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Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus

“Over the past thirty-years, a plurality of ill-educated and malleable citizens have allowed the self-serving, decadent and nescient ruling class, in alliance with the radical left, to establish near-permanent despotism in the United States.  They have deliberately and inexorably widened the gulf between the people and the government and effectively split the nation into two de facto countries that are at ideological and societal loggerheads.” —  Steve McCann, The United States Has Become Two Countries Within a Nation – American Thinker

“The thinking behind the establishment of these programs has a longstanding and dishonorable history.” —  Jack Wisdom, False Values Proliferate in Higher Ed – American Thinker

“Evidence keeps piling up that Joe Biden lied about his family’s foreign influence-peddling scheme that reaped tens of millions of dollars for his son and brother and potentially put at risk America’s national security” —  Miranda Devine, Hunter and Joe Biden’s links go deeper by the day

“KevinMD contributors, virtually without exception, have asserted the solution to events like the horrific tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, is “gun control.” Allow me to present an alternative viewpoint in the interest of diversity of opinion.” … “While new restrictions on gun ownership are not unreasonable, if we want to keep Americans safe, let’s stop letting violent criminals like Darryl Brooks, Eugene Clark, Steven Mendez, and Ricardo Hernandez back on our streets. And these are not isolated cases” —  Scott Abramson, Gun control vs. violent criminal control

“The advanced state of ad hominem political attacks in the United States has spread to the Supreme Court’s own justices – at least from the outnumbered liberals there.” “Now is the time to stop this vitriol before it’s too late, before it impacts the way the Justices conduct business.  It’s long past time to stop it in the Senate and the House and at the White House.” —  Marc Hecht, The losers throw spitballs, even on the Supreme Court – American Thinker

“the Court has not appointed itself the decision-maker, Justice Kagan. It has told Congress that it must be the decision maker, which is what the Constitution says.  Justice Kagan is far from stupid. How does one get such an obvious and simple point so wrong?” —  Thomas Lifson, Justice Kagan’s sophomoric misunderstanding of West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency – American Thinker

“If the precedent doesn’t conform to the Constitution, it is then illegal and should be overturned, which a justice will vote to do if he, again, references the Constitution.” … “what hasn’t been said: In complaining they were deceived by Gorsuch and Kavanaugh,  Manchin and Collins are in glass houses with millimeter-thick walls. — For they are violating their oaths.” —  , Roe Woe: Manchin and Collins Violate Their Oaths by Stressing Un-American Stare Decisis – American Thinker

“Liberals view the actual words of statutes (like the words of the Constitution, see Roe v. Wade) as irrelevant. The one imperative is federal government power.” —  John Hinderaker, Abolish the Supreme Court? | Power Line

“According to United States Representative Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), “this is what you have when vindictive leftists get in charge of major parts of the government.” —  Patricia Tolson via The Epoch Times, DOJ Has VA Suspend All Benefits Of Jan. 6 Prisoner | ZeroHedge

“Something is very wrong with the supposedly right-of-center media outlets and commentators treating the Jan. 6 committee like something other than the appalling Stalinesque show-trial ” —  John Daniel Davidson, The Jan. 6 Committee Is Causing Never Trumpers To Lose Their Minds

“What all these leftists (in the media and out) forgot is that a kangaroo court doesn’t get to the truth. It is, instead, a forum for promoting lies” … “There’s a legal adage, Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus, that means that a person who is false in one thing is presumed to be false in everything” —  Andrea Widburg, A Jan 6 witness ludicrously claims Trump tried to choke his Secret Service agent – American Thinker

“The examples are endless.  The media will destroy anyone whom they don’t want in power while hiding the truth about people like the Clintons and the Bidens.  All they care about is power for leftists and pushing their agenda to destroy America.  They should be embarrassed.” —  Jack Hellner, Here are headlines and editorials in the dishonest WaPo a day after Secret Service agents effectively called Jan. 6 witness a liar – American Thinker

“As previously reported in an exclusive June 20 report, evidence proves that “plainclothes” members of a special Electronic Surveillance Unit (ESU) were embedded among Jan. 6, 2021, protesters for the purposes of conducting video surveillance” —  Patricia Tolson via The Epoch Times, Jan. 6 ‘Electronic Surveillance Unit’ Was “Illegal”, Says Rep. Gohmert; Attorney Suggests “Entrapment” | ZeroHedge

“It appears from coverage that Democrats and weasel Republicans are attempting to use gross overstatement, selective testimony and choice bits of heavily edited depositions from erstwhile Trump partisans to bundle a series of diverse elements into a narrative.” … “The precedent is set: identifying future Democrat-favoring voting irregularities risks being labeled a promoter of Trump-variety “false claims” and plagued, persecuted, or even prosecuted as an “insurrectionist.” — Jan. 6, Adam Schiff, And The Real Big Liars — And Why It Matters – Issues & Insights

“The irony is that so-called “green” energy such as solar and wind, can’t fill the needs of growing economies. So countries are moving back to coal, undoing decades of CO2 reductions” … “The “net-zero emissions” extremism will damage the next generation’s prospects of living better than its parents did – a long-cherished promise of American life that, unless our current course toward energy poverty alters, will disappear” —  , Americans Are ‘Collateral Damage’ In Dems’ Insane War On Energy – Issues & Insights

“Science doesn’t follow, “just didn’t look right” as a rule of discovery or investigation” … ” like many climate alarmists, Dessler just has a hard time believing that any time in the past could be worse than the present when it comes to weather” … “You can compare all of the facts in points 1-4 above to Dessler’s “just didn’t look right” analysis and make your own judgments about when heat waves were worse in the United States. You can believe the real actual data measured at the time, or the data that has but put through a statistical adjustment mill decades later.”  —  Anthony Watts, U.S. Heat Waves: Dessler Continues to Step In It – Watts Up With That?

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Puchback – enough and in time? A long road left to travel.

“These actions are obviously choreographed with the January 6 Committee because the FBI would have done all of this a year ago if they were real.” … “What conservative members of Congress, and Senators, and conservative activists need to do, however, is keep track of who handles these search warrants and subpoenas. When the day comes that there is a Republican president, a top priority must be given to driving everyone, no matter what their rank, who touched the paperwork or participated in carrying out these Stasi-like operations from the federal government.”–  streiff, Curious How the Department of Justice and FBI Are Trying to Bolster the Failing January 6 Commission, Isn’t It? – RedState

“The Left has been tempting fate since January 2021—applying its nihilist medicine to America on the premise that such a rich patient can ride out any toxic shock.” … “So, we can afford 120 days in 2020 of mass rioting, $2 billion in damage, some 35 killed, and 1,500 police injured.” —  Victor Davis Hanson, America Is More Fragile Than the Left Understands › American Greatness

“The FBI neglected to raid the homes of criminals like Hunter Biden and Michael Sussmann but raided the Veritas Project founder’s home based on a lie.” … “The only apparent criterion the FBI needs to raid the homes of American citizens is that those citizens have ever supported former President Donald Trump.” … “Democrats have weaponized the DOJ and the FBI as tools of political repression instead of justice.” —  Beth Whitehead, FBI Raids Target Democrats’ Political Foes Instead Of True Criminals

“The Iowa Republican listed a dozen other cases in which the United States Attorney’s Office declined to prosecute staffers” —  , Chuck Grassley slams Justice Department for not prosecuting employees for lying | Just The News

“Religious devotion, the keystone of ordered liberty in the West, has been under systematic assault by anti-religious forces Barr called an ‘atheocracy.’” —  Joy Pullmann, Barr: Public Schools Are So Hostile To Christians, They’re Unconstitutional

“Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s response was petty and rude” … “What a venal and irresponsible response to a sad event that will truly hurt already struggling Chicago and Illinois.”–  Mark Glennon, The Illinois Political Establishment’s Shameful Response To The Departure Of Ken Griffin And Citadel | ZeroHedge

“We had to fight hard to get Roe v. Wade overturned, and we can’t forget the hell they put us through to stop it.” —  Christopher Bedford, Never Forget How Vicious Was The Left’s Anti-Court Campaign

“The extent to which liberals have gone bananas over the Dobbs case is a phenomenon that demands explanation. Most liberals, after all, understand that the Court has not banned abortion, or in fact placed any limits on it whatsoever. It has simply remitted the issue of abortion to the political sphere where it was prior to 1973, and where it always has belonged, thus ending a half century of usurpation by the Court.” —  John Hinderaker, Why the Abortion Hysteria? | Power Line

here are six big ones —  Miranda Devine, The Democrats’ lies on abortion since SCOTUS’ overruling of Roe v. Wade

“Abortion extremists have been working for years to ensure that if Roe and Casey were overturned, abortion-on-demand would remain the law of the land.” … “Lock Down State Courts … Lying to the Public” —  Margot Cleveland, Post-Dobbs, The Abortion Battle Hits Activist State Courts

“Since they haven’t been able to destroy Justice Thomas after years of trying, they hope to get to him through his wife. It’s a sickening tactic.” … “The Democrat-controlled Congress apparently has contempt for each and every right enumerated in the Bill of Rights. The policy positions they push are all about destroying your private life. Let’s check them off, one by one.” —  Stella Morabito, Why The J6 Committee’s Attacks On Ginni Thomas Harm Every American

“This isn’t about truth, but about making it impossible for conservatives to successfully enter and leave government.” —  Margot Cleveland, Exclusive: WH Staffer Confirms Jan. 6 Committee Lied About DOJ Attorney

“Let’s review the news since Friday’s Supreme Court decision – a decision that gave power back to the people to decide what laws should apply when it comes to abortion. Riots. Arson. Calls to assassinate a sitting justice. Threats of violence against anyone who is pro-life.” … “Contrast the left’s vicious behavior today with the reaction of pro-lifers when the Roe decision came down in 1973” —  , The Left Aborts Its Right To Be Called Tolerant … Or Intelligent – Issues & Insights

“Among many other virtues, his opinions have managed the dual feat of laying out serious legal and constitutional arguments while trolling the left at the same time.” —  Steven Hayward, Thomas’s Moment | Power Line

“The Left wants to sidestep the law in its rush for power. We see that mindset on daily display from virtually every Democrat near a microphone. SCOTUS has begun to step on the brakes of that runaway train. The Justices who stood up to protect America owe their majority to Donald Trump. The rest of us should say a very loud, “Thank you.” —  Ted Noel, The Return To Constitutionalism Is Hidden In Plain Sight – American Thinker


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Cancelled! Bigotry triumphant.

“Big wins in the Supreme Court are normally occasions for celebration, but not this time.” … “I represented my old law firm in ethics matters for 17 years. We never would have dropped a client for political reasons. But that was then, and this is now” … “This is the opposite of ethical legal representation. Clients who are unpopular are the most in need of legal counsel.[WSJ]” —  John Hinderaker , Congratulations, You’re Fired

“Why is returning power to the states so important and why is this notion of a return to federalism gaining ground?” … “This week, the Department of Justice twice took a swipe at the Supreme Court, something I have never seen before or hope to see again. It’s disrespectful, but worse, ignores the deference the Executive must pay the Judicial branch.” —  Clarice Feldman, Perspectives on the Dodd Decision Overruling Roe v. Wade

“In the aftermath of the historic ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, politicians and pundits have denounced the Supreme Court justices and the Court itself for holding opposing views on the interpretation of the Court … Most concerning were legal analysts who fueled misleading accounts of the opinion or the record of this Court.” … “Media figures and legal experts are not just content with disagreeing with the Court’s analysis but want to trash these jurists as craven, unethical people” … “This reckless rhetoric is becoming the norm in our discussions of this and other legal controversies. We are losing a critical mass of mature and sensible voices in discussing such cases. Instead, analysts are expected to reinforce a narrative and amplify the anger in the coverage of such cases. That is a great loss to our profession and only will fuel the unhinged rage of some who only consider the conclusion, and not the analysis, of this opinion.”– The Dobbs Decision Unleashes Rage and Revisionism – JONATHAN TURLEY

“Adam Schiff and his friends on the Jan. 6 Select Committee have been pushing a new “Big Lie” on America” … “This is how propaganda works. You present one side of the story, you label it, and then you repeat repeat repeat.” … “The only problem with this latest Big Lie is that it isn’t true.” … “When one side in a heated political environment criminalizes their opponents because of their political views, our Republic dies.” —  Kenneth R. Timmerman, Gaslighting Committee Attempts Launch of Banana Republic


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Markers of the sad state of affairs and a few rays of sunchine, maybe

“As the Pelosi-Thompson-Cheney circus rolls on in D.C., signals are given that the Democrats, have their sights set on more than just the former President. … The comment harkens back to the McCarthy era hearings and guilt by association. Once a communist always a communist has now turned to ‘Once a Trumper, always a Trumper. … Seventy-four million Americans, committed no crime in voting for Trump, but are now considered to be a threat the country, just as were the McCarthy era communists.’” —  Dennis Lund, Are you now or have you ever been a supporter of Donald Trump?

“It’s clear that this Supreme Court will uphold the rule of law and not be swayed by public opinion” –  Josh Blackman, Abortion ruling: Why was Roe overruled under Dobbs not Casey?

“At least, as one Internet wag put it, the gasoline for their Molotov cocktails will be much more expensive this time around, thanks to the Biden administration’s energy policies. But the way this case has been handled by the political class says bad things about the political class — and about the state of our nation.” —  Glenn H. Reynolds, The leak, the threats, the violence — reaction to Roe is dark day for nation


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Who’s responsible for what they do or think?

“The Supreme Court has finally ended its two-decades long punt on Second Amendment jurisprudence.” —  , 6 Takeaways From The Supreme Court Protection Of Self-Defense (but the Left can’t read and doesn’t care about legalities, anyway, unles it suits their fantasies)

“denying gun rights or creating a test that’s too onerous is racist.” … “Alito also took the court’s liberal minority to task for their emotional arguments untethered from the issue at hand” —  , Justice Thomas Vanquished Gun Grabbers in his Bruen Opinion

“The Bruen case has literally nothing to do with the DoJ, at least not in its legitimate law-enforcement capacity” … “f the DoJ is suddenly fired up to start “enforcing and defending federal firearms laws,” they can start by prosecuting people who try to game the background-check system despite being knowingly barred from firearms ownership” … “It certainly looks pretty strange to see the DoJ lecturing Supreme Court justices on enforcing the law when Garland and his team have been completely derelict in their duty to stop the intimidation campaigns aimed at these same justices. Strange, and entirely partisan.” —  Ed Morrissey, DoJ to SCOTUS on Bruen: We will just have to enforce federal law, then

“you’ve got pathologies that we didn’t have before. You’ve got the crime we didn’t have before. You’ve got the disintegration of families that you didn’t have before, disorder you didn’t have before. And they were things that were avoidable. You didn’t have to do that to poor people, and it’s just heartbreaking. Something has changed” —  , How liberal policies have killed black communities: Clarence Thomas

“Over the past weekend, Stephen Colbert staffers were caught trying to break into the US Capitol” — Will, Fox Raises Important Questions about Jan. 6th Prisoners Being Treated Differently than Captured Colbert Staffers

