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Is the frog getting sick of the nonsense?

It was anti-establishment. Not now. Anarchy, American-Style (Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness) — “The current revolution is much different—and far more dangerous—for at least three reasons. … the greatest levers of influence and power—money, education, entertainment, government, the news, and popular culture—are in the hands of the Left. They have transformed legitimate debate over gay marriage into a hate crime. Transgenderism went from a modern manifestation of ancient transvestism or gender dysphoria to a veritable litmus test of whether one was good or evil. … The common denominator to the anarchy? The hardcore Left is your FBI, CIA, and Justice Department all in one. It is Nineteen Eighty-Four. It is our era’s J. P. Morgan.” — Taking on the Would-be Destroyers of America (Allan J. Feifer, American Thinker) — “The destroyers had to take a functioning country with the world’s largest middle class and tank it.  Not only that, but to tank it with the acquiescence of a significant portion of the population and make it appear noble. … This is not simply another tool of the Destroyers.  Changing our history, how we speak, our country’s iconology and our culture redefines who we are. … We must fight back with force against those with a generation or two head start on the rest of us.  If someone comes into your house to kidnap your baby, no amount of your righteous indignation will suffice in defense.  We must commit to total war against those intruders who hold such blackness in their hearts.” — 

Meanwhile, anther front for divergence and distraction has opened with TDS on display. The Blitzkrieg On Bill Barr And John Durham Is Just Beginning (Margot Cleveland, Federalist) — “what The New York Times wants Americans to believe: that politics prompted Barr to appoint Durham, and politics pushed Durham to reach whatever negative conclusion he details in his final report. … Sadly, we all know from the Russia-collusion canard what this means: The loop has been closed, and the circular reporting has begun. So now, as proof of the Times’ reporting on Barr and Durham, we have the fact that the Senate Judiciary Committee intends to investigate the special counsel probe.” — Senate to take a ‘hard look’ at ‘outrageous’ Durham probe (Kevin Haggerty , BPR) — “much like former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s “bombshell” testimony before the January 6 committee that garnered mass media attention despite being hearsay, it appears as though Senate Democrats are prepared to use a tangent in an already conducted investigation that, on its face, leads nowhere as a potential excuse to generate more hearings in the never-ending public trial of Trump.” — 

Boiling the Frog seems to have been going quite well. DEI Has Already Killed Public Education (David Catron, American Spectator) — “It’s unlikely, however, that many Americans realize just how far the disease has advanced. It has long since spread beyond a few courses embedded into the social studies curricula of secondary schools and elite colleges. … This kind of condescending nonsense, combined with the failure of educators to teach students critical skills, is why the vast majority of voters support school choice.” — California’s fake water crisis (John Horvat II, – American Thinker) — “there is nothing like a good crisis to keep things liberal, especially in eco-friendly California. The good news is that the rains dumped tens of trillions of gallons upon the parched land. The bad news is that most of the water ended up in the Pacific Ocean. … the present crisis should not be happening. However, it is occurring because man-made efforts to harness nature’s solutions have suddenly shrunk. … another strange twist to the California water “crisis” is that voters have approved water bonds with large margins. Consumers and voters want to solve the problem. However, of the $27 billion approved for water storage and flood control since 2000, only a small percentage makes it to the drawing table, much less the construction company’s job list. … Eco-ideologues who oppose human domination over nature don’t want to solve this problem.”

The response has much hand wringing but there are indications that, maybe, the frog is thinking he needs to do something about the water temperature. Kevin McCarthy Hits Nail on the Head on ‘Face the Nation’ After Question on GOP ‘Election Deniers’  (Sister Toldjah, RedState – sad what they do to good content to annoy visitors) — “To describe Republicans who had questions and concerns about the 2020 presidential election, the mainstream media has relentlessly thrown around the term “election denier” so often that, like their routine accusations of “racism,” the word has been diluted of its actual meaning. … when it comes to members of the press who don’t hold Democrats who objected to prior election results to the same standard they do Republicans. And reading between the lines, he also made another good point – that maybe sometimes questioning election results does not always mean “denying” them … Are they kidding? So supporting an audit — something many have done since time in memorium during elections — is “denial”? … The fact is that Democrats will never ever be held to the same standard Republicans are as far as the media is concerned when it comes to questioning and objecting to election results, because as per the norm, when Democrats do it it’s because “democracy is at stake” and when Republicans do it, it’s because they want to “undermine our sacred institutions” or something. … I’m so damned sick of the idiotic game-playing on this, and apparently so is McCarthy. Good on him for pushing back on the nonsense.”



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Marxist hate-triotism runs rampant

Zuck Bucks are back! This is about the funding of nonprofits that ‘assist’ election authorities in selected districts. JASON SNEAD: The Left’s New Scheme That Threatens Free Elections (Jason Snead, The Daily Caller) — “Like a bad movie sequel, leftwing nonprofits like the Center for Tech and Civil Life (CTCL) are once again pumping millions of dollars in left-wing “dark money” into election offices across the country. Just like they did in 2020, these groups are looking for ways to skew elections and boost liberal turnout in battleground states. … the Alliance’s tactics are even more insidious than before. Using public records requests, the Honest Elections Project has revealed the Alliance as a bait-and switch operation meant to reshape election offices and thwart oversight and public accountability.”

The idea of holding people accountable for their behavior has been under assault on many fronts from prison reform to prosecutorial discretion. Libel and slander versus free speech is another field for a front in the war. The Supreme Court Is At The Heart Of America’s Racial Division (Wolf Howling, American Thinker) — “If you are trying to make sense of how our nation has become so toxic, a good starting point is the Supreme Court’s  1964 decision in New York Times v. Sullivan. That case radically altered existing law so that, for the first time in our history, it was impossible for any “public figure” to bring a successful defamation suit … What Graham has written could not be more divisive for our nation. She abandons reason and substitutes defamation posing as reasoned argument. This approach defines post-modernism. … This style utterly permeates all the victim’s studies programs in academia”

Consider a ‘squishy’ who has been making a name for herself lately by advocating an escape from accountability. GOP Congresswoman: Holding Democrats Accountable Is ‘Cancel Culture’ (Bonchie, RedState obnoxious warning) — “At a time when Republicans need to take no prisoners, this stuff (via Fox News) is incredibly frustrating. … I am begging people in politics who desperately want to be seen as above the fray, including Mace, to learn what “cancel culture” actually is. … Mace knows better and worse, I don’t even think she believes what she’s saying … Democrats never do this. They don’t constantly try to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They play the game, and they play it well. Meanwhile, Republicans fight each other over the dumbest stuff, with some being willing to screw over the party if it means raising their profile. If you want to know why the GOP loses, that’s why they lose.”

Gun Control mania is another front in the accountability wars. As is typical, ignorance, deceit, and a lack of integrity are hallmarks of the effort. The silly argument that Asian mass murderers are assimilated Americans (Andrea Widburg, American Thinker) — “One of the defining hallmarks of leftism is that America invariably suffers compared to other cultures. … There are some countervailing facts Yang might want to consider before concluding that America’s gun culture infected these Asian killers. murders are the fault of America’s gun culture. … Back in the 1960s, leftists taunted those who showed a pro-American patriotism that expressed itself in the idea of “my country, right or wrong.” But there’s a flip side to this: Yang represents Marxist “hate-triotism,” which boils down to “my country, always wrong”—and that’s the case even when the facts fail to support his arguments.”

Another tactic goes back to 1934. The ATF’s New Pistol Brace Rule Is A Cluster Of Enforcement Traps (D. Parker, American Thinker) — “Let’s start, though, by breaking the latest horrible developments into manageable bites. … All of this harkens back 89 years ago to the National Firearms Act of 1934 (“NFA”). During its initial legislative sausage-making stages, the act was going to ban handguns. … At this point, with an administration proudly boasting about its desire to crack down on privately owned weapons, everyone should be mindful of the quote from Atlas Shrugged … Because the precedent the leftists gain by banning something ‘dangerous’ will be all too attractive to our homegrown socialists. They’re going to look around at what else they can do to make progress toward their authoritarian Utopia.”


