Blind obedience

GPS navigation devices are becoming quite popular and that means a number of stories where blind obedience to their directions has resulted in difficult situations Engadget notes the story of the Trucker blindly follows GPS, gets wedged in farm lane and shows the road sign that the trucker ignored. There are other stories such as the one about the driver who took a turn where the GPS told him to turn. That was a few feet short of the intersection and the driver ended up in a lake.

There is no substitute for an alert and observant driver!

GPS navigation units are improving. Their maps are beginning to include information to help match roads to vehicles as well as to consider traffic patterns and other hazards. There is an effort to note “RV Friendly” with signage. Some also use online maps with satellite pictures to view potential fuel stops to evaluate potential navigation hazards.

Conditions and roads change and sometimes that change is so recent it won’t show on your maps or GPS device. That’s why it is up to you to evaluate the road ahead and take appropriate precautions.

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