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Protecting the rights of minorities

The failure of absolute democracies in history was a less in the founding of the U.S. government. Mob rule, the two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner fable, and ‘scientific consensus’ all highlight the need to build protections for the rights of minorities in how a government is structured and operated. That is a major source of conflict in today’s politics. Like a toddler pushing the limits of what is allowed, the law and politics are both pushing the rules and customs to find weak spots and to create them if possible.

Alinsky suggested making your opponents live by their own rules [rule 4, see Bolen report]. It seems the word did not get to his friends. Pelosi started a war Jeffries has to finish (David Winston, Roll Call) — “Certainly, there have been times when creating a new precedent has been warranted. … Democrats, especially Nancy Pelosi, should have learned from Reid’s mistakes. When breaking precedent, be careful what you wish for. … No one is arguing that Speaker Pelosi didn’t have the power to do what she did. But was it the right thing to do? Her legacy now includes becoming the first speaker to strong-arm a select committee into existence and dictate its composition without the participation of the legitimate minority party leadership. – And it was a major unforced error” — Democrats Hate Being Held to Their Own Standards: Committee Assignments Edition (Guy Benson, Townhall) — “some of this is the ‘play stupid games, win stupid prizes’ effect.  If Democrats didn’t want Republican leaders to pick and choose which of their members could serve on certain committees, they should have left those decisions to the GOP in the last Congress.  Once the die was cast on the other side, it became inevitable that reprisals would follow … Pelosi and company pried open this Pandora’s box, and now they may have to live with the results.” — 

Instapundit » Blog Archive » NO ENEMIES TO THE LEFT: Media outlets keep promoting ‘forest defenders’ and ignoring that they shot … is about the ‘whole truth’ being hidden by the media. Are you up on the Atlanta Antifa riots? Major reporting is trying to make it a Floyd type episode – not the real one but the created on. At least the governor is taking the Leftist violence seriously by calling out the National Guard. The fabrication, rationales, and distortions have another exposure in Eggs and weather cause blood clots; ‘stroke season’; and ‘sudden cardiac arrest’ forms for high schoolers (Olivia Murray, – American Thinker) — “Read on for the most notable of the chart-topping absurdities” — and here’s another one: British government data reveal very similar Covid hospitalization rates in vaccinated and unvaccinated people in many age groups (Alex Berenson) — “The British government calculated that to prevent a single case of severe Covid, nearly 1 million healthy adults under 50 would have to receive a booster.”

Paradigm shift sometimes seems to be getting rather stale but consider BELICH: Republicans Need a Tech ‘Manhattan Project’ to Win in 2024 and Beyond (RedState obnoxious warning) — “Republicans Stuck: Broken Paradigm, Old Mindset … In a world where data-driven profile marketing is now the norm, list value lies in the quality of the relationship and its common factors. … The direct mail mindset is not compatible with modern expectations, and it needs to be retired. … The Democrats operate technology the same way they run their cultural infestation, by running many, many teams, some unwittingly, all in the same direction.” — There are some indications that this is happening in the voter fraud area. It is also a major issue for sites like Redstate, Townhall, Epoch Times, and many other information sources as they struggle to find ways to monetize their efforts and transition from traditional newspaper and broadcast models to something more appropriate for websites and podcasts.



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unintended consequences

Nevada voted for it. It sounds so nice! Ranked-Choice Voting Keeps Rigging Elections (Victoria Marshall, Federalist) — “t’s become obvious this mind-boggling election system deserves a new name: rigged-choice voting. … If Americans desire democracy and election integrity, rigged-choice voting is clearly not the way to go.” Nice platitudes but very little consideration of examples in practice or the implications can lead to unintended consequences.

In the ad hominem TDS version files there is  Getting “Personal”: Chuck Todd Dismisses Investigation into Possible Biden Foreign Influence Peddling – JONATHAN TURLEY – “Now the details of one of the largest and most lucrative influence-peddling operations in history could be made public — along with their effort to conceal it. … This obstruction was only possible with an enabling and protective media downplaying the scandal. … Such denials, however, are getting more difficult. … That’s what made Chuck Todd’s interview with incoming House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer so revealing.” — “it’s not working. The public is not going to dismiss this influence-peddling scandal with a smirk and a shrug. There will be a public accounting, and it will not be confined to the Biden family.”

Glenn Harlan Reynolds is feeling out substack as an adjunct or compliment to the Instapundit blog. See Fighting Campus Bigotry with Prof. Mark J. Perry — “How he’s pushing back against Institutional sexism and racism, and how you can help.” — “I asked him a to talk about what he’s doing and why, and at the end he has some advice on how you can help, and an offer of assistance.  I chime in with some other things you can do.” — “It takes very little pushback to make a difference, because the campus orthodoxy is such that many people who engage in fashionably approved racial or sexual misconduct don’t even think they’re doing anything wrong. The prospect of consequences for this misbehavior is likely to be sobering, and the point that such behavior is illegal and improper will stick.”

There is an era of exploration going on as independents are trying to find out how to garner and audience and how to turn that into an income to support their reporting and publication expenses. The adjustments from print and mail to the I’net are not simple nor are they easy. 

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How do they live with themselves? Some clues.

Professor Turley notes one of the indicative behaviors of the guilty in “Conspiracy Theorists…Attempting to Discredit the Agency”: The FBI Attacks Critics Objecting to its Role in Twitter’s Censorship System. — “It is not clear what is more chilling: the menacing role played by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Twitter’s censorship program or its mendacious response to the disclosure of that role.” — “The statement shows an agency that is still engaged in framing public opinion and echoing the narrative being advanced by the White House. … There was a time when that was not a “conspiracy theory.” — The Valley and the Swamp (G. Murphy Donovan, American Thinker) notes that — “Truth does indeed often hide in plain sight … The real value of all those Twitter email dumps so far is that we now have probative evidence for what many already knew.” — 

“No surprise, then, to hear that the Intelligence Community and the FBI deny that they censor news or selectively enforce the law.  The FBI doesn’t just think it is above the law; it now knows it.

“The first great tragedy of the 21st century is the soft coup against America, a joint venture between Big Tech and Big Intel, where tactics and operations formerly reserved for foreign enemies are now used against American citizens.

This gets into the same league of rationalizations as in the question Did The Ways & Means Committee Play The Supreme Court On Trump’s Tax Returns? (Josh Blackman, Volokh). In this one, the rationalization is about proper IRS function but the goal was voyeurism into the private affairs of a citizen. That gets into a String of errors in federal statistics favoring Democrats raising concerns of manipulation (Ben Whedon, Just the News). — “A recent string of errors and apparent discrepancies in federal statistics has raised concerns that such metrics, long regarded as irreproachably nonpartisan and credible, may have fallen prey to manipulation in favor of the incumbent Democratic Party.” — “The Immigration Court’s failure to respond to or address TRAC’s findings of significant data quality issues regarding minors is particularly concerning given the highly sensitive nature of children facing deportation,” — The quiet on these three issues is also telling and why The Election Integrity Battle Must Be Won before It Is Fought (Mac Madden, American Thinker) — “Republicans should have learned that once the votes are cast, it is nearly impossible to litigate fairness.  They did not.  It’s fair to say that in spite of all the talk after the 2020 election about fixing election integrity, very little was  done that actually improved things.” — “We need a strategy.  What’s a strategy?  A strategy answers the following questions: What are we going to do?  When are we going to do it?  Who is going to do it?  How much will it cost?  Where will we get the money?” — On that end is Trump issues a fiery rebuttal to January 6 committee. (Andrea Widburg, American Thinker) — “The 845-page report looks comprehensive, but it’s not, and that’s one of the main points Trump makes in his statement.” — That is why the minority issued its rebuttal, too, — The Senators are feeling it, too. Omnibus Bill: Don’t Get Mad, Get Even ( Renee Parsons, American Thinker) — “There is a general consensus that a dozen or so U.S. senators who are mostly aligned with the America First movement have screwed up royally by allowing the 4,100-plus-page omnibus $1.7-trillion budget to be adopted”

What’s is sometimes missed is that the noise level on all these behaviors is rising. We’ve reached terminal velocity: Washington state bureaucrats bemoan ‘rational thinking’ (Olivia Murray, American Thinker) — “As I scanned the curriculum, it was clear that the overarching theme really is “Ignorance is Strength” — albeit conveyed in a myriad of ways.” — also see It’s Time To Tell The Truth About Colonialism In Africa (Casey Chalk, Federalist) — “Historian Bruce Gilley’s provocative book, ‘In Defense of German Colonialism,’ makes a compelling case that many historical narratives surrounding Africa are motivated by politics, not facts.” — That is cited as A scholar is trying to give more dimension to Africa’s colonial history (Andrea Widburg, American Thinker) who expands the theme with — “As Steven Pinker explains in a book I never tire of citing, The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined, all Stone Age societies (that is, societies without wheels, with minimal tools, and without stable habitation) have developed in the same way: They form tribes that engage in constant warfare with surrounding tribes.”

“History is interesting because nothing is all good or all bad. Leftists, with their relentless demonizing of the West and their glorification of the non-West, not only make history boring, but they also set up unnecessary conflicts in the modern era while denying agency to both colonizers and colonized.

Another example of the distortion of history is the story about the Keystone Pipeline Allowed to Reopen, Media Continues Lying about Spill. (Ben Wetmore, Gateway Pundit). This was about an oil spill in Kansas exaggerated by the ideological opportunists. Meanwhile ‘baby, it’s cold outside’ — but that’s another phenomena being subject to hyperbole and a tool for rationalizing fact free ideologies.


