Travel doesn’t necessarily require distance

When is the last time you treated your home town as if you’d never visited it before?

The Ririan Project describes 5 Ways to Experience the Benefits of Travelling Without Leaving Town.

This advice comes from having spent the past 12 months travelling to and living in Panama, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Grenada, Dubai and now South Africa. Sounds like a dream lifestyle right? Yes in some respects you’d be right; but on the other hand it has its challenges.

What I have learned along the way however, is that many of the things we came looking for on our journey, we could have found right on our doorstep.

Many times it seems the places we know the least about are those nearest to us. Do you know about the attractions in your area that invite tourists to visit? When is the last time you visited them? Have you explored them on the I’net?

The SNU can’t get out to Rallies much in winter because of cold, snow, and road conditions. So it’s luncheon meetings. Rather than one favorite hangout the choice is to some local place with character. Whether it is an I80 truck stop diner, a Bavarian World, a Basque restaurant or Mexican, the no ‘same ol same ol’ is a tourism of a different sort.

Tourist attractions aren’t the only place to go. Have you discovered the ‘special drives’ in your area with interesting sights? Special vistas? Nifty places no one seems to know about? — Maybe its time for an afternoon drive to explore and find a new rally site.

Then there are the people who share your passions. An RV club is one of these but surely you have other hobbies: History and historic preservation? Music, dance, and the performing arts? Amateur radio? Quilting? — where do those folks meet and greet and when? Have you visited lately or even joined the group?

The commercial interests may also have some interesting touring. That is a major attraction at Cabella’s, for instance. But other stores can provide displays and ideas, too. Ever wander the thrift stores or the surplus store just to see what kind of stuff is there?

It is winter. This winter is currently featuring a long frigid spell that drives heating costs up and tends to promote hunkering down to keep warm. Maybe getting out and being a winter tourist in your home town is just the thing to get the blood going again.

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