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Badly served

Thomas Lifson: Jason Riley’s False Black Power published today – “Riley believes that America’s African-American community has been badly served by the emphasis on achieving political power as a means to advance. Much more important, in his view, are the “skills, habits, and values” (p.43) that are necessary to personal ambition and achievement.” Political power is process. Skills, habits, and values are product.

It is not a message that will be received eagerly by nearly all of the political class that believes itself to represent black political interests. They are invested deeply in the victimology narrative in which all the troubles of blacks are attributable to white racism.

What makes this book shine is the clarity of its logic and accessibility of its writing style.

This is a dangerous book for Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Keith Ellison. I have a genuine question over how many blacks will be among its readership. It is deeply subversive, so ought to have considerable appeal. Then fact that it is available for 6 bucks on Kindle ought to encourage them to give it a try. All that is necessary is for Jesse J to denounce it in the harshest terms.

SCOTUS also hit the news with several decisions. It was 9-0 to strike down the appellate courts efforts to elevate campaign rhetoric to legally binding status. That unanimity, it appears, required carving a hole for those with relationships in the U.S. This exception received the objection of three justices but does highlight the issue of jurisdiction of the courts. It will be argued down the road.

Another case ruled 7-2 that active discrimination against religious schools is improper. Gorsuch wrote: “The general principles here do not permit discrimination against religious exercise — whether on the playground or anywhere else.”

A decision not to hear a 2nd amendment case upheld the idea that a state can deny a concealed carry permit unless convinced there is an extraordinary need for self defense. That guts the right.

Mark Perry on Seattle’s $15 minimum wage studies – “In an important article in the Seattle Weekly, Daniel Person summarizes the situation in Seattle pretty well in the title of his exposé “The City Knew the Bad Minimum Wage Report Was Coming Out, So It Called Up Berkeley,”

There’s an old joke that economics is the only field where two people can win the Nobel Prize for saying the exact opposite thing. However, by all appearances these two takeaways on Seattle’s historic minimum wage law are not a symptom of the vagaries of a social science but an object lesson in how quickly data can get weaponized in political debates like Seattle’s minimum wage fight. In short, the Mayor’s Office knew the unflattering UW report was coming out, and reached out to other researchers to kick the tires on what threatened to be a damaging report to a central achievement of Ed Murray’s tenure as mayor.

if Seattle’s risky experiment with a $15 an hour minimum wage represents the “canary in the coal mine” for cities around the country that want to increase their minimum wages to $15 an hour, those cities may want to hold off for a few years to get a final count of the “dead canaries” in Seattle before proceeding.

Walter Olson has more on the NBER: Seattle minimum wage hike hurt low-wage workers

When Seattle’s City Hall got word the adverse study was coming from members of its own research team, it quickly commissioned a pro-labor group at Berkeley to do a counter-study looking at restaurants and concluding that everything was peachy keen [Seattle Weekly] “Does City Hall really want to know the consequences, or does it want to put blinders on and pat itself on the back?” [Seattle Times editorial]

One other takeaway from the NBER: the low-wage-earner losses weren’t in restaurant jobs, which are far less mobile. Few Seattle city residents will switch to suburban eateries for everyday dining, even in response to relative shifts in cost or quality. But many blue-collar and clerical jobs can migrate to suburbs or locations farther away than that. In short, beware of restaurant-sector-only studies of local minimum wage effects, which will typically understate damage to hours worked.

This gets to the core of much modern ‘debate’ as it isn’t about reality but about finding something, anything, to try to squish reality into ideological fantasies. Fundamental implications are often ignored, obfuscated, or bypassed. In this case, the real question is where the money is going to come from in order to raise the minimum wage.

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It’s not just a recipe nor is it just the price tag

Roger Kimball: Process vs. Product: Why the Dems Keep Losing – Dowd: “The Republicans have a wildly unpopular, unstable and untruthful president.” Really?

But what Rahm, Tim Ryan, Maureen Dowd, and the other anti-Trump Wise Hats don’t see is that the fundamental issue is not “motivating the base,” running a slicker campaign, and figuring out how to the game the polls, the focus groups, and the public’s credulity. The central issue is solving the problems that people have in their everyday lives. Pace Maureen Dowd, Trump is actually doing that. Sure, everyone she “hangs with hates Trump.” But even as she screams about how “pathetic” and “nuts” Trump is, his administration is moving ahead on the issues that actually matter to people, from immigration and jobs to taxes, health care, and national security.

The Democrats believe that process, sufficiently leavened by the emotion of virtue, is enough to win power. Trump has understood that product matters more than process and that professions of virtue are hollow when unsupported by results.

The Coyote hits the same point in another area. AP Writes Over 1300 Words on the Loss Of Summer Jobs for Teens, Never Mentions Minimum Wage – “it put 100% emphasis on pay as the only reward for work, while giving no credit for things like gaining valuable experience and skills.” Again, the left is all about process and seems completely oblivious to the intangibles, except as words. These intangibles include political product, identity, and customer pride of purchase among other things.

Glenn Reynolds: Advanced Petard-Hoistment, Dems/Russia Edition

Focus turns to Obama role. “Months of harping on President Trump’s purported ties to Russia may end up backfiring on Democrats as the White House turns the focus to former President Barack Obama’s failure to address Russian hacking, operatives from both sides said.”

Related: Adriana Cohen: Time To Investigate Democrats’ Russia Behavior.

Reynolds also cites Byron York: On Russia, a senator’s deception, and a timeline of Trump frustration. – “York has put everything in one place, so read the whole thing.” concur.

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cockamamie theorizing

David Keene: Why the FBI is hard to trust – “The Federal Bureau of Investigation claims to be above politics, but that’s not so.” Another example about why policing must be local.

At one end of the spectrum there are folks who actually believe Democrats would like to kill Republicans. These are people who perhaps take the over the top rhetoric of actors, actresses, comedians and “resistance” leaders more seriously than they should, but at the other end are people like those who occupy top posts at the FBI who will go to any lengths to excuse a man who traveled from Illinois, practiced his marksmanship, studied his targets and open fired on them. He didn’t break. He prepared for and launched a pre-meditated attack on federal officeholders.

Firing Mr. Comey was a good first step, but only a first step if the FBI is to be transformed into the first-rate crime fighting organization it professes to be rather the laughingstock it has become.

Cristina Laila: Grassley Slams Schumer For Lying: He Knew Trump Wasn’t Under Investigation Yet He Publicly Claimed Otherwise (VIDEO) – “Senator Grassley showed his disgust for the Democrat party, the fake news media and James Comey for continuing to mislead the public about President Trump being under investigation.” There needs to be more of this and it needs to match the enthusiasm of the source.

Andrew C. McCarthy: The Antithesis of Obstruction – “Trump did not obstruct a valid FBI investigation; he demanded the exposure of a false one.”

The “collusion” narrative was a fraud, plain and simple. We know that now. Hopefully, it won’t take another six months to grasp a second plain and simple truth: Collusion’s successor, the “obstruction” narrative, is a perversion.

The essence of obstruction is to frustrate the search for truth. Its antithesis is to demand the exposure of fraud. Donald Trump’s political enemies are trying to build an obstruction case on the antithesis of obstruction: the president’s insistence that the collusion fraud be exposed.

Over a period of weeks, Trump came to understand what was being done to him. His exasperation was evident in his every bull-in-a-china-shop turn. An ardently pro-law-enforcement candidate, he came to office believing the FBI was in the fraud-exposure business. He thus could not comprehend why then–FBI director James Comey would not assure the public of what Comey was privately assuring both the president and the public’s representatives in Congress, namely: The notion that the president was a suspect was false. Implicitly, the narrative that Trump had colluded with Putin to steal the election was false.

To be clear, the Russia investigation is not a fraud. The Trump collusion narrative is. Russia did try to interfere in our election, as it always does.

An FBI investigation is supposed to be a search for the truth, undertaken for the benefit of the public, which the bureau and the government serve. That is why the corrupt obstruction of such an investigation is a crime. But if the investigation has the effect of deceiving the public, and that effect is caused by such irregularities as misleading leaks and public statements by government officials, that is never in the public interest.

It is not obstruction to expose a false narrative.

CFP: What Ossoff did to Handel in Georgia-6 is “unforgivable” – but it’s the same thing they are doing to Senator Heller in Nevada. It’s giving fake news, libel, and propaganda a bad name.

Let me be very clear about what Ossoff did with those breast cancer ads: he accused Handel of murdering cancer patients. This sort of false accusation is what pumps up lunatics to shoot congressmen, and Ossoff should be severely called out for stooping to this dangerous sleaze. He probably learned the tactic from his mentor, Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), who conducted a similar hate-incitement campaign years ago when he compared his own constituents to murderous Klansmen if they dared to vote for a moderate white Republican over a black Democrat.


Roger Simon says it’s a plague. But some are resisting infection …

Monica Showalter: What does ‘COVFEFE’ mean? Try rising military morale – There’s a level of communications that many don’t (or won’t) get. The President does.

Now the howitzers say ‘COVFEFE.’ You don’t put a signature typo of a commander in chief on a howitzer unless you really enjoy it. Imagine the satisfaction of a U.S. soldier hitting a cave full of terrorists coming from a weapon with that on it. This has to mean there’s been a turnaround.

The military is enjoying its capacity to win victories with its newly decorated howitzer barrels. It’s a sign it’s now going to be allowed to win some – and it’s going to win.

They joined to go get the bad guys. 

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A rickety resistance and who is going to pay the bill?

Jennifer Harper: Democrats deal with a rickety ‘resistance’ – “The Democratic Party is still flailing against the dominant political force in America, which is President Trump, his administration and the millions of voters who stood up to be counted in 2016.”

It’s normal for the losing party to have an identity crisis, and the protocols are always the same: The suffering party conducts an internal “autopsy,” issues mea culpas, vows to find practical answers, trots out a few new slogans, then schedules a retreat to the mountains or seaside, ostensibly for soul-searching. And maybe cocktails.

The Democrats have not reached this stage yet, however. They continue to call for “resistance” from loyal members,

“Trump resistance will never be a tea party for Democrats,” says Taylor Budowich, executive director of the Tea Party Express, a political action committee founded in 2009 when the historic grass-roots movement grabbed headlines, then surprise victories in the 2010 midterm elections.

“The difference between the two movements is simple: the tea party’s message captured voters the Republican Party failed to reach. The resistance merely re-organized those Clinton voters who have yet to accept Trump’s victory and cling to the ‘Not My President’ hashtag. That’s not the formula for a political revolution, it’s just sour grapes,” Mr. Budowich writes in a USA Today op-ed.

Jazz Shaw: The decline and fall of Obamacare and the AHCA – “There’s an old maxim in American politics which tells us that any entitlement program or other initiative which gives away goodies to the public, once in place, is pretty much there forever.” Nevada chose the other people’s money route when it signed on to Obamacare and now its Senator is under extreme pressure to try to keep it going.

So what’s the only solution left to keep delivering bread and circuses to the masses? Probably a completely top-down, socialist single payer program, which will rapidly bankrupt the entire system. (California is already finding that out the hard way.) You can expect to eventually see some Republicans going along with that line of thinking too, believe it or not. It’s that or the aforementioned head-in-the-oven scenario.

Jeff Dunetz notes one source of the ‘bread and circuses’ problem that is quite evident in the assault on Senator Heller. Dems say goodbye to truce, use inflammatory rhetoric against GOP healthcare – “as soon as Senate Republicans introduced their draft healthcare bill, Democrats forgot all about the “era of good feelings” and began to use inflammatory rhetoric to fight against the GOP and their legislation.”

Understand that as Americans these Democratic Party politicians have every right to disagree with the GOP healthcare bill. In fact there are Republicans in congress who also disagree with the bill. However, as leaders of the federal government they have a obligation to lead, not divide. If one believes the rich are helped more than the poor, it’s not a transfer of wealth (it’s really not), but it’s a disagreement over priorities.

