The Road to Berlin: camping

The Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park was first established in 1957. The campground appears to have been designed for tent campers. The spaces are well apart from each other but don’t have parking for much more than a car. Jerry reports that the brush is in close enough that most modern RV’s would probably get Nevada pinstriping – that is, scratch marks along the side as sharp twigs rub the side of the vehicle.

This being the case and there only being 14 defined campsites and only a few of those suitable for “RVs to 25 ft” in the Park’s judgment and the overflow group area not being suitable for RVs either, this state park may not be a good choice for a gathering of more than two or three RVs of moderate length.

The state park is in the middle of BLM and NFS land. (see Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest and Nevada BLM Home). There do not appear to be any defined campgrounds near the park so you’d have to find a dispersed camping spot to suit your preferences if the park wasn’t quite it.

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