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They come to destroy

In light of California’s struggle with reparations and the President apologizing to African leaders about slavery evils, some reality exposure is needed. Don Surber has a bit for those seeking a grip on what actually is. The West didn’t colonize. It civilized. “Yes, there was slavery, particularly in Africa. But slavery had always been there. … For a few centuries, Ghana was one of the richest nations on Earth thanks to its role in the slave trade.”

“The West conquered the world and brought advanced technology and prosperity. Compare and contrast those isolated tribes in the Amazon to how Brazilians live. It is no contest. Natives are better off thanks to the West.

VDH is asking “Are we sure that there is all that much ruin left in the United States?”. Our Parasitic Generation is seeking reparations of all sorts. — “We are $31 trillion in collective debt. The new normal is $1.5 trillion budget deficits. The military is politicized and short of recruits. We trade lethal terrorists for woke celebrity athletes as if to confirm our enemies’ cynical stereotypes.” — “Our California always is a preamble to America’s future. Our present is likely your tomorrow.” — are we “A Nation of Thieves?”

“More accurately, the Democrats should be noted as the “party of innocent death.” That is, a death sentence is OK as in abortion or euthanasia but not for committing capital crimes. Olivia Murray says In a last act of inverted morality, Oregon’s outgoing governor commutes death sentences for criminals, but not babies. — “if justice cannot be achieved by “taking a life”, then there is no such thing as “reproductive justice.” She just gutted her own faulty belief system” — Another example of selective harm is from John Dale Dunn: The New England Medical Journal Uses Denial To Advance Transgenderism. — “The problem is that the sexual deviancy advocates want the societal norms destroyed in favor of nihilist and “anything goes” approaches that are politically motivated and a part of destroying societal moral norms. … Advocating pharmacological and surgical mutilation is anti-science and fails to address the pathology.”

“Denialism now takes its place in the rhetorical armory of the left as another weapon to stifle debate and intimidate those opposing a narrative that the socialist/sex deviancy army pushes to promote the fetishist/transvestite/sexual fluidity movement. It is no coincidence that Boston Children’s Hospital was recently exposed as another medical center engaged in mutilating confused children and adolescents.

Insurrection continues to provide a fertile field for diversion, denial, and deceit. It starts with Controlling the Department of Justice. Steve McCann says “The unabashed political persecution and unconscionable years of pre-trial incarceration for some January 6th protestors in direct violation of the Sixth Amendment. The near-psychotic obsession to indict and convict Donald Trump of any specious federal crime.” — Then there is The Democrats’ Slow Motion Insurrection – Issues & Insights: “Their mostly bloodless coup to suspend constitutional limits and seize unchallenged power has been thoroughly calculated and expertly executed.” — “Modern Democrats are constantly in conflict with liberty.” — Jack Gleason thinks Election-Fraud Corruption Is Deeper than Anyone Can Imagine. — “The left and their RINO allies, along with who-knows-how-many other corporate and foreign actors, have set up the most complicated electoral fraud system in history.  Every step of the voting process — from who is allowed to vote, how they vote, how the votes are tallied, to how the results are reported — is compromised.  They are so far into their corruption that being exposed is not an option.  They will do literally anything to avoid being caught.” The voter rolls provide a point of attack for corrections. It is happening there and on other fronts as well. It seems to be a guerrilla assault on an organized army. Perhaps common interests will help organize the efforts. 


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Naval gazing is no response for when your critics need a mirror

About those white privileged dudes … Al Bienenfeld thinks Leftists are dangerously dehumanizing their political opponents. — “Two very different people but both doing something extremely dangerous, which is to dehumanize people. David Livingstone Smith has dedicated an entire book to this problem: Less Than Human: Why We Demean, Enslave, and Exterminate Others. … It requires dehumanization to liberate aggression and exclude the target from the moral community. … For the left, nothing must interfere with the dehumanization of the White non-liberal community. Once that’s done, the way is open for genocide.” — Stella Morabito says The ‘Whiteness’ Smear Is Really An Attack On Universal Values. — “Identity politics aims to humiliate ‘whites’ by constantly accusing them of their presumed ancestors’ role in things they didn’t do themselves.”

most people just want to live and let live. In general, an ordinary black person just wants what every ordinary white person wants: a place of his or her own to call home; close family; satisfying friendships; good schools for their children; good cheer; and the opportunity to explore, to discover, to build, to work, and to have a purpose in life. There’s nothing supremacist about that and certainly nothing white.

I recall a quote from a Soviet dissident who described the yearning for such freedom as a desire simply to own a little plot on which to grow one’s own tomatoes. I think that sums it up.

The differences are stark between those that want to be left alone and those who can’t stand it. Dennis Prager explains Between Left and Right, How Do You Know Which Side Isn’t Telling the Truth? — “In its suppression of scientific dissent, the American medical establishment mimics the medieval Church’s treatment of Galileo.” — Betsy McCaughey provides an example in The January 6 Committee Travesty. — “After conducting hundreds of depositions and closed-door hearings, committee staff were notified last week that most of their findings — about domestic extremist groups and about law enforcement’s failure to protect the Capitol — will be excluded from the final report.” That is why we have the Key Takeaways from the FBI Whistleblowers Report. Charles Sullivan provides a few of the salient points and provides a link for more. The central topic there is how The 2022 Mid-Terms Exposed the Existence of Two Americas and the Overwhelming Importance of the 2024 Election. Steve McCann says “Far too many, particularly the younger generations who voted overwhelmingly Democrat, dwell in mindless loyalty to a collectivist tribe, its leaders and its attendant ideology.  In their addled thinking this fidelity outweighs the well-being of themselves or the nation and its citizenry. … There is no middle ground as this nation is beset with dichotomous ideological and societal differences that are irreconcilable as one side (blue America) is hellbent on defeating and subjugating the other (red America).”

What to do? One warrior is at a decision point and Victor Davis Hanson wonders Will Trump ride off into the sunset, or play the broken hero? The answer came Tuesday. Trump’s stellar presidential announcement reminds us why we voted for him in 2016. Monica Showalter says “He didn’t get scattered, he didn’t descend into ad libs, and he didn’t attack other Republicans. … He focused on specific issues that are absolutely foremost in voters’ minds, according to polls.” What is of note at this is that the former President is being held to standards of perfection not applied to anyone else, even by those who struggle to deal with their agreement with his achievements.



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When Election Day became Election Month

“I won’t be analyzing this election too, because I already know how it’s done. I’ve seen how the sausage is made. And I know there were no real election integrity reforms between 2020 and 2022 except in Florida” — Dan Gelernter thinks This Wasn’t an Election.

“this is all up to you now. I can’t pretend that Pennsylvania actually preferred a severely disabled stroke victim to a Trump-endorsed candidate. I can’t pretend that, while incumbent presidents lose seats in the midterms, Biden is so much more popular than Obama was that he escaped a similar “shellacking.” I can’t pretend that abortion was a bigger issue for the young voters than taxes, lost jobs, inflation and war. I can’t pretend this election wasn’t stolen. But you can.

A core issue is When Election Day Lasts For A Month – Issues & Insights. — “Hard to believe that many of us grew up going to bed on election night knowing not only who won the presidential election, but who came out on top of many other races, as well. But that’s changed.” — J.B. Shurk calls it America’s Great Political Unraveling. — “What’s worse—how much of a joke America’s “elections” are or the contempt with which election officials treat voters who have the nerve to demand answers on election night?” … “How does a good American citizen work within that kind of naturally corrupt system?” — Jay Valentine describes one approach in How Wisconsin Streetfighters Disrupted a Democrat Ballot-Gathering System. — “Let us all how remember anonymous electoral streetfighters, with few resources, showed how even a little gravel tossed into the Democrats’ ballot-gathering apparatus can disrupt a frictionless system in place for 30 years.” — Nick Arama gets a big picture About the GOP Winning That Popular Vote in the House Races – RedState. — “how to explain all the polls indicating things were breaking for the Republicans, that independents were breaking for Republicans as well? Were they all wrong?” … “So that might be the way to reconcile some of the polls: inefficient vote distribution, the red areas got redder and Republicans picked up black and Latino votes, but in areas that didn’t flip races. – But some of the other things don’t make sense to me.”

What Trump labeled as sanctimonious that got the usual suspects panties in a wad was noticed by David Solway who asks DeSantis 2024? Think Again. — “It should be clear by this time that popularity has nothing to do with electability.” … “this would be the time to rally the troops and to work indefatigably, as I argued previously, toward cleaning up the Augean Stables that are now the condition of American politics.”

Trump filled rally after rally in state after state with countless, full-house, full-stadium crowds, and such numbers do not lie. There really was a red wave in the midterms, but it was macro-engineered to a trickle, as should have been expected. The scam of  “malfunctioning” voting machines, the shortage of paper ballots, the tsunami of mail-in and late ballots, the temporary closing and slow-downs of polling stations, and so on would have been sufficient to determine an electoral result. 2020 was an early run for 2022, which in turn should be regarded as a template for 2024. I am absolutely sure that the Dems are now, even as we speak, preparing favorable ground for the next presidential election. As Stalin is reputed to have said, “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.” To make Trump responsible for Democrat malfeasance is wholly misguided.