It’s legitimate to state one’s worry that enough people will be covered under the Republican plan, but claiming the GOP bill “will literally cost American lives” is the kind of rhetoric that led to the Scalise shooting. And no one in congress wants to see that happen again.

Victor Joecks: Sandoval’s opposition drives Heller away from Obamacare repeal – Nevada’s Californication proceeds.

“If you want my support (on repealing Obamacare) … you better make sure that the Republican governors that have expanded Medicaid sign off on it,” Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., said Friday. “I’ve been saying that for months. … Where is Governor Sandoval? What does he think?”

“As a result of [expanding Medicaid] we’ve added 210,000 Nevadans and allowed them to access health care,” Sandoval said. “These are our friends. These are our families. These are our neighbors.”

Currently, the federal government pays 90 percent of the costs of those recipients. Under the Senate version of AHCA, the federal government’s reimbursement rates would gradually decrease to 65 percent by 2024, and Nevada would cover the rest.

Sandoval is fighting all right — for someone else to pay the medical bills racked up by the “free” care used by “the Nevada family.” Sandoval wants the political credit for expanding freebies, but he doesn’t want to be bothered to have to persuade Nevadans to pay for it. Talk about wanting to have it both ways.

Those with the vile, dishonest, and disgusting allegations and assertions about political opponents should consider Venezuela as an example of where their rhetoric and inability to accept the costs of their desires will lead. It’s going to be tough election for people like Dean Heller as the bullying, abuse, and slander that will be targeted at them looks to be awful.

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Sally Persons points out how the Democrats are still fixated on Russia. Jeh Johnson: Trump administration showing acceptance of Russian interference in U.S. elections – “Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Friday that the Trump administration’s reluctance to address the Russian interference shows acceptance of a foreign power meddling in U.S. elections.” What is coming to the sunlight, though, is that the Russians weren’t the issue in the election and that Trump is right. Again. IBD goes over the history: Did Votes By Noncitizens Cost Trump The 2016 Popular Vote? Sure Looks That Way – “Late in 2016, we created a stir by suggesting that Donald Trump was likely right when he claimed that millions of noncitizens had illegally voted in the U.S. election.”

Last November, just weeks after his Electoral College win that gave him the presidency, then President-elect Donald Trump tweeted, “In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.”

The reaction was angry and swift, with the left accusing him of being an “internet troll” and of hatching a “Twitter-born conspiracy theory.”

At the time, we noted that a group called True The Vote, an online anti-voter-fraud website, had claimed that illegals had cast three million votes last year. The media and left-wing groups immediately portrayed True The Vote as a fringe group with little credibility.

The only problem is, a study in 2014 in the online Electoral Studies Journal made a quite similar claim

The bombshell was this: “Noncitizen votes likely gave Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote needed to overcome filibusters in order to pass health care reform and other Obama administration priorities in the 111th Congress.”

It got little coverage in the mainstream media, and what coverage it did get was almost entirely dismissive.

Foreign governments harassing elections is a standard thing and there are protections in place for this. Political parties have also always done things to sway the vote, some proper and some not. It appears that the ‘some not’ has reached new levels in recent elections with the efforts to get out the vote from illegal aliens as well as the efforts to get voting rights for felons. Trying to whitewash hese improper efforts is why there is so much focus on the ‘Russians Did It’ conspiracy theorizing.

On other dishonesty, IBT says Critics Of The Senate Health Bill Aren’t Playing Fair – “As soon as the details emerged, critics of the Senate bill point to the various ways that it wasn’t as good as ObamaCare.”

These criticisms are all based on a false premise: That ObamaCare is sustainable in its current form.

It isn’t.

As industry expert Robert Laszewski writes, “There isn’t any such thing as a binary choice between keeping or replacing ObamaCare. The insurance exchanges are untenable in their current form.”

But whatever flaws are in this particular bill, or in whatever emerges in the end, the GOP has no choice but to repeal ObamaCare and try something new. And given the fact that ObamaCare is imploding, they can be much bolder in their reforms than they are being.

John Sexton: Ayaan Hirsi Ali on why Senators Kamala Harris and Claire McCaskill ignored her at last week’s hearing – “Perhaps Senators Heitkamp, Harris, Hassan and McCaskill are simply uninterested in sexism and misogyny. But obviously, given their outspoken support of critical women’s issues, such as the kidnapping of girls in Nigeria and campus sexual assault, that’s far from the case.”

No, what happened that day was emblematic of a deeply troubling trend among progressives when it comes to confronting the brutal reality of Islamist extremism and what it means for women in many Muslim communities here at home and around the world. When it comes to the pay gap, abortion access and workplace discrimination, progressives have much to say. But we’re still waiting for a march against honor killings, child marriages, polygamy, sex slavery or female genital mutilation…

There is a real discomfort among progressives on the left with calling out Islamic extremism.

Scott Johnson: Mueller’s empire – “President Trump is now in a death struggle with Robert Mueller and James Comey. That’s the conclusion I draw from former Assistant United States Attorney Andrew McCarthy’s gimlet-eyed American Greatness column “Mueller’s empire.”

Mueller’s appointment as Special Counsel by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein fundamentally violates the applicable regulation …

Therefore: “Mueller’s probe is the functional equivalent of a general warrant: a boundless writ to search for incriminating evidence. It is the very evil the Fourth Amendment was adopted to forbid: a scorch-the-earth investigation in the absence of probable cause that a crime has been committed.”

One reads McCarthy’s column with a deep sense of foreboding. To understand the legal component of Trump’s ordeal — to understand the nature of the train that is coming down the tracks toward Trump — McCarthy’s column is mandatory reading.

There is a war in front of us.

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Generals, Forgotten Wars, Fake Talking Points, and Gentrification Entrepreneurism

VDH: Trump and his generals – “Entrusting national security to military pros is a win for the country.”

Gens. Mattis, McMaster and Kelly must know that few other presidents would have taken the heat to entrust three military men to guide national security policy. And even if another president did, he might not empower them with anything like their president latitude.

In that regard, the three generals are beholden to Mr. Trump for a historic opportunity to shape America’s security posture in ways impossible during the last half-century.

On the other hand, Mr. Trump must recognize that such generals lend credibility to his role as commander in chief and signal that he is wise enough to value merit over politics.

At least for now, it is a win-win-win solution for Mr. Trump, the generals — and the country.

Janet Levy: The Forgotten War that Changed American History – a review of Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates (Sentinel, 2015) by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger. The Barbary Wars are about the founding of the U.S. Navy in response to piracy on the seas rationalized by Islamic extremism. Levy will get you started with a comprehensive over-view.

Ace found a Good Explanation of Why Tossoff Lost – “In short, they’re starting to realize the left has declared solemn war on them, and they’re waking up to that awful reality, and the inescapable consequences of it.” Could this be true?

Kareb Weise: Reno Is Starting to Look More Like Silicon Valley – “Run-the-robots jobs at Tesla’s Gigafactory and elsewhere are turning the city into a hipster haven.”

The telltale signs of gentrification in Reno are creeping in. Thousands throng to the weekly Food Truck Fridays near downtown, dudes play cornhole while sipping cold brew coffee at a cafe by the river, and a local bartender can’t quite keep track of the number of craft breweries. Kristen Jaskulski opened Sol, a Polynesian kava bar, a few months ago and says the business is hitting its stride. The hipster scene helps young workers imagine moving to Reno, and those who can land these new kinds of factory jobs tend to have cash to spend once they arrive.

Charles C. W. Cooke: FBI Report on Alexandria Quietly Debunks the Gun-Controllers’ Talking Points – “It is devastating to the idea that the gun-control measures presently coveted by the Democratic party would have done something to prevent the attack.” The story provides an example about why it is that an honest debate seems to be so difficult.

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Behavior matters. It cannot be ignored.

Kiera Butler: A Scientist Didn’t Disclose Important Data—and Let Everyone Believe a Popular Weedkiller Causes Cancer – “A World Health Organization group called RoundUp a “probable carcinogen,” but it didn’t have all the facts.”

RoundUp has long been considered a benign alternative to harsher weedkillers. After extensive reviews, most regulatory agencies—the US Environmental Protection Agency, the European Food Safety Authority, and those of many other nations—have come to the conclusion that it does not cause cancer. So when the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a division of the UN’s World Health Organization, declared RoundUp a probable carcinogen in 2015, there was an international outcry. Shortly after, 184 plaintiffs in California filed a legal case against Monsanto, saying that the company failed to warn them about the risks of its product. Since then, in a separate suit, hundreds more plaintiffs have claimed that RoundUp caused their cancers, citing the IARC’s findings as evidence.

So why on Earth would a scientist fail to mention his own work—and blithely let a powerful agency come to a conclusion that his own data suggested was wrong?

“This is a board of people whose job it is to assess evidence, so they should be able to do that before it’s published,” he said. “The broader issue is that they seem eager to have reached the conclusion that they reached.”

“Despite the existence of fresh data about glyphosate,” reported Reuters, the agency is “sticking with its findings.”

meanwhile, worries that IARC’s handling of this case will damage public perception of the group. “This is going to end up undermining people’s confidence in this agency’s ability to do this well,” he said. “They don’t seem interested in getting to the bottom of these things. These decisions seem based in politics.”

Sound familiar? How many fields of inquiry and prestigious scientific bodies have been corrupted by Left wing politics accompanied by trying to use lawfare to impose ideological fantasies? Consider the emoluments lawsuit with hundreds of Democrats signing on as another expression of this same tactic.

Sally Persons: Bipartisan call for Trump to cool tone – “As lawmakers search for a new tone in Washington, both Republicans and Democrats eyed President Trump as a necessary part of the solution Thursday, saying he has the power — and even the duty — to lead a change in the conversation.”

Rep. Mark Sanford, South Carolina Republican, said Mr. Trump was “partially” to blame for the hostile rhetoric that has consumed politics since the 2016 election, and which many analysts said helped set the stage for this week’s horrific baseball field attack on GOP lawmakers.

Rep. Joseph Crowley, who, as chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, is one of the party’s chief message-makers, also looked to Mr. Trump for reasons the political debate has become venomous.

The balance Mr. Crowley tried to strike is emblematic of the challenge faced by members of Congress. They represent a deeply divided country with fiercely held views and a tendency to look at the other side as “what has gone wrong” in national politics.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, said Republicans were being “sanctimonious” about the causes of the shooting, and demanded they accept part of the blame.

One Republican acknowledged his own contribution to inflaming the political debate in the aftermath of the shooting. Rep. Chris Collins of New York apologized for his remarks Wednesday blaming Democrats for the attack.

At the first level, it is the people who commit violence, who cannot control their anger, and are uncivil who need to be called out and condemned. At the second level, it is the people who condone, accept, or even praise misbehavior that need to be called out for their contribution supporting that misbehavior. At the third level is the people who try to ignore what they see because to do otherwise is uncomfortable.

The key item to note about this call on Trump is that it isn’t specific behavior but rather subjective perception – tone – that is being used as the stimulus. If clarification for that perception is demanded, then the logical fallacies and witch hunt is put on parade. This should be enough to make it very clear to any honest person that it isn’t Trump that needs to ‘cool it’ but rather those engaged in false witness and otherwise participating in trying to pretend reality is not what is in front our faces.

But some do notice, do describe what they see, and explain their perceptions.

Peggy Ryan: Americans Learning to Live with Treason – “We are watching, in real-time, a palace revolution, an overt effort to remove the president of the United States.”

Just as James Comey proudly admitted he leaked privileged communication to the press, so these insurgents brazenly brag that they want to harm the president, to impeach him, to overthrow our government. The American people seem shockingly oblivious to the looming danger.

How did we get here? Well, let’s give credit where credit’s due: the left has its ducks in a row. Leftists are carrying out a carefully planned, well executed plot to take control of our government.

