No more camping on the backside of Pyramid Lake

The RGJ reports that the “eastern side of Pyramid Lake [is] closed to campers.” The Pyramid Lake Tribe’s tribal council decided that there was too much abuse of land they preferred to keep more pristine. The East side is much more difficult to access than the West, which is where the Sutcliffe to Nixon stretch of Nevada 446 provides a lot of access to the beach. 446 is a paved road that heads north out of Sutcliffe to Pelican and Warrior points then to the needles and hot springs.

The West side road is between the mountains and the lake. One the east, the road to Gerlach is beside Winemucca (dry) lake and you have to go over the mountains to get to Pyramid lake beaches. None of those roads over those mountains is ‘improved’.

Years ago, access to the hot springs and the north side of the lake was blocked due to misuse. Taking a left after leaving pavement on 446 north of Warrior Point heads over to the Fort Sage mountains and Honey Lake. To the north is the Black Rock Desert and a lot of wilderness.

There is a day use fee and camping fee for any visitor to the reservation. The fee might be cheaper than an RV park or state park but not by much. The RV park in Sutcliffe is about the only place for necessary RV facilities.

It is pretty country and very rugged. Towing is restricted to selected companies and it is easy to get stuck in the sand. The lake itself is full of surprises that are sometimes fatal. Take due care and be prepared.

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