I’net on the road

A new class of small, portable computers has shown up in the last year or so. These are called netbooks and are like a shrunken laptop computer. Screen sizes are usually around 7″ and the keyboard has smaller than normal keys closer together. The idea is to keep costs down to under $500.

Gizmodo reports on a Radio Shack add for an Acer netbook that is bundled with an AT&T broadband mobile contract. These cell phone based I’net connections usually run about $60/mo.

If this Radioshack ad is to be believed, the Acer Aspire One will be among the first netbooks to be sold subsidized with a data contract here in the U.S. Otherwise, it’ll set you back around $350 without the data plan (and an untasty $500 if you buy it at RadioShack without the contract)

If you are thinking about cell phone based I’net, this could be a sweet deal available, it appears, during the week of the 14th. If you are looking for something even smaller (but more limited as far as I’net use) with actual cell phone capabilities, then look for the rumors about Wal-Mart selling the Apple Iphone sometime soon.

In the Great Basin it is a good idea to keep in mind that cell phones don’t just work everywhere and which provider has service where can also be an interesting study. So take care and don’t get your hopes up too high without checking your needs carefully first.

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