Oh, it’s not soldiers bursting through the White House gates to forcefully remove the president, or, as the left says, not yet. No, they’re using a form of behavior therapy, systematic desensitization, to numb the American people to their insurgence.

These are just a few of the unacceptable transgressions by our corrupt leaders. Each time, outraged conservatives demand that the perpetrators be brought to justice. Each time, the press gaslights the American people with a media blackout, acts as though the incident never happened. Each time, the cabal rides out the news cycle until the story fades, and everyone’s home free.

Time and again, the deception, lawlessness, violation of the Constitution, or open act of sedition is met with disbelief.

Lies and fake news are the norm these days, the once unthinkable and now the expected. This cabal is a powerful alliance. If we don’t stop them, if we continue to allow this open treason, they’ll eventually reach their goal, and there will be no way back.

Ronald Reagan warned: “You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, ‘There is a price we will not pay.’ ‘There is a point beyond which they must not advance.'”

I pray he’s right. Their price is our freedom, their next stop tyranny. And they’re moving ever closer.

Daniel Greenfield says Impeach Trump’s Impeachers – “They’re dirty and crooked as hell.”

The rush to impeach President Trump is on by an opposition party that lacks the votes, evidence or legal basis for such a move. But since when did an illegal left-wing coup need any of those things?

No Dem has been more honest about the real motive for impeachment than Congressman Ted Lieu.

“We should not give him a chance to govern,” Lieu had declared after Trump had been in office for ten days. And he predicted that, “I do believe that if we win back the House of Representatives, impeachment proceedings will be started.”

That’s not how things work in the United States. But the left is running America like a banana republic.

John Sexton: Extremism experts are just starting to worry about the left now? – “My reaction: It’s about damn time.”

Somewhere in the middle of the article, Vice points out that violence is nothing new on the far left. In the 1960s groups like the Weather Underground ran domestic terror campaigns.

Earlier today the Daily Caller published a list of left-wing attacks on conservatives which contains 35 bullet points, all of them since last July.

And there seem to be plenty of people on the left spurring others on to this kind of violence. In January I wrote about a Black Lives Matter protester who gave a speech saying “we need to stark killing people.” Seven years ago, progressive cartoonist published a book whose premise was that violent revolution (by the left) was necessary. So, yes, I think it’s past time to start taking a hard look at left-wing violence and those who encourage it.

VDH is wondering Can a Divided America Survive? – “History has not been very kind to countries that enter a state of multicultural chaos.”

Either the United States will return to a shared single language and allegiance to a common and singular culture, or it will eventually descend into clannish violence.

America barely survived the Civil War of 1861–65, the Great Depression of 1929–39, and the rioting and protests of the 1960s. But today’s growing divides are additionally supercharged by instant Internet and social-media communications, 24/7 cable news, partisan media, and the denigration of America’s past traditions.

All Americans need to take a deep breath, step back, and rein in their anger — and find more ways to connect rather than divide themselves.

Steven Hayward has The Week in Pictures: Civil War Edition – “does the left really want open warfare in America? For all their talk of “fighting in the streets,” they might want to think how that would actually turn out.” Pictures emphasize the captions. Consider a few examples. “Seriously. Conservatives own 200+ million guns, 12 trillion rounds of ammo. If we were violent, you’d know it.” or “If Conservatives trust God, why do they need so many guns? Because they don’t trust Democrats.” or “Liberals think conservatives are violent because we own guns. When was the last time a group of conservatives blocked a freeway, turned over cop cars, rioted, looted, threw Molotov cocktails, burned buildings?” Many more. Go see.

Oh, and “What do we learn from cows, buffaloes & elephants? It’s impossible to reduce weight by eating green grass and salads and walking.”

For an example of the ‘ignore it in hopes it will go away school’ (level 3) is the Coyote and his new rules. He has always had a penchant for moral preening about standing above the fray where ‘both sides do it.’ His new rules proclaim “it has been a point of pride that I read from both sides. But these folks are all crazy, all the more so because they waste so many electrons arguing their side is sane and the other is crazy.” There is a difference between arguing and describing and a good part of critical reading is being able to make distinctions in the integrity and quality of the presentation. What the Coyote is doing is analogous to these protesters who actively seek to silence any opinion they don’t like. The method here is not to go after the dissenting voice but rather to self censor and avoid.

Daniel John Sobieski: The Democrats’ Deadly Rhetoric – “Bernie Sanders … and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi have spent the time since President Trump’s election yelling fire in the political theatre we call democracy, warning endlessly that people will die because of the Trump agenda, painting apocalyptic visions of planetary doom.”

But as former Arkansas Governor and 2016 GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has pointed out, in order to dial down the rhetoric, one must have a working moral thermostat. That the Democrats do not have. What they have is venomous anger stemming from Donald Trump’s theft of their inheritance, his cessation of their fundamental transformation of America. Donald Trump denied them the power to control every facet of our lives.

The day after the Scalise shooting and calling for unity on the House floor, Pelosi was back stirring the pot and, not looking in the mirror, took a shot at Fox News for inspiring the crazies

In one sense, Pelosi, Sanders and Jerry Brown are right that people will die because of GOP policies. Last Wednesday a group of Republican Congressmen almost did thanks to the hatred Democrats inspire.

Behavior matters. It cannot be ignored.

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Trying to pretend it isn’t there is getting rather difficult.

IBT: As Steve Scalise Shooting Shows, Left’s Rhetoric Of Anger And Hate Has Gotten Out Of Hand – “This is how Trump Derangement Syndrome looks. But, sadly, such talk is not at all unusual on the left. It’s what happens when a political movement eschews honest debate and instead begins violently fantasizing in public about the demise of its opposition in the starkest, most eliminationist terms possible.”

Washington Times: A shooting war on Republicans – “Trump Derangement Syndrome leads to an attempted assassination.” Reaping what you sow …

Millions of Democrats, disappointed with the results of the 2016 elections, have built their lives around despising the president. It isn’t healthy for the republic, it isn’t healthy for those afflicted and it won’t be healthy for those who die at the hands of assassins.

Though neither Mr. Sanders nor any other Democrat is responsible for the attack on the Republican congressmen, but they are responsible for creating the current partisan climate, where anything goes in the crusade to destroy a duly elected and duly qualified president of the United States. Trump Derangement Syndrome will destroy everything we all hold holy and priceless unless political passions can be brought under control. The hour is late.

Judson Phillips: Resist movement, violence are tearing America apart – “Antifa, others terrorizing America.”

Since the election of 2016, the left has gone crazy. Their version of the tea party is called Resistance, and the spearhead of that is a loosely formed terrorist group called Antifa. Antifa is short for Anti-Fascist. The irony of their name is not lost on those who actually know history, as their tactics are straight from the fascist playbook.

In the past few months, these groups have repeatedly disrupted peaceful pro-Trump rallies. They have called for and used violence against people who support the president or disagree with them and even against members of the media who will report things Antifa doesn’t want reported.

California and Hawaii have recently announced that they would sign agreements with other nations so they could join the Paris climate change accord. Liberal states have this amazing ability to find things in the U.S. Constitution that people haven’t been able to find for over 200 years, but they ignore the plain language of the document that organizes the United States of America.

Will Ricciardella: HuffPo Pulls Article Calling For ‘Ultimate Punishment’ Of Trump – “The Huffington Post pulled a piece calling for the “execution” of President Donald Trump published Saturday by contributor Jason Fuller.”

Cheryl K. Chumley: We don’t need gun control — we need Democrat control – “Never let a crisis go to waste, as the left’s loud Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel, always used to say.”

If nothing else, this horrific ballpark shooting, done at the hands of James T. Hodgkinson, a 66-year-old Illinois man with an anti-Trump Facebook page that touted his love for all-things-socialism, shows just how dangerous the Democratic all-courts-press for political wins has become.

But the fact is, there is blame that can be affixed here. There is one political party more than another that’s comfortable using violence as a form of acceptable political protest. And violence, thy name is Democratic.

The common denominator? These are all leftist-led upheavals and campaigns. These are all Democratic-progressive-socialist-anarchist fueled protests, gatherings, get-togethers.

These are all movements that involve leftists possessed of intense hatred for all-things-Trump, all-things-conservative.

Unity is good. Peace is even better. And living out a godly, biblical life, both on Capitol Hill and in the privacy of home, that convicts of the need to reach out and connect with those of differing views is most definitely the way to go. But let’s face facts here.

The timing of this shooting means something. It says something about our culture, our moral compass, our political realities. It’s indicative of something deeper, darker. Put together all these somethings and what’s left is the need for Democrats, party of the angry, to step up, step forward and get their messaging and political protesting under control. And they need to do it quickly, before any more innocent Americans get hurt.

Thomas Lifson: New York Times publishes despicable lies to soften its own culpability for left wing violence – Denial on parade.

What’s a newspaper to do when it ostentatiously refuses to cut funding for a high-profile play in Central Park depicting an obvious President Trump-themed Julius Caesar being assassinated, and then a left wing extremist attempts to assassinate a group of GOP congressmen?

The answer is obvious: lie!

The New York Times editorial today about the attempted assassination yesterday in Alexandria is one of the most despicable acts of the newspaper since its Russia correspondent Walter Duranty actively covered up Stalin’s crimes in deliberately starving Ukraine.

John Sexton: The Washington Post has suddenly forgotten how the ‘climate of hate’ works – “Today’s shooting of Republicans by a man with a long history of anti-Republican social media postings has created a cottage industry of Republicans blame Democrats pieces on the left.” But, no, both sides are not equally culpable and trying to pretend so is a denial of the facts in existance.

IBT: Democrats Trot Out Plan C In Their Never-Ending Trump Impeachment Crusade – “It is merely a coincidence that just as the Trump-Russia collusion story started seriously falling apart, Democrats suddenly shifted gears to file a lawsuit against President Trump for allegedly violating an obscure provision of the Constitution involving foreign “emoluments.”

But more likely, this is simply another despicable attempt by Democrats to hobble a president they don’t like and overturn an election they regret, using any means necessary to do so. If Plan A (claiming Trump’s campaign colluded with Russians) won’t fly. And if Plan B (saying he tried to obstruct justice) doesn’t end up having legs — despite reports late Wednesday that the special council is looking into it. Then it’s time to move to Plan C, filing laughable emoluments lawsuits.

It makes one wonder how far down the alphabet we’ll have to go before we get to a Democratic plan that involves engaging in a civil debate with Trump over public policies to meet the urgent needs of the country. Do they even have such a plan?

Sundance: WaPo Report: Robert Mueller Investigating “Obstruction of Justice” Claims… – “It would appear the FBI and Robert Mueller’s team are still leaking information as noted by President Trump attorney.”

The risk represented by Robert Mueller is not connected to or about anything surrounding the Russian Conspiracy Narrative; the legal risk is within ‘the leaking‘ of classified intelligence information to undermine the administration, the potentially illegal ‘unmasking‘, and now adding an obstruction of justice angle.

If we avoid all the shiny things, ignore the shell game and reset our frame of reference to the only illegal activity currently known, the leaking; the main illegal activity visible is the illegal leaking of classified intelligence information.

Despite his earnest efforts, there is clear and mounting evidence that former FBI Director James Comey was the primary source of leaked information to the media.

The risk to Comey from his media leaking continues to explain everything James Comey has recently done, said and advanced.

Mueller has several problems. The only criminal predicate to provide credibility for his assignment is the leaking. A close friend and colleague of his is at the center of this predicate having even confessed to leaking and that raises the issue of Mueller’s conflict of interest. Mueller has also demonstrated a significant bias in his senior staff selections. All of this feeds the partisan witch hunt narrative rather than diminishes it and that feeds a sense of unfairness and corruption in the swamp.

Allahpundit: So that’s why so many Trump allies have called for firing Mueller this week – “explains why this news is suddenly being leaked. It’s an insurance policy for Mueller.”

