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Bigotry driven hate on display and a bit of Moonbattery tossed in for good measure

It’s the day after. The womyn gathered in such large numbers that the original parade route had to be changed. The media is concentrating on the vacant seats at the inauguration set up for the Democrats who don’t believe in democracy and ignoring the masses on the mall and the masses trying to get past security checkpoints. Some of those checkpoints had been blockaded by protesters and a number of the violent protesters are facing felony charges. The NYT is reporting Soros links to dozens of organizations behind the womyn’s gathering. And egregious Fake News in the Left’s Propaganda Machine are being noted. It’s a new era.

Roger Simon has a calm rundown on the The Pointless Paranoia of the Women’s Marches.

I am no stranger to protesting … But I have come to think over the years that too much demonstrating can get to be a bad habit, like smoking.

Now I’m not talking here about the Gloria Steinems and Michael Moores, for whom protest is so much a way of life they couldn’t exist without it.

I’m talking about the rest of us, especially, this weekend, a fair percentage of the women of America who descended on our nation’s capital and elsewhere in impressive numbers.

Excuse me if I don’t get it. What exactly was motivating them?

So back to square one. What was the purpose of Saturday’s demonstrations? None, I think, meaning nothing substantive in the provable sense. They were propaganda. Basically the protests were media and social media ginned-up events intended to continue opposition to the myth, not the reality, of a Trump administration for political purposes.

Which leads me to a final point — people who demonstrate all the time should consider they risk morphing into a collective version of the boy who cried wolf. When there’s something really worth protesting, no one believes them anymore.

For a bit less calm view, with pictures, see Sundance on the Making Moonbattery Great Again….

Most of America knows the organizers of the various “Women’s Marches” today did not construct women’s events, they constructed events for women who are anti-Trump and voted for Hillary Clinton, ie. liberal women. After all, billionaire George Soro’s financing is behind more than 50 groups who organized the various events.

There is a specific type of moonbattery exhibited by people demanding they must not be defined by their body parts, while they simultaneously hold up signs defining themselves by their body parts. An intellectual irony seemingly lost almost all the marchers.

On the Fake News front, WaPo has an excellent example of the innuendo version. Matt Zapotosky: Trump White House vows it won’t coddle ‘the rioter, the looter, or the violent disrupter’. His first clue is in picking up the “carnage in America” quote and attempting to minimize it: “That is true, though lethal violence remains low by historical standards.” Another example is “The statement noted rioters, looters and disrupters, but it made no mention of people’s First Amendment rights to free speech. The only amendment it mentioned was the second, the right to bear arms.” As if free speech is going to be abridged by considering rioting and looting as a crime rather than free speech. Finally, he brings in the case of Eric Garner with the BLM based debunked Fake News errors of the past to end with the idea that it is the authority that is criminal, not the criminals. 

T. Becket Adams says It has been a really bad week for journalism and provides a litany of examples.

It has been a particularly embarrassing week for the press, and it’s only Saturday.

For an industry that’s as disliked and distrusted as Congress, there’s a lot of work that media need to do to win back viewers’ trust. There’s no room for error, especially now that there’s a subgenre of “news” that has zero basis in fact, and is created from thin air for the sole purpose of generating cash.

But learning to be more careful and even-handed is apparently difficult for some in media, and this week was especially rough for newsrooms that are already struggling to regain credibility.

In no particular order, here are some of the most embarrassing media moments from this week:

There’s the NYT hit on Perry, The MLK bust, The Gelernter slam, Christian prayer shaming, bullying MKL III, First Lady website resume juice, and the website revision paranoia. This last showed up in local news about downtown protests. That was a ‘woman on the street’ interview with aimlessly wandering people thinking they were protesting something that illustrated that they were out only due to ignorance, bigotry, and hatred with nothing constructive in mind. One cited the last of testimony of support for LGBT causes on the White House website as his cause for paranoia.

This is the sort of blind hatred that Thomas Lifson notes in The conspiracy to impeach Trump already launched.

It should be crystal clear to all Americans that his political enemies are searching for any pretext to launch an impeachment effort to unseat President Trump, once they think it would have a chance of success. Given the level of animosity toward Trump in his own party, and the possibility of midterm election losses for the president’s party (the normal pattern in American politics), these efforts can’t be dismissed as impossible.

We know about this secret conspiracy because of a leak to the Washington Free Beacon.

If this sounds like a sales pitch, that’s because it is. Brock functions only with the funding of rich leftists like George Soros and his allies, and his humiliating failure to deliver for them in the 2016 election leaves him no option but to escalate, in hopes the suckers donors will throw good money after bad.

The sales pitch presents a well-oiled machine already operating:

I have little doubt that the megaphone of the White House will be employed to publicize this memo. What are the odds that Brock will blame the Russians? But the Vast Leftwing Conspiracy has been exposed laying out its plans in serch of a pretext for all to see.

The left is counting on media support to make its case for impeachment work. But that is a diminishing asset for them, and the Trump administration has signaled that it is ready to help dispatch the ailing members as they collapse. I think it is time to ask prominent Congressional Dems if they are willing to condemn the effort to impeach before a pretext is even available.

One of the problems here is that the Democrats have established precedent to set the bar very very low. The analogy is their invocation of the ‘nuclear option’ that handcuffs their opposition to nominee ‘advice and consent’. For impeachment, they have shown that even behavior egregious enough to get a president expelled from the bar is insufficient to remove him from office.

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Saturday after

Andrew Malcom takes a look: Of 45 presidents, Trump joins a super-select group who were not politicians. Excluding George Washington, only six of 45 presidents have not come up through the political ranks.

all six have been members of the Republican Party or its predecessor, the Whigs.

Half were retired generals, in effect, military chief executives. Two were wealthy businessmen, successful civilian executives. One was a career government executive who is the only person to ever head the executive and judicial branches of America’s government.

Only two of the six served two terms.

It is really rather remarkable that, over more than 200 years, Americans have chosen presidents outside the swamp more than 10% of the time.

Douglas V. Gibbs provides a bit more evidence than the Intelligence Community did on the Russians supporting his theory for who was involved in trying to corrupt the election: WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton Bribed Republicans to Influence Election.

Never mind the Russians. It was Hillary Clinton who was actually trying to sabotage the 2016 Presidential Election, according to a WikiLeaks release.

The information released shows that the Hillary Clinton campaign staffers bribed six Republicans to “destroy Trump”.

The evidence includes an email from John Podesta to Huma Abedin discussing diverting Clinton campaign funds to various Republicans who were secretly on the Clinton payroll.

Ed Morrissey describes why the Inaugural shows ‘The Resistance’ is an attack on democracy.

At a time when the nation set out to celebrate the peaceful transfer of authority, activists on the left descended on the nation’s capital to show just how fragile that can be.

A self-governed nation must have ways to hold elected officials accountable, and the existence of peaceful, law-abiding demonstrations can assure us of the health of our liberty.

That, however, was not what we saw on Inauguration Day. It didn’t start on Inauguration Day, either, or even on Inauguration Eve. This started immediately after the election, when those on the losing side of the election began dubbing themselves “The Resistance.”

This grandiose and pretentious appellation insults those who actually have to live under authoritarian regimes, including Cuba, whose oppressed no longer have the promise of expedited asylum if they manage to reach the United States, thanks to the outgoing president’s actions in the final hours of his term.

Those who lose elections in free countries are the opposition, and can fix that by winning the next election. Instead of asking why they lost, the “resistance” decided to pretend the loss of an election amounts to oppression and have adopted the language of revolution to rally themselves.

That incendiary language didn’t just get adopted by a few on the fringe, but by many on the left, including some in the news and entertainment media.

After they lost, the activist left refuses to accept that fact and instead wants to grab power at the point of a stick, the blunt side of a brick and the business end of a riot. That’s about as far from “anti-fascist” as it gets.

What we have seen in Washington this week is not a rational or lawful exercise of freedom of speech but a violent temper tantrum by those who will accept no governance other than their own rule, regardless of the expressed will of the electorate. That will be a lesson voters should learn and consider for the next election — and beyond.

There are reports that the ACLU has already started filing lawsuits, the carping about personal financial records and imagined conflicts of interest continue unabated, that attacks on the President’s young son have already started, that Democrats are doing everything they can to oppose just because a Republican is trying to do something and taking offense at any slight imagined or otherwise, and hyperbolic excessive pessimism about everything … i.e. business as usual for the Left. The question is whether it will be damped by public shaming or, as it has for the last few years, be fanned into hatred and violence.

The apologists take the ‘everybody does it’ excuse. That is a denial of what is readily evident as the Right does not engage in wholesale riot, property destruction, or adamant opposition no matter the position.

The new President has offered an invitation to all to come aboard and address inner city poverty and violence. Will the Democrats join in the effort or will they continue to oppose and impugn and build walls and isolate themselves? Will they continue to obsess on the words he uses to describe that violence or join in to address the problem?

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Emotional Science and Irrational Politics and the Media’s fingers in both

ACSH: Media Think World Of Science And Health Will End On Inauguration Day 2017 – “a substantial number of Americans, goaded on by a sensationalist press and the hyperpartisan echo chamber of social media, strongly disagree. One could be forgiven for thinking that America is diving head first into a new Dark Age… or worse.” FUD Mongering headlines are cited. Then there’s the question: Are Science Journals Politically Biased? Editor-In-Chief Of ACS Journal Refuses To Discuss Editorial Policy – “there is a small but growing perception among Americans that scientists are becoming politically biased. Indeed, surveys have confirmed that Democrats vastly outnumber Republicans in academia. And, over the last few months, the behavior of high-profile scientific journals has only served to reconfirm these perceptions of bias.”

It is difficult to avoid the perception of bias among the public when editors at journals are condemning a new president before he has even taken office.

Given the oddity of preemptively declaring war on an administration before it has taken charge, I was curious if ES&T Letters had published any editorials critical of President Obama. After all, he presided over at least two extremely controversial policies that were decided by politics rather than science

Combined, the message being sent by the scientific community is loud and clear: “We will give preferential treatment to politicians we like, and we will refuse to even consider treating fairly those we don’t.” That’s hardly an attitude befitting a scientist; on the contrary, it is what we would expect from a partisan or TV pundit.

Such conduct is bad for science. The honor and privilege bestowed upon this “secular priesthood” ought not be abused. Currently, science continues to earn widespread admiration from both sides of the political spectrum. And though a large majority of Americans still believe scientists are politically unbiased, that reputation will erode unless the scientific community makes a better effort to behave that way.

That horse has already left the barn and the concerns are a day late and a dollar short.

Ian Hanchet: Krauthammer: Young Man Starting Fire at Anti-Trump Protest Has ‘A Whiff of ISIS To It’ – “[I]t tells you how completely weird the parents and the other people out there are. These are the same people who show up at the IMF meetings, and world bank, the Occupy Wall Street. You ask them, ‘Why are you out there?’ They’re completely incoherent. … I mean, these people ought to be medicated.”

I think the real culprits here are the people who ought to be the adults. The one’s who ought to set an example, and that’s the one-third of Democrats in Congress, who will refuse to attend, and actively boycott the inauguration. I think that is scandalous. An inauguration is not the celebration of party victory. It’s a kind of civic sacrament for something that it is exceedingly rare in the world, which is the transfer of power, uninterrupted now for 240 years, the longest anywhere on earth. That’s something that you celebrate.”

Valerie Richardson picks up on this as Trump trashing and bashing becomes a permanent role for political left – “Is the political left getting ahead of itself in bashing and trashing the Trump White House?”

Nobody expects the losing party to celebrate after a presidential race, but political analysts say the postelection frenzy of fundraising, war rooms, protests and social media hysteria represents an alarming departure from the traditional stoic acceptance of years past.

“A democracy only works if the factions, the divisions are done peacefully and resolved peacefully, and compromises are made,” Mr. Horowitz said. “There’s a honeymoon after the election in which the losing party defends the legitimacy of the election result. That’s why we’ve had peace since the Civil War in this country.”

Democrats say Republicans didn’t make it easy for Barack Obama, who had barely got comfortable in the White House before the tea party announced its arrival with a march on Washington in September 2009.

On the other hand, conservatives never tried to upend the 2008 Electoral College result by urging electors to defect, or called for his impeachment before he took office, or organized dozens of demonstrations to coincide with his inauguration.

Fixating on Mr. Trump also prevents Democrats from promoting a positive message for voters, especially if he winds up scoring policy victories early on in his administration.

“His job is to produce for the American people,” Mr. Gingrich said, “and frankly, to the degree that the Democrats decay into just being the anti-Trump party, they will keep themselves in the minority a long time.”

Jon Fleischman: Dems Boycotting Trump Should Burn American Flags, Too – “When elected federal legislators announce that they are boycotting the official swearing-in of the new president, they are not protesting the person that was elected, they are protesting America itself.”

But I believe that for an elected member of Congress ,being on hand to affirm and support this peaceful transition of power between chief executives is their responsibility — one they are shirking to make a cheap political statement that does more to diminish themselves than anything else.

