SNU January Newsletter

The January 2008 Newsletter has been posted

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SNU members Wes and RoyLaine live in Fernley. They survived the flooding. Although their neighborhood was flooded, their house and garage were just high enough that water came up to their doorstep but not into the house. They didn’t have to evacuate and they never lost power. Wes and Roy, their dogs, and their Airstream are OK.

Melissa and Roman who are in San Diego, had a branch fall on their Airsream. Thankfully it didn’t cause any damage.

>> December Lunch
The WBCCI Sierra Nevada Unit gathered in a solar heated home in east Reno for their December meeting. Don and Randy headed the Death Valley rally planning, Jerry was getting geared up for 5 motocross events including a Baja run, the Roots were remembering their vacation at Zion and good times in an old Airstream (despite tire trouble), Don had a photo gallery going on the TV, The judge and the lawyer were discussing the good ol’ days, — There was just not enough time to catch up on everyone’s plans and gossip and business and happenings.

Other Topics in this newsletter include:
* Upcoming lunch at Bavarian World
* President’s Ramblin’s
* Dealing with mice in your Airstream
* An Argosy story.

>>January 19, 2008 Luncheon
Bavarian World at 6th and Valley in Reno, NV $15 per person for the combination plate lunch. Time – 11:30 am. Member luncheon, all SNU members, other Airstream owners and potential Airstream owners welcome. There is also a bakery and store with German and other continental items so come prepared to do a little shopping after lunch. Please RSVP Call 775 972 9392 or email

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