“In their rush to ‘do something,’ Republicans are supporting a vague, open-ended bill that will almost surely be abused” … “there is scant evidence that red flag laws do much to prevent violence. Most studies that contend to prove red flag laws work, do so by drilling into the consciousness of those who’ve lost their guns and predicting their behavior” —  : David Harsanyi, The ‘Do Something’ Gun Control Bill Does Little But Erode Rights

“Our late colleague and friend, psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Szasz, spent sixty years of his life pounding home the chasm between mind (behavior) and disease (physical cell abnormality)” … “Diagnoses of mental illness are subjective judgments of behavior. Diagnoses of real disease, such as those made by pathologists and used in nosology, are made on the basis of cellular abnormality. The latter is objective;  the former is subjective” … “Focusing on “mental health” and “mental illness” does nothing more than allow government to randomly gain control of thousands of people absent any probable cause and absent any significant reduction of mass murders” —  Richard E. Vatz and Jeffrey A. Schaler, Psychiatric Failure in Confronting Mass Murderers

“Anyone who continues to call January 6 an armed insurrection and coordinated attack after the politicized FBI said it wasn’t is detached from reality” … “The choice is easier every day.  I will take the president who the media and other Democrats claim is detached from reality, who gave us peace, prosperity, rising wages, low inflation, energy independence, record-low poverty, and three vaccines over the corrupt, incompetent president, whom the media supports, who is destroying our country every day with his policies and blaming everyone else”–  Jack Hellner, Who are the people detached from reality and mentally incompetent to govern?

“The White House is refusing to share details about its coordinated efforts to engage in a federal takeover of election administration” —  Mollie Hemingway, Yes, Biden Is Hiding His Plan To Rig The 2022 Midterm Elections

“While Watergate has been covered extensively in these various media, some of the most important questions asked in 1972 about the puzzling caper remain unanswered in 2022” … “O’Connor has resurfaced with what he says are answers to all the other lingering Watergate mysteries.  His book refutes the conventional Watergate narrative of Nixonian evil uncovered by a pair of fearless, honest young reporters” … “Is Watergate historically linked to 9/11 and Russiagate?  O’Connor thinks so.  Before you congeal your doubts, read this intriguing work first.” —  Drew Allen, Mysteries of Watergate: What really happened?

“According to the ABIM, there is no need for a public forum between experts to determine what constitutes misinformation. That determination is made by the ABIM and its hand-selected doctors” … “Doctors are sheep. They follow what others do and don’t speak out. Nothing to gain by speaking out. You don’t want to lose your license too!” —  Steve Kirsch, ABIM: “There shall be no public accountability on our decision to de-certify Dr. McCullough”




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Markers of innocence.Do you think you have a right to self defens?

“It’s terrible to think that the man sworn to “upholding the rule of law, keeping our country safe, and protecting the civil rights of all Americans” is failing hundreds of thousands of people who have been openly threatened by political violence.” … “That isn’t just dereliction of duty, it’s full-blown enablement of the political violence Garland claims to be against. It’s wrong, it’s not just, and Garland deserves to lose his job over it.” —  Jordan Boyd, Garland’s Version Of Justice For All Doesn’t Include His Political Enemies

“From made-up claims of Russian collusion to a manufactured scandal around Ukraine, Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee chair and former impeachment manager, has now attached himself to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6 Committee to carry out the Democrats’ latest hoax.” … “But there are no repercussions for Schiff, an 11-term congressman whose voters have endorsed their representative’s crusade against the former Republican president with fictitious crimes.” —  Tristan Justice, Adam Schiff Is An Emblem Of Institutional Decline

“No matter whether you loved or hated his tweets, his presidency looks better and better with every passing day.” —  Silvio Canto, Jr., The problem with hating Trump

“The 2020 election was rigged, but it is not up to us to prove that.  Instead of resisting audits every step of the way, the burden of proving otherwise falls on those who refuse to open the voting machines for inspection.  There can be no innocent motive to hide them.  Nor can there have been any justification for blocking observers from observing.” —  Robert Arvay, Were the elections rigged? It might not matter.

“it’s impossible to lose something you’ve never had. The U.S. has never been governed by a democracy. Our government is a constitutional republic and always has been, from the moment of its inception. – What Hillary and her ilk are really worried about is the end of the Democratic Party. If the truth about the Clintons (or the Bidens) ever became public knowledge, their political careers would be over forever.” —  John Leonard, Losing Our Democracy

“In Minnesota, a new rule relating to certification of teachers is in process. – You have to read it to believe it” … “Personally, I wouldn’t allow a “teacher” who “understands” those things within 100 yards of one of my kids.” … “If these proposed licensing changes are implemented, no sane person will want to be a teacher in Minnesota.” —  John Hinderaker, Only Marxists Need Apply — see also Manufacturing Social Justice Warriors on an Industrial Scale by Robert Weissberg.

“In the recent, predictable Democrat party push for gun control following the Uvalde shooting, has anyone asked the basic question, “Do you believe in the right of self-defense?”  Many leftists believe that only the State has the right to defend its citizens.  They believe that the State should possess a monopoly on the legal use of force.” — David Hoit, The left vs. the right of self-defense


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Political persecution rampage

“There were no guns nor ammunition, but they did have some kind of document spelling out a plan to march in a line through a downtown park and agitate passersby.” … “This is an important story. Not because “white nationalists” are involved. But because for curious reasons, the FBI is.” —  Eddie Scarry, The ‘White Nationalists’ At Idaho Pride Were The Least Armed That Day

“The Jan. 6 select committee and the legacy media outlets promoting the show trial completely ignore, however, the verifiable evidence of systemic violations of election law, illegal voting, and the constitutionally deficient execution of the November 2020 election—including issues Trump challenged following the election.” —  Margot Cleveland, Jan. 6 Committee Ignores Clear Evidence Of Broken Election Laws

“Our nation is being brutalized by violence in city after city … Criminals are being allowed to run free among law-abiding citizens in Democrat-run cities throughout the country” … “Our media supported the rioters, too; they love nothing better than exacerbating an already explosive situation.  The media do not investigate the obvious possibility that the rioters were recruited and paid to do what they do.” … “Their way or the highway.  That pretty much sums up the American left today.” —  Patricia McCarthy, Who foments violence in America?

“compelling evidence of a massive, centrally coordinated conspiracy to commit vote fraud” … “D’Souza’s documentary is the seminal moment the tide washed away enough mud that, despite their shrieks and howls, the left can no longer hide the ugly truth of what it did.  Massive election fraud in 2020 is a conspiracy, but it is no longer merely a theory.” —  Charlie Johnston, D’Souza’s Mules Left Tracks

“much like Ali’s refusal to acquiesce to the draft in protest to the Vietnam War, Kaepernick’s protest of black men dying in police custody was not as cut-and-dried as a magazine writer would have you believe.” … “Ali went to jail for his protest – Kaepernick went to the bank for his” … “like Ali — who opposed the draft because of his religion — Kennedy is taking one for the team (as it were) for his religion. – Kaepernick kneeled to peddle shoes” — Don Surber: The politics of kneeling

“you’ll witness the indispensability of specialization, the value of skilled and serious workmanship, and many of the fruits of market-driven innovation” —  Don Boudreaux, Economic Lessons from “This Old House” – Cafe Hayek


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Documenting barbarism

“The voters who support people like Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, et al. have brought us dangerously close to the communism of Stalin and Mao.” … “Our federal law enforcement institutions are out of control.” — Patricia McCarthy, It is time to admit that the American left is malevolent

“A well-oiled fog machine operated by the Department of Justice, congressional Democrats, NeverTrumpers, and the national news media is once again pumping lie after lie into the body politic in a last-gasp attempt to destroy Trump and the powerful political movement he created.” … “Facts, as they say, do matter—and the aforementioned list is just a handful of indisputable truths related to January 6, 2021, that the other side doesn’t want the American people to see. So share it widely.” —  Julie Kelly , January 6 for Non-Dummies

“Walsh’s film, apart from a sobering depiction of stupidity, is also a document of barbarism.” … “Western societies have taken a wrong turn on transgenderism, and all of us should resolve to reverse course.” —  Nina Power, Trans Barbarism

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Let them instead eat a solar farm, bike path, or Tesla.

