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confident, loud, and self-righteous

Faulty Facial Scanners Reveal: A Racialized, Mob-Censored ‘Debate’ Is Worse Than Useless. Scott Shepard – “it nicely illustrates why policy development by Twitter mob, backlit by burning cities and inchoate rage, cannot work.”

“Processes of civic engagement and achievement are defeated by racializing policy concerns that need not be driven by racial considerations, conflating of unrelated policy problems and roving demands that anyone deviating from today’s floating consensus about the Lone Acceptable Narrative must be driven from public life.

The only real result of this racialize/conflate/cancel mechanism will be the destruction of American civic society for everyone.

Trump’s finest speech — and a press that beclowns itself in boiling hate. Monica Showalter – “a magnificent affirmation to Americans on their 244th national birthday that what they have always cherished is still cherished, along with a warning shot to those who hate and despise all the United States stands for.”

“It’s all a sputtering sheet show from the press and its political allies who sense danger to their position. Yet it’s also disgraceful. Here Trump was, offering them all a golden opportunity to dissociate themselves from the fascist left, and embrace the things they have always embraced – America’s singularity, its heroes, its achievements – and they’d rather sit in the mud and take potshots at Trump and even Mount Rushmore, just because President Trump went there. They’re crazed with their hatred of Trump and it makes them hate the entire country as a result. Voters should remember this in November.

Trump at Mount Rushmore [With Comment by John]. Scott Johnson – “In the vicious culture war that is dividing our nation, President Trump has taken the side of the United States. … For this — for his advocacy of the United States in the culture war — Trump will never be forgiven by the our cultural arbiters. This is what I get get out of the absurd AP story “Trump pushes racial division, flouts virus rules at Rushmore.”

“JOHN adds: To the Associated Press’s headline we can add the New York Times: … LA Times: … Washington Post: … We can infer several things: 1) Trump was effective. 2) “Dark” means he spoke about things the Left would prefer that voters not focus on. 3) The Left thinks it will lose the culture war.

Ed Driscoll at Instapundit does the contrast and compare between Obama’s visit and Trump’s in press reports.

The Myth of ‘White Guilt’. Dave Rybarczyk – “If their guilt is over the top, it is also unwarranted. It’s doubtful that any of the participants has ever practiced actual racism.” … “But their enflamed passion, as Paul Bloom has demonstrated, is detrimental to clear thinking, clouding the mind and preventing rational decision-making. Most disturbingly, it is corrosive of society, of the culture and of our governance.”

“In academia, activism and empathy entirely overshadow detached empirical research. We sadly suffer a dreadful dearth of objective research in pursuit of the root causes — I emphasize actual root causes — of poverty, violence, racial differences and cultural degeneration, through genuine study, without bias or malice. In other words, with simple honesty.

Universities Sowing the Seeds of Their Own Obsolescence. Victor Davis Hanson –“Universities are certainly teaching our youth to be confident, loud, and self-righteous. But the media blitz during these last several weeks of protests, riots, and looting also revealed a generation that is poorly educated and yet petulant and self-assured without justification.”

Weaknesses of solar and wind, Myths and Questions that require an answer. Rob Jeffrey – “It is claimed that wind and solar are the cheapest sources of electricity and these sources should dominate future electricity supply. This paper focuses on known additional costs and subsidies which are not taken into account in the costs of wind and solar put forward by their advocates.” [A South Africa perspective]

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Economy numbers also positive

Why Do The Media Ignore Good News About The Stock Market And Economy? I & I Editorial Board – “The trend of ignoring news when it’s good continues for the Big Three evening news shows” … “Instapundit aptly calls this “Bias By Omission.”

“Amid all the nonstop televised gloom and doom over the coronavirus, something strange happened in the second quarter of this year: Stock market prices soared. The Dow Jones Industrial Index jumped 18%, the S&P 500 gained 20% and the tech-oriented Nasdaq surged 31%.

Those numbers, coming on the heels of the pandemic, were good enough to be the biggest quarterly gains in 20 years.

It reported that 2.369 million jobs were created in June, a bit below the 2.5 million economists expected. But the real news was May’s number, which was originally reported as a 2.76 million loss for the month. After more data came in, ADP discovered the U.S. gained 3.065 million jobs in May. That’s more than 5 million people returning to work in just two months.

John Hinderaker notes One sector has not seen job growth over the last two months: state governments. (The governor of Nevada is calling a special session of the legislature “consider revisions to the devastated state budget.”) Hinderaker also has a link to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report.

Is the COVID Surge More Fake News? Brian C.Joondeph – “The surge is due to more testing and more test-positive individuals, especially young people who have been out and about as the state lockdowns lifted. Last March and April, testing was available only for those admitted to the hospital for presumed COVID. Now one can get a COVID antigen or antibody test on demand through major testing centers such as Quest Diagnostics.” … “This has always been about the election, along with the protests and riots. The so-called surge is just the latest chapter in the left’s quest to deny President Trump a second term.”

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Russia leaks, political Chief Justice, the charade of science

Media Are Playing Games Yet Again With Anonymous Russia Leaks. Mollie Hemingway – “Watch nearly the entire corporate media establishment run wild with claims from completely anonymous sources in the intelligence community this week.”

“It is as if our political and media establishments refuse to learn anything from the weapons of mass destruction and Russia collusion hoax intelligence failures of recent years. Or worse, they learned just how easy it is to use unverified intelligence for political aims.

John Roberts proves he’s nothing more than an empty robe. Washington Examiner – “As disappointing as the outcome of this case is, the reasoning that led Roberts to write the decisive concurrence is even more infuriating for its utter lack of substance and spine.” … “Roberts embraces the nihilism of blindly upholding a wrong decision just because…well, it was decided. It is because it is because it is. ”

Trump Will Win If He Responds to Righteous Voter Rage. Victor Davis Hanson – “The hour of reckoning is here. Either Trump will crush the lawlessness and win swing voters to his side, or he will listen to the trimmers and lose the country.”

Spies, Lies, and Stonewalling: What It’s Like to Report on Facebook. Jacob Silverman – “More recent, and adversarial, reporting has produced important stories about Facebook’s refusal to tackle the proliferation of right-wing extremism and conspiracy theories on its platform.” This is a lesson in delusion and projection. The platitudes are about being open and free speech but the lesson is about trying to shut down the President under the pretense that what is actually happening to those on the right on Facebook is instead happening to those ‘in’ the right (on the left) with TDS issues.

Mask Wars. Chris von Csefalvay – “While facemasks can’t hurt in the fight against Covid-19, the outrage directed at skeptics is excessive.”

“Yet the evidence is hardly strong enough to elevate mask-wearing into the epitome of moral behavior. Doing so reflects a greater preoccupation with the psychological effect of masks—perhaps as a restoration of control in the face of an unseen and often perplexing enemy with no cure and no prophylaxis—than with their scientific reality. Americans should demand evidence-based decision-making and policies driven by soundly attested facts, not assumptions or psychological palliatives.

Science and “Science”. John Hinderaker – “The COVID epidemic has brought out politicians’ faux reliance on “science” in spades.”

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Humiliate the silence then eliminate

The Facebook Ad Boycott Is About Silencing Conservatives, Not Stopping ‘Hate’. I & I Editorial Board – “The Anti-Defamation League teamed up with the NAACP, and lesser-known groups such as Sleeping Giants, Color of Change, Free Press and Common Sense, to launch the boycott in response, it says, “to Facebook’s long history of allowing racist, violent and verifiably false content to run rampant on its platform.”

“But it doesn’t take much investigative work to realize that this campaign is really about pressuring Facebook to do more than it already is to block conservative speech.

Net neutrality advocacy group Free Press is also involved in the campaign, which is supremely ironic given that its support for net neutrality is premised on “enabling anyone to share and access information of their choosing without interference.” Is it not aware that it’s specifically demanding that Facebook disable and interfere with users’ ability to “share and access information of their choosing”?

The Anti-Defamation League’s decision to attack Facebook is also curious, since Twitter is rife with anti-Semitic language. Two years ago, in fact, the ADL found at least 4.2 million anti-Semitic tweets over a 12-month period.

So this boycott is nothing more than a politically motivated attempt to silence non-leftist speech. Companies backing it should be ashamed of themselves, not Facebook.

A Coup Against Our Institutions. Roger Kimball – “The systematic campaign to undermine an incoming presidential administration through politicized investigations is a true constitutional crisis.” It’s getting harder to ignore and the perpetrators are getting more desperate.

Judicial Watch uncovers emails showing Ben Rhodes and aides joking about Benghazi lies. Thomas Lifson – “This time, its Freedom of Information Act lawsuit has uncovered utterly appalling levity among top Obama foreign policy aides over their lies to the public about the September 11, 2012 attack on the Benghazi Consular Annex that took the lives of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and two CIA operatives, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods,”

Sen. Tim Scott Steps Out. John Hinderaker – “If you didn’t know better, you might think that the Democrats’ press arm is trying to suppress Tim Scott’s sensible and thoughtful ideas about crime and law enforcement by 1) ignoring him, 2) anonymizing him, or 3) stigmatizing him.” Token black, Uncle Tom, and all the usual denigration is on display.

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Shame is in short supply

Coronavirus: COVID Deaths in U.S. by Age, Race. Alex Berezow – “While coronavirus is obviously concerning and a very real threat to some people (namely, the elderly and immunocompromised), these data also show that the risk for the rest of the population is quite low.”

Stunning dishonesty behind the “second wave” fake news. Lubos Motl – “the U.S. fake news media have apparently decided that they have the power to start the second wave of the coronavirus hysteria in the country.”

The Nevada Independent Coronavirus in Nevada: Latest COVID-19 case counts, maps and graphs page. Get your Nevada death and disease obsession fix here!

What good do the masks do, really? Ted Noel, MD – “Let’s put that in plain English. Even if you did everything to protect yourself with surgical masks, even keeping it on when your kid wants to see your face, it might reduce your chance of getting sick, but we can’t prove it.” … “Caregivers in a high-intensity environment should have all the fitted N95s they need. Beyond that, it’s time to recognize that the only person who should be wearing a mask is the Lone Ranger.”

To Mask or Not To Mask… By I.M. Doctoo. – “There are, however, many shades of accuracy in the argument, and the “surgeon” really shows some gaps in their medical knowledge… not to mention their compassion.”

The Left’s Idea of Bringing Us Together. Don Feder – “Our way or the highway.”

“ Despite his reputation, Donald Trump actually tries to negotiate his differences with opponents. The art of the deal was what made him a successful businessman and propelled him into politics.

When Democrats and their media allies use words like “unite the nation” and “bring us together,” they mean: “You agree with us – which is really the only sensible course.”

Today, the nation has never been more deeply divided. Democrats keep pushing their radical, racist, anti-American agenda, despite popular disapproval.