Both climate and pandemics provide examples of intellectual corruption today as well. Viv Forbes explains why Why green energy is not green at all and John Hughes says 2022 Ivermectin Research Study Shows Modern Medical Research Can Be Propaganda, Not Science. — “Medical research is supposed to be non-biased and professional to insulate legitimate scientific inquiry from personal and financial interests.” [so is climatology] — “Ivermectin may be effective.  It may not.  The problem is that it was vilified before any scientific data could objectively and sufficiently weigh its merit.” … “The major danger is that this tactic will be repeated in the next pandemic and doctors will again be told to prescribe nothing until an expensive designer drug from the company that has provided more ad revenue to TV than any other company saves the day.”

“Just a few short year ago, protocols executed by openly biased and unprofessional doctors would have likely been dismissed as invalid due to egregious researcher bias and financial conflict of interest.  The simultaneous rise of online censorship with unprecedented influence of pharmaceutical corporations has created a new era of medicine and medical research.  It will be good for drug profits and politicians leveraging medical crises for power.  It will not be good for American patients. 

Weaponized is the term being bandied about. Outcomes are pre-determined and anything goes when it comes to rationalizing the need and the means to achieve that outcome.


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The projector is a mirror

Sundance says “There is a big difference between “votes” and “ballots.”  The Republicans focused on winning votes; the Democrats focused on gathering ballots.   The ballots won.” The game has changed and ‘hearts and minds’ rules no longer apply. Despite this and the propaganda efforts Lauren Boebert Wins Colorado CD-03, Also Arizona and Nevada Solid GOP Wins – Delays Are Media Anti-Trump Narrative Engineering Efforts. “The narrative engineering on the current vote/ballot outcome delays in Nevada, Arizona, Colorado (and more) are all related to the organized anti-Trump corporate media agenda.  It’s not coincidental the entire apparatus of the media and professional political establishment are trying to frame a ‘failed Trump’ narrative.” This is called looking for a convenient villain. Don Surber also notes that After the election, the truth emerges. — “I told Republicans to learn to ballot harvest. They didn’t. The rules changed and Republicans failed to adapt.”

There are many who think the pre-election propaganda was effective.Steve Rose explains Why Democrats Accuse Us of What They Do. He calls projection a tactic, a well known tactic described by top propagandists throughout history.

Of course, these accusations seem absurd to us. We fit none of their ridiculous, delusional caricatures.

But if they’re accusing us of what they’re doing themselves, this should tell us much of what we need to know.

They’re revealing a great deal about themselves.

Reparations are an attempt to buy one’s way out of dissonance stimulated by ad hominem  assaults. John Hinderaker calls one example A Terrible Idea Whose Time Has Come [Updated]. — “Britain’s “conservative” administration led by Rishi Sunak has opened the door to paying “climate reparations” to poor countries.” The thing is that it is the poor countries doing more to taint the atmosphere. At least, it appears to be a cheap play. The outcome of such thinking may not be. Luana Maroja discusses An Existential Threat to Doing Good Science. — “We each have our own woke tipping point—the moment you realize that social justice is no longer what we thought it was, but has instead morphed into an ugly authoritarianism.” … “The censors and gatekeepers simply assume—without evidence … The dangers of closing off so many avenues of inquiry is that science itself becomes an extension of ideology and is no longer an endeavor predicated on pursuing knowledge and truth.”



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Damn the cost! (or at least pretend it doesn’t exist)

Stolen Elections: A Tale of Two D.C. Courtrooms. Julie Kelly —  “Regardless of the verdicts for Sussmann and Hale, it’s increasingly clear Americans continue to live in two separate and unequal systems of government”

Why The Jury Should Convict Michael Sussmann Of Lying To The FBI, But Probably Won’t. Margot Cleveland — “The evidence prosecutors elicited from witnesses over the last two weeks provides overwhelming proof of Sussmann’s guilt”

The truth about the Russia Hoax is oozing out at the Sussmann trial. Ron F. Hale — “Certain lies are diabolically powerful. They are a malicious mixture of half-truths, the charismatic personality of the liar, and the work of unseen forces making the lie desirable”

There were WMDs in Iraq. Bob Ryan — “Between the Democrats, the media who serve as their propagandist, and those who have an irrational hatred of George W. Bush, there has been a refusal to give up the lie that nothing was found in Iraq”

We’re witnessing a destructive political machine at work. Terry Paulding — “It’s a sad thing that once-wonderful places to live have been so degraded.  We feel a force — a machine — pushing those changes, but we cannot see the machine itself”

When no one steps up to deal with violence and insanity. John Sexton —  “it could easily have gone differently. At what point would the men on the train have decided they’d seen enough and pin him to the floor?”

A tale of two Texas towns. John P. Kuchta, Jr. — “I am going to compare and contrast the attacks that both Uvalde and Garland endured, separated by just over seven years, with vastly different outcomes.”

The Trouble With Do-Somethingism on Guns, by David Harsanyi | Creators Syndicate — “Rather than focusing on these tangible entry points for potentially useful legislation, instead of proposing ideas on better identifying shooters before they act, instead of thinking about how schools could be structurally safer, instead of debating the efficacy of putting more cops in schools — and none of these are panaceas, mind you — Senate Democrats were busy dunking on Republicans for failing to support bills that have absolutely zero to do with mass shootings.”

Democrats Are Blatantly Stopping School Safety Measures to Create Anti-Republican Narratives. Brandon Morse — “The cacophony of “do something” was heard by Republicans” … “Schumer and the Democrats are playing politics, and for every game they play, more lives are put at risk”

Opposing DEI. Henry Kopel — “DEI advocates seem blind to the historical reality of humanity’s long and painful efforts to rise above our ancient, hard-wired tendencies towards tribal, “us-vs-them” division and violence. The flawed DEI teaching model would send us back down that violent rabbit hole. It should be opposed by all supporters of pluralistic liberal democracy, regardless of one’s race, creed, color, or political affiliation.”

The Day the Electricity Died. Frank Lasee.– “Don’t embrace large-scale wind and solar unless you’re happy to suffer increasingly frequent, widespread, and prolonged power outages—and the deaths and other losses they cost.”


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Sacrifice and the ugly religion in false color

The underground has money and resources to uncover the fraud – Peaceful protests get smeared – those who tried to escape describe the horrors – money is diverted and people die – but some step forward.

2,000 Mules, The Background of the 2020 Election Fraud. Sundance — “What people call “ballot traffickers” are actually ballot “mules.” – “We know, to a demonstrable certainty, the political network of the Lawfare crew is also on standby against this election investigation” – “Big Tech and Corporate Media have been instructed to push the “domestic extremist” narrative, and any truth-tellers are considered subversive and against the interests of the U.S. government. The January 6th DC protest is being used as evidence for that narrative. Deplatforming, censorship and ultimately control of voices who would warn of the larger issues continues daily.”

The bottom line is this…. AG Merrick Garland knows a powder keg could explode as soon as the majority of American people discover just how manipulated the election of 2020 was. His previous announcements to double the staff of the DOJ Civil Rights Division voter unit was not to protect election integrity, but rather to position his resources for a war against a looming storm of election review outcomes.

The deep and irrefutable research was taking place, mostly very quietly, in the background. I expect the government response to the final assembly of findings will be a combination of the DOJ/FBI “domestic extremist” narratives, combined with racism accusations, claims of election disinformation and eventually the full weaponized deployment of the DOJ and FBI against the teams who put it together.

The Alinsky model: Isolate, Ridicule and Marginalize your political opposition, in combination with the use of arrests and threats by the justice department.

Smearing The Truckers. John Hinderaker — “Liberals have hoped for the protest to turn violent, but it hasn’t happened” … “So now the Left is against desecrating monuments! I thought it had become more or less compulsory. — Putting aside whatever you may think about vaccination mandates, the hostility of the press’s response to any movement that expresses a desire for freedom is striking.”

Must-see video: A woman from a communist country explains liberty to a Canadian reporter. Andrea Widburg — “Although the mainstream media are utterly silent about it, something very big has been happening in Canada.”

Pittsburgh bridge’s 2016 infrastructure funding reportedly diverted to bike lanes and green energy programs. Monica Showalter — “Instead of repairing the bridge with what likely would have been the Obama-era shovel-ready 2009 infrastructure funds for “roads and bridges,” known as the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act,” the cash went to bike lanes and green boondoggles, and too bad about the actual structure that was decaying and deteriorating.” … “Voters have seen this show before, so one hopes that the Pittsburgh people Biden was addressing and everyone else give it the back of their hands.”

In the 21st century, we’ve entered a brave new era of child sacrifice. Andrea Widburg — “In ancient times, pagans sacrificed children to propitiate angry, erratic, and inscrutable gods, hoping that giving up their most precious possessions would save the entire community. Leftists are still doing that, not just with abortion, but with their COVID policies and the madness of their decriminalizing crime.”

Leftists may claim to be secular but that’s not true. They just worship different gods—themselves, Gaia, criminals, etc. And their gods are hungry gods who demand young blood, which leftists seem awfully glad to provide.

‘Someone Opened the Doors From the Inside,’ Jan. 6 Defense Attorney Says. [Epoch Times caveat] Joseph M. Hanneman — “The 20,000-pound Columbus Doors that lead into the Rotunda on the east side of the U.S. Capitol are secured by magnetic locks that can only be opened from the inside using a security code controlled by Capitol Police”

The COVID-19 Storyline Is the Greatest Scam in World History – The Truth Is This Is a ‘Pandemic of the Vaccinated’. Wayne Allyn Root — “even I was shocked by the plethora of stories coming out just in the past week, from all corners of the world, suggesting the vaccines are indeed a terrible failure and are causing a mass die-off.”