Thomas Lifson says Wynton Marsalis nails it on performers boycotting the inauguration – “Make people cheat you to your face, son.”

As some performers disgrace themselves with dishonored vows to leave the U,S. upon Trump’s election and petulant bullying of peers who dare express willingness to perform at the inaugural, a genuine star has put them all to shame. Wynton Marsalis posted an essay on Facebook that deserves to be read in its entirety

Mike Kimmitt describes The Democrats’ acidic petulance – “Still posted on the CNN website is a months-old interview that again reveals the stunning phoniness of today’s hard-left Democrat-press complex.”

Earnest believes that the rapidly diminishing numbers of Democrats remaining in Congress and in state houses across the land are so convinced of their own righteousness that the most revolting display of petulance is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

With thousands of anarchists conspiring to disrupt or curtail inaugural events, Democrats in Congress are essentially urging them on with their acidic behavior.

CNN did its part with a stunningly irresponsible report in which it wistfully speculated that Democrats might be able to maintain the White House if Trump were assassinated before being sworn in.

The dangerous garishness of the Democratic Party and their sycophants in the press and on the streets of Washington, D.C. is as unprecedented as it is shameful.

On the State Left’s Propaganda Machine Kelly Riddell notes The one-sided coverage of Donald Trump – “Everybody, including the Never-Trumpers suffers for it.” Wesley Pruden picks up on consequences as a A hearty last laugh for the Donald – “Donald Trump’s greatest contribution to America will be his stripping the media, particularly the overpaid and undereducated television media, of its last pretense to fairness and objectivity.” Jennifer Harper says Battered mainstream press limps into uncharted age of Trump, social media – “There’s no press honeymoon now and not much chance for one in the future.” Warren L. Dean Jr. fits in here, too with his look at The Democrats’ ‘dossier’ – “Spying on Russia’s mischief, or even faking it, is a dangerous game.”

“Our new president is a master of communicating directly with the world in his own way, and social media enables him to bypass the press,” said veteran pollster John Zogby. “Meanwhile, the mainstream press is out of the loop, suffering from fewer viewers and subscribers, and threatened by serious distrust from the public. Ironically, the media seem to need Trump more than vice versa because he is such good drama and copy for them.”

Then, if you are into FUD Mongering, consider Andrew Blake: Passwords of top Trump appointees leaked online after earlier data breaches: Report – “Cabinet members identified in the report had their internet passwords compromised and leaked online as a consequence of high profile data breaches suffered by LinkedIn, MySpace and other websites hacked between 2012 and 2016, Channel 4 said.” This is why the prudent person manages his passwords according to accepted best practices, unlike Podesta. The fear being spread is that anyone can now read the incoming official’s private correspondence. The reality is that the incoming officials are rather more prudent than the outgoing officials as there were no such leaks as envisioned by the FUD Mongerers in the Propaganda Machine.

Charles Hurt: Donald Trump the Revolutionary – “He is coming to change many things in the lives of Americans.” Indeed, the fear of change is what is driving much of the TDS hysteria. But consider:

From the darkest corners of the bloated federal bureaucracy to the bright marble columns of the Supreme Court, Mr. Trump’s mandate is as broad as it is dramatic. Illegal immigration, international trade, education, Obamacare and America’s war against terrorism are all on the table for complete overhauls.

Refreshingly, Mr. Trump’s mandate is not a partisan one. He owes very little to the Republican Party and absolutely nothing to the Democratic Party. He handily defeated partisans on both sides of the political aisle.

He also owes nothing to any industry or special interest group except the voters who elected him and the free market system that made him a billionaire. He is owned by no one.

As a result, Mr. Trump stands poised to reinvent the entire federal government in favor of the American people alone. He is a tireless agent of disruption and an unbending force for creative destruction.

Donald Trump would not know a “talking point” if he saw one. He could barely get along with the teleprompter.

But he could talk.

And in plain English, he promised to re-invent the federal government from the ground up. People here were shocked, horrified, scandalized, frightened. But, outside Washington and the establishment media, people loved it.

Jazz Shaw on the bitter end of the Obama Era provides a wrap up.

The proceedings have started. There is much more commentary and news. Time for a breather.

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1/19/2017: Smears, Worries based on nightmares, and other emotional issues

There’s so much more but this is already up to near 2500 words.

Walter E. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University, published a ‘twofer’ of his thoughts today. One is about the racial disparity in crime and the other about international trade. Both are top agenda items for the new President. Here are selections from Dr. Williams thoughts.

Black Crime: The FBI reported that the total number of homicides in 2015 was 15,696. Blacks were about 52 percent of homicide victims … and over 90 percent of the time, the perpetrator was another black. Listening to the news media and the Black Lives Matter movement, one would think that black deaths at the hands of police are the major problem. It turns out that in 2015, police across the nation shot and killed 986 people. Of that number, 495 were white (50 percent), 258 were black (26 percent) and 172 Hispanic (17 percent). A study of 2,699 fatal police killings between 2013 and 2015, conducted by John R. Lott Jr. and Carlisle E. Moody of the Crime Prevention Research Center, demonstrates that the odds of a black suspect’s being killed by a black police officer were consistently greater than a black suspect’s getting killed by a white officer. Politicians, race hustlers and the news media keep such studies under wraps because these studies don’t help their narrative about racist cops.

Today’s level of lawlessness and insecurity in many black communities is a relatively new phenomenon. … The presence of criminals, having driven many businesses out, forces residents to bear the costs of shopping outside their neighborhoods. … Politicians who call for law and order are often viewed negatively, but poor people are the most dependent on law and order. … Ultimately, the solution to high crime rests with black people. Given the current political environment, it doesn’t pay a black or white politician to take those steps necessary to crack down on lawlessness in black communities.

International Trade Thuggery: Some American companies relocate in foreign lands because costs are lower and hence their profits are higher. Lower labor costs are not the only reason companies move to other countries. … One of the unappreciated benefits of international trade is that it helps reveal the cost of domestic policy. … My argument here is not against the costly regulations that we impose on ourselves. I am merely suggesting that we should appreciate the cost of those regulations. The fact that a good or service can be produced more cheaply elsewhere helps.

Trump’s threats to impose high tariffs on the products of companies that leave ought to be a worry for us … President Barack Obama has circumvented the Constitution and Congress through executive orders. … One wonders whether Trump plans to broaden that power by implementing trade tariffs through executive order. … By the way, all trade is fair in the eyes of the parties trading, or else they would not trade. It’s third parties who seek to interfere.

His worry is indicative. He is worried about the incoming president where the worry is speculative but just notes the reality of his worry about the current president. He also illustrates that his base concern isn’t so much executive abuse of the Constitution as it is of the regulatory agencies run amok.

Tucker Carlson ‘interviewed’ one of the House Boycotters and demonstrated that the boycotters concerns were ignorant of Trump’s published positions and ideas and that the Representative had much in common with Trump’s views despite asserting no common ground.

On the Russian blame game (one of the two most common Leftist excuses for losing several thousand elections country wide): “It should come as no surprise that the Democratically commissioned dossier is virtually incredible.” … “The strangest part of this story is that the so-called intelligence community in the United States reportedly got bamboozled into briefing President Obama and President-elect Trump on the dossier, and possibly presenting a summary of it to them.” … “The real story here is that the perfidious Russians were themselves being spied on.” [Warren L. Dean Jr]

It’s “Drunk on Group Think” (Kennedy). What makes it remarkable is that it is an anti-civilization effort based on blatant ignorance and dishonesty. It makes it clear that many Democrats have effective governance very low on their list of priorities and grievance politics at the very top. Trump inauguration boycott grows to third of Democratic caucus – “President-elect’s feud with John Lewis fuels unity. ” Even the Washington Times is showing the Left bias here. A cursory look at the Lewis ruckus reveals it was a Lewis feud with Trump based on fake news (The Russians and the LA/NYC vote) and ignorance of Trump’s positions. No matter. That’s just intellectual integrity and that is not valued much on the Left.

“It seems fairly unprecedented this number of people would boycott and in such a formalized manner,” said Barbara Perry, presidential studies director of the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia.

House Democrats know a thing or two about boycotting Republican inaugurals — a handful skipped the 2001 swearing-in of President George W. Bush — but the only event comparable to this year’s exodus in terms of scale is the 1973 inauguration of President Nixon.

David Sherfinski: Newt Gingrich on boycotters: Why would you ‘abandon America’? – ““They’re childish and silly. The inauguration is not about Republicans. It’s not about Donald Trump,” Mr. Gingrich said.” On the up side is the idea that they are making this clear to the public at large. This perfidy in politicians has much to do with Trump winning the election and the antics of the left like the aggressive bullying and the pompous boycotting may help educate others who have not yet understood the lesson.

On the bias in evidence front, Douglas Ernst reports that Bill Maher puts Hollywood ‘bubble’ on notice: ‘We’re the losers now’ – ““It’s very insular, just the liberals talking to themselves, which they are very good at doing,” Mr. Maher said.” Then there’s this: “It is a very troubling idea that the FBI is politicized. When the internal police department is politicized, that’s a place I don’t want to be on the wrong side of — I mean, that’s fascism.” He ‘forgets’ that the FBI issue was based on the politicization of the DoJ and efforts to dance around top down pressure and the AG meeting with the suspect. That bias about pending Fascism also misses what has been happening in the IRS and other agencies. i.e. there is a who lotta’ projection going on.

Robert Oscar Lopez says Want to Know Why Trump Won? Just Ask His Supporters – He highlights why the TDS temper tantrums are so dangerous. The tantrums feed into the angst that elected Trump. The election was the proper, the peaceful way for the angst to speak. If it is not heard then other ways to speak will happen.

If you have never been publicly accused of bigotry, you may have a difficult time understanding what political correctness means for the ordinary citizen who cannot afford to be fired, does not retain a personal lawyer, has no publicist, and lacks the resources to rescue his reputation from the onslaught of a left-wing character smear.

“Bigot! Hater!” These used to be allegations that might make one less attractive on the social scene, but nowadays they are as deadly as being accused of sorcery in 1690 in Massachusetts, or of sodomy in 1890 in London, or of Communism in 1953 in Washington, D.C.

Since Trump won, I find a huge burden lifted from me. So much of people’s ability to make me afraid to speak honestly pointed ultimately to Obama’s presence at the top of the chain of being, to marshal civic powers against anyone accused of hate. Without the IRS, the Department of Justice, the intelligence community, and the whole federal behemoth backing up the P.C. troops on the streets, we are…free.

It feels wonderful, and Trump isn’t even president yet.

S.E.Cupp has her opinion, too: Democrats, please control yourselves: Trump derangement syndrome will not help win policy fights – “If Democrats want to project strength and confidence in their ability to survive in the era of Trump — and one day defeat him — they have a long recovery ahead.” People are observing and many understand what they see.

In the hours and days following Trump’s toppling of Hillary Clinton, liberals around the country collapsed into seizing, heaving piles of inconsolable apoplexy. And it’s led to some truly tragic, and embarrassing, behavior among some.

Snit fits about every little thing are not an effective way to oppose a President’s agenda.

Party leaders and activists don’t look defiant, resolved and unified; they look alarmingly insecure, weak and spastic.

She falls into the ‘both sides do it fallacy’ – can you find any mainstream Republican kicking and screaming in response to Obama like we see now by Democrats in response to Trump? But, in this case, that is a minor issue in her main point that “if we want to get through this, and maybe get a Democrat or another Republican elected in four years, we need to pick ourselves up, put our heads down, and go to work.”

Don Surber takes up the compare and contrast in President Trump and Obama — a Tale of Two Palms – It highlights the fact that Trump, and much of his cabinet, are entering government after retiring from successful careers while the Obamas, and the Clintons, and Harry Reid entered government as paupers looking for wealth and fame in government service. He illustrates the absurdity about these ‘unfit’ judgments and complaints about lack of experience or lack of qualifications directed at Trump.

Only after he succeeded in life, did Donald Trump seek the presidency.

Then there is Barack Obama, a man who built nothing and did nothing prior to running for office. He wrote two books, did he?

Trump wrote 18.

As an over-rated community organizer once said, You Did Not Built This.

By the way, the Clintons and the Obamas mooched off friends to vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. Both Bushes and Reagan went to their own vacation places.

On the typical Leftist smearing of the ‘Republicans are going to push grandma off the cliff and kill women and children variety’ is John Merline asking Are Those ‘ObamaCare Saved My Life’ Stories Legitimate?

But the relevant question isn’t: “Did ObamaCare help some people?” The relevant question is: “Could the same benefits have been achieved at lower costs?

Did ObamaCare help some people? No doubt.

Are there a better, cheaper, more competitive, less intrusive ways to expand insurance coverage by making it more affordable?

Given ObamaCare’s enormous price tag, the disruptions it’s caused, the false promises made to get it enacted, the market implosion it sparked, and the ongoing lack of public support, the answer to that question is also a definitive “Yes.”