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Persistence is being pushed to absurdity

Throwing a Molotov cocktail into a police vehicle might get you disbarred and a year in jail but showing up at the capitol building at the wrong time will get you beat up, assaulted with grenades and other weapons, subject to a massive manhunt, and sentenced to years in a gulag. January 6 Was the Worst Incident of Police Brutality Since Civil Rights Era (Julie Kelly, American Greatness) — “a growing body of evidence suggests neither stupidity nor incompetence can justify what now appears to be the worst incident of police brutality against political protesters since the civil rights era.” — “This is fraud and it’s also probably the ultimate case of resistance journalism.”

On the TDS front we have an example of a broad brush covering over reason and reality. It’s another Leftist attempt to overturn custom with abuse  that is likely to come back to bite them. California Would Disbar Ted Cruz And 18 AGs If It Could (Margot Cleveland, Federalist) — “This is what happens when state bars use disciplinary proceedings to conduct lawfare against political opponents.” … “it is count two of the disciplinary complaint, charging Eastman with “seeking to mislead a court,” that exposes the California State Bar as a kangaroo court.” — “To date, the bars have limited themselves to targeting just a few attorneys working for Trump, … But there is no limiting principle to prevent the bars in other states from pursuing any politician with a law license who happens to represent the wrong person. – That is an extremely dangerous precedent … if Cruz and the attorneys general impugned by the California State Bar speak out, the corrupt press may not have any choice but to report on the ridiculous theories underlying the disciplinary attacks on Eastman.”

Right think, especially Christian think, must really rankle some folks. Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips Loses Appeal Over Transgender Transition Celebration Cake (William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection) — “It’s never really over in the culture war, is it? Perhaps on a second trip to the U.S. Supreme Court we will finally get a ruling on the merits of whether anti-discrimination laws can be used to compel speech with which the speaker disagrees on religious grounds.”

Another example is heaping restrictive laws on top of restrictive laws with wild abandon. Get Ready For Democrats’ Cynical, Useless, Gun-Control Push (David Harsanyi, Federalist) — “After the twin mass shootings in California last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom (flanked by armed guards) told CBS News that it was long past time to institute more gun-control laws … What he didn’t mention was that California … has passed not only every law Senate Democrats are proposing in Washington, but a slew of others.”

The Twitter exposure is showing the depth and the conformity of the depravity in the propaganda effort. Twitter Files #15: Twitter knew Hamilton 68, a media source for Russian online activity, was ‘bulls**t’ (John Sexton, HotAir) — “Roth wrote the accounts were “neither strongly Russian nor strongly bots.” Instead the whole thing was just a set up for making wild allegations … So a bunch of Twitter accounts by people in the US, many of them Trump fans, were depicted as “Russia-tied information warfare” based on nothing at all. It wasn’t just media outlets who were promoting Hamilton 68. Elected Democrats were doing so as well including Richard Blumenthal and Adam Schiff.”

This continual testing of limits and boundaries, the prying into the cracks and crevices of cultural common sense, are calls for a defense. This invokes costs and efforts many would rather avoid but are forced to confront as their life choices are taken from them. Calls for arms are surfacing. Reasoned calls from those who have been assaulted. Battling the Leftist Education Playbook (Colleen Ann Ruggieri, American Thinker) — “parents all over the country find ourselves battling Critical Race Theory and transgender bathroom policies that we didn’t even know existed. Parental ignorance is no excuse. Public education has taken a dangerous turn. Parents hoping to take back their schools must start by studying the leftist school playbook.” — 

To take back our schools, we have created our own playbook. We’re reading and questioning every school policy and demanding answers. We’re speaking with dedicated teachers inside the system who disagree with what’s happening. We’re working to elect new board members, filing records requests, and seeking legal counsel to defend students’ rights. We’re communicating with lawmakers and asking for legislation to combat extreme left-wing agendas and to support school choice. We urge grandparents and community members to join us in what could be one of our last battles to save for our children, our values, and our country.

Join the fight. The 1/6 prisoners are not collateral damage. Lawyers, scientists, pundits, and others who do not toe the right line and pray to idols of the Left are not targets. The media should be for discourse and not propaganda. Schools should be for education and not indoctrination. The current affairs may be why some cite 2 Thessalonians 2 reading “Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle.”

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Get a grip

“It’s time we accepted a hard truth: we’re in this mess because we let it happen. the left would like us to continue denying that truth and accept the victimhood that they’ve been promoting. … Embracing such an illusion signals that we have ceded power to the state” — We Are Not Victims unless We Choose to Be (John Green, American Thinker). Ideas are listed to identify and address the situation.

“Our founders believed freedom to be our birthright — a gift from God.  But they understood that evil forces would always try to take it from us.  They knew that keeping our freedom requires stewardship and, at times, even sacrifice.  Our founders pledged their lives, fortunes, and their sacred honor to that duty.  Will we make such a commitment — or just feel sorry for ourselves?

1/6 will not go away. The Real January 6 (David Horowitz, Power Line) — “The January 6th protest was milder than any of the hundreds of Black Lives Matter riots the summer before, and led to no serious destruction of Capitol artifacts. But the Democrats en masse pretended to be horrified. … This is what one expects from a fascist state, not a constitutional democracy. It is a lesson ignored at our peril in revealing the criminal determination of the Democrat Party to establish a one-party state at whatever the cost, and to demonize, intimidate and suppress any opposition that stands in their way, by any means necessary.”

An example of the ‘any means’ is as Antifa tries to turn Atlanta into Minneapolis or Kenosha (Andrea Widburg, American Thinker) — “In typical leftist fashion, having started the fight, Antifa members announced that they were the victims and, because the police had gone to war against them, they would attack the police in Atlanta. The anarchists, leftists, and loonies were not shy about announcing their intentions … in another déjà vu moment, some in the media have denied that the rioting is violent … Antifa is the military arm of today’s hard-left Democrat party, just as the KKK was once the military arm of yesterday’s hard-racist Democrat party. … All you need for totalitarianism to win is violence, a complicit or cowardly political class, and a passive population.”

For an exposure of the depth of the depravity, consider Biden Lawyer Has History of Finding and Releasing Elusive Documents (Jack Cashill, American Thinker) — “Bauer, of course, has a history of blocking the release of certain documents and then strategically releasing them.” — this one goes back to the Obama birther conspiracy handling.


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Manic methods

Strange behavior is being noted. The Manic Methods of Mad Democrats (Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness) — “it is the Democratic Party that has far more radically changed. It is descended into a woke, neo-socialist, radically green party.” — election warping, projection, suppression, rules changes, asymmetries, — “Conservatives should be aware that they are not dealing with the party of JFK and LBJ. The Democratic Party has nothing in common with the agendas of a slick Bill Clinton and is well beyond the “fundamental transformations” of arch-narcissist Barack Obama.” — Besides this catalog of behaviors, here are observations of one recent leader. The Dignity of the House of Representatives (Robert Merz, American Thinker) — “There is so much material to work with here that it’s hard to know where to start.” — “First, of course the fight for the speakership wouldn’t have happened under Pelosi.  It wouldn’t have happened under Stalin, Hitler, or Mao, either.  As my dad said about the Democrat party, the Bolsheviks never break ranks (or they’re never allowed to).  For instance, a recent report says that less than 40 percent of Democrats approve of the Democrats’ new House minority leader, Hakeem Jeffries — but ordinary Democrats are never asked for their opinions.”

The tie in with the deep state illustrates that the behavior is knowing and willful. Fmr. intel chief admits they all knew key parts of Hunter laptop were ‘real’, but signed ‘disinfo’ letter anyway (Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, Business & Politics) — “Wise told The Australian, “All of us figured that a significant portion of that content had to be real to make any Russian disinformation credible.”- The intel officer also claimed that he was “not surprised” that the laptop was authenticated. … Intelligence officials coming out more than two years after the letter was signed and claiming that they knew all along that a significant portion of the laptop information was real, reeks of damage control on their part.” — And also Elon Highlights ‘Concerning’ Process to Destroy Secret Instructions from FBI to Twitter (Nick Arama, RedState) — “first of all, it was a violation of the First Amendment if they were pushing censorship, but on top of that, they weren’t even being transparent about it … it’s almost like the cover-up part of this crime.”