The irony, though, is that it strengthens the “fire Mueller!” case. Mueller was supposed to be the low-key, by-the-book law-enforcement legend who’d conduct a quiet investigation with no dirty media tricks to gratuitously embarrass the president. And now here we are, with his team — presumably — leaking a sensational claim that the president’s being probed for obstruction.

And the question “what obstruction?” goes begging. It takes a lot of creativity to try to rationalize what is actually known to obtain the usual legal requirements for establishing obstruction of justice.

Instapundit has more starting with Kurt Schlichter: Why Should We Trust Mueller? – “Mueller should resign. Aside from the issues above, I don’t see any way that his office’s work will be seen as impartial, defeating the point of a special counsel. And given that — as even Chris Matthews has admitted — the whole Russia-collusion story has imploded, I’m not sure why his office shouldn’t just be shut down.”

Let’s look at all of the evidence. Mueller seems like a good guy. War hero. No scandals as FBI director. Not a known scumbag or skeevy perv. In Washington terms, the last one alone puts him miles ahead of the competition.

But now we find out that he’s Leaky Jim Comey’s bestest buddy there ever was. These guys are pals, and now Mueller is going to investigate the dude who fired his amigo? Does that seem cool to you?

In the news this morning on the Radio, the topic was about how successful the propaganda effort against Trump has been. The assassination efforts? No. The lack of evidence despite the allegations and innuendo? No. The leaks and other actual criminal activity? No. 

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Flirting with fantasy

Wesley Pruden: Crossing the line to flirt with an assassination fantasy – “The New York Times made a point of quickly endorsing the play as worthy of its continued corporate sponsorship, good citizenship be damned.”

Whether the director, Oskar Eustis, intended to stir up the mob or not, even someone of the artsy-craftsy persuasion should know that in the present atmosphere, not just in Gotham but everywhere else, fruitcakes and even more or less respectable “activists” need no encouragement to do great and fatal harm to America’s institutions.

In their fury to assuage their anger and feed righteous hysteria, many liberals and “progressives” cannot restrain their rage that Donald Trump, crude and all-around lout, has through lawful and constitutional means become the leader of the government. A fruitcake with a gun, bomb or long-bladed scimitar rightly imagines that these millions of Never-Trumpers would applaud whatever dirty deed fulfills their dreams and fantasies.

Cal Thomas: Lying liars – “Trump’s accusers are snared by their own deceit.”

The word “hypocrisy” was invented for such moments. The left is suddenly aghast about lying, but was fine with Barack Obama’s numerous lies, from “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” to Benghazi, “Fast and Furious,” the “red line” in Syria and the list goes on. Let’s not even get started with the Clintons. They’re serial liars.

Dan Boylan: Comey the criminal? Leak admission puts ex-FBI boss in legal jeopardy – “crossing dangerous lines regarding the classification of government documents and FBI conduct.”

the real point of controversy centers on Mr. Comey’s admission that he leaked his memos to “prompt the appointment of a special counsel” — which happened soon after the substance of his memos went public. This, they say, exposes his action as more of a self-serving Washington operator, than a move legally protected by the former head of the FBI.

Thomas Lifson: Mueller staffs up to pursue obstruction of justice – “Personnel is policy” is an old truism that applies to the staffing decisions of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.” The smell of the swamp is getting rather thick here.

Prepare yourself for the coming debate over whether Mueller should be let go, if he doesn’t recuse himself. The overwhelming consensus is that it would raise Watergate and convulse the country. One must note that the overwhelming consensus has been wrong on what Donald Trump should do more often than not.

That’s one of the problems with bald assertions that Trump is a liar. He has been right more often than not, especially on the big items.

Andrew Malcom: What that Comey hearing really revealed about Washington – “The novelty of a non-anonymous source in the murky Washington waters won’t likely last, courage there being in chronic short supply..”

All of these important ongoing complexities must give way to the transitory theatrics of prancing politicians probing others for implied illegalities that no one has really been able to delineate clearly.

Let’s be blunt here: The actors and media in Washington are addicted to scandal and the process of scandal. They can appear to be doing serious work with sincerely furrowed brows while dodging the real tasks that concern Americans, tasks which if done right, could threaten D.C.’s sacred status quo.

But Malcom gets stuck in the TDS tar-pit:

What’s also true is Trump’s self-destructive ego and impulsiveness weaken his presidential persona and credibility in the eyes of an American majority, often handing opponents powerful ammo. We warned last month about picking needless fights with D.C. institutions expert at assassination by leak.

Trump was elected to shake things up and ‘self destructive’ isn’t in evidence. Neither is impulsiveness. Like assuming “liar,” these are perceptions and judgments about tactical and strategic battle decisions that are based more on the reaction of the opponent and tradition and not on success or innovation. Having the opposition in disarray and engaging in irrational behavior and even, as Comey did, confessing to questionable behavior is battlefield success that should not be ignored.

Rod Kackley: Is Nevada All-in with Medicaid-for-All? – “Nevada Assemblyman Mike Sprinkle (D) thinks he may have come up with a model for healthcare reform the nation could embrace.” This one-ups California because other people’s money in this case is the Feds. Will they ever learn? How far will Nevada fall?

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Can we keep the Republic? Do we want to? Chasing after chimeras

Stephen B. Presser: What is a republic, and how do we keep it? – “The ‘resistance’ has forgotten the fundamentals bequeathed by the founders.”

Thus it was that the United States was to be a republic, rather than a democracy. In a republic, as the framers understood, there are at least two profound differences from a democracy. The first, most obvious, is that government is not by the people themselves, but, instead, is conducted through elected representatives. Second, less obvious, but an essential feature of republican government from Rome on, is that the government must not act arbitrarily, but must conduct itself pursuant to the rule of law. It must, in other words, follow established procedures and act according to accepted norms, in our case pursuant to our Constitution and laws.

Ever since the election of Donald Trump — an election conducted pursuant to the established procedures in the Constitution, procedures which the framers put in place to make sure that all of the states of the country would have a voice in the selection of our commander in chief

Rather than pursuing the fantasy of foreign plots, for which there seems little if any reality, it ought to be the job of a responsible media and responsible legislators to help the American people and their duly elected president to determine whether, in fact, the program on which the Republicans ran can be effected. There is plenty to examine, plenty to discuss, and plenty to debate without wasting the resources and time of our fellow citizens and their government chasing after chimeras. Moreover, we can’t keep a republic unless we understand our obligation to live under the rule of law, and to realize that the system under which we have thrived requires us to submit to events like the result of elections with which we may disagree.

Thomas Lifson explains how Andrew McCarthy demolishes the argument that Trump obstructed justice, or even did anything wrong in dinner talk with Comey. In the process, a problem in understanding how the U.S. Government works is revealed. Comey asserted that the FBI and the DOJ were DOJ were independent from the executive branch.

Nowhere in the Constitution is the FBI (or DoJ) defined as anything other than a part of the Executive Branch. The FBI didn’t exist in 1787, and wouldn’t for almost a century and a half.

Which brings us to Andrew McCarthy, explaining why President Trump had full authority to say what he did without compromising any ethics or laws

But that won’t make much difference to the conspiracy theorists on the Left. Another example and an explanation of why this lack of intellectual integrity is an issue is provided by Alicia Colon who says It’s the theory of Global Warming that’s really dangerous – “There is no excuse for not finding out the truth on many issues.” The problem is that of actually accepting the truth you find, i.e. summoning intellectual integrity to overcome personal ideologies and fantasies.

what does that say about the rest of the country who swears that climate change is not only more dangerous than Islamic jihadists but that disaster is imminent? Have we really become an idiocracy of fools believing whatever talking heads and celebrities spout about doom and gloom without finding out the truth for ourselves?

It seems we have abdicated our ability to think rationally or to question whatever claims these pseudo scientists make about planet earth. It is extremely unsettling that anyone questioning the flawed data given by these charlatans is deemed a denier and dangerous skeptic.

While there is no similarity between global warming and these other catastrophic scientific miscalculations, there is now the same danger in mixing science with politics and ideology and only with unfettered scientific research can we avoid disaster.

The latest Comey ‘scandal’ is that Trump asked for loyalty. Ace has a relevant Flashback: Defense Sec. Robert Gates Somehow Felt Compelled to Pledge His Loyalty to Obama; Bob Schieffert Accused Gates of a Lack of “Loyalty” In Writing a Memoir About His Obama Years. See also Lifson’s quotes from McCarthy on Carlson cited above as well.

Even if you somehow believe Gates pledged loyalty to Obama without prompting, then you’d have to take Gates as expert testimony that people who actually work in the upper reaches of official DC understand that if you want a job, or want to keep your job, you’re expected to tell a president you’re loyal to him.

And, frankly, I gotta say, the politics in DC are right now so obvious and obviously rotten that the first question I’d have for anyone — including law enforcement and intelligence officials, who naive authority-worshiping conservatives childishly still maintain are above any such doubt — is “Are you actually working for the Democrat Establishment?”

But the NeverTrumpers and the mainstream media, an increasingly difficult set of twins to distinguish between, did not make any grief about this, but now are labeling Trump’s similar request for “loyalty” — same as Obama asked of Gates — an impeachable offense.

In fact, Trump was right to ask where Comey’s loyalties lay — because a former AG under Bush asserted that Comey did in fact have political loyalties: It’s just that those loyalties lay with Chuck Schumer and the scorched-earth wing of the Democrat Party.

For something more solid to get incensed about, look for the stories about new documents uncovered related to the Fast and Furious scandal. Then figure out the implications of the policy change at the DOJ. Ian Mason: Jeff Sessions Ends DOJ Handouts for Leftist Groups – “Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a new policy on Wednesday that prohibits payouts to third parties in settlements reached by the Justice Department.”

For decades, through a variety of initiatives, the DOJ has insisted on donations to third parties as part of the settlements it reaches with defendants, especially corporations. In the Obama administration, this practice took on the character of a “slush fund,” which funneled hundreds of millions of dollars from these corporate defendants and put it into the hands of non-government organizations.

And Hawaii thinks it can enter into treaties with foreign nations by signing in on the Paris Climate Accord. Who is the state loyal to? This is yet another example of where hatred has blinded. When you throw a tantrum, odds are higher you are going to do damage to something dear than to make any dent in what makes you angry.

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The autopsy of propaganda and exposing false prohpets

Brandon J. Weichert and Chris Buskirk take up The Anatomy of a Lie – “An idea is like a virus. Resilient. Highly contagious. And even the smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define or destroy you.” It’s a rather long rundown but a good synopsis of an ugly situation.

It’s important to note when this story began. Because, as with all the best lies, there’s always at least an element of truth underneath the litany of falsehoods. This is to make the lie more easily digestible even to the most skeptical, well-informed observer. After all, if the false notion is immediately disregarded as patently false by the target audience, there would be no reason to engage in the perpetuation of political disinformation to begin with. A coherent timeline is thus essential to deciphering the truth.

Our story begins with a handful of loosely related threads that the Left slowly tied together in an impossibly complex, false, though nonetheless trafficable narrative.

when the CIA initially launched its investigation into Donald Trump last spring, it did so under the pretense that Russia aimed at “undermining the credibility of the U.S. election.” Given everything that has been presented here, seeing how the Left has misrepresented and outright lied about the Russian involvement in this last election, I would venture that it was Democratic disinformation—more so than any Russian interference—that has undermined the credibility of the U.S. election. … it is not foreign influence that we should be concerned about. It is, in fact, the Democratic Party and their allies in the partisan legacy media who are the real threats to our democracy.

In fact, today, June 1, 2017, Congress issued seven subpoenas insisting that four Trump Campaign officials and three Obama Administration officials come to testify on Capitol Hill. While there is little evidence proving any Trump Campaign collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election, there is ample evidence that primary national security figures in the Obama Administration misused their power to improperly spy on Trump Campaign officials.

