Kingston Nevada

The Kingston visit is planned for 23-26 June. On Friday, some folks will take a ride over the Berlin to visit the ghost town and state park. Here are some links to provide background on the area. If you know of other good relevant websites, please email them (link at top right) so we can update this entry.

The U.S. Congress finds that “(1) the historical use by settlers and travelers since the late 1800’s of the cemetery known as `Kingston Cemetery’ in Kingston, Nevada, predates incorporation of the land within the jurisdiction of the Forest Service on which the cemetery is situated; ”

The weather station data from DRI

Nevada Observer description of the town, its environs, and its attractions. (04AG9) It has about 100 residents, mostly retirees, and a golf course and RV park are just a few miles down the road.

The Ghost Town Seekers have pictures

Lander County home page

Nevada Wilderness trip, July 4-11, 1998, Ted Tenny

Arc Dome Wilderness Area – the KNPB Wild Nevada page on this location.

Central Nevada Outdoors says

There are very few canyons in any mountain range that can be driven into from either end, but Kingston Canyon is one of them. It opens into Smoky Valley from the eastern flank of the Toiyabe Mountains, so that is the obvious approach, but it can also be entered over the top from the upper end via Big Creek Road. This would be the scenic route. The steep grade near the crest, as a matter of fact, gets so darn scenic it makes some travelers queasy.

Here’s a travel log from some Airstreamers who discovered Kingston – Discover Nevada Trip (June,1999 Bing, Betty, Kim, “Good ol’ Boy” and the “Silver Bullet”) – lots of pictures.

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