The Biden lawyers role raises questions. All The President’s Men: Biden’s Use of Lawyers Raises Additional Concerns Over Handling Classified Material – JONATHAN TURLEY — “Not only did President Joe Biden enlist lawyers to clear out his private Washington office; he then used them — rather than security officers or the FBI — to search for additional classified documents. … why was a legal team sent in six years after Biden took the documents on leaving as vice president? Were the lawyers specifically selected because they had clearances, an acknowledgment there might be classified material unlawfully housed in the office? … It remains unclear which lawyers were involved in which discoveries, whether they had clearances and (if so) at what level. In fact, it seems to suggest Biden continued to use uncleared lawyers after his team found highly classified documents … That itself could be viewed as gross mishandling of classified information … The answer appears the same as in the case of Hillary Clinton’s emails: control.”

Then there is Trump. Was the Mar-a-Lago Raid a Biden Insurance Policy? (David Catron,The American Spectator) — “it is difficult to believe that the timing was apolitical. There is another question about the timing, however, that no one seems to have asked: Why were classified documents that had been in Biden’s possession since 2017 suddenly found less than 90 days after the FBI raid on former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago compound? … it’s probable that the Mar-a-Lago raid was just a preemptive exercise in damage control designed to make “Car-a-Lago” appear more innocuous than it really is. … As to the special counsels assigned to each case, it couldn’t be more obvious that Jack Smith and Robert Hur are insurance agents.” — BUT — Nolte: Unlike Trump’s, Biden’s Classified Document Scandal Is Real. So Donald Trump Bashes Special Counsel Jack Smith as ‘Trump Hating THUG’ supplying a lot of background resume to support his claim. That gets into Republicans Are Investigating Corruption, Not Hunter Biden (Margot Cleveland, Federalist) — “While the media frame the planned investigations as Republicans targeting Hunter Biden to taint his father, this burgeoning narrative ignores the reality of the situation — and the evidence. … The matters meriting investigation are many and complicated”

For similar insanity on other issues, see SF Reparations Committee proposal demonstrates the greed and unreality behind demands for slavery reparations (Thomas Lifson, American Thinker) or About those overcounted COVID-19 deaths… (Jack Hellner, American Thinker) — “The media, especially the social media, say they are very strict about reporting misinformation but that is a lie. -They willingly repeat talking points to push agenda, whether it is about Russian collusion, climate change, or COVID without asking questions when they are pushing an agenda. They are essentially propagandists. … Now they’ve changed their story.” — next is Too Wet? Too Dry? It’s All Climate Change! (Brian C. Joondeph, American Thinker) — “It is amazing that before humans burned fossil fuels two centuries ago, it was only natural cycles that changed the climate, not backyard barbecues, gas stoves, and SUVs. … Democrats, the left, and the media have an uncanny ability to balance two contradictory propositions in their minds, believing both can occur simultaneously due to the same cause … Is this really about “saving the planet” or is the climate movement about money and control, similar to the COVID pandemic, the new homes of communism and tyranny?”

so much.


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Lies with consequence

There are consequences when we do not heed the caution signals. Wind, Wolves, and Wrath (Deanna Chadwell, American Thinker) — “Many of us don’t even seem to realize that we’re heading toward a bridge that collapsed ages ago. We have taken ten wrong turns…” – “We are, in fact, lost on a vast plain of wind, wolves, and wrath. Circumstances — i.e. flood, and storm, and economic disaster will go a long ways in correcting our confusions. But each of these silly assumptions will have to be corrected before we are once again America the Beautiful.”

Sundance was curious. UPDATE – So, You Did Not Take the COVID-19 Shot, Why Not? – The Last Refuge — “the responses have reasserted my belief in the scale of our national assembly.  There are far more of us, ordinary, hardworking, commonsense, pragmatic and smart people, than the self-described intellectual elites would ever admit.” — for this one, scan the comments with answers to the question. For many, the numbers just didn’t add up. 

 Then there’s the lies. Some focus on Trump as a liar but the need is to focus on lies of consequence and that leads to the current collection. Start with Gaslighting the Republicans (Greg Irwin, American Thinker) — “Denver Riggleman, who most recently worked for the January 6 select committee analyzing the message traffic that led up to the rush into the Capitol, has written a book treating the matter as an attempted coup.” — it’s a catalog of deceit, dishonesty, and dellusion that has consequence — “Our country is increasingly insane, and we on the right can’t afford the sloppy thinking that characterizes the left.   The problems we face are serious enough.”

From here, there is For Biden Supporters, No Lie Is Too Much To Break The Faith (Jeff M. Lewis, American Thinker). Who is getting gas-lit? –“Through it all, media members and other Biden supporters keep getting played for fools, but they always come back for more.” … “dumbfounding is that these people can be relied upon to rush to any Democrat party official’s or politician’s defense, no matter the charge, without fail. It can be scientifically established as consistent, predictable, repeatable behavior.” — There is a strain. The Corvette Files (Clarice Feldman, American Thinker) — “For Merrick Garland, who oversees the FBI, the discoveries were not a joke. He’s now in the crosshairs of those who, like me, think we are once again seeing a double standard of justice on his watch.” … “Garland, Wray, and the national archivist are not the only ones squirming right now. Don Surber masterfully establishes on the record the two-step the major media is dancing right now, comparing how they viewed the many fruitless investigations and charges against Trump and how they are reporting the planned investigations of Biden”

Those who think the numbers didn’t add up are now finding better numbers that tend to confirm their skepticism. Riggleman may never figure things out but he now has a book that is demonstrably fiction. The top secrets document fiasco is telling the truth about a politically corrupt DOJ. Other issues like election integrity and climate alarmism continue to reveal the difference between many claims and reality. People are suffering the consequences, the wind, the wolves, and the wrath, and becoming aware that sitting passive is no longer a viable option.

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There is a pattern here

Dazed and confused when words mean things except when they don’t. ‘Equity’ Is Not The Same As Fairness (Andrew I. Fillat and Henry I. Miller, Issues & Insights) — “It hides behind high-minded platitudes but is at its core a tool for corruptly accruing and wielding economic and political power.” … “Never mind that these policies and equity itself contravene the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees equal treatment under the law – not results – and various civil rights acts that bar all discrimination based on race, color, or creed – not just “bad” discrimination.” … “The Golden Calf of Equity is an idol and fraud that must be melted down, never to be resurrected.”

Whither science? The ‘Final’ Short-Term Word on COVID (Deane Waldman, American Thinker) — “When one applies the scientific method to data about COVID, vaccines, and Washington mandates, one conclusion is inescapable.  Everything Washington said and did was wrong and unscientific.” … “There are dozens of embedded URL references provided herein to verify the assertions made.  Readers: Decide for yourself what is fact versus propaganda.  Based on evidence, decide who spoke truly and who did not.  Most important, decide what to do with that knowledge.”

Then we have the latest Biden scandal. Some are trying to figure out how to make sense of what is being revealed. Others are trying to figure out how to make it fit with their world view. The Latest Attempt to Sanitize the Hunter Biden Scandal Will Turn Your Brain to Mush (Bonchie, RedState) — “The New York Times just delivered the surest sign yet that something is going to eventually cook off.” … “even putting aside any disagreements I have with the conclusions asserted by the Times, would a Republican have ever gotten this type of treatment? The answer is obviously no. The nation’s largest newspaper put multiple reporters on a story to produce thousands of words largely meant to excuse the most powerful family in the country, even as they are forced to admit in the same story that crimes likely were committed. I mean, come on. That’s a level of privilege that is only given to the most connected Democrats.” — There is much twisting and turning as new details emerge. Third Find of Biden Classified Documents Shows How Bad the Problem Is (Nick Arama, RedState) — “I wanted to clarify the alleged timing of the various finds.” … “Prof. Turley raises a great point at this juncture, given what a mess this is: why are Biden’s private attorneys still allowed to root through everything? … Turley also notes that not only were they kept in unsecured locations, but they have probably moved around to more than one place. … Not to mention, all the people who may have had access to them in the house, the garage, and at the Penn Biden Center, and wherever else the documents may have been since Biden wrongly removed them years ago.”