Bringing us together is a trap. It’s meant to mute Republican voices (“Now don’t you go being divisive by disagreeing with us”), while Democrats practice the politics of evisceration.

for the left — the Democratic Party, Black Lives Matters, Antifa and the mainstream media — there is only one reasonable choice. They believe in unity by subjugation. Anything else is tearing us apart.

McConnell: Notice How Chuck Schumer Acts As If Tim Scott Doesn’t Even Exist. Guy Benson – “This is as close as you may get to seeing Mitch McConnell give his race-baiting colleagues a taste of their own rhetorical medicine.”

The Facebook Ad Boycott Is About Silencing Conservatives, Not Stopping ‘Hate’. I & I Editorial Board – “In the press release announcing the boycott, NAACP President Derrick Johnson complains that Facebook won’t take “significant steps to remove political propaganda from its platform.” … “Wait. What’s racist or violent about political propaganda? And who decides what makes certain political speech “propaganda”?” … “So this boycott is nothing more than a politically motivated attempt to silence non-leftist speech. Companies backing it should be ashamed of themselves, not Facebook.”

Tucker Carlson misreads Trump’s pre-election strategy. Andrea Widburg – “I think Tucker’s wrong. Trump is not silent because of fear or exhaustion. Instead, he’s pursuing a deliberate strategy. Whether it works is another thing, but there’s a strong rationale and intelligence behind Trump’s response to both the virus and the riots.”

“Sen. Tom Cotton (R, Ark.) understands that Trump, by sticking to his federalist principles, is making a point. As Cotton’s new video states, “Elect Joe Biden and the anarchy will be coming to a town near you.”

I understand Carlson’s despair, for I sometimes feel it myself. But I also believe that Trump is forcing a real choice on Americans: They can vote for Biden and turn America into CHAZ or they can reelect Trump and, by making that statement, give him the power finally to shut down the left and its Deep State resistance.

The Left Craps Out. J.R. Dunn – “the Left assessed their opponent poorly. Instead of exploding, the President behaved like the leader of a federal republic, demanding that the states and cities fulfill their responsibilities to the citizenry while assuring the public that he was ready to move if necessary.”

“Trump’s response has confused a lot of people. We’ve become so ingrained to an overactive federal government leaping into action every time a tree branch falls that a lack of response seems strange, even though that’s how our system is designed to work. The mayors and governors are supposed to put their fingers in the dyke while the feds make the arrangements for further repairs. This has not been the practice since the New Deal. Even some “conservatives,” who should know better, have criticized Trump’s lack of abrupt action (I’m speaking here of serious conservatives, not the #NeverTrump crowd). They need to remind themselves that the United States is not Imperial Rome.

What Happens When the Madness Ends? Victor Davis Hanson – “Today’s corporate revolutionary enthusiasts had better prepare for the inevitable turn.” … “There are two historic red lines and our revolution is getting close to both.”

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Carlos A. Urbizo: “Stoop and you’ll be stepped on; stand tall and you’ll be shot at.”

quote of the day

Here’s The Good COVID-19 News That’s Being Buried By The Press. I & I Editorial Board – “the rationale in the first place could be even weaker than first thought. The reason for this is that the deaths now attributed to COVID-19 might be grossly exaggerated. The evidence is substantial, and has been obvious for weeks.” … “even with an overcount, the number of COVID-19 deaths is falling sharply. ”

“Until our national “experts” can explain to us why we should take these bad numbers seriously, don’t be panicked by phony warnings about possible increases in deaths. Manipulated numbers should never be used to make sweeping public policy decisions. That’s especially true now, with the left looking for any way it can find to shut down the economy again and end Trump’s presidency.

On the doomsdayer’s POV: US Sees Record 45k Jump In COVID-19 Infections As Global Total Nears 10 Million: Live Updates. Tyler Durden – it’s a qualitative and relative argument rather than the previous cite’s quantitative with contextual reference. The hyperbole – ‘spiked’ ‘surged’ ‘jumped’ – is telling as it deals with very short term rather than longer term trends. It confuses the ‘flatten the curve’ idea with binary ‘cured or not cured’ standards. It focuses on tests and not results. Compare and contrast to Coronavirus in one state (64). Scott Johnson – “For the first time since mid-April, we have had deaths in the single digits over the past four days.” … “The superficiality of the daily briefings should defy belief. Ehresmann yammers on about systemic racism. When it comes to the differential death rates between Minnesota and Wisconsin at about 16:30, Ehresmann has nothing to say.”

Flynn Dismissal Order ‘Thoroughly Demolishes’ Dissenting Judge’s Opinion. Tyler Durden – “Judge Rao is likening Judge Wilkins’ arguments, and Judge Sullivan’s actions, to what is done in non-democratic, third world countries. p. 18. Outstanding opinion. No mercy”

Michael Flynn case dismissed: Judge Sullivan’s novel actions served injustice. Jonathan Turley – “Any appellate decision taking unprecedented measures to stop “irreparable harms” and “irregular” conduct is newsworthy.” … “The panel, however, clearly had little trust in the plans for this hearing or any true judicial purpose. Indeed, it may have been convinced that the primary purpose was indeed to “make trouble” for the administration.”

“The ruling in this case is unlikely to force any real circumspection by legal analysts or the media in the prior coverage. Nuanced legal questions quickly evaporate in this age of rage. Conflicting case law is dismissed in favor of the clarity demanded by echo journalism. The law however brings its own clarity and the message of this opinion could not be clearer. Sullivan’s actions in the case did not spell “trouble” for the Trump administration, but rather, they spelled trouble for the administration of justice in our court system.

The Washington Examiner reports: “In light of the Opinion and Order issued by the Court of Appeals on Mr. Flynn’s petition for writ of mandamus, the deadlines and hearing date set forth in the Minute Order of May 19, 2020 are HEREBY STAYED,” the order by Sullivan said. [That’s only step 1]

Obama and Biden were up to their necks in the Flynn persecution. Andrea Widburg – “On Wednesday, news broke that was so big that (at least as of this writing) both the New York Times and the Washington Post ignored it: Barr’s DOJ finally forced the FBI to release Comey’s debriefing of the January 5, 2017 meeting that led to the General Flynn persecution.”

“In sum, on Tuesday, Trump accused Obama of treason, and the usual quislings in the Republican Party got all flustered and rejected the charge. On Wednesday, we acquired evidence that Obama was up to his neck in initiating a secret attack without any basis against Trump’s incoming National Security Advisor, something sure to destabilize the incoming administration.

As it happens, the quislings were correct – what Obama did is not treason. However, it may well have been an illegal insurrection or seditious conspiracy. [i.e. not Constitutional big T but common usage, little t, treason]

Strzok strikes again. Scott Johnson – “What we have here is the biggest scandal in American political history by far. Its principals remain at large. Every single one. Indeed, one of them is the Democrats’ candidate for president in the coming election.”

Why President Trump Is Right On Free Speech — And Silicon Valley Is Wrong. Dan Backer – “De-platforming those we disagree with is the road to tyranny. The hallmark of our political system is debating and even disagreeing with others, but never denying their right to speak.” … “Speech is not violence just because the offended are thin-skinned.” … “Social media is a powerful platform for political speech, but only if it is all-inclusive. Otherwise, it becomes a hammer with which the Left can bludgeon the rest of us.”

Companies boycotting Facebook are virtue signalling – but the implications are serious. “Anti-racism protests that have torn through America since the police’s murder of George Floyd have put President Trump under the spotlight – his authoritarianism, use of racist dogwhistles and increasingly hysterical threats.” [examples of this Trump behavior, please. Examples given do not pass even basic examination. The authoritarianism, dogwhistles, and hysteria are being used against Trump, not by him.]

“In the last week of May, the platforms vaulted into the spotlight when both refused to acquiesce to demands to remove two of Trump’s posts that violated their standards. The incident became a touchpoint for snowballing anger about the platform’s haphazard speech regulation policies and has culminated in a campaign called Stop Hate for Profit. Launched by advocacy groups the Anti-Defamation League, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and the Color Of Change, the campaign calls on businesses to suspend advertising on Facebook for the month of July, ostensibly to put pressure on the company to take more action on hate speech. Companies including Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia and the North Face have signed up.

There are lots of noble reasons to want less hate speech on platforms, of course. But Facebook has proven its method to be sloppy, biased and heavily dictated by (surprise!) corporate and government interests. Calling for it to take more action is merely hastening the skid down the slippery slope.

Note the ‘corporate’ hate with a taint of TDS in government being lumped in with it. It is a valuable argument tainted by bias illustrating dissonance that hasn’t quite been tamed by reason and self awareness. False axioms are not good basis for intellectual integrity.

Sowing the Sixties Winds, Reaping Today’s Whirlwind. Bruce Thornton – “Today’s disorder reflects just how successful the leftist “long march through the institutions” has been.” … “ideas and behaviors that by consensus were out of bounds then, have now been normalized and abetted by civic leaders and politicians, as well as popular culture, schools, and even sports.”

“History now becomes the systematic demonization of our ancestors for their flawed humanity and failure to create an impossible utopia. The West now is notable only for its crimes against that idealism, while its unique transcendence of those crimes, its recognition that certain behaviors and institutions are crimes, is forgotten.

because the left sees only the West’s flaws, today we are watching the violent assault on public monuments to people from the past, even statues of Lincoln, who ended slavery in the U.S. In the Sixties and Seventies left-wing terrorists bombed military recruiting offices and university labs that allegedly served the “military-industrial complex.” Apart from a few police precincts, today’s Jacobins are focusing their rage on private businesses and public statues, the latter the tangible and communal celebrations of our past and the all too human people who now don’t measure up to the exalted expectations of callow, entitled, badly educated young people. The goal is to “cancel” Western Civilization.

This vandalism of the past, moreover, is a visible sign of what has happened to the profession of history beginning in the Sixties: It has been turned into a Leninist “who, whom” melodrama, with crude, moustache-twirling Western villains endlessly tying to the railroad tracks of history an equally crude roster of innocent victims “of color.” Human complexity, mixed motives, failed good intentions, and unforeseen consequences­­––the tragic heart of good history ever since Thucydides––are all cast aside for therapeutic bedtime stories comprising the creepy, sadomasochistic theater of guilty whites and their victims “of color.” This vandalizing of history has now triumphed, for today it dominates the curricula of schools from kindergarten to university.

Next, we are witnessing the most blatant examples of the leftist principles that flourished in the Sixties: “any means necessary” and “never let a crisis go to waste.”

This mostly blue-state dereliction of civic duty is unprecedented, and illustrates just how thorough the multigenerational corruption of education has been.