Carr: Examples of fake news? How much time you got? – “White House press secretary Sean Spicer finally lost it this week trying to correct the endless torrent of bogus news stories being churned out daily by the alt-left media.” This topic is beginning to attract analysis and catalogs of data and Carr provides another autopsy of the anatomy of a lie.

The Washington Examiner picks up on another one (a lie, that is): Green religion — justification by climate faith alone – “Listen closely to the cant and jargon of modern environmentalism, and in the empty invocations of “science,” you are witnessing the rites of a religious faith.”

If the screams after President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement seemed overwrought, it’s because Trump hadn’t merely adopted a policy the other side disagreed with; he’d committed a secular, liberal, sacrilege.

These overheated CO2 emissions reflect sincere emotion, but have nothing to do with facts and science. They’re entirely about faith in global, intergovernmental rhetoric.

The Paris Agreement is not about reducing emissions, which it will fail to do, but about professing the faith. … heretics will be burned.

An avalanche of pullouts from the Paris Climate Agreement? By Monica Showalter. “The screeching brouhaha over President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement could, at first glance, be called a global episode of Trump Derangement Syndrome.” It may be that the U.S. has taken a leadership position that frightens the faithful.

It’s probably painful, given that President Trump has upbraided them on their deadbeat defense contributions to NATO, and the European Union itself has suffered a blow to prestige because so few of its members bother to observe their monetary quotas.

Other satraps and officials keep letting the cat out of the bag by expressing fears (or false confidence) that other nations won’t follow the lead of the U.S. and pull out as well. There’s a “whistling past the graveyard” feel to many of these statements

These denials suggest that there is a fear that the U.S.’s withdrawal from the agreement will trigger an avalanche of exits. After all, no one wants to be bossed around by petty Eurocrats with no serious claim to rule anyone.

So, far from “not leading” on the world stage as President Obama bitterly claimed, President Trump is leading the world globally – out of the hands of it petty, unelected bureaucracies.

As for the prophets, Kathy Griffin isn’t doing so well. The Daily Mail says she “loses remainder of her tour gigs in wake of Donald Trump severed head scandal after dramatic press conference.”

Jazz Shaw cites another fallen prophet describing When “We Rate Dogs” went to the dogs – “Ian Tuttle has a great analysis over at National Review on the subject. It’s framed around Robert Frost’s ancient admonition that “good fences make good neighbors.”

I’d like to expand on two points here just a bit. As to the donations question, I’m with Tuttle on that one while keeping the entire idea of good fences and staying in your lane in mind. Nelson is running a business and seemingly doing well. He’s a private citizen, not a politician and I think that’s great. Make your money where and how you (legally) can, young man. And if he wants to take his earnings and give them all to Planned Parenthood or the NRA or blow it all at the blackjack tables in Vegas, that’s his business. If someone were to then go and somehow dig up the list of all of PP’s donors, match up his name and “out” him I would be more upset with the person doing oppo research on a dog pictures account than I would with him. But when you choose to start broadcasting an obvious and politically charged announcement such as that to your two million followers, whether you were giving the money to PP or the NRA, you’ve sullied what was otherwise a wonderful social media outlet for at least half your audience.

Ace says its time to “Prosecute. Drain the swamp, fill the jails.

VDH is thinking about Claudius – there are some parallels with modern times to consider.

In the end, Claudius was likely murdered by dynastic rivals and relatives who thought that a young, glib, handsome, intellectual, and artistic Nero would be a pleasant relief from the awkwardness, bluntness, and weirdness of Claudius. What followed was the triumph of artists, intellectuals, stylish aristocrats, obsequious dynastic insiders, and flatterers—many of them eventually to be consumed by the reign of terror they so eagerly helped to usher in.

Paul Mirengoff: Ted Cruz crushes bizarre attack on Paris withdrawal – “Chaplin teaches American Studies. Yet, she appears not to know how America was created. Ted Cruz reminded her.”

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Confused minds?

Sundance starts with the trade arguments – Canada’s Liberal Politics Behind Trudeau’s Antagonistic Trade Positions… – to say something about the United States. “In addition to the size of our economy, America is profoundly unique in that there is almost no product on the planet that cannot be replicated in the United States.” And it’s not just natural resources. Examples are provided.

Additionally, our inherent American DNA strain is one of entrepreneurial existence. We know how to do things, create things, and think completely outside the box on new and innovative ideas for things. Yes, we are exceptional like that.

It’s high time we stop being embarrassed about our exceptional nature, and start being proud of it again. Because when it matters most, when it really counts, when it’s really needed, there’s a whole bunch of people all around this world of ours that are mighty happy when swagger walks in to solve their problems.

Yeah, “let’s make America great again”. Swagger on !

James Lewis wonders about the Conservative Cringe and The Real Reason Washington Post Republicans Hate Donald Trump – “Mr. Will has finally identified his complaint in a WaPo opinion piece dramatically called “Trump Has a Dangerous Disability.”

Now, I happen to think that Trump’s political jargon is a shrewd way to dodge the murderous hatred of our fair-minded media, the people Mr. Will spends his life with. We know they examine every syllable emerging from Trump’s mouth, ready to draw blood as soon as they can distort and lie about something he says that is perfectly innocent.

Trump has developed an effective way to reach you and me. We understand his private code, which leaves liberals foaming at the mouth.

After thinking about George and Jonah and Bill, who unanimously headed for the hills when Trump started to win, I’ve finally concluded that they despised Trump because he sounded low-class. It’s a class thing.

Well, the D.C. establishment also despised Abe Lincoln as a low-class hick from the backwoods who spoke with a country accent.

On the Fake News™ front, Ace describes how the WaPo digs in on a Fake Hoax story. “Hate Crime” Reported on By Washington Post 15 Times Turns Out to Be, Get This, a Hoax; Washington Post Refuses to Run a New Story On the Hate Hoax – “Democracy Dies in Darkness, doesn’t it?

Oh, and don’t forget the AP. John Hinderaker hasn’t: On the Judiciary, the Associated Press Parrots the DNC – “I think the Associated Press is even worse, or at least, more pervasive. A case in point is tonight’s story on President Trump’s judicial appointments: “Trump begins effort to pack courts with conservatives.”

Let’s stop right there. All presidents nominate judges with compatible philosophies. Did the Associated Press ever write that President Obama was “packing” the federal judiciary with liberals? I don’t think so. I tried this Google search–“associated press obama pack courts with liberals”–and got nothing.

The AP supplies some reasonably objective information, and then goes full DNC:

“The courts” didn’t “derail” the president’s agenda. Rather, a couple of Democratic Party stalwarts, who got the cases as a result of Democratic Party judge-shopping, issued absurd orders that are destined to be overturned in due course.

The AP fails to note that application of the filibuster to judicial nominees is a very recent innovation.

From there, it only gets worse:

The question is why people are fixated on incomplete or even fabricated world models and why they push them so hard on others.


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Paid Shills and Differing Reality

Jazz Shaw: Out: It’s a grassroots movement! In: So what if the protesters are paid? – “We may finally be seeing the first, tentative waving of the white flag when it comes to the question of whether or not these “massive” protests against the Trump administration which the media fixates on are a legitimate grassroots uprising or corporate sponsored theatrics organized by George Soros and his friends.”

I suppose there should be some credit given where due here. Admitting you have a problem is the first step on the road to recovery, after all. But there’s a bit too much denial of reality going on.

What we’re seeing now is something entirely different. The authors can try all they like to summon up the ghost of Rosa Parks (who, as they point out, was an NAACP staffer and activist) but that doesn’t change a thing. When you have mailing lists numbering in the millions summoning hoards of people who apparently have no day jobs to hinder them, and you’re paying for their transportation, lodging and signage, you are essentially just a wing of the Democratic Party. The “sacrifice” is less, and as such it simply doesn’t carry the same impact.

Shaw has another on the disease in California: California’s latest move to “fight the wall” is truly something out of La La Land – “ It wasn’t just the Republicans who were alarmed over the probably illegal measure either. One representative of the Southern California Contractors Association asked the obvious question, saying, “What next unpopular project would be blacklist?” [sic]

Stop and think about the implications of this legislation for a moment. At both the federal and state levels, governments bend over backwards on a regular basis to ensure that private sector companies are given equal access to government jobs when they come available. This is to ensure both a chance at the taxpayer getting the best price and to promote equal opportunity for such opportunities, with particular incentives offered to companies owned by minorities or small business entities who might otherwise have trouble competing with the big boys.

Now California is hoping to take a huge leap in the opposite direction. They would be effectively shutting out companies from the competitive bidding process for the crime of bidding on a different and (by the time it happens) presumably legal infrastructure project which was funded by the federal government. This is absolutely unheard of.

That would open up the floodgates to states using such arm twisting maneuvers to essentially blacklist any unpopular proposals requiring civilian contractors out of existence. Such blacklisting is a favorite tool of the Social Justice Warriors in the private sector, but if it suddenly receives the imprimatur of the government then all bets are off.

Andrew C. Mccarthy explains A Ruling about Nothing – “eight years of Obama’s phone and pen have made it easy to forget that the president is not supposed to make law, and thus that we should celebrate, not condemn, an E.O. that does not break new legal ground.” The issue at hand is the credibility of the judiciary.

Since Orrick ultimately agrees with the Trump Justice Department, and since no enforcement action has been taken based on the E.O., why not just dismiss the case? Why the judicial theatrics?

Of course, the peer branches of government are supposed to presume each other’s good faith in the absence of a patent violation of the law. But let’s put aside the unseemliness of Orrick’s barely concealed contempt for a moment, because he is also wrong. The proper purpose of an executive order is to direct the operations of the executive branch within the proper bounds of the law. There is, therefore, nothing untoward about an E.O. that directs the president’s subordinates to take enforcement action within the confines of congressional statutes. In fact, it is welcome.

Given that courts are supposed to refrain from issuing advisory opinions, the Constitution is actually more aggrieved by Orrick than by Trump.

It is not enough to say Orrick mulishly ignores the clear text of the executive order. Again and again, Justice Department lawyers emphasized to the court that Trump’s order explicitly reaffirmed existing law. Orrick refused to listen because, well, what fun would that be?

Such niceties matter only if you’re practicing law, though. Judge Orrick is practicing politics.

Cal Thomas has a rundown on the Trump meeting with conservative journalists: Talking right – “Americans get a different view when Trump meets with conservative journalists.”

What differed from the crowd of liberal journalists who ask questions during formal news conferences — and those who toss questions at his spokesman, Sean Spicer, at the daily press briefing — is that our group asked questions with the intent of getting information, instead of the accusatory tone and “gotcha” questions that often characterize what has come to be known as the mainstream media.

Conservatives should not be lapdogs for a Republican president. No one asked the types of softball questions the media usually toss at a Democratic president. The president told us he doesn’t expect to be free of criticism, but appreciates fairness. He allowed that conservative journalists are likely to be fairer to him than those his strategist, Steve Bannon, has called “the enemy” and “opposition party.” A side note: Mr. Bannon stood off to the side at our meeting with the president, frequently smiling.

The New York Times on Tuesday provided a useful service. It carried a story noting how differently conservative and liberal reporters and commentators have treated Mr. Trump and his administration. Reading these suggests not just different perspectives, but different realities.

While some reporters have groused about this exercise in ideological pluralism, the public is getting more information and a different perspective than what they are used to. That can only be good for the country, for conservative journalists who are often ignored by the major media, and for the president.

“Different realities” — what can be done about this?

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A Sundance Saturday and a Change in the Winds

A busy pundit today, Sundance has Secretary Wilbur Ross Delivers A Message – The “UniParty” Congress is Put On Notice… – “The bought-and-paid-for UniParty congress has been under the influence of the globalist-minded U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the myriad of K-Street lobbyists, for almost two decades” AND Microsoft Transparency Report Shows Massive Increase in 2016 Obama Era FISA Orders… – that’s about the significant spike in FISA orders in 2016 AND President Trump Realigning Geo-Political Alliances, and Few Paying Attention… – “President Trump is fundamentally realigning international geo-political alliances and almost no-one is connecting the dots.”