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Stepping out a 7th floor window to meet reality?

That “threat to Democracy” meme is misdirection – i.e. gaslighting. Start with Truth and the Foundations of a Free Republic (Paul E. Scates, American Thinker) this is about the philosophy of relativism — “if relativism is true, then based on its own principle it can be dismissed as merely “relative truth,” and is therefore meaningless.  If, however, it’s posited as an absolute truth that applies to all things, people, time and places… then it’s an absolute truth, and gives the lie to the idea that truth is relative!” — “Before political correctness infected all modes of communication, we’d have said that people who hold to such a view are simply crazy.” — “Why is it important to acknowledge that objective truth exists?  Because in this life there are real-world consequences to being wrong.  You may believe that gravity is not “your truth,” but step out of a seventh-floor window and you’ll quickly learn how wrong your belief was!” — 

Then there are examples. George Santos and the political lies of others (David Kahn, American Thinker) — “like the rest of the main stream media, the Times doesn’t cover the promotion of lies that it and the rest of the main stream media have participated in for the last six years” — “Those lies had the support of the Democrat party, the mainstream media, the intelligence services including the FBI, and the big tech companies. And those lies were not used to elect a single congressman but to elect a president and to try to drive an elected president from office.” — “The Democrat Party tells us that it has been focused on “threats to our democracy.” But democracy requires free and fair elections. And you can’t have a free and fair election when the mainstream media, one of the two principal parties, the tech giants, and the intelligence services conspire to suppress the truth and to win elections by fraud.” — There’s not only making a lie but also how it is promulgated and upheld. Buried News: Obama muscled Zuckerberg to censor Trump — and made an example of him (Monica Showalter, – American Thinker) — “Has Barack Obama gone from ex-president to Democrat party crime boss?”

Next comes indicative behaviors. Ex-GOP Lawmaker Says House Investigations of FBI, CIA Will ‘Shred the Integrity of the Federal Govt’ (Mike Miller, RedState) — “The federal government under Joe Biden and Democrat control has already shredded itself, Mr. Jolly, including Attorney General Merrick Garland’s, Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Internal Revenue Service. – Next time, let’s do the U.S. military.” — Democrats’ latest attack on Trump is a giant nothingburger (Brad Polumbo, Washington Examiner) — “House Democrats just set a precedent that will surely come back to haunt them.” — “It’s ironic, too, because the members of Congress complaining about Trump using tax loopholes are responsible for the tax code.” — “Democrats broke precedent to release Trump’s taxes and came up with nothing except a few revelations that undercut their arguments. – And now Republicans are already talking about using this power to go after Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s tax returns.” 

There’s more on the 1/6 outrage and the election front that fits this narrative. Tucker destroys the Democrats’ January 6 narrative (Andrea Widburg, American Thinker) — “if you need more evidence about how the narrative is being perverted, a new media reporter named Tayler Hansen tells about what really happened on that day because he was there—and standing next to Ashli Babbit when she was murdered.” — “Tucker’s pointed monologue focuses on the lies that Democrats have been telling about January 6 since January 6 itself. He even acknowledges what many of us have been thinking: The speed with which the media and political class coalesced around the insurrection narrative suggests that the narrative may have been in place before January 6.” — “Unlike conservatives, who are all over the place, the left always stays on message. And in this case, the Borg-like collectivist message”

This brings up another telling behavior. Kevin McCarthy wins the speakership after 15 rounds of voting (Rajan Laad, American Thinker) You need to scroll down the pessimists and the humorists to find this: — “The only group that has a total consensus is a flock of sheep.  Human beings, even identical twins, have a diversity of opinions on any given issue.  This is real diversity. – The diversity on the Democrat side, which they love to boast about, is superficial.  It is based on race, sexuality, and ethnicity, which are related to genes, but when it comes to opinions on key issues, they have a total consensus.- There are strict rules in this echo chamber, and even the slightest hint of dissent is severely punished.” — “Despite being called Democrats, the party operates like a totalitarian state, and this is what they intend to implement across America.” — Consequences are beginning to be seen. The Long Fight for the House Speakership (Clarice Feldman, American Thinker) — “One of the most interesting of the reported concessions is the long-deserved disciplining of the sociopathic liar, Congressman Adam Schiff” — “it’s time there were some consequences imposed for such outrageous conduct, and the battle for the speakership seems to have resulted in a promise to do the maximum in the speaker’s power to impose sanctions for such behavior.” —  

What’s happening? If You Live In a Western Democracy, This is How You Have Been Disenfranchised. (Elizabeth Nickson, substack) — “You could see it operating yesterday. The once hopeful, now useless Dan Crenshaw, used it against his own party, “terrorists”, “seditionists”. It’s so basic as to be nauseating, insulting to your intelligence.” — “They all use the process I am about to describe. Invented in some behaviourist hell-hole at a multinational and consecrated by Klaus and Justin and all the evil little Ivy League demons in government, it is used against their bosses, their employers, the people.” — “America’s relative freedom, small government, responsible citizenry and self-determination led to unending wealth and creativity. – Which, while we were indulging, was being stolen.” — “I illustrate these steps with excerpts from a SCOTUS case before the court now, regarding the theft of the 2020 election “

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Pond scum and elections

The stench of the elections and the ongoing saga of denial continues to disturb the narrative. Sundance says President Trump Was Correct About the Constitution and Elections – Kari Lake’s Lawsuit Shows Why. — “What President Trump is noting, is the exact same reason why Kari Lake’s lawsuit, like every other election lawsuit before it, will fail.   Our U.S. Constitution permits election fraud and manipulation, as long as that state level election fraud and manipulation does not break federal law. … This election reality is why control over state level elections is where the battle has to be fought.” — That then leads to David L. Smith concluding that Pence was wrong in January 2021. — “There would be no mention in the Constitution of a Vice President (VP) presiding over the counting of state Electoral College (EC) votes if it were a mere perfunctory duty.” — 

“Pence had a duty and an opportunity. He missed an opportunity to stem a blood flow. Fraud in elections can result in a judgment that the election did not take place. And the aggrieved are everywhere. It is going to be taken up sooner or later, and I shudder if it is never taken up.

A part of that “duty and opportunity” is from citizenship. David Zukerman issues A call to the good people of MAGA to denounce the left’s anti-Trump slanders — “History, I believe, will note that the more preposterous the false accusation against Donald J. Trump, the quicker the stirred-up crowd will toss reason aside and follow the persons spewing anti-Trump slander.” — The twitter fracas is a part of this as Now We Know: While Twitter Was Busy Silencing Conservatives, It Let Child Porn Fester – Issues & Insights. This is a matter of priorities — “Apparently, silencing conservatives is more important to them than protecting children.” — That shows up in your neighborhood, too: Public Libraries Are Becoming Cathedrals Of Wokeism where Tristan Justice notes that — “Kirk Cameron was never going to be allowed to hold a Christian-based story hour in the Cathedral of Woke.” — 

The propaganda machine is a part of this. For example, see The “Crazy, Right-Wing Shooter” Myth | ZeroHedge by John Lott Jr via — “The New York Times, like the Washington Post and other news outlets, is intent on construing any racist as a conservative, right-winger. But they aren’t. And if there’s any ideological cause that really is sparking violence, it’s environmental extremism.” — and that extremism contrasts with a stand down citizenry as described by Victoria Marshall in listing 3 Unsexy Reasons Warnock Beat Walker In The Georgia Runoff. Those responsible are rationalizing the result with ‘quality candidate’ arguments or ‘Trump did it’ excuses. Meanwhile the activists raised the money and planned where best to spend it, organized a ballot harvesting army, and engaged in pre-preemptive lawfare. — “If Republicans can’t stop their tactics, then the GOP would do well to mirror them.” — the question is whether they will rise to the occasion. 