Now crystal clear: the left is weaponizing science for its benefit. Charles Rotter – “People understand that science is a process and as we learn more it can change, but that’s not what we’ve seen play out over the past few weeks. Instead we’ve seen the experts and media figures we’re supposed to trust invoke the word “science” to further their political ends — actual facts and evidence be damned.”

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The Yellow Brick Road

White Self-Hatred and the Cancel Culture. Merv Bendle – “The massive involvement of semi-hysterical young white people is one of the most striking features of this ‘cultural revolution’.”

“In seeking to understand this frenzied phenomenon of ostentatious self-abnegation it is necessary to discuss its ideological and activist origins in the far-left terrorist groups of the Sixties. This venture into history might serve to forewarn where this might all be heading.

What Happens After All The Statues Come Down? The Chavez-ification Of America. I & I Editorial Board – “the rampaging is more than a matter of aesthetics and a breach of polite behavior, with supposedly civilized Americans conducting themselves like savages.”

“Hoover Institution scholar, professor, farmer, and columnist Victor Davis Hanson told Fox News the vandals are “very arrogant. They’re sure of their moral superiority because they’re ignorant and they have no self-doubt.” It’s “true of most revolutionaries,” he continued, “they have no self-doubt and they become cannibalistic in their zeal for perfection, perfection, perfection.”

“Cleansing the past is a dangerous business,” he wrote in 2017. The progressive left “search for more enemies of the past may soon take progressives down hypocritical pathways they would prefer not to walk.”

The hope is it never gets that far, that a core of Americans will show some spine and say enough, no more riots, no more looting, no more mimicking Third World barbarism. We won’t go down that ugly road.

Venezuelan Warns Americans: Statues Coming Down Is Where Revolutions Start. Tim Hains – “the last time I didn’t care about this, I was a teenager. I have already lived through this thing when I was living in Venezuela.” … “You guys think this can’t happen to you, I’ve heard it so many times. But always be on guard.”

Black Lives Matter and Jonestown. Neo – “Jonestown turned into a nightmare, but it was aided and abetted by a combination of the leftist Democratic Party in charge of San Francisco and a pack of even more leftist activists such as Angela Davis.” more for the Bendle article cited above.

Bolton’s Temper Tantrum. Caroline Glick – “It gives me no pleasure to say this: I have known John Bolton for 15 years.” She highlights several problems. A critical one is the dishonesty in making claims that are blatantly not true and without substance.

“As he does in his book, which is due to be released this week, in our meetings Bolton complained that Trump has no foreign policy strategy. But this is simply not true. The consistency of Trump’s foreign policies across the board make clear that the president has a clear and well thought out strategic vision and operational perspective.

This then brings us to Trump’s operational perspective. Trump’s preferred tool for advancing his foreign policy agenda is economic power, not military might.

Bolton never understood what Trump was doing.

in his fury then and now, Bolton overlooked two simple facts.

Rather than embrace the opportunity Trump gave him to have a seat at the table of the world’s most powerful leader, Bolton begrudged Trump’s position at the head of the table. Since leaving office, Bolton has dedicated himself to undermining the president whose only sin was failing to see the world through John Bolton’s eyes.

How did the media get duped — again — on the Bubba Wallace story? John Ziegler – “As reliably as children being fooled by Santa Claus, the news media has once again been duped by an obviously false story that fit their favorite narrative about race.” Tie a loop on the end of a garage pull down rope to make it easier to grab, let it sit for a few years, and, voila! It’s a racist dog whistle.

Blatant official racial discrimination: County orders white people to wear masks in public, exempts ‘persons of color’. Thomas Lifson – “The Constitution and basic concepts of justice are out the window, and we face a grim new normal in which “getting whitey” becomes acceptable behavior from governments.”

Coronavirus Derangement Syndrome. Anthony J. DeBlasi – “Today’s yellow brick road to a coronavirus-free world is as phony as the one Dorothy took to find her way back home (in The Wizard of Oz).”

“Such an astounding disorientation as we are witnessing on account of a virus leaves little doubt that political maneuvering and the hand of corporate media have a lot to do with the oppressive official response to COVID-19. Relying on the mainstream media for all you need to know about this pandemic is to put your faith in their honesty and objectivity. Not for me, thank you, considering the track record.

Far too many have been spooked out of their wits by the dread of “getting the coronavirus,” a fear blown out of proportion by a corporate media that has grown notorious for its dishonesty and heavy leftist bias.

Restoring sanity involves removing the breath-impeding, unhealthy face masks and acting like human beings again. It is time to make a U-turn back to normal. And please drop that phony and insidious tag “new normal.” We are not a new species of human being.

Your Woke Breaking Point. Rod Dreher – “James Lindsay, anti-revolutionary @ConceptualJames: Talking with a brilliant friend last night keyed me into an important idea: everybody has a Woke breaking point, a point where they can’t deny any longer the fact that it’s a totalitarian nightmare. Encourage your sympathetic friends to start naming what theirs would be.”

Don’t be fooled by what the media choose to emphasize. Neo – “…or by what a small group of attention-getting radicals want.”

“In the turmoil we’re now experiencing, many people are afraid. That certainly makes sense – it’s frightening. Just a few short months ago things seemed relatively “normal.” Then COVID came, and now the country seems gripped by riots orchestrated by leftists.

The problem is not what the majority thinks. The problem is the power and dedication of that minority of leftists, black and white, and what they are willing to do and how far they are wiling to go to get their way, as well as the wholehearted cooperation of many institutions of US society in recent years, in particular the MSM, the educational system, and the Democratic Party.

Cases are Not Deaths. Don Boudreaux – “Until very recently the Washington Post, on the first page of its website, tracked, using a bar graph, the daily number of U.S. covid deaths. It has stopped doing so. Now it tracks, on its front page, daily new covid cases.” … “this shift in reporting serves to keep covid fears higher than these would likely be.”

“This biased impression is further worsened by the WaPo‘s practice of reporting, in addition to daily new covid cases nationally, also daily new covid cases of a handful of states – those states that are experiencing especially large increases, relative to other states, in daily covid cases.

On CNN, there’s this: Black Lives Matter protests have not led to a spike in coronavirus cases, research says. It seems the virus knows what is politically correct sufficiently well. Tie that in with the Oregon race based mask edit and with Dana’s howler The More Trump Goes After Biden’s Mental And Physical State, The More We Doubt His Own and you can start to see just how far these people’s view of reality is from what is actually in evidence. The rationalizations offered are instructive of the depths to which the mind can go to hang on to a desired narrative. For more, see Glick (above) and others on Bolton and his new screed. Or maybe try Neil Armstrong Sets Straight an Internet Truther Who Accused Him of Faking the Moon Landing (2000).

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Has the big lie won? It’s a slavery pandemic obsession.

Black Slaves Matter! Harry Cummins – “Biram’s allegation that the Koran was at the root of modern slavery, meanwhile, cast an intriguing light on the demands, first by Khan on June 9, 2020, and then, a day later, by another leading British Muslim, Business Minister Nadim Zahawi, that all monuments to slave traders in the UK be cast down forthwith. Except, perhaps, the many that are vast and ugly mosques.”

African intellectuals, of course, are not the only ones who would rather focus on the Western past of African slavery than its Muslim present. Deutsche Welle is Germany’s version of the BBC World Service, but its artless exposure of how Islam ensures that black slavery “endures” all over the continent would certainly never have been transmitted by that tendentious oracle. As for the ABC, it would probably have emulated “Mauritanian justice” and arraigned Deutsche Welle for “racist propaganda”.

The greatest obstacle to finally ending African slavery is not Muslim self-assertion but Western self-reproach. Yeats famously said that: “Out of the quarrel with others we make rhetoric; out of the quarrel with ourselves we make poetry”. In the same way, out of the West’s quarrel with itself it used to create Christian repentance, but, out of the wish to look good by not quarrelling with others, it now creates self-reproach, a repudiation of its own civilisation.

When Everyone Kneels, Who Will Stand Up For Western History And Culture? Tyler Durden – “Vandalism and self-hatred are quickly gaining ground.” … “British post-colonial guilt is, however, having repercussions far larger than statues.”

“There is, for instance, still total silence about persecuted Christians, according to a UK bishop leading a government review into their suffering. There is also, notably, a retreat from the world’s stage.

Post-colonial guilt is also suffocating freedom of speech in the UK.

The activists who campaign to remove the statues want radically to change the look of the British capital.

This movement of hating the West — which has, as all of us do, an imperfect history — seems to have begun in British universities.

Western history is seemingly being remade to portray all of Western civilization as just one big apartheid.

This process of Western self-abasement began long ago.

What is this macabre ideological game aimed at accomplishing? Not taking down monuments as such, like the statues of Christopher Columbus which have been torn down or beheaded. It is more than that. It is a power-grab to create a cultural revolution, to prevent anyone from saying that cultures are not all the same; to put Europe’s past on trial; to instill perennial remorse into consciences, and to spread intellectual terror to advance multiculturalism.

How many people will refuse to go along with this coerced suppression of history? If many kneel to this new totalitarianism, who will have the courage to stand up for Western history and culture?

In Nevada: Thousands of votes could not be counted because of invalid signatures and improperly submitted ballots and Sisolak proposes car emission standards, in line with California, as part of effort to combat climate change. It’s following California down the rabbit hole where woke rules supreme over reality and cognitive dissonance never gets beyond the confusion stage.

Nevada’s already slim physician workforce may grow slimmer with patients slow to return to doctor’s offices. Megan Messerly – “A majority of Nevada doctors believe they can only keep their doors open for another two to six months unless the volume of patients trickling back into their offices significantly increases” … it’s the overwrought reaction to the pandemic, the FUD mongering, the promulgation of high stakes action based on low stakes evidence, the feel-good woke over the intellectual integrity of effective cost, risk, and benefit analysis.

Coronavirus Cases Are Climbing Again. So What? I & I Editorial Board – “Once again, however, the mainstream press is needlessly scaring the public by hiding the relevant context.” … “Just don’t expect anyone in the mainstream press to explain this, because they’re too busy looking for ways to blame a scary “second wave” on President Donald Trump.”

TikTok Tix Tricks Are Fraud – For Which Watergate Perps Went To Jail. Bob Maistros – “So bunches of young folks are bragging that they used TikTok to scoop up blocks of tickets to Donald Trump’s big rally and depress attendance.” … “There’s one word for what these perps claim to have pulled off – fraud.”

But wait – there’s more! Since the instrumentality used for the fraud was the Internet, specifically social media, there’s an argument that federal laws against “wire fraud” could be brought to bear, as the fraudulent activity involved attempting to obtain something of some value: a place at a Trump rally.

And by the way, a nationwide coordinated effort to commit fraud? That’s known as “conspiracy.” A separate offense.

