An invitation to traffic court

Eric Peters says “So You Got a Speeding Ticket…“. Don’t just sit and take it but be aware of just what it can cost you and what you can do about it.

Traffic court’s a lot like buying a car — because there’s lots of haggling involved.

Or should be — if you’re smart.

The fact is that traffic citations mey be more than just paying the bail. If it results in a mark on your driving record then it may cost you in increased insurance premiums for several years. Peters says ” it’s crucial to fight that first one — no matter how small it may seem.” Either do it yourself or hire a lawyer. The difficult part is usually realizing just what kind of situation the citation business really is.

It isn’t about safety. It isn’t about ethics or morality or other such hifalutin ideals. It is all about who pays and how much. The game has rules and success at it more often has to do with knowing those rules and using them to your advantage. Just sending in the bail and writing checks for the next few years is like getting told to play a football game and then forfeiting it by not showing up.

The least you can do is to show up for the game. Hire a lawyer for maybe $500 if you want professional assistance or do it yourself with a bit of time and commitment.

you have absolutely nothing to lose by doing this. It’s free — and it’s a good way to game the system, just as the system is trying to game you.

At the very least, your showing up forces the other team to also show up. They may be professional heavyweights but there is only so much damage they can do if you join the game as they do have to follow the rules. You can use those rules to your advantage and significantly increase your odds of winning.

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