On the Department of Commerce, the theme is familiar: “To start, we have brought a new energy to enforcement, working to ensure that all countries play fair and by the agreed-upon rules. We have been executing these trade investigations very rapidly.” i.e. there have been a lot of words, how about some action? The new administration seems to think actually enforcing the law is a good thing to do.

Number two relates to the Obama Political Opponents Problem. Secrecy laws prevent disclosing details but the summary has clues.

Microsoft tries to thread the needle of transparency by telling its consuming audience as much about governmental collection of data as possible. Toward that end Microsoft releases a biannual transparency report.

Within the latest transparency release Microsoft reports in the first half of 2016 they received a massive increase in FISA orders; primarily from U.S. governmental agencies.

The last item is about fundamental change in governance that seem to escape notice in The Swamp. “President Trump has expended nothing other than his sheer will, and yet he has leveraged gains that are jaw-droppingly consequential.” The case study is Chinese relations.

To build upon that mutually beneficial friendship – President Trump seeded the background by appointing Ambassador Terry Branstad, a 30-year personal friend of President Xi Jinping.

To enhance and amplify the friendship and personal respect – U.S. President Trump used Mar-a-Lago as the venue for their visit, not the White House. And President Trump’s beautiful granddaughter, Arabella, sweetly serenaded the Chinese First Family in Mandarin Chinese song showing the utmost respect for the honored guests.

Unfortunately most people are unfamiliar with the severity of Chinese tradition as it relates to family and respect. However, these gestures are intensely well received. Russia’s Vladimir Putin can deliver nothing even remotely comparable to the charm of the granddaughter of the U.S. President singing for President Xi and his wife in their native tongue.

Do not underestimate the value of these gestures and how it was perceived by the recipients as personal respect – far above the level of traditional political respect which would be customary during such encounters. President Trump made this visit personal, and his words after the meeting were all personal, not positional.

The panda fur has not only been stroked perfectly, it has been elevated in its own magnanimity without even so much as a bow.

Three things appear odd: #1) How no-one amid almost all media can see how effective this approach by President Trump has been; and #2) Nothing has been expended in order to achieve these remarkable results; and #3) Accepting all of the above, Donald Trump has planned this out for a long, long time.

The supporting cast today is also in full throat on similar themes. American Resurrection by David Prentice takes a look at a few other items to note. “Let’s face it — the obstruction of the “we must resist anything Trump does” leftists had taken its toll.” … “But the tide has turned in this war for the resurrection of the American spirit. Events have taken place that will overcome the obstruction of Trump’s big agenda.”

Global warming: Science or dogma? by Michael Nadler uses the ‘bury their heads in the sand’ idea to try to explain how so many miss so much.

The Science & Environmental Policy Project is an outstanding resource for those unwilling to bury their heads in the sand and blindly accept the notion that human-caused catastrophic global warming is settled science and must be the highest priority in allocating the world’s limited economic resources.

There’s been change on that front, too. Breitbart has stories on EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Calls for ‘Exit’ of Paris Climate Agreement by Ben Kew – “Since taking office, Trump has revoked a range of environmental legislation—including Barack Obama’s climate orders—with a plan to focus on energy independence and revitalize the coal industry” AND Trump’s Use of the Congressional Review Act Is a Legislative Milestone by Joel B. Pollak – “the use of the CRA is no small accomplishment. Future administrations will never be as careless in expanding the executive authority of the federal government far beyond the scope of the authority envisioned in the U.S. Constitution” AND Trump and Kelly ‘Dismantle’ Obama’s ‘Progress’ for Illegal Immigrants by Bob Price – “Jail is jail,” Butler County, Ohio, Sheriff Richard Jones told the New York newspaper. “It’s fair and it’s human, but we don’t put chocolates on the pillows” AND Trump Appoints Religious Liberty Defender Roger Severino to Head HHS Office for Civil Rights by Dr. Susan Berry – “It’s a super appointment. Roger Severino is a very balanced thinker who is also an experienced litigator,” said Family Research Council senior fellow Ken Blackwell, … LGBT rights advocates criticized Severino’s appointment.”

Writing at the Daily Signal last year on the issue of North Carolina’s bathroom privacy policy, Severino asserted, “The radical left is using government power to coerce everyone, including children, into pledging allegiance to a radical new gender ideology over and above their right to privacy, safety, and religious freedom.”

On the ‘yet there’s a long ways to go’ front is a John Hinderaker report Solar Power: An Environmental Disaster – “Solar power is expensive, unreliable and environmentally destructive. So it doesn’t come into being through consumer demand; rather, by government fiat or subsidy.” The case this time is a 60 acre solar panel install on a National Guard facility for $25 million (plus land rent) that could provide energy for 1,700 homes only under optimum conditions that never exist.

maybe it is irrelevant to point out how wrong the global warming alarmists are, and how severely their uneconomic installations damage the environment. Their doctrine is a religious faith that has nothing to do with science or history, and everything to do with government greed, so rational arguments are wasted on them.

Don’t forget the damage to the less well off for whom energy is a disproportionate part of their budget, either.

Maybe you’ve seen something about “Hold My Beer” lately and wondered where that came from? Jared Keller has the story about The Greatest ‘Hold My Beer’ Moment In American History Is Thanks To This Drunk Marine Veteran – “Have you ever risked life and limb to win a barroom bet, your veins so full of liquid courage that some harebrained feat of strength and derring-do actually seemed like a good idea? If you’re anything like those rambunctious partygoers swimming in Natty Light who sacrifice their bodies for the amusement of their fellow revelers, there’s a chance you’ve probably uttered this phrase: Hold my beer… and watch this.”

As for the body politic’s views on Trump, consider Greg P. KA-CHING! Trump, RNC have YUGE fundraising quarter – looks like a lot of money going towards Trump and colleagues.

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4/7/2017: Missiles and Barricades and Causes

In the Washington Times this morning Mercedes Schlapp says Nunes takes the high road as Democrats offer only obstruction – that’s all about the misuse of the Office on Congressional Ethics to pursue political gains. Stephen Dinan provides a history lesson as Schumer advances his crusade to make ideology the focus of Supreme Court nominations – that’s a crusade by Democrats to destroy the rule of law that is, of course, blamed on Republicans. Cheryl K. Chumley points out why Preet Bharara’s anti-Trump ‘diss a red flag on Obama holdovers – for the Left it is always a win/lose issue and they do not accept a reality such as the will of the voter as a loss. Steve Milloy says The EPA lied — nobody died. “The Environmental Protection Agency’s human experiment program exaggerated the danger of outdoor pollutants.” The Left will fabricate reality, if needed, to suit their desires. The EPA case parallels the climate effort. Anthony J. Sadar and Susan Z. Forney pick up on another front is this effort to impose the real world on the Left in The changing world of climate change – “With its rollback of climate rules, the Trump administration taps the brakes on the unsettled ‘settled science’.” Then there’s a report about a slapdown of an international crime that was specific, focused, and timely – components of any effective discipline. If that’s too much of a Right bias, there’s an essay by Donald Lambro that is full of doom and gloom FUD mongering about what is coming over the horizon to bite the President, and the U.S.A.

On that Syrian Strike, the howling is rather isolated. The Daily Mail notes that Hillary Clinton called for the US to toughen up its response to Assad’s atrocities just hours before Trump launched strikes on Syria – “Clinton reiterated how she had favored a tougher approach against Assad when she was Secretary of State.” They’ve also got Thank you, Mr Trump! First images of damage at Assad’s burnt-out airbase emerge as tearful Syrians cheer US missile raid – “US missiles appear to have shattered hangars, destroyed at least nine Syrian jets, weapons and a fuel store, as well as leaving left giant craters in the runway at al-Shayrat military airfield near Homs.” … “Anti-Assad Syrians have been celebrating the strike after the horrific chemical weapons attack – critics in the country say that the US should be focussing on destroying ISIS.” Sundance has a report on the Clear and Concise Pentagon Statement on U.S. Missile Strike Against Shayrat Airfield in Syria… – “The U.S. is stating evidence that Bashir Assad did launch chemical weapons from this exact airbase, and Russia was willfully blind in their complicity.”

Meanwhile the New York Post opines that The filibuster war was all about Democrats’ excesses – “For all Democrats’ hyperbolic howls of outrage over Senate Republicans’ vote Thursday to “go nuclear” and end the filibuster for Supreme Court nominations, it is without question the left that has driven the “judge wars” to this point.”

And, no, Republicans didn’t help the cause of Senate comity by refusing even a hearing for Garland last year. But they were simply applying a standard — the “Biden rule,” after Sen. Joe Biden — that Democrats set long ago, when the shoe was on the other foot in the last year of Republican presidencies.

What the GOP has really done is ensure, as Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, that there will no longer be two sets of standards: one for a Democratic president’s nominees and another for a Republican.

But J.M. Opal has a different view at Time: America Should Never Be ‘Great Again’ – “President Donald Trump is different. Unlike any of his forty-four predecessors, he does not even pretend to care about constitutional rules or official protocols. He has no need for facts or norms.” That is full TDS gone ‘round the bend’ with no regard for reality directly at hand. He even sees this but doesn’t recognize what he is saying.

More profoundly, we could see each other as flawed and vulnerable members of the same society, as civic brothers and sisters who are equally American. No longer dazed by frontier mythologies or blocked by Constitutional rules, we could think boldly and practically about a happier, more caring nation — one based on a new Bill of Rights, perhaps, or even on a new Constitution.

A similar, and related, delusion, is about how Shrieking Tantrum Throwing Titty Babies Score Another Awesome Victory Against Ever Saying Anything Even Mildly Clever [Warden] – “you might have missed this monstrous act of violence perpetrated against all women everywhere.” A jewelry store put up a billboard suggesting “Sometimes, it’s OK to throw rocks at girls” displaying some of their favorites (diamonds, rubies, emeralds, …).

Rather than apologize, they could have amped up the aggression by responding, “Well, we’re not too worried. The kind of people who lose their minds over an innocent turn of phrase aren’t our customer base–they’re far too ugly and hateful for any man to gift them with something so thoughtful and precious as fine jewelry, so we can safely ignore their tantrums.”

I’d lay down money that the response would have been largely positive and resulted in increased sales. People are fed up with all this chicken-shit bullying and, as Trump has shown us, these hypocritical scolds only have the power you grant them.

Keep in mind, there’s likely a high correlation between the population that is outraged over the billboard and the population that thinks it is OK to stone a woman to death in the mid-East because she offended her owner.

Ed Morrissey comments on Politico: Ivanka’s secret meeting with Planned Parenthood turned out as well as you’d expect – “Experienced politicians (and “advisers,” paid or not) recognize that Planned Parenthood does not operate on the principle of moderation. With pro-abortion groups like PP and NAF, you’re either a true believer, a heretic, or an apostate. They aren’t interested in back channels, especially not with Republican administrations. Ivanka did nothing but make herself a target for Richards et al.” There are many other examples, the SCOTUS nominee process being a glaring one right now. Not only is the line solid, anyone who dares think ‘moderation’ is going to get slimed and bullied.

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3/30/2017: The nature of the struggle

Rowan Scarborough: How liberal professors are blackballing studies confirming Trump’s claim of voter fraud – There is the Russian Collusion Conspiracy, the Sanctuary City thing, and, of course, Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change so this sort of denial of idea inspection and intellectual integrity should not be surprising. Academia is not showing ia very pleasing color.

More than 90 political scientists have signed an open letter calling for the blacklisting of studies done by Virginia professors who estimated that thousands, and perhaps millions, of noncitizens register to vote and vote illegally in U.S. elections.

“The Left is desperate to preserve the ability to steal elections, so a blacklist of inconvenient but valid research would be par for the course,” Mr. Fitton said in an email. “Judicial Watch has analyzed the study and believe it to be solid research.”

