I80 to US50 and the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center

Reno Gazette-Journal Report: U.S. 50/I-80 link continues to grow (Bill O’Driscoll)

The new USA Parkway state route 567 being built by private funds will make it easier to head south from Reno to Alt US 95 south to Lake Lahontan and Yerington bypassing downtown Fernley. “The extension of USA Parkway to Bittleman Flats is projected for completion in September of 2008” (NNBW)

If you head east from Reno you’ll see a lot of activity just past the power station. This is the construction for the new overpass at the Tracy-Clark exit. That will be a primary service access to the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center. There will be a parkway from there south to US 50. Roger Norman, principal owner/developer of the 104,00-acre business park, is building the parkway at a cost of about $18 million but does plan to open the road to the public.

Wal-Mart and Petsmart already have distribution centers at the site. If you don’t like heavy truck traffic, then you should steer clear.

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This will be the largest industrial park in the world if all goes according to plan. It is only a few miles east of Sparks but in the middle of some very rugged and remote ground at the intersection of the Virginia and Flowery Ranges. US 50 runs along the south side of the Flowery Range from Dayton to Silver Springs, which looks to become a string of bedroom communities for the labor force serving the industrial park. Cheap land, low tax infrastructure, ready access to major routes going towards all points of the compass, good business climate, — just watch out for the traffic!

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