Defeating American Marxism. Bruce Colbert — “Poland successfully, nonviolently defeated Marxism, and is a model for defeating Marxism in America today.  Poland, faced with the Marxist destruction of their heritage and society, created a heritage and spiritual renewal movement, which led to Solidarity and to the end of communist rule in Poland and subsequently in the nations of Central and Eastern Europe, between 1979 and 1991.”

“I Knew It Was Wrong,” I Saved My Husband’s Life With Ivermectin. Herschel Smith — “his is one big reason doctors and hospital administrations are so reluctant to use Ivermectin, along with the fact that state boards will take their license.  This is about money – money from the FedGov, and money for hospitals and big Pharma.” — “Just stop with the notions that she owed fealty to the government over her husband’s medical care.  She didn’t, and her actions weren’t “wrong,” as she put it.”

Medicine: The Latest Log on the Left’s Bonfire of Meritocracy. J.B. Shurk — “The professional practice of medicine in the United States has always been held in great esteem because it was seen as a calling that required hard work, discipline, objectivity, and dedication to truth.  After two years of watching doctors all around the country mindlessly follow Commissar Fauci down his rabbit hole of politicized science, though, a lot of Americans will never see medicine the same way.” — “Where merit disappeared, dogma took over. … We are left with a professional class, then, unable to perform its duties and steeped in contradiction. ”

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a deep frustration with the way revisionists construct ‘victims’

Orwell and the Woke. Victor Davis Hanson — “The more TV news hosts rant about “systemic” this and “supremacy” that, and the more college presidents write stern penance memos to their faculty about “that’s not who we are,” the more they feel not just good about themselves, but relieved of any real obligation to live and socialize with the Other.”

Ammo Grrrll has noticed W GONE DAFT. You know who she’s talking about. She writes. … 

More Federal Indictments Issued Against Hillary’s Lawyer for Russia Hoax Op. Victoria Taft — “A federal grand jury convened by John Durham, the former Connecticut U.S. attorney, issued the indictments as a follow-up to the indictment of the Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, according to reports from National Review and CNN.” … “Half the country believes there’s no such thing as equal justice under the law anymore. It would be nice to see these high-level conspiracists finally get what they deserve. After all, this all set the table not only for the 2016 election, but for Trump’s impeachments and dirtying him up for the 2020 election.”

The Power of Knowledge and the Forces of Ignorance. Wolfgang Kasper

Knowledge relates not only to technical matters, but also to tested knowledge about how to organise communal life and govern a community or a nation. Thus, moral norms, work habits, legislated rules and constitutions form a very important part of a society’s stock of knowledge.

One of the key points that the Austrians made is that dispersed, specialised knowledge can normally be exploited best by the voluntary co-operation of individuals. This depends on trust and trust-enhancing rules (institutions), such as the rule of law and free markets in which individual property rights can be exchanged. … 

The stock of knowledge, which a community owns, grows when people are driven by curiosity or self-interest to risk exploring new ideas and concepts, individually or in co-operation with others. A social climate that favours individualism, enterprise, risk-taking, trust, independence and rivalry (competition) has always been conducive to the growth of knowledge. … 

Since knowledge is a perishable asset, it needs to be constantly nourished and cultivated. This was well understood by the leading lights of the Enlightenment; it also inspired generations up to the middle of the twentieth century. Then, around the 1960s, the basic philosophy of education and knowledge changed. … 

One of the big disappointments of my life has been the politicisation of science—once dedicated to rational endeavours to find objective, checkable truths about nature. Science has now been completely corrupted, as researchers bias their methods and findings lest they lose grants from governments and big business. Climate models exaggerate prospective global warming, and any extraordinary weather event is attributed to human malfeasance. The history of global climate variations over millennia is blatantly disregarded. Unsurprisingly, the wider public no longer trusts scientists and their capacity to generate fact-based knowledge which would raise living standards.

Mau-Mauing History and Truth. Eric Louw — “A new book by Lee Boldeman uses a case study of Kenya’s Mau Mau rebellion in the 1950s to reveal how revisionism is practiced and black armband revisionism has been used to attack the British Empire by re-scripting our understanding of events in terms of a narrative about colonial villains and colonized victims.”

As one reads Mau Mau Whitewash. Britain Slandered one is constantly aware that this is a book born of a deep frustration with the way revisionists construct ‘victims’ of colonialism, a strategy Boldeman felt compelled to refute while calling for a more balanced view. It is a pleasure to read someone  at odds with the current zeitgeist of anticolonialism and victimhood.

‘Debunking The 1619 Project’ Reveals The Difference Between History And Propaganda. Auguste Meyrat– “Historian Mary Grabar’s book …  provides lots of useful historical context and facts to counter The New York Times’ racial sophistry.”

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Nations have often gone mad in a matter of months.

MIT Study: Vaccine Hesitancy Is ‘Highly Informed, Scientifically Literate,’ and ‘Sophisticated’. Rick Moran – “Trying to shame the holdouts has failed spectacularly. Insulting and degrading them as “morons” or “ignorant” has resulted in a vicious pushback and a hardening of positions on getting vaccinated.” … “Still, most experts agree that some people who should be getting vaccinated aren’t doing so. But the root cause isn’t ignorance or a belief in conspiracy theories.”

“A more holistic approach to vaccine skepticism is needed if we are to get everyone who needs to be vaccinated protected. Allowances must be made for the legitimate concerns of citizens who, for their own reasons, don’t want to get jabbed. But if indeed, individuals are doing their own risk-benefit calculations, it would help enormously if the Left would refrain from their sickening condescension toward those with serious, legitimate questions.

Stay in your lane’: Former DA warns against prosecutors choosing which laws to enforce. Natalia Mittelstadt – “[I]f you want … a criminal law to change, run for the legislature,” said former District Attorney Tom Hogan. “Don’t run for district attorney.”

Ten (Plus One) Signs that the Age of Biden is Upon Us. Clarice Feldman – “We are living in a weird world of constant deception and bizarre government policies. Sometimes the liars are easily exposed, usually the policies are facially absurd, and this week there are 10 such examples.”

The American Descent into Madness. Victor Davis Hanson – “America went from the freest country in the world in December 2019 to a repressive and frightening place by July 2021. How did that happen?”

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creating artificial stupidity

A Left Turn Toward Biased Ignorance. I & I Editorial Board — “With the extreme left culturally ascendant, many of our most treasured and valuable national institutions have become houses of progressive Groupthink. Meanwhile, our nation’s founding principles, basic morality, values and even science have come under sustained hostile ideological assault by both the media and academia. Bias and ignorance have been institutionalized. Sadly, according to a new report, voters bear much of the blame for this.”

“As President Reagan said, oh-so politely, years ago, “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

We Live In An Age With Absolutely No Intellectual Foundations. Michael Every of Rabobank — “while most people don’t care to notice, once those go, everything else follows.”

Western Civilization’s Growing Intellectual Dead Zones. Richard Fernandez — “The world is living through a crisis of civilization which differs from ordinary disruption in that it involves not a breakdown of physical systems, as might be caused by a natural disaster or technological failure, but is a malaise afflicting the intellectual functioning of society itself.”

Red States Still Rebounding Faster than Blue States. The Committee to Unleash Prosperity — “Unemployment rates are roughly two percentage points lower in the blue states. – The average growth for red states in the fourth quarter was 5.1 percent, more than a full point higher than the average of 3.7 percent for Democrat-run states. – Eight of the top 10 states for fastest economic growth in the fourth quarter of 2020 were led by Republican Governors according to data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.”

The Joe Biden Who Never Was. Victor Davis Hanson — “Biden is proving the Biden he always was—as incompetent as Jimmy Carter, without the latter’s probity. He may prove as corrupt as Bill Clinton yet without his animal energy.”

Project Veritas CEO James O’Keefe’s Lawsuit Against Twitter Alleges ‘Reckless Disregard’ For The Truth. Gabe Kaminsky — “The journalist seeks to demonstrate that Twitter acted with “reckless disregard” for the “falsity of this claim.”

Report: Officer Sicknick Died Of Natural Causes, Discrediting NYT Fire Extinguisher Theory. Tristan Justice — “District medical examiner Francisco Diaz ruled Sicknick died from natural causes, telling the Post there’s no evidence he died from an allergic reaction to chemical irritants such as bear spray or pepper spray.”

Judge In Chauvin Trial Says Maxine Waters’ Attempt To Gin Up Violence Could Lead To Jury Verdict Being Overturned. Jordan Davidson — “now that we have US representatives threatening acts of violence in relation to the specific case is mind-boggling.”

Did Wrecking Ball Maxine Waters Give Derek Chauvin Grounds for an Appeal? Victoria Taft — “Waters would complain that the “right-wing racists” distorted her words.”

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The Truth is struggling to get out from under the rug

Have We Ever Had A President Like This Before? I & I Editorial Board — “No matter who is in charge, if it isn’t Biden, then his presidency is a fraud. To answer our own question, we’re convinced that we’ve ever had a president like this before, possibly dishonestly elected, and certainly insufficient in his abilities. We’re embarrassed for our country.”

“Given how evident Biden’s troubles are, we have to wonder, almost two months into his presidency, why aren’t the left-wing networks bringing mental health professionals to analyze Biden and declare him erratic, dangerous, and unfit, to scare the country, as they did Donald Trump?