“Declassified for Durham’s probe, a March 2017 memo prepared by Lisa Page for FBI head James Comey’s meeting with Congress’ “Gang of Eight” — the bipartisan House and Senate leaders who oversee the most classified stuff — was a total cook-up job.” … “Until the plotters are held accountable, there actually is good reason to worry about the future of democracy in America. ” — New York Post, The FBI knew RussiaGate was a lie — but hid that truth

“Until this becomes a national priority, creating a functional mental health care system that can identify, treat, and if necessary, hospitalize those who are mentally ill and dangerous or incapable of self-care, expect to see homelessness and mass shootings continue.” — Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.. It’s the Mental Health System, Stupid

“we see disparate justice. Indeed, the force of criminal justice brought harshly to bear on one side — even for legally protected conduct, while the worst criminal behavior that advances the Democratic party’s interests is ignored.” … “Do you really want to live in a country controlled by thugs? You think there aren’t enough banana republics in the world, and you want to add this country to the crowd?” —  Clarice Feldman, The Democrats: ‘A Criminal Organization’

“The media is as much to blame as the Dems. They could halve the murder rate within a few years if they just started telling the truth and stopped enabling their Democratic partners in crime.” —  Jack Cashill, When Dem gun rhetoric gets downright dangerous

“It was once widely understood in the United States that vociferous debate and vigorous policy disagreement were features of a healthy American society. Hashing out arguments over contested issues in the public square had two immediate salubrious effects: it allowed the average American to appreciate the “pros” and “cons” of consequential policy decisions, and it provided those whose viewpoints did not win the day to nonetheless speak their minds.” … “If debate and disagreement are no longer understood as hallmarks of the American system of democracy, then that system will quickly go up in smoke. If individual Americans are treated as “domestic enemies” for their political beliefs, then spiraling violence becomes inevitable.” —  J.B. Shurk, When Name-Calling Ends Debate, Violence Becomes Inevitable

“The rule of thumb with Democrats is that, when they accuse you of doing something, you can be assured that it is they who are doing it.” … “What we’re seeing is the complete breakdown of our constitutional government at the very highest levels. I applaud the judge in Texas who pushed back but that’s just a pebble trying to divert a raging river of lawlessness.” —  Andrea Widburg, A Texas court strikes a blow against the Biden administration’s lawlessness

“The Silicon Valley motto should be “I create inequality by hating inequality.” … “The self-declared most caring, virtuous, and moral in the end proved the most narcissistic, selfish, and self-centered. Yes, the rich left-wing California elites are many things, but utterly selfish explains what they do unto others.” —  Victor Davis Hanson, The Selfish Californian.



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Enough already! What do we have to do to stop this nonsense?

“Looking at the trial of Michael Sussman, who represented Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, from Israel, it’s impossible not to draw parallels to the Netanyahu trial.” … “Whether or not Netanyahu is exonerated, whether or not Sussman’s acquittal was justified, the fact is that no verdict will bring justice or bridge the divides in American and Israeli societies. So long as the legal systems that created Russiagate and ousted Netanyahu from power remain corrupted by politicized bureaucrats, our societies will only grow more divided and unstable.” — Caroline Glick, From Washington to Jerusalem, the Conspiracies Are Unraveling.

“The United States must get serious about its own survival as a republic dedicated to protecting individual life and liberty.” … “we can’t recall a bigoted jury decision.” – Austin Bay, Political Corruption and Injustice Threaten U.S. National Security, by Austin Bay | Creators Syndicate

“The Democrats should be held accountable for last night’s attempt on the life of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Most notably, of course, Chuck Schumer issued a fatwa against Kavanaugh and Justice Neil Gorsuch, which last night’s would-be assassin apparently attempted to execute.” … “It is worth noting that the would-be assassin who was arrested last night had in his possession more firearms (one or more, we are told) than all of the January 6 “insurrectionists” together (zero).” – John Hinderaker, Are the Democrats to Blame?

“Roske is somewhat unbalanced … This is precisely the sort of person likely to act on incitement to violence by the likes of Chuck Schumer.” … “Ironically, Roske, who was armed with a Glock handgun and intended to kill Justice Kavanaugh, wanted more stringent (unconstitutional) gun control laws. Who can debate liberal logic?” … “The Democratic Party and the liberal movement need to do some serious soul-searching in the wake of this attempted assassination. They caused it. They foreseeably brought it about. It was more or less inevitable, in view of the disgusting tactics they have used in recent years. And now they have run for cover.” —  John Hinderaker , More On the Would-Be Assassin

“This one is between two factions of elected politicians in D.C. locked in a death match that’s never happened before.  It is one that began roughly 12 years ago during Obama’s first administration and is being carried out on various battlefields and in various ways.” – Tim Jones, The second Civil War is already underway

“Leftists in the Biden administration have finally outrun their headlights and (again) exposed the failures of Marxism. What must we do to stop them now that we have that hard proof?” … “As together we “stand athwart history and yell STOP!” to this madness and this evil.” – Lewis Dovland, STOP IT! Just Stop It!

“The FBI deceived the House, Senate and the Justice Department about the substance and strength of evidence undergirding its counterintelligence investigation of President Trump” – Paul Sperry, FBI Chief Comey Misled Congress’s ‘Gang of 8’ Over Russiagate, Lisa Page Memo Reveals

“The Post is right, and here’s how we know. YouTube has no problem posting videos that claim the 2016 election was stolen.” … “Apparently, talk of election fraud is only “dangerous” when a Republican says it. If you’re a Democrat, you are free to say whatever you want.” – YouTube’s Selective Ban On ‘Stolen Election’ Videos – Issues & Insights

“Today the Missouri attorney general announced subpoenas of seven school districts in response to parent complaints of racist instruction and intrusive surveys administered to their children allegedly without prior parental notice.” … “The investigation uncovers Missouri public schools forcing students to participate in exercises that shame children for their skin color and teaching that races are inherently unequal, which violate the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.” —  Joy Pullmann, Mo. AG Uncovers Systemic Use Of Racist Curricula In Public Schools


“It is difficult for people accustomed to today’s media environment to appreciate what a monoculture the media was back then, in that pre-Internet, pre-Cable, pre-Limbaugh era” … “s with the alternative media, developing some degree of parity in the tech world is essential if conservatives are to withstand attacks from the progressive apparatus. Otherwise, as McCarthy correctly notes, the outcomes are almost preordained.” —  Glenn Reynolds, Nixon’s Revenge


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Been there, done that, no matter.

Voter Fraud Today, Voter Fraud Tomorrow, Voter Fraud Forever! John Hinderaker — “the Times calls those who are concerned about the honesty of our elections “election deniers,” a childish smear.” … “Why do liberals go ballistic over efforts to assure honest elections? Because voter fraud is an element of the Democrats’ election strategy.”

