Reading assignment

Here are some web sites with interesting or useful information.

I’ve been workin on the railroad is a blog entry about how retirement ideas have changed over the years. Our grandfathers didn’t really envision retiring. These days, one of the challenges of the retiree is how to keep from getting bored.

Bunn has a good PDF document about the basics of coffee brewing.

Charles Bruni is selling his Geo Method. It’s quite a sales job for a simple method to keep your holding tanks clean. Think ‘dishwasher’ and you’ll be pretty close.

The i2RV discussion thread on awning repair suggests using Liquid stitch for the acrylic fabric.

Installing a 30 or 50-amp RV Electric Service provides the basics if you want to hook your RV up to electric at home.

A better soda can stove has instructions for how to make a hiker’s alcohol stove out of soda cans.

Still waiting for the fuel cell to replace the genset? Breakthrough Fuel Cell, Twice as Efficient as Generators describes one that is getting close.

Wheel Bearings Perform Two Key Suspension Tasks, Larry Carley, Counterman, June 1998

Wheel bearings perform two very important jobs in a vehicle’s suspension. They allow the wheels to rotate with minimal friction and they support the vehicle’s weight. To do both jobs, the bearings must be in near perfect condition.

Travels with Gertie is a travel log for those who like to read about others’ adventures.

One-Wheel Wonder is an article about the history of the wheelbarrow.

On is how I used a leaf blower to leak test my RV (with pics)

Also on is a discussion about What would you do if another rig caught fire next to you?

If you have a cat, here is how to administer prescriptions in 7 steps.

A word processor review has a good rundown of things you might want to know about if your club is trying to organize its newsletter production and similar activities.

The Mayo Clinic’s First Aid Guide might be work perusing on occasion to keep your skills up.

How Travelers Waste Money on the Road is an entry at Lorelle and Brent VanFossen’s Taking Your Camera on the Road – maybe a good resource for those of us who take pictures when out in the RV.

As always with these ‘reading assignments’ – check out the links and the web site that the link is a part of. Don’t stay up too late – there’s a lot of stuff out there with a lot of good ideas to satisfy your curiosity and maybe help you get more out of doing what you want to do.

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