Hunker down time: its cold outside!

One of those things you really need to keep in control during the winter is condensation. See DANK in the Living section of the Owner’s Guide. With all the snow melting, you might think some wet spots inside are due to a leak when they are really just collected condensation. No matter how cold, you have to make sure there is adequate ventilation in your RV.

There is also a page in that section about Warmth and another about catalytic heaters. These will provide some ideas for safely keeping the chill outside.

If your furnace isn’t behaving properly, the RV tech has a good place to start in order to close in on the problem. See Furnace Troubleshooting (the first step). The idea here is that an ammeter across the thermostat leads is calling for heat with an indicator. As the furnace cycles through its power up routine you can see it reflected in the current through the thermostat. Be sure to read through the comments to see how others fixed their furnace problems and get an idea of the variety of furnaces and problems that need fixing.

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