Guy Benson: Unprofessional: Biased Politifact tries, and fails, to defend its sloppy “false” rating on Obamacare claim – “For the uninitiated, Politifact is a left-leaning “fact check” organization whose biases have been well-documented over the years.” It’s a matter of emphasis and interpretation twisted to fit a point of view and Benson provides statistics to show how it’s done.

Those statistics speak for themselves. Politifact sometimes does thorough and worthwhile work, but the preponderance of evidence regarding the focus of their analyses might lead an impartial observer (actually impartial, not Politifact ‘impartial’) to reasonably conclude that they’re an opposition research leg of the Democratic Party.

John Sexton highlights another view of the same phenomena: Rep. Nunes: ‘Democrats aren’t really serious about this investigaton’ – “As far as I know they’ve done very little to even look through the documents that the intelligence agencies have provided,” Nunes said.

Yesterday a Democratic member of the Intelligence Committee accused Nunes of being part of a White House-orchestrated cover-up. Other Democrats including ranking member Adam Schiff and minority leader Pelosi have called on Nunes to recuse himself. Meanwhile, Republicans including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz have stood by Nunes. Yesterday Chaffetz said calls for an investigation of Nunes by Democrats were “silly.”

That the case against Nunes is ultimately silly was made clear last night by a six-minute segment on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The segment featured the usual Jon Stewart-style hyperbole and gimmicks and culminated with Colbert using a chalkboard to draw a stick figure of Nunes with his head inside Trump’s posterior. The Democrats are pulling out all the stops against Nunes, but ultimately the stick-figure gag really does sum up their argument.

And more from Allahpundit: Ridiculous: California files 15 felony charges against producers of undercover Planned Parenthood videos – “Fifteen felony counts. How many felonies were the Manson family charged with?”

This investigation was launched by pro-abortion left-wing hack Kamala Harris, then attorney general of California and longtime recipient of Planned Parenthood lucre, who parlayed her persecution of David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress — replete with a police raid of Daleiden’s home in search of undercover footage — into a U.S. Senate seat last November. Not satisfied with merely persecuting Daleiden under existing law, Harris even took the extra step of collaborating with Planned Parenthood to draft new legislation that would make secretly recording medical-care providers a distinct crime. The Daleiden investigation that she began has now been picked up by the new attorney general, Xavier Becerra (himself a Democratic former member of Congress), who decided yesterday to drop a cool 15 felony counts on Daleiden and his partner, Sandra Merritt, for exposing Planned Parenthood’s possible sales of fetal body parts because they recorded the conversations without the subjects’ consent. Unlike most of the 50 states, California requires both parties to a conversation to agree in order for it to be recorded lawfully.

Here’s the latest from Daleiden, released just this morning in a show of defiance. Sample quote: “Dr. Taylor explains to the investigators, ‘In Arizona, if the fetus comes out with any signs of life, we’re supposed to transport it. To the hospital.’ When one investigator then asks, ‘Is there any standard procedure for verifying signs of of life?’ Dr. Taylor replies, ‘Well, the thing is, I mean the key is, you need to pay attention to who’s in the room, right?’” No public interest in having that exposed, right?

Andrew Malcolm is wondering Are there any adults in Washington? Schumer and Trump no longer talking and notes one of the critical differences in the political debate.

Now, Schumer calls Trump a “liar” and Trump calls Schumer the Democrats’ “head clown.”

Like Harry Reid before him, Schumer has harshened his rhetorical tone to satisfy Democrats’ liberal donor base. Otherwise, its wealthy members would see only chaos at the Democratic National Committee where new chairman Tom Perez has asked for every single staffer’s resignation. Perez is the party’s third chair in less than a year.

Just what is the difference between calling someone a liar compared to labeling them as a head clown? As a hint, consider that you can work with a clown as that is a matter of style of behavior. Calling someone a liar, on the other hand, is an assertion of lack of trust and trust is the cornerstone of any effort to work together on solving problems in a group.

John Hinderaker notes how The World’s Greatest Humanitarian Crisis Arrives Just In Time – “As President Trump moves to fulfill his campaign promises across a wide range of issues, the response from the left is always the same: you can’t do that.” The recipe is getting stale.

But the Associated Press never lets facts stand in the way when bashing Donald Trump is at stake! The AP’s story goes on ad nauseam, but you get the drift. The AP turns to an authoritative source, a former Obama administration official

Rather than trying to feed many millions of terrorized people indefinitely, why don’t we go to the source and send in troops to kill the Islamic terrorists? I would support that policy, but somehow I don’t think that is what the Associated Press or other elements of the Democratic Party have in mind. They just want to bash President Trump, relying on fake news and fake statistics.

Rick Wallace posts his Reflections on Mark Steyn’s ‘A Disgrace to the Profession’ about Dr. Michael Mann on WUWT. It is a long essay with 28 citations. He covers a lot of ground but the observations on common behaviors from the Left are worth noting.

What I will argue in this essay is that Steyn has done serious students of the AGW hysteria an even greater service. In fact, this work reveals some features of the hysteria that are, I think, critical for understanding it in depth. The present essay, which will elaborate on this point, is intended as a contribution to the study of what one of those quoted in Steyn’s book called “pathological science”.

And throughout all this, there has been a perpetual refusal to acknowledge wrongdoing of any sort – or even any errors at all.

This vehement defensiveness has been accompanied by continual attacks on opponents and even colleagues who question any of his methods

This style of aggressive counterattack has continued even to the point of publishing a book that defends his work and belittles his critics. And as we all know, it has also spilled over into actual lawsuits on at least two occasions.

Along with this is the constant self-aggrandizement.

The institutions that Mr. Strong and others have created together with all those over-busy government agencies will still be with us. And how all that will turn out is something I really can’t foretell. What does result when mastodons like these have been let loose to roam the countryside?

There is a struggle that strikes deep.  

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Who is dangerous,now?

A Republic, if You Can Keep It by Kevin Cee:

Today, the leaders and soldiers of the left have declared war on their fellow Americans and on our republic. They have declared war on anyone who disagrees with them. They will not accept any view of government other than their own. In fact, the left are so completely convinced of their own infallibility that they are prepared to resist and disobey any and all laws not conforming to their own views. Those who have not seen the light that they espouse are to be vilified and silenced. Therefore, they vociferously deny the unenlightened the right to express their opinions. Any who are suspect, in their minds, are a danger to our country and do not deserve the right to express their views. Anyone who disagrees with their vision of a just society is publicly denounced.

Goals that they cannot achieve by means of the ballot box, by propaganda from their coconspirators in the press, by indoctrination in the nation’s classrooms, by under-the-radar edicts from the shadow government bureaucracy, or by leftist judges are condemned. They are absolutely determined to eliminate any and all disagreement, including anyone who opposes them, by means of constant and aggressive intimidation.

Our Founding Fathers gave us a republic, one of the most successful governmental systems in the history of the world.

Can we keep it?

‘You’re Fired, Judge’: Sanctioning Federal Judges for Bad Behavior by Robert Barnes (Impeachment is not the only option)

If private lawyers had acted the way these judges did, they could be sanctioned and could lose their license and livelihoods, be thrown out of court, or even charged with a crime. That is why Judge Alex Kozinski authored two amendments to his prior dissent to specifically criticize the basis of the Hawaii judge’s ruling.

What can Trump or Congress do about it, if they believe these federal judges exceeded their authority and engaged in disreputable conduct?

These judges disrespected the rule of law they promised to protect. The Constitution says they can be fired. It is time to return the balance to the balance of power the Constitution always intended. Obama hired them; let Trump fire them.

There’s a problem and its ugly.

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3/2/2017: decent into violence and a shaped charge

Shawn Steel: When radicals descend into violence – “The Justice Department must get tough with black-clad rioters.” The ‘community organizing’ of the 60’s has grown up and is showing its true color.

“I can say, based on personal experience, that the attitude at demonstrations has changed,” writes Malcolm Harris, an antifa sympathizer and editor for The New Inquiry. “Where masked and black-clad antifa used to get wary glares, now it’s thumbs-up and ‘right on!’ from kid-toting parents.”

Until the Department of Justice takes down this organized criminal organization, it is incumbent upon all who believe in nonviolent political expression to stand up to these thugs. On campus, students must record and document these attacks. Civic leaders and elected officials must pressure local law enforcement officials to swiftly investigate and prosecute antifa members.

Rowan Scarborough: Thousands of noncitizens lurking on Virginia’s voter rolls – “Liberal Democrats and academics maintain that no illegal immigrants vote in U.S. elections, dismissing two national polls that indicate they do. However, the Marshall-PILF findings come from counting actual people, not polls.” This is after Ohio revelations.

The foundation’s report said: “This is what a cover-up of alien voting looks like. State election officials are preventing public access not only to records showing the number of non-citizens who have successfully registered to vote, but also records showing how many of them voted prior to being removed from the registration rolls. Federal law says it should be easy, but Virginia has a great deal to hide when it comes to alien registration and voting.”

Anti-voter fraud forces do not see an ally in Mr. McAuliffe. He has vetoed several bills aimed at scrutinizing rosters, including a measure this week. It would have directed registrars to audit voter lists for districts where the number of voters exceeds the U.S. Census tally for voting-age residents.

After Mr. Trump alleged that millions voted illegally on Nov. 8, Mr. Cortes told Washingtonian: “The claims of voter fraud in Virginia during the November 8 election are unfounded. Virginia’s election was well administered by our 133 professional local registrars, with help from hundreds of election officials and volunteers who worked to guarantee a good experience for eligible Virginia voters. The election was fair and all votes cast by eligible voters were accurately counted.”

The obsession with the Russians, however, continues unabated and still without evidence. Now it’s AG Sessions who “spoke twice with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. last year, when he was a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.” Since such contacts could only be regarding subversive Trump collusion with the Russians, the Democrats are outraged and charging perjury and other malfeasance. As usual. And calling for resignations and an independent prosecutor despite no evidence of any wrongdoing. As usual. Routine business is being cast as ‘worst crime evva’ for political gain at any expense. The standards being applied are in line with the distortions and yet more evidence of the dishonesty and destructiveness of the Left’s playbook. Ace does the dissection in The National Laughingstock Coordinates Another Hit With Obama’s Loyalist Leave-Behinds.

The media, which has been described as having an almost autistic level of literalness in its parsing of Trump’s comments, seems to be doing the same thing to Sessions here, ignoring the actual context of the questions and what Franken was actually implying and asking about.

Remember Miguel Estrada? After his experience with Senate Democrats, here is what he says:

“I was immensely lucky to have the chance to serve our country years ago, but it did not work out. I have only respect and best wishes for those who agree to serve despite the deterioration of the confirmation process over the years, but everyone who knows me in this town knows that I would never accept a job that requires Senate confirmation or, for that matter, willingly place myself in any situation (e.g., a hearing room) in which convention requires that I be civil to Chuck Schumer.”

John Sexton points out that Chuck Schumer can’t identify one thing he could support in Trump’s speech – “So that’s the final word from the minority leader. In a speech that included a call to continue work on civil rights, to expand paid leave for working mothers, even to make a deal on immigration, Schumer heard nothing he is willing to help with.”

Ed Morrissey picks up on this with Van Jones: Trump certainly looked presidential last night, eh?

I don’t believe for a second that these Democrats feel nothing for Owens, but they let partisanship get ahead of a naturally unifying moment that really had nothing to do with Trump. Jones’ question gets answered by the very moment he cites, in this case. It exemplifies the division-at-all-costs of the Democratic “resistance,” which made them look incredibly petty in front of a national audience.

This Democratic leadership class has taken their party off an electoral cliff over the last eight years. They seem prepared to “Thelma and Louise” all the way to the bottom. That may have a lot more to do with future failures than routine State of the Union strategies.

