Always leave the campsite in better condition than when you found it

It is the golden rule for campers: always leave your campsite in a better condition than when you arrived. At Obsidian Dome, the SNU got together with NFS personnel to help clean up some old campfire rings and set up some vehicle routing reminders. Dave Gmur took some pictures – see the photo gallery! – July 2007 SNU service project at Obsidian
Obsidian Dome cleanup

This is a dispersed camping area at the start of a very high risk fire season. Campfire rings need to have ash and debris cleaned out on occasion and it is best to collect large piles of ash and debris to move them out to an appropriate waste facility. In the fire danger circumstances, it was also good to completely remove any evidence of a fire ring to inhibit building new campfires, which were prohibited.

The urge to blaze new trails can be a problem, especially with the capabilities of modern ATV’s, in many areas as new trails can damage vegetation and scar landscape or cause other problems. One way to help encourage use of existing trails and defined areas is by artful placement of boulders and other obstacles. Sometimes it can be a challenge to find obstacles that a determined trail blazer will figure isn’t worth the effort to move.

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