And certainly the Trumpsters would be justified, after all their cost, trouble, and embarrassment, to pick out a few entirely unsympathetic young adults, or parents who aided and abetted the wrongful acts, for lawsuits, including economic and — ouch! — even punitive damages. Just making punks go to the trouble and expense of lawyering up might be worth it in terms of letting Gen Z know that tugging on Superman’s cape is not necessarily cost-free.

The Fastest ISP In America Is Community Owned And Operated. Karl Bode – “We’ve long noted that community broadband networks are just an organic response to the broken, uncompetitive US broadband market.” What this anti-capitalist screed misses is that ‘voluntary’ capital formation in the form of those evil corporations is competing with mandatory, tax based corporations. Corporations that can fail if they do not provide a service that a consumer chooses to purchase are demeaned and impugned while corporations that can tax and are not subject to market whims are lauded and praised. The hidden costs of socialism are carefully kept in the closet.

Why Trump Isn’t Taking Action in Seattle. Kurt Schlichter – “The leftist tantrum is an information operation – and Trump is winning it.”

“It’s certainly frustrating to watch a pack of reeking leftist scumbags declare a portion of an American city an “autonomous zone” – what is it with Democrats and their secession fetish? – but do not get frustrated because Donald Trump has not sent the 101st Airborne in to powerwash the human grunge from Seattle’s feces-bedecked streets. That’s what the Democrats want. And Trump – a better strategic thinker than all the media geniuses, hack politicians, and Afghan War-losing generals who cry about him – is not only not going to give them the victory they crave. He’s going to jam their cheesy plan down their throats.

Let’s understand the strategic scenario. The long-term strategic objective of the leftists is to turn the United States into Venezuela, and they want to be Maduro. The major strategic objective that will put them in position to do so is victory in the November elections. Everything happening right now is part of their overall strategy to achieve that objective.

But what kind of operation are they using to achieve that objective? There are two types of operations relevant here – kinetic and information. A kinetic operation is actual warfare. It’s violence designed to defeat the enemy and cause his surrender by either physically destroying him or occupying his territory and compelling surrender. An information operation is designed to affect the perceptions, and thereby the actions, of the target. Kinetic ops tend to do something to the enemy; and info op tends to get the target to do something to himself.

Despite the hype, the protests may have involved a peak of 2 million people across the country – out of 330 million. That’s nothing kinetically; it’s significant informationally because it is pushed by so many cultural influencers.

Facebook Conservative targeting case breaks wide open with undercover evidence, stunning content moderator confessions. BPR Wire – “Facebook content moderators discussed using their positions to censor Republicans and conservatives in an undercover video released by activist group Project Veritas on Tuesday.”

Systemic Ignorance. Bill Murchison – “does the instinct for destruction proceed partly from ignorance — especially of the willful sort — and partly from plain, old-fashioned barbarism? The two, it appears to various eyewitnesses of our civilizational collapse, go hand in hand.” … “And this spreads Justice and Peace and Brotherhood all around the public realm? And renders you some kind of public saint rather than just a garden-variety arsonist?”

Yamiche Alcindor Tries to Gotcha Kayleigh McEnany On Statues, Gets Schooled. Bonchie – “The PBS “journalist” who prides herself in letting her activism take center stage in her reporting decided to try out a new gotcha question today.” … “It’s 1984-esque with a bit of the Bolshevik Revolution sprinkled in. Any attempt to pretend this is righteous anger is gaslighting. It’s not. It’s cynical and political, with a very specific end goal in mind.” … “There’s been no greater destructive force over the last three years, especially when dealing with the race issue, than the mainstream media. The damage done is reaching immeasurable levels.”

The malign precedent of Bolton’s book. Washington Examiner – “Officials entrusted with positions of great power close to this and future presidents should not leave office and swiftly publish tell-all memoirs.” … but the editorial assumes Bolton’s claims are true as if widely assumed and axiomatic. The actual evidence indicates otherwise. A good point is made but the false premise used as an example provides another example of a related social disease in the fourth estate as well as the fourth branch.

“This is an outrage. There is no fourth branch of government. Whether or not government officials believe the president’s actions are wise, he was elected, and they were not. Article II of the Constitution vests executive powers in the president. If bureaucrats take authority not delegated to them by the president, they are usurping it, arrogating what the Constitution says is his. Our republic cannot function as intended if bureaucrats decide what the elected government may and may not do.

Presidents are entitled to the counsel of their advisers. If Bolton profits handsomely from releasing this book, it will encourage future officials to follow his precedent and enrich themselves government service followed by copious spilling of beans. This limits the range of opinions that presidents will seek out. That is not the best way to govern.

How the Democrats Collude to Enable Voter Fraud. John Hinderaker – “One of the most pernicious phenomena of modern times is the collusive lawsuit. This is how it works:”

The New Truth. Jacob Siegel – “When the moral imperative trumps the rational evidence, there’s no arguing.”

“Argument itself requires that certain fundamental questions are settled and beyond dispute.

To insist that the conclusion that the arguer wishes to reach, with its implied corollary commandment, must be accepted by his or her opponent as a premise before the argument begins is not the move of a person who has confidence in their truth. It is the opposite of any form of reasoned argument. It is coercive.

America’s elite institutions now routinely make statements and use language that empirically is false. Indeed, they have taken the making, propagation, and enforcement of such language as their central mission. Because these statements are false, they make solutions to the real problems that are being gestured at impossible—while turning people who may want to actually address those problems into evil rape apologists and racists.

The blind continuing panic over COVID-19. Robert Zimmerman – “With totalitarian Democratically-controlled cities and states across the nation now imposing odious rules requiring the wearing of masks at all times, based entirely on emotion and symbolism with absolutely no reliance on the actual science that says masks are not only useless against a virus like COVID-19, they could be medically harmful to the user, I think it is time to do a little science journalism and illustrate again the absurdity of this situation.”

“Worse, I am certain that a large bulk of the American population will either not read what I write here, or if they do, will simply refuse to believe it. They are paralyzed by an irrational fear of this disease, fueled by politicians and a media whose only real goal is to defeat Donald Trump in November, and who seem willing to do anything, even destroy the country, to do so.

That irrational fear holds the public, and they can’t let go of it. It thus prevents them from processing any facts that might defuse it, and allow them to think rationally again.

The result? An acquiescence to lies and bad policy that leaves us all open to more lies and bad policy, all designed to concentrate power into the hands of the few spouting those lies.

The big lie has won, and because of that American freedom is dying.

So many big lies. Can the people tread water and find safe ground?


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Down the rabbit hole

Riots In Defense Of The Narrative Are No Vice. I & I Editorial Board – “It’s widely known that our betters say it’s OK to protest in massive groups despite the risk of coronavirus transmission, but small gatherings not in support of Black Lives Matter are still unacceptable. Now we’re told that it’s also fine for protests to turn violent as long as it happens for the “right” reason.”

The takeover of Capitol Hill in Seattle: Just one big happy family, according to the AP. Neo – “Words are used there with great subtlety and economy. To those of us who are accustomed to looking for and spotting such things, the twisting of the truth may seem obvious. But it is unlikely to be the least bit obvious to the casual reader.” … “It is really quite a document; I suggest you read it, and as you read it please recall that the AP sets the tone and the message and the narrative for nearly the entire nation.”

Academia Fans The Flames Of Social Disorder. Malcolm A. Kline – “Apparently, academia sees in the riots a more reliable source of cash than a federal bailout.”

Cornell Professor And ‘Legal Insurrection’ Founder Targeted For Criticizing BLM. Jonah Gottschalk – “Living as a conservative on a liberal campus is like being the mouse waiting for the cat to pounce,” Jacobson writes on his blog, Legal Insurrection.

The Centre Cannot Hold. Kevin Donnelly – “Chanting meaningless slogans condemning white supremacism and police violence the millions involved ignore the reality, as noted by the Wall Street Journal’s Heather MacDonald, that in America “a police officer is 18 and a half times more likely to be killed by a black man than an unarmed black man is to be killed by a police officer”. … “As to why Western societies are morally and intellectually adrift and embroiled in politically correct cant and confusion, look no further than our education system.”

“Like Alice in Alice in Wonderland we have fallen down a rabbit hole where logic, rationality and common sense no longer apply. The comment attributed to Descartes ‘I think therefore I am’ no longer applies, instead the Woke generations proclaim ‘I feel therefore I am right’.

The Bitter Irony of Revolutions. Victor Davis Hanson – “As these natural and mandate catastrophes continue, we see raw human nature stripped of its pretenses. The result is tragically ironic and often not a pretty sight.”

D.C. mayor sued over ‘Black Lives Matter’ on street to White House. Alex Swoyer – “A group of activists sued Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser this week over her decision to paint “Black Lives Matter” down two blocks of 16th Street, which leads to the White House, saying she violated the First Amendment and showed favoritism to “the Black Lives Matter cult orthodoxy.”

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Never give up! Never surrender! grovelling doesn’t help.

Yes, Let’s Defund The Police … At The EPA. I & I Editorial Board – “Not only do Democrats not want to rein in the militarization of the federal agencies, they want to expand it.” … “Meanwhile, eight Democratic state attorneys general have sued the EPA for relaxing its enforcement activities during the COVID-19 lockdowns.” … “A few years ago, Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah, introduced the Regulatory Agency De-militarization Act, saying that “It’s disturbing to see the stories of federal regulators armed to the teeth and breaking into homes and businesses when there was no reason to think there would be resistance.”

Begging the Mob’s Forgiveness Doesn’t Work. Kyle Smith – “You can’t apologize enough to the woke and the restless.” … “After the actual riots, the metaphorical ones. Reputations get burned down. Careers get their windows smashed in. Character gets assassinated. … Much of this has been nearly as senseless, emotion-driven, and inane as the actual burning, looting, and destroying of urban neighborhoods.”

Who is John Gleeson? Paul Mirengoff – “Judge Gleeson was an advocate for the defendant in a case before him. He thus violated the fundamental principle that a judge cannot decide a case in which he has been, much less in which he actively remains, an advocate.”

“Thus, Gleeson waged his own campaign, using his office and his power, to browbeat the local prosecutor, who regularly appears in his court, into asking for charges to be dropped against a repeat, armed felon whom the prosecutor’s office properly convicted at a trial many years before. Gleeson then granted the request for a reduced sentence for which he had tirelessly advocated.

Who is John Gleeson? He’s a former rogue judge and current accomplice to a judge who, it appears, also wants to go rogue.

Saturday’s Washington, DC Protest Was a Big Flop. John Nolte – “Twitter’s Blue Checkmark Mafia and the fake media told us anywhere from one million to 100,000 protesters would swarm Washington, DC, on Saturday. Only 10,000 showed up, which means the “experts” were only off in the range of 80 to 99 percent.”

I Must Object. Glenn C. Loury – “A rebuttal to Brown University’s letter on racism in the United States”

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It’s a myth. Don’t you see?