The Sovietization of American Life. Victor Davis Hanson — “Behind all our disasters there looms an ideology, a creed that ignores cause and effect in the real world—without a shred of concern for the damage done to those outside the nomenklatura.” … “Entire professions have now nearly been lost to radical progressive ideology.” … “Where does woke Sovietization end once accountability vanishes and ideology masks incompetence and malfeasance?”

The dystopian state of our nation. Patricia McCarthy — “The signs of decline are everywhere: violent crimes, corruption, riots, all with little or no consequences for the perpetrators, election fraud, and medical mandates for vaccines that do not work.”

Internal Capitol Police review found sweeping intelligence, security failures on Pelosi’s watch | Just The News — “Secret after-action report cited widespread ineptitude and inadequate riot squads, found closing of open-source intelligence unit may have contributed to tragedy”

Ilya Shapiro Resigns From Georgetown Law, Blames Dean William Treanor For Embracing Anti-Free Expression “Hostile Work Environment”.  William A. Jacobson — “Dean William Treanor cleared me on the technicality that I wasn’t an employee when I tweeted, but the [DEI Office] implicitly repealed Georgetown’s Speech and Expression Policy and set me up for discipline the next time I transgress progressive orthodoxy. Instead of participating in that slow-motion firing, I’m resigning.”

YouTube now censoring journalism for the Biden administration. Benjamin Weingarten — “Big Tech has become a significant partner in enforcing regime orthodoxy by suppressing dissent under the guise of national security.” … “the censorship on election integrity — an issue manifestly at the heart of our politics, robust speech about which is core to the First Amendment — will only further erode trust for the millions who have lost faith in our system.”

Watch: GOP Presser Kick-Starts Counter-Programming To Jan. 6 Committee Hearings. Frank Gang — “The House impeached Trump on Jan. 13, 2021 for allegedly inciting the Capitol attack. The Senate acquitted him in the following month.”

Elections Won’t Fix This. Jeffrey Tucker — “faith in our elected leaders is belied by the experiences of the last 30 months” … “The administrative state is THE government. Elections? They provide just enough difference to lead people to believe they are in charge, but are they? Not according to the organization chart”

Have We Become Amerika? I & I Editorial Board — “freedoms have been overrun, dissent forbidden, free speech shredded, and crime allowed to thrive. Our Second Amendment rights are in grave jeopardy. The price of energy is intentionally being increased. Failure to conform to leftist demands risks ostracization. The rule of law is being ignored. Our justice system has been corrupted by politics. Both policymakers and activists want to increase the middle and lower classes’ dependency on government. Wealth is not to be created but redistributed by elected officials and their functionaries in the bureaucracy. Inflation caused by Democratic policies has wrecked the value of the dollar. Abundance has been replaced by shortages, the worst of which are yet to come.”

Stopping ‘Quarantine Camps’ in New York State. Bobbie Anne Flower Cox, Esq.  — “This dystopian horror sounds unbelievable to an American” … “And yet, the governor of New York and her Department of Health have promulgated a dystopian regulation that does all of that and more”

Deep Throat’s lawyer takes on the chicanery behind the Sussmann verdict. John O’Connor — “The burden of this article is not to criticize the exercise of the court’s wide discretion, but only to show that the case would not have been weak if discretion were exercised in a different manner, in part or in whole.  Accordingly, we give kudos to Sussmann’s legal team but blow raspberries at the realities of what Sussmann was doing when he went to the FBI. ”

The Week of Sussmann and Navarro. Christopher Chantrill — “if an Inner Party chappie gets a free ride, and the Outer Party chappie gets leg irons, what is the fate of the Proles in Biden’s America? Hey, ruling class: you may not think about where this injustice leads, but I can.”

There really are societal root causes for rising violence and criminality. Joyce T. Wuensch — “This factor is the gradual weakening of consequences for bad behavior to the point of threatening the very fabric of society” …. “Lastly, there was a major rejection of both traditional and religious values by the so-called “counterculture.”

Uvalde Massacre: One Causal Factor the Left Refuses to Consider, by Oliver L. North and David L. Goetsch | Creators Syndicate — “an important causal factor that figures into all of them: the absence of God the Father in American culture and the lives of the perpetrators.” … “One of the inevitable effects of secularization is it encourages the darker side of human nature, and the darker side of human nature shows through in the gun violence plaguing our country”

Selling Global Warming to Eskimos. Russell Cook — “That’s essentially what the “climate change” issue is, a charismatic smooth-talking sales campaign selling the world the notion of catastrophic man-caused global warming via an endless string of deceptive narratives”

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Never mind – intellectual integrity isn’t in play here

Peak Futility. John Hinderaker — “Strangely, I haven’t seen Democrats talking about these practical, effective measures. Why not?”

Mass Shootings: The Media Misinformation Campaign. David Catron — “The Gun Violence Archive misrepresents shootings in the U.S. to serve the Left’s political ends”

School shootings are horrible — and very rare — Joanne Jacobs — “Terrifying parents and children is not useful” … “What’s increasing and is out of control is the epidemic of fear,” says James Alan Fox, a criminologist at Northeastern University

Uvalde and the Problem of Evil. Daniel Greenfield — “People may not believe in evil, but evil believes in them” … “What do people who don’t believe in evil do? They blame inanimate objects”

DC Jury and DC Verdicts. Techno Fog — “Michael Sussmann has been acquitted”

The Special Counsel Proved The FBI Belongs To The Swamp. Margot Cleveland — “after hearing overwhelming evidence that Sussmann lied when he told the then-FBI General Counsel James Baker he was providing data and whitepapers about a supposed secret communications channel between Trump and the Russian-based Alfa Bank on his own behalf, when in fact Sussmann was representing both the Clinton campaign and tech executive Rodney Joffe, the 12 D.C. residents found Sussmann not guilty.”

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Responses to the Ruling are Telling. Brandon Morse — “Heard’s statement was, for lack of a better term, pretty standard fare for a social justice advocate that didn’t get her way. She noted that her loss was actually a loss for all women.”  … “Depp’s statement, on the other hand, reads more honest.”

The Left Dominates the Legal System, and They’re Taking Down GOP Election Attorneys en Masse. Rachel Alexander — “The reason they have taken over state bars is because while conservative attorneys are more likely to have families and be involved in church, taking up much of their free time, liberal lawyers are not, so they have more time to volunteer and serve on state bars’ boards of governors and committees”

Open primaries open the door to suspiciously fraudulent victories. Robin M. Itzler — “Democrats consider it a win if all they do is take down a Trump-endorsed Republican.  They were successful in Georgia” … “Mail-in ballots, ballot-harvesting, open primaries — it’s all a sham”

COVID UPDATE: What is the truth? Russell L. Blaylock (Surg Neurol Int 2022;13:167) — “The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies.[3,6,57] We have witnessed a long list of unprecedented intrusions into medical practice, including attacks on medical experts, destruction of medical careers among doctors refusing to participate in killing their patients and a massive regimentation of health care, led by non-qualified individuals with enormous wealth, power and influence” … “It is bad enough for the public to sink this low, but the media, political leaders, hospital administrators, medical associations and medical licensing boards are acting in a similar morally dysfunctional and cruel way.”


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Laugh off?

‘Republicans For Biden’ Owe The Nation — Heck, The World — An Apology – “Back then, they were lauded as heroes by the establishment. Today, everyone knows the truth.”

Joe Biden and Racial Demagoguery — Victor Davis Hanson — “the hypocrisy on race simply follows the hard-left double-standards on a host of issues” … “the Left applies different standards to its own” … “The idea of America has always tried to overcome innate, deeper, and darker human impulses, especially the tic to identify by race, religion, and tribe. That is the historical virus that once unleashed, infects and destroys a society”

Don’t laugh off the left’s attempts to change history – 
 Blaine L. Pardoe — “A nation that alters its history to fit current imaginary social constructs is doomed” … ” History is not a plaything for politicians with narratives to fulfill.  History exists for us to learn from.  Lying about it, altering its context, and attempting to change it for nefarious reasons will ultimately tear this country apart”

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Trump floats; Irregularities and ignorance; why?