On the Fake News front is the IBD on Media Malpractice In The Age Of Trump – “For eight years, it was virtually impossible to get reporters interested in legitimate Obama administration scandals. Now, reporters are so eager to run scandal stories about the incoming Trump administration that they are making them up.” The example is the attempt to smear nominee Tom Price.

In other words, there is no story here, much less a scandal.

The fact that CNN pretended that there was one says nothing about Price’s ethics. It does, however, say plenty about the blatant partisan bias of today’s “independent” press.

The rant of the day award goes to Colin Flaherty on Trump and Obama’s Legacy of Racism – “Racial quotas and affirmative action is an essential part of every cubicle in every office in every department. Top to bottom … white people have to fix that. Because black people are not responsible for their own behavior. .”

Now the only question is whether Trump and his army are going to be ready to take the helm of a federal government that has made racial resentment a fundamental organizing principle of its existence. Part of the DNA of every policy in every nook and cranny in every federal office.

Or whether they think this cancer of institutional racial resentment can wait another day.

On the gun control issue Jazz Shaw says A roundup of illegal guns in Washington, D.C. proves telling – “one thing we do know is that the vast, vast majority of firearms used in crimes were not bought at the local gun shop by someone who passed a background check.”

one of the bright spots at the Washington Post has been the work of Colbert I. King. While we obviously don’t agree on everything, he usually covers the D.C. metro beat and his reporting is generally fair and critical of the district’s government where deserved. He’s done a lot of work on the outrageous but often unreported crime rate and the problems residents have been facing on that score. This week he looks at a collection of weapons confiscated from criminals and highlights some important information. Shockingly for the WaPo, it doesn’t point to an immediate demand for stricter gun control laws. In fact, a closer look indicates almost precisely the opposite.

think about the work the district police are doing. They are finding a relatively huge number of guns considering that D.C. has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. And pretty much all of those guns were obtained illegally. Keep that in mind next time you talk to someone pushing for more background checks and tougher restrictions on legal firearms purchases.

Stephen Hayward manages to come up with both a smear and Fake News and media malfeasance: Washington Post Goes Full Retard – “And people in the media wonder why Trump, and much of the population, think the media is the enemy.” The case is dissected.

You may have seen the latest claims about ‘warmest evva’ – Luboš Motl explains what’s going on in GISS: 1998-2016 comparison suggests a trend of 2 °C per century.

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1/17/2017 A Wild Day in the EtherStorm: The Leftover Left and a boiling pot

Back after a holiday and the planet is popping. The ‘stack of stuff’ Limbaugh uses must need a warehouse and Amazon robots to manage. That means the distillation of the news is getting further distilled to focus on a selection of headlines.

Washington Times lists some of its most popular: Ads in two dozen cities offer protesters up to $2,500 to agitate at Trump inauguralPlanned Parenthood failed to take sex trafficking seriously after infamous sting, ex-employee saysPresident Obama leaves legacy of wider racial riftDemocrats wasting time hating Donald TrumpAlveda King, MLK’s niece: ‘I voted for Mr. Trump’Ryan Zinke defends expansive federal reach in land policies plus others Departing CIA chief John Brennan wants his legacy to be the work he did for LGBTQ communityPolitico admits White House press corps been asleep last 8 yearsMore U.S. Marines deployed near Russian borders … Talk about a loaded plate! But wait! there’s more!

Ed Feulner says it’s about Reversing a dangerous power grab – “The feds just took over the U.S. election process.” What he highlights is that the current Left’s thing about blaming the election results on the Russians drives policy decisions that bode ill for keeping the Russians out of elections.

That’s not to say that other forms of election tampering aren’t possible. Far from it, unfortunately. Voter fraud is a real danger, and many cases have popped up across the country.

But these occur invariably at the state and local level. It would be extraordinarily difficult for anyone, foreign or otherwise, to tap in and tamper with the results on a national level — for the simple reason that there’s no central place to tap.

Designating our election systems “critical infrastructure” places that security in jeopardy.

Despite all this talk about the Russians hacking us, the real enemy is within. It’s time to expose this naked power grab — and reverse it.

Environmentalists like to call themselves conservationists because they think it makes them look less extreme. The tactic, dating back decades, is part of a larger public relations strategy designed to craft an image that won’t alienate the average American.” Jeff Goodson describes the history in another battle with the left in Trump and the Rough Rider’s conservation ethos – “Like Teddy Roosevelt, the Donald would unlock America’s natural resources.”

Then there’s Renee Garfinkel who asks Can democracy continue without norms? – “In America, Middle East or elsewhere?” It’s a good thesis but the presentation starts to get suspicious when she starts using Trump for illustration, expresses the ‘everybody does it’ fallacy, and then comes up with this howler: “The right challenges truth by substituting emotion for reason, and embracing “truthiness” and “post-truth politics.” What you can find in the essay is a case of projection, not truth, not insight, not reality. It is moral preening that overwhelms a good point and destroys its thesis. That is very sad as much of the violence in the deep cities is related to the violence planned to disrupt the inauguration and the riots against everything from pipelines to the police. There is where you will find a dangerous violation of civil norms, not in such things as the voyeurism seeking private records of public officials in order to find political attack fodder.

More headlines this morning, this time from Lucianne: – Anti-Trump protesters caught on camera planning acid attack on ball for activists as part of bid to close down inauguration celebrationA hellscape of lies and distorted reality awaits journalists covering President Trump Hungary set to turn screws on Soros-backed NGOsBreaking: DeploraBall Organizer Contacts FBI – Will File Charges Against #DisruptJ20 Thugs=> Conspiracy to Commit TerrorismAtlanta Journal-Constitution Botches Crime Stats in Defending John LewisObama rushes to fill dozens of federal jobs before leaving office“Statistical Evidence Not Required”Mason Weaver Has a Dream, Representative John Lewis Has a Nightmare…New O´Keefe Video: Leftists Planning Stink Bombs At ´Deploraball´

Ace has a nightmare: The Intel CommunityDeep State” Is Conducting Political Warfare inside the US and says “What scares me here is not the sinisterness of this — but the gross incompetence, clumsiness, and obviousness of it.”

Jazz Shaw describes how The media rules for covering the White House are about to change… radically with examples and illustrations. HotAir is another hotbed of headlines this morning, too, especially of the compare and contrast type (refuting the ‘both sides do it’ fallacies).

Paul Mirengoff gets into problems in moral turpitude with “NEVER Trump” Republicans Whine That Trump May Say “NEVER Them” – this is part and parcel of the idea that Trump is the one with the intemperate pronouncements and not those who called him “unfit” or worse.

Am I being too harsh in thinking that the moaning of such “all-stars” is pathetic? If you are on record that Donald Trump’s candidacy is a danger to the nation, how can you expect Trump to offer you a job? Both letters are extraordinarily harsh.

Words have meaning. “Never” doesn’t mean “not until he wins.”

Mirengoff also notes a Trump Effect as Great Britain refuses to sign on to an anti-Israel agreement and Canada is looking for advice on NAFTA. Also at Powerline this morning Hinderaker quotes reporters harassing Martin Luther King III to denounce Trump and notes “The Democratic Party thinks it derives great power from its control over the press, but increasingly, Americans just yawn. Or laugh.”

Luboš Motl also gets into it with an observation from central Europe about what he sees as important.

Donald Trump has given an interview to Bild, … Donald Trump didn’t say anything that the Europeans should be scared of. He just makes sense. Much of what he’s saying just reproduces what wise Europeans like me have been saying for many years

I guess that the Donald is going to be the first Euroskeptic U.S. president.

Even though lots of nonsense has been said about his not being qualified etc., this Euroskepticism shows that he has a much deeper understanding for the European affairs than most others. He sees much of the internal structure of Europe. He even knows 1,001 differences between a Czech wife and a Slovenian wife (and believe it or not, many – but not all – of these lessons actually can be generalized to the whole two nations). The previous U.S. administrations were supporting the ever closer European integration and things like that. Why did they do it? What made so many U.S. politicians and citizens think that Europe should be increasingly integrated or unified? Why were they so close to the pseudoelite of Brussels even though their own power didn’t depend on the approval from the EU “capital”?

It’s clear that Donald Trump’s views are much closer to the views of Europeans such as myself than the opinions of the unelected commissars in the European Soviets.

The members of the European Soviet, the general secretaries of the European Union parties, and other unelected institutions are saying that Trump’s views about Europe are dangerous for Europe. In reality, they’re mostly dangerous for these deceitful unelected individual parasites happily living somewhere in the ivory tower between Brussels and Strasbourg – and all major European capitals. You are not the same thing as the population of the European continent, dear comrades, and you should better internalize this fact as quickly as you can.

Instapundit wondersIs anybody keeping track of Robert Creamer, Jan Schakowsky’s (D-IL) husband, who ginned up violence at Trump rallies on behalf of Hillary’s campaign? Because what’s going on now isn’t some sort of spontaneous upwelling. It’s organized, which means that there are organizers.”

North Dakota isn’t happy about the Pipeline protesters. North Dakota lawmaker’s bill protects drivers who negligently hit someone obstructing traffic.You have the right to “peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Not to block traffic and make yourself a nuisance or a danger to people trying to get on with their lives.”

OK, Instapundit joins the collection of collections of pot boiling headlines. Go see yourself.

Patricia McCarthy says The Left Is Thoroughly Bamboozled – “Truly melting, as surely as the wicked witch of The Wizard of Oz melted when Dorothy tossed some water on her.”

Interesting times. The cover is being yanked off the ugly and the ugly aren’t happy.

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There be dragons there!

There is a problem. Headlines say at least 20 Democrats will ‘boycott’ the inauguration, Senator Feinstein thinks the Russians took over the election (David Robertson:”If Democrats keep swimming in denial, then they had better watch out for crocodiles.”), and the outgoing president refuses to assert that the incoming president is legitimate. Jed Babbi takes up on Fake news from the intelligence agencies – “A disinformation campaign to undermine the new president smells like payback.”

The news stories about the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election won’t end this week, this month or this year. That narrative is just a new version of the “Bush was selected, not elected” meme from the 2000 election.

There are many reasons to believe the IC report is politically-motivated. In December the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) requested an IC briefing on the alleged Russian election cyberattacks. HPSCI was refused the briefing, which indicates an IC desire to avoid scrutiny.

What is most troubling is the appearance that the IC is conducting a disinformation campaign against our president-elect. If it is, the need to reform of our intelligence community becomes all the more urgent.

Hinderaker: Dishonest CIA Director Rips Trump; Trump Should Rip Him Back [UPDATED]:

John Brennan’s career in the Obama administration, first as counterterrorism adviser, then as Director of the CIA, has been a disaster. We have written about him many times; just search “John Brennan” on this site. Along with being an inept CIA Director, Brennan is a political hack. Today he went on Fox News Sunday and attacked Donald Trump. But the real news was Brennan’s inability to respond to questions about his agency’s use of the fake “Russian dossier” to smear Trump.

For more on payback, see S.A. Miller: Hillary Clinton’s operatives stoke doubts of Trump presidency – “Spread rumors about Russian vote rigging, push protests.” Several pundits have noted that Bob Woodward “separates his journalistic integrity from the corrupt bastardization of CNN and Carl Bernstein.” See Sundance: Woodward Skewers Bernstein – Bob Woodward Dismantles Propaganda of CNN and Carl Bernstein (video)… “After being called onto the carpet, and doused in sunlight for their endeavors, CNN has been rabid in their attempts to obfuscate the construct of the intentional hit job and defend the indefensible. … Today, Bob Woodward appears on Fox News Sunday and calls out Brennan and Clapper for their indefensible politicization of institutional U.S. intelligence agencies.”

Hinderaker describes how Democratic Party Bullies Try To Scuttle Trump’s Inauguration

This morning on Meet the Press, Democratic Party hack John Lewis said that he will not attend Donald Trump’s inauguration because Trump is “not a legitimate president.” Shocking though it may be, this anti-democratic rhetoric is common in the Democratic Party, and many have taken it to an even lower level. Never before in our history has one party been so petty as to try to interfere with the traditional celebrations that accompany a presidential inauguration, but that is what the Democrats are doing now.

Every performer who has agreed to participate in the inaugural has been bullied mercilessly by the Democrats

Most people don’t like bullies. Around the country, millions are watching the Democrats’ crazed attacks on Donald Trump, and on anyone who declines to join their hate-fest, and are more convinced than ever that they voted for the right candidate.

David Catron has an interesting analogy: The Right Prescription, The Exorcism of Obamacare From the Body Politic – “It must be done and Tom Price is just the man to cast out this demon.”

If you were astonished by the egregious antics of congressional Democrats during the recent procedural votes that started Obamacare down the path to perdition, you should reread The Exorcist, in which William Peter Blatty vividly describes just such head spinning, vomit-spewing, and gratuitous execration. This isn’t the last time you’ll see the Democrats reenacting the behavior of Blatty’s most memorable character. Indeed, had he lived to see their grotesque performance, he might have suggested that the Democrats are controlled by an entity even more diabolical than the demon that possessed Regan MacNeil — an abortion lobby that forbids compromise on Obamacare.

