Peace and quiet

Have you ever noticed the silence?

One reason people get in their RV’s and get away from it all is to find the sound of silence. Dave Mosher, LiveScience Staff Writer listed suggestions for how we can all help make the RV experience sound different from our everyday experience in Shhh! 10 Ways to Quiet Noisy National Parks.

Chirping birds and wind rustling in the trees are among the few sounds that penetrate the peerless silence of national park wilderness. That is, of course, until a 747 jumbo jet roars overhead, a stereo blasts from a nearby car or a snowmobile engine revs in the distance.

As the U.S. population grows and more noisy technologies are developed, managing noise pollution becomes an increasing headache for park officials and visitors. But next month, at the Acoustical Society of America’s national meeting in Salt Lake City, researchers will discuss 10 ways to put a lid on the unwanted racket in national parks

Where you will most often notice silence is when a persistent noise shuts down and the silence becomes deafening.

The key issue is that noise is something we take for granted. We tend to do noisy things because that is what we normally do at home or because what we want to do out in the woods requires a noisy motor or something. Silence starts with us and our respect for our neighbors when out in the woods.

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