VDH is wondering if Trump is a “shaped charge” in The Metaphysics of Trump – “Paradox: How does a supposedly bad man appoint good people eager to advance a conservative agenda that supposedly more moral Republicans failed to realize?”

do the appointments create a dilemma for his existential critics who have gone beyond the traditional media audit of a public official … How do his opponents square such excellent appointments with Trump himself?

Are his Cabinet secretaries patriotically (as I believe) serving their president, even if prepared at times to nudge him away from what they might feel are occasional unwise detours? Appointees of the caliber of a Mattis, McMaster, or Kelly do not go to work for any president with the likelihood of becoming undercover actors — undercutting his authority, or posing to the press that they are the moral superior to their boss, or leaking information to massage favorable accounts of their superior savvy or morality at the president’s expense. No, they serve the president because they want their country to prosper and think that it can if their commander in chief (whose agendas for the most part they share) is successful.

Again, the point is, How do critics square the circle of damning Trump as singularly unfit while simultaneously praising his inspired appointees, who, if they were to adopt a similar mindset, would never set foot in a Trump White House?

Even conservatives sometimes seem more bothered by Trump’s raw uncouthness in service to a conservative agenda than they were by Obama’s sautéed orneriness in advancing progressive hope and change.

In sum, it is far more difficult in 2017 to enact conservative change than it was 40 years ago — not necessarily because the message is less popular, but because government is far more deeply embedded in our lives, the Left is far more sophisticated in its political efforts to advance a message that otherwise has no real record of providing prosperity and security, and the Right had avoided the bare-knuckles brawling of the Left and instead grown accustomed to losing in a dignified fashion.

The final irony? The supposedly narcissistic and self-absorbed Trump ran a campaign that addressed in undeniably sincere fashion the dilemmas of a lost hinterland. And he did so after supposedly more moral Republicans had all but written off the rubes as either politically irrelevant or beyond the hope of salvation in a globalized world. How a brutal Manhattan developer, who thrived on self-centered controversy and even scandal, proved singularly empathetic to millions of the forgotten is apparently still not fully understood.

Also see VDH on False Documents puzzling about another paradox. “The WSJ should know that “false documents” are seldom used just “to work,” but are part and parcel of a continuous process of misleading or defrauding the system in nearly every transaction with government and private enterprise.” or “what a string of oxymorons: “law-abiding”/“crime”/“false documents”!”

Jason Willick: Pundits Too Pat on Trump and Crime – “All this is to say that while Trump must be held rigorously accountable to the facts, it is neither honest or productive for his critics to simply throw up their hands and declare that Trump is living in a fake news fueled alternate reality. He often speaks to real issues, and his opposition would be more effective if it acknowledged them rather than constructing factually-challenged echo chambers of its own.” The idea that Trump must be held rigorously accountable is empty as it means nothing. The implication is that there is some superior authority in the establishment that can do this holding accountable and that only raises the question of who holds that authority accountable and how.

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2/25/2017: The hubris of reporters and their part in the insanity

Wallace, substituting for O’Reilly, interviewed Goldberg who asserted that there was no Fake News and that Trump just couldn’t tell bias from Fake News. Bias was illustrated by the contempt Wallace and Goldberg showed for the President. Bias is headlines that are contradicted deep in the story. Bias is in patterns of questionable adjectives. Fake News is publishing stories based on sources committing crimes that turn out to be fabricated or false. Think Dan Rather and the TANG stories for the epitome of Fake News. Consider the many instances where the NYT and CNN have found it necessary to issue story corrections. Wallace and Goldberg need to step back and consider their own biases and inability to distinguish bias from Fake.

Sundance explains Very Fake News – Back Story Behind Spicer Gaggle Shows CNN and NYT Constructing False Narrative… – “There has been a lot of attention paid to Sean Spicer’s decision to not invite the New York Times, CNN and Politico to a press gaggle in his office today. “

However, against the backdrop of the attempted hit job by CNN and the New York Times the Spicer decision was modest.

CNN framed a story of White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus asking the FBI to rebuke an earlier story -based on anonymous leaks- of Trump campaign contacts with Russia. According to the agenda, CNN wanted to make it look like the administration was pressuring the FBI to provide the White House political cover.

However, the truth behind the entire episode shows an entirely different story than the false narrative created by CNN.

So the entire construct by CNN of the White House (via Priebus) trying to pressure the FBI is complete nonsense. Very Fake News…. aka a false narrative.

However, perhaps more important, it’s the leaks within the FBI, to CNN which aid in the construction of the false narrative, that are now becoming more concerning to President Trump.

Don Surber: Press coverage of Trump at CPAC shows the Vanity of the Press – “I read the press accounts of The Donald at the CPAC and I must have misunderstood. They described a speech I did not witness.” Read his examples.

Trump Derangement Syndrome emerges as a public health issue by Thomas Lifson – “Mental health professionals are starting to open up in public about the mental health issues among liberals experiencing Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

TDS sufferers are inflicting their anger on others. They are thus a public health hazard. But of course, the LAT cannot openly make such a statement, and instead seeks to portray the issue as equally affecting Trump supporters: …

Ahem, the anger and aggression are one-sided, coming from the TDS sufferers.

Worst of all, mental health professionals are beginning to corrupt their profession owing to shared feelings with the TDS crowd

There are so many absurd fantasies about Trump that are widespread among liberals – that he is antisemitic (with a beloved daughter who is Jewish!), that he is Putin’s puppet (yeah, right – that’s why he is encouraging fracking that would devastate Russia’s heavy reliance on oil prices being high), and that he is somehow authoritarian (by wanting to reduce the power of the unelected bureaucrats to makes laws).

It is time for the wider community to counsel TDS sufferers that they are ill, but that they can receive help. Counseling, disengagment from politics, and if all else fails, medication.

Limbaugh answered a caller’s question about the uncivil behavior in the news by mentioning that “anger and aggression” as hate that drives the Left. With hatred paramount, other considerations for civil society fade and the result is the sort of destructive behavior being seen from the Left.

Paul Mirengoff: Law profs file frivolous bar complaint against Kellyanne Conway – “I hope someone is cataloging all of the low tactics employed by the left to impair the Trump administration. Such a catalog will be useful the next time a Democratic president takes office. … But many of the tactics will have to be rejected as too idiotic. Filing a bar complaint is one of them.”

Via Glen Reynolds: Walter Russell Mead harshes the narrative: Trump isn’t sounding like a Russian mole: Trump’s core global strategy is intended to destroy any illusions in Moscow that Russia is a peer competitor of Washington’s. – “So blind does hatred make them that they cannot understand how their own behavior is driving American public opinion in directions that bode ill for liberals in the future.”

Sara Zaske: Teaching Children to Play With Fire – “Mr. Karawahn’s workshops aim to prevent tragedies caused by children playing with fire in secret.” This, perhaps, is something for those physicians who are obsessed about guns and insist on intruding into patient’s lifestyles on the topic. A safe lifestyle is more likely had with proper training and parenting and neither of these are in the physician’s scope.

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2/23/2017: An alternate reality

Washington Times editorial: The McCain-Trump feud – “It’s not about the Russians, but whether America should try to remake the world.”

Mr. McCain, a senior senator and former presidential nominee of the Republican Party — and with the eminence that those credentials accord — traveled across the Atlantic the other day to deliver what one analyst calls “a calculated, planned attack on Trump’s entire system of beliefs.” This is without modern precedent, and it was out of bounds.

the senator’s description of the president, to a security conference in Munich where nobody could miss the point of his remarks, was very close to a declaration of war on the president.

Valerie Richardson: Left staging ambush attacks at GOP-led town halls – “Say turnabout after tea party fair play.” No, the TEA party was not like this.

A nationwide “storm-the-town-halls” strategy, organized by groups like the George Soros-funded, has resulted in thousands of activists swamping Republicans at public events, creating media buzz as they shout down lawmakers and fueling comparisons to the tea party town halls of 2009.

Charles C.W. Cooke: The Fourth Circuit Runs Roughshod over Heller and the Second Amendment – “In upholding Maryland’s ‘assault weapons’ ban, the court employed dubious legal reasoning to trample on American constitutional rights.”

As Judge Traxler’s dissent pointedly establishes, the majority achieved this transformation by contriving “a heretofore unknown ‘test,’ which is whether the firearm in question is ‘most useful in military service.’” In effect, this “test” is designed to permit judges to determine that any weapon they might dislike is unprotected by the Second Amendment and can therefore be prohibited with impunity. Forget that Heller contains its own explicit tests. Forget the “common use” standard. Forget “dangerous and unusual.” There’s a new kid in town, and he’s coming for your rifles.

Most worrying of all, the majority concludes its trail of destruction by playing preemptive games with the standard of review. Because it sets “assault weapons” outside of the Constitution’s remit, the majority never reaches the question of scrutiny. But it nevertheless wants us to know that it would have applied intermediate scrutiny, and that the law in question would have passed without difficulty. This is extraordinary.

See also Ted Yoho, member of the U.S. House of Representatives, on Reining in a hysterical judiciary – “When judges go rogue, it’s the job of Congress to calm them.”

Ed Morrissey: Too bad to check: California secession movement leader lives in … Russia? – Intellectual Integrity seems in short supply over there. Another example is Matt Vespa on Tucker’s guest to Trump: ‘Way more people have protested than were at your Nazi inaguration’ but back to Morrissey:

There is no small measure of irony in this. One of the biggest complaints that progressives have with Trump is his supposed ties to Russia, which have been the subject of an FBI investigation that’s apparently going nowhere. Russia did hack the DNC and John Podesta in hopes of impacting the election, both the FBI and the CIA say, but neither have found any evidence of coordination between Trump and his campaign and Russian intelligence.

Instead, there seems to be at least some indirect connections between this progressive grassroots effort to split California from the US and Russia. The NYT notes that a state-funded Russian group called the Anti-Globalization Movement that backs a breakup of the United States offered Marinelli office space in Moscow for a Yes California “embassy,” which he then accepted. The Times report also suggests that the same or a similar group paid for hotel rooms for other secessionist groups in the US last September, including efforts in Texas, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Even Allahpundit notes the absurdity in the WaPo’s new slogan – “The irony of using it as a middle finger to Trump is that Trump’s not really operating in “darkness.” If (cringe) democracy dies by his hand, it won’t be because he fooled the public about anything. The public knew exactly what they were getting when they voted for him.” What is also worthy of note is Allahpundit’s perception of Trump and how exaggerated it is. It serves to compare with the hyperbole gone wild illustrated by most of the Left.

The Daily Quotes has two that are pertinent to this blog: Robert Benchley: “The surest way to make a monkey of a man is to quote him.” Robert Heinlein: “Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.”

John Hinderaker notes that Immigration Law Enforcement Begins – “Hallelujah. It shouldn’t be news that we now have a president who takes his oath of office seriously, but in view of Barack Obama’s abdication of his constitutional responsibilities, it is news.”

The main thrust of the memoranda is to tell ICE and the other agencies that the nation’s immigration laws are now going to be enforced. … The memorandum titled “Enforcemen of the Immigration Laws to Serve the National Interest” explicitly invokes the president’s constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed

I can’t find any directive in either memorandum to “publicize crimes by immigrants,” and, in any event, nothing in the orders relates to immigrants. The orders are directed at illegal immigrants. The Times deliberately conflates the two.

One could go on like this for a long time, but let’s take just one more paragraph of the Times’s cri de cœur

Real news and Fake news on the table to examine.

David Robertson: The Alternate Reality of the Political Left – “U.S. Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) thinks that he is living in an alternate reality.”

According to that alternate reality . . .

#1 It is anti-worker to want workers to have the right to work without having to pay labor unions in order to work. …

#2 People who aren’t Americans have the right to enter the USA whenever they want no matter who they are. …

#3 You have freedom of speech only if members of the Political Left approve of what you have to say. …

#4 Wealth envy is a virtue. …

The line gets blurred when matters of opinion become a real question about ‘what you been smokin’.

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