Driving tips

Arthur St. Antoine provides his Top Four Tips For Driving Like A Pro at MotorTrend that apply to getting your RV down the road safely. Tip 1 advising smooth driving has implications for the travel trailer and sway.

Driving well is all about weight management, controlling the ever-shifting mass of the car so the tires are never overloaded. That means rolling the steering wheel gracefully into turns, squeezing on the gas and brakes, moving the transmission lever (if you have a manual) as if the shift knob were an egg.

The reason you have load leveling is to keep the proper weight on the wheels. Hard braking is going to _lift_ the front wheels as the trailer brakes cause the trailer weight to shift to the tongue which pushes down on the rear of the tow vehicle. Load leveling apparatus helps to reduce this effect. Smooth driving is how you keep that RV doing what you want it to do in getting on down the road.

Tip 3 is about looking where you want to go. In an RV on the road this means where the road meets the horizon. There is a lesson from highway hypnosis here in that people often go where they are looking. Skiers looking at trees to avoid them often hit the tree. Drivers mesmerized by the lights of a vehicle by the side of the road may run into that vehicle. Put your vision on where you want to go because that is where you will likely be going.

Tip2 is about staying in lane and preparing for a turn properly so you don’t turn too early. With a trailer that turns inside the tow vehicle, turning too early will have the trailer going over the curb.

Tip 4 provides a model for braking effectively that is crass enough it might help you remember

good tips. think about your driving. drive safe and enjoy the ride.

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