wish to honor and safeguard our laws and traditions should not instantly dismiss the events of the past few months, including Trump’s role in stirring up conspiracy theorists and rioters at the Capitol.” That means the the election laws should be dealt with and noting a crime that is as blatant as the many involved in this election is not “stirring up” but rather asking for proper law enforcement.
  • “when “count every vote” turns into “believe everything you read on the internet,” Trump’s behavior started to turn away from the norm in an alarming fashion.” This is a logical fallacy based on a falsehood.
  • “It was bad enough that the president’s misrepresentation of the election results had encouraged a mob to assemble in D.C.” The results were not misrepresented. There was no mob assembled. Rather there was a public protest asserting a need to investigate allegations and answer questions.
  • “To say such things to an angry crowd may not constitute intentional incitement, but does show a depraved indifference to the rule of law and the fate of the republic.” Angry crowd? Not in evidence. The used of ‘depraved’ is indicative of bias expressed as judgment.

And so it goes but it is what civilization and society are up against.

Democratic Senators Recognizing Impeachment Is a Fairy Tale Seek Other Options. Jeff Charles – “Despite the certainty that impeachment will fall flat, Democratic lawmakers are polishing off their lances to tilt at the proverbial windmill”

The Science is Settled. Lefties are Fearful Scolds. Phil Shannon – “Such ‘virtue-signalling’ by the morally self-righteous Left is supported by anecdotal evidence galore but now there is hard scientific evidence for its empirical reality, as demonstrated with regard to the ‘moralisation’ of COVID-19 by the lockdown-Loving Left.” … “Moralisers thus develop an “ardent belief that others should share one’s [highly moral] convictions” and so “any behaviours that compromise those goals are seen as harmful and may elicit moral outrage”

Will The Truth On COVID Restrictions Really Prevail? (via aerohedge). Scott Atlas t – “Here’s the reality — almost all states and major cities, with a handful of exceptions, have implemented severe restrictions for many months, including closures of businesses and in-person school, mobility restrictions and curfews, quarantines, limits on group gatherings, and mask mandates dating back to at least the summer. These measures did not significantly change the typical pattern or damage from the SARS2 virus.”

“We know we have not yet seen the full extent of the damage from lockdowns, because it will last for decades. Perhaps that is why lockdowns were not recommended in previous pandemic analyses, even for infections with far higher death rates.

To determine the best path forward, shouldn’t policymakers objectively consider both the data and the totality of impact of policies to date?

America is now a country where differing interpretations of science in order to seek the truth is the new anathema.

Democrats Want Biden To Be The Dictator They Said Trump Was. I & I Editorial Board – “Donald Trump was treated by the opposition party and media (we repeat ourselves) like no other president in our memory. He was called a dictator, a tyrant, an authoritarian, and a fascist, to name a few childish invectives hurled his way. Of course his adversaries were projecting.”

New Evidence Implicates FBI Higher-Ups in Dishonesty of Anti-Trump Lawyer. Paul Sperry – “For the past year, defenders of the FBI have consistently downplayed the significance of an FBI staff lawyer falsifying evidence in the government’s investigation into Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia.” … “such explanations are challenged by new revelations from court papers filed in the case, which some civil libertarians call the most egregious violation and abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) since it was enacted more than 40 years ago.”

Victor Davis Hanson:

How to Deprogram Us – “Why not borrow the current Chinese “social credit system”?

The ‘After Trump’ Era Begins – “The new AT age — “After Trump” — began on either Election Day, Nov. 3, or on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20. But either way, reality as we had known it for four years has been abruptly reinvented.”

The River of Forgetfulness. “Before we are all reprogrammed, remember for a bit longer that the reset of memory and truth is not just a political agenda, but a holistic effort to redefine our past, present, and future.”

The River of Forgetfulness. “Before we are all reprogrammed, remember for a bit longer that the reset of memory and truth is not just a political agenda, but a holistic effort to redefine our past, present, and future.”

What to Do Now? Joy Overbeck – “The Democrats never turn on their own.”

Having sown the wind, are Democrats reaping the whirlwind? Andrea Widburg – “For four interminable years, Democrats sowed discord in America. Looked at objectively, it wasn’t Trump who was “abnormal.” He was a colorful character who followed American law and tradition, always for Americans’ benefit. It was the Democrats whose response was extreme, violent, and abnormal — but the white-collar leaders and fawned upon activists were insulated from the consequences of their actions.”

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Much worse mostly peaceful, except and unless

Did Truth Matter on January 6th? Will It Ever Matter Again? James McCoy – “That truth matters, is exactly the foundation of President Trump’s refusal to concede the election. President Reagan advocated the practice of “trust but verify.” … “It remains to be seen if the truth behind that day will ever be known, and just how much truth, if any, will matter in American politics in the future”

“Mostly Peaceful” – Detaching Violence From BLM, Attaching It To Election Protests. Daniel Greenfield – “Democrats and the media worked hard to detach the violence from the protests. With the D.C. protest, in which a large number of people lawfully protested over the stolen election, the Capitol March, involving a smaller group, only a minority of whom clashed with police, and a much smaller minority of whom actually entered the building unlawfully, as opposed to being allowed in, the Democrats and their media used the opposite tactic, conflating everything.”

The painful symbolism of the 26,000 National Guard troops in D.C. Andrea Widburg – “What’s the justification for the current troop build-up? According to the Democrats, it’s because of a dangerous insurrection. If you’re thinking that means an armed, murderous, determined attempt to overthrow the U.S. government and put a new government in its place, think again.” … “What’s even more disturbing about the military presence is that, as Tucker points out, it appears that the Pentagon has thrown its weight entirely to the Democrat party.”

“In 2020, something went badly wrong in America. It became a warped simulacrum of itself, and nothing demonstrates that more in 2021 than seeing that America’s most trusted institution – the United States military – has chosen sides.

COVID-19 Is Much Worse Than The Flu. John J. Cohrssen and Henry I. Miller – this one is FUD mongering. To get a perspective on this, read the comments to the article. It represents more of the problem than any clarification or contribution to solution.

Why Hardly Anyone Trusts The Virus ‘Experts‘ via zerohedge: John Rubino via – “Early in the pandemic, “trust the science!” could actually be used in a debate without attracting derisive laughter. But as the flip-flops, mistakes and, yes, lies have accumulated, a consensus seems to be forming that the health care authorities are no more trustworthy than the people running Congress or the Fed.”

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