Weed Heights, Yerington, Anaconda Copper Mine

The company town at the Anaconda mine was bought by the Tibbals in 1982 after the mine closed down. The open pit copper mine has now filled with water and the town just outside Yerington is something of an unusual resort ‘destination’.

“It’s a half hour away from the nearest east-west and north-south highways, and getting here is like taking a Sunday drive to a home town you never had.” (NevadaWeb)

The RV park has a good number of shaded RV sites and a large community center with laundry and showers. The Nevada Good Sams Club often gathers here in September.

Some snowbirds have found this to be a good summer stop after wintering in Arizona.

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The mine itself is a US EPA superfund site. See also the UNR page Copper Mining in Nevada.

If US 95 through Nevada is your route and you need a good spot to stop midway with full facilities, Weed Heights is worth considering.

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