Sweetwater Summit

On the route from Yerington to Bridgeport you head towards Mason on Nevada route 339 and then through Wilson Canyon. At Smith you hit route 338 bypassing Wellington and leaving the West Walker River. That follows the Dalzel Canyon to the Sweetwater Summit at 6812′ and then down to the East Walker river. The route becomes California 162 at the border just before the Bridgeport Reservoir. It is a scenic drive with signs that caution drivers to keep an eye out for bicyclists. The grades are gentle and it is a nice two lane road.

There are a number of ranches along the route but most is part of the Humbolt Toiyabe National Forest. There aren’t any defined campgrounds but dispersed camping is allowed. The area has old stage routes, ghost towns, and scenery. Here are some links to explore to find out more:

RWIS Station Data for Sweetwater This is the weather station right at the summit. No data is available right now.

Sweetwater2007 Desert Rats Rally pictures at the summit.

cLocations Google map – click on satellite or combined view and you can see the NFS landing strip and a parking area for the trail head to backwoods trails. That parking area might make for a good rally spot.

4WD trip from Nye Canyon to Rockland, via Dead Ox Canyon, Nevada – Four wheel drive trip starting in Nye Canyon, north through Dead Ox Canyon over Pine Grove Summit to the ghost town of Rockland, Nevada, in the Toiyabe National Forest… – this is a rock by rock journal of a trek through this country.

Nevada Appeal – Sports Carson City Daily News PSA about a Fishout to be held at Rosachi Ranch just down the grade on the dirt road to Hawthorn along the East Walker.

FatAtlas – more Google map links to Long Doctor Spring, Sweetwater spring, Sweetwater guard station, and other nearby features.

BlueRibbon Magazine – On Line BRC Ambassador Del Albright does a blow by blow on the Sweetwater mountain trail

Nevada Atlas of Panoramic Aerial Images: Lyon County – like flying over the country from a few thousand feet. The home page so you can look at similar pictures for other counties is the Nevada Atlas of Panoramic Aerial Images: Introduction.

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