SNU August rally at Eagle Lake

Rally Thursday August 21 to Sunday, August 24, 2008 Eagle Lake BLM Campground — Just a reminder, the SNU August rally at the Eagle Lake BLM campground is right around the corner. We checked fire restrictions and found that campfires and bbq’s should be OK as long as they are in the designated fire pits.

There are only two rallies plus our special November Death Valley rally after this before winter so if you haven’t had a chance to come to a rally this year, now is the time.

There are several issues SNU members need to address at the August rally. These include confirming the 2009 SNU event schedule and determining the nominees for the 2009 SNU board of directors. This is your Unit. Your voice, opinions, and ideas are key to the success of the SNU. Plan to come to Eagle Lake and provide your input. We want to hear from you.

Time to renew — It is time to renew your membership in the SNU for 2009. If you are not currently a member, please consider joining us in 2009. The renewal/application form is posted on the SNU website along with a link that enables you to pay your dues online.

Region 12 News — The SNU has recently received several communications from Don Clark, Region 12 President that he wants to share with our members. We have posted his communication on the SNU website.

For information on the rally, a link to Region 12 news, and other updates check this link.

Check Zephyrs to find out what else is new on the website

See you at Eagle Lake!


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