Thinking about life’s changes

Have you dreamed of full-timing on the road? Is a new RV a part of a plan for a change in lifestyle? There are some issues to consider if you share your life with another.

“But if she is thinking about traveling the world and he wants to spend retirement on the golf course with his buddies in town, there will need to be some compromises,” says Szinovacz.

7 Tips for Retiring With Your Spouse by Emily Brandon in USA News and World Report describes issues that you need to consider to be happy together if something disturbs your life.

If you are looking for a life on the road in your RV, that will flavor how you look at these issues.

You will need to figure out what will happen when you spend much more time together in much less space. It will no longer be commuting to work and sharing space only for a few hours a day. How will that influence the relationship and how will you deal with the change?

The lack of space will impact hobbies yet each of you need separate avocational interests you can pursue on the road. How can you take your hobby with you and how can you keep it from undue interference and intrusion on how you do things together?

Hanging out with your friends is important. You will make new friends on the road and you need to give special consideration to clubs and organizations with an RV flavor. Plan to attend rallies and other events or buddy caravan to maintain and develop personal relationships that keep you mentally healthy.

Don’t take things for granted. Discuss where you want to live, how you want to live, and what you want to do together. You cannot bury your dreams but then you can’t let them dominate a relationship. You will need to figure out how to bring dreams together and that will take work.

Budget time for your family. On the road you can visit, and with your RV you can minimize your intrusion on, others when you visit. You need to include these visits in your plans and spend appropriate time with your parents or your children or other close family members.

Talk about resources. Money can tear your relationships apart if you have different priorities, different views about how to spend what you have, or even different perspectives about what is available. When you make a change in your life with another, you have to agree on what is available and how you will use it.

Plan for the possibility of the unexpected. You might end up retired before you thought it would happen. Some opportunity might arise unexpectedly. Some disaster might tear at your life. Be prepared. Consider what might happen and have an idea about what you would do if something did happen.

Whether you are looking at retirement with a spouse after a long life of raising a family and commuting to work or whether you are a young couple looking to take it to a virtual office on the road you will likely have a more rewarding and successful outcome if you think through these issues together and figure out how they will impact and influence your efforts.

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