We’ve Reached the Book Burning Phase of 2020 Riot Wokeness. Stephen Kruiser – “The progressives in academia have spent decades bad-mouthing and marginalizing the Western canon in an effort to “enlighten” the youth of America. It’s a “throw the baby out with the bathwater” approach that views any book written by “dead white men” as dangerous and is part of an anti-intellectual approach to history that is used as a launching point for academic anti-American screeds.”

If Not For Lies They Would Be Mute. Peter Smith – “I saw the live press briefing on TV as it was happening. It could not have been misinterpreted. When Trump brought Floyd into the picture he was talking about civil rights and Floyd’s death bringing renewed focus and energy into seeing that everybody is treated equally by law enforcement. He was not at all referring to job numbers. And, to reiterate, no such interpretation could possibly have been inferred by any honest reporter.”

“Lying is a practiced art of those on the Left. Trump has put it into overdrive. Without shame, they will tell any lie, omit any fact, commit any stunt, distort and contort any account, fudge any numbers, and practise any deceit in their vendetta to get Trump. Nothing is off limits.

Why do they despise him? He’s a threat to their aim to tear down capitalism, our civilisation, our traditions, our past heroes, our national pride, and all the things we hold dear. They are communists whether they badge themselves that way or not. Christianity, family life, the individual’s right to life liberty and happiness is anathema to them. Take the time to listen to Trump. He might exaggerate at times and irritatingly get off the point but make no mistake, this is a man guided by truth and by common sense

A final comment on George Floyd. Police didn’t randomly stop him. They were called by a store clerk who claimed that Floyd had paid with a forged $20 bill. He was a big man. Apparently, he resisted arrest and had a cocktail of fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system. Did the police treat him humanely? It didn’t look a bit like it to me but, at the same time, he would almost certainly have survived if not for underlying health conditions.

Black crime is the problem. Best to reiterate. Criminal activity by blacks is a blight on America and is directly responsible for black deaths at the hands of police. It has nothing to do with racism.

The Black Lives Matter movement is a complete beat-up based on lies – the Left’s abiding stock-in-trade. The protests in the US are a beat-up based on lies. The copy-cat protests elsewhere, including here, are even more of a beat-up. White elites in the US prostrating themselves in front of the mob because of their “white privilege” are cringeworthy disgraces to humanity. Worse than the rioters and looters.

The Hyperbole of the Justifiably Outraged. Tristan Heiner – “overstatement when discussing these nuanced and sensitive topics pours petrol on the fire.” … “To claim that institutionalised racism is the very backbone of our criminal justice systems requires an extraordinary amount of intellectual dishonesty.” … “On the matter of racist policing there is a slew of evidence suggesting this is simply not true.” … “The lies we have been fed and continue to devour with not a blink of scrutiny is a sad indictment of the times in which we live which has seen the triumph of emotions over evidence.” … “While these baseless and divisive moans can be swiftly hit for six, the problem is that they are being made in the first place by people in influential positions.”

On Being Pounded With Lies, Damned Lies, and More Damned Lies About ‘Systemic’ Racism in America. Dov Fischer – “as to those who now proclaim “America has systemic racism,” that is a lie, a damned lie. It is a lie about America, and it is a damned lie about Americans.”

Desperate FakeNews Media in Overdrive. Brian C. Joondeph – “Several media stories, presented as gospel, are now crumbling as fast as the Russian collusion fable”

More Than Ever, It’s Time to Unleash the Power of ‘No’. Kurt Schlichter “For way too long, too many conservatives and other normal people have failed to deploy our most potent weapon in the defense of free thought and expression – the utter refusal to go along with the demands of the carnivorous left.”

“This nonsense is expanding to all of society. You must meet their exacting standards in all things or, well, here comes the mob. But the punchline is that you can’t satisfy them, not ever. There’s no way to appease them because what they say they want – adherence to some amorphous idiot dogma – is not the point. The point is the bullying. The point is the tyranny. The point is their ability to exercise delicious arbitrary power over you.

1. Never apologize.

2. Reject their demands.

3. Speak truths they want suppressed.

4. Laugh at them.

5. Buy guns and ammunition.

It’s time to push back on these punks. They leverage our natural politeness and tendency to try to avoid conflict to take advantage and seize the high ground. Understand that tactic and refuse to play along. They leave you spinning your wheels by drawing you into trying to reason with them when reasoning is beside the point. You do not owe them a debate. Mock them instead, and stubbornly defy their commands.

The Worst ‘Progressive’ Idea Yet: Hey, Let’s Get Rid Of The Police! I & I Editorial Board – “It’s an attempt by cynical leftist politicians who despise this country to use this new crisis, just as they did with coronavirus and the Russian-collusion crisis, to split Americans sharply along racial and political lines. The ultimate goal is to dissolve the very institutions that keep us from descending into chaos.”

“A Police-Free Future” – Minneapolis City Council Votes To Abolish Police Department. Tyler Durden – “Meanwhile watch as gun sales in Minneapolis – both legal and illegal – and in every other city across the country, explode.” The mayor isn’t happy about this.

Obama Judge Orders Denver Cops to Let Rioters Break Windows. Daniel Greenfield – as long as it is somebody else’s windows? “That this ruling is wildly illegal goes without saying. Beyond that, Jackson offers the entirely false premise that the right to protest covers vandalism and that free speech protections mean that the police can’t intervene when looters are smashing and defacing.”

Black Lives Are a Pretext. David Horowitz – “Black Lives Matter was formed in 2013 by three self-styled “Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries,” who selected as their movement icon convicted cop-killer and Black Liberation Army member Assata Shakur.”

“The Black Lives Matter movement is not about particular injustices but about the alleged injustice of the American system, of capitalism, and of “white supremacy.” Its mission is not to save black lives. The thousands of deaths from black-on-black homicides draw no attention and inspire no protests, nor do the deaths of black police officers on the integrated police forces they attack. Their ferocious denunciations of slogans like “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” as “racist” reveal the racist impetus behind their own agenda.

The fact that Black Lives Matter was now a major national movement funded by America’s establishment elites did not prompt its communist founders to reconsider their political infatuation with totalitarians or their anti-American agendas.

This was a foretaste of the insurrection they are now leading, setting fire to the country that made them the freest, richest and most privileged black community in the world.

Mayhem made in Venezuela? Monica Showalter – “Take a look at the photos of BLM leaders whooping it up with Nicolas Maduro in Harlem and Caracas”

“Well, I’ve covered a lot of riots — from Indonesia to Argentina to Russia to East Timor to Thailand to Venezuela, plus domestic ones in Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco — as a journalist. The one thing that’s always come out in the aftermath is that none of these mass rioting and looting events was ever a simple spontaneous eruption. All big riot events are man-made.

If the press had any curiosity at all, it would look to where the current mayhem is coming from.

Any curiosity? Myths are too comforting.

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Brazen black privilege via extortion and threat

Why Does The New York Times Brazenly Deny The Obvious? Tyler Durden – “But to hear the New York Times tell the story, it was not the lockdown but the pandemic that did this. That’s a level of ideological subterfuge that is almost impossible for a sane person to conjure up, simply because it is so obviously unbelievable. ”

“That the newspaper, a once venerable institution, has something to answer for is apparent. But instead of accepting moral culpability for having created a panic to fuel the overthrow of the American way of life, they turn on a dime to celebrate people who are not socially distancing in the streets to protest police brutality.

It was not the pandemic that blew up our lives, commercial networks, and health systems. It was the response to the virus that did that. The Times needs to learn that it cannot construct a fake version of reality just to avoid responsibility for what they’ve done. Are we really supposed to believe what they write now and in the future? This time, I hope, people will be smart and learn to consider the source.

An Orgy of Anti-White Hatred Erupts on Social and Mainstream Media. Danusha V. Goska – “Exploiting a tragedy to disseminate racism and civilizational suicide.

“The anti-civilizational aspect of the riots is evident from its targets. The Lincoln Memorial, The World War II Memorial, and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral were all vandalized. Synagogues on the east and west coast were attacked. In a Kristallnacht touch, rioters threw a rock through a synagogue window

The proper response is not to attribute Floyd’s death to the officers, two of whom were Asian-American, who arrested Floyd and pinned him down. Derek Chauvin is, at best, incidental to RWL narrative.

I asked how African-Americans could be unheard, in a country where African-Americans are, and have been for decades, represented at every level of power, from the presidency to the cabinet to the judiciary to the legislature to the media, where African-Americans occupy outsize positions in culture, from Oprah Winfrey to Beyoncé to Nobel-Prize-winner Toni Morrison, from the Tuskegee Airmen to Harriet Tubman to LeBron James to Langston Hughes to Aretha Franklin to Maya Angelou to Neil deGrasse Tyson to … too many other luminaries to mention, where museums, like the National Museum of African-American History and Culture, receive millions of taxpayer dollars to research and recount the history of African-Americans, where required curricula at every level of public and private education focus on African-Americans, where the entire music industry, and elements of the broader culture, shut down in protest of George Floyd’s death. We are all taught to focus on black victims of hate crimes, but we are not taught to remember victims who are not black. I know few who recognize the names Leo Frank, Sherry Michelle Ansley, or Yankel Rosenbaum, or have heard anything about the Lattimer or the Ludlow Massacres. I received no reply to my question about how black people are “unheard.” I am still wondering what reply might be offered.

I was told that looting and rioting are not just justified, they are sanctified; they are holy rituals of purgation.

I attempted to address some of the above points in Facebook posts. No, I said, it is simply not true that only blacks are ever killed, and that only whites do the killing, or that rioting is inevitable after disturbing video is released, or that rioting is inevitable because of “systemic” abuse. Statistics suggest that in the US, a white person is more likely to be a victim of a violent crime committed by a black person than vice versa.

I rage at RWLs because, as much as I may love them as individuals, I believe that their Facebook posturing is utterly phony. It is Darwinian. They have created an atmosphere where they gain social status by declaring that whiteness is evil. But they themselves are white.

America wants to give African-Americans so much. There are millions of dollars earmarked for African-Americans. Not for Native Americans, or poor whites, or the blind, or cancer survivors.

This weird mess of RWL feelings for black people is summed up in a photo from the recent riots. A white woman gives the finger to a police officer, who happens to be black. No doubt she thinks he is an Uncle Tom. No doubt he thinks, with reason, that she is simply nuts.

Walmart is putting budget on fixing something where there is nothing evident to fix. Amazon is proclaiming solidarity with rioters who trash its competition. Uber Eats is providing free service to privileged (black owned) businesses. Crowds reminiscent of Riechstag rallies of 1933 (or here) surrender with oaths of fealty. We have generals at the Pentagon sounding like their Japanese counterparts in the 30’s.

