ARDF Championships

There are folks who make a hobby out of finding hidden transmitters. They have a big contest planned for the woods south of Lake Tahoe.

From September 14 through 16, radio-orienteers from around the country and visitors from abroad will gather once again for the USA and International Amateur Radio Union Region 2 ARDF Championships. This year’s sponsors are the Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club and the Los Angeles Orienteering Club. The site will be just outside the village of South Lake Tahoe, in the Sierra Mountains near the border between California and Nevada.

K0OV will fill you in on what Homing In is all about. It is an international hobby that runs the gamut from civic service to hard core contests. The civic service side includes tracking animals that have locater collars to finding criminals misusing radio transmitters. The contests can include a few folks trying to find a friend in a ‘hide and seek’ game to those such as planned for South Lake Tahoe this September.

The Seventh USA National ARDF Championships and Fourth IARU Region 2 ARDF Championships will be based at Camp Concord, a typical summer camp facility near South Lake Tahoe. The event will be one way to test your map reading skills, enjoy the Tahoe Forest ambiance, and strut your technical stuff.

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