Tis the season – to practice safe computing

The Christian Science Monitor has a story that explains its warning

Before you click on that holiday greeting, learn how you may be helping a hacker or spammer.

In your e-mail inbox you will likely get a lot of invitations to go see an electronic greeting card. It would be a good idea to take the paranoid approach.

1) make sure you know who is inviting you to click on the link. absolutely positively sure, and somebody who you can trust.

2) check for a verification or reference number that allows you to go to a trusted site, like Hallmark.com, and punch in the number to see your card.

It doesn’t take much. It is like making sure you know who is at the door before you invite them in or not leaving your credit card on the table at a restaurant. Take due care and you can use your computer to share the joy of the season with family and friends and to make your shopping less of a hassle. Just do take care.

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