Weather for the SNU rally at Fort Sage

Fall in the Great Basin!

It looks like those heading towards Doyle for the SNU Rally at the trailhead near the Fort Sage mountains (see SNU Rally near Doyle CA at Ft Sage BLM Area) will need to be concerned about winds on US 395 Thursday and especially on Friday. There might be showers as well.

A cold front looks like it will pass through the area Friday night and that might mean some snow on Saturday morning. The cold night will be Saturday night when it might get below freezing. Since the Lahontan rally, the weather has been in a deep winter pattern with a series of cold fronts and ‘short waves’ bringing winter weather to the area. This pattern is usually a January thing, not a September and October thing.

Make sure your propane tanks are full and be prepared for an invigorating weekend with fall weather. When you get home it will be time to winterize your rig. We have already had some pretty good freezes but nothing to damage the plumbing, so far. From here on out, the gamble on the weather becomes more and more of a risk.

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