Pay attention to the task at hand while driving!

In Nevada, the number one cause of traffic crashes is driver inattention. Slashdot reports on yet another study about this in Driving While Distracted More Dangerous Than Supposed.

The report suggests you take a “neural hit” when you try to multi-task when driving. Perspective on this is provided in one of the comments which notes that listening to audio books can keep your mind alert on long drives. The lesson is that driving can be stupefying and boring but still needs your attention. Some ‘neural hit’ may be necessary just to keep your mind from wandering. As always, you have to find a proper balance between too little and too much. You have to keep alert while driving but you do not want so much stimulation that it distracts your from your main job.

Note: the 2003 Nevada crash report says that the “most frequently struck fixed objects along Nevada’s highways were concrete barrier rails.” Out of 63,582 crashes reported, 23,057 were rear end collisions, 791 out of control vehicle, 50 trailing unit disconnected from vehicle, and 41 jacknife in roadway. The “ran off roadway” numbers include 3592 struck fixed object, 1015 overturned, 986 hit median object, 2264 other, 194 median overturn, culvert 21, 2 railroad, 2 river.

That’s more than ten percent of crashes where the driver couldn’t even stay on the road. From the jacknife and disconnected numbers, it appears that only a bit over a tenth of a percent were trailer related crashes.

The big message? Allow adequate following distance and be aware of traffic so you can avoid hitting the guy in front of you and stay on the road. Pay attention to your driving!

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    […] improper rig loading, insecure loads, and more. As for traffic crashes, that data is public. See Pay attention to the task at hand while driving! for links and a summary of Nevada crash statistics. Besides falling asleep at the wheel, […]

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