Actually, we don’t wonder. We know: As Bob Dylan and Jacques Levy wrote in “Hurricane,” the media “all went along for the ride.”

What Happened to Our Country? Mike Miller — “Dr. Seuss books, Mrs. Butterworth’s Syrup, Uncle Ben’s Rice, beloved-by-generations Aunt Jemima. Gone in a flash. A collective stain on America and a danger to American society. And even more ominously: a danger to America’s children in their formative years.”

The Legends of Our Fall. Victor Davis Hanson — “The left-wing postmodern idea of “truth” as a mere pick-and-choose official narrative is now normal.” It’s such a long list he cites. “In our upside-down world, the smeared “liar” is the revealer of such fraud. And sadly the deified “truth-teller” is in truth the abettor of falsity. ”

As the Court Rulings and Findings Pile up, the Left Still Considers It a Crime to Question the 2020 Election Results. Scott Hounsell — “How long must we live in a world where asking legitimate questions and raising factual concerns about the manner in which the 2020 election was conducted, is considered a cardinal sin?” … “The facts are on the side of conservatives: Any and all of the changes instituted for mail ballots, almost exclusively benefited the left. That’s why they don’t want us asking questions or offering criticisms. Despite several court decisions supporting our cause, their treasonous behavior is excused.”

Interesting: Semi-Serious Social Science Study On January 6 Event. Mark Wauck — “The study comes from the prestigious University of Chicago, and includes some interesting information about the people who participated in as well as those who were arrested at the January 6 Event.” … “Interesting times? I hope so. The data in this study suggests this new movement may not just fade away in the face of DC political theater.”

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There was that HCQ web site noted yesterday to compile meta-analysis of HCQ effectiveness on covid. There is also an election problems collection at Based Media. “We, at BASEDMedia, are an all-volunteer organization made up of patriots who are committed to exposing to the world the wide-spread voter fraud and election interference that occurred in the U.S. 2020 general election.”

President Trump National Address on The Election: “The Most Important Speech I Ever Made” – Full Video and Transcript… Sundance – where the President summarizes the situation with many examples.

Voter Group in Georgia Has Identified More than 50,000 Illegal Votes – Enough Votes to Move Georgia to Trump Column. Joe Hoft – “One of many volunteer groups, a Georgia-based voter data analytics firm says it has found that about 40,000 illegal votes were cast in Georgia in the November 3 general election. … people who moved from one county to another more than 30 days before the election and voted in their old county, which is illegal according to Georgia law. … The same group also found over 10,000 individuals who voted in the 2020 election who no longer live in the state, which is also illegal”

The Michigan Hearing illustrates just what the perpetrators think of witnesses. See “I Can’t Get a Job Any More Because Democrats Like to Ruin Your Life!” – GOP Witness GOES OFF at Michigan Hearing (VIDEO) and WATCH: Michigan Witness Shuts Down Unhinged Democrat After Being Accused Of Lying.

Masks Are Another Way To Control Society Through Isolation. Stella Morabito – “Mask scolds have been monomaniacal about this virus as if there is no other way to die. What they don’t seem to understand is that this is no way to live.”

Walter E. Williams 1936-2020. Thomas Sowell – “He was my best friend for half a century. There was no one I trusted more or whose integrity I respected more. Since he was younger than me, I chose him to be my literary executor, to take control of my books after I was gone. … But his death is a reminder that no one really has anything to say about such things.” … “We may not see his like again. And that is our loss.”

see also Don Boudreaux who has a list of remembrance links and several posts. “Walter, my dear, dear friend and long-time colleague: Do rest in well-deserved peace. We who are left behind will be inspired by your words and your unexcelled example to carry on the good fight. “In Liberty” – as you signed so many of your letters and autographs.”

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Is the third act commencing? Gullibility uncovered and resolved?

Panic. Delusion. FUD Mongering. It’s all on display and in your face.

Covid Confusion Is Largely Intentional. John Hinderaker – “It has taken a concerted effort by our governments, aided and abetted by the press, to sow misinformation about COVID. Examples could be multiplied endlessly. For the moment let’s describe three.”

“Following the news on a daily basis, it is hard to escape the conclusion that governments at all levels, along with more or less the entire journalism industry, are intentionally trying to convey an inflated impression of the impact of the Wuhan virus. Further, there is a growing body of empirical evidence, both nationally and internationally, that strongly suggests the cataclysmic shutdowns that have been imposed by governments both here and abroad have been more or less useless. Our governments have made mistakes that have resulted in the devastation of many millions of lives, and our reporters and editors want to keep that fact quiet. This isn’t surprising, of course: we all know what side they are on.

New York Times Manipulates FBI Lawyer’s Guilty Plea To Hide Real Spygate News. Mollie Hemingway – “Because they were co-conspirators in the hoax, too many in the corporate media are serving as obstacles to holding the FBI and other powerful government agencies accountable for their actions.” She has the catalog: “Mild Headline With Ludicrous Spin” … “Downplays Robert Mueller Ties” … “Assertions Without Evidence” … “Still Peddling Russia Claims” … “Evidence Of Broader Conspiracy” … “Factual But Not Truthful” … “More Anonymous Sourcing” … “Anonymous Leaks Good, Accountable Public Statements Bad” … “We Never Cared About Collusion” … “Downplaying FISA Abuse” … “Good-Faith Document Tampering” … “Hiding The Dossier”

“A New York Times reporter who won a Pulitzer Prize for his role perpetrating the Russia collusion hoax was tasked with framing the news that a former top FBI lawyer was to plead guilty to deliberately fabricating evidence against a Donald Trump campaign affiliate targeted in the Russia probe. The resulting article is a case study in how to write propaganda.

About Kevin Clinesmith. John Hinderaker – “Schiff’s corruption is almost impossible for a normal person to comprehend.” The FISA fraud goes deep. Here’s a review of the latest developments in context.

7 Big Stories Corporate Media Is Ignoring Because The Truth Might Help Trump. Margot Cleveland – “Due to corporate media’s hatred of Donald Trump, Americans are sorely uninformed about news stories that, under any other presidency, would deservedly flood coverage.” – Spygate, Mid East peace, Iran, China, Virus, Elections, Riots,

It Was Obama, Not Trump, Who Failed The Constitution. Horace Cooper – “In “Defender in Chief,” Yoo carefully explains the seriousness of the Trump administration in pursuing its objectives lawfully and also simultaneously reveals how so many of his critics colored outside Constitutional lines.”

“John Yoo’s latest book reveals that Trump is a bold and vigorous force in Washington, and even more an agent of support for his office just as our founders planned. While the left continually challenges his position as president and his person as a threat to our Constitutional order, the reality Yoo reveals is quite different.

In “Defender in Chief,” Yoo gives the reader a robust defense of Trump’s commitment to the American experiment. That our president has an unalloyed love of our country is clear. Now we see with numerous examples that Trump has been able to accomplish his policy goals while staying within the lines of Article II because he’s the defender in chief.

FACT CHECK: Speaker Pelosi Letter About Social Security Makes 9 False Claims. Daniel Greenfield – “The Democrat Speaker’s letter contains numerous false statements even in its first sentence.” Eamples: “America is a Republic, not a Democracy.” … “The Postal Service is not “enshrined” in the Constitution.” … “The Postal Service does not deliver Social Security checks.” … “Pelosi does not state what “devastating effects” can be seen.” … “The election isn’t being sabotaged.” … “Voters remain enfranchised.” … “The Postal Service was dysfunctional long before President Trump took office.” … “delays can hold up mail for a day or two” … “Neither lives nor livelihoods are under threat” – compare and contrast a list like this to those who assert that Trump lies in nature of supposed lie, the definition and sourcing for the allegation, and the support offered.

“Speaker Pelosi is claiming that voting in person is too dangerous, and then urging Democrat officials to hold unnecessary in-person press events at a Post Office, which unnecessarily risks spreading the virus for a publicity stunt.

6 Myths About U.S. Postal Service And The Election Debunked. Jordan Davidson – “it can be hard to discern from corporate media coverage what is actually happening. Many different networks have accused President Trump of disrupting USPS operations for political gain, even going so far as to claim he wants to “rewrite history” in a “crusade” against postal services.” Here is the reality: “USPS Is Not Required By The Constitution” … “USPS Was Created to Be a Financially Independent and Sustainable Agency” … “Postmaster General Louis DeJoy Was Not Simply Appointed For His Republican Ties” … “USPS Will Not Cease Operations Before the Election” … “Voter Fraud Through Mail-In Ballots Is Very Real” … “No, Trump Isn’t Stealing Your City’s Blue Mail Boxes”

“The conspiracy gained traction with many notable figures including Joe Biden, Taylor Swift, and members of Congress, with many tweeting about the issue on Twitter.

A reality-based look at Trump and the post office. Byron York – “The news is filled with reports of President Trump’s “assault” on the U.S. Postal Service.” … “Some of the accusations have grown so frantic that they resemble the frenzy of a couple of years ago over the allegation, from many of the same people, that Trump had conspired with Russia to fix the 2016 election. Now, it’s the Postal Service. But what, actually, is going on? Here is a brief look at some of the issues involved.”

Mail-in Voting Is Only Democrats’ Latest Election-Stealing Strategy. Bob Anderson – “This November, election integrity is on the ballot as well. If the final tally is close, is there any doubt which way the final votes will land?”

“Give them credit, Democrats are a tenacious bunch. They never give up. They understand that the game isn’t truly over when it’s “over.” Taking Vince Lombardi’s famous quote a step further, they’ve adopted the mantra, “We didn’t lose the game, we just added more time.”
Make no mistake: Democrats will employ any tactic to ensure the survival of their plan.