One retired Marine isn’t putting up with Mattis’s nonsense. Andrea Widburg – “Ret. Marine General James Mattis, who served as Trump’s Defense Secretary, resigned over a year ago, but has apparently been nursing a grudge since then.” … “His facts were wrong, and his arguments foolish and simplistic.” … “Mattis may also be part of yet another, broader resistance attempt.” … “retired Marine Captain John M. Dowd, a former Marine Corps Judge Advocate and a Trump attorney, had enough. He wrote a letter aimed directly at Mattis’s honor. … Dowd’s letter is savage. You can tell it was written in a white-hot passion.” Read Dowd’s Letter.

Mike Lee Leaves the Constitutionally Illiterate Left Screaming ‘Third Amendment’ and Looking Pretty Stupid. Streiff – “Short answer — the District of Columbia is actually a federal area; it’s National Guard are under the Secretary of the Army. The Constitution makes the President the Commander in Chief of the ‘militia’ and by calling them into federal service can order them about.”

“The cute thing about the left arguing the Constitution is that it is just like them arguing the Bible. It is obvious that they are aware that the document exists and have a very cursory idea of what is in it. It is glaringly obvious they have never read it or its history or are even familiar with how it has been interpreted by courts and Congress. Most of their knowledge is leftist tropes which are bogus from the start. Such is the case here.

Michael Flynn Prosecution Turned on Logan Act Hoax. Jonathon Moseley – “The FBI and the DoJ have very reluctantly revealed more and more information about how the Obama administration conspired to subvert democratic elections.”

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Ignore them and they don’t go away

Riots, Brought To You By District Attorneys Who Won’t Prosecute. I & I Editorial Board – “Just as with recent revelations of misconduct at the FBI, Justice Department and CIA, Americans would be well-advised to pay close attention also to their local races for judges, district attorneys and other positions of power in the justice system. Any interference by Soros is a red flag, pun intended, that your local justice system is being subverted.”

Media Enraged That More Swedes Aren’t Dying. Michael Fumento – “Which can be inferred as saying Sweden committed no error the first time. Sweden was right; meaning practically the rest of the world was wrong – at a terrible, terrible price.”

Candace Owens Video: I DO NOT Support George Floyd and I Refuse to See Him as a Martyr – “Floyd’s family deserves justice, but turning him into a saint is a destructive mistake.”

New York and California Freed Thousands of Criminals and the Riots Began. Daniel Greenfield – “Free the criminals. Organize riots. Watch cities burn. Repeat.” … “Not all of the released criminals returned to crime, but the riots provided the perfect opportunity.”

“ Right now, Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and more importantly their backers from the Democrat Party to the media to academia, are holding a gun to the head of the United States of America. But the worst part of it is that we gave them the gun and put the bullets in it when we began freeing criminals.

Law and order is the only way to take the gun away. Locking up the criminals disarms the Left.

Understanding the Far-Left Threat. Christopher DeGroot – “Bush may have meant well, but his words, being inaccurate, aren’t doing Americans any favors.” … “Still, the myth of systemic racism, like the view that whites are a privileged group, persists. Why? The answer is that the left needs it. For if the United States is an irredeemably racist country, then the left will be justified in destroying it, which is precisely what the left seeks to do.”

Please Don’t Go! John Hinderaker – “That is what officials in cities that have been devastated by rioters, looters and arsonists are saying to businesses whose investments in those cities have gone up in smoke. “ … “Really? What a surprise! Too bad those “realizations” didn’t occur before morons destroyed their own neighborhoods..”

“Riots are terribly destructive, but most of the damage does not occur overnight. It plays out over a period of years. Sadly, much of the progress that has been made by minority business owners and by minority neighborhoods in recent decades has been wiped away by rioters, looters and arsonists.

And it’s based on a web of Big Lies. Neo – “One of the worst things about what’s been happening now, and actually for a long time, is the acceptance of lies as truth. It’s easy to spread a simple lie that grabs people and energizes them. Truth sometimes requires deeper thought, and maybe even a little math on occasion.”

Friendly Cautionary Advice to Journalists Sourcing Stories from Lawsuit Allegations. Tim Kowal – “Are allegations in a lawsuit a credible journalistic source? Be aware that litigants often file frivolous lawsuits.” Many are rather loose with their claims to blame others, even in lawsuits. “How can NPR’s audience be assured they are being provided a report on a white supremacist conspiracy that is any more credible than a Church of Mormon conspiracy?”

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You want propaganda? You’ve been swallowing that blue pill for years now.

The Truth about Interracial Violent Crime. John Perazzo – “Debunking the Left’s pernicious lies.”

“These numbers are staggering. If America were teeming with white racism, those guilty of interracial crime would be disproportionately white. But instead, the exact opposite is the case. Thus, the enormous amount of attention given to white-on-black attacks – which are statistically rare in the United States – is an obscene and senseless absurdity. The notion of ubiquitous white racism manifesting itself in unacceptably high levels of white violence against blacks, is one of the most destructive and monstrously evil lies of our time, creating levels of racial mistrust and animosity that are wholly unwarranted.

AP: Don’t Call Them Looters. Undocumented Shoppers? Daniel Greenfield – “Calling things what they are is dangerous. Like all truths. Those who want to suppress meaningful language do so to cover up the truth.”

Americans are bowing down before the mob because of the Big Lie. Andrea Widburg – “One of the more disturbing images to emerge in the past few days has been of police officers and National Guardsman kneeling – effectively bowing down – before the mob.” … “While it’s true that there is black genocide in America, it’s not coming from law enforcement. It’s coming straight from Planned Parenthood, the Democrats’ most sacred organization.” Even General Mattis, former SecDef, got into this act with GWB with ignorance of recent history and nonsensical President bashing.

“In one of his best segments ever, Tucker Carlson looks at the way white liberals, police as well as ordinary people, are groveling because they believe they’re complicit in a black genocide – except there is no black genocide.

Thanks to the Democrats’ Big Lie, instead of protesting at Planned Parenthood clinics and thanking God that Trump is a pro-Life president, blacks believe that the cops who try to protect them from the predators in their communities are the enemy. And the Big Lie has caused stupid leftists, police officers, and National Guardsmen to think that they lack the moral authority to stand up and face blacks with the dignity inherent in all humankind.

Rod Rosenstein copies Hillary’s defensive technique in the Senate. Andrea Widburg – “Hey, who needs to be attentive when stripping an American citizen of his rights? Even if, as some have noted, it was perjury under the Michael Flynn standard, he’s a Democrat ally, so he’ll walk.”

“A couple of other points about the hearing. First, Jonathan Turley made the excellent point that Hawaii’s Sen. Mazie Hirono (D), practically forced Rosenstein to insist that Trump neither obstructed justice nor committed a crime:

Second, Ted Cruz roasted Rosenstein. He pointed out all the illegal and politized conduct that took place on Rosenstein’s watch. And then Cruz accused Rosenstein of being either a crook or a useless piece of bureaucratic refuse (although Cruz said it more gracefully):

Prosecute actions, not thoughtcrimes. Robert T. Smith – “It is juvenile to believe that all people are good, that they will act morally or legally.” General Mattis, former SecDef, should read the James Byrd episode thoughtfully and consider “Emotional reporting by the media and allegations by many others serve to divide us by claiming that our entire country (apparently except those making the claim) is racist.” before he gets into more gratuitous President bashing. “Assigning racial motivation to any of these instances is assessing thoughtcrime.”

The Media Are Lying To You About Everything, Including The Riots. John Daniel Davidson – “The media lied about the Russia collusion hoax, about the Mueller probe, about impeachment, about the coronavirus—and now they’re lying about the riots.”

“In recent days we’ve heard a steady drumbeat of lies, distortions, and disingenuousness from the mainstream media about almost every aspect of the unrest now gripping American cities. The deceit is almost too pervasive and amorphous to describe, but I’m going to try anyway.

To answer Lemon’s question, what’s happening here is the same thing that’s been happening for years now: the media, not Trump, have declared war on America, they are indeed playing a dangerous game, and it will most certainly backfire.

How Crazy Are the Democrats? This Crazy. John Hinderaker – “There is a movement going on now, believe it or not, to abolish the police. … And of course the same people who want to abolish the local police department don’t want you to be able to defend yourself, either.” … “This insane version of American history is the orthodoxy of the Democratic Party.” … “Even in the corrupt world of politics, we don’t often see dishonesty of this breathtaking magnitude.”

The case for sending in the troops [UPDATED]. Paul Mirengoff – “As examples of this use of presidential authority, Cotton cites President Eisenhower’s use of troops in Arkansas when schools were integrated in the 1950s. In addition, and more closely analogous, he points to President Bush (41) deploying the Army’s Seventh Infantry and 1,500 Marines to protect Los Angeles during race riots in 1992.” GWB, Mattis, remember recent history? Feeding insurrection is not good policy for anyone.

Jonathan Bernstein / Bloomberg: Mattis’s Rebuke of Trump Is a Big Deal — “Rarely has a former defense secretary publicly criticized a president he once served — and never in such harsh terms. — It’s hard to get across what a big deal it is that former Defense Secretary James Mattis has not only publicly criticized …” and Mattis Rips Trump in Statement at Patterico are correct. Mattis is way out of line for his past, siding with anti-constitutional and insurrectionist forces and feeding the dishonest propaganda campaign. He is contributing to what he says he condemns. For a person of his stature, this lack of intellectual integrity and basic respect is frightening.

Your Moral Compass Is A Windsock. DCE – “As usual, they very folks that have been after us, denigrating us, threatening us, coming after us because we refuse to conform, to live in their delusional world under their insane (an amoral) rules, are the very same ones that want us to clean up the shitstorm they created.”

Texas A&M thanks account targeting, publishing information of conservative students. Lacey Kestecher – “Conservative Texas A&M students were recently targeted by a since-deleted Twitter account attempting to notify the university of all “hateful” students on campus.”

““It is common for Texas A&M to target conservatives,” Dallmeyer told Campus Reform. The harassment of conservatives comes at no surprise for her. “Texas A&M claims to operate under core values; however the University’s actions prove otherwise. This incident is just the latest release of Aggie Twitter: the term for the leftists on campus who call out and harass conservative students on social media.”

“Texas A&M has long held the reputation as one of the last conservative higher education institutions in America; however, that notoriety is quickly dissipating,” added Dallmeyer.

And speaking of science and politics: fake research for political aims? Neo – “Once hydroxychloroquine was touted by Trump as a possible tool against COVID, the drug’s days were numbered. Is it any wonder that a major study came out against it, and now there’s growing evidence that the study may have been fudged or at least very sloppy?”

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media nonscandals show results. again

Michael Fumento: Time To Show The Better Angels Of Our Nature With Coronavirus – “Those prior pandemics without panic caused no recessions, much less the possibility of a worldwide depression.”

