Finding Obsidian Dome

Using the site, you can see the Obsidian road intersection with US 395. Anita notes that there may not be turn lanes so you need to be careful about traffic. (latitude 37.774798, longitude -119.014281) [UPDATE: yes, nice turn lanes to get out of traffic to turn is good, but no acceleration lanes so getting back on the highway means waiting for a good hole in the traffic]

The campsite itself is between the loop and the dome near the center of this view. (latitude 37.749565, longitude -119.021641). In the Satellite view you can see the slide to the east of the camp area that goes down into a small crater. You can also see the mining road that goes up the side of the dome.

Note that the road goes nearly all the way around the dome leaving US 395 a couple of miles northeast then going around the west side of the dome to end on the south face. Somewhere along the way, it changes from Obsidian road to Glass Creek road. On the map, Glass Creek road whithers to a trail for about 2 kilometers as it heads back to US 395. There is also a trail that continues on to the east around the base of the dome and then towards US 395 across some areas that appear rather devoid of vegetation. This area may be one the ATV crowd likes to cruise around in.

You can find more about this rally and the dome by searching this blog for “obsidian”. See Fires close roads and campgrounds to check for conditions before you head out. Check out Going to an Eastern Sierra Rally this weekend? for links about gas prices. Weather and other background links are highlighted at Background for Obsidian Dome.

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