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Burn that witch

Communications is a two way street. Both ends of the street have to be committed to the integrity of the message in order to have useful transfer of meaning and knowledge. That commitment is suffering on many important fronts in today’s social discourse.  Catherine Salgado: Trump Clarifies Statement Misrepresented as Call to End to U.S. Constitution. You’d think that someone who has no history of disregard for the law or the U.S. Constitution and who keeps being right in substance would matter to those who hear him. But no, many jump right on the most negative perception they can muster. They have no question about how anomalous their perception may be and no interest in make certain their end of the communications has integrity. As an occasional slip-up, this would be no big deal but when it comes to TDS it has lead to much expense and misery and there is no indication of any interest in correction. That is the tragedy. Those with awareness would not need a clarification such as Trump offers that “that he was not calling for an end to the Constitution. In fact, the post seems to be an awkward argument that a stolen election — and thus an illegitimate government — means that the Constitution would no longer be in force, and thus laws that exist for a republican form of government would not provide solutions.” — “The truly controversial and bombshell thing Trump claimed was that we are no longer living in a Republic. That’s what the media — and the American people — should be debating.”

Mark J. Fitzgibbons is another look. Did Trump really call to terminate the Constitution? — “what followed may have been another Charlottesville moment among the media, other Trump haters, and more.” … “Those who believe Trump is evil and ignorant will of course read what they want into his post regardless of his intent and the actual meaning.” … “Anti-Trumpers are more than happy to use this new Charlottesville hoax moment to distract from Elon Musk’s release of the Twitter censorship files.”  — Elle Purnell says TIME Admits ‘Election Denier’ Is Nonsense Invented To Vilify GOP which is one tactic used to distort effective communications. — “Aguilera continued her attempt to differentiate Republican “election denial” from Democrats’ totally-above-board-and-not-at-all-the-same behavior” … “The phrase is just a nonsense smear invented to chill speech, silence challenges to the regime, and paint Republicans as unelectable.”

Democrat voter fraud has a history that should flavor perceptions. J.R. Dunn provides Democrat Voter Fraud: A Brief History.  — “The Dinkins Magic Voting Machines … An Inconvenient Decision … Votes from the 8th Dimension … Goshdarnit, People Liked Him … Trump Agonistes … 2022” … “we need to call on Goldfinger’s dictum: once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action. We are way past “three times” at this point.” … “This is the second election in a row marked by impossible results. Not “extraordinary,” not “unusual,” but impossible.”

Tristan Justice points out that Trump Isn’t The Greatest Threat To Democracy. His Exile Is. — “From the Russia collusion hoax to impeachment, Democrats have normalized the radical weaponization of government institutions to thwart their opponents no matter the cost, setting the precedent for decades of political warfare to come with dangerous potential to escalate.” … “Contrary to these hyperventilated claims that are now routine among Democrats and the Beltway press, however, it’s the establishment’s reaction that threatens to undermine American democracy, with witch hunt after witch hunt designed to burn the orange-haired witch.”

If Americans don’t vote because they don’t trust that their votes will count, then America doesn’t have a democracy to begin with. If Americans can’t engage in the marketplace of ideas in the digital public square, then America doesn’t have a democracy to begin with. If Americans are barred from even voting for their chosen candidate, then America doesn’t have a democracy to begin with.

Where does this lead? Nancy Flory reviews Shame of a Nation: A Must-Watch Documentary That Examines the Events of January 6, 2021 — What Really Happened. — “The macing, spraying and beatings were just the beginning. Many of the January 6 defendants, locked away in a D.C. jail, have not seen their families since their arrest. What’s more, they have yet to have a trial for their alleged crimes. Now people want to know why.”  — This is the truth Trump was trying to communicate. It is sad and tragic that many of those who should know better chose instead to add to the misperceptions and diminish the weight of the message. 


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Constitutional destruction via invisibility.

While Hinderaker et al are blinded by bias, Sarah Hoyt at Instapundit joins Don Surber on the latest anti-Trump hoax. — “What he’s saying is that we are PAST the rules, regulations and articles of the Constitution. Which we knew didn’t we? This was a color revolution, which means a revolution that uses the country’s rules and regulations against the country to install a usurping entity under the cover of law.” — “Trump is — as he always does — trying to get people to talk about things. He’s not calling for war or revolution. He never did.” Another take is by David Zukerman: President Trump is the hero of many a Capra film. — “In every one of these wonderful, populist movies, the hero finds himself targeted for destruction by a villainous character representing the establishment … Moral of the Capra quartet: the MAGA-kind must ignore the villainous demonizing from the foes of populism, be aware of the media’s censorship, and remain steadfast in support of the Capraesque MAGA leaders.”

 Victor Davis Hanson wonders How Corrupt is a Corrupt Media? — “the public cannot trust that the news it hears or reads is either accurate or true.” — Suppression – Fantasy – Chronological Manipulation – Asymmetry – Unethical Behavior – defined with examples to explain why — “there is no media. It has ceased to exist, and the public plods on by assuming as true whatever the Pravda-like news outlets suppress and as false whatever they cover.”

Then there’s the 65 project. The Left is Using Lawfare Including Threats of Prosecution to Ignore Massive Voter Disenfranchisement. Rachel Alexander says “The 65 Project is all over conservative election attorneys in Arizona. I’m the former Maricopa County Elections attorney, and it’s like a who’s who list of my colleagues in Arizona.”

“Unfortunately, the left has convinced people that witness testimony no longer counts as “evidence” in election fraud cases, laughing at patriots when anxiety-prone judges find an easy technicality to throw out a case. Witness testimony alone has been used to send people to the death penalty, but the left has overturned jurisprudence here in an unprecedented trampling of our justice system. The left is also threatening to prosecute rural county supervisors who fight back.

Not only election fraud: What Do You Do When BLM Attacks You in Your Car? — “she’s prepared to go to trial rather than accept a light sentence of six days of community service and her license suspended for a year. … One would have to be nervous as a mouse cornered by the house cat to know that his future and his life hangs in the hands of any jury these days, given the political climate.” — “Make no mistake: it was the protesters who created this dangerous situation and then cried foul when they came up on the short end of things, with several of their members injured. … Self-defense is still a very real and righteous legal defense in America — or at least it used to be.  Everyone will have to make his own choices, if and when the time comes.  Just don’t let the Marxist-Maoists make you a victim.”

The corruption and malfeasance from government ‘persuasion’ is front and center in the Twitter brouhaha. Andrew C. McCarthy explains How the FBI’s nod, wink got social media to censor The Post’s Hunter Biden reporting. — “Stop looking for a smoking gun. That’s not how this game works. … I can explain the apparent disconnect. It is not necessary for FBI officials to issue specific warnings to convey the message that a story should be killed.” … “That’s how this game is played. The players know exactly what they’re doing. They say enough to endorse the lie but leave themselves room to deny that they did so. They think we’re idiots.”

The ‘research’ fraud isn’t only on COVID inoculations and masking, climate change, or ‘renewable’ energy, it’s showing as a general purpose useful tool. Eddie Scarry: Twitter Hate Is Rising, Claims Group That Says So And That’s That. — “It would be easy to laugh in the faces of the ADL people but it’s not a joke. Putting out these junk studies has real consequences.” Baseless allegations, hyperbolic exaggeration, statistical sleight of hand, appeal to authority and other logical fallacies – maybe there’s good reason to think the audience is all idiots.


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Do you know which way is your goal line?

How the the game is played is worth study. It flavors the outcome both short and long term. It puts values and morality on the table for consideration. Here are two examples. The Trumpification of Elon Musk | RealClearPolitics By J. Peder Zane — “The McCarthyite formula is simple: Claim you are defending high-minded principles (Democracy! The rule of law! Civil discourse!) to justify efforts to delegitimize someone you’ve identified as a political opponent.” … “Ponder for a moment the ubiquity and ferocity of attacks on this one man and the outrageous effort to cast calls for censorship as ringing defenses of liberty. Consider too that this, like the treatment accorded Trump, has not just been normalized, but valorized.” 

Then there’s sundance: If You Wonder What’s Wrong With Georgia – The Republican Lt Governor Appears on CNN to Tell Georgia Republicans Not to Vote for Hershel Walker. One side will stand behind its leaders no matter what. Consider the Biden laptop story and go from there. The other side backstabs, short sheets, cuts off at the knees, and stands mute when called. — “Was Duncan censured? No.  Was Duncan criticized by fellow Republicans? Again, no.   Was Duncan ostracized for promoting an election position against the interests of the Republican Party? Yet again, no.  Did RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel rebuke the effort to undermine Walker as carried out by Republican Geoff Duncan?”

