WBCCI Golden Anniversary Caravan

See the story of the caravan based on Charles Spiher’s blog. It is about a Canadian Caravan retracing the steps of one of the very early Wally Byam tours.

Fifty years ago the sight of 100 travel trailers, equipped with modern conveniences of home was a true curiosity, a novelty similar to the circus coming to town. With few private campgrounds, they relied on public parks, vacant exhibition grounds, & private farmland for space, and were fortunate to have water on occasion and rarely three amps of electricity. Comfy,lightweight, towed by V-8 Cadillacs, Buicks, and Ford station wagons, they were perceived as the modern day version of the previous century’s small covered Conestogas. Fast forward to 2005 where we spent all but seven nights in private campgrounds, most with full electric, water, and sewage facilities. Fully self-contained, our immediate interests were satellite TV reception, availability of wi-fi internet access, & location of the nearest Wal-Mart. Studio apartments on wheels. RVs are now as ubiquitous on the highways as cars and semis. Other organized groups of motorhomes, banded together in scheduled travel ‘tracks’, crossed our path several times. Impostors.

Don’t forget the page turn link to visit the next page about this caravan at at the Caravan, the ceremonies, and special guests.

That 1955 Caravan was before the interstate highway system. And fifty years before that was a young army officer Eisenhower preparing to lead the 1919 Transcontinental Motor Convoy. That took 62 days to cover 3,251 miles. Here’s from Eisenhower’s Army Convoy Notes 11-3-1919

Extended trips by trucks through the middle western part of the United States are impracticable until roads are improved, and then only a light truck should be used on long hauls.

Then fifty years before that, it was the great migration in animal drawn wagons and on foot. That’s the “previous century’s small covered Conestogas” Charles was talking about!

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