The New Racism. David Horowitz – “And its totalitarian agenda.” … “The intellectual level and factual basis of both these highly praised books are so low as to be bewildering.”

“The success of these books (and a rash of others like the Oprah-sponsored trash – Caste, which compares America’s treatment of black to Hitler’s treatment of Jews) is explicable only in terms of the anti-American anti-white hysteria that has swept the constituencies of the political left including its high culture since the 2016 election. This hysteria has led to preposterous claims like this Kendi statement: “Racist ideas have defined our society since its beginning and can feel so natural and obvious as to be banal, but antiracist ideas remain difficult to comprehend, in part because they go against the flow of this country’s history.”
How far is Kendi ready to take this? As far as he needs to.
Kendi’s book would not be worth noticing if it were not for the fact that his view of race and the rationale for repression is now the view of the left generally and therefore of the culture that envelops us. All that is required is the election of a political leader who has drunk this Kool Aid – someone “ woke” like Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, and the prosecutions will begin.

The Ritual Masking of America. Fay Voshell – “To contain outbreaks of plagues, physical or mental, authoritarian governments create labyrinths of regulations and laws in order to safeguard the “health” of their domains.”

“During the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, as repressive regimes seized vast areas of the world, their leaders established severe regimens formerly characteristic of the deeply religious. The habits of strict religious orders were simply retrofitted to suit secular regimes. Practices rejected as useless superstitions, such as fasting, prayer and sacramental rituals were replaced with equally severe routines. Rigorous calisthenics performed in fresh air, natural foods, and detailed public sanitation measures imitated and replaced former spiritual rituals meant to deal with the health of the soul. Socialist, fascist and communist societies saw a transference to the material realm what had once been characteristic of the spiritual realm. It was considered better to preserve the body and lose the soul.
It’s fairly clear by now that the vast majority of Americans have been made leprous outcasts even while still living within their own society.

Joe Biden’s Mask Mandate Is Only The Beginning. I & I Editorial Board – “Never mind that such a federal mandate is likely unconstitutional, this is just one of a multitude of areas where Biden, and his running mate Kamala Harris, want to impose the federal government on even the most mundane of actions by Americans.” … “as a reader service, we’ve gathered up a sampling of things they say they want to either ban or mandate should they gain access to the White House.”

Why The Price Of Face Masking Is Not As Small As It Seems. Laura Baxter – “According to my governor’s order, the mask requirement is based on ‘the unanimous recommendation of the public health experts,’ but who are these experts, and are they really unanimous?”

“There are no solutions, only trade-offs,” Thomas Sowell famously said. When government takes action, even if that action is desperately needed, we still give something up. In the case of the Wuhan virus — with the endless mask mandates, social restrictions, and shutdowns it has ushered in — that something is our precious freedom.

Czechs have moved on: 70-77% disapprove of the partial reintroduction of face masks from Sept 1st. Lubos Motl – “Between mid March and mid April, the Covid fear was genuine – even in my Czech homeland. It was spread not only among the journalists and the ordinary people but among some (but not a majority of) physicians, too.”

“That’s why I consider the Covid comments by our PM BabiÅ¡ in Harvard International Review fair. Many people including sensible ones indicated fear, the government acted fast, and introduced one of the most strict and most rigorously enforced lockdowns in the world. If a shutdown has ever had a chance to make sense, it must have been very short and intense (like the fuel in a rocket that is burned as quickly as possible to kick it to the orbit). A long-term partial suppression of everything has never made any sense whatsoever (just like the wasting of fuel for keeping a rocket 100 meters above the ground).

Governors Can’t Use Coronavirus To Indefinitely Declare A State Of Emergency. Molly McCann – “In a national panic, Americans permitted executives to take power—to declare states of emergency and to implement lockdowns—and now those executives won’t give that power back.” … “Unhappily, our system today is not functioning as designed.”

“If you examine any of the lockdown or mandatory masking orders, you will largely see a relatively formulaic approach. First, the edict will recite the facts that support the claim there is an ongoing catastrophe, then it will list the legal authority, and finally the resulting mandates.
The current widespread and indefinite “emergency rule” is doing violence to our system of self-government and to the separation of powers—which is the real defense that preserves our rights. It is high time to end the tyranny of the executives.

As new academic year nears, Nevada colleges are grappling with massive changes to federal sexual misconduct rules amid pandemic. Jacob Solis – massive changes? Implementing due process and individual rights is a massive change for Nevada colleges? “Across the country, higher education institutions decried the timing.” Just like the USPS brouhaha? Just when is the timing correct to repair a festering issue?

“In short, the changes make a host of key adjustments to due process rules used in the investigation of sexual harassment or other misconduct at publicly-funded universities. Most notable among the changes is a new requirement that investigations include a live hearing complete with cross-examination, as well as adjudication of the matter by an “adviser.”
a number of other lawsuits looking to halt the rules appeared to have stalled.
‘Title IX changed’ … and so everybody’s up in arms, and that’s what has people’s attention. And I think even at that meeting at the Board of Regents meeting, I think it was missed by many that hey, that’s not the end of the story.”

The Most Revealing Poll Of All: Gun Sales. Tyler Durden – “The left has yet to realize the obvious, that criminals do not obey laws of any kind, least of all gun laws.” … “Like Hitler, Stalin and Mao, seizing the firearms of the citizenry is the first step toward despotism.”

“no Democrat has spoken out against Antifa or Black Lives Matter, or the catastrophic damage they have wrought upon those communities, apparently in the mistaken belief that a majority of Americans are sympathetic to the specious causes of the vandals. The massive increase in gun sales would seem to belie that tenet.
Will a majority of Americans choose to be disarmed like the Germans under Hitler, the Russians under Stalin and the Chinese under Mao or will they vote to preserve their constitutional right to bear arms? The astronomical surge in gun ownership these past months tells us that no, they will not vote to lose their Second Amendment right. Self-defense is a human right.

It’s the third act in a three part play according to Thomas Lifson.

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Dragging politics into everything

Knitting site bans Trump supporters, white supremacists. Karen Townsend – “In an odd turn of events, an online knitting site has banned Trump supporters and white supremacists. Apparently the two groups of people are one and the same to the site’s owners. … has taken an unusual stand by bringing politics into the craft of knitting.”

“In today’s divided political environment, it’s ridiculous to expect customers to share one point of view. And it’s insulting to assume a Trump voter is necessarily also a white supremacist. With that line of reasoning, America has almost 63 million white supremacists that can be counted. The total of non-voting white supremacists isn’t known. You can see how absurd this is.

So Pence Isn’t Convinced Global Warming Is A Threat —Why Is This Controversial? I & I Editorial Board – “Pence was tripped up, so to speak by Jake Tapper, who was hosting a Sunday show on CNN.”

“It’s truly maddening how the global warming alarmists have remained so sure they are right that human activity is dangerously warming the planet. They cite “consensus,” “settled science,” the United Nations, and researchers who have taken on the role of priests in the green religion. They are fanatical in their devotion to their “truth.”

In Absurd Fiasco, Entire Market Spike Was Due To A CNBC Grammatical Mistake. Tyler Durden – “what is most absurd about this entire incident is that nobody who was buying futures – and global stocks – actually listened to the Mnuchin clip in which he clearly used the past tense, and a second just as absurd outcome is that after stocks surged at 5am on the patently wrong headline meant to boost optimism in a deal…”

The Trump Doctrine. Richard Fernandez – “The familiar tropes of Hollywood war movies have therefore been replaced by a strategy that views the destruction of billions of dollars in economic value as more effective than sinking a dozen Iran patrol boats and drowning a few hundred sailors.”

“And still Maduro remains, sustained by the unlimited repression of a country now too weak to even free itself. If the past is any guide there will no more Gulf of Tonkins nor toppling of Saddam statues. Instead of regime change and occupation there will be a system of isolation and perpetual quarantine, where countries like Iran and Cuba are contained in a kind of limbo, confirmed in their malice but relatively impotent save for the unfortunate who stray into their grasp. Their hulks may still be there in 50 years.

Welcome to the world where open warfare has been abolished and secret warfare never ends.

Wayfair workers to strike over sales to migrant facilities. Jazz Shaw – “To put it bluntly, some of you social justice warriors and activists need to put your outrage in context and consider what you’re doing. Who are you going to protest next… the company that sells them lice combs?”

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an empty place at the table

Why Liberals Hate Chick-Fil-A. John Hinderaker – “the first thing we saw was an empty table that was set up to honor fallen military personnel over the Memorial Day weekend. There was a red rose, a folded flag, an inverted glass and an open Bible, along with text explaining the elements of the display.”

“Chick-fil-A is unabashedly pro-American. I suspect that is the real reason for the animus that so many liberals bear against the company. …

… liberals are usually anti-American. They have been taught a twisted, Zinnified version of American history, and they have internalized a Chomskyite view of the world in which all evils are traceable to American misdeeds. Liberals tend to be angry, unhappy people, and it is convenient for them to blame their problems on their country’s supposed failings. Organizations like Chick-fil-A that are pro-America, pro-religion (Chick-fil-A restaurants are closed on Sunday), and culturally upbeat are anathema.

Science’s Untold Scandal: The Lockstep March of Professional Societies to Promote the Climate Change Scare. Tom Harris, Dr. Jay Lehr – “When we started our careers, it was considered an honor to be a member of professional societies that helped practitioners keep up with the latest developments in their fields through relevant meetings and publications.”