The verdict is in: the Trump slandering is a pack of lies. Post Editorial Board – “Yet “not technically plausible” and “user created” became the bywords of the day. Durham is chipping away at the conspiracy. And it is a conspiracy. The evidence is obvious”

Montana’s Suspicious 2020 Election Irregularities Are Still Unaddressed. John R. Lott, Jr. – “If large errors can occur in even relatively uncontested parts of the country, we should be broadly concerned. What went wrong?”

Leftists’; Utter Mindlessness about Voter Fraud. Brett Higby – “unimportant facts that are just glossed over”

Democrats are campaigning on Jan. 6 hypocrisy. Miranda Devine – “We are reminded with sickening regularity of the double standard of justice applied to BLM–Antifa’s insurrectionists, who tore up cities and attacked cops and federal property in the run-up to the 2020 election and have suffered few consequences”

Frontiers of ‘white privilege’. Thomas Lifson – “Evidently, the race-obsessed are now reduced to complaining that black people don’t have equal opportunities to commit crime successfully. I’d hate to see the affirmative action program they’d come up with”

I wonder why people thought they would be completely safe if they took the vaccines. Jack Hellner – “It is essentially another attempt to blame the people instead of the government for their misperceptions”

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Safeguards falling like dominoes

Defining ‘peaceful protest’ is like the SCOTUS nominee defining ‘woman’ – ideas need vetting – there is a praetorian guard – just ask Durbin – and some enlightenment on the reality of the effort to get a COVID vaccine up and out at warp speed.

What became of the DC truckers’ convoy? Michael Letts — “The officials in Washington didn’t learn anything from watching what happened in Ottawa, Canada earlier this year during the Freedom Convoy.” — “The government needs to start obeying the law and allow the truckers to pass through the city.  They have the right to protest peaceably.  If they aren’t allowed to do that, they will make sure to voice their frustration at the ballot box, and while D.C. officials may think they are safe from reprisal, federal officials are not.  If the unconstitutional leftists are voted out in November, our capital may be put under stricter federal oversight.”

The Power of Terrible Ideas. Rael Jean Isaac — “While many have criticized the current enthusiasm for judging the past by the standards of the present (and condemning those past leaders who did not meet them), few have noted how many currently dominant beliefs are totally disconnected from reality and have a profoundly destructive impact.” — “The attitude toward critics is key.  A scientific theory welcomes efforts to test it against empirical evidence.  Pseudoscience, depending for its “truth” on consensus, is deeply hostile to challenge.”

Justice Department Accused of Assault on Free Speech and Free Press in the Project Veritas Case. Jonathan Turley — “The concern is that the FBI is acting like a Praetorian Guard in acting on what is a crime ordinarily handled on a local level” — “The concerns over the Project Veritas investigation continue to mount, but neither Congress nor the media have demanded answers from the Biden Administration.”

This Tablet takedown of fact-checkers is worth a look. John Sexton — “Regular readers have probably seen most of the stories and controversies mentioned in the piece but still it’s something different to step back and look at the grand pattern.” — “Author Jacob Siegel is explicit about this entire cottage industry explicitly benefiting Democrats.” — “That fact-checking is less about truth and more about ideological control can be seen in the efforts to fact-check the Babylon Bee.”

Chairman Dick Durbin Claims Republican Members Asking for Reports Amounts to a ‘Fishing Expedition’. Rebecca Downs — “It’s not just that Democrats have forgotten how they’ve treated now Justice Brett Kavanaugh while they go after Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) for daring to address Judge Jackson’s record on sentencing sex offenders who prey on children, though that’s certainly continued to be an issue”

What Operation Warp Speed Did, Didn’t and Can’t Do.  Alex Tabarrok — “Many people, however, are concluding from the success of OWS that big Federal funding can solve many other problems at the same speed and scale and that is incorrect.” — “First, it’s important to understand that OWS did not create any scientific innovations or discoveries” — “So summarizing what do we need for another OWS? 1) Known science–scaling not discovering, 2) Lifting of regulations 3) Big externalities, 4) Pre-existing motivation.”

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Suppression of data, cancellation, deceit, and distortion

Congressional propaganda machines – data supression – the American gulag – the takeover of the law schools – conspirators – consequences – whither formal worship? – expediency in dire consequences: is the higher goal being served?

Jan. 6 Committee Will Hire a Writer to Create a ‘Compelling Narrative’. Rick Moran — “They are beginning to prepare a multimedia presentation that will be available online when their final report is released (probably about six weeks out from the midterms).”

Will they differentiate between the legal efforts to challenge the electoral vote count and the illegal efforts to overturn the decision of the voters? Will they paint the peaceably assembled demonstrators who came to the Capitol ellipse to hear Donald Trump and other speakers as insurrectionists? Trying to lump the more than 50,000 Americans who came to listen to Trump in with a couple of hundred rioters who broke into the Capitol is false, misleading propaganda.

One thing that’s certain about this production: it will only tell one side of the story. And the evidence and images will be manipulated with no “minority report” to push back on it.

Free Speech, Ours and Theirs John Hinderaker — “The New York Times Editorial Board published a long essay on free speech on Friday, titled “America Has a Free Speech Problem.” – “while decrying cancel culture, the Times can see some merit in conservatives losing their jobs” – “Given the almost daily horror stories of conservatives being silenced, deplatformed, libeled and fired, you may wonder how the Times can possibly think that the main threat to free speech comes from the right.”

The Takeover of America’s Legal System. Aaron Sibarium — “The kids didn’t grow out of it.” – “This has all come as a shock to many law professors, who had long assumed that law schools wouldn’t cave to the new orthodoxy.” – “As the new ideology has been institutionalized, the costs of disobeying it have grown steeper, both for faculty and for students.”

Instapundit — “big firms were bullied into dropping Trump as a client, none of them appear to be offering pro bono representation to the January 6 defendants, and now we see this: Harvard, Yale, And Stanford Law Students And Faculty Pressure U.S. Law Firms To Cut Ties With Russian Clients. – So given that lawyers apparently are morally responsible for their choice of clients, I think it’s fair to criticize Ketanji Brown Jackson for representating accused terrorists.”

He’s Facing 20 Years For January 6 Charges. His Lawyers Say He Just Went To Protest. Gabe Kaminsky — “Knowlton has also faced repercussions outside of the legal system.”

If you think the government’s version of CV-19 data and research was bad, you should look at climate change research.Conspirators in Their Own Words. Victor Davis Hanson — “Noble left-wing ends always justify odious means, in this case projecting one’s own conspiracist efforts by smearing innocent others as conspiracists.”

Democrats Learn What Consequences Are During Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Confirmation Hearing. Bonchie — “it’s been less than four years since one of the most disturbing, disgusting congressional and media spectacles in US history: The Brett Kavanaugh hearings.” – “For Durbin and his cohorts to demand civility from the GOP after their past behavior is not only laughable, but it’s insulting.”

Dick Durbin blocks documents showing Ketanji Brown Jackson’s judicial record. Monica Showalter — “Which signals that there is something they are trying to hide.” – “The Senate hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination are not going well.” 

