The Road to Berlin: not this year for SNU

The WBCCI Sierra Nevada Unit originally planned to get together in Ione this month. But the RV park closed operations. The alternative was the Berlin-Ichthyosaurus state park. But that park and its personnel were not hospitable to even a small group of Nevada RV enthusiasts. So plans have changed. Here is the notice from the SNU

The SNU rally on September 20 to 23 will be at Lahonton Beach 7.

After a drive out to Berlin last weekend it was determined that the campground is not adequate for the needs of an SNU rally. Short parking pads, close in bushes and problems with the access roads make the campground difficult for anything over a 20ft rig. There is no optional camping area at Berlin or in any area close by so it was determined that it was best to change the rally to Lahonton.

The SNU will also have to consider another option for the October rally as problems have cropped up with Ft Churchill. This will be discussed at the September rally.

Remember – SNU rally Thursday September 20 to Sunday September 23 at Lahonton Beach 7. See you There.

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