“But things are different now. Whether it be chemistry, physics, geology or engineering, many of the world’s primary professional societies have changed from being paragons of technical virtue to opportunistic groups focused on maximizing their members’ financial gains in support of the climate scare, the world’s greatest science fraud. …

Dr. Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace, wrote in 1994 that radical greens had taken over the organization after the fall of the Berlin Wall, leaving him no choice but to resign. The takeover of environmental institutions by extremists is now almost complete, the most important of which may be the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). President Donald Trump is aggressively trying to win back the EPA in the best interests of the nation, but it is an uphill battle as the climate cult has also taken control of academia, political parties, and governments themselves.
The lockstep march of professional societies in support of climate alarmism has been going on for years.
All of this seriously damages the image of these once-respected professional societies in the eyes of both the public and the membership.

The climate cult that has taken over the environmental movement has never been about the environment. It has always been a mechanism to advance socialism, grow government, reduce individual rights, reduce human population, and ignore the human suffering and environmental damage their policies cause.
Truth, reason, and logic are the first values sacrificed along the way. Professional Societies must stop supporting it.

Truth, reason, and logic … an empty place at the table.

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A Clarion Call

Trump goes big, uses delayed State of the Union to make case on border, much more. Byron York – “The speech was big, not just in length — about 80 minutes — but also in concept. It had a structure. It had a message. It had passages to appeal to all Americans. It had passages to appeal to Trump’s conservative base. And it had passages to appeal to opposition Democrats, who otherwise hated nearly every word of it.”

“Part of Trump’s plan was to show how far the Democratic Party has moved to the left. A particularly deft way of doing that came during Trump’s discussion of socialism. After noting the failure of socialism in Venezuela, Trump said, “Here in the United States, we are alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in our country. America was founded on liberty and independence — not government coercion, domination, and control. We are born free, and we will stay free. Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.”

Press now using ‘fact-checking’ to shout down President Trump. Monica Showalter – “It’s as if the press has turned the whole thing into a de facto exercise of shouting the president down with hollers of ‘lies!’ before his message could even get out. They’re doing it under the rubric of ‘fact checking.’”

“First thing that leaps out at me is how neatly this ‘fact check’ drown-out of Trump’s actual speech stacks up exactly with Democratic Party’s talking points – it’s a truth-and-lies theme.
But if you look closely, you can see that none of these fact-checks are about that – ABC News, for instance, makes Trump’s statements, which they don’t like, all about ‘context’ since they don’t dare call them actual lies.
It’s all a bid to shout the president down with their version of ‘facts’ as Democrats see them.
The double standard on Obama aside, notice also that there’s virtually no fact-checking on Democratic respondent Stacey Abrams’ claims in her speech, despite the fact that the speeches were treated with equal weight by the press. Fact check for Trump but not his opponent.
What was have here is a glimpse into how the sausage is made as the press seeks to spin a “narrative” on behalf of its leftist masters. They are going all in for ‘fact checking’ to shout President Trump down and make the speech all about their version of events. Any questions as to why the public does not trust the press anymore?

Trump’s SOTU reveals the angry ladies of the left. Patricia McCarthy – “Trump’s SOTU speech was wonderful, factual and optimistic. It was a celebration of America and the successes of the last two years. No one would know it by the visible response of the ladies in white”

“The only part of the speech they sincerely applauded was themselves – more women in Congress. For most of the rest of the speech, they sat on their hands, looking mad (Mazie Hirono), glum (all of them), petulant and dismissive (Kamala Harris), bored and studiously disinterested (Nancy Pelosi). …

These angry women could not have better demonstrated who and what the Democratic Party is today. As many have observed, this is not the party of JFK. It is the party of Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler. …

It was a pathetic, un-American spectacle, those women. In the end, they are about one thing, one thing only: rage. Rage at whom and what? Who knows?
This SOTU may be a tipping point. It should be a tipping point. It was that good. Trump is a fearless man and a great President. Tonight, he put the Democrats on their back foot. It is where they belong; they do not have America’s best interest at heart. Everyone who watched now knows that for sure.

A clarion call, but will those who need to hear it be able to do so?

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Judges run amok, Narcissists don’t laugh at themselves

Jack Cashill: “Incompetence Wasn’t The Problem in Broward County” by sundance – “Mr. Cashill, a person adept at tracing complex issues to their truthful origin, has it entirely correct.”

“This is a simple cause and effect. There are no mistakes being made here. This is entirely by design; as Mr. Cashill notes, this is not “incompetence“, it’s strategic. The fact that Nikolas Cruz was able to exit high school without a police record, then began amassing weapons, and eventually became a school shooter killing 17 students and staff; is an outcome of strategic policy, not incompetence.

While Nikolas Cruz was being ‘handled’ and not documented. The Sheriff’s police force was conducting diversity training seminars, de-escalation meetings, and sensitivity training exercises. The last active shooter training was somewhere around 2006.
Give it a few more days and everyone will move on. This is not my cynicism, this is the reality of my having seen -first hand- the scale of the political machine that creates and defends outcomes like the Parkland School shooting.

Much of what is being revealed reinforces an understanding of PC and where it leads. When the ‘let no crisis go to waste’ use of children as ideology shields and the over-the-top gun paranoia, the view of the argument as irrational is reinforced.

Why the Left Opposes Arming Teachers by Dennis Prager – “When asked, their response is consistent: “It’s a crazy idea.” And “We need fewer guns, not more guns.

“Beyond such arguments, the left rarely, if ever, explains why allowing some teachers and other adults in a school to be armed is a crazy idea. They merely assert it as a self-evident truth.

But, of course, it’s not a self-evident truth. On the contrary, having some adults who work at schools be trained in the responsible use of guns makes so much sense that the left’s blanket opposition seems puzzling.

It shouldn’t be. On the question of taking up arms against evil, the left is very consistent.

The left almost always opposes fighting evil and almost always works to disarm the good who want to fight.

This is as true on the national level as it is on the personal.
That is why the left opposes enabling some teachers and other adults in schools to carry arms in order to possibly stop a mass murderer: The left doesn’t fight evil; it fights those who do. Just as the left hated anti-communists, hates opponents of Islamism and hates Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (far more than the Iranian ayatollahs), it hates those who wish to see teachers and others voluntarily armed take down the murderers of our children.

How Environmentalists Keep Heating Bills High by Stephen Moore – “the left-wing politicians who say how shameful it is to cut energy assistance are the ones who want America to stop producing shale gas by banning fracking and other modern drilling technologies that make natural gas so cheap.”

“The story doesn’t end there. Home heating and electric bills would be much cheaper still for poor families without the so-called renewable-energy standards pushed by greens and liberal politicians at the state and local levels. The Manhattan Institute has found that states with these wind and solar mandates have had much larger hikes in utility costs than states without them. New York, which is revving up its green energy policies, charges its residents 40% more for electric power than the national average.
One reason is that we don’t have pipelines to inexpensively transport the natural gas to the Northeast. Environmentalists who hate oil and gas have spent years blocking this vital infrastructure — not just the Keystone Pipeline but also many other pipelines that should be transporting shale oil and gas efficiently across the country. It doesn’t seem to bother the green groups that the biggest victims of anti-fossil fuel policies are low- and middle-income Americans. Never has.

Environmentalism is effectively a regressive tax on America’s poorest households, imposed upon them by liberal politicians and the rich liberals who fund them, such as Democratic donor-extraordinaire Tom Steyer.

One #RESIST shrink is really upset about the Goldwater rule by Jazz Shaw – “She was smacked down for that decision by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), who told her to stop practicing “armchair psychiatry.”

Dr. Lee has declared war on President Trump for reasons unknown, and she’s no longer acting in any way which can be justified under standard professional protocols. If she wants to make a few bucks off of her fifteen minutes of fame by publishing a book, so be it. But she shouldn’t expect to be taken seriously by anyone at this point.

One has to wonder why such severe behavioral distortions are on display in public. Lee is not alone in displaying psychotic behavior with Trump as a stimulus.

Dems worry: Are we overplaying the gun-control hand? By Ed Morrissey – “Once again, the answer is obvious. Once again, the question probably comes too late”

“Only after a week of demonizing law-abiding gun owners around the country and the NRA as child-killers for a crime to which they had no connection, Democrats have begun to worry that they may have gone too far, according to The Hill
The bill itself demonstrates the problems Democrats face in dealing with issues outside of their own cultural experience.
The only qualifier on this prohibition is that it applies to firearms “with a military-style feature,” which is left undefined. …

We don’t know, and it’s a safe bet that the people who wrote this bill know even less. Nor do they care; they want this bill to render most of the weapons held by legal gun owners illegal. It’s the basis for a massive gun grab.

And that’s the reason why some Democrats who understand cultural differences and political geography see a replay of the last four elections about to unfold
Between “crumbs” and gun grabbing, Democrats really have set themselves up to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in this midterm. If this bill goes nowhere, Democrats will likely run on the message that only a Democratic majority can get this bill passed. And you know what? Republicans will run on the exact same message. Good luck with that, Mrs. Pelosi.

Democrats are surprised that more money in pay checks is popular by Paul Mirengoff – “You know the Dems are hurting when their organ, the Washington Post, concedes there’s a problem and feels compelled to invoke “the billionaire Koch brothers” to help account for it.”

