Stats on mowing the lawn

What happens when you take a set of sharp blades and spin them at 160 mph across a lawn? Trevor Butterworth and Jenna Krall take a look at the statistics related to the use of lawn mowers.

The chances of a fatal accident were 1 in 2,245,264 in 2006. It appears that the fatalities were all due to heart attacks in men aged 40 – 79. For the non fatal accidents, a male had a 1 in 2,626 chance while female risk was 1 in 7,248. The typical injuries were:

Lacerations; tripping and falling over the lawn mower; slipping and falling while mowing; toes amputated from feet slipping under mower; back injuries from pulling on the cable to start the mower; ankle sprains, shoulder strains, back pain from pushing mowers.

See the American Academy of Pediatrics safety guide.

The report also includes other interesting trivia about how people injure themselves using lawn mowers.

The lesson for the RV enthusiast can be seen in the quote above about typical injuries. You could get the same injuries from hooking up the trailer or doing other things in setting up or tearing down a camp. It’s not the 160 mph sharp blades that are your biggest risk. It is the proper handling of the equipment.

Take care.

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