Tears of St. Lawrence

August is a month for looking at the heavens. This year there is a special treat.

What a fantastic month for skywatching. On August 12th, we’ve got the Perseid meteor shower. On August 28th there’ll be a total lunar eclipse. And on September 1st, there might be another meteor shower to enjoy: the Aurigids.[Aurigid Meteor Shower, September 1]

Space.Com says that the “Perseids Provide Practice for September Shower.” Every year we can see the Perseid meteor shower but the Aurigid shower expected this year is a rare event.

As for the story of the Tears of St. Lawrence, see ‘Great Show’: Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Sunday Night .

On another topic, if you have wondered about giant insects, such as in the fossil record or exaggerated in SciFi films, the Engineer Online reports that: “In the late Paleozoic era, atmospheric oxygen levels reached record highs, which caused some insects to evolve into giants. When oxygen levels returned to lower levels, the insect giants went extinct.”

So if you stay up late, this will be the time to wish upon a falling star, but not worry about giant insects.

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