“In short, one party is working to allow American citizens to keep more of the money they earn. The other is ridiculing this effort, while forcing a government showdown to help illegal immigrants. And it’s surprised to learn that this approach isn’t going over well in the heartland.

That’s how out of touch the Democratic Party is.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court Pulls Off A Stunning Coup With Map Drawing Stunt by Kyle Sammin – “The court’s decision, which incredibly did not cite case law or a constitutional provision, was a show of legislative force.”

“Pennsylvania’s legislature gained a third chamber over the weekend. No one can quite say how it happened.

Usually, such as sweeping constitutional alteration would require an amendment, if not a state convention.
the Pennsylvania Supreme Court declared itself a lawmaking body, one over which the real legislators have no veto. They did so for all the usual reasons tyrants do what they do. “Fairness.” “Equity.” “Justice.”
In other countries, in other times, we would call that a coup d’état. Here, it’s just another day in the life of a country where the people have forgotten that the legislature is the branch that is supposed to write laws.
The court’s opinion, which amazingly cited no case law and no constitutional provision, was not an attempt at persuasion. It was a show of force, not reason. The Democrats had the votes, so the law be damned.
Politics is a part of a democratic republic. It is how we, as political animals, govern ourselves. Even within a system of neutral guidelines, choices must be made, and those choices have political consequences. When a court is compelled to make those choices, they do not magically become apolitical choices. To the contrary, the apolitical courts take on a political sheen. As bad as this decision is for the rule of law in Pennsylvania, one silver lining might be that it shows why it would be an even worse idea for the Supreme Court to apply a similar tactic nationwide.

DACA and the Politicization of the Courts by Evan Berryhill – “What President Trump and Americans across America should take note of is the continued desire of certain courts to inject their personal feelings toward a policy decision that results in a decision divergent from the Constitution.”

“To see a judge use a roundabout way to reach his desired conclusion is not necessarily new or surprising. What is surprising is a newfound willingness to grandstand, from lower courts in particular, and to ignore clear constitutional authority because the policy at issue differs from their political ideology.
we have seen an uptick in federal judges ruling based more on ideology than merit. It is a trend we should all be concerned with as Americans.

The Schiff Obstruction by Roger Kimball – “It is interesting to compare the two memos, both as rhetorical artifacts and as substantive contributions to the debate over possible “Russian collusion” in the 2016 presidential election. Even a comparison of their physical appearance is revealing.”

“The Democrats’ memo makes some effort to counter, neutralize, or distract from these realities. But Andy McCarthy—who has just posted at must-read anatomy of the Dems’ memo—is right: “The Schiff Memo Harms Democrats More Than It Helps Them.” As I say, there’s a lot we don’t know. But the Nunes memo presented a number of disturbing revelations. The Dems, on the other hand, are stuck in the “dogmatism of mere assertion.” Their performance in this memo is partly comic, but mostly it’s contemptible, dishonest, and alarming.

The War of Trump’s Hair by James Lewis – “Narcissists don’t laugh at themselves.” One example where those who use allegations about Trump to rationalize their repugnance need to get a grip on reality.

“Can you imagine Obama laughing at himself, in public, maybe laughing at his own big ears? Never in a million years. Or Michelle? She might be going for the Democratic nomination next time, but she always projects anger. Getting her to smile is going to be tough.

So sorry – no can do.

Trump just pulled a sight gag on himself at the start of his CPAC talk, turning his back to the audience and stroking his (phony) golden hair in a sort of goofy way. It must have gone on for a minute or two, and the C-packers roared. Then he turned around, smiled slightly, and started his speech.
This is why Trump is not a narcissist – because narcissists never laugh at themselves. They are too vulnerable inside.

Newmark is one of these who is blinded. She ridicules Trump’s brag about going in to danger by bringing up the Vietnam draft dodging meme. That is unnecessary and misses the facts, including Trump stopping an assault with a baseball bat in 1991. Trump was a cadet at a military academy with training of the sort that contributed to 2 JROTC cadets getting shot recently protecting fellow students. The ‘draft dodger’ meme is also malicious as student and medical deferments in the Vietnam era were common. The best Politifact can come up with is that Trump didn’t volunteer.

Fernandez also notes this blindness by the press choosing “ex-reality TV show host pretending to be president” rather than billionaire international real estate baron and claiming Trump’s efforts “hardly seems to make a difference.” His post is about networks versus hierarchies and shifting governance paradigms.

Stalking an Active Shooter by Jeffrey James Higgins – “Police officers need to confront suspects immediately during an active shooter situation in a school or other public place.” An insider’s view from an officer who has ‘been there, done that’ and lived to tell the tale.

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Corruption exposed. Does anyone care?

Corrupt, biased U.S. elites launch rebellion with one cause By L. Todd Wood – “Progressive agenda is Trump’s enemy.”

“It is obvious that the Obama years were nothing but a limitless spree of highly organized crime. Mr. Obama used the agencies of the state to go after his political enemies. He installed moles in the security services to prevent the election of a man he did not want to become president. When that didn’t work, these traitors plotted and seditiously schemed against a duly-elected president of the United States. They were caught doing so with released emails. This was only the tip of the iceberg. This behavior was also treason. In the past these kind of people would be lined up against a wall and shot.
The Deep State is using the Trump-Russia meme to hide their organized crime wave. Trump must defeat them. Vladimir Putin is no more dangerous than an FBI Director who is corrupt, or a White House that illegally spies on Americans for political gain. There is a reason a military officer swears to defend the Constitution of the United States against enemies “foreign and domestic.” Lady Liberty’s domestic enemies are powerful.

When it comes to our adversaries overseas, we can’t ignore the fact that Russia and China are

actively attempting to destroy our way of life, our democratic institutions and our moral clarity with active measures and hybrid warfare. I would not be surprised if a lot of this communist,

culturally Marxist doctrine is being bought and paid for by some Deep State elements of our adversaries’ intelligence services, as a way to bring America down after our victory in the Cold War.

The problem for us is, it is working. The millennial generation has been sold a bill of goods in their university re-education camps, and for the most part they have bought into it — hook, line and sinker.

James Clapper will skate on his perjury to Congress if not charged by March 13 By Thomas Lifson – “Deep State stalwart James Clapper provably lied to Congress on a matter of substantive importance, yet he was never charged with perjury.”

NSA deleted surveillance data it pledged to preserve By Josh Gerstein – “The agency tells a federal judge that it is investigating and ‘sincerely regrets its failure.’”

#RELEASETHEMEMO Update: Up To 200 Members Of Congress Have Read The Memo And NO LEAKS = Devastating To Dems – “It was never “Russian Collusion.” It was our own government/the Obama administration/Deep State, attempting to choose the next president – Hillary Clinton.”

What The Shutdown Tells Us About Modern Democrats By David Harsanyi – “Minority, majority, process, or norms, it doesn’t really matter. Democrats believe they should always be in control.”

“No matter what position they find themselves in, however, it seems that Democrats treat all their positions as moral imperatives, and any pushback as apostasy rather than disagreement. They think of policy aims as you might think of natural rights.

Erin Burnett to Senate Dem: Aren’t you being total hypocrites in shutting down the government over a pet issue? By Allahpundit – “Now here we are, five years later, and Democrats are prepared to deny those same services because they haven’t gotten their way on a DREAM amnesty with essentially no strings attached.”

“The basic problem with the current funding standoff is the same basic problem in all negotiations that touch on immigration: Democrats are simply too radical on the issue to agree to meaningful compromise. In that one sense, immigration politics reminds me of abortion politics. There too Republicans are knocked as radicals and absolutists when in reality Democrats are at least as extreme in their own beliefs. Heavy majorities of the public agree that abortion should be banned after 20 weeks yet it’s basic dogma among most Democratic pols — certainly ones with national ambitions — that abortion should be completely unrestricted, essentially up to the moment of birth. Even Doug Jones, running for a Senate seat in a red state in the deep south, wouldn’t move off that position. That’s fanaticism.
The “absolutist” GOP, led by its “nativist” president, is openly declaring its willingness to rubber-stamp DREAM. They just want a down payment on real controls over new immigration. Democrats won’t do it because, demographics being what they are, they’ve increasingly adopted a fanatic stance on open borders for their own political gain. It really is as simple as that.

Weaponizing the Shutdown by Mark Steyn – “Mick Mulvaney, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, said that this time round they’d be working to minimize the impact of the shutdown – whereas, last time round [2013], for political reasons, the White House set out to maximize it.” Remember?

“Forty percent of the state of California is supposedly federal land, and thus officially closed to the people of the state. The geyser stasi of the National Park Service have in effect repealed the Charter of the Forest. President Obama and his enforcers have the same concept of the royal forest that King John did. The government does not own this land; the Park Service are merely the janitorial staff of “we the people” (to revive an obsolescent concept). No harm will befall the rocks and rivers by posting a sign at the entrance saying “No park ranger on duty during government shutdown. Proceed beyond this point at your own risk.” And, at the urban monuments, you don’t even need that: It is disturbing that minor state officials even presume to have the right to prevent the citizenry walking past the Vietnam Wall.

Trump’s got them by the tweets by Don Surber “This ultimately doomed quest by the Royalty of Journalism to reverse the last election is nearly unfathomable in its depth.”

“So the good people at the once-respectable Wall Street Journal have been following President Donald Trump’s tweets for a year now, reading them like the entrails of a goat to divine some sort of evidence that will once and forever end the presidency of a man the snobs of journalism decided is unfit for office.

What the Wall Street Journal found is nothing.

Interesting times.

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