“Those people stayed cool notwithstanding that flu vaccines didn’t exist, and therefore no hope of making one. There were no pneumonia vaccines, no antibiotics for secondary infections, no antivirals, no ventilators, and intravenous feeding tubes didn’t really catch on until the late 20th century.

we still have time to rise to the occasion, to show sanity and sobriety. To reveal what The Great Emancipator called “the better angels of our nature.”

Hydroxychloroquine, Me, and the Great Divide By Richard Moss, MD – “Then something happened to this wonder drug. From savior of the multitudes, redeemer and benefactor of hundreds of millions, it transformed into something else: a purveyor of doom, despair, and unspeakable carnage.”

“HCQ is only another bellwether. It represents the latest nonevent in a long string of fabricated media nonscandals. If a nation can be divided over HCQ it can be divided over anything. It shows neatly, as many of the other non-issues did, whether one embraces the U.S., our history, culture, and constitutional system, or rejects it. Whether one believes in Americanism or despises it. It is part of the ongoing civil war, thus far cold, but who knows? The passions today are no less jarring than they were in 1860. One would have thought that a man taking a medicine prescribed by his physician, even a President, would be a private matter. But no. Not today.

We swim in an ocean of manufactured disinformation created by a radical COVID media, our fifth column.

The riots are not about the police By Jacob Dreizin – “Judging by extensive photo and video documentation from the scene, the looters and arsonists in Minnesota were up to one half white, largely of the (forgive the crude expression) “scrawny commie stoner” variety.” … “The majority of these young people, of all races, seem to be having a good time.”

Nolte: The Science Turns Against America’s Mask Fascists – “The only real way to catch the China Flu is to hang out with someone infectious for a protracted period of time, so it’s unlikely you will catch it walking along somewhere, like a store or sidewalk.”

“If you believe a mask will protect you, go ahead and wear a mask. But what do you care if someone else is wearing one or not? As long as you’re wearing one what does it matter? Why can’t we just leave each other alone?

And the Atlanta CNN building became a target for the rioters.

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The red pill is a bitter one to swallow for many

Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: Zuckerberg Is Right—Facebook Isn’t the News Hall Monitor for Stupid People – The notion that we are all just automatons dancing to the whims of Facebook and Twitter is patently ridiculous, but that’s what the various thought and speech police would like everyone to believe.”

“We are now being plagued by the leftist notion that everything can be controlled from the top down. They truly believe that if Twitter and Facebook just police their users’ content properly, they can protect gullible people from wrong information, whether it’s unintentionally or intentionally wrong.

This theory completely discounts the fact that stupid people will always be stupid. No amount of nanny policy from Facebook or Twitter can fix that. Zuckerberg seems to be finally getting that. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey doesn’t, and probably never will. The leftist approach will always be one of central control. They diminish and discount the worth and power of the individual, but a little faith in the people is what is needed here, and that’s something else that Zuckerberg seems to be getting these days:

Peter L. Swan: Run the Numbers, Survey the Folly – “Hence, like Norway, the evidence from Taiwan and the US does not indicate that lockdown is either necessary or is more effective than voluntary social distancing in combination with protecting the vulnerable, in reducing COVID-19 morbidity.”

Tyler Durden: Lancet Study That Caused WHO To Drop Hydroxychloroquine Trials Falls Under Scrutiny – not only missing the key ingredient but also with shady data issues – i.e. bad science used to formulate policy.

Joseph Klein: WH Press Secretary McEnany Shows Up Establishment Media – “Chris Wallace responds with ad hominem attacks.” It’s what you do when you chose the blue pill.

“Many White House correspondents, past and present, believe they are members of a privileged class. They demand the right to throw mud at the president and his spokespersons with loaded, gotcha questions but insist on absolute immunity from being questioned or criticized themselves. Chris Wallace, now an anchor for Fox News, is an alumnus of the White House press corps. He was NBC’s White House correspondent between 1975 and 1988. Wallace exhibited the hubris of his exclusive club during his Sunday morning show on May 24th when he went after White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. McEnany had dared to challenge the professionalism of the so-called “journalists” present in the White House briefing room. Wallace was dismayed.

The White House correspondents are not used to being reminded of the ethical responsibilities of their profession.

Chris Wallace needs to look in the mirror. So do the present members of the White House Correspondents Association.

Katie Pavlich: School in Session: McEnany Reminds the Media That Registered Voters in Many States Are Also Dead – “explained to reporters, with slides, detailed data and news stories, that voter fraud as a result of mass vote-by-mail schemes is in fact a real problem.” … “She also explained the difference between absentee voting and a mass mail-in voting system.”

neo: What’s going on with Judge Sullivan? [Part III] – “I believe that’s still operating with Sullivan right now. His actions since Barr’s DOJ pulled out of the case have been so outlandish, so egregious, so obviously incorrect in legal terms, that I think he has indeed reached Captain Ahab levels.”

neo: COVID-19 research: the press interprets – another cruise ship study where 80% asymptomatic could either foretell doom or be seen as indicating reduced risk. Guess which take the media uses?

Bruce Deitrick Price: K–12: Elon Musk Says Take the Red Pill – a new meme in town. Price explains and uses education as an example.

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It’s a stacked deck but there’s splashback this time

Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: Trump’s Twitter Trolling Is the Greatest Entertainment in America – “What Trump has managed to do with Twitter is counter the narrative advantage that the mainstream media always had and used against Republican presidents.”

“On Tuesday Twitter did get combative with the president when it did a fact check and red-flagged a couple of Trump’s tweets about vote-by-mail and voter fraud. The platform has never been shy about its liberal bias, but it is usually a little more coy than this. Pretending that there is no connection between vote-by-mail and fraud is a fairy tale straight from the Democratic National Committee.

I’ve said it before: if President Trump would spend most of his day taking swings at liberals on Twitter I might cancel all of my streaming services. Watching him get out in front of stories or counter-punch false narratives never fails to delight. I have two Tweetdeck columns dealing with various media accounts and it’s so much fun watching them fall apart after one of the president’s deliberate troll tweets.

Thank God Trump isn’t the kind of guy who lets anyone talk him out of anything. I’m sure every constipated establishment adviser he’s had has told him to lay off Twitter, even though it’s one of his greatest weapons in the battle against the ever-biased press.

Tyler Durden: Election Meddling? Rule-Enforcing Twitter Execs Under Fire For Anti-Trump Postings – “Shortly after Twitter announced it would start “fact-checking” President Trump’s tweets, yet more evidence has been exposed of the blatant anti-Trump bias at the most senior levels of the social media giant.” … “It is that lack of a consistent standard that has magnified free speech concerns.”

“As Summit News’ Paul Joseph Watson notes, Roth has been head of site integrity at Twitter since July 2018 and is responsible for “election security” and “misinformation,” meaning he almost certainly played a key role in the decision to ‘fact-check’ Trump’s tweets.

In the meantime, We await Twitter ‘fact-checking’ false claims about ‘Russian collusion’ or any other of the erroneous issues pushed by the blue check mark brigade that have proven to be spectacularly wrong.

Mark Hemingway: Media’s Unpunished Lies Hurt The Nation Far Worse Than Trump’s Indefensible Tweets – “The grim joke of the 20th century was that one death is a tragedy, 1 million is a statistic. Well, in the 21st century age of information warfare, one man’s libel is an outrage. When thousands do it, we call that ‘the news.‘” … “When Trump is singled out for his outrageous comments, while Joe Biden gets portrayed as an avuncular goofball for decades of horrifying behavior, it starts to make sense why Trump voters can’t be bothered to care.” … “The president getting a hall pass isn’t going to outrage anyone on Team Trump when you consider how social media platforms are generally perceived as having policies that are inconsistent, unfair, and cavalier about censorship.”

“With Trump’s election, there was drastic and, yes, problematic unburdening of this strategic disadvantage public virtue presented. The quote that’s been in vogue on the right hails from sci-fi writer Frank Herbert: “When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am stronger than you, I take away your freedom because that is according to my principles.” At the same time, there’s little doubt the left consciously weaponized this insight long before Trump — see Saul Alinsky’s command to “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

Even with Trump in the White House, there’s a not unreasonable perception that the media and other institutions ultimately have more power and influence and will outlast him. They continue to seek the safety of the herd, portraying their own inexcusable and vicious attacks on the portion of America that doesn’t share their center-left worldview as the product of reasonable consensus.

There’s a large complicated dynamic here, the problems are systemic, and we didn’t arrive at a situation where the leader of the free world could or would say these things out of the blue. If your first impulse is that you are not part of this problem, well, you most certainly are — even if it’s a result of what you’ve passively tolerated.

Trump merely exposed existing contradictions, where the decorum and civility of official Washington had already become fig leaves for wielding power in a way that ran roughshod over the desires of “deplorable” and “irredeemable” citizens. Until we all change our own behavior and treat each other with respect regardless of our disagreements, we’re going to continue to get the nasty discourse we deserve, regardless of who’s president or how much the media feels entitled to complain about their rhetoric.

I & I Editorial Board: From Speech To Consumer Choice, Democrats Believe Everything Must Be Policed – “The political left is driven by an urge to supervise every aspect of our lives. It’s a corrosive impulse that shouldn’t be accepted anywhere in a free nation, let alone practiced. The backlash needs to begin now. If not, our liberty will eventually be overrun.” … “Nothing in recent times illustrates the left’s inclination to control as does its response to the coronavirus pandemic.”

“Naturally, those who would make the rules would be exempt from them. The inconsistencies and hypocrisy don’t matter, though, to those in control. Neither does the loss of liberty. Only if we’re vigilant, and more so than we’ve been, will we be able to limit the damage and have any hope of restoring that which has been lost.

It’s not just in the U.S. France revokes decree authorising use of hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid-19 – An inexpensive drug in common use for fifty years is micromanaged by politicians for ideological reasons using ‘in the weeds’ rationalizations.

Anthony Leonardi: Kathy Griffin: Stabbing Trump with syringe containing ‘nothing but air inside’ would ‘do the trick’ – “The Washington Examiner also asked Twitter if she breached the platform’s violent threats policy. A representative said the company will “look into” the tweets.” Ugly, proud of it, and lauded by the Left.

Bruce Bawer: An Open Letter to the D.C. Right – “You’ve shrugged off Obama’s culpability. And in doing so, you’ve set yourself against liberty and justice. The scales have fallen from my eyes, and the sight before me is a sorry thing indeed.”

“For a long while, I thought you were the good guys. You talked about individual liberty. Some of you identified as conservatives, others as libertarians, still others as classical liberals. None of you are outright leftists.

Then Donald Trump came along. He spoke of liberty and of putting America First.

Your public rage at him—and his supporters—was instantaneous. It was visceral, full-throated, and constant.

I didn’t remember any of you getting that worked up about Barack Obama. Ever.