The Scandal at Christianity Today. George Neumayr — “The publication says that Mark Galli, its former editor who called for Trump’s removal from office, has a long record of sexual harassment.” – “Call it the Trump curse. Scandals seem to befall his most moralistic critics”

Why Americans Are Really Leaving Church. Casey Chalk — “The answer, contra Broome, is not to dig in our heels and assert our independence in the face of our brokenness. We must look for a healer who knows and can redeem our plight. He awaits us in a transformative encounter within the walls of churches across our nation.”

Ukraine’s War Highlights Again That Men And Women Are Different, And We Need Them That Way. Elaine Donnelly — “Doctrinaire egalitarians do not understand or appreciate complementary differences between men and women.”

The Lincolnian Zelensky? Scott Johnson — “I don’t proclaim that Zelensky’s actions are necessarily justified or taken in good faith. They may mark him as a tyrant. I don’t know. I only know that Ukraine is in a fight for its life and that necessity may have some bearing on Zelensky’s actions” – “My point, and I do have one, is that Zelensky’s exercise of executive power under the dire circumstances that he and his countrymen face may be justly supported by the claim of necessity.”

John Bolton Inadvertently Reminds Us Why We Need Trump. J. Allen Cartwright — “At the outset of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, establishment Republicans seized the opportunity to score political points by placing the blame for Putin’s aggression squarely upon the shoulders of their primary political rival: former president Donald Trump.”

The Medical Establishment’s Willful Blindness About Vaccines and Children. Ted Noel — “When the facts are on the table, we find that the CDC is lying. … We know those are lies, but the demonic chorus is real.” – “The real issue here is called the risk/benefit ratio.”

CDC Tells New York Times It Hid Covid Data For Political Reasons. David Gortler — “Selectively cherry-picking ‘The Science’ to suit a political narrative is not ‘Following the Science.’ It is malpractice and fraud.” – “The day of reckoning for endangering American lives needs to come, and the sooner the better.”

Some Climate Change Observations. Kevin Roche — “If you think the government’s version of CV-19 data and research was bad, you should look at climate change research.”

Freed At Last. Paul F. Petrick — “Rock and roll’s official coming out party on March 21, 1952 at Cleveland Arena ended during the first set. ”


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Remorse and despair are easy to find right now

A catalog of sins and despair – just who’s your hero? Or, maybe, just how do you measure heroic?

Americans are no longer a serious people or culture. Glenn K. Beaton — “I love my country. But I have a problem with the current occupants. Americans are fat, fatuous, failing and flailing. Let’s look at some evidence.” – “We’re no longer a serious people or a serious culture. For that, we and the world are the poorer and the likes of Vladimir Putin are the richer.”

The Honor Deficit, James Hankins — “When a society offers people an avenue to distinguish themselves through merit, very soon it starts to produce meritorious people. What a surprise.”

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Panic Driven Seeking a Monopoly on Violence

Dumped a Churrchill and installed a Chamberlain and now try to deny the results. Again – Guns control is a proxy for people control – The police are losing credibility as well – The heroes of envy a decade on avfter Obama’s claimed son.

Vindman and the rest of the Trump-hating Ukraine cabal have much to answer for. Monica Showalter — “the Russia invasion didn’t happen on Trump’s watch as they plotted and schemed against him instead of doing their jobs. – It happened after the man they worked so hard to get into the presidency cheated his way into power. – now the results speak for themselves – This obviously, has prompted all kinds of scrambling self-justifications from this Ukraine cabal that elected Ukraine-corrupted Joe.”

A partisan investigation into Trump seems to have dead-ended. Andrea Widburg — “At least one criminal case that Democrat activists filed against Trump may be ending with a whimper.”

A Tsunami of Cope Approaches After Criminal Case Against Donald Trump Implodes. Bonchie — “As to the prosecutors themselves, it is incredibly disturbing that they were so emotionally invested in taking down a political opponent (don’t kid yourself about their political leanings) that they chose to quit when their boss, himself left-leaning and anti-Trump, decided there wasn’t enough to go on.”

The Fall of Canada, The Danger in the US. Naomi Wolf — Understanding Martial Law — “Parliamentarians in Canada also do not seem to understand that “dictator” is no longer rhetorical. A member of Parliament was shushed when he cried out this epithet, but the fact is that this is not a slur at this point. Justin Trudeau is by definition now in fact a dictator.”

The Democrats Are Turning America into the New Venezuela. Karina Schmitt — “Our constitutional rights are disappearing at the combined hands of government and giant corporations.  Stripping the people of their right to protect themselves is a slippery slope toward the downfall of a free country.  It can rapidly turn a beautiful, resourceful, and free country into a living hell for its citizens.”

The State’s Monopoly on Violence. Max D. Dublin — “it’s not unlikely that these historians will view the lockdowns as a massive exercise of violence by so-called liberal democratic states on their people. – In the present political moment, violence is usually thought of as being physical.  But quite often, in fact increasingly more often than not, it is psychological or financial violence in the mode that sometimes is referred to as passive aggressive.”

Why Tech Totalitarianism Threatens To Turn America Into Canada Or China Unless We Stop It. Kara Frederisk — “Absent drastic measures to arrest the progress of this march toward totalitarianism with a tech face, we risk the welfare of a nation.”

Let’s Hope The Special Counsel (And Others) Are Investigating The People Who Watch You Online. Margot Cleveland — “A revelation buried in a cache of documents opens a new and potentially important investigative corridor for Special Counsel John Durham.”

A Decade of Deceit and Division: What Trayvon Wrought. Jack Cashill — “Although he certainly did not intend to, the drugged and despondent 17-year-old who wandered through a failing Florida subdivision on a rainy February night ten years ago Saturday launched a new phase in the American civil rights movement.”

How The Left’s Push For ‘Equity’ Is Destroying Equality. Joe Mobley — “The tremendous sacrifices, losses, and displays of courage driving the promise of a more perfect union — dignity, respect, and equality for all people — are sullied. Bigotry, racism, and flagrant sexism are now par for the course.”

The Treason of the Ruling Class. Steve McCann — “Because of the egocentrism and megalomania of the current ruling class, our country is inexorably and stealthily marching toward a tyrannical one-party socialist oligarchy beholden to a globalist agenda.”

Glenn Reynolds: “Instead of “defunding the police,” which is such a dumb idea even the Democrats are now pretending they never favored it, it’s more helpful to look at how the police are funded. Incentives matter.”

Cops, convoys, conservatives, and tyranny. Stu Tarlowe — “what bothers me even more than the propaganda offensive against those who dare to protest government COVID edicts — and the propagandists are currently attempting to sell the idea that the very word “freedom” is actually code (a “dog whistle”) for “white supremacy” — is the prospect that American cops will turn on the protesters as unhesitatingly as the Canadian cops did.” — “Tyranny is difficult to impose without heavy-handed enforcement.  What we’ve seen in Canada, and what I fear we’ll see even more of in the U.S., causes one to no longer wonder where a tyrannical regime manages to find its Gestapo, its Stasi, its jackbooted thugs.  They’re already in place, uniformed, armed, and well regimented.”

No Matter How Peaceful The American Freedom Convoy Is, Our Corrupt Regime Will Demonize It. Jordan Boyd — “Like the many people who only peacefully protested at the Capitol on Jan. 6, the truckers will be smeared as domestic terrorists by the Biden administration and media.”

The Air Force Went Woke, Its Planes Won’t Fly. Daniel Greenfield — “Diversity was supposed to improve military readiness. It didn’t.”

In the End, Sweden Did It Right. Stephen Moore — “What if two years ago, when COVID-19 first hit these shores, our politicians hadn’t panicked?” — “Sweden’s successful response strategy reminds us that we must never again shut down our businesses and schools. I just pray we have all learned that enduring lesson before another virus wave arrives.”