In other words, Tom Price is the exorcist who will banish many of Obamacare’s worst provisions to outer darkness. In fact, as the Secretary of Health and Human Services, he will possess the power to make all manner of changes to the reviled “reform” law without waiting for Congress to pass legislation. He will, for example, have the authority to kill the notorious contraception mandate that William Peter Blatty, like so many other Americans of faith, found so offensive. The mandate is found nowhere in the text of the “Affordable Care Act.” It is an HHS rule concocted by Kathleen Sebelius and her minions before they got down to the serious business of botching the Obamacare rollout.

Then consider the White House spokesman being most proud of having no Obama scandals versus the sad sagas of DoJ, the FBI, the EPA, and other agencies (besides intelligence). Perhaps the brag is about no ‘personal’ scandal like with President Clinton? Or is it, perhaps, no scandal because there was no holding accountable by the State Propaganda Machine?

Robert Knight talks about Restoring justice – “When Sen. Sessions takes the reins, justice can return to the Justice Department

Eric Holder and Loretta E. Lynch have been perhaps the most flagrant partisans ever to hold the office of attorney general.

Year after year, they rubber stamped whatever the Obama administration wanted to do, legally or otherwise.

So it was an eye-roller when Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, New York Democrat, announced Thursday why he was going to vote against fellow Sen. Jeff Sessions’ nomination for U.S. attorney general:

“I am not confident in Sen. Sessions’ ability to be a defender of the rights of all Americans, or to serve as an independent check on the incoming administration,” Mr. Schumer said.

“Rights of all Americans?” “Independent check?”

“When it came to John Lewis’ upcoming testimony against Sessions, the morning shows seemed to forget that Sessions held hands with Lewis as the two walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in 2015 as part of a march commemorating the 50th anniversary of the same march from Selma to Montgomery Alabama.”

Regardless of the ginned-up hysteria, complete with demonstrations by left-wing zealots inside the committee room, Sen. Sessions presented himself with dignity and grace.

Dignity and grace are two attributes that are difficult to apply to any on the Left right now with a straight face.

Meanwhile, when the California Governor is thinking about massive new taxes on fuel and vehicles in order to prop up the state’s pension obligations, Peter Morici is worried about Trump’s billionaire dealmakers – “They have the opportunity to show the government how to do it.”

With Donald Trump, the nation is about to embark on a bold experiment in government management. To guide the economy, he has selected billionaire dealmakers and folks with marketing expertise and shunned seasoned policy experts.

Many conservatives and Republicans — these days those cannot be assumed one in the same — have harbored the view that Washington is not just corrupt but run by a bunch of bumbling dolts and if business people were put in charge, they could miraculously transform the place for the better.

Now we will test the hypothesis that private sector experience is generally transferrable to government and from one radically different kind of activity to another

This requires a bold leap of faith and unusual disregard for history, because experience elsewhere indicates that private sector management skills don’t necessarily transfer well across industries or into the public sector.

More than sour grapes, Democrats may be right, and 2020 could be a good time to be the successful Democratic governor of a large state with high ambitions — enter Andrew Cuomo.

The problem is that professor Morici misses the point that much of Trump’s political success is due to the failures of the policy people he praises and finding a “successful Democratic governor” is a ‘tried and failed’ effort that has led to massive gains by Republicans in most states.

On the media front, Paul Mirengoff picks up on the attempt to “make hay out of Donald Trump’s exchange with John Lewis.” Even Chris Wallace got caught here in an interview with VPE Pence. Wallace cited part of Trump’s tweet on Lewis but left out the critical subject and that was only one of several such bias inflections from Wallace in that interview. Here’s Mirengoff responding to a WaPo story:

First, let’s note that the Post’s reference to Sen. McCain should be a reminder that Trump’s exchange with Lewis is unlikely to hurt the new president. Many people, including me, thought that when Trump questioned the heroism of McCain, chiding him for being captured by the North Vietnamese, it might well sink his candidacy. It didn’t.

Trump’s response to Lewis was considerably milder. He simply suggested that Lewis spend more time helping his district, and said that, in this regard, Lewis is all talk and no action. “I can use all the help I can get,” Trump added.

Trump never denied Lewis’ status as hero. He never chided him for being arrested. There is nothing scandalous or even improper about what Trump wrote.

Many of those who support Trump now think less of Lewis, and unless the Trump presidency is a disaster will continue to do so. People are starting to point out that, though Lewis acted heroically 50 years ago, he has for a very long time been a partisan hack.

Lewis’ over-the-top attack on the president-elect of the United States is his introduction to a generation or two of Americans. It is his legacy for them, and now part of his legacy for the rest of us.

And Lewis is dragging a bunch of friends into his slime pit as well.

For more on Trump, Instapundit says Look At The Confirmation Hearings For His Cabinet Picks: … a Robert Charles Fox News Opinion.

Early in the week, nominees presented a stark contrast to Senate Democrats. On one side, Americans saw well-prepared, highly dignified appointees appear before elected officials from both parties. On the other side, hostile questioners from the left grilled the nominees, almost reflexively manufacturing attacks on character and asserting gaps in knowledge – which, to a casual observer, seemed nonexistent. Half dozen nominees have been nothing – if not meticulously prepared. What does this portend for the coming Trump administration?

Extrapolate and you see where the Trump team is going. They take nothing for granted, do not jump to conclusions or assume knowledge.

They are about outcomes, even before the mission burdens them.

Senate Democrats may be out of touch, but these appointees have a grip. They strike average viewers as respectful and honest, capable and on task.

The contrast could not be more telling, encouraging, or head-turning.

Actions have consequences and it appears that a lot of folks have not figured that they are like early explorers investigating areas on the map marked “here be dragons.”

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1/15/2017: Pinyin remembered after a plethora of compare and contrast in ugly politics

It’s getting to be a very common report. The assertions of the Georgia representative are being held to the ‘what if a Republican leader said this about Obama’ standard. Here’s another example by Katie Mchugh: Journalists Versus the White House: A Tale of Two Media Reactions. The C&C is between Acosta v Trump and Munro v Obama. The media sympathy, except for some folks at Fox News as Neil Cavuto so memorably pointed out, is with Acosta. Munro was considered a heckler.

It’s an interesting contrast to the neutral or supportive coverage of CNN’s Acosta, whom Smith defended, saying “journalists should [not] be subjected to belittling or delegitimizing by the President-elect of the United States.” Acosta could have told Trump he was a “fake president,” as CNN’s Don Lemon reassured his colleague.

The press’s responses to the two incidents are revealing.

When it comes to Democrat malfeasance, the press immediately pounces on anyone who questions or exposes them.

Here is Munro’s explanation of the 2012 event, given to Fox News. Compare to the support Acosta received from media after bellowing at Trump. Obama routinely dismissed the concerns of Americans, and that’s fine with the privileged enforcers of the status quo. But when Trump dismisses a hostile media, that is an intolerable violation of the rights of the so-called “free press.”

That bit about the Georgia Representative is getting quite a bit of play perhaps because Trump took up the challenge. Sundance: President-Elect Trump Pushes Back Against Self-diminishing Rep John Lewis… – “Traditionally Republicans have curled up into a ball and refused to defend themselves against ridiculous attacks from moonbat leftists. However, Donald Trump is not a traditional republican. Today, Donald Trump pushed back

The media (writ large) and professional political left do not have a familiar frame of reference for what to do next. Ergo, the pearl-clutching ‘how-dare-he’ ism begins… they were counting on Lewis’s race to be a PC shield against any backlash. Once again, Donald Trump proves he doesn’t see race – he sees stupid.

John Hinderaker dissects how The AP Spins Lewis Vs. Trump – “This is the kind of nonsense we are going to see for the next four years. It is all-out war between Donald Trump and the Democratic Party press, and so far, Trump is winning.” The Las Vegas Review Journal headline Donald Trump unleashes Twitter attack against civil rights legend illustrates the bias, too – Trump didn’t unleash an attack on civil rights but rather responded to a civil rights has-been that attacked him.

But the Left doesn’t know when to stop digging and James Wilkinson reports that Trump inauguration boycott grows to 19 Democrat lawmakers: Congressmen will NOT attend after The Donald’s feud with civil rights hero John Lewis, who said he will not be a ‘legitimate President’ – the quotations cited illustrate just what kind of Trump these Democrats have created in their own minds.

Reality does pop to the surface on occasion. Kyle Feldscher: Trump continues to slam Lewis, calls cities ‘burning and crime infested.’ – “Congressman John Lewis should finally focus on the burning and crime infested inner-cities of the U.S. I can use all the help I can get!” Trump tweeted.”

But Don Surber notes that a High crime rate is acceptable to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Democratic Congressman John Lewis who locked arms in brotherhood Republican Senator Jeff Session at the 50th anniversary of the March on Selma stabbed Sessions in the back this week.

I was going to let it slide until his hometown newspaper defended him, and Atlanta’s high crime rate — all because the newspaper suffers Trump-phobia.

The bit about Sessions and Lewis arm in arm gets to The Breathtaking Hypocrisy of Senate Democrats By Bruce Walker.

Senate Democrats are trying to assume the high ground against President Trump by rubbishing his nominees. Consider the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions to be attorney general. The sum total of arguments against Senator Sessions are that at one time, many decades ago, he may have made a flippant offhand comment about the Ku Klux Klan and that he has suggested that the radically leftist NAACP and ACLU may be radically leftist.

His record of prosecuting Klansmen, desegregating Alabama schools, and generally upholding the law is, of course, totally ignored.

The record of Senate Democrats and the brutal suppression of blacks in the South is stunning – and largely ignored by the leftist establishment media and educational systems

The record of Senate Democrats toward the Klan is extraordinary, considering the attacks this gaggle has been making against a man who actually fought the Klan. Perhaps if Senate Democrats passed a resolution apologizing to America for producing out of their number Klansmen who became president, vice presidential nominee, attorney general, Supreme Court justice, Democrat floor leader and president pro tempore of the Senate, then the rest of America would pay a bit more attention to their silly attacks on Senator Jeff Sessions.

That last might just be ‘it’! The Democrats are after Sessions because he successfully prosecuted some of their friends in the KKK?

Lewis used ‘the Russians’ as his rationale for outrage. Clarice Feldman gets into the implications of the latest on that in The Trump Dossier Puts the Deep State in Deep Doo-Doo – “to gin up the ugliest, most scurrilous claims, and then trust the click-hungry media to disseminate them. No matter how false the allegations, the subject of the attack is required to respond, wasting precious time and losing credibility.”

Glenn Greenwald (hardly a Trump fan) thinks it’s more, and on examination of the Intelligence Community’s handling of this tripe, it’s hard to disagree with him. He points out the unprecedented support for Hillary Clinton in this “deep state,” and takes issue with their advancing the Steele memos

David Goldman, who did support Trump, was more succinct: “Warning the intelligence communities about salacious and politically motivated leaks: the president-elect threatened to drag their shenanigans into the daylight. No one has ever done that to the spooks before. I’m lovin’ it.”

The denizens of the Left are being called to account for what they say and what they do. The squealing is horrific but a lot of Americans are with Goldman.

Paul Mirengoff asked some protesters about a Secretary of Labor nominee and found: Whoever Puzder is, they’re against him – “We’ve all heard of low-information voters. Meet low-information protesters. The Democrats’ reliance on them is telling.” Obviously, the opposition is not well informed and thus must not be conscientious or well meaning. i.e. it is destructive protests and nothing more. See also Inauguration Protesters Plan To Destroy Property And Disrupt Balls.

Jonathan H. Alder illustrates the cancer of bias in his opinion How a high school student’s painting caused congressional Republicans to act like campus snowflakes – As the proper authority decided that the painting was a violation of existing rules and the Republicans were not demanding safe spaces or freedom from offense nor committing uncivil behavior, Alder’s analogy lacks intellectual integrity. This illustrates the cancer of destructive bias.

YouTube pulled Legal Insurrection due to a copyright infringement claim. Neo-Neocon has the story about Silencing Legal Insurrection at YouTube – as another pundit noted, it’s probably not a good idea to go after a nest of law professors with bogus copyright claims.

It takes VDH to use Greek and Roman concepts to describe Trump and the American Divide. His essay has come up as the ‘must read’ of the day but it is a rather heavy slog.

Country people in the Western tradition lived in a shame culture. Family reputation hinged on close-knit assessments of personal behavior only possible in small communities of the like-minded and tribal. The rural ethos could not afford radical changes in lifestyles when the narrow margins of farming safety rested on what had worked in the past. By contrast, self-reinvention and social experimentation were possible only in large cities of anonymous souls and varieties of income and enrichment. Rural people, that is, don’t honor tradition and habit because they’re somehow better human beings than their urban counterparts; a face-to-face, rooted society offers practical reinforcement for doing so.