In sports, you choose your team. It is an us versus them binary situation. If the other side has a team and all you can do is to join a mob to oppose them, you’ve got some work to do to be able to have any presence at all on the field. If your players get the ball and then head for the wrong goal line, you’ve got a problem to solve.



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a slathering of allegation and accusation

It’s coming to Nevada. It got the ballots to enshrine it into law in the last election. Selwyn Duke explains The New Voting System that Gave Democrats a GOP House Seat is Dangerous. Here’s Why. — “The result is that while it seemed the voters were being given more of a choice, they essentially were robbed of choice by a system” — 

Charles Lipson is talking about fifty years of black privilege and it isn’t just a slathering of allegation and accusation but rather measurement and observation. The Zombie Survival of Affirmative Action — “How will they skirt the high court’s ruling? By eliminating statistical evidence that they are actually discriminating, even as they continue to do so.” … “The differences have remained large and persistent.” … “A judicial ruling won’t end this debate. These issues are among our country’s most profound and vexing, legally and historically. Blacks were denied equal education for centuries.” .. That last is a canard that illustrates the core issue. There has been no ‘denial’ as education is not something given or denied but rather something earned. The question is why one racial group has not earned it despite many examples of members of that group have earned it. This shows in the topic Lipson uses for measures – standardized testing – and it also shows in crime statistics. The ‘deny’ idea is removing responsibility for behavior and imposing a victim status that, like socialism, fails every time it is exposed to the light. Glen Reynolds cites PROF. ROBERT STEINBUCH: Measuring qualifications by merit — “Objective merit is bad because it limits the discretion of people in power, thus hampering their ability to favor people they like and harm people they dislike.” — Conrad Black gets to the question Conrad Black: Is America In Decline? — “Those of us who are appalled by the weakness, incoherence, corruption, and hypocrisy of the Biden administration would do better to recognize the implications of the disaster in the midterm elections and the extent of the task that confronts those—apparently a significant majority—who believe that Bidenism is a straight boulevard to catastrophe.”

For the majority who still believe in the traditional America, sensibly updated and cleansed of discrimination, the country is entering mortally perilous times. The midterms were a wake-up call, but has anyone awakened?

A part of this ‘why?’ is another behavior. David Zukerman observes that the New York Times notices ‘political violence’ and blames…Republicans — “For the left, officeholders, media, and elsewhere, dissent is equated with “extremism” that must be banned, extinguished, erased from the homeland, and to hell with the First Amendment.” — This is another example of a canard based on a slathering of allegation and accusation without clear definition or example and in blatant contradiction to what can easily be seen. — “The New York Times should really be asked to show cause why its November 27, 2022 editorial is not a demand for limited popular government, preferably under the stranglehold of just one political party, the Democrat party.”

The election introspection continues. Robert Merz: Why the Midterms Didn’t Surprise Me — “what can you expect when it isn’t a level playing field, and the non-socialist team is fragmented?” — “This brings us to trying to understand what propaganda (disinformation) is, where it came from, and how it is used.” — Victor Davis Hanson: Was Trump Our Captain Queeg? — “Fact-checkers” doted on every Trump statement, nitpicking them to find some exaggeration, or untruth. Fine. But then these same hypercritics simply went comatose during the Biden Administration, with little care that Biden spins fantasies daily, from a son lost in the Iraq War to insulting claims that he passed his student loan amnesty in the Congress by a close vote, and on and on. With Trump, voters got real achievement with coarseness, with Biden utter failure with near senility.” — The analogy to a movie highlights the injustice being done and the damage it causes.

Medicine is a worry as its bureaucracy failed in applying established principle and practice resulting in a pandemic panic. That was costly in money, public health, and deaths. William A. Jacobson: The incoming House of Representatives should hold hearings on the destructive racialization of medical schools and medicine — “Medical School education is in crisis, with ‘social justice’ and race-focused activism being imposed on students, faculty, and staff,”


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Rights and commandments about false witness and killing

Were they even thinking?

 Vermont’s Constitution enshrines ‘right’ to kill babies by Eric Utter — “We do not have the “right” to decide to have unprotected intercourse resulting in a baby in a womb…only to kill that baby for our convenience.” — By a ratio of 3:1 Vermont voters set aside the new life’s right to it’s life in favor of the convenience of the mother except when the state figures it has what it thinks is a “compelling” interest in the matter. Shouldn’t that compelling interest be something like the God given natural right to life itself? Many voters seem to think not. 

VDH says it’s the The Same Old, Same Old Deja Vu and he is talking about the latest TDS episode. — “We know the script that will follow because we suffered through it for 22 months and spent $40 million for it under Robert Mueller’s special counsel team. … Yet one thing that will be different this time around is that the Biden administration is in power. Garland remains an unapologetic, embittered partisan. He is fresh off siccing a now-weaponized FBI on school kids’ parents and various MAGA enemies of the state.” — and one thing leads to and from another: — “Sudden ballot “drops” will start pouring in during the wee hours. … “Get out the vote” left-wing, electronically fueled projects … There will be new, even richer virtue-signaling billionaires … wounded by nearly four years of inflation … Unemployment and stagflation will still be termed “transitory.” Growth will continue to be slow but dubbed “steady.” High gas and energy prices will be near permanent but “coming down.” A wide-open border will still be termed “secure.” Talk of historic crime rates will still be “racist.” … President Joe Biden will still shake imaginary hands, talk of passing legislation through the Congress that he bypassed with executive orders, and still claim gas was $5 a gallon when he entered office. Fact-checkers will ignore all that mythology and still obsess over Republican “lies.” … The left-wing nexus will still warn of back-alley abortions that threaten millions of women … more pre-election October surprises … more post-election, November surprises” — all this is known yet it doesn’t seem to sink in that the voters are being had.

This is why Dr. Jha can be so blatant as John Hinderaker describes More Misinformation From the Feds. — “Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford was a co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration, and has proved to be right regarding just about everything relating to covid. But being prematurely right is dangerous.” But Dr. Jha is not alone. The Lancet bows down to the COVID cult, too. H.P. Smith describes a paper where the conclusions are at odds with the data presented. — “Despite their very clear findings, in the “interpretations” section of the paper they pay tribute to the vaccine narrative … They directly contradict themselves and ignore the findings from a decent attempt at actual science” … “Even after all we’ve learned and all we’ve been through, those who were wrong at nearly every turn simply cannot stop furthering the lies.”

Then take a look at the 2022 election fallout in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Alaska. That’s this visible part. What is happening in Nevada is still the beach ball being held under water (as Bongino has it).

Why? How to explain this? 


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Naval gazing is no response for when your critics need a mirror

About those white privileged dudes … Al Bienenfeld thinks Leftists are dangerously dehumanizing their political opponents. — “Two very different people but both doing something extremely dangerous, which is to dehumanize people. David Livingstone Smith has dedicated an entire book to this problem: Less Than Human: Why We Demean, Enslave, and Exterminate Others. … It requires dehumanization to liberate aggression and exclude the target from the moral community. … For the left, nothing must interfere with the dehumanization of the White non-liberal community. Once that’s done, the way is open for genocide.” — Stella Morabito says The ‘Whiteness’ Smear Is Really An Attack On Universal Values. — “Identity politics aims to humiliate ‘whites’ by constantly accusing them of their presumed ancestors’ role in things they didn’t do themselves.”

most people just want to live and let live. In general, an ordinary black person just wants what every ordinary white person wants: a place of his or her own to call home; close family; satisfying friendships; good schools for their children; good cheer; and the opportunity to explore, to discover, to build, to work, and to have a purpose in life. There’s nothing supremacist about that and certainly nothing white.

I recall a quote from a Soviet dissident who described the yearning for such freedom as a desire simply to own a little plot on which to grow one’s own tomatoes. I think that sums it up.

