Best rebate credit cards for gas purchasing

Bankaholic has a list of Best Gas Credit Cards. If you spend a lot on fuel and maintenance for your RV, you might want to consider this technique for reducing costs.

Gas credit cards are a great way to save energy and money at the fuel pump. Gas rebate cards usually pay 3% to 5% cashback rewards on gas, depending on the bank that issues the card. Your cash back savings are added up until you obtain about $50 credits. At that point, you can request a check from your credit card company for a rebate.

A 5% rebate on fuel means that $3.00/gallon is really costing you only $2.85. For those class A’s with 100 gallon tank paying $3.50 for diesel, that means more than $27 on a tank of fuel. — might be something to consider if you can handle a credit card properly. That means paying off the entire balance every month and using it much like a debit card.

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