The Centers For Disease Control’s Lies Have Destroyed Its Legitimacy Gregg Schmedes — “By refusing to acknowledge the harms of lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccination, the Centers for Disease Control has brought everlasting shame to itself.”


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Inconvenient reality with woke medicine, money on trees, and bullies in big tech

A bit of history from Imprimus about inflation – a worry about medicine going woke – Media Matters defined as a propaganda component – factoids about energy reality – another voice of reason and integrity facing the cancel culture

What Happened To ‘First, Do No Harm’? Steven Goldsmith — “Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, many physicians have disgraced our profession.  They have administered experimental vaccines of unprecedented toxicity for an illness with an overall survival rate of 99.74 percent, all without proper informed consent.  They have withheld outpatient therapeutics of documented efficacy, leaving patients to sicken or die untreated.  Undeterred by reports of catastrophic side effects such as teenage myocarditis, they have injected undisclosed ingredients with unknown long-term risks into children who harbor no serious risk from the illness.  National medical associations and state medical boards continue, without due process or sound evidence, to punish physicians who espouse views that challenge our government’s claims.  Why?”

Do I trivialize the Holocaust by facile comparisons of COVID medical hacks with Nazi doctors?  I reject that charge.  The Holocaust was unique in its magnitude.  But the processes that facilitated Nazi atrocities reflect tendencies in all societies.  Unless we want a repeat on an even greater scale we must recognize those tendencies in ourselves before it is too late.

Inflation in the United States. John Steele Gordon — “Create too much money and you get inflation. We are witnessing the proof of that right now.”

Why The Joe Rogan-Spotify Fight Will Define Free Speech For Us All. I & I Editorial Board — “Media Matters for America, the George Soros-funded team of miscreants who’ve appointed themselves guardians of liberal orthodoxy in the media, compiled a list of what it considers Rogan’s worst COVID transgressions last year. Here’s the catalog of transgressions:” … “The censors cannot be allowed to succeed. Because trust us, once the COVID scare is over, the left will find a new target for its “misinformation” censorship campaign.”

The Inconvenient Truth About Electric Vehicles. Jerry Korth — “There isn’t nearly enough electrical power available or in the pipeline to fuel 50 million new EVs by 2030. That would require an additional 150 billion kWh’s per year of deliverable electricity. Even the largest power plants only deliver about 8 billion kWh’s per year.”

We’ve Moved! “To different email and online donation service providers, but not because we wanted to”  Kemberlee Kaye — “We are transitioning away from Salsa Labs as our email and donation platform, not voluntarily. They don’t want us on their platform anymore, with no explanation given. They don’t claim we violated their terms of service or did anything wrong.”


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Prove your innocence. Evidence in your favor is not allowed

Drip, drip, drip – it’s intentional torture – judge reveals guilt presumed – wake up, dude – David v Goliath, again – DoJ prosecution deceit – hypocrisy per usual – cruel and dangerous cults – the mania is growing in breadth and strength (perhaps out of desparation?)

The ‘Civil War’ Psy-Op. Michael Anton — “Psychological operations can have many objectives, demoralization being the most common. But they can also be used to create opportunities that otherwise might not present themselves.” … “Regime propaganda is so ubiquitous that even if, like me, you make no effort to seek it out and even take steps to avoid it, you can’t help but notice that our masters have fastened onto a new narrative: the coming “civil war.” 

In her defamation trial, Sarah Palin might want to challenge her judge for cause. Andrea Widburg — “you have your bias — oozing, condescending, sneering, and deeply ill-informed bias.”

When Will People Finally See the Obvious? Albin Sadar — “Americans are waking up to the many ways the Left has lied to them over the last several years, but too many still believe the Democrats’ narrative about the 2020 election. Why?”

5 Takeaways From The Latest Filings In The Carter Page Spygate Lawsuit. Margot Cleveland — “Will Carter Page succeed in fending off dismissal of his case against the DOJ, FBI, and litany of Crossfire Hurricane agents?”

Did the Justice Department Lie About Pence and Harris’ Location on January 6? Julie Kelly — “January 6 is a tissue of myths, cover-ups, manufactured hysteria, and outright lies.”

Suddenly, It’s No Longer ‘Deeply Dangerous’ To Talk About Rigged Elections. I & I Editorial Board — “The truth is that Democrats have been undermining the integrity of elections far longer and much more aggressively than Trump has.” … “We are detecting a pattern here, one where talking about stolen elections is a dire threat to democracy only when a Republican does it.”

Harvard’s President Whines About Supreme Court’s Cert Grant. Paul Mirengoff — “Bacow’s comments are incorrect or misleading in several respects.” … “given Bacow’s statement about race mattering in America, I should point out that Asian-Americans have suffered plenty of discrimination here. Thanks to Harvard and other elite colleges and universities, they still are.”

What Are Republicans “For” In 2022? Victor Davis Hanson — “Can Republicans move beyond just completing the original, necessary Trump agenda on closing the border, legal-only immigration, deterrence against China, energy production, immunity from optional military engagements in the Middle East, industrial and manufacturing resurgence in the Rust Belt and conservative judicial appointments?

Wokeism Is a Cruel and Dangerous Cult. Victor Davis Hanson — “Wokeism’s natural logic is to destroy the lives of people of both genders, of all races, and—if need be—of those of every age, all to leverage an otherwise unworkable ideological agenda.”

Christians Stand Trial In Finland Today For Affirming Men And Women Are Different. Joy Pullman — “A Christian bishop and member of parliament are being charged with hate crimes for publishing a theology booklet about sex and marriage.”

Sen. Ron Johnson Hosts “Second Opinion” Panel on America’s Problematic Pandemic Response. Leslie Eastman — “Media promptly smears it as a panel of “vaccine skeptics and promoters of unproven early treatments.” … “The panel discussion was held this Monday, and the 5-hour discussion is via the link HERE. - I strongly encourage anyone interested in the scientific challenges to the pandemic response that have been suppressed under the guise of “misinformation” to watch as much as they can”

Was the Pandemic Caused by a Leaked Bioweapon or a Mishap in the Vaccine Race? Janet Levy — “one thing is clear, as a post-pandemic paper by Rosanna Segreta and Yuri Deigin says: the artificial origin of the Covid virus is no baseless conspiracy theory, and the pandemic can plausibly be linked to a lab leak.”

Lockdowns, Masks, and Vaccines Have All Been Complete Failures, But That’s Not the Real Problem. William Sullivan — “the problem with vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and compulsory masking is not that they don’t work, but that they take the life out of life”

Masks Today, Masks Tomorrow, Masks Forever! Steven Hayward — “The leftist mania for mask and vaccine mandates is rooted ultimately in the paternalistic zero-risk mentality the left has been promoting relentlessly for 50 years or more, on everything from nuclear power to food additives”

The UVA medical center gives an unvaccinated man a possible death sentence. Andrea Widburg — “without people’s realizing it, America effectively became a country with single-payer (or socialized) medicine.  Doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies all dance to the government’s tune — and the Fauci-led government medical system is going to make all take the vaccine even if it kills them.”

Never Forgive or Forget the Enablers of the Destructive Covid Panic. Steve McCann — “Who are these charlatans that are embarking on a campaign to exonerate themselves from their complicity in a “catastrophic moral crime”? – “The end-product of the calculated politicization and exploitation of a respiratory virus is the nearly endless litany of damage done to the American people and this nation.”

If You Liked Covid Censorship, You’ll Love The Latest “Climate Change” Censorship Push. Fuzzy Slippers — “Advance Democracy activist group “investigates entities undermining the global consensus on climate change”


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