The differences are stark between those that want to be left alone and those who can’t stand it. Dennis Prager explains Between Left and Right, How Do You Know Which Side Isn’t Telling the Truth? — “In its suppression of scientific dissent, the American medical establishment mimics the medieval Church’s treatment of Galileo.” — Betsy McCaughey provides an example in The January 6 Committee Travesty. — “After conducting hundreds of depositions and closed-door hearings, committee staff were notified last week that most of their findings — about domestic extremist groups and about law enforcement’s failure to protect the Capitol — will be excluded from the final report.” That is why we have the Key Takeaways from the FBI Whistleblowers Report. Charles Sullivan provides a few of the salient points and provides a link for more. The central topic there is how The 2022 Mid-Terms Exposed the Existence of Two Americas and the Overwhelming Importance of the 2024 Election. Steve McCann says “Far too many, particularly the younger generations who voted overwhelmingly Democrat, dwell in mindless loyalty to a collectivist tribe, its leaders and its attendant ideology.  In their addled thinking this fidelity outweighs the well-being of themselves or the nation and its citizenry. … There is no middle ground as this nation is beset with dichotomous ideological and societal differences that are irreconcilable as one side (blue America) is hellbent on defeating and subjugating the other (red America).”

What to do? One warrior is at a decision point and Victor Davis Hanson wonders Will Trump ride off into the sunset, or play the broken hero? The answer came Tuesday. Trump’s stellar presidential announcement reminds us why we voted for him in 2016. Monica Showalter says “He didn’t get scattered, he didn’t descend into ad libs, and he didn’t attack other Republicans. … He focused on specific issues that are absolutely foremost in voters’ minds, according to polls.” What is of note at this is that the former President is being held to standards of perfection not applied to anyone else, even by those who struggle to deal with their agreement with his achievements.



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elections clarifications ballots versus votes again

The polling didn’t do so well in predicting results. Anomalies like a ‘Biden Bump’ keep cropping up. Delayed results in close races are showing up in the usual places. Equipment malfunctions seem to have a pattern, too. Mia Cathell notes that These Counties Experiencing Election Issues Have One Thing In Common. — “These five jurisdictions supposedly under in-person DOJ supervision throughout Tuesday suffered major muck-ups.” — Richard Moss has What Really Happened in the Midterms and Why – “This was their chance to bury Trump and avoid a great deal of damaging unpleasantness at very low to no real cost.”

The fear is that whenever one is dealing with the devil, or playing with fire, or even failing to do one’s level best, the risk of serious loss is much higher than the players are willing to believe going in.

Roger Kimball picks up on this as the NeverTrump Fraternity Parties On. Find fault and blame it on Trump but “Was it? Ninety-three percent of the hundreds of candidates Trump endorsed won their primary contest in the 2022 election. Eighty percent won in the general. That is a far higher percentage of wins for Trump-endorsed candidates than ever before.” Square this with the stories about some high profile Trump backed losses and Democrat campaign meddling? Then, on another front, consider Tim Graham with Democracy Dies in Climate Panic. — “The United Nations is one of the most sacred political cows in the liberal media. This is especially true when they convene the global elites on the perils of “climate change.” — The current president is apologizing for his predecessor calling the fraud in Paris. — “Journalists consider anyone who questions this my-way-or-hell viewpoint as not only a “denier” of science but an enemy of the people.”

Powerline is getting pushback on their Trump’s fault opinions, The Gateway Pundit has several election integrity stories such as Poll Pads Caught Adding *Hundreds* of Voters in Real Time as Poll is Being Closed and WAYNE ROOT: You’ve Been Gaslighted – Democrats Just Stole Another Election and Behind Closed Doors: More on Runbeck Election Services in Maricopa County and the Scanning of Ballot Envelopes and then there’s Tens of Billions of US Dollars Were Transferred to Ukraine and then Using FTX Crypto Currency the Funds Were Laundered Back to Democrats in US. Another set of opinions is looking at election wins and wondering why. Why vote for crime, infanticide, socialism, inflation, election fraud, conditional basic rights, political corr8ption, and myths about energy, disease, weather, and economy? Enough ballots were counted to support these issues to put irrationality in place as policy. Bongino and others are wondering just how much pain will be inflicted before enough people wake up to smell the odors.


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morphed into an ugly authoritarianism

Don Boudreaux says Certainty is Dangerous. He is talking about ideological certitude where there is no examination of faith. The stimulus is “Ken Burns’s, Lynn Novick’s, and Sarah Botstein’s moving new documentary, The U.S. and the Holocaust.”

“Our passions are inflamed by certainty and dampened by doubts. Only when we feel certain that members of that ‘other’ group are dangerous to us do we not hesitate to imprison or kill them. Only when we feel certain that imperiled ‘others’ are not deserving of our assistance do we, without qualms, withhold help. Feelings of certainty suppress sympathy or fellow-feeling for anyone or anything not fully on board with whatever tasks we are certain must be carried out. … 

Some examples. People who are certain that global warming will soon destroy humanity unless we radically restructure our way of life by abandoning fossil fuels have no sympathy for anyone who disagrees, nor who merely points to downsides of restricting fossil-fuel use. Those who were certain that COVID was destined to kill tens of millions of people annually across the globe, until and unless governments instituted draconian lockdowns, had only contempt and scorn for those who questioned this claim or who pointed to the downsides of lockdowns. Those who are certain that today’s income inequality reflects nothing but the pure happy chance lucked into by, or the predations committed by, the rich have no patience for arguments about how the rich might have earned their wealth honestly, nor how confiscatory taxation might destroy our economy. … 

Certainty shuts the case on whatever matters the certainty enfolds. Certainty closes off further thought, conversation, and debate. Certainty demands unquestioning loyalty and the enthusiastic performance of whatever actions are prescribed by those who are certain. Certainty tolerates no dissent.

A contrast for this is Christianity where certitude exists but it is marked by examination and debate. Compare that history with The Democrats Told Us Who They Were When They Locked Us Down – Issues & Insights and the characteristics Boudreaux noted in the documentary. — “Voters should be enraged, so alarmed at the Democrats’ systemic violations of liberty that starting today they spend the next three to four election cycles throwing the bums out. Our republic is at stake.”

Robert W Malone describes the witness of James A Thorp, Board-Certified Obstetrician cries “STOP” – “Promoting SARS-CoV-2 genetic vaccination in Pregnancy is an unprecedented ethical breach” … “This is a disaster of unparalleled proportions. I have reviewed the frightening drop in birthrates in countries all over the world since the rollout of the “vaccine”. This is emphasized by An Existential Threat to Doing Good Science where Luana Maroja says “What scientists are able to teach and what research we can pursue are under attack. I know because I’m living it” … “We each have our own woke tipping point—the moment you realize that social justice is no longer what we thought it was, but has instead morphed into an ugly authoritarianism.” Authoritarianism is based on a false certitude so now we are back at the top.


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Do voters really see through dishonesty?

No, both sides are not the same even though both wonder how on earth the folks on the other side can think they way they do. From the left, the definitions are usually vague and arguments ad hominem. From the right it’s usually issue based and chapter and verse. The slate is full this morning. M.B. Mathews wonders The Democrats — Mass Psychosis or Pathological Lying?

Are the Democrats experiencing mass hallucinations? Mass psychoses? What is happening? Is their media bubble so air-tight that truth never gets in? How does it happen that an entire political party’s hierarchy and much of its rank-and-file cannot discern what is true from what is demonstrably false? Or is it that the Democrats know precisely what the truth is and have made the corporate decision to lie, lie, lie all the way to pathology? … When wise people are mentally ill, they get help. When a party is sick they should cleanse the wounds and get healing help from wiser heads.

The tippinsights Editorial Board says “Voters see through dishonesty” as Dems’ Untruths Worsen Ballot Box Woes. — “The same pattern continues on J6 and the risk to the Capitol, the Mar-A-Lago raid (which has taken a back seat these days), abortion, and the severe rise in urban crime. The Dems always take positions with which the average voter disagrees and say things that are fundamentally untrue.” The I & I Editorial Board wonders Could Our Politics Be Even More Childish? — “Turn on the television, listen to the radio, or take a stroll through the internet. Democrats and their media confederates are busy dishing out the nonsense in helpings large enough to choke a giant. Either they are intentionally trying to deceive, or they are extraordinarily puerile. Or both.” Victor Davis Hanson says if The Left Were the Mad Scientists, We Were Their Lab Rats. — “We are now headed for a decisive midterm election. Strangely the hard-left architects of the last two years neither offer a defense of their failing agendas, nor agree to change them.”

