RV antifreeze

Winter prep time! We have had some nights get below 20F but the days were warm enough to provide an average RV temperature that kept things from freezing. As fall heads towards winter, the risk of freezing in the RV increases. You have to remove anything that might be damaged by freezing temperatures.

RV antifreeze, that pink stuff, is propylene glycol. It is a sister to the ethylene glycol used for automotive antifreeze. The ethylene is poisonous but the propylene isn’t and is often found in many health grade products to help with texture. The RV antifreeze costs about $3 to $5 a gallon and you do need to watch what you are buying. The pink color is added to the colorless and tasteless propylene glycol. Sometimes scents and flavors are added, too. Here is an example.

The SuperTech on the left says it is tasteless and oderless while the Camco brags about its wintergreen scent. Most of the time you will want an antifreeze that does not leave a taste or odor. When you flush out the antifreeze in the spring, any odor or taste is going to be more difficult to clean out of your water system.

rv antifreeze taste test

Look for sales, look for potable RV antifreeze, and try to find some that is tasteless and odorless so just flushing to plain water in spring will put you back in business.

See the entries Winterizing the plumbing and Winterized yet? for more ideas about getting ready for winter.

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