In classical literature, patriotism and civic militarism were always closely linked with farming and country life. In the twenty-first century, this is still true.

Trump, the billionaire Manhattanite wheeler-dealer, made an unlikely agrarian, true; but he came across during his presidential run as a clear advocate of old-style material jobs, praising vocational training and clearly enjoying his encounters with middle-American homemakers, welders, and carpenters. Trump talked more on the campaign about those who built his hotels than those who financed them. He could point to the fact that he made stuff, unlike Clinton, who got rich without any obvious profession other than leveraging her office.

Jon Gabriel takes up President Obama’s Disastrous Record on Race – “Watching Ferguson, MO go up in flames, I ironically remarked, “My favorite part about the Obama era is all the racial healing.” Little did I know how many times people would republish that line in the years that followed.”

Before getting into politics, Barack Obama was a community organizer. This anodyne term was created by Chicago leftist Saul Alinsky who created the position to “rub raw the sores of discontent.” Many thought Obama’s moderate sounding speeches meant he had tossed Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals in the dustbin. Instead, upon entering the White House, Obama created Organizing for Action, which has trained 5 million Americans in Alinsky tactics.

A bit of news: Chinese linguist Zhou Youguang, who created the writing system that turns Chinese characters into words using letters from the Roman alphabet, has died aged 111 [BBC]. “Before Pinyin was developed, 85% of Chinese people could not read, now almost all can.” Language matters and so does the alphabet.

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1/11/2017: Dezinformatsiya

The observations on the politicization of U.S. agencies (and everything else) continues.

Warren L. Dean Jr.: The CIA disgrace – “It’s not the agency’s place to cast doubt on the legitimacy of a U.S. election

Now they are blaming their ultimate political humiliation, the loss of the election to Donald Trump, on Vladimir Putin. There seems to be no recognition in Washington that the entire exercise looks to the rest of the world to be a callow, if not cowardly, effort to find a scapegoat for yet another domestic political failure. And that is exactly what it is.

Clifford D. May: Lost in cyberspace – “Cyberespionage is a concern, but cyberwarfare is far more serious.”

Russia’s hacking of the Democratic National Committee was mischievous. Did it change the outcome of the 2016 elections? No evidence suggests that and the intelligence community isn’t claiming that.

Victor Morton: Trump blasts Buzzfeed over Russia reports: ‘Fake news,’ ‘unverifiable,’ ‘witch hunt!’ – “Ally Michael Cohen rebuts claim in intel dossier, saying he’d never gone to alleged site of secret meeting

Steven Hayward: Fake News Jumps Fake Shark

But that is just a warmup, apparently. The story Paul noted below about the supposed Russian dossier of compromising information about Trump is looking phonier by the moment. Without even referring to the critics who are calling it a hoax, there are a number of obvious peculiarities in the document that has been released to call its authenticity into question. I’ve read a lot of declassified CIA reports of this kind over the years, and this one looks off. Way off.

I’ll bet this story falls apart faster than a Dan Rather memo on national guard service.

This is likely just a taste of what is coming and why the mainstream media has no credibility. Jennifer Harper has more: Donald Trump gets zero honeymoon with the press, major media attack now underway

unverified claims about Mr. Trump in BuzzFeed … “All three network morning shows parroted Democrats’ complaints … Pollsters are also in on it

There have been few calls for critics to ease up on the negativity, which has been percolating for two months.

“Sorry, but the Republican Party isn’t ‘extremist.’ Liberals have been making the same argument for 35 years (at least). It’s still not true,”

It appears that the Fake News™ goes back through John McCain. That does not credit his honor nor his integrity. Jazz Shaw picks up on this sort of incivility in describing how a WaPo writer ponders how to “remove Trump from office” before he’s even sworn in

… Richard Cohen’s column this week which carries the not very ambiguous title of, “How to remove Trump from office.”

Let’s leave aside for a moment the somewhat inconvenient fact that Donald Trump isn’t even in the office yet. What was the thinking going on inside the hallowed halls of the WaPo when they approved an editorial like this?

If you want an example of early onset Trump Derangement Syndrome, this is one case which almost demands that medical authorities be rushed to Cohen’s home immediately to save him from himself.

let’s close with a callback to the original question I posed. Exactly how unhinged are the senior members of the Washington Post staff in terms of Trump Derangement Syndrome? I’m guessing that this will be widely reflected in their newsroom coverage over the next four years. I’d be thrilled to be proven wrong, but you probably shouldn’t bet too heavily against me.

John Hinderaker asks Why Are Liberals Such Racists? – The prompt is a MTV reporter tweet about Sessions holding his granddaughter on his lap.

As a conservative, I essentially never encounter racism. I don’t have any racist friends or acquaintances. The issue never comes up. Liberals, on the other hand, tell us that they are swimming in a sea of racism. I don’t know, they might be right. Maybe in their liberal world, racism is still an issue.

But what is it with liberals and racism? Remember when liberals tried to make some kind of scandal out of the fact that one of Mitt Romney’s grandchildren was African-American? What is wrong with these people? This kind of thing happens a lot. If you are looking for racism, look to the left.

The moral of the story is that, while most people think liberals are just ignorant, the truth is much worse.

Hinderaker has another one about how Disgraceful Democrats Depict Police Officers As Pigs – this is the story of the contest winning painting from an 18 year old in William Lacy Clay’s district.

This painting obviously violates the rule against “depicting subjects of contemporary political controversy,” and it is, in any event, outrageously inappropriate for display in the Capitol. But Congressman Clay, a far leftist, nevertheless insists that it hang in the corridor.

the issue here isn’t the First Amendment, it is the politically-inspired myth of police racism. The reality is that Rep. Clay and most of his fellow Democrats are delighted to see police officers depicted as pigs, because this particular smear fires up their base and is to their political advantage. The lines here couldn’t be more clearly drawn.

The episode tells you the nature of the Democrats, their unwillingness to work with others, their lack of respect for law and order, their lack of intellectual integrity, and their persistence over any barrier including reason or reality. It is good to see the ruckus getting discussion as it needs airing and inspection and introspection about civility and the proper means for advancing governance over political ideology.

Luboš Motl: What does Obama’s drivel tell us about the Science magazine – “For the editors, the left-wing cult is a higher priority than science.” It’s about Science magazine publishing a paper by Obama.

The conflation of science and politics displayed by Obama’s article is very bad. It’s actually bad in both directions. It’s terrible when some political cults are ultimately above scientists in the science journals – when politicians and their ideologies and programs may influence how scientists talk about science. But the opposite influence is also bad. It’s bad when scientists think that they have the “right” to make political decisions just because they are scientists – even though the “right” political decisions obviously cannot be determined by science alone.

There is so much to examine, to analyze, to ponder.

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Two views of economics

In looking at the question of air fares over time, two articles popped up that provided an interesting compare and contrast in how different people see the same thing.

How Airline Ticket Prices Fell 50% in 30 Years (and Why Nobody Noticed) by Derek Thompson 2/28/2013. — “ there was simple reason why flying was absurdly expensive. That was the law.”

Don’t believe the airfare spin: Cost to travel is sky high by Joe Brancatelli 5/8/2014 — “The real price of flying has risen sharply since the dawn of deregulation and far outpaces the inflation rate of the last 40 years.”

That makes it clear that the divergence of views is about markets and regulation. There are clues about this in the titles used and empty claims, insinuations, and innuendo that drip out of one of the views. Brancatelli starts with “don’t believe the spin” which is an assertion that anyone who doesn’t share his view is lying. More in this vein is “we expect nothing less than obfuscation from Airlines for America” (the ‘evil corporation’ thesis) and “fool flyers into thinking that the lobbying group is anything but a front (the ‘stupid and ignorant consumer’ thesis).” A significant indicator is his “The “fare” you pay today isn’t an accurate reflection of your true cost of flying” which assumes price is somehow related to “true cost” which is an assumption that is grossly ignorant of economics. So how does Brancatelli support his thesis? Look at the conditions and qualifications he puts on his price comparisons in order to provide a supposedly even and fair comparison. It’s what is missing in his presentation that is the core of the argument.

In contrast, Thompson points out that managing cost and price is a matter of profitability and Brancatelli’s conditions and qualifications are matters of consumer choice that the airlines can use to find the sweet spot in what the customer values.

What Brancatelli says is that, if you want to fly now like you flew than, the actual price might be a bit higher. What Thompson says is that when you fly now, you have tools and choices at your disposal to balance the price you pay with the service that best suits what you want. 

The core issue? Who makes your purchasing decisions for you and to what extent? This is the same issue at play with Obamacare where the government decides what you must buy and you have no choice about whether to buy or not. The regulation tends to raise prices and that then generates a demand for price controls and that is a deadly spiral into the sort of depths we see in Venezuela right now.

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Parade of clowns

A proper picture needs the Obama experience as a basis for comparison. Observing the Democrats rationalizing that experience with what they are doing now is a lesson about their values and priorities and intellectual integrity. What is worthy of note is that these attributes are getting noticed, discussed, and dissected.

Robert Knight: The Democrats’ new war – “The fight over the Sessions nomination promises to be a brutal one.” Here we go again and no, it’s not ‘both sides do it.’ The ad hominem (e.g. “not fit”) and other scurrilous attacks filled with logical fallacies and an absence of integrity are becoming a joke. But that doesn’t seem to matter to the Left yet.

“Seriously, though, progressives have telegraphed their punch, admitting they are beating up Sessions to let the incoming president and his party know what they’re up against. They hope it will be business as usual, with Democrats on the warpath and frightened Republicans running for cover as if they still were in the minority.

Undeterred by reality, Mr. Schumer seems to think that the old formula of using the media to shame Republicans with accusations of Islamophobia, homophobia, xenophobia, a war on women, hatred of the poor, infirm and elderly, and causing the heartbreak of psoriasis will work yet again.

It won’t — but only if the new administration and congressional leaders stay on offense and ignore the media-enhanced chatter of the nattering nabobs of negativism.”

For that bully the Republicans ethos, what many Trump supporters are afraid will happen, again, is showing, too.  See Exclusive: Sources: Grassley to allow special panel for Sessions witch-hunt – “Chairman Grassley conceded to Senate Judiciary Democrat demands to allow a special panel on civil rights to cross-examine Sessions.” i.e. Republicans caving to Democrats to provide “a platform for smears, rumor, and spin” to impugn and denigrate Republicans.

On the other hand, Kelly Riddell says GOP to use Democrats’ past votes against them; Feinstein, Schumer all voted to build wall – quite a contrast. The GOP citing past positions and legislative votes. Compare and contrast to tactics described in The Democrats new war above. 

It looks like California is running out of other people’s money (i.e. ours). See The Great California Earthquake of 2018: First State To Default By Andrew Solomon.

“Employers who utilize labor pay into the FUTA, or the federal unemployment tax, at a rate of 6% and are credited back an offset of 5.4% that they previously paid the state, leaving a small federal liability of only 0.6%.

However, if the state-run U.I. trust gets overdrawn, as it did in California for going on its third year now, it automatically pulls an emergency loan out from the federal government to service the underfunded account. And if that is not repaid by November 10, and it defaults, then the government forces employers to pay it.

They just defaulted. Our company received a mystery bill in the mail two weeks ago, explaining our new $15,000 owed.”

The Russian Intelligence keeps percolating. Luboš Motl thinks the Intelligence report on “Russian hacking” is embarrassing citing the $80B budget behind it. “The summary it was supposed to justify is the statement that “the Russians hacked the elections”. Now, when he hears this proposition, every person with IQ above 70 starts by asking: What is this statement supposed to even mean? How do you hack the elections?”

Hollywood had a parade of clowns last night to make sure the American core was aware of their contempt for the basket of deplorables. The irredeemable aspect wasn’t the core but rather the parade.

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1/8/2017: It’s making people sick

Uh oh. Thinking people not beholden to excessive bias notice things. Here’s a few more to consider.

“Former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Pete Hoekstra … noted that the declassified report represents the views of only three intelligence agencies, not seventeen. Hoekstra also questioned why the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) did not co-author or clear the report and why it lacked dissenting views.” [Fred Fleitz at Fox News]

Clarice Feldman picks up on these tactics as Making (Me and) America Sick Again – He goes through a whole pile of germs.

Actually Obama and his party, with the aid of what Instapundit has dubbed “Democratic operatives with bylines” continue to make me sick of their lies and distortions of truth.

As for the death of ObamaCare, if past is prologue — and with these folks it is — we can expect the press will flood us with sob stories, because in a nation chock full of feelers, emotive accounts are more compelling than economics and logic. Remember when they were working our heartstrings to get it passed?

Sob stories are not the only way Obama’s administration “contorts reality “and masks”  “the consequences of its initiatives” says Victor Davis Hanson in an article well worth reading in its entirety. 

This week, two incidents come to mind: the Chicago torture revelations and the claims about the Russians hacking our election. In both cases, once again, the Democratic handmaidens of the press played what helpful role they could.

