Fort Sage

Just north of Doyle off US 395 halfway between Reno and Susanville is Fort Sage. This is a BLM trail head to OHV or off highway vehicle trails. It is a bit off the valley floor and has vistas of Long Creek Valley. There is camping of the ‘dispersed’ style. The trailhead has ample parking, fire rings, and a one holer. The elevation is a bit under 5000′ and the few junipers won’t provide much shade. That means wind, dust, and sun are the accompanists to the scenery. Find out more at these links.

BLM Page on the Fort Sage Special Recreation Management Area

earthquakes near Honey Lake Lassen County, California – the regional geology

Image gallery A bunch of friends camping at the trailhead

Bureau of Land Management – Eagle Lake Resource Area – Fort Sage Mountains – the ‘official’ website doesn’t tell you much.

California's Least Accessible OHV Area – Fort Sage OHV Area – Dirtbike at – The Fort Sage OHV Area is located off of Highway 395 north of Reno, Nevada and back across the California border. Fort Sage is managed by the BLM with the use of California Department of Parks and Recreation Green Sticker Funds. I have been aware of the existence of the Fort Sage OHV area for some time, but because if its remote location I had not had the opportunity to check it out for myself. Now I know what I have been missing. – Off-Highway Vehicles – Fort Sage OHV Area – Eagle Lake BLM Field Office, California BLM Areas — Fort Sage OHV Area: The Fort Sage OHV area is suitable for motorcycle riders of all abilities. Wildernet has Off-Highway Vehicles information about the Motorized Trail, which is located in the Eagle Lake BLM Field Office in the California BLM Areas in the state of California

The California Watershed Portal – Watershed Search Tools – not much water here so there is a lot of interest in what rain goes where.

Fort Sage OHV Area | California | Public Lands Information Center | Recreation Search — Information, maps, permits, and guidebooks for planning adventures at western parks, forests, refuges and wildlife areas, historic sites, wilderness areas, lakes and reservoirs, wild rivers, and BLM lands. Info for California.

ATVFan – User Reviews :: California : Fort Sage OHV Area – Details – ATV product reviews of California Fort Sage OHV Area

Fort Sage OHV [Archive] – — [Archive] Fort Sage OHV Chit-Chat

Off-road areas in California — the CA4WDC Sponsored Event – on ORN.

Doyle Wildlife Area – the sign near US 395 is weathered and nearly hidden in the brush. It is an adjacent protected area near the BLM lands.

NorCal ATV – provides a good summary of the trails.

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Here is the trailhead from The little white square in the middle of the loop is the privy and the one to the upper right is the kiosk with maps and rules poster.

Note that there are private lands in the area. In September, a ranch on Ft Sage road near the trailhead turnoff had a ‘For Sale’ sign out by the road. Anyone visiting the area needs to take care to respect others’ property and to make sure they know and follow the BLM rules and regulations for the site.

UPDATE: BLM link found by Anita. Let’s hope the BLM keeps this one live for a while!

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