Lifehacker says Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush Makes Packing a Snap. The reference is to several websites that will help you with trip planning.

Tell Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush where you are going and when, and it will generate a list of potential things you need to do based on your travel type. The to-do list is divided into advanced planning, two weeks before, one week before, the day before, the night before, and as you are leaving for the trip.

You customize the checklist for your particular needs. This site appears to be advertising supported with user registration.

The Universal Packing List is an experienced honed, fill in the conditions, get a list type of website.

Normally people pack their bags the night before. This is a mistake! Give it one day more in advance per week of travel, so start packing three days in advance if you’re packing for a three week trip. This way you will avoid some of the stress inevitable the last day before you leave, and you get some extra time buying (or in other ways get) the things you realize you need. Or remove what you really don’t need.

The About UPL page has some good information, too.

Whether you are heading off on an airplane to visit relatives for Christmas or planning an RV expedition, there is help and assistance available for you to minimize the chance you’ll forget something important.

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