I agree with Hinderaker, who says if we are going to investigate this more thoroughly, let’s go all the way. Start with the most obvious Russian interferences in domestic political affairs — the support direct and indirect to various left-wing movements like Occupy Wall Street and environmental efforts, including the anti-fracking effort in the U.S., so useful to Russia’s energy program.

Do follow that VDH link, too. He asks (and answers) “Why does the Obama administration contort reality and mask the consequences of its initiatives?” One answer: “Central to this worldview is that the American people are naive and easily manipulated, and thus need to be brought up to speed by a paternal administration that knows what is best for its vulnerable and clueless citizenry.”

Andrew Branca reports that “A Federal judge has ruled that Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby may be civilly sued for malicious prosecution by the police officers she targeted following the in-custody death of Freddie Gray, reports the Baltimore Sun.” … “Specifically, Mosby claimed to have conducted an investigation independent of and parallel to the investigation undertaken by law enforcement. It was this extra-prosecutorial activity that apparently pierces her otherwise existing immunity from civil suit.” There was a lot of damage done so it is good to see steps to holding those responsible accountable for their actions.

Thomas Lifson covers another example of the State Propaganda Machine in action” CBS radio report created the impression Chicago torture victim was a black man assaulted by white Trump supporters – It exposes the sort of behavior Feldman was saying is making “America Sick Again.”

“This may be the single most despicable act of media bias I have ever encountered. It took a lot of effort and art for CBS Radio to put together an early report on the Chicago torture incident that was strictly factual, yet created the impression on listeners that a group of white Trump supporters had attacked a helpless mentally challenged black man.

Now consider for a moment how difficult it must have been for CBS News employees to make themselves bulletproof (in their minds, at least) by being factual, yet create a counterfactual message in the minds of its listeners. This is the sort of lying that takes skill and practice.”

Tactics of the left are getting stale enough to be noted, described, and dissected. See Stephen Kruiser: House Republicans Come Out Swinging on Regulations – “After eight long years of executive regulatory frenzy, the party that is about to control everything wants to reel in some of what Obama has done, and the Democrats are not happy about it

The problem with the Democrats and regulation is the same as it is with most things involving them: they don’t do gray areas. If you mention rolling back some regulations, they begin screaming to the public that Republicans want to do away with all regulations, which is obviously ridiculous. Reeling in a nonsensical green hysteria regulatory burden to help businesses function better is not the same as not caring if the public eats tainted meat. It the same way they approach all discussion about abortion. The tiniest of restrictions are called “Draconian” and they begin wailing about a return to “back alley abortions”.

As we all know, Democrats have no interest in helping business people because business people have no interest in being dependent upon the government.

The most disturbing trend in all of this, however, is the Democrats’ willingness to abdicate legislative duties to federal agencies. The regulatory nightmares faced by most businesses lately have been created by people who were appointed rather than elected. That’s antithetical to the entire intent of a representative republic

The Weekend Pundit calls it The Desparate Left

All I know is it seems the Democrats are trying every trick in the book to overturn Trump’s election, and failing that, to gridlock every single action taken by him or GOP majorities in the House and Senate over the next few years. That smells of both desperation an an apparent belief that only the Left has any legitimacy in regards to governing the nation. Too bad the rest of America disagrees with them, particularly at state and local level.

it does show the difference between the indoctrinated and the educated. The Leftist elite are in one group and everyone else is in the other. That should be enough to explain a lot of it.

Deana Chadwell: Nothing but the Truth – “We are all, deep in our souls, disturbed by lies — even the left likes to complain about prevarications, if only at a surface level. Instinctively we know that a society cannot function without some level of trust.” … “These last eight years have brought us very close to that crumbling edge.”

Trevor Thomas says Liberals Take to the Trenches in the War on Science

Time and again, the American left – led by the mainstream media, the Hollywood elite, and the Democratic Party – lectures us about the ignorance of conservatives, Christians, and anyone else who isn’t devoted to a “progressive” (amazing how regressive is “progressivism”) worldview. With their talk shows, columns, commercials, movies, sitcoms, roundtables, protests, Facebook posts, tweets, and the like, liberals unashamedly, repeatedly, and without hesitation (and often without much thought) denigrate those with whom they disagree. Yet time and again, as they preach their philosophy and live out their “faith,” it is liberals who are stubbornly hindered by the facts of science and morality.

The ‘rant of the day’ award goes to Thomas Lipscomb prompted by Esteban Santiago: The ‘War against Boys’ Goes Toxic – “Christina Hoff Summers, Camille Paglia, and others have made excellent points about the cultural war against boys and men, … Nothing they ever do is right. Anything they want to do is wrong. And no one in authority has any idea what they should do except be good little girls.”

And in a last sad gesture to his military training, his handgun empty, Santiago locks it open, kicks it away, and lies spread-eagled on the floor of the Ft. Lauderdale terminal, waiting for his arrest.

And every element of our degraded press and the law enforcement system Obama has systematically enfeebled will do everything they can to keep us from finally learning the consequences of our tragically failed policy with young American men in this, as in so many other cases.

The ‘sign of hope’ for today comes from the TaxProf Blog: The IRS Scandal, Day 1339: House GOP Reactivates ‘Holman Rule,’ Would Have Permitted Reducing Lois Lerner’s Pay To $1 – citing the WaPo “House Republicans this week reinstated an arcane procedural rule that enables lawmakers to reach deep into the budget and slash the pay of an individual federal worker — down to $1 — a move that threatens to upend the 130-year-old civil service.” Symbolic more than substance but what it says it that some folks think it’s time to fix the sickness.

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1/7/2017: Values denigration, Political intelligence, bias, and civility

We are in the toilet now. The LGBT push has several states passing laws to protect public bathroom policy as “values of generations of Americans were flushed down the drain.” Start with Jeffrey T. Brown: Liberals Awake from 8-Year Moral Coma

Those Americans whose desires, experiences and values differed from the leftist elite were treated as worthless garbage, no longer necessary to the imminent liberal utopia, except as a source of revenue. Christianity was treated like a virus to be extinguished, or revised and controlled to accommodate leftist ideology. Speech that offended the shameless was branded as hateful, and those daring to openly object to the onslaught of vice and immorality were falsely smeared with every vile epithet the liberals could conjure. Rights were relegated to what Democrats were willing to grant their enemies, but we were never going to be entitled to privileges they reserved to themselves.

Our nation has been assaulted for eight long years by those who contributed nothing of substance to its successes, but were eager to pillage its resources to fund and advance their political agenda. Every means possible to offend and marginalize their political opposition was employed, so that decent people were called racists, “phobes,” haters, deniers, liars, morons, bullies, and many unprintable things, all for wishing to have a say in what was being done to them by the left, and for possibly stopping the moral, philosophical and physical violence that have always been tools of leftist overthrow.

Few, if any, leftists/liberals/socialists/Democrats seemed troubled by what was done by them, or on their behalf by those they put into political office, or by those who appointed themselves cultural spokesmen.

Suddenly, after eight years in which their secret mantra seems to have been “Make America Hate Again,” they protest that the notion of stopping their immoral destruction of our country is itself immoral and hateful.

Morality, like truth, isn’t supposed to be a prop, trotted out when necessary to trick the gullible.

There is much work to be done, but we needn’t pause to consider lectures on morality from amoral people.

The bathroom bills provide an example. Ray Sanchez, CNN: First days of 2017 bring new ‘bathroom bills‘ – Two items of note. One is how many states are involved and the other is the immediate, strong, and hateful response from the left.

Since 2013, at least 24 states have considered restricting access to restrooms, locker rooms and other facilities on the basis of biological sex, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

The American Civil Liberties Union in May filed a lawsuit challenging Mississippi’s religious freedom law, which critics say will discriminate against gay and transgender people.

Ruth Marcus illustrates just how far biased the WaPo has become in thinking about The huge challenge of covering Trump fairly. Start with the a priori presumption about “lies” and then proceed to expectations never applied to Obama.

Should news organizations depart from customary restraint and label Trump’s falsehoods as outright lies? Should the media treat Trump tweetstorms with the rapt attention devoted to more traditional presidential statements, or refrain from such reflexive coverage in order to avoid being distracted, perhaps intentionally, from more important matters?

And given the physical constraints of headlines, how should news organizations handle a presidential claim — say, to have saved thousands of jobs — when the underlying details — the jobs may not be as numerous as advertised; the positions might have remained in the United States anyway — may be far more nuanced, if not disputed outright?

It is really amazing that a person whose occupation is about communications is so utterly ignorant about the subject. Rather than being worried about how she can’t understand Trump, she should be worried about her own predispositions and the WaPo’s own established history of Fake News™. There are just too many times when the WaPo was found wrong when Trump was right to take this column as more than a problem of projection and denial.

Another Marcus picks up on this psychosis. Lloyd Marcus: Left’s Mission Accomplished: Blacks Torturing Whites – strong words but this Marcus has examples to examine contrasting to Ruth Marcus’ opining only.

While some on the left claim to be upset, this is exactly the hate and violence they hope to generate throughout Trump’s entire presidency. A farmer does not plant corn and then act surprised when stalks of corn begin to grow. The left has been planting seeds of racial hate and division ever since white America elected Obama. Why? Because the left needed to be able to scream “racism” whenever anyone opposed Obama (their Trojan Horse) implementing their far-left-radical socialist/progressive agenda.

All one needs to know about the left is that implementing their socialist/progressive, anti-God, anti-America, and anti-traditional-values agenda trumps everything. National security, national race relations and American lives are deemed acceptable collateral damage.

Meanwhile, these evil people receive high marks for compassion. The reality is leftists have no regard for individuals, viewing them as mere pawns for furthering their agenda. Leftists stomp the life out of anyone preventing them from shoving their evil agenda down the throats of the masses.

Now is the time to call out the left and defeat them.

In the vein of lies and the value of “whole truth and nothing but the truth” there is the intelligence report. As illustrated by the contrast between the two Marcus opinions, the strong assertions without any example of substance just plain smells. First up on this consider John Hinderaker: Today’s Intelligence Report Proves Nothing [UPDATED]

Does the report prove that claim? No, it merely states it. There is zero evidence in the report tying the Russian government (or anyone else) to the crude spearfishing effort or to the generic, out-of-date malware that invaded the DNC’s and Podesta’s email systems. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

Today’s brief report–five pages, plus an executive summary and two annexes–doesn’t address technical issues at all, but rather focuses on public statements by Russian officials and surrogates, and the news agency RT (formerly Russia Today). It draws on these sources to conclude that Putin’s government wanted Donald Trump to win the election. This is possible, and here, some publicly-available evidence is provided. At the same time, we know for sure that Putin’s government wanted Barack Obama to win the 2008 election. Somehow, however, this was never deemed to be news.

So the CIA, FBI and NSA are so lacking in relevant, probative intelligence that the largest portion of today’s report is a recycling of four-year-old, public domain information on Russia Today.

The most notable aspect of today’s report is what it tells us about Soviet and Russian support for liberal causes and candidates in the U.S. through the decades.

Trump notices these facts as well but Democrats take a different tack. See Bridget Johnson: Denigrate’ Clinton, ‘Harm Her Electability and Potential Presidency.

“We did not make an assessment of the impact that Russian activities had on the outcome of the 2016 election,” the report states.

“While Russia, China, other countries, outside groups and people are consistently trying to break through the cyber infrastructure of our governmental institutions, businesses and organizations including the Democrat National Committee, there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election including the fact that there was no tampering whatsoever with voting machines,” Trump said. “There were attempts to hack the Republican National Committee, but the RNC had strong hacking defenses and the hackers were unsuccessful.”

The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), countered on Twitter: “Trump’s statement Russian hacking had ‘absolutely no effect on outcome of the election’ is not supported by briefing, report or common sense.”

Sens. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) and Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Reps. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) and Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) are planning a Monday press conference to discuss Democrats’ bicameral legislation calling for an independent, bipartisan commission to probe foreign interference in the 2016 election.

In other words, the only clear conclusion from this brouhaha is that it is a political tactic employed by Democrats to rationalize their loss and impugn the victor and they have dragged the Intelligence Community into this mud with them. See also Thomas Lifson: Dems may regret leak of top-secret report on Russia to NBC

The Democrat-Media Complex has gone all in on the propaganda campaign to convince Americans that Donald Trump’s election is illegitimate because “Russia hacked the election.” … But they may have made a fatal overstep with the release of the top-secret report on Russian influence to NBC News.

It is crime to share top-secret information with people who do not have the requisite security clearance. … In light of this, Josh Earnest’s evasive response yesterday to a question on the release — refusing to deny that the White House may have been the source — is enlightening

In less than two weeks, the FBI, intelligence agencies, and Congress will all be tasked with determining who deserves to go to prison for this leak.

