RWIS – July 4 and its hot!

OK. it’s hot. If you like to watch thermometers, the Nevada DOT has an addition for your web pages. Rwis is the Road Weather Information System.

a unique system consisting of several meteorological stations strategically located alongside the highway that allow the Department to make more informed decisions during winter storms. Specialized equipment and computer programs monitor air and pavement temperature to make forecasts regarding how the winter storms impact the highways.

Black Springs up near Bordertown is reporting 91F at 9%. Gardnerville is at 93F.

Of course, you can also check the National Weather Service Office hourly’s. The NWS Reno area forecasts page shows a heat advisory. You can click on the map to get a forecast for any point.

The NWS also has a page about lightning – Lightning Risk Reduction Outdoors – When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors! – there is a picture of a row of cows that didn’t get far enough from the fence. Find out what you should do to avoid becoming a victim like those cows!

A source of the heat is the sun. You can find out more about that at the Solar Radiation Resource Information page. That is a good resource for those who are engineering solar power stations, too.

Since it’s US Independence Day, you might want to check the American Flag Store and see if they have what you need to show your colors.

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