You knew—somehow all of you could tell instinctively—that when Trump talked about liberty, he meant it. … But you? However much you talked about liberty, at bottom you weren’t really about liberty at all—at least not the individual liberty of ordinary Americans.

In recent days, I’ve reached an apotheosis. It was triggered by a thread on one of your Facebook pages.

Victor Davis Hanson: The Remains of an Administration – “Each day that the Obama administration fades into the past, its wrongdoings manage to wander back into the present. After years of suppression, all sorts of strange events keep popping up to remind us of what little is left of the Obama years” [follow on at nagware National Review]

Mark Kramer: Lessons From Operation “Denver,” the KGB’s Massive AIDS Disinformation Campaign – “Historian Douglas Selvage sheds light on a conspiracy theory that reverberates to this day.” As Stephen Green notes at Instapundit, “This is a fascinating read, and Communist China’s similar propaganda effort on the Wuhan Virus just goes to show that commies never change.” The problem is that Kramer succumbs to the ‘both sides do it’ fallacy and falls prey to distorted perceptions and questionable assertions to do so.

Nicholas Stark: I’m a doctor in a family of COVID deniers – borrowing the climate alarmists narrative for those who don’t see the light … “Most of my colleagues on the frontlines have nominal contact with individuals on this end of the sociopolitical spectrum. When they call home, they are met with affirmations, and their thoughtful cautions are received in earnest.”

“I am the only physician in a family of farmers. As I witness the pandemic’s devastating health consequences from the frontlines, I feel a fundamental responsibility to share my experience and advice with my loved ones to keep them safe. However, I find myself battling COVID-denial propaganda at every turn. Even my years of medical training have not endowed me with the credibility necessary to break down the sociopolitical barriers that separate my family and me on this life-and-death issue.

Perhaps it is time to set aside the hubris and start listening to the farmers? Death and disease in the cold hard world trains them with a knowledge and experience that puts a premium on intellectual integrity. Perhaps they are also telling you that the medical profession is following academia and the flyover media into a hellhole of disrespect and suspicion. Calling people “deniers” is indicative ad hominem. Try to move toward accepting others as equals rather than inferior.

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Vile American Media

I & I Editorial Board: Trump Is Winning His Standoff With The Press – “Over the past few months, the press has attacked Trump for being too optimistic, for being too abrasive, for taking medications they don’t approve of. They attacked Trump for being a wannabe dictator, and for being too deferential to states. They alleged that Trump wants to “normalize” coronavirus deaths. They speculated that Trump is alienating seniors.” … “No wonder the public’s trust in the media is below that of snake oil salesmen.

Andrea Widburg: If you want to see a microcosm of our vile American media, this is it. – “What Business Insider is doing isn’t reporting. It’s not concerned with facts. It is, instead, deeply concerned with crafting a narrative that makes people frightened of the Republican governors’ more freedom-oriented policies. The irony, of course, is that it is the Democrat governors, with their decisions to lock up healthy, young people, and expose older, sicker people to the Wuhan virus, who have blood on their hands. Mainstream media consumers, though, will have a hard time learning those particular facts.

John Hinderaker: Ron DeSantis Has Had Enough – “When Florida reopened for business ahead of most other states, DeSantis was hit with a barrage of criticism from left-wing journalists, who among other things alleged that Florida was conducting an experiment in “human sacrifice.” As usual, the journalists were wrong.

Nikola Tesla: “Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.

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If it weren’t for double standards …

Joel B. Pollak: Obama Had No State Department Inspector General for More than Four Years – yet “President Donald Trump is being criticized by his opponents after firing State Department Inspector General Steve Linick on Friday night. Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) called it a “threat to accountable democracy.” … “Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) noted the Democrats’ hypocrisy in a statement Saturday, while still calling upon President Trump to submit a written explanation of the firing to Congress

“Curiously, the four-year vacancy under Obama coincided with Hillary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State, which was marred by controversy — including her use of a private email server as the Clinton Foundation continued to collect donations from abroad.

When Republicans raised questions about the vacancy, their concerns were dismissed. The Obama administration and Clinton herself defended the performance of the acting inspector general.

Roger Kimball: John Brennan and the Plot to Subvert an American Election – “Tyranny is always more palatable when swaddled in the conviction of its own virtue.”

“Guess what happened to John Brennan for spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee?

How about starting the bogus investigation into fictional “collusion” or “coordination” between the Russians and the campaign, and then the administration, of Donald Trump? How about that?

Think about how odd this situation is. Several writers have compiled timelines of the investigation.

“Obama said he wants to be sure that . . . we are mindful to ascertain if there is any reason that we cannot share information fully as it relates to Russia.”

Again: The outgoing president tells his senior intelligence staff to think about whether to tell the incoming administration the truth about a major national security issue.

Mollie Hemingway is right: what we are coming to see is “not just a typical battle between political foes, nor merely an example of media bias against political enemies. Instead, this entire operation was a deliberate and direct attack on the foundation of American governance.” That’s why I have repeatedly called it “the biggest political scandal in our nation’s history.” It was an effort to overturn the results of an election by stealth.

I am uncertain to what extent the chief actors in this malignant farce understand the extent of their culpability. I hope that Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham will be on hand to enlighten them. This must never be allowed to happen again.

Clarice Feldman: Mitigating Tyranny: Lockdowns and Flynn – “Almost 200 hundred years ago the genius Alexis De Tocqueville observed how the distribution of power and law enforcement mitigated tyranny in the United States.”

“For reasons not based on science, but on fearmongering by the press and autocratic leanings of some governors (for the most part, Democratic Governors Cuomo, Newsom, Whitmer, Evers, Northam, and Inslee) draconian lockdown measures were instituted by executive order. These orders were often backed up by health commissioners, themselves ill-equipped by education or experience to offer sound advice. The consequences of these actions have been to jeopardize the health of the poorest and most vulnerable and destroy the livelihoods of those not able to work from home or on academic and government payrolls. At the same time, they released from prison some really hardcore prisoners, ostensibly to protect them from the virus. In sum, they have most harmed the members of the very lowest tranches of the economy, which they have always claimed to represent. The rebellion against the orders by affected citizens and courts continues.

Alderman: Mayor’s Office Bans Parking On Ravenswood Streets Near Church That Plans To Hold Sunday Services – “The police called me to inform us that they were asked by the mayor to put up the signs. It is completely ridiculous,” Cimpean said in the statement. “The mayor is inciting hate against the church which is very sad. A lot of our members risked their lives to escape Communism, only to find it germinating in 2020 under mayor Lightfoot in Chicago.

Stephen Kruiser: And By the Way, Obamagate Is Real and It’s Spectacular – “The American mainstream media has expended great effort in the past two weeks to convince people that the scandal now known as Obamagate is either a diversion or a conspiracy theory, neither of which is true.

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The people who obey without thinking

Tyler Durden: It Wasn’t The “Virus” That Crashed The Economy, It Was The People Who Obeyed – “Most human beings still think like slaves. Instead of asking questions or using critical thinking skills to ask if something is right before doing it, they simply obey perceived “authority”. The truth is, this lockdown is the fault of everyone who complied and everyone who used forced to exact revenge on those who disobeyed. It was the same in all tyrannical takeovers in history.

“Mainstream media outlets are still trying desperately to spin the narrative and fault the “invisible enemy” for the very real toll on human life the government’s overreaction has already caused. This is nothing more than propaganda, and once you pick it up, you’ll be able to see it.

The primary threat to freedom and justice is not greed, or hatred, or any of the other emotions or human flaws usually blamed for such things. Instead, it is one ubiquitous superstition that infects the minds of people of all races, religions, and nationalities, which deceives decent, well-intentioned people into supporting and advocating violence and oppression. Even without making human beings one bit more wise or virtuous, removing that one superstition would remove the vast majority of injustice and suffering from the world.

Instead of just blindly obeying the commands, think about it and ask if what you are doing is right. Do you have the moral right to take the rights of others? Applying even the most minimal amount of critical thinking to something can usually get people to what is right. But you have to do be willing to take a look at yourself, and correct your mistakes yourself, and take responsibility for your own actions. Which is exactly why most Americans won’t. Blaming a virus and blindly obeying the ruling class and it’s foot soldiers is much easier than critical thinking.

Eileen F. Toplansky: The Coronavirus Fifth Column – “As left-wing Democrat-controlled states continue to keep people in lockdown, it is becoming apparent that they are using the pandemic as a means to gain ultimate control of people’s lives. … In fact, leftists the world over are exploiting the pandemic in order to create their alleged utopias.

John R. Lott, Jr.: The US is Dramatically Overcounting Coronavirus Deaths – “Over 86,500 people have reportedly died in the United States from the Coronavirus, and the fear generated by those deaths is driving the public policy debate.” … “Relying on these flawed numbers is destroying businesses and jobs and costing lives.” ‘With’ or ‘of’ the virus makes a difference. Incentives matter as well. “It is hard to believe that we are basing such crucial decisions on such flawed data.

Scott Johnson: Coronavirus in one state (41) – “If I were following the progress of the disease in Minnesota for the metropolitan daily newspaper that dominates the state, I would have a big story on the limited risk of fatality among healthy citizens. I would also want to highlight the subpopulations at risk of death on account of serious underlying medical conditions. … Unfortunately, that is not the way it is going down at the Star Tribune.

Matt Margolis: Reporters Ask Kayleigh McEnany About The National Stockpile, Her Responses Were Epic – “She’s regularly demonstrated her ability to handle the media’s gotcha questions and throw them right back in their faces.

Tyler Durden: Understanding The Mueller Lies About Michael Flynn – “Michael Flynn did not do a damn thing wrong in that conversation and the notes from FBI agents Strzok and Pientka, which Sidney Powell finally pried loose after more than two years of the prosecutors hiding exculpatory evidence, do not support the Statement of Offense.

Editorial of The New York Sun: Judge Sullivan Ignores Shocking Record of False Guilty Pleas – “We may be slow, we often say, but then again, too, we didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.

Daniel John Sobieski: Flynn Judge Ignores Supreme Court and the Constitution – “Prosecutors dropping a case in the face of overwhelming exculpatory evidence does not damage the justice system — hiding exculpatory evidence pointing to a defendant’s innocence does, as does one administration conspiring to entrap and frame a defendant chosen to work in a subsequent incoming administration.

Scott Johnson: Obamagate explained – “This is Watergate times 10 or 100 or 1000. It is the greatest scandal in American political history by far. Richard Nixon never had it so good. Not even close.” McEnany explains.

Tyler Durden: Nevada: The Real ‘Golden’ State – “Today’s infographic from Corvus Gold showcases why Nevada may have a better case for deserving California’s nickname of the “Golden State”: we look at the state’s gold production, exploration potential, and even its rich history.”

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