This goes back to the Ruth Marcus problem. Trump’s focus is on information security and inappropriate leaking of classified information. The WaPo’s assumption is that that is a lie but the facts are pointing in another direction. Ed Morrissey cites Spicer: Trump’s keeping an open mind on Russia intel

“It’s not difficult to credit the Russians with attempts to manipulate the election through hacks and propaganda. Intelligence services had been warning about that very threat for the past few years, but the Obama administration shut down the one unit that was attempting to deal with that in 2015, and shot down an effort by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AL) to revive the effort early this year. It doesn’t appear that the Obama administration or law enforcement took any of this seriously until they lost the election, which is one reason Trump might be rightly skeptical of the hysteria, if not the facts presented.”

Paul Mirengoff has more examples about why it’s “No wonder Trump rarely uses the word “media” without putting the word “dishonest” in front of it. The mainstream media should consider itself branded.” See Trump acknowledges Russian election-related hacking efforts [Update: media dishonesty ensues].

Examples of misbehavior are also starting to pile up as well. There are the Democrats violating House rules by taking pictures and then there was the acting out as the election was certified. John Sexton describes some of that as Biden drops the hammer on final Democratic objections to Trump’s win: ‘It is over’. What is being shown is that Democrats don’t care much for rules or civility.

Mike Masnick: Donald Trump Demonstrating How Much Of Our Political System Is Based On Tradition & Custom, Not Rules

that’s really quite interesting, because of how little many people — especially policy experts — have really stopped to consider how much of the way we do things is based on custom, and not actual rules. There are two ways of looking at this. First, there absolutely are serious problems with “the way things have always been done.” So there’s potential value in having someone who doesn’t feel hamstrung by traditions and customs that might not make sense. But, the flip side of that is that there are often really good reasons for the way many of these things are done. And, so far, the customs and traditions that Trump has been indicating he’ll ignore, are ones that do seem to be based on solid reasoning, rather than just silly legacy reasons. Intelligence reports, secret service protection, and anti-nepotism rules make sense.

This is from techdirt. One the one hand, it highlights a significant insight. On the other, it illustrates severe misperception implying blinding bias. The “solid reasoning” that Trump is ignoring is a list of Fake News™ typical of the left’s attempt to denigrate and impugn. Trump, for instance, does not reject intelligence reports. Instead, he is skeptical and looking for solid evidence. Secret service protection and nepotism? That’s called getting into the weeds. What you have in this post is a remarkable insight into why Trump ran and was elected twisted and distorted into an effort to discredit. That’s a two-fer in the lessons category. Now, if you want a contrasting example of customs and rules, take a look at the case of what Harry Reid did in the Senate with the ‘nuclear option.’

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1/4/2017: Media noose, Trump tactics, Democrat behavior, Techie moral preening, and Adieu to academia

Ken Blackwell: A media noose for Jeff Sessions – “He’s a white son of the South and that’s enough to justify a lynching.”

There’s only one reason why large news organizations invest so much time, energy and money — they sent reporters to Alabama, each of whom spent a week there — to do these biased stories, and it’s time someone said what it is. The reason is because someone, somewhere, deep down doesn’t believe a white man from Alabama should be the attorney general of the United States.

That’s every bit as racist as saying a black man from Chicago shouldn’t be president of the United States.

The anti-white, anti-southern racist obsession with which media organizations have pursued Mr. Sessions is a sign they have learned nothing from the presidential campaign, where we all witnessed their all-out opposition to Donald Trump.

Ace has more on this citing several other columns: This Is How the Media Dies: Not With a Bang But a Whine.

And he’s of course definitely right. The media are acting viciously and defensively precisely because they are defending the territory they’ve claimed for themselves by pissing all over the outskirts of it. They will not abide a challenge nor a chastening; they intend to “win” the argument they’ve been having for 40 years with 300 million Americans.

They won’t, but no one accepts a downward change in status gracefully and without embarrassing spectacle.

Thomas Lifson: House GOP capitulation to Trump ethics tweet is a really big deal – the key here is how direct outreach created influence that could not be ignored.

A Trump tweet was sufficient to generate thousands off outraged calls to members’ offices, an avalanche so potent that no politician would dare ignore it. In short order, like burglars caught in a powerful searchlight, they scuttled the plan and hoped that the whole thing would go away.

This is a reality that makes a good comparison and contrast with Jason Willick at A Leftist Who Gets It – (beware that American Interest is greedy and disrespectful of readers). This might also be considered projection in light of the manner of operation of the Obama administration.

The sophisticated case for optimism about a Trump presidency is that his unconventional political style and force of personality can break the cycle of stagnation and decay. But there is also a real danger that Trump’s hard-to-deny authoritarian impulses, operating against an exhausted political establishment and decaying political institutions, could pave the way for something much worse: A more personalistic style of politics, in which elites negotiate with one another for power and wealth unconstrained by the rule of law. This type of competitive authoritarianism seems to be on the rise all over the world.

Kurt Schlichter: For Democrats, 2017 Will Be The Year of Living Stupidly – predicting the future is usually an indicator of someone gone off the edge. That is when the prediction is based on questionable perception rather than a short extrapolation of current reality. Schlichter’s prediction shows both. It takes the current ‘off the edge’ predictions of the left and makes its own predictions extrapolating from there.

As 2016 ends, progressives enter the new year terrified that Donald Trump will continue to run circles around them, and their epic meltdown is only going to get more epically meltdownier. They’ve been shrill, stupid, and annoying for the last two months, but brace yourself for the next 12. Fear is going to make them go nuts – not the fear that Trump will be a failure, but the gut-wrenching, mind-numbing fear that Donald Trump will be a success.

The left is going to keep freaking out, and it may take well beyond the next 12 months for these losers to realize that it’s just not working, that they have hit bottom yet continued to dig.

We can expect more nonsense along these lines. Everything Trump does will draw howls of anguish. Courageous hashtags like #TheResistance will spread across Twitter. The traditional media will whine all the way down as it falls towards irrelevance. And Trump will march on, heedless of his critics. 2017 has the potential to be awesome.

Gerald K. McOscar: Let Democrats be Democrats – “The two camps are divided as much by opposing worldviews as by opposing political views.”

It is liberals, Ivy League-credentialed, sophisticated, tolerant, open-minded stewards of received wisdom and “settled” science, who are most impervious to facts and resistant to change. Ironically, these putative descendants of Thomas Paine’s Age of Reason function in a world distorted, like a funhouse mirror, by emotion at the expense of reason.

With these respective worlds, so far apart, there is little room for critical thought or intelligent discourse. Mr. Trump will never reach détente with his critics. Thus, he has nothing to lose by doing precisely what he promised if elected.

Cooler heads in the liberal camp have suggested that Democrats stop pointing fingers. They have suggested several ways for their allies to tack closer to reality: stop being insufferable know-it-alls, venture beyond the east coast-west coast liberal echo chambers and extend a hand to folks in flyover country, attempt to give opponents the benefit of the doubt.

Napoleon said, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

Republicans should pray without ceasing that Democrats continue to be Democrats.

More on this line by Ed Morrissey: Schumer: Trump better pick a mainstream Supreme Court nominee, or else. As Morrissey notes, the Democrats have made their bed with the Biden principles of 1992 and the Reid assaults on minority protections. They are now facing having to lie in the bed they made.

Then there’s Tyler O’Neil on 7 Desperate Liberal Lies About Trump’s Education Pick Betsy DeVos – the Senate Majority Leader is pointing out the contrast to how Republicans treated Obama’s nominees, too. And that doesn’t even get into the ‘dead wrong’ which so often typifies the Democrat’s attacks (Think Reid on the Senate Floor and his comments about Romney).

Every time President-elect Donald Trump names a cabinet pick, liberals have a field day— how can they paint a Trump pick as racist, elitist, extremist, and all-around evil? These attacks reached a fever pitch against Trump’s selection for secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. … Here are seven attacks liberals launched against her, and explanations of why they are dead wrong.

How about Fake News™ with motive? From an IBT editorial: The Russian Election Hacking Case Is Getting Murkier.

Jeffrey Carr, writing for the liberal site The Intercept, also blasted the DHS/FBI report, saying that it “adds nothing to the call for evidence that the Russian government was responsible for hacking the DNC.”

He goes on to say that “this entire assignment of blame against the Russian government is looking more and more like a domestic political operation run by the White House that relied heavily on questionable intelligence generated by a for-profit cybersecurity firm with a vested interest.”

Added to these concerns is the fact that the mainstream press has been incredibly irresponsible in reporting on Russian actions during the election campaign.

All we do know is that Democrats — from President Obama on down — have an obvious vested interest in blaming Russia, even if there’s little actual evidence to support those accusations.

Jazz Shaw: Facebook’s fight against court issued warrants – he picks up on the moral preening absurdities in the techie community.

What Facebook is doing here is not protecting the privacy of their customers. It’s obstruction of justice. And their insistence on telling the suspects that the government was interested in their postings goes a step further since it could easily be considered aiding and abetting them in escaping prosecution if they immediately went back and deleted any old posts which might have related to Social Security fraud.

Between this and the fight with Apple over phone encryption, the modern tech sector has gotten completely out of hand. Simply owning control of the access to user data doesn’t make one exempt from the law and the government should be asking questions about Facebook at this point, not just the alleged criminals they may be providing cover for.

Steven Hayward: Judith Curry Bids Adieu To Academia – Why? She says: “The deeper reasons have to do with my growing disenchantment with universities, the academic field of climate science and scientists.” It’s time for another venue, one that isn’t so hidebound, bigoted, and leftist.

Betsy McCaughey: Why Medicare isn’t actually going bankrupt – some interesting factoids with implications on future planning.

Medicare spending on end-of-life care is dropping rapidly, down from 19 percent to 13 percent of the Medicare budget since 2000. … in truth, disability and chronic illness are declining among the elderly. … Scientists call this overall improvement in aging “compression of morbidity.” The elderly live longer, stay healthier and have shorter illnesses at the end of life.

The US Preventive Services Task Force … guidelines alarmingly resemble those of Britain, where patients over 75 are routinely denied knee replacements, mastectomies and other surgeries. It’s a slippery slope.

Medicaid spending now is nearing $8,000 per recipient. That’s thousands more than is spent on people in private plans. And for all that money, studies show Medicaid isn’t improving patients’ health.

By contrast, Medicare is a success story. It has transformed aging, enabling older Americans to lead longer, more independent lives than our grandparents did. The average man turning 65 today will live five years longer than in 1970. Not just more years. Quality years. What a gift.

And reports are that Obama has started putting troops in position facing Russia – yet it is Trump they worry about? It is going to be an interesting year.

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Russians, Fake News, California

News today: Hitler’s manifesto has been reprinted for the first time since WW II and is a bestseller; The WaPo story on ‘Russkies Hacked Our Power Gridz’ comes up as Fake News™;

Thomas Lifson – The disgrace of the ‘Russia hacked the election’ narrative

It appears that President Obama is staking his legacy on a narrative that shows all the signs of being phony: fact-free appeals to authority (the intelligence community is unanimous – better than 97%!). near-universal media complicity (the very expression “hacked the election” is misleading), and an obvious political motive to explain away electoral rejection (after other narratives failed).

Andrew Malcolm this morning very effective mocked Obama’s “retaliation” for “election hacking” in a must-read column for McClatchy that gets to the corrupt heart of Obama’s exit from the presidency.

Jack Cashill – Willie Horton: A Fake News Story That Refuses to Die

Democrat leaders laid it off to the implicit racism of the Bush campaign. Sound familiar? To prove their point, Democratic operatives unearthed an ad featuring the mug shot of Horton, an African American, that an independent group had run in New England for two weeks. In the subsequent months and years, in order to paint the new president and his cronies as racist dirty tricksters, a bitter punditry would repeatedly show the Horton mug shot ad and attribute it to Bush.

Victor Davis Hanson – It’s Still a Mad, Mad California – his third generation ranch is in Fresno County and he describes how it has become the underside of California.

Coastal elites set rules for others, exempt themselves, and tolerate rampant lawlessness from illegal aliens. One reason for the emergence of outsider Donald Trump is the old outrage that elites seldom experience the consequences of their own ideologically driven agendas.

Nowhere is this paradox truer than in California, a dysfunctional natural paradise in which a group of coastal and governing magnificoes virtue-signal from the world’s most exclusive and beautiful enclaves. The state is currently experiencing another perfect storm of increased crime, decreased incarceration, still ongoing illegal immigration, and record poverty. All that is energized by a strapped middle class that is still fleeing the overregulated and overtaxed state, while the arriving poor take their places in hopes of generous entitlements, jobs servicing the elite, and government employment.

I once also thought the proof of American civilization was predicated on three assumptions: One could confidently mail a letter in a federal postal box on the street; one in extremis could find safe, excellent care in an emergency room; and one could visit a local DMV office to easily clear up a state error.  None are any longer true. I’ll never put another letter in a U.S. postal box, unless I’m in places like Carmel or Atherton that are in the Other California.