Then there’s the media. David Strom takes on the WaPo: hide the evidence. — “Philip Bump of the Washington Post argues that releasing the video from the Paul Pelosi break in/assault would only fuel conspiracy theories. Best to stick to the official Narrative™ so that we plebs don’t get any uppity ideas that we aren’t being told the truth.” David Zukerman is Deconstructing the New York Times anti-GOP coverage of the attack on Paul Pelosi. — “Of course, for the Times base, “good people” cannot possibly be Republicans, conservatives, or MAGA suppoters.  For The New York Times and “its ilk” anyone who does not march in lockstep with the left is, of course, a threat to democracy.”  Miranda Devine describes How the government hid the truth behind Hunter Biden’s laptop. — “The more we find out about the collusion that has been going on among the Biden administration, the security agencies and Big Tech, the more alarming it is — and the more unrepentant they are.”

And that leads to other institutional corruption. Rebecca Behrends describes The latest scheme to rig elections In Michigan. — “We need to stop allowing the Democrats to poke more holes into the attempts to keep elections fair, honest and secure.  It has become a game of whack a mole.  Get rid of one assault on security and another one pops up.” Nick Mastrangelo and Laura Elizabeth Jenkins think Government Testimony Raises More Questions Than Answers in Oathkeepers Trial — “It appears that the prosecution stringing together a broad narrative that doesn’t fit what actually happened? … Is the government trying to confuse legal conduct with criminal conduct because it is hiding something? … it is becoming more and more obvious that Judge Mehta and his cohorts in the DC District are corrupt and have no business overseeing any court proceedings.” For the medical establishment there is Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times reporting on the Medical Board Moves To Strip Dr. Peter McCullough Of Certifications | ZeroHedge. — “McCullough said he’s concerned that ABIM will “continue to cherry-pick data and claim they have ownership over the ‘truth’ when in reality we are simply discussing data from a rapidly evolving pandemic.” This is what California has put into law. too.



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Sophistry? Let’s pretend it didn’t happen.

There is a ‘that’ to any ‘this’ and Dee Chadwell has examples in The Cart Before the Horse. “you can’t have freedom without law.  Not only that, but you can’t have law without punishment” … “rights without responsibilities … prosperity without production … comfort without the use of fossil fuels … food without farmers and we can’t have farmers without fuel … schools without discipline and without expectations … medicine without compassion … science without integrity … the benefits of trust, but we don’t much like truth … goodness without God, without Jesus Christ.” 

Brown University econ professor Emily Oster’s mea culpa in the Atlantic has been noticed in the Nuremberg trials sort of way. el gato malo calls it emily oster’s no good, really bad, terrible idea. — “when we were in the dark about covid” is not a useful excuse for bad behavior.” Neo weighs in with Emily “Litella” Oster in The Atlantic: let’s have a COVID amnesty. — “the reaction was overdone might be more inclined to forgive and forget except for one thing: naysayers to the lockdowns and all the rest, as well as the unvaccinated, were demonized unmercifully by the left.” Tyler Durden calls out “You Murderous Hypocrites”: Outrage Ensues After The Atlantic Suggests ‘Amnesty’ For Pandemic Authoritarians. — “It was not a simple matter of overreaction, there was collusion to remove all counter-information … Perhaps the mainstream media is suddenly realizing that they may have to face some payback for their covid zealotry?  “We didn’t know! We were just following orders!”  It all sounds rather familiar.” Sundance: Leftist Professor Writing for Atlantic Magazine Wants to Let Bygones be Bygones and Accept a “Pandemic Amnesty” – Sorry, Not Happening. — “For two years they shoved their intolerant fingers in our faces, destroyed lives and livelihoods, made ridiculous demands in order to sustain their own fear, threatened our children, destroyed the economy, used COVID as an excuse to destroy families and steal an election, attempted to force us to kneel at the altar of their mask wearing and never-ending vaccine crap, took our jobs if we refused their mandates… and we’re just supposed to what, forgive them?”

This has roots in a whole treasure chest of deceit and dishonesty. Michael Senger describes the action in Lockdowns: The Great Gaslighting | ZeroHedge. — “in order to see that reality is starting to dawn on the mainstream left, one must read between the lines of how their narrative on the response to Covid has evolved over the past two years.” … “The collective denial of these horrors, and the refusal of media, financial, and political elites to report on them, amounts to nothing less than the greatest act of gaslighting that we’ve seen in modern times.” There is a lot of denial. Richard McDonough describes The Democrats’ ‘election denier’ sophistry. — “one need only determine whether one is prevented, perhaps by using deceptive language and time-worn sophistical tricks, from even being permitted to discuss it. If they won’t let you discuss it then it was likely stolen.” George Shuster  has Election fraud deniers at the Wall Street Journal. — “committing serial cognitive dissonance.”

John Green says You’d Better Be Prepared for the Perfect Transportation Storm. “This is what a man-made storm convergence looks like.” This particular apocalyptic has specific concerns to worry about.  


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Great Head Fakes of the Doomsday Prophets

The doomsday prophets seem to be missing something. Richard McDonough has Abrams and Oprah to provide an example in The Democrats’ Never-Ending ‘Apocalypse Now’ Argument. — “It is much easier to insinuate than to formulate.” 

Voters must recognize that as soon as one hears the apocalyptic language, one is being played.  If politicians are actually interested in solving America’s problems, they will make concrete proposals in measured language.  It is when Democrats have no solutions, but only an unbounded personal ambition, that they must resort to using apocalyptic fear tactics.

The ‘United’ Nations provide Eric Utter with another example as the UN claims climate catastrophe now almost unavoidable. — “The Democrats welcomed these reports, as they interpret them as lending support to their virulently anti-American agenda.  They, and the media (sorry, I repeat myself), are pulling out all the stops now, just days before the midterm elections.  This is evidenced by ever more extreme, panicked, and preposterous headlines” 

Jack Hellner says The media and other Democrats can see the handwriting on the wall and are becoming desperate “so they need to destroy Republicans.” A catalog of sins follows. That leads to John Hinderaker and Can We Please Have Some Racism? preferably “of the approved sort–but it is hard to find” — “For now, let’s just note the absurdity of the Daily Show going prospecting for racism in, of all places, the fact that the son of Indian immigrants is now the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.” For more head spinning, see Steven Hayward In Re: The Pelosi Story. — “Yeah, sure, this apparent nudist protester from the Castro district of San Francisco is somehow a right-wing Proud Boy “insurrectionist.” I guess they can’t figure out how to play the race card with this story, though you’d think it wouldn’t be that hard to throw down “white supremacy.” He also notes the “leftist ugliness” regarding the death of Lucianne Goldberg.

But the farmers are fighting back. Vijay Jayaraj is asking Why Are Farmers Defying Bans to Cultivate GM Crops? The is a nuclear power argument redux. “The answer is straightforward: GM crops give higher yields, are resilient to deadly plant diseases, and can withstand tough environmental conditions.” The Doomsday prophets deny the evidence and will not tolerate farmers making a living by helping mass populations avoid starvation and malnutrition, just like they did in handicapping the availability of cheap energy that is needed to raise the standard of living of the impoverished. — “Many middle- and low-income countries have yet to approve GM crops despite them being declared safe by the world’s leading food regulatory bodies. Additionally, a wave of anti-GMO activism disrupts their adoption.”

The Hillsdale Imprimis picks up another dimension of the assault on humanity from a talk by Jeffrey A. Tucker: The Economic Disaster of the Pandemic Response. “The economy—viewed as mechanistic, money-centered, mostly about the stock market, and detached from anything truly important—was pitted against public health and the preservation of life.” … “The lockdown approach in 2020 stood in stark contrast to a century of public health experience in dealing with pandemics.” … “Health and economics both require the nonnegotiable called freedom. May we never again experiment with the near abolition of freedom in the cause of mitigating disease.”


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