Leveling the rig: checking the results

It is one thing to get the rig level (see Parking on grade, like at Ft Sage or Unionville) but you should check more than just the bubble. Anita suggests that you always check the door to make sure that it opens and closes properly before being satisfied with your setup.

If the rig is tweaked – one corner is jacked up a bit more than the others, you will find this out if the door doesn’t open like it should. It might stick and be difficult to open or close. If that’s the case, you need to make some adjustments. raise the stabilizers and check the door to see if one of them was doing more than just stabilizing the rig. Check the blocks under the tires to make sure both axles have equal support.

Once you have the entry door so it will open and close properly, check the closet and refrigerator doors. They usually won’t suffer from a slightly tweaked frame. What they will do is to swing shut or swing open once you open them if you aren’t reasonably level.

It is no fun going camping when you can’t get into or out of your rig because the door is tweaked. It is also a nuisance to have to keep interior doors from slamming against something because they want to find the low side, either.

Check your doors as one way to tell if you have the rig set up right!

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