And then there’s Jazz Shaw about That time California legalized child prostitution – “In the end, it’s hard to see how that California bill will do much to actually help at risk children. And yes, it basically “legalizes” child prostitution in all but name. The real travesty here isn’t how the bill is being described, but the underlying horror show which prompted the law in the first place.” – the implications of well meaning actions not well thought out.

Roger L Simon – Do Our Intelligence Agencies Suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Nevertheless, we have been told that 17 — count ’em, 17 — of our intelligence agencies are sure that the computers of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee were hacked by Russians under direct orders of their capo di tutti capi Vladimir Putin himself. And, as we all know, Putin and Trump are bosom buddies, in cahoots to… well, we’re not sure about that part, but they must be up to something.

But two current news reports throw a bit of that cold Siberian ice on the seventeen’s putative assumption. And one of those reports comes from Vermont, which, although not Siberia, at this time of year is close enough. Apparently the Washington Post, ground zero these days when it comes to Trump Derangement Syndrome, got a story a bit wrong. You might even call it (gasp!) “fake news.”

AJStrata – A Stubborn Mix of Petulance, Denial and Projection – Dems Imploding – a nice election map and a bit about behaviors of interest to psychologists. “But the left? They have just lost it. And it appears to be due to three main causes.”

Kip Hansen – Modern Scientific Controversies Part 5: Common Elements:

All Modern Scientific Controversies (MSCs hereafter) begin with one required element without which there would be no MSC. That element is an ADVOCACY CAUSE (the Cause hereafter). We have seen these Causes in each of the MSCs discussed in this series: in the Salt Wars, the Cause is to “reduce the dietary salt intake of the general public to save lives”; in the Great Barrier Reef Wars the Cause is to “save the reef from destruction by human activity”.

In each case, the Cause is a position made up of three planks – like a political platform. These three planks, in each and every controversy, are: the Problem, the Truth, and the Solution.

MSCs usually, but not always, start off with a widely recognized Problem that needs resolution. … Many of our MSCs rely on “white hat bias” to gain support for their Advocacy Cause. Who could be against “fighting cancer” or “saving whales” or “preserving the world’s coral reefs”? …For Advocates “The Cause” often becomes all-consuming and leads them into behaviors that have been distasteful, harmful, duplicitous and illegal.

There’s a lot of speculation about nomination trickery. Newmark has this: “I love the irony that Obama’s overreach on recess-appointing his candidates to the NLRB when he determined all on his own that the Senate was in recess resulted in a unanimous ruling against him, including Sotomayor and Kagan, and that now blocks this too-tricky-by-half plot to finally get Merrick Garland onto the Supreme Court.” The underlying theme is that the election is to be over-ridden no matter what it takes for some folks. This sort of denial is likely going to be a difficult process correcting.

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boys, girls, social constructions, and why Nat Geo?

Ace takes note: Shock: Boys Prefer Puzzles and Games to Dolls, and This Somehow… Is Harmful to Girls

I thought National Geographic’s mission was to take us to little-seen corners of the globe, not to pluck stories off the Jezebel Network.

Apart from the routine stupidity you’d expect — that gender is a social construction and that kind of garbage

So, if I have this right: Boys are more prone to play with “boy” toys because boys are afforded less freedom by social norms, and are essentially forced to play with boy-toys, and girls are afforded more freedom to play as they choose, and this means that… girls are the oppressed sex?

It is interesting how this ‘social construction’ idea gets used in contradicting ways. When it comes to differences between genders, it is the cause but when it comes to LGBT lifestyle social construction is dismissed in favor of biological imperative. The reasoning gets about as convoluted as trying to rationalize performers dissing the inaugural festivities out of ‘conscience’ while asserting Christians have to cater to gay ceremonies.

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Two views: Lame Duck session or Wounded Duck interregnum?

Here are two views of the actions of the outgoing president and the president-elect since the election in November. Keep in mind that one of the top ranking rules in politics is when you are in a hole the first thing to do is to stop digging.

Kelly Riddell: A graceless exit – “Outgoing President Obama buries land mines for the Trump presidency.”

“Since the Nov. 8 results, Mr. Obama has taken a blow torch to the Oval Office, ensuring through his last minute executive actions and agency rulings, that Mr. Trump will have anything but a smooth transition into office.

“Mr. Obama — looking to protect his legacy — has unilaterally made several moves to undermine and undercut Mr. Trump’s ability to deliver on his campaign promises.”

Marcus: Does Trump realize there can only be one president at a time?

“One of the hallmarks of our democratic system is its commitment to the peaceful transition of power. This practice comes with two important, linked corollaries that fall under the umbrella that there can be only one president at a time. The first is that the incoming president, especially in the arena of foreign policy, takes care not to trespass on the prerogatives of the incumbent. The second is that the outgoing president, once departed, remains largely mute, giving his successor space to operate unimpeded by post-presidential backseat carping.

“President-elect Donald Trump must have missed this memo.

“This public tussling is as disturbing as it is unprecedented.”

Quite a contrast!

One way to look at this is that Marcus is telling Trump to ‘shut up’ as the left has a habit of doing when its ideologies are being opposed and it has no reasonable support for its views.

While Trump is talking to nearly anyone and everyone to prepare for governance — as per usual — Obama is doing and acting without factual support (Russian sanctions, EPA war on coal, …) and without any consideration for the public or Congress — as per usual for him.

Check MRC on how the discussion went in 2008. Not only is there the ‘shut up’ meme but there is also the ‘goose — gander’ thing that what’s good for me is bad for you idea.

The president-elect might have missed some unwritten memo but it is the current president who has dismissed the election.

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Legal Insurrection

Legal Insurrection has a couple of posts on TDS this morning. One is about how a Propane Vendor’s Threat to Trump Voters Explodes into Controversy posted by Leslie Eastman — “Michael Turner calls Trump a “hater” and refused to sell gas to supporters.” The other is by Kemberlee Kaye on The Eight Worst Anti-Trump “Hate Crime” Hoaxes — “There are plenty of legitimate Trump criticisms and no need to concoct stories of his supporters.” (note the qualifiers that there “are plenty of …” i.e. ‘both sides do it’ logical fallacy).

The most valuable lesson to be had in 2016 may be that tying your firm’s products to politics is a bad business model.

The latest person to learn this lesson is a Maine propane distributor who recently refused to sell gas to Trump voters.

Considering that he referred to Donald Trump as despicable and the Anti-Christ, I might suggest Turner spend some time reflecting on his use of the term “hater”.

As Hillary Clinton is discovering, a dramatic display of hubris is usually followed by a visit from Nemesis. Because Turner decided to exercise his First Amendment right to express himself, other Americans exercised their right to indulge in some due diligence.

It turns out the Propane dealer wasn’t properly licensed since 2012. Whoops.

On the other post with the “plenty of” qualifier, note that hoaxes like those being seen now are not rationalized by any legitimate criticism and are also quite lopsided in target selection.

As if faith in establishment media wasn’t depleted enough, there seems no end to stories recently exposed as hoaxes. In fact, just about every story where someone was supposedly the victim of pro-Trump hate has turned out to be nothing more than wish casting.

The TDS brigade is not known for considering the implications of their actions and these two stories reinforce that view. The propane dealer didn’t consider the implications of no fuel for heat, especially on the poor in a remote area of Maine. The hoaxer is also not considering the damage done by their actions.

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Awareness: Code Words

Jazz Shaw describes how Activists fret over “which crimes are eligible for deportation” under Trump. The worry of activists is notable as it is based on a fear of what might happen and that fear is based on perceptions that exaggerate and distort reality. If this isn’t enough, wait, there’s more!

All of the code words in this article are predictable and common among amnesty proponents. The government is “targeting” people. Some of those being deported are only charged with “minor crimes.” No matter what Trump winds up doing on immigration you can expect to see these sorts of stories repeated ad nauseam in the press, always highlighting the one person they find who came from truly tragic circumstances in their original home and who committed the least serious offenses possible.

There’s a rather crucial observation missing from this story, however, and likely from all those to follow over the next four years.

What these liberal authors seem to be getting confused over is the fact that we’ve been prioritizing the deportation of the felons who are the worst of the worst.

Those code words are often modifiers, adjectives and adverbs. It is like seeing “billionaire” to describe Trump’s nominations. This morning, “Democrats accuse” should have been a clue that code words were in full swing. Shaw also notes the logical fallacy that is often used in misperceptions, that of the binary interpretation of graduated phenomena. Then, of course, there is the absurdity of some of the FUD Mongering. “Complaining about Trump deporting people who have done something less serious than murder or sexual assault is complaining that he’s enforcing the law.” That’s like not realizing what you are saying when you accuse more than a third of the people of the country of wanting to starve children and abuse women.

First things first. Know one’s self and consider just how accurate and reasonable your perceptions and views might be. Listen to others with a goal of trying to understand them, not with the goal of confirming your fantasies. And be aware that others see you and learn from some of the highlights of “election remorse'” that have been subject to discussion and ridicule. They might just be talking about you.

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Awareness is growing: the difference is getting hard to ignore

Patricia McCarthy describes The Vast Cognitive Gulf between the Left and the Right. The election highlighted behavioral differences that can be seen in many other venues.

There is an abyss between how the Left and the Right accepts loss. What explains this? The Left will produce countless “studies” that “show” they have bigger brains, are a more advanced species and that conservatives are truly mentally impaired. That is what they do. Nothing makes them feel better than demeaning their ideological opponents on pseudo-intellectual grounds.

Everyone knows it is the self-appointed morally superior Left that is behind the tyrannies of multiculturalism, political correctness, a genderless society, man-made global warming, the promotion of homosexuality and gay marriage, the crusade against all religions but Isalm, the most violent and intolerant faith on the planet. Not all Muslms are violent and intolerant of course, but 99% of all terrorist acts are committed by radicalized Muslims. And the Left’s knee-jerk response is to protect the jihadis and blame the Right for their crimes.

The Left loved Castro, and Stalin and Mao — they still do. What explains that? It seems sheer moonbattery to anyone on the Right. They were psychopathic killers, each of them.

The results of this election have broken up families and friendships and it is the people on the Left who break up with those who voted for Trump. ‘Tis a mystery.

We live in the greatest, most successful, least racist, most sane, welcoming and productive country on the planet.

In other news this morning is objection to Justice Thomas missing in a Smithsonian exhibit while Anita Hill is on display. That’s a typical “who’s your hero” difference coupled with an attempt to re-write history. Then there’s the political expression of the CIA that tosses out innuendo but refuses to provide any support – even to its Congressional oversight committee. You don’t have to look far to find plenty of substance but you will need to know yourself and your perceptional bias to make sure you are not going down the sewer with the left. 


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Reflections on Trump and the team he is building

Ray Dalio, Chairman & Chief Investment Officer at Bridgewater Associates, L.P. provides Reflections on the Trump Presidency, One Month after the Election at LinkedIn that is one of the more sober assessments about where Trump is going based on the evidence currently on the table. It is observation and measure rather than speculation and hyperbole. 

Now that we’re a month past the election and most of the cabinet posts have been filled, it is increasingly obvious that we are about to experience a profound, president-led ideological shift that will have a big impact on both the US and the world. This will not just be a shift in government policy, but also a shift in how government policy is pursued.

This particular shift by the Trump administration could have a much bigger impact on the US economy than one would calculate on the basis of changes in tax and spending policies alone because it could ignite animal spirits and attract productive capital. Regarding igniting animal spirits, if this administration can spark a virtuous cycle in which people can make money, the move out of cash (that pays them virtually nothing) to risk-on investments could be huge.

The question is whether this administration will be a) aggressive and thoughtful or b) aggressive and reckless. The interactions between Trump, his heavy-weight advisors, and them with each other will likely determine the answer to this question.

We can get a rough sense of the experience of the new Trump administration by adding up the years major appointees have spent in relevant leadership positions. … Trump’s administration stands out for having by far the most business experience and a bit lower than average government experience (lower compared to recent presidents, and in line with Carter and Reagan). But the cumulative years of executive/government experience of his appointees are second-highest. Obviously, this is a very simple, imprecise measure, and there will be gray zones in exactly how you classify people, but it is indicative.

While the Trump administration appears very right-leaning by the measures above, it’s worth keeping in mind that Trump’s stated ideology differs from traditional Republicans in a number of ways, most notably on issues related to free trade and protectionism.

Trump’s appointees bring lots of high quality business leadership experience from roles that required pragmatism and judgment.

It’s also of note that Trump has leaned heavily on appointees with military experience to compensate for his lack of foreign policy experience

By and large, deal-maker businessmen will be running the government. Their boldness will almost certainly make the next four years incredibly interesting and will keep us all on our toes.

Different. But not by that much, really, as far as qualifications and experience. The difference is in focus and goals and that is why there is a deathly fear of change in certain circles.

BTW, about those circles, the Electoral College vote brouhaha was contained mostly within them. The defectors did more damage to Clinton than they did to Trump. This might help localize the damage to proper governance and keep it to those trying to destroy it.

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