RGJ stories on Mountain Family and Nevada open spaces

The Reno Gazette Journal has two stories about RV related matters in the Great Basin today.

Mountain Family owner Jon Whipple says he will be providing RV’s for the Extreme Makeover Home Edition crew when they are in Silver Springs to renovate a home next week. He says he will be donating $200 for every RV he sells at the indoor convention this week to the effort.

The politicians are having a bit of a time reaching out for votes in Nevada, too.

“Many of these drives don’t even have cell service,” said Ryan Erwin, Nevada strategist for Republican candidate Mitt Romney. “It is literally dead time.”

Extended drive time, especially without cell service, is poison to a presidential campaign. No fundraising calls. No press interviews. No way to catch up on official business.

“The distance is huge,” said Josh McNeil, spokesman for former Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson. “When you’re campaigning, you try to put your candidate in front of as many people as possible; and in Nevada, six hours on a bus is the only way to do it.”

“There’s so much space, it’s hard to go statewide in a campaign bus,” said Hilarie Grey, Nevada spokeswoman for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

But none have yet completed the tried-and-true Interstate 80 circuit known to Nevada politicians, especially Republicans. By booking an entire day, candidates can hit Fernley, Lovelock, Winnemucca, Battle Mountain and Elko.

The most likely circuits often leave out communities such as Ely and Tonopah, which are hours from any other towns

Nevada isn’t that big a state – only 300 by 500 miles or so. There isn’t a lot in that space and most of what can be considered civilization is in small clumps. That makes it great for a road trip and an RV experience but no so much if you are trying to make an impression on a lot of voters.

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