Suggestions for a road trip

Wellington Grey has 14 suggestions for taking an American Road Trip based on a 10,255 mile trip around the US.

There’s good advice about GPS, guide books, National Park passes, and emergency supplies. Number 7 is “Take breaks before you need to” which is certainly good advice. He also notes that a vacation from the vacation can be a good idea, too.

Constantly moving, making decisions and being in new places is more taxing on the brain than you may realize.

The last suggestion is about traveling alone and with friends.

There is a unique feeling of introspection you can get while traveling by yourself. However, it’s nice to include a friend to carry some of the burden of driving and planning — I did, and ended up getting a girlfriend-turned-wife out of the experience.

The journal he cites as an example of his suggestion to “document your progress” has the story of his finding out that rodeos were real events. This was in Cody Wyoming with the Hells Angels having a convention at the same time as the rodeo. That’s an